Dancin’ in the street with the Paparazzi and respecting Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Paparazzi videos usually don’t make me sad but that one definitely did. I don’t know if it’s your sad panda face when you stop the car for the billionth time, the way the engine wheezed thudded to life making it sound like your morning smokers hack or the fact that it’s Sunday night and tomorrow I have to go back to work, but whatever it is that video made me a little sad for you.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things you don’t have it rough at all and some lame dudes with cameras following you around is annoying and a bit of a safety hazard at best. I have to remember you get paid a LOT of money and this is one of those unfortunate side effects that comes with being stupidly rich and famous and good looking.

BUT I do admire your chutzpa in stopping the car and trying to wait them out. Though you know they’ll take pictures and ask you stupid stuff about the loquat crumble recipe and call you “Edward” as long as you let them. So it was a flawed attempt at using logic on the paparazzi, they don’t work that way, sadly. Even when you tried to reason telling them they’d taken “millions of pictures” and that should be enough. It should Rob, it should! But why do they want more? Are they waiting for Kristen to meet you in the parking lot of a fireplace store? Or are they hoping to catch you and John Stamos hanging out at Bob Saget’s house again?  It makes me wonder how long you stood out there, in the middle of the street waiting for them to leave you alone, then talking to cops and then most bizarrely talking to that girl about the cars or the Kardashians? I couldn’t tell. Whatever it is that was the most odd part of the evening.

But what can we do as fans? We’ve already been hit up by some emails saying that the respect Rob campaign should be started up again. What were we doing since the last supposed “bad” paparazzi run in that prompted the respect stuff? Disrespecting you? (Nice and slow, right Freya?) Ok, ok just on the occasional Friday when we drop some Rob Porn on the ladies. But really, should we be boycotting mags and their sites and telling people we’re “proud to be paparazzi free?” HALE NAH, cause we love us a good pap picture, without those we wouldn’t have the underwear shopping trip or the wrist holding pic or those blessed Nova pictures from last week? So where does that leave us?

Prompted by your own mid-street stand-in I propose as a way of showing our respect that all Rob fans walk into the middle of the street tomorrow at noon for a moment of silence and sad panda faces in remembrance of your weekend paparazzi show down. Now if we happen to obstruct traffic, or ask your coworker to follow you into the street with a point-and-shoot digital camera to reenact the moment or repeatedly get into your busted Kia Sephia and crank the engine than that’s just bonus points. Super fans will go the extra mile to show how much they respect your street side showdown.

In an effort to make this not such a sad video can someone please remix this and add the song “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas so that our new Respect Rob movement will have a theme song and now every time a Rob fan is out drunk Karaoke-ing and this song comes on we all have a moment of silence to let the paparazzi know we will NOT stand for this any long. But we WILL stand in the street!

Now it’s time to start taking photos of ourselves in the middle of the street so we can post them here to show how much we’re REAL Rob fans.

You agree I assume, right Rob? You’ll join us next time Dancin’ in the Street comes on the oldies station in the Nova?


Thoughts on the video? Does it make you a little sad and distressed to see Rob out of sorts and annoyed by the paparazzi? Cause it does for me. Who’s going to do a street stand in to show their respect and Rob? Make sure you send us a picture! 😉

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207 Responses to “Dancin’ in the street with the Paparazzi and respecting Robert Pattinson”

  1. lindyuk says:

    What happened to my comment to ‘Rob4Deb’?

  2. coopercohennichol says:

    i thought This video is Very depressing but reading all the comments in support of rob just put me on the verge of tears.

    He sounds so pitiful when he says “I want you to leave first” because the sad part is they won’t leave, if anything they’ll just swap out paps like a shift change. those GD animals make me f*ckin itch!!!!

    i have seriously lost my appetite for the day

  3. purplescool says:

    The only power any of us has to stop this crap is to let the sites/mag-rags and ADVERTISERS on those sites/rags know that we won’t buy their sh*t anymore…it’s not worth it. No one really thinks about it when we’re ogling the latest pix or clicking the enticing link, but this is what Rob goes through so we can see pix of him getting into/out of a car/building etc.

    And interestingly, we all feel bad that the paps are relentlessly pursuing Rob, but yet Kristen gets a hard time for not dealing well with the paps that are in her face 24/7. Like she should be gracious to these animals who are hunting her down. Personally, if I had flash bulbs going off at me constantly and paps taunting me to get a reaction or get me to run, I’d be pissed as all hell too.

    • Jules says:

      “And interestingly, we all feel bad that the paps are relentlessly pursuing Rob, but yet Kristen gets a hard time for not dealing well with the paps that are in her face 24/7. Like she should be gracious to these animals who are hunting her down.”

      This is not about Kristen, this is about Rob on a Rob blog, so yes, his fans will support him. On a Kristen blog, her fans will support her as well.

      Kristen doesn’t have to be gracious, she has to be herself. Flipping the bird and swearing is more her thing.

      Rob is naturally gracious, which showed in the video. he wasn’t on a balcony or a boat far away from the paps, they had cameras INCHES from his face, whilst he was without a bodyguard.

      Why do feel the need to bring Kristen into this? They are not the same person. Some people on here love and support her and others don’t. Lets just leave her out of this.


      • applepie says:

        Well said Jules. #FTR!!

      • southernbelle says:

        Yay Jules! I agree, this is about Rob, leave Kristen out of this!

      • robgirl86 says:

        Right, this is about Rob today, they are 2 individuals and Kristen has nothing to with what happened yesterday to Rob, I personally never saw such thing happened to her, but I don’t go on her fansites, I have no clue and I highly doubt that she would have been as gracious and polite as he was, cause I saw many flying birds on her asia tour.

      • ForEveralurker says:

        Thank you thank you thank you!

      • pumagirlsf says:

        Jules….. Co-sign.

        Sorry, purplescool… you can’t compare the two. Her way is to lash out by flipping the bird and cursing. He tries logic and reason. Neither works, but at least he **never** comes off looking like a hot-headed idiot. This is where the fundamental differences lie. He has grace and class and decorum. She simply does not.

        OF COURSE his fans will rally around him in support when it’s due… it’s part and parcel of this Robosphere of ours, but that doesn’t mean that we have to support or justify HER reactions to the paparazzi – as Jules said so perfectly, she doesn’t have to be gracious, she just has to be herself… and being herself seems to consist of rash and crude behavior. She gets flamed because of her organic reactions. He would never act as she does. Never. You can’t compare the two. If she was a naturally gracious and sincere and likable person, I’m sure more people in our world would support her as well as Rob. And perhaps on her fan blogs, they do. I don’t know as I don’t visit such websites.


    • purplescool says:

      *Waving white flag* …I didn’t mean to get everyone’s ire up…please stop shooting at me….

      My point (which went horribly awry) is this: I can see how anyone would get pushed to the point of anger/frustration w/ the paparazzi in one’s face all the time. There’s no way to win with the paps – one can’t wait them out – they’d stay there all day or night, if one runs, they chase them, if one gets angry at them and lashes out, well now the paps have a good story. It IS to Rob’s good credit that he didn’t haul off and bean of those guys. I feel awful that he’s got to deal with this nonsense, but yes, he does it with grace.

      • Jules says:

        Huh. My bad, I could have sworn from your comment you basically said that we are sympathetic to Rob’s plight and uncaring about Kristen’s.
        Ofcourse you said that other stuff as well.

  4. whiteflower723 says:

    I thought we had said before that Rob’s a big boy now and he should get used to all this, pay the price of fame. But I saw this last night and I thought he looked desperate, needless to say, I did feel sad.

    He sat there….letting the minutes tick away…

    When he said “I want you to leave first” he sounded like a kid…just broke my heart.

    I wonder why he didn’t call anybody to come get him…
    Can he even do that?

    I’m guilty of wanting to know his whereabouts at all times but this was beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I HATED that those bastards even said “He’s such a nice guy” Really? So what, you ruin nice people’s day for a living? WTF!

    Rob handled himself gracefully.

    Dear Rob,
    Just know that I consider myself a true fan of yours and this was painful to watch. Please accept my wishes for a more peaceful life in Hollywood. God Bless. 🙂

  5. Robsessedgirl says:

    While I love me a good candid shot of Rob, in no way shape or form is what the paps were doing ok. They were pretty much herding him. If I were lucky enough to be in his presence at that moment, I would’ve given the dog a bone so to speak. I would’ve told the paps that I just saw Oprah AND Brad Pitt at the same party in *says random place in LA and namedrops a few more random stars at the party* they’re most likely stupid enough to believe it, and Rob and I would live happily ever after, due to him falling for my super skillz handling paps.

  6. blondieinco says:

    The Twi-fans went crazy when Emma Roberts told Rob she was Team Jacob – and that is nothing compard to being hounded by the paps. Maybe if we all join forces we can use our powers for good!

  7. Pfluffy says:

    I would like to hope that maybe some of the paps who were hounding him might have a glimmer of awareness that Rob is just “a nice guy” who just happens to be super famous and that maybe he deserves some space – sure take a few pictures, and then let him be. A person can hope, can’t they. Rob’s attempt at reasoning with these guys probably was for naught, but at least he tried, and it won him points with me.

  8. Kementari says:

    So, I won’t watch the video; there is nothing that the video can serve me in my life, nor Rob’s, certainly. It’s a travesty and very sad that this happened/happens to him on a regular basis.

    However, I am wondering where in the hell his security is? This has been a problem for him since the filming of “Remember Me”. He is a fairly major movie star at this point, and you don’t see the Jolie-Pitts or any other major stars having to deal with this shit. He needs to hire a new firm who knows how to get him from point A to point B without leaving him out there on the street to fend for himself. You can have security around during your off time without it invading your life, and then you don’t have to deal with crap like this. It’s idiotic that he even has to confront this at all. Get the boy out the back door and take his ass wherever he wants to go from there. Plenty of other celebrities can get around to parties, A-list parties, without any of this hassle. It’s not a difficult thing. Get a new security detail, dude, and things will go a lot smoother.

    Still, I don’t like the sad Panda Rob, so I hope he gets some privacy and soon, so he doesn’t just give up on the whole thing and go into permanent hiding, locking himself away in some random London pub strumming his guitar in the corner, muttering to himself for all time.

    Love you ladies, I check it here every day.

    • lindyuk says:

      Nice sentiments Kementari but I think that Rob deals with all this ‘crazyness’ by trying to lead as ‘normal’ a life as he can away from the film sets/premieres/public appearances by trying to go about his normal everyday life WITHOUT security etc. Unfortunately it’s becoming very clear that this is proving to be difficult/potentially dangerous…at least whilst he resides in LA.
      He needs to cme back home to the UK for a few weeks to get some rest and peace and quiet before heading back to the US for the filming of BD(the sooner that’s over and done with the better in my opinion).

      • Kementari says:

        I appreciate that he wants to feel normal and not have a gaggle of security guards around him at all times. I completely get that.

        But 1 – he was hanging out with his manager, which means this day/evening was more than just a typical guys night out for him, which means that his team should have been more aware and prepared for the swarms of paparazzi around him.

        And 2 – it just seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult to have someone bring a car around the back of the venue and let him slip out that way, even if it was just a taxi picking up only him. I don’t know, it still just smacks of a lack of preparedness or ineptitude on the part of his team, which at this stage in the game is fairly unacceptable. There is no reason a man who makes the kind of money he does, who is at the level of desirability by fans and the paparazzi that he is, should be walking down the street alone or trying not to drive over swarms of camera toting psychos.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          What I had read was that he was at someone’s house (and the pic look residential) so there was no back exit! His car was parked in front of the house on the street. But, I do agree, why was he alone?

          And even earlier, Steph obvi didn’t care they were taking pics. So, I think at the next press event we could take her! She’s not as tough as she looks!

  9. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Next time Rob is assaulted by the paps, someone should pull a “third wife” to create a diversion so he could escape.
    Blood wouldn’t work on paps, what would? Someone could shout, “LiLo just broke out of jail! She is showing her Britney while holding Perez Hilton as a hostage and he’s also showing his Britney!!!!”

  10. Robsessedgirl says:

    I just couldn’t understand what that random girl/Rob was saying towards the end. So he wouldn’t give her an autograph? & then the guy was being all sarcastic and bitchy and saying “Such a nice guy huh? unbelievable.” :””(

  11. southernbelle says:

    Dear Rob,

    You must take Dean with you wherever you go! Please! It’s a must! Never go out alone please, I can’t stand how these bastards were hunting you like you’re an extinct animal :(((.


  12. soffia says:

    well I agree with everything said That video makes me all kinds of angry
    I was pissed at the cops too. It was obviously harassment. I was really pissed at that fan girl freak asking him if he did speaking engagemnts…WTF??
    Could it seriously get more surreal???
    Rob was a class act all the way
    those paparazzi scum harassed him all day long and they are lying pieces of scum too Rob hits a car! Rob has a meltdown! all lies

    This business is trying to change him and i think Rob is trying to hang on to normal as long as he can…with that being said…
    He should take his BD millions and take a break from acting..get his life back
    Stay in London and work on his music

  13. LissyLoo says:

    That is some crazy shit going on right there!!
    Rob, come and live with me and I’ll make sure they give u ur space!

  14. Nena says:

    Only cure for paparazzi is disregard is , even though them put what they like, in the same way will not have will never enough . It’s good as though are you keep level head, there’s no point in with them discuss , it be about error as though are you debate ( same error , selection like autos LOL)))
    Excuse my English

  15. Lexy says:

    The British Metro newpaper thik Stephanie is Clare, Rob’s mum!!!

  16. Lexy says:

    I mean thinks

  17. Tankergirl says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Fame & fortune do not justify this treatment. I know I wouldn’t handle it one smidgen as well as he does. Also, I wouldn’t be out & about alone in LA. This makes me nervous for his safety. And, oh, all the annoying weird fan conversations he has to endure. Blech.

  18. Renie says:

    Rob, We like you. We love you and we never want to see anything like this again. We will not visit sites that stalk you. We will not buy magazines that stalk you. You deserve to live a life free from this BS.
    LTR’ers join me in stopping the stalking by the lowlife photographers…refuse to make them money. Don’t look.

    • Renie says:

      Given time to think about this and realize this is an inhumane way to treat another human being. This is beyond acceptable entertainment looking at photo’s of a fellow human being hunted. Why is this allowed to happen? Why don’t we have laws to protect people. Just because Rob and others are celeb’s doesn’t make this extreme behavior from the photographers acceptable. The mind set that they somehow signed up for this because of the job they have and the money they earn is wrong headed. This type of stalking and hunting another human is painful to Rob, and is painful to watch. He does not deserve this hounding.
      I will looked at Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Details, etc. for photo’s he has posed for and enjoy them knowing by his presence he’s oked them. It will make me sick to see anymore stalker photo’s. I won’t participate and I will encourage others to do the same.

      • Renie says:

        You know may be it was a good move on Rob’s part to have the stalkerazzi on tape. Now the fans can see the damage being done to him and how sick it makes us feel watching. I hope the California legislators see the documentation of the stalking and enact legislation to stop it.

  19. Mary Ramos says:

    I am so sad for Rob. Rob, if you ever read this, I would love to help you get rid of paps. I’m a middle school teacher who works with at-risk kids. I am used to telling people who don’t listen what to do and I would have gotten those cops to help you. Hey, if you need a break from all that fame, come to San Antonio, Tx. No one bothers you here. Just ask Eva Longoria, she goes to movies and out to dinner here. You can even stay with me and kids. You can watch tv all day and I’ll do your laundry. love you Rob!

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  21. hitc4manynewmoons says:

    If there is one thing i hope my children DO NOT do with their careers it is to become a PAP or work on E! I’d rather they scrap gum off the railings of subway stations (no offense to anyone who does this…LOL). Those “jobs” are not journalists…they are extortionists.

    {I couldn’t even watch the video, your coments alone (so great i sometimes skip the pics…to excited about posts…i need a life LOL) scared me off. }

  22. Texas Bottle Blonde Grandma says:

    I don’t imagine anyone is still reading the comments on here but I noticed at one time Rob is complaining about the five pap cars following him and running red lights to keep up. That is what he was talking about when he began to tell of his anxiety. There has to be some law for the cars to follow him while breaking driving laws. It is unbelievable to me that because someone becomes a “personality” that all protections of the law are thrown out.

    Worried Granny

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  24. Tatt2dAsh says:

    I am little behind in watching this but OMG its awful. I always feel so said for celebrities, especially those like Rob who try so hard for things like this not to happen.

    Paparazzