Have we seen the end of Dorky Rob?

Dear Uber-Dorky Rob,

I miss you. I didn’t know you for long, maybe a month or two in 2008, before the craziness of Twilight really hit and life was simpler- you could go into an In-N-Out without being accosted and no one cared who you were dating. Then you hooked up with Nikki Reed and she introduced you to The Wasteland- the trendy thrift store in LA. After you and Nikki fizzled out and you no longer had the guidance of a female, you mistook the Salvation Army- and I mean the one where the actual homeless shop- not the one the suburban mom, looking for a deal on baby books, goes- for a proper place to get cool clothes on the cheap. Mixed with the pieces of Edward, Tyler, Grandpa Edward & Salvador Dali’s wardrobe you stole off set, your homeless-wear plus the set costumes sure gave us a lot to talk about over the last year and 1/2.

But something seems to have changed. I heard rumors that you were seen with an iPhone 4!? WHAT!? I don’t even have one of those. And I’m the coolest cat around! (Meow) What happened to your Jitterbug phone? Does it know you’re cheating on it? How many times have you had to call Nick to ask him to remind you of your password to get INTO your iPhone?  And it seems like lately you’ve put a little more effort into dressing- and that’s not like you. Take for instance what you were wearing when you went to hear Sam play at Hotel Cafe last week:

Nice dark blue jacket- Check
White t-shirt with a monster on front- Check
Rolled black pants- Check
Black Shoes- Check
No Socks- Okay, whatever.. we’ll let that slide.

Notice that wasn’t “Navy blue parachute pants with clashing black shoes” CHECK or “ripped tshirt with jacket from 1984” CHECK! It’s like you’ve taken some of those millions you’ve made and discovered online shopping or something. And NOT from Craigslist.com where you can find 3 trash bags full of old clothes for $30.00 (Don’t get any ideas. I just made that up- it probably doesn’t really exit…) [Sidenote: What are you carrying in this picture? Did you bringing something for Sam to sign? It is your high school yearbook!?]

Confession time: I like a guy who dresses decently. I’m not saying I want my man to look like he stepped off the runaway, but something that matches, isn’t too ripped up or dirty and was purchased in this century is always nice. So while I appreciate the sentiment behind the dorky clothes of your past (the “I really don’t care about dressing nicely because I Have no idea how attractive I am” sentiment), I wasn’t one of those who was freaking out over every new picture when you showed up to a bar wearing a snuggie & a pair of snow shoes (It COULD happen!) Okay the blogger in me was freaking out because everytime the Dadcase comes into the picture or something new is worn from the last trip home to London when you raided Dick’s closettda it gives us so much blog fodder to laugh over, but the person, UnintendedChoice, who is attracted to you first and foremost isn’t super excited. I’d rather not be reminded of my nerdy cousin when I see new pictures of you out on the town.

But I’m wondering, what’s next? Are you trading in the DADCASE for a sleek “Skin” to carry your macbook Pro? Or no- don’t tell me.. you have an IPAD don’t you!? And WHERE is the Bubble jacket? Don’t tell me you gave it back to Dick when he was in town for the Eclipse premiere. You can’t be too good for the bubble jacket!

I don’t know Rob. I get attached to those things we’ve seen you in for these past 2 years (although considering you still own hand-sewn clothing you wore back in the Harry Potter days, I’m gonna guess you’re more attached than I am) And despite the fact that I’d love to see you out and about in a sleek pair of skinny jeans, a tight v-neck Tshirt (love a man in a v-neck. When Mr. Choice puts one on, GAME OVER) maybe in a metro-sexual, girly color like pink or purple- I know deep down Dorky Rob is still inside of sleek, cool Rob. Inside of THIS:

Yellow can look good!! Who knew!?

is THIS:

“American Flag wearing Rob.”

God bless the man who wears an American Shirt

and “Is he mentally-challenged Rob”

We always knew he should have played Corky…

and “Gift-bearing Rob”

Step 3: make her open the box

I’m just wondering when we’ll see uber-dorky Rob once again. Just promise me first you’ll kill me with a pink v-neck! Target has them on sale this week….


Thanks to Robsessed for always being the place where I can find pictures!

Also happy happy birthday to wonderful LTR-reader JULES from all of us here at LTR! XO

What do you think? Is fame & money changing the way Rob dresses? Do you think someone is buying clothes for him? DO you think DEEP DOWN THERE our Dorky Rob is still around? Or do you think he’s closer to the surface and maybe even this week he’ll be back with a home-sewn t-shirt paired with a pair of Jorts & a trench coat (OMG Rob in Jorts- I’d die. Seriously. LIfe over. Dream Came True. No need to continue to live!)

