Robert Pattinson gets stuck in an attic during the summer and then rolls with the Homies!

Dear Rob,

As we all know you can flip our moods on a dime. Case in point today I saw the promo image for a short you’re in called “Summer House” and I was GA-ROSSED out… to the max.

Nice mullet man. SERIOUSLY the little flippy bits in the back and then the fact that it looks like you’ve been trapped in a hot attic all day during the summer sweating your ass off until this poor girl found you when she went looking for elbow length gloves in grandma’s old trunk and found you trapped up there instead. Don Juan de Gross-o stuck up there with your shirt half unbuttoned, your business in the front and party in the back and then what I can only imagine is the worst BO of all time. ALL TIME. She’s obviously trying not to inhale because you’re so close to her olfactory senses. She’s just trying to stand still so you’ll think she’s an oasis in your heat stroked brain and you won’t stain her prom dress with your sweaty hands. This is clearly what The Summer House is about. Clearly.  If that doesn’t sell you on seeing The Summer House, I don’t know what will. Their production team should definitely hire me to do the PR for this movie.

The crazy thing is after I was super grossed out by Don Juan de Gross-o I saw pictures of you and TomStu rolling around LA in a Chevy Nova like freaking rockstars. Only it’s so hilarious because you’re two sorta fey, bumbling brits (probably) awkwardly driving an American Muscle car into an In N Out drive through. CLASSIC RobStu shiz right there. You two should have a reality show. The underwears shopping, the clothing swapping, intense debates about the merits of the original Star Wars trilogy vs the prequels (ok, I’m imaging this happening) and now THIS. Please someone at E! give these kids a camera crew and some air time. We NEED this in our lives NOT the Kardashians or those dumb sluts who broke into Celebrities homes.

Obviously, you know the way to my heart.You know I was super creeped out by the Summer House image so you swiped a classic car cause you know how I’m in the market for one and then drove around till you found a paparazzo in a parking lot of an In N Out. Then in my mind you ordered grilled cheese, animal style with a diet Coke and then you put “Rollin’ with my homies” on blast in the Nova tape deck (cause it’s so obviously a tape deck) and pumped that shiz as you drove reeeeeal slow down Sunset.

And you waited cause you knew even with no consistent internet connection till tomorrow that I would see these and forgive you for the Summer House image. And I do…on one condition. Drive that Nova to my neighborhood and flip the hydraulic switches so we can really get this party started.

Rollin’ with the homies! *does the hand motion*

PS I should be back to 24/7 internet connection today. FINALLY! So I’ll be back to commenting and hanging around.
PPS We’re looking for new letter submissions so email your letters to Rob and Twilight to us!

How can Rob be simultaneously repulsive AND awesome at the same time? I can’t wrap my mind around whatever power he has that makes this possible. What would the RobStu reality show be called? Where else did they go on their fantastic voyage?

Follow the cut for the theme song to the RobStu reality show

Pretty sure this should make you want to buy that new I Love British Boys tshirt in the store!

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120 Responses to “Robert Pattinson gets stuck in an attic during the summer and then rolls with the Homies!”

  1. After the Adventures of the Pattinsons…RobStu in London, RobStu in LA, the Touring Odyssey of the BritPack…everything around this guy is show material. Too good!

    • robgirl86 says:

      Minuit, I do think that RobTom is actually “READY” for the reality show, I always wanted a steady camera on Rob’s ass!
      here we go, that’s showbusiness…..

    • imagine the cheesy sound effects they could use and the counter they could keep on the bottom of the screen to count how many cigarettes they’ve had and how many times they’ve washed their clothes. AMAZING.

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Moon: Don’t forget about shower time with Rob….hmmm imagine the shower scenes; although I don’t think the counter would be very busy!

  2. robgirl86 says:

    “CLASSIC RobStu shiz right there. You two should have a reality show. ”

    LMAO Moon, that was hilar!

    the BROMANCE is alive, two happy guys in a classic car..cruising around , eating burgers and watching out for the sunrise (…I love that!

    Dear Rob
    I’m happy that you’re happy and sitting on the right site of the car
    pay attention, driving is not your FORTE!
    your lips ARE!

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      the reality show should definitely be called “BROMANCE-from London to L.A. how these Brit boys like to play”

      • BROMANCE! from london to la… ride along on Rob and Tom’s fantastic voyage as two british boys navigate the treacherous waters of the america in a Chevy Nova

  3. melronin says:

    “Obviously you know the way to my heart”
    Ohhh yeaaahhh…
    Looking at his face and see him smiling and happy does it for me…big time every time!!!

    I loved the boys in the old Chevy, hopefully, after their fantastic voyage, they’ll find their way back to Ithaka!!!

  4. dazzledtodeath says:

    I loved Rob in the summer house-I thought the longer hair was sexy as hell (please don’t call it a mullet). I bought it immediately and the only problem is that Rob is on-screen for like five minutes.

    It would be hilarious to see a RobStu reality show. Fighting over shirts, eating undercooked Hot Pockets in front of the tv, giggling like schoolgirls as they peruse LTR together. It would beat those sluts by a mile (even though I only see clips on the Soup, I still want to through something at the tv).

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Isn’t The Summer House only 14 min long?! Then Rob’s there a third of the time!!

      • Keisha says:

        Yep. After you watch the whole thing, skip back to Minute 8, rinse and repeat.
        The weave could have used a brushing but you get to hear Rob’s accent and his plea to get nekkid. These are WIN!

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        It’s not enough. I want all Rob, all the time. And I think he’s on more like three minutes.

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          I just bought The Summer House on iTunes and watched it. That girl was wayyyyy too skinny, which bothers me. But other than that, I.NEED.MORE.ROB.THANKS! Why didn’t they get it on? Grrrr, I wouldn’t push him away, and that’s foshoo.
          I know this is weird, but I kinda like the hair. Ok I love it.

    • JennB33 says:

      gnawing around the still-frozen parts of the ‘pocket. Brilliant!

  5. Stacey says:

    Is it just me, but doesn’t that suit he’s wearing in the picture look similar to his premiere outfit. Because, if it is the same one and he stole it for the premiere, then I love that kid even more!

    I also kind of like the hair, probably due to liking the guy in it.

    • niahid says:

      More like the velvet jacket he wore to HP premiere

      • Stacey says:

        Oh that’s right! Maybe, he used the jacket from the HP premiere in the movie. Rob is great at the reuse and recycle. He is so environmentally friendly. :0) (At least with old clothing!)

        • Keisha says:

          I believe the director did say that the cast brought their own clothes.
          I like the jacket. I’m a sucker for velvet. I know he filmed this before Twilight but he looks beefier through the shoulders in TSH than Twi.
          I also like that her Bump-It makes her as tall as him.

      • The Old One says:

        Mmmm, hot velvet in the attic!

        • snowwhitedrifted says:

          “Hot velvet in the attic” would be a good song. (…thinking of the song “warm leatherette)

          • KatKat says:

            Grace Jones did Warm Leatherette first, and did it best…she would eat (twss) Rob alive…

  6. niahid says:

    Dear Rob,

    Driving an old Nova does not make you part of Wu Tang.
    Just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore, you do this random thing as random as your thought.

  7. purplescool says:

    For a reality show opening I’d love to see them driving around LA in a convertible while the song “The Choice Is Yours” plays (the one used in the KIA commercial with the hamsters – “you can get w/ this or you can get w/ that”) and the camera cuts from Rob to TomStu.

  8. natashadushi says:

    ” Drive that Nova to my neighborhood and flip the hydraulic switches so we can really get this party started” I just picture that in my mind LMAO.
    The name of the show? ” 2 Brits 1 wardrobe”

  9. robgirl86 says:

    I’m actually a fan of T.Riley, lucky girl, she got to kiss both….and Rob’s kisses in the Summer House are HOT, who cares about the man-bangs…pftttt 🙂

  10. Jules says:

    I saw The Summer House twice on the big screen (yay film fests) and loved the hair, the movie was set in the 60s so the hair made sense. Story was weird and Rob had only 3 mins on screen (tragedy) but it was 3 glourious minutes!
    Rob and Tom in a classic car = instant hit (tv show).
    When I saw those pics, I started singing “big pimpin’ and pictured the car bouncing.
    I’m a sicko.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Jules…I love that you called it “glorious” Rob moment and about the reality show…I wanna have this scenario:

      the car…the Valley…the guys…sunglasses…hair in the wind….the sunrise…and……..THIS.. 🙂

