Dancin’ in the street with the Paparazzi and respecting Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Paparazzi videos usually don’t make me sad but that one definitely did. I don’t know if it’s your sad panda face when you stop the car for the billionth time, the way the engine wheezed thudded to life making it sound like your morning smokers hack or the fact that it’s Sunday night and tomorrow I have to go back to work, but whatever it is that video made me a little sad for you.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things you don’t have it rough at all and some lame dudes with cameras following you around is annoying and a bit of a safety hazard at best. I have to remember you get paid a LOT of money and this is one of those unfortunate side effects that comes with being stupidly rich and famous and good looking.

BUT I do admire your chutzpa in stopping the car and trying to wait them out. Though you know they’ll take pictures and ask you stupid stuff about the loquat crumble recipe and call you “Edward” as long as you let them. So it was a flawed attempt at using logic on the paparazzi, they don’t work that way, sadly. Even when you tried to reason telling them they’d taken “millions of pictures” and that should be enough. It should Rob, it should! But why do they want more? Are they waiting for Kristen to meet you in the parking lot of a fireplace store? Or are they hoping to catch you and John Stamos hanging out at Bob Saget’s house again?  It makes me wonder how long you stood out there, in the middle of the street waiting for them to leave you alone, then talking to cops and then most bizarrely talking to that girl about the cars or the Kardashians? I couldn’t tell. Whatever it is that was the most odd part of the evening.

But what can we do as fans? We’ve already been hit up by some emails saying that the respect Rob campaign should be started up again. What were we doing since the last supposed “bad” paparazzi run in that prompted the respect stuff? Disrespecting you? (Nice and slow, right Freya?) Ok, ok just on the occasional Friday when we drop some Rob Porn on the ladies. But really, should we be boycotting mags and their sites and telling people we’re “proud to be paparazzi free?” HALE NAH, cause we love us a good pap picture, without those we wouldn’t have the underwear shopping trip or the wrist holding pic or those blessed Nova pictures from last week? So where does that leave us?

Prompted by your own mid-street stand-in I propose as a way of showing our respect that all Rob fans walk into the middle of the street tomorrow at noon for a moment of silence and sad panda faces in remembrance of your weekend paparazzi show down. Now if we happen to obstruct traffic, or ask your coworker to follow you into the street with a point-and-shoot digital camera to reenact the moment or repeatedly get into your busted Kia Sephia and crank the engine than that’s just bonus points. Super fans will go the extra mile to show how much they respect your street side showdown.

In an effort to make this not such a sad video can someone please remix this and add the song “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas so that our new Respect Rob movement will have a theme song and now every time a Rob fan is out drunk Karaoke-ing and this song comes on we all have a moment of silence to let the paparazzi know we will NOT stand for this any long. But we WILL stand in the street!

Now it’s time to start taking photos of ourselves in the middle of the street so we can post them here to show how much we’re REAL Rob fans.

You agree I assume, right Rob? You’ll join us next time Dancin’ in the Street comes on the oldies station in the Nova?


Thoughts on the video? Does it make you a little sad and distressed to see Rob out of sorts and annoyed by the paparazzi? Cause it does for me. Who’s going to do a street stand in to show their respect and Rob? Make sure you send us a picture! 😉

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207 Responses to “Dancin’ in the street with the Paparazzi and respecting Robert Pattinson”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    Dear Rob,
    Baby, that was clearly NOT your day…when you decided to watch a film in Malibu and to join a party later

    let me count the reasons:

    – first shock, you carried around a KITSON bag,……….. I mean …. 🙂 ????
    – then Stephenie was reported as your mother, I bet she’ll be thrilled (though I have to say, the jorts…mhmmm dunno, that was not flattering…)
    – your car has some serious motor problems (just saying, in case YOU didn’t notice)
    – you carried around your laptop to watch a movie??? 🙂
    and then….
    – later the house party in Venice seemed to be kinda boring , when you came out YOUR face didn’t look thrilled this time

    and so you decided to have your own private party…….
    PAP-Party….8 paps, YOU and 2 YMCA- policemen-actors..for the entertainment.. I guess,
    It was sort of a street party, but where were the girls (the one that showed up in the end when you were about to leave, doesn’t count…), and TOM and DEAN and where was the music???? (did you forget to invite them?….bad memory you have , just sayin)

    so….this wasn’t FUN either obviously….
    YOU looked bored and exhausted and about to cry in the end, from what I saw, so here are the
    3 things, I am absolutely sure about today:

    1) Rob, seriously, you cannot reason with paps, like NEVER , like NEVER EVER!
    2) If you want something that looks like a normal life, GO BACK to LONDON, laws and people are different!
    3) I think your car might not survive the next weeks, motor-wise spoken, pay attention of the dashboard!

    LOVE you
    P.S. A huge KiSS cause you looked like if you'd need some :-)…

    Paps in LA…this time I have to say…FUCK OFF! I am not able to be polite and repectful like Rob is all the time, my fault!

    • melronin says:

      RG, you said it all honey. There is not one word I can add to this!

      I love you baby!
      You are f*ing the best!
      You win baby you win!

    • Yesterday I was dressed with JORTS, birken tongs (well not that sparkly), oversize shirt 🙂 and haven’t seen the pics till evening. It’s a sign: I think years and some extra weight later I’ll be leaning on HHH’s car 🙂
      fakerstephanier for a day

      • wow, that was some serious use of smileys for like 3 words.

      • robgirl86 says:

        I love that look you described, but I’m sure YOU don’t have her knees…… 🙂
        but beside that being Stephenie for one day might be not the badest thing on earth!

        • I dunno, haven’t studied but I like her, I think she lost weight and she looked OK. #girlshilartalkbutIcanthelpit
          But I did zoom on a pic of Rob by the car to see if that was the Kindle or Ipad he was sporting. Kindle. Didn’t find the time to see how the Ipad works. Or is in a book Apple doesn’t have yet. I am of course very #normal and not lame at all for waisting time I don’t have on ridiculous details. And that is not embarassing at all. At all.
          *runs to hide in a corner*

          • robgirl86 says:

            you looked at the Kindle, I looked at his crotch, we’re different we two, meet you in the corner honey 🙂

    • OutOfF(l)avour says:

      what’s a Kitson bag? what is it bad?

      • OutOfF(l)avour says:

        i meant ‘why is it bad’.

        • robgirl86 says:

          it’s not “bad” (who said that?), it’s just funny to me, google…

          • OutOfF(l)avour says:

            oh, no one said it was bad, i just thought that was what you meant. perhaps i should have said, ‘why is it shocking?’. but i have now googled, and I now understand…i think 😀

      • The Old One says:

        There was a picture of some girls giving him the bag outside the movie theater. Maybe it was a Team Edward T-shirt? Or I (Heart) Fairies?

    • pumagirlsf says:

      RG Darling:

      You said it all.

      The paps are the definition of evil. We want what they offer to us but not like THIS.

      This was a total invasion.

      He was all alone.

      He looked so sad and vulnerable.

      He tried to be civil, polite and calm… and they JUST. KEPT. SHOOTING.

      He looked defeated.

      And fed-up. And when his car wouldn’t start….. I wanted to scream at my monitor.

      Then again, SO SAD and ALONE.

      It was extremely uncomfortable to witness on video, to say the least. I won’t watch it ever again. I won’t look at any crap that X17 throws out there. They’re liars and sensationalists.

      I can tolerate some paps; the paps that are respectful and don’t invade celebrities. But they’re very few and far between and none (ok, maybe one) of them are in Los Angeles.

      After Paris and Princess Diana you’d think that there would remain some level of respect for celebrities requests for personal space, but I guess memories fade and the price for photos is too high to care about their wishes.

      They’re all total scum.

      He doesn’t belong in LA. It’s too vicious. Too evil. Too relentless and cut-throat. He is none of those things.

      It speaks volumes for his character as a person that he maintained civility the whole time and didn’t flip out and pull a Sean Penn. Even when that stupid girl walked up in the midst of it all to ramble on to him about something completely inane, he remained calm and even personable.

      *shakes head *sighs

      • Jules says:

        I agree 100% with everything you said.
        My thumbing isn’t working today, so, THUMBS UP!

      • misty says:

        @PG:: He looked defeated.

        You are so right on with this comment.

      • The Old One says:

        There were some comments I saw along the lines of, “stop being a celebrity if you don’t want to be papped”. Hello, clueless!

        As long as people (us) want to see pictures of actors, celebrities, whoever, there will be other people (paparazzi) taking those pictures. Supply and demand. Sad encounters like this will continue to happen, whether it’s Rob or Johnny Depp or anyone, because the public’s need for the images won’t quit.

        I don’t agree that the people we want to see should be on display and available for picture-taking 24/7. They should definitely not be chased in cars for pictures, running through red lights, etc.

        The only way it’s going to change is if it’s illegal. The spectacle of Rob approaching the police to help, and they not able to do a thing, was the saddest part, because it seems if someone is on a public street the paps aren’t crossing the line. The paparazzi law in California that went into effect this year seems to be pretty vague and general and up to interpretation on this.

        The law could be made more explicit about hounding and chasing people, so I guess the answer is, write your lawmakers and ask them to make the law stricter. So tweed, but yeah, that’s the only way it’s gonna change.

      • robgirl86 says:


        "He doesn’t belong in LA. It’s too vicious. Too evil. Too relentless and cut-throat. He is none of those things."

        so true and the rest you've said as well!
        cheap business in LA!

        • ForEveralurker says:

          I second that! He needs to return to England every now and then or simply some other parts of Europe … like most other European actors in Hollywood do.

    • applepie says:

      great breakdown RG!

      the vid made me so sad and my heart break for him. and I can’t believe he had the patience to still remain so calm and talk reason. rob is truly a gentleman even in the worst situations. and I love that Rob is in LA but I’d much rather see a happy and comfortable Rob in London for his own sanity and safety.

      • robgirl86 says:

        I was very surprised to see him all ALONE, can’t be Rob, there are all sorts of MADS out there, this is not safe!How sad is that?

        • teamjacobsfatherinlaw says:

          Exactly, not the best time to give Dean the day off. How adorably British he is to think that he could win a stand-off with the US paps. (That’s like me thinking I could out-drink Mariah Carey at an awards ceremony). Thinking if he waited long enough, they’ll just leave (oh, you silly, beautiful, oversensitive boy). Rob, honey, they’ve got nothing better to do, haven’t you heard- Lindsay Lohan’s in jail.

    • southernbelle says:

      Honey the car is fine, it’s a classic and old, it will sound that way. However, I don’t think Rob was fine. It upsets me to see him like this. 🙁

      I just want to go there, scoop him up and hide him here in Kentucky and any damn pap who come to my plantation is gonna get shot at! I mean it!!!!

      • tupelohoney says:

        Hey SB, I’m with you. I’ve got a double barrel shot gun… just let ’em try to get past us! We’d set their asses on fire southern style!


  2. Dear Rob,

    How well natured you can be to manage to stay cool and class for hours!!! I guess ‘Seriously look at yourselves” is the most you can do and it says everything, problem is that’s too elevated for them to get the actual meaning. They’re still asking each other ‘Dude, do I have smth between my teeth?” Next time, get Marcus to say “Guys, please, fuck off!” like the last time in LA. You’re sooo nice!

    Hope you’ll still do things normally,
    x, me

    Seriously the best is the story that’s just the contrary of the video. You’d say they take the readers for retards, but they have to be lacking some brain function to do it. Like really!

    • melronin says:

      Too much shit going on in this story and not one is Robs!

    • robgirl86 says:

      He seriously thinks that these guys have some IQ!
      Rob, they don’t have!

      What an amazing person you are!

      • melronin says:

        He still does not get how much money he makes them. They live like parasites on his back…f*cking malakes!

        • melronin says:

          Am appologizing in advance guys cause today I think I will use some good old greek vocabulary…a lot!!!