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is this the end of Dorky Rob?

145 Responses to “Have we seen the end of Dorky Rob?”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    Is this the end of dorky Rob ? No..UC, I don’t think so…

    I always thought that he dresses really NORMAL WAY like guys his age here around do, so I only can say that the flagshirt is prolly in Barnes somewhere or Clare put it one day into the dumpster (Rob will search for it when back, sure!), the plaid shirt is in Tom’s wardrobe and for the rest..all normal Rob I think!

    I do like the Monster shirt cause he is Mr.MonsterSex…
    about the iphone4 and ipad, it’s actually Tom bringing these thingys to Rob, he was afraid of “loosing” contact since Skyping is not their style, but Rob still has to figure out how this works, I saw him holding it with the left hand


    Happy happy Birthday to JULES, a wonderful girl and a RL friend! Love you!

    • melronin says:

      Mr. UBER-SEX!!!

    • Jules says:

      Thanks RG! Love you too, loved my surprise and especially love you singing to me in German AND Italian.
      I feel the love baby, I feel the love!

    • Jules says:

      “I do like the Monster shirt cause he is Mr.MonsterSex…”
      No Words. 😀

    • raven says:

      It’s a Rat Fink t-shirt. R.F is a cartoon character created by Ed Roth. It’s super popular with people who collect and restore classic cars. Why do I know this? Because I’ve married to or dating my husband since I was fifteen. Our first date was in a classic chevy truck.

      Needless to say, the sight of him in that shirt was kind of like the universe folding in on itself or something. While it’s kindasuperhot in my humble opinion, I have a feeling R. just saw it on some random friend’s floor and said “ooo looky at the depraved rat t-shirt, I think I’ll wear that today”.

      As far his lack of dorkiness, I think it’s safe to say it’s alive and well and waiting to be sprung out at a moment’s notice.

      You can’t hide what’s inside.

    • Happy happy birthday my Jules!!! Have a great one! Rob owes you a drink or ten, unless you’re doing it right now (the drinking that is. No, not really, whatever you want, I mean it’s your birthday).

    • No worries ladies… When he gets to THIS dumpster in question to look for it… I vounteer to distract him. I will make the sacrifice with my body. I’ll take him for the team!

      I got this! {purred in the form of LETS DO THIS!}

      Just sayin,

    • No worries ladies… When he gets to THIS dumpster in question to look for it… I volunteer to distract him. I will make the sacrifice with my body. I’ll take him for the team!

      I got this! {purred in the form of LETS DO THIS!}

      Just sayin,

  2. melronin says:

    First things first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES BABY!!!

    Now, to Rob
    It may be just me but I never really look at his clothes…he can wear whatever and I still just look at his face.
    It’s all about his face, his eyes, his smile, his expression…

    be yourself baby, always
    I love you no matter what,
    changed or not changed!

  3. LauraBee says:

    I hope this isn’t the end of dorky Rob.. although for the New Moon promotion he was wearing some non-dorky clothes but still managed to be a dork –> http://wouldyoutapthat.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/fy0hgx.gif?w=300

    • robgirl86 says:

      ohhhhhhhh, thanks for the gif! I love it and I love how he actually LOOKS why this happened…..so sweet!

    • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

      Oh dear, poor gimpy Rob. I guess he’s channelling book-Bella!

      And no, the boy will still be adorkable when he grows up. *remembers Dick blushing in the audience of Ellen etc*

    • niahid says:

      That never gets old. Timeless token of Rob dorkiness

  4. toooldforthis says:

    I think I’d prefer to see Rob “au naturel”.

    • Sophie says:

      I just finished reading the HP forum over on LTT and had to tell you your comments made me smile! Although you peeked, your reaction made it worth it! Keep reading, it gets bettter!

      • toooldforthis says:

        I was very surprised with the twist at the end!
        I plan on re-reading the series when I’m finished with DH. 🙂

  5. dazzledtodeath says:

    I don’t know, I still think Rob dresses like a dork-too-small jackets, rolled up pant legs, no socks (yuck).It’s 90 degrees out, he’s not going to wear a plaid flannel now.