      • melronin says:

        Win scenario RG, WIN!!!
        am bouncing!!! ILY

      • Jules says:

        RG- It seemed like 3 (glorious) minutes to me, but I’m reading it was longer. Anyway, Rob/Richard trying to seduce a girl, getting a little pushy at it and using his English accent is major UNF to me.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Jules , I’m looking forward to my british Amazon DVD copy and 3 minutes unf = win win and I sometimes wish, I’d be able to HEAR that british accent all the world is talking about, to me it’s just normal english…sigh*

          • Keisha says:

            RG- do you like his American accent?

          • robgirl86 says:

            @Keisha…mhmm, sometimes I get the difference, but it’s more about the voice than the accent, I can clearly hear that Taylor talks differently, but with Rob it’s difficult, I have to ask LION all the time, I know that they are american words not used in England, and “bin” instead of “been”, but it’s still difficult for me, I loved when he said “Schnitzel”, with his english accent, that was sweet.

    • melronin says:

      Jules babe, I looove the visual of the car bouncing!!!
      oooohhh myyy…you know what I mean??? RIGHT!!!!

  11. Marta says:

    All I can say about that promo poster is, at least he gives good jaw. WORD.

    And how psychic of you and snowwhitedrifted to put that design in the shop and then the boys give us THIS. It’s like they knew: “we be Brit boys, whom you love, and we be pimpin’ in our ride, so go give money to LTR and buy a shirt to show that love!” Yeah. I’m a dork. It’s early. Whatevs. 🙂

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Yep, I’m so gonna get that shirt! Along with the Patz Family Reunion…as soon as the ringer tees come into availabilty, whenever that happens!!

  12. Robsessedx2 says:

    All of that to promote the obvious… SH-rob is…. Hot! “lit’rally”? Ha!

    So funny seeing Rob and his “bf” in the old classic car…. Tstew is always around “somewhere”… isn’t he?
    Curious how that’s the one ‘ship no one ever talks about???

    I remember when Richard Chamberlain finally came out… how could I have been so blind! (I was so hot for him back in the day.)

    and now you know how old I am… LOL!

    • Jules says:

      Robsessedx2 – what exactly are you saying? Rob is gay?!?! Tom is dating Stew?!?! Explain yourself!
      And who is Richard Chamberlain?
      *off to google RC

      • Robsessedx2 says:

        (Sigh)… i guess I need to explain the RC comment… Richard Chamberlain was an actor that I lusted after for a long time back in the day… and then about 5+ years ago… he came out. When asked about all those “love” scenes with women (anyone remember The Thornbirds?)… he replied…. “I was ACTING”.

        No kidding…. LOL!

        Am I making assumptions about HHH orientation? No Way! Just saying that it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve been fooled… IF he turns out to be batting for the other team… if only on a part-time basis.

        But trust me ladies, I’ve got my fingers crossed…. hoping that it never happens. In the meantime… I will continue to gaze upon The Pretty.

    • robgirl86 says:

      you said…

      “Curious how that’s the one ‘ship no one ever talks about???”

      well, dunno how long you like (???) Rob, BUT there is / was always talk about him being “gay” (omg….lol….sorry Rob), it’s prolly the same type of talk people have about , I dunno, the Pope is secretly married or so, or Paris Hilton in reality is a shy person…

      as I said, I dunno why some people get these “vibes” from a MAN, that is soo straight that it hurts!

      …and who is that R. Chamberlain-guy?

      • Jules says:

        I googled Mr. Chamberlain, RG.
        He was born in 1934 and was big in the 60s, apparently.

        • robgirl86 says:

          oh thx …in the 60ties? Ok, I’m out, def not my period of time at all, so this guy was gay? Good for him, I have nothing against gays, BUT ROB is def. NOT gay, the end!

      • mountainlion says:

        Favorite sentence of the day:
        dunno how long you like Rob?

        I’d like to have him overnight at least….that’s how long.