        • The Old One says:

          I love your Greek vocabulary, not that I understand any, but it’s fun to learn international swear words!
          I need someone to explain to me how these paps actually make money on the photos. The photos seem to be immediately uploaded onto the internet very shortly after they’re taken, and seen around the world by anyone. Who buys them if you can download it for free? If a photo is sold to a tabloid mag, it’s several days after the fact and anyone who’s interested has already seen it online. The tabloid websites get hits from people looking at their stupid articles along with the pictures, is that who buys the photos, because they can sell advertising based on the number of hits?
          Someone clue me in. How much money are we talking here, to make it worthwhile to be a pap?

    • Jules says:

      “Seriously the best is the story that’s just the contrary of the video. ”
      Min, I agree, I saw no “hit & run”, no “jekyll and hyde” no “yelling”. Why run a story, promise video to back it up, then show the exact opposite? Disgusting.

  3. twigirl_world says:

    Two saddest parts of the video is when Rob is standing there saying I want you to leave first. He sounds 2yrs old when he says it.
    And then the freaky lady saying she’ll help but then asking if he does voice work or some crazy sh!t. Really lady you do realize you are talking to Rob Pattinson right?
    Well LTR you thought the making fun of Nikki post was bad but you may have a backlash with this video being posted. I admit I watched it and even had a few tears for the panda face but he should not have stopped.
    If I was a super sly celeb I would just head to a hotel called for a cab and have them pick me up in some batcave under the hotel and have an assistant pick up my car that sounds like death.
    That car kinda lot its sexyness after hearing it choke to start.
    Good luck w/ the hate mail…

    • The Old One says:

      I’m thinking that’s probably exactly what he did end up doing. No way is he going to lead the paps to wherever it is he’s actually living. Poor guy was tired and just wanted to go home.

  4. Cazza says:

    It’s sad but unfortunately, that is the price he has to pay for his sudden rise to fame. That doesn’t mean I like or agree with it but until we all stop buying the magazines, stop jumping twenty feet in the air when a new photo appears on Twitter (I lurve those days), sadly it is going to continue until the next new kid on the block appears. God, I die when there is a Rob drought and we know how excited we get when a new photo appears!

    I gotta agree with RG, returning to London will offer a little rest bite but I now think, that even there, the paps will be after him more compared to a year ago. The only advantage is that he is on his home turf and he has a few more hiding opportunities.

    So my short term solution for Rob? I suggest Rob heads back to the bowling alley or books himself on a SAGA holiday, where he will be left to his own devices.


    • melronin says:

      Agree Cazza, and Rob knows that this is business but these people have no limits. He told them that they have already a zillion pics. There has to be a limit gamoto!!!

    • robgirl86 says:

      Well, as far as I know, the pap-laws here are way different, harrassment is against the law and Rob dealed with them all day in LA, but not being able to drive cause they followed him….that is dangerous and we all know that driving is not his forte…
      I never agreed to “save-the-Rob-sad-puppy-face-campaigns”, but this is different to me, I love to see Rob as much as I can, but the video shows clearly that the paps crossed a line, even for LA, inventing stories and treating him like SHIT, although he tried to be respectful!

      • Cazza says:

        Oh trust me, I agree and I think they are trying to push his buttons and hoping for the first Rob Rage footage by constantly pestering him as they did over the weekend. He just needs to rise above it and not give them what they want – they are circling vultures eyeing their prey.

        If it was me in his position, crap, my PR team would have to be a good one ; 0


      • robgirl86 says:

        Cazza, the one thing I cannot understand is why he stayed there…he could drive to a hotel or somewhere, at least get out of the situation, instead he sat in the car for almost 1 hour, looks like he wanted to affront them one for all…
        Rob, doesn’t work, these are CRETINS!

        • misty says:

          you know I was wondering the same thing…why is he sitting in his car….then I thought of Lady Di and what happened to her (God rest her soul) when she sped off from the paps…then I thought OMG is he gonna blow, is he waiting for the cops (they wont do anything), does he really think they’ll leave first???? poor guy…..trying to remain clam and collected when he clearly wants to pull a Robler on their asses!!! 🙂

          then some lucky b!tch pops up and he smiles at her. After ALL that pap shitz he freakin’ SMILES and talks to her…swoooooooon he is a sweet, sweet man.

          • robgirl86 says:

            THAT is another thing I’m totally sure about, he’s a totes sweet sweet MAN !!!

          • applepie says:

            fyi that lady was a f—ing idiot asking him if he does like private speaking engagements and shit..and he probably laughed out of ridiculousness. dude, he’s an actor, not a frickin entertainer LADY! she also needs to be told off.

          • applepie says:

            and I have to say that I’m glad he stopped driving. given that he’s not the best driver to begin with, driving when you’re angry/pissed is REALLY dangerous (having done so myself)..let alone being chased! safety first rob.

          • thanks apple for the translation, surreal! I thought (guessed) she asked him if he wanted a car and needed anything. BUt I only understood half of the video, like that time he is talking to the police, I picked up words but didn’t understand the whole thing.

        • VIV says:

          tal vez si funcione… el tiempo dira.
          me gusto que tratara de hablar con los tipos.
          parecia un indu frente a los ingleses…

      • MidnightCougar says:

        @robgirl86: You brought up a good point…I was just wondering about the harassment laws in the US b/c it sure seems to me like those Paps were really crossing the line. I’m surprised the police didn’t do anything. But kudos to Rob ’cause he did a great job keeping his cool! I’m sure those Paps were just biding their time waiting for a “Rob gets really f*****g pissed off” photo.

  5. ViviLit says:

    You Know, I wish I could crack a joke about it or think this post funny and all, thanks for trying moon… But the truth is I can´t help it to get a little sad after watching the video. In fact I couldn~t even watch it all!

    Ok, I know he gets paid a gazillion dollar and all, and HAS to suck it up and move on, even if driving or walking is kinda hard with a trong of crazy paps around…

    But I understand that sometimes, even if something is part of the job, you can’t help it but to get frustrated and a tiny little bit angry (trust me, I know, I teach teens for a living)


    Dear Rob

    I just hope, that by the end of the day you find something pap free to enjoy your free time.


  6. LauraBee says:

    Now i feel like a sick pig for looking at the pictures before I knew the story behind them.
    What I can’t get over is the fact that on the website, they claimed he was angry and shouting and hit a car and drove away without leaving a note. I never once saw this.

  7. M says:

    that video makes me so sad…. why can’t they just leave him alone; like rob said they’d already taken like a million pictures. i really don’t understand how the paparazzi sleep at night, it’s just horrible waht they do.

  8. Jamie says:

    Yeah, this video kinda got to me. I usually take the same attitude as you, Moon, but this one just seemed different. I also heard that he hit two cars during this? Most likely paps. nonsense, but you never know.
    This kinda reminded me of a year or so ago when Nicole Richie was chased by paps and had a car crash. She and her kid were ok, but still, it was an incident that could have been avoided if she hadn’t been chased.
    I’m glad that Rob approached them. Good job, Rob! I hope you realize that we fans hate seeing this happen to you.

  9. che says:

    Rob,i luv u babe
    dunno what to think about that,
    dunno what were u trying to say to the paps or police..
    or what was the deal with that lucky girl..
    yeah u had that sad panda face
    but all i thought was- i wish i was that girl…
    …could take him to my car and save him..
    God knows what would happen after we drove into the unknown LA night
    sorry ..for being so lame..i fell your pain

  10. Stacey says:

    It would be one thing if those “photographers”, quickly took a picture and then left quickly. Instead, they harass the actor, musician etc. to the point of stalking them. It is horrible and dangerous. I like a nice, candid picture of an actor, but when it gets to the point where the actor is begging them to stop, then you know it’s really getting out of hand. (Actually, it already was out of hand, but that really drives the point home.)

    On a happier subject, the thought of Rob, “Uncle Jesse” Stamos and Bob Saget hanging out again makes me supremely happy. All of them hanging out at Saget’s house, drinking beers and listening to Saget’s dirty, dirty jokes. I bet the ones he would say about Twilight, would be all types of awesome and full of curse words. And there Rob would sit next to Stamos, both of them looking pretty and laughing, while Rob’s gets all sorts of red from embarassment.

    To bring this back full circle girls, when you start to feel sad about what those stupid paps did this weekend, join me in my happy place. Imagining the prettiness of Rob and John Stamos, the dirty comic stylings of Bob Saget and Rob blushing at those jokes. See, a happy place.

    • Keisha says:

      Stacey- I love everything you said! Thinking of Rob, Uncle Jesse, and Bob Saget makes me way happy.
      Maybe Bob will talk Rob into doing a cameo on How I Met Your Mother. I can totally see Barney trying to one up a Sexiest Man Alive while Marshall and Lilly both fan-girl over him.

      • Stacey says:

        I would love that too! Combine one of my favorite shows and favorite actors (Segal, Hannigan, Harris and of course Rob), the awesomeness of Saget (even when he’s not being dirty) and that would all sorts of win!

      • snowwhitedrifted says:

        Fabulous plotline!!!

  11. Robjunkie says:

    That video made me cringe, not only because I felt bad for Rob, but also because I was watching it, thus continuing to feed into the ugliness of it all. Whilst I’m all for disrespecting Rob nice and slow, this was just…ugh.

    • SagaDevotee says:

      that’s exactly how I felt/feel. This was way beyond what anyone should have to deal with. I wish I could make it better ……

  12. misty says:

    Dear Rob (aka Class Act),

    What impressed me the most in this sad vid, is your class. You didn’t go all TomCruz and punch some pap, you didn’t speed away with road rage and get into some accident…you handled it with grace.
    Thank you for being true to yourself, in all circumstances.
    This is why we love you the most.


    p.s. that car, could use a tune up but it’s damn sexy and smooth looking….nice taste.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Misty<3, Love what you said about his class, he's really a class of its own!

      • misty says:

        RG I just finsihed reading your book above 🙂 I subscribe to everything you said too. Especially this comment:
        “Rob, seriously, you cannot reason with paps, like NEVER , like NEVER EVER!”
        When I watching this vid I wanted to call Rob and tell him, it dosen’t matter what approach you use, brute force, the sympathy card, ignoring, vulgar language…nothing works. Like you said, there is no reasoning with the paps.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Misty<3 I think that in all these "years"(hangs head in shame here..), this was my absolutely longest comment ever…so I apologize here, I'm not a fan of epic writing 🙂 ,but I felt the need to say some things about what happened!

          • misty says:

            haha your funny, but I wasn’t criticizing you at all…only admiring your efforts and well put thoughts!
            <3 u!!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Rob is all class, and treats other people respectfully and kindly. These animals don’t know how to spell class, let alone what it means. Unfortunately Rob is wasting his time trying to reason with these neanderthals.

  13. che says:

    laughin’ Rob is priceless

    [UC hijacked this comment to embed the .gif because we need it today 🙂 ]

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  15. OutOfF(l)avour says:

    I seriously don’t know how he keeps his cool in these situations. If that was me I would have lost my shit big time. but then I have a very short fuse…

    @ViviLit – i totally agree with you – just because you know something is a part of your job, doesn’t stop it from being annoying and frustrating. And just because you know you have to suck it up, doesn’t always mean that you can.

    I love my job but it doesn’t stop me from whinging about something every other day and getting pissed off about 3 times a day 😛

    I don’t know much about the paparazzi and the rules etc, but it does seem that they crossed some sort of line here.

  16. poochi_mama says:

    I’m putting on tweed for this comment, because that’s just how serious I am…
    When I saw this last night, it made me cringe and have a pouty face. I usually have little to no sympathy for celebs and their troubles with the paps, but seeing poor, self-deprecating, intellectual Rob being reduced to a begging, almost sniveling display made me sad.
    Then I got to thinking, who does this remind me of? Who else has been harassed to the point that the feel they have to beg for a little space? Who else has been filmed running away and then confronting the paps for our entertainment? Yep – Britney Spears. People, if we don’t stand in the middle of the street in protest, it is obvious that Rob’s next step in proclaiming his distaste for the paparazzi will be shaving his head and then getting Alien vs. Predator’esque hair extensions. Then he’ll run off to Vegas and get married for 10 minutes, have 2 babies in 2 years, and get remarried to the Twilight version of a back-up dancer: Boo Boo Stewart.
    Is that what we want, ladies? I think not.