    And really, I think he was lucky to get two years out of some of his clothes. I think many of them either a. went the way of the Stoli shirt and disintegrated, were stolen by the Brit pack or forgotten under the couch in one of the many hotel rooms Rob has left a mess.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      “it’s 90 degrees out, he’s not going to wear a plaid flannel now”
      no only four layers and he doesn’t even look hot lol


      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        I like that sea green colour on him. Phone in pocket? He doesn’t look hot but holy hell he looks HAWTT!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Even though it’s 90 degrees during the day, it does get a little cooler in the evening! Since Rob’s all into the v neck and button shirt these days I quess it makes sense when he throws on a little sweatshirt or jacket over that! Who knows, it’s Rob!

        • Jules says:

          I saw only 3 layers and some grey manties.

          • Keisha says:

            How the H did I miss the manties??? Thought it was part of the plain white T.
            There is some coloring between the white T and the sea foam (??) button up

      • Stacey says:

        My husband wears four layers in 90 degree weather too. (Just like today.) I wonder if, since they are both on the thin side that it makes them feel “bigger”. Only Rob really doesn’t have too! ( I would prefer him on less)

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Rob in jorts-no, please.

      My hubs and I have been watching Arrested Development (so funny!) and when I saw Tobias in his jorts I yelled Jorts! and couldn’t stop laughing. He was in jorts when the wolf pack were just pups.

  6. dazzledtodeath says:

    Happy Birthday Jules!

  7. purplescool says:

    I’ve always wondered why he didn’t dress better considering he claims to have stolen all of Edward’s clothes from the set.

    Never fear – I’m sure we’ll see him again soon in some holey shirt and an 80’s style “Members Only” jacket and sneakers w/o socks…though he’ll STILL look HOT.

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  9. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    ” …I’m not saying I want my man to look like he stepped off the runaway….”
    but that doesn’t hurt either, Rob! If you look like a model why can’t you dress like one, at least occasionally, for UC & Moon’s birthday maybe…

  10. Ooblek says:

    Once a dork, always a dork.

  11. robgirl86 says:

    “American Flag wearing Rob.”

    soooo funny and I love that SMILE!<3
    and who would write THIS on a HP fan card? Only Rob…lol


  12. Bella_NaA says:

    Um, does that american flag t-shirt have butterfly sleeves? *snort*

    • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

      That shirt is baaad. But look how Rob’s giving off this aura of joy. It’s an HP-era fan photo, right? I never saw it before. It could be Covent Garden or a train station, for some reason I don’t think it’s taken in USA. Not posed or staged; and he’s magnetic, hugging her. Lucky girl.

      PS am so jealous of the “Liz” who is “welcome to my den of sin.”

  13. OMG that pic of mentally-challenged Rob made me laugh out loud! Trust Rob to look dorky and then hot in a MUSTARD shirt of all things. Until now I hated that colour..

    Yes, I too noticed the slight change in wardrobe in those pictures of him from the Sam Bradley concert. BUT I hadn’t seen the full head-to-toe picture so I was blissfully unaware of the no-socks business. Knowing Rob, the fact that he finally managed to find a jacket that doesn’t end below his chest is a big achievement in itself. I can almost let it slide that he wasn’t wearing socks..

    However, Rob will always be goofy, dorky Rob on his usual days. And then BAM during an important red carpet event, he’ll clean up nicely and make us forget of all the previous fashion disasters.

    Having said that, if you ask me, I bet he could carry off even a paper bag, just saying.

  14. So everyone keeps saying they’ve seen him with his iPHone 4? How come I’ve missed that? *gasp* Is my Robsession not as strong as it was before?

    *runs off to check Robsessed*

    Oh, and happy birthday Jules. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful dream where you get to unwrap Rob, instead of your presents.. 😉

    • Ooblek says:

      Actually, I don’t think that is an iphone 4 in the latest WFE pics. Still looks like his old iphone to me.

    • Keisha says:

      But he had a Blackberry on Leno.
      I have never seen Rob with an iPhone. I will turn in my fan card now. Darn, we could have played Words with Friends together, Rob.

    • Jules says:

      Thanks, RSMS.
      I have never had a sexy Robdream. My cursed subconscious is a nasty cockblocker.

  15. niahid says:

    I want Dorky Rob to give me this special hug.


  16. TLG (TippyL) says:

    Still think he dresses like sh*t. Unless he’s dressed for a photoshoot or a premiere (& even then he has some missteps – maroon???) he dresses like he doesn’t give a crap abt his appearance. Which is fine at age 24 when you’re dating a 20yo (who also dresses like crapola). But I think he thinks it’s an either/or sitch. Either you dress like crap because you don’t care abt material things, or you’re a douche who only cares abt labels. There IS an in-between.

    But who cares, he’s gorgeous anyway. And most of us aren’t really looking at his clothing!