        • melronin says:

          At least ML…at least overnight baby!!!

          If Rob is gay…me is gonna jump of the Olympmountain!
          WTF are we talking about??? Hahaaa…hilarious!!!

  13. che says:

    some things can turn me outttt about Rob…and those couple days i was cheeting on him but one thing never ever disappoints : ROBSTU!!!!
    not those beautifeul Outtakes ,not WFE set pics on tux…just a casual Rob with Tom in a chevy brought me back
    the only thing i would die to watch and will make me luv this man forever.

  14. Edible Art ? says:

    I knew as soon as those car pictures came out you would do a post about it cause they made me laugh out loud – Just two guys living out every white middle class English boys fantasy !!! bless em – do you think thay slide in through the windows ?

    • The Old One says:

      Oh, I so want to see them sliding through the windows! With Rob’s well-known dexterity and grace, I can just imagine what that would look like. His foot getting stuck in the steering wheel, TomStu trying to help him get untangled and accidentally jabbing himself in the crown jewels with the gearshift. Fun!

      • snowwhitedrifted says:

        Rob and Tom: Dukes of Hazzard style. But I’ll pass on Stewie in the Daisy Dukes (the original JORTS)

  15. chelie says:

    I knew when I saw those pics lastnight of Rob and TomStu I was in for some truely honest commentary from you guys today! I’m so happy we all think alike cause I was thinking of Rollin’ w/da homies and had a seriously horrid flashback to clueless, then imagined Rob, Kristen, TomStu sitting around smokin’ it up with Snoop Dogg while having a Ice Cube “Friday” momment.

    As much as I love my Rob, I was thrown back to another thought from WAY BACK IN THE DAY…Allow me to forever replace my favorite favorite quote from Sixteen Candles (“No more yannkie my wankie..the donner need food!”) No The Summer house has forever changed my thoughts to Rob= Oily BoHunk. Ah I think I need to OD today on RobPorn and repeats of Remember Me an attempt to expell that image from my head.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Clueless is exactly what I thought of too! Oh, poor Brittany Murphey…:(

      • chelie says:

        That’s what I thought of too, people I guess thought i was bein rude but I was just sent to mentally replacing all the clueless cast with twilight cast.

        Totally agree though poor BM gone too soon.

        She made some iconic rolls and won’t be forgotten, seriously I think of her when I hear this song before tupac.

    • chelie says:

      ouch geez guys.

  16. robsfuturemate says:

    Dear Rob,

    Tonight I’m going to the 100 Monkeys show. I’ll meet you in the back alley by the dumpster! You can bring TomStu if you want but make sure you bring that car!!

    Your Mate

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      You are? I’m beyond jealous. If it’s in a large city on the west coast there’s a good chance Rob could be there! I NEED ALL THE DEETS OF THE SHOW AFTERWORDS, K? Love ya, @RFM!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        That’s what I thought too but don’t wanna get my hopes up!! Did you hear about the day I spent looking at artichokes and circus tents with no Rob luck? I will def let you know though! But it’s 100% guaranteed to see some Jackson! Love ya too!

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          Hahahah no I didn’t hear about that day, enlighten me. Ok, how was the concert? Did ya get Jackson pictures? Was he as beautiful in person as he is on screen? Was Rob there? Jasper is my second favorite Cullen boy so I love Jackson. Robs always first in everything natch.

  17. Bandmum says:

    Papa P taught his boy right – good car, solid construction, lots of leg room, front and back (for hauling around all those tall friends of his).
    Somehow, though, I have a feeling that the selling point was the 8-track player.
    Get your Bob Seger on, Rob. Old Time Rock and Roll will never die.

  18. Alice_NaA says:

    OMG this is almost as EPIC as the GQ shoot. Who am I kidding. This is better! The brotherhood of the multipack briefs on MTV next summer.

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Kate Pattinson. Kate Pattinson said: get Ryan Seacrest on2 it! HA RT @letter2twilight Rob gets stuck in an attic in the summer and then rolls with the homies […]

  20. JennB33 says:

    I think they’re just practicing driving, that’s a pretty empty parking lot. I love the old muscle car, I hope they smoked a little weed then went out to practice their driving. THEN to In & Out Burger to satisfy their munchies. I can just imagine them screaming with laughter at learning to drive a big-ass grandma-mobile.