  17. MrsKowski says:

    Did that girl really ask for his autograph?? Seriously??

    Wow, this video made me all sad panda too. Poor Rob looks so defeated. This doesn’t change my intentions to continually disrespect him. Nice & slow. Though I assure you there will be no frown when I am done with him …

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    This was way to sad! And I was waiting all night to see what kind of take UC and Moon could spin on this but it’s just too awful! It’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to watch but you just can’t stop yourself. I was just so proud of Rob that he held it all together! Other actors have been in similar situations and came out worse for wear!
    The worst part for me was his shoulders and the look on his face. So resigned and defeated! 🙁
    And the car crash incident, why didn’t the paps tell the cops? Because it didn’t happen like that!

  19. JulieP says:

    The problem is that the world just can’t seem to get enough of Rob. There’s demand for pics and soundbites and quotes and details. We want to know what Rob is up to every minute of every day. He’s just such a darned lovely, genuine guy that we want more.

    I know that I would not be able to deal with this intrusion into my life (not that there’s any reason for that to happen!!). Rob is so mature and a real gentleman in his dealings with these paps who, although go beyond all realms of decency, are just feeding a need. If they didn’t get paid to do what they do, they wouldn’t do it – simple economics.

    I’m sad to say I don’t know what the answer is. Except Rob sweetie, if you need some quiet down time, come to Wales. Lots of wide open spaces + my house + no paps 🙂 Luv u xxx

  20. purplescool says:

    What seems so frustrating about the whole thing is that it’s a no-win situation w/ paparazzi…it looks like if celebs ignore them, the paps are still in their faces taking dozens of photos, if celebs fight back and get mad, the paps will have “angry/rage” pics to post and a story to go with it, and if celebs run from them, the paps chase them down and have made the celeb their victim. There’s nothing the celebs can do stop it and it’s so intrusive…years ago people had more of a sense of deceny and respect. Now the paps have no limits and will go to ANY lengths to get a photo. Unfortunately for Rob, until the next young hottie comes along, he’ll be hounded by these parasites…

  21. glynna says:

    There is a difference between taking someone’s picture and taunting someone with a camera with intent to provoke an outburst. It is harrassment and should be illegal. The saddest part was Rob trying to reason with them. At one point it seemed like he was explaining to them that following him almost gave him anxiety attacks but he stopped talking and made a ‘what am I thinking–like you care’ face.
    I wish I would’ve been there. I would have showed those Paps why I’ve got crazy papers!

    • whiteflower723 says:

      If I’d been there…I’d still be sitting in a jail cell.

      • Keisha says:

        We would have you bailed out, all video/photographic evidence would be destroyed, all witnesses would have hush money, you’d have a dream team of lawyers, and the unlucky papbastard would be thoroughly convinced he fell down…. repeatedly, so fast it would make your head spin.

  22. eatmyjorts says:

    Oooog that was a hard watch, & I could only watch with one eye open because it made me squirm (& mist up a bit to be honest)…poor lad. He sounds so tired & pissed off. I’d like to have been able to nip in there with a nice cup of tea, & a little bit of a ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’ pep talk.

    On a positive note – Clare should be opening some form of Gentleman’s Academy. His manners are outstanding, even under this kind of pressure.

  23. Wendy says:

    I love a good Rob pic….but do I need 300 pictures of him walking down the street? No. And neither do the paps. They aren’t “taking his picture”…they are harrassing him. I don’t care how much money he makes…its absolutely fucking absurd. This went on ALL DAY LONG. I will never get how this is legal and ok??? As long as you have a press license you can shove a camera in someones face and shout things at them all day long?

    I did admire your attempt at humor, Moon…and I did laugh at the “sad panda face”…..and then I got all worked up again leaving this comment.

    Freedom of Religion, Press and Expression….I know. I don’t think this is what the founding fathers had in mind though…

  24. fdrinconnue says:

    Perhaps Rob and his friends and fans could use Lady D masks. They could use them when paparazzi try to take photos, paps could not sell these sort of pictures.

  25. Vera says:

    There was a Brazilian among the paps. He was speaking in portuguese cowardly that Rob was drunk.

    Why the police did nothing to protect his privacy? There are no laws for this in US?

    And why Robert was lost in this episode? He should know that there is no solution.

    • Renie says:

      If this was Arizona, the police officers could have asked for the paparizzi documents that prove they are in the country legally and have papers that permit them to work in this country. Just a thought.

  26. Giseli says:

    I’m sad for SO many reasons but to say that some of them are Brazilian… Eek! I know that b/c one guy said at 2:18: “Tem certeza cara?” which means “Are you sure, dude?” and at 2:24 *calling the name of the guy* “eu não consigo ligar o carro” which means “I can’t turn the engine on”.
    Brazilian people are like a plague. They’re everywhere. Brazilian paparazzi are the worst! UGH!

    • Giseli says:

      …but the girl was the worst. Period.
      (I’m seeing the vid right now. Almost done)

    • ViviLitt says:

      Brazilian Pap are scum just like a Pap that is american, english, italian, mexican, etc etc.

      “Brazilian people are a plague”

      I’m sorry, I don’t know, maybe it was a unintentional slip
      and I don’t want to be rude, but you should check yorself before writing stuff like that.

      I mean, I’m brazilian, and I KNOW that amongst Brazilians there are good people and also not so good people… just like any other Ethnic group.

  27. chochang says:

    maybe rob should consider purchasing a helicopter? does Echo Charlie ring any bells? 😀


    but seriously, at least, now we know that rob is no jerk. at the end of the vid, the paps saved their dignity a little bit by saying that.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      no, by commenting that Rob is a nice guy they only show the contrast between Rob and themselves. They are nothing but trash-they have no dignity.

      • chochang says:

        oh. you had a point there. i retract my earlier statement.

      • Keisha says:

        Ok, I just watched the video… Is the guy being sarcastic when he says he’s a nice guy? Because he doesn’t do any speaking engagements?

        • robsfuturemate says:

          It sounded sarcastic to me! The kept saying “she just wants an autograph”, which she clearly didn’t. And he was as nice as could be considering the circumstances!

    • Sudie says:

      Chochang, yes Echo Charlie does ring a bell! WOW.

      But seriously about the paps and Rob. I know I am probably going to get a lot of thumbs down for this one but I really wish Rob would punch the fucking hell out of those paps. I think he acted with total class Saturday night but if he’s going to get a lot of bad publicity over something he didn’t do (as x17 intimated) maybe he should just go ahead and get it out of his system and do it. Of course, I guess he would really be a bigger target than ever then as everyone would try to get a rise out of him. I just want him to do something !! I can’t stand to see him so sad and resigned to his fate. He’s needs to react! Okay have at the thumbs down on me, I’m a big girl and can take it.

      • chochang says:

        “Chochang, yes Echo Charlie does ring a bell! WOW.” *wink wink*

        Yes, while it would have been GOOD to see Rob punching the hell out of those paps, we all know that in the long run, a story would just be written to make him seem like the bad guy. Oh wait. That’s already happened.

        Bottomline: This is the price to pay for fame.

        On the bright side, I’ve read that Water for Elephants is nearing its shooting completion. And, since Breaking Dawn isn’t supposed to start filming very soon, Rob might just have at least 3 months of rest. Then, he could vacay to wherever, preferably some secluded place where he could avoid the paps. (Rob, do come back here in Asia. Not a lot of folks would recognize you.)

        p.s. Does he have any other projects in the works soon (that I obvs don’t know about)?

  28. sjaantje says:

    This is why I never watch TMZ or other such shows or buy the magazines. If people don’t support these intrudors then they won’t make any money.
    This video was really sad. Poor man can’t even have a normal day. If this crap keeps up he’ll stop making movies just to get out of the public eye. And that would be a crying shame.

  29. TLG (TippyL) says:

    Where the HALE was Dean?? That sh*t wouldn’t happen on his watch.

    That video is disgusting and made me love him more. Even fed up and PO’d, he’s a gentleman. To the end.

  30. Robsessedgirl says:

    I seriously had trouble watching it, I had to keep pausing whilst yelling out things like “nooooo Wobbie” and “AWKWARD” and “SHIIIIIT F**K YOU PAPS”. I know it comes with the territory but they were IN.HIS.FACE. I really don’t want him to flip shizz on them at some point because everyone will blame Rob and yell at him when really the paps should get the blame. ALSO, WAS THAT SONG BLAME IT PLAYING IN HIS CAR? WINNNN. No sad panda face Rob, even though I LOOOVE the song Paparazzi by Lady GaGa I know you like your privacy. I’ll cheer you up 😉

  31. dazzledtodeath says:

    This video makes me more angry and disgusted than sad. I know Rob is a celebrity but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the paps basically had him cornered there and just kept shooting away, despite his pleas to be left alone. They wait to see if they can get him pissed off enough to do something stupid,but so far Rob has resisted. I don’t know how these people sleep at night-do they have any humanity at all? It’s their job to get pictures-ok, get them and leave. By baiting and following Rob (or any celeb, though I don’t think any have it as bad as Rob) they’re putting him in a dangerous situation.

    Nobody, no matter who they are or who much they make, should have to go through that.

    • purplescool says:

      No, they have no humanity at all… and no conscience either, which I guess is how they can do that “job” in the first place. They are like the lowest of scum of society – they have no respect for any person at all.

  32. Keisha says:

    I haven’t watched the pap video yet and I’m afraid to.

    I thought today’s LTR would be so carefree and mention how smart of Rob to wear his loose in the crotch pants while going to see Salt. Was I the only one that spent half the movie daydreaming about a Rob and Angelina Jolie movie? HOTT! (There was all that Heineken product placement so of course my mind went straight to Rob #ThatsNormal.) He would have so much fun playing with all the Jolie-Pitt kids!
    But no, it couldn’t be that simple could it? The paps had to get their claws into Rob and push him to the max, I hear. Now my daydream will include Rob getting advice from the Jolie-Pitt kids on dealing with the paps. Instead of just Rob asking Angelina for advice on how she deals with Maddox. (Rob: “See, I have this co-star who also bitchfaces all the time and speaks/acts like she’s 7”.)

  33. I gotta be honest, I’ve never seen any pap videos of celebrities until this one. And, I haven’t seen this pissed-off side of Rob either.

    That being said, I really, really feel bad for Rob right now. So bad that it makes me want to bake some cookies for him and rub his shoulders to calm him down. It’s sad to see him go through this. It’s not like he was even aware of this amount of craziness when he came into that audition for Twilight. In spite of paparazzis practically falling all over him, it’s astounding to see how much calm he remained, not to mention being able to do that at just 24! My respect for Rob has increased by a gazillion times.

    I’ll never be able to forget this image of Rob…makes my heart clench to see such a sweet, amazing person pleading with those stalking paparazzis. I get it that it’s their job but still you gotta stop when you get to the point where you’re harassing the person.

  34. obava says:

    I can’t watch this. I couldn’t watch “David after the Dentist,” I couldn’t watch the little boy singing to Single Ladies, and I can’t watch this. I guess it’s because I have a young son- I just can’t watch little boys being used and I can’t watch them being sad.

    Yes, although Rob is sometimes all man to me, other times he’s just a little boy <3

    • Rob4Deb says:

      Oh god I am just the same – I have a son, who is nearly 8 years old. I have so much trouble watching things involving little boys being upset (even if they are acting). We watched The Road with Viggo whatsisface the other night and it was such a harrowing film, made even worse by the plight of the young boy, just a few years older than mine. Sobbed my heart out at the end. If Claire ever watches this video (and I hope to god she never does) you can imagine JUST how she’d feel.

  35. raven says:

    Poor fella. I want to bake him cookies and make it all better.

  36. BabyMomma says:

    Maybe its the pregnancy hormones but this made me cry. Poor Rob. I couldn’t watch it.

  37. Rob4Deb says:

    I have watched this a couple of times now, a bit like gawping at the scene of an accident, you just can’t help it even if you watch through your fingers!

    Like everyone else has said he is a gentleman and I am so proud of him for not giving them what they want – Rob loosing his shit and doing a colin farrell or whoever (but I wish he had smashed their cameras up!)

    Poor baby though, he looked so lost, like a deer in the headlights and just so exhausted with it all. I can’t believe that grown men can act like that to another human being, it beggars belief.

    What REALLY REALLY makes me angry is when that one pap says at the end “what a nice guy” HOW DARE THEY SAY THAT WHEN THEY HAVE JUST HARRASSED HIM. What I can’t even put in to words how wrong it is that they can say that – did they expect otherwise? Were they hoping for a showdown? Why say that when they really don’t give a shit about him. God, it really riles me.

    Oh and the way he started to explain how it made him feel but then he obvs thought oh what the hell, what difference would it make? Rob babe, come home to England, then come to my house in Birmingham, no paps here and I’ll look after you and keep you safe… I’m sure Mr Deb won’t mind!!!!!

    Is it wrong that I chuckled at the sound of his engine – in his hour of need!!!!

    • lindyuk says:

      Hi Rob4Deb
      You are in Birmingham?? I’m not too far away in Redditch! Glad to see another Rob fan in close proximity! I t’s nice to see Brit fans on here!

      • Rob4Deb says:

        LindyUK!! Hello neighbour! What a small world hey!
        Glad to see you share the Rob Love!!!

        • lindyuk says:

          Hi Rob4Deb
          Brilliant isn’t it??!!! Nice to have a fellow ‘Robsessor’ near by! Do you have friends who are ‘Robsessed’? I have ‘casual friends’ who are interested but no where near my extent! LOL!!!

          • Rob4Deb says:

            Same for me! I have friends who think he’s rather lovely, but none that I know of spend hours on LTR / Robsessed/thinking of Rob etc etc., they just don’t understand and have no idea… they all say I’m obsessed and have stalker issues! LOL

  38. Jules says:

    Yesterday morning, I was excited when I woke up and found a link to new pics of Rob in my inbox. Then I saw this one (DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DON”T WANT TO GIVE THEM HITS) http://x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=RPattinsonHitAndRunPart1_X17&index=61 and it dampened my enjoyment.
    Seriously, how can he stand a camera mere centimetres from his face? How did he keep his shit together?

    Then I saw the vid, and wondered what it was about this one that made me upset. I’ve seen others that could be considered worse. I think it’s because Rob was alone and appeared to be so lost and vulnerable.
    It was very unpleasant to watch.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Jules, that pic is disgusting and speaks volumes about LA-paps……..too much is too much!

      • Jules says:

        RG, I thought twice about posting the link, but, the site didn’t allow click and save so I couldn’t move the pic.
        Anyway, I think that the good news here is that we now know that Rob isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. I mean, confronting 6-8 grown men when he was all alone took some chutzpah.
        Good for him.

    • Keisha says:

      OMG, are you serious? That happened?! Is the whole video like that? I am ready to cutapap!

    • guilty of clicking, I think that’s the worst pic. the pap is laughing in his face waiting for a response, something he’d sell better than just a pic of calm Rob.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I hate that guy’s smirk! He’s just looking at him like he knows Rob won’t do anything..but hoping that he will. JERK!!

  39. B says:

    That was like watching a gang of bullies repeatedly kicking a defenseless puppy. 🙁

    Rob, this settles it. You need to move out to the midwest. We don’t have paps here, just cows. And they don’t care how famous you are. They’ll give you your privacy.

    • Keisha says:

      Word. And all the millions of acres of cornfields for him to hide in?
      Rob- you definitely need to come here to the Midwest. Please fly because it sounds like the Nova isn’t going to make it very far.

      • B says:

        I would totally be willing to hide in a cornfield with him so he doesn’t get lonely or scared.

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          Or he could come to the east and hide in the midst of all the scary people that live here. I’m from the midwest but live in the east so I’d be willing to go both places with him. YES ROB, I’LL HIDE IN THE CORNFIELD WITH YOU! 🙂

  40. lindyuk says:

    Well I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to see these new photos of Rob out and about in Malibu when I clicked on IMDB site yesterday. After a few days of no news and no pictures it was like ‘manna from heaven’…and I relished having these new pics to look at…initially only 24….then as the day wore on it became apparent at the cost to Rob. Do I feel guilty for looking at them? Well…no….I think Rob understands that he is going to get ‘papped’ at times and the photos of him at the cinema are really great. He looks great (goes without saying), there aren’t crowds of people, it all looks like a pleasant Saturday afternoon outing. I loved these pics. However…..I had no idea of the drama that occurred later on with the PAPS following him to the house party and then cornering him afterwards. THAT was disgusting. You have all echoed my sentiments about the way he was treated by those ‘scum’. The fact that he remained cool, relatively calm and polite just exemplifies what a classy, well mannered Englishman (he makes me proud that we stiill do produce this type of chap) he is in comparison to the sleazy, ignorant, amoral scumbags who taunted him.
    So what to do? I’m not an expert in celebrity/popular celebrity psychology (maybe should discuss wih my Psychology student daughter!!!) If I was in his shoes or his Mum or his friend? Just ride it out….won’t last forever….smile, pose, keep the old temper in check at ALL costs, go about his normal life as best he can because if he doesn’t …then THEY will have won. Love you Rob….you are unique…

    • “ALL costs, go about his normal life as best he can because if he doesn’t …then THEY will have won. ” This!

      He’ll do what he feels like doing but for having been followed around by some creeps (well one at a time) as any other city girl that I know, you go on with your life regardless of some freak who knows where you live. You can’t hide under a rock or ask people to accompany you at night like you’re some fragile little person. You do what you want to do when you want to do it, like the independent big girl that you are, headphones on without looking behind in fear, you can’t live in a bubble, because as you say, they would win.

      it’s not the same situation, but what i’m saying is you can’t give up your life, job, hobbys…. because of some lame people.

      So I liked how he handled it, “all man” (must have been the previous post) and fell even more for his grace. Have no idea why he didn’t go to a hotel, guess he just wanted to do this on his own.

  41. niahid says:

    Dear Rob,
    Please do not feel defeated in any ways by those maniacs who would do anything for money ( not just the paps ).
    From the way you handle this chaos, you’re gonna win big in life.
    Ghandi used to say our fingerprints don’t fade from the life we touch. You certainly had touch my life with this classy act.
    Well played Sir , well played!

    Peace be with you

  42. Poor little bunny. Why did he try to reason with these morons? Seeing him so frustrated like that is really maddening. Why did I watch that? I knew it would bum me out and make me want to hug-squish Rob into my rack.

    And then (shout out to Freya!) disrespect him nice and slow.

  43. Beaspoon says:

    Wow. That made me so sad. I mean, I know it’s the price one pays to be a celebrity, especially in LA, but still. That was ridiculous. And he was just so lonely and sad-looking, you could almost see it going through his mind, “So this is my life now. Well EFF this!” Poor Rob.


  44. Wendy says:

    Now that I’ve worked out my aggression and counted to ten I can look more objectively now….

    At least he’s been reading LTR and took the recommendation about wearing a V-neck. It wasn’t pink, but maybe he can’t get to Target with all the paps following him.

    • B says:

      Also clear that he knows we missed “Dorky Rob” as evidenced by the fact that one pant leg was rolled up, and one was not. That’s the only part about the whole thing that put a smile on my face!

  45. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    Why in God’s name are you posting this crap?

  46. yesjayme says:

    This may or may not be my first post here. I check the site out every day for shits and giggles but I’m not sure if I actually ever posted anything before. So, yeah, Hi!

    I hate this vid with a passion, I’d like to see all these paparazzi morons burning in hell. I hate what they are doing to him; aren’t there anti-stalker laws in this country? I hate the fact that the cops did absolutely nothing; it is their job to protect people isn’t it? No, they let the paps continue to harass him. Hey, Officers, there are plenty of out of work people who would be happy to do your job if you don’t want to. Jeez….

    Rob looks so sad and broken. The absolute worst part of this whole thing is when he says “I want you guys to go first” and his voice breaks a little bit. My heart breaks every time I hear it. I seriously hope he goes back to London when BD is done filming. I’d rather suffer a Rob drought than to see him like this.

    • Keisha says:

      “You’re a cop. You’re supposed to give a shit” quote from Remember Me comes to mind.

      • yesjayme says:

        Yeah it does, thanks for the reminder! Tyler got a beating and Rob got ignored, so I guess it didn’t work out for either of them. Sigh…….

  47. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Dear Rob,
    Move to Irvine. It is still driving distance to LA and it’s the most boring (but safest) city in the country. Seriously, no papz will follow you to Irvine, they will instantly vaporize with boredom as soon as they hit the “Orange Curtain”. We don’t have a downtown, so there won’t be a gathering spot where the papz could find you. There are a tons of parks for you to jog pap free. Just rent a stroller and put a fake baby in it, you will blend right in to this suburban wasteland. Plus every white guy in the OC has the same Long Beach State cap so you’d fit right in with all of our young dads.
    Love from the OC

    • Stacey says:

      That’s a great idea! When he’s finished hiding out near you, Rob can come to Connecticut. There isn’t many paps lurking around here. Before Conan O’Brien moved to LA, he lived about 15 minutes away and nobody bothered him. Rob can come hang out with my family by the pond, we’ll grill hamburgers and have beers on the deck. Stress free! He can even bring over his friends.

      Plus, the paps will be too busy over in New Haven stalking Yale, when James Franco starts school in the fall.

  48. southernbelle says:

    Yes I do feel sad for him, especially watching him reason with these paps. There’s no point, they are heartless, they don’t give a shit, they want to make money and it’s all they care about. The poor man was practically begging them to go away. Not once did I see him yell at them, in fact he sounded so soft-spoken. He didn’t go Sean Penn on the paps, I kind of wish he did though!

    I think this has gone too far, I feel terrible about this video. I feel bad for Rob.

    Rob you know if I was there I would seriously kick those men’s balls for you, I mean it. They truly deserve it. I know you’re only human and it seems you are close to your breaking point. Big hugs to you. I just want to see you happy again. I wish there was something I could do Rob! This made me angry for you.

    I really wish there was a law against this. It’s just too much. I know he’s a big star but he deserves respect and some privacy too.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      I agree with you, SB. There should be a law-paps should not be able to get in someone’s face and badger them for an hour. If it had been a female (celeb or not) being hounded by sic or eight guys I think the cops would have reacted a little differently. If Rob had taken a swing at one of them I bet they’d have been happy to get involved. But because Rob tried to keep his composure they refuse. I think they were way wrong not to get involved and just tell the paps to get lost.

      • southernbelle says:

        Screw those cotton-pickin paparazzis! I agree Dazzled, if it was a woman celebrity, ex. Jennifer Aniston, I think the cops would act differently too.

  49. JessicaTheShark says:

    I’ve been reading comments about this on Robsessed, and according to a few people, that “fan” seen toward the end of the video is actually a decoy sent by the paps so that they could get pics of a different reaction out of him.
    *sighs and shakes head* Paps would do anything to get pictures, huh? They treat celebs like animals, I swear! The papparazzi don’t care about anything except money, which is disgusting. Very disgraceful.

    • southernbelle says:

      These paps are pigs and are so disgusting!

    • Keisha says:

      Agreed. I’m totally butchering Cool Hand Luke here but “just because it’s your job doesn’t make it right.”

      It was painful for me to watch the Cannes film festival “cat call” or whatever they call it and the photographers were just yelling at him…. to look this way and that way…. not even that close to him.

  50. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Can you imagine living with all those flashbulbs going off all the time? Ugh, my eyes, no wonder he has a hard time driving, his vision is probably impared from all of this. It’s like trying to live in a strobe light.

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