    Sorry for any typos this s site needs a mobile version!

    • TLG (TippyL) says:

      I got thumbs downed! Was it bc I insulted Rob or K’s clothing? Krisbians represent!

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        Not sure it’s the krisbians (for once). I got thumbs downed for saying yuck to smelly sockless feet and that Rob is messy. Someone feels the need to defend Rob’s honor.

      • Keisha says:

        I might down-thumbs you for insinuating that he’s dating a certain crappola dressing 20 year old (Welcome to the land of Denial! Population: Keish) but this homey don’t play that thumbs-down game. 😉
        Oh, and ILY!!!!

  17. Savageo says:

    I think the crazed fans are stealing his clothes and thank-goodness. I’m sure they are loving them. He is making enough money now to look great and I am loving it! Beautiful people in beautiful clothes, that’s the star shinning brightly. We put him on that pedestal, so why wouldn’t we expect the change and embrace it. Now I’m looking forward to how he pays it forward and learns to give to others as he has so abundantly acquired. We love you Rob and shine on…. as bright as the sun in the sky on a clear day.

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    I think the dork is still in there somewhere. I can’t find the pic but I’m remembering the one where he was leaving the gym recently. I seem to remember it being kinda dorky. Not sure if someone else is buying clothes for him or not. But the shoes without socks is so Rob!

  19. chochang says:

    well, rob did wear korts in remember me. at which point i died.

    • southernbelle says:

      I really enjoyed seeing his white, hairy legs. Sigh. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m being real! I really did enjoy it.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        So true, SB. I think that’s one of the only times we’ve seen his wonky legs in all their glory!

  20. Keisha says:


  21. Jules says:

    “Also happy happy birthday to wonderful LTR-reader JULES from all of us here at LTR! XO”
    UC (and Moon) – Thanks! You do realise I’m gonna play that “wonderful” card frequently, don’t you?
    I think I’ll print and laminate those words, carry them around like my driver license.
    Next time someone says I’m being bitchy (or smth) I’ll say “no I’m not, I’m WONDERFUL, UC said so”. Then I’ll whip out the card.

  22. LoveRobertForever says:

    Dorky Robert’s still there. I love anything he wears. He makes anything look good. I think that clothes don’t make the man, in Robert’s case. He’ll always be the same Robert we all love. 🙂

  23. Robsessedgirl says:

    I think that the dorky Rob will always be inside him, but for now the sleek and polished Rob is coming out to play. I don’t know which one I prefer. How about Rob in general? I still want the Stoli shirt to make an appearance. I MISS THE BUBBLE JACKET TOO UC. SO MUCH.

    • southernbelle says:

      The first time I saw him wearing the bubble jacket was in Vancouver last yr. He looked like he got takeout food and his hair looked wet, like he just got out of the shower. Gosh he looked glorious! I have it saved somewhere in my ginormous Robporn collection.

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        I’d like to browse your collection, I only have one picture on my phone. It’s the one with him laying on his side LOOKING UNBELIEVABLE. It says something like “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed but the only thing I’m hungry for is you”. *gulp drool cooter quiver*

  24. niahid says:

    Guys , do you think this is the real slim shady?
    I think it is. Who do you think the bikini babe is?
    They said it was taken on Sunday , the day Stew took off to Montreal.


  25. southernbelle says:

    I can’t stay long, just have to make a quick comment, will be back later. I just want to say I’m really missing Rob’s shiteous Nikes!

    Rob, did you forget these in London? I can’t remember the last time I saw it.

  26. Stacey says:

    He still wears some “special” outfits. It makes me happy when he wears unfortunate outfit choices. It makes him a normal/nice guy. It’s refreshing! That American flag shirt is…umm…no words for that one.

  27. delilah439 says:

    Ok, Im about to totally out-dork dorky Rob, but I have to share something random. When I first saw this pic I got totally excited ’cause the monster on his shirt is actually this character called “Rat Fink” which was created by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth (just to give him his proper credit). Its a staple in the hot rod/custom car world. My dad used to build custom cars and hot rods, so I grew up knowing what Rat Fink was. AND my dad has a tattoo with him on it. So I saw him this weekend and I told him that Rob was wearing one the other day. So the first thing he says (after “Robert who?”) was “Huh, so I guess Im a trendsetter now eh?”
    Granted, Rob probably has no clue who or what that is, and this is totally irrelevant to anything else, but I had to share ’cause having any conversation with my dad about Rob is note worthy and hilarious…

  28. LauraBee says:

    OMG – i don’t know if this classifies as dorky but wow! http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2010/07/rob-and-tom-drivin-around-in-old-chevy_19.html

  29. pumagirlsf says:

    I love new clothes, Rob but would take him wearing suspenders and a barrel just as quickly!

    Happy happy birthday, Sweet Jules… my FLwifey for lifey.

    • Jules says:

      I just noticed that there are no laces on the black shoes in the yellow shirt pic. No idea how I missed that before. Loves it.
      Puma, thanks for the surprise prezzy. We are lifers. The end.

      • Rob4Deb says:

        I noticed the other day that in Eclipse when Jacob is waiting for Edward and Bella in the school car park, that Robward has no laces in his shoes!

        Totally normally to be studying his feet so closely.

  30. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Love the Rat Fink shirt. My inner rockabilly just swooned.
    Maybe somehow he’ll end up in anLTT shirt. Maybe he’ll receive a gift from a fan and he doesn’t understand itso he’ll wear it.
    Maybe he’ll just think it was sent from a fan “in Japan”.

    Ah, picture it: Rob wearing a Rob shirt and he doesn’t even know it’s a Rob shirt.

  31. JessicaTheShark says:

    I miss the Stoli shirt… T_T

  32. southernbelle says:

    Sigh I don’t know, somedays Rob still dresses a little dorky to me, I don’t really mind :). When I saw his unsocked feet though I was a littled mortified. I thought “stinky feet” which is like my pet peeve! Sorry! It’s ok Rob I’ll wash your feet!

    I like guys who dresses nice too and smells good. I haven’t seen Rob in person for me to even smell him, but honestly I don’t care either Haha!

    I do miss the shiteous Nikes, the black v-neck, the holey jeans(I imagined poking my fingers through all the holes) and the dadcase! They’re probably in a box somewhere in his hotel room or being lent to one of his guy friends!

  33. southernbelle says:

    OMG, I forgot how lovely his hands are! Some handporn in that picture of him walking to his hotel!

    When I first saw that book, I thought it might be a journal. I did kind imagine him to be a “moleskin” journal carrying actor :).

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      *gulps* those fingers…..can you even imagine what they could do? *goes off daydreaming for five hours* Seriously Rob, not fair. Do you think those fingers will be employed for the big scene in BD? Probably not, but we have our imaginations. 😉 oh why not- #fingerpornBD2011

      • southernbelle says:

        True confession: I’m guilty of imagining what Rob’s hands can do! *blushing*

        I’m an expert daydreamer, LOL, pretty much all day, smidgets of daydreaming here and there! Rob is so distracting isn’t he? 😉

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          Oh hunny trust me, I daydream about Rob(sometimes fingers, sometimes other parts) all day. What I wouldn’t give for a night with him…….. OR MORE THAN A NIGHT. #fingerporn #fingerporn #fingerporn #fingerporn

          • LoveRobertForever says:

            I know what you mean. I daydream about him ALL DAY LONG. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me lol. XD

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s normal. Literally, he’s pretty much all I think about haha. 😀

          • LoveRobertForever says:

            I love daydreaming about him. I hope to meet him someday. lol I’m sure I’m not the only one though.

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            SERIOUSLY, if I met him my life would be complete. First I’d like a special hug(see video above) an autograph and a picture that would no doubt be my facebook profile picture for the rest of my life. Oh and a one night stand with Rob please.

          • LoveRobertForever says:

            I know what you mean. 😀

  34. Tatt2dAsh says:

    Oh the irony of the Rat Fink shirt and then the pics of him driving the Chevy Nova. If he is into classic cars then I believe (if possible) he just got 10x hotter in my eyes.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I doubt Rob’s into classic cars. I think Rob’s flaming dashboard can attest to that! But who knows, maybe he’s turned a new leaf!

  35. You mean he went from Nike to a Penguin hoodie (pics at gig)? Nah, he just “borrowed” it from my boyfriend along with the Vans, you know that morning when he had to leave in a hurry. I thought it was because of me, but now I see it’s the clothes, phew!

    Dear Rob,
    You need to come again(!) for the socks, I’m innocently saying this only for you. BTW were those black socks for suits you were with your street no laces shoes?
    Waiting for you,

  36. OutOfF(l)avour says:

    i’m pretty sure this ensemble is just a fluke. I mean, odds are that the clothes he puts together himself are gonna look decent and match SOMETIMES, right?

    Rob is a dork at heart, I think – that doesn’t just go away.

  37. LadyN says:

    *licks bare ankles*

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