  21. Robjunkie says:

    That is so bad-ass and so adorkably cute all at the same time. Tell me Rob, how do you do that voodoo that you do, so well?

    Rob and Tomstu 4Ever!

  22. chochang says:

    don’t u girls follow calliopeblabs on twitter?

    those weren’t two homies rollin’.

    that was papa rob sending baby tom to school! 😀

    • robgirl86 says:

      to me it’s more

      Papa Tom allowing baby Rob to drive his car for a short round to the local burger dealer….

      but I love your version as well<3

      • chochang says:

        i think i know what the title of that reality show ought to be.

        The (Mis)Adventures of Papa Rob and Baby Tom

  23. TLG (TippyL) says:

    I wanted to hate his look in The Summer House, but he is a tanned sweaty extensions-wearing ball of yum. I thought the hair looked awesome and found it sexy as hell (right on D2D!). I rewound and watched it about 8 times before I had to close the laptop. And English accent? FTW!

    He and Tom in that car crack me up. Moon, you should defs me an executive producer on that reality show. Product placement would be endless: Hot Pockets, Heine, Marlboro, maybe some deoderant companies would take a chance…

  24. vickyb says:

    OK! This does it…Rob in that car…Me…DEAD!! I love it! It’s been so long since those little clips of The Summer House came out I had almost forgotten about it. I am glad you gave me the synopsis bc now instead of watching it I can spend more time day dreaming about cruising around El Lay w Rob and Tom Stu or as my 12 yo daughter and her friends call the guy friends, The Brochachos (Brother/Muchachos..see what they did their? Awesome right?)

    • oh heeeeeey there vickyb! i like seeing you around these parts. im gonna get rob and tom to drive me to your house in the nova. when you hear the la cucharocha horn blast come out and we’ll roll to the bar

  25. Rob4Deb says:

    Oh yes yes Rob and tom stu in a reality show, how effin fantastic would that be! 2 Beanies, 1 heart – LOVE IT!!

    I LOVE SH boho rob! Love the tan and the weave, he just looks GAWJUS!!

    Oh them 2 buddies in that car, all kinds of win. He looks so happy. BUT have you seen the hand porn going on there – the way his hand is on the steering wheel just killed me!
    (never done this before so not sure if it will work but here’s hoping!)

  26. shinegirl says:

    Two Beanies, One Heart kills me! I can’t think of a name, but the intro song has got to be ODB “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. With that sweet ass piano in the beginning as they are rolling out of the In and Out.

    It has to be.

    Oh and since I am a lurker and don’t post much, I just noticed what the “thumbs up and down” turn into when your mouse rolls over them. Brilliant!

  27. mountainlion says:

    Moon, I bow to your brilliance.

    We need these 2 on reality TV, not the Kardashians!!!!



  28. pumagirlsf says:

    I loved Rob in TSH. Honestly, I have only watched his part so far but that’s why I plunked down my $1.99 to iTunes… I know there was something about the moon landing but couldn’t tell you what else. I just remember him and his words and lips.

    He was perfect in that small role and his voice was like liquid sex. His hair and clothes were well suited to the time-frame of the piece and I thought that he delivered his lines beautifully.

    There is real talent inside that man — and I’m glad that it’s being recognized.

    As far as yesterday’s pics go — they were A FRICKIN’ PLUS! I listened to old NWA, Eazy-E and Snoop alllll day because of them; much to the chagrin of my co-workers. HAH! Suckas.

  29. The Old One says:

    So Summer House was made after Harry Potter and before How To Be, according to IMDB. I’m just in awe of whoever made the casting choice here and saw the hotness potential, because Cedric Diggory is so completely on another planet from this Don Juan de-Grosso! And then apparently his next film after this was How To Be, where he plays a clueless dork. I haven’t actually seen this little gem yet, but apparently there was a psychic channeling the future, i.e., now, where Rob is the sexiest man on the planet.

  30. Robsessedgirl says:

    Oh hale yes. I can just imagine driving by Rob and TomStu doing that head-moving-back-and-forth-arms-in-the-air in the in-and-out drive thru. Can you even imagine being the girl taking their order/money/giving them their food? Rob is so gangsta. Soon he’ll start wearing gold chains and those tight hats. Then he’ll release a rap single. No probably not, but it’s a funny scenario. & of course, the gold chain would say Spunk Ransom. Duh. With diamonds and a skinny tie.

  31. Stacey says:

    Thank you Moon, two more songs for the vacation summer mix I am working on. Now whenever I hear those songs, I’ll think of Rob and Tom off on their wild and crazy hijinks. But why am I picturing a Paris and Nicole (The Simple Life) situation? hmm…

    Also, does Rob even still have that car? I heard his driving is a bit…questionable. Let’s make sure that it still has it’s side mirrors. I have a feeling the boys might be getting distracted by pumping some Wu Tang tracks and accidently lose one when entering the drive through at the In-and -Out.

  32. whiteflower723 says:

    Rob in a classic Chevy….

    And this is why I LOVE DICK!

  33. Pam R says:

    “Rollin’ with the homies! *does the hand motion*”

    What the hell else is there to be said? Nothing. Can you imagine Rob doing the hand motion??? Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!

  34. kandnandb says:

    Idk, I think Rob’s kinda hot in the first picture. Makes me think of some foreign guy first seducing then swindling me on my vacation but the lovin’ was so worth losing a few worthless American $$ that I went home, poorer but sexually awakened by some sweaty guy who didn’t speak a word of English but now has my passport & Tampax Pearls. Plus he looks like a Harlequin cover model and I have fond memories of those. Heaving breasts, anyone? Yes, please!

    The other pictures. OMG. Helllllll-o, Danny Zuko. “Pussy wagon” indeed. What is it about a guy driving a classic car?!!

  35. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I can practically hear the conversation between Tom and Rob from a few years back – ” Let’s make a promise to each other, if either one of us makes it BIG in the States, whoever makes it big first buys an old Chevy Nova (cause’papa Patts taught them right) and takes the other cruising down Hollywood Blv. and we’ll pick up some girls and a few beers……and take them back to our hotel room…and……” (because in my daydream there is no Stewie only Rob and Tom and I’m standing on the corner on Hollywood Blv. waiting to be picked up……….ROB “waves”….I’m over here……)!

  36. RoslynSelene says:

    I give up! Rob has done it again. Usually I find men ‘cruisin’ around with hydraulics and the rap music blastin’ to be utterly obnoxious. But only RobStu is the exception to this rule. Like DUH!

  37. Grey says:

    You call that a mullet? Where we come from (which is Alabama), that’s just ball cap hair. Rob’s hair in the Rings of the Nieblungs movie? Now *that* was a real mullet:

    Trust us, we know mullets.

  38. ladylady says:

    No, no you are so wrong. WATCH IT. He’s edible. He’s sex in a velvet jacket. He murmurs ‘I love you, Jane’ and you’ll be down at the county courthouse, trying to change your name.

  39. Robsladyinwaiting says:

    Chelie we must be around the same age because I fell off my chair laughing at this and I’m not to sure some of the ladies are up(in age) there with us but I sooo get the oily bohunk thing the sweat and mullet!

    Hint guys it was a time period thing, not ment to distract us from Rob’s glory..perhaps you have to be a of the era.(ps I’m 34).

    • hitc4manynewmoons says:

      I too almost fell off my chair…I saw the Tupac video and was dying (my generation as well). Then I thought how old was Rob then…ugh…what 12? UGH!

      Side Note: My mom in law had exact Nova in H.S…maybe it’s her’s restored! LOL

  40. igoogleit says:

    ok is that a colouring book what he’s holding?,,20401559,00.html#20810723

  41. LadyN says:

    HAHaha look at him. In that cool car. Lookin’ all hot and hilarious! I’m so impressed! I thought he didn’t know how to drive (the one thing he and I have in common). Awwww 😀 Theres enough room for shaggin’ in the back of that shagmobile! I’d volunteer to check!

    They really do need a reality show! The funny shit they must go through together! guh! life’s not fair with its unfair reality show producers or whoever desides to give shows away!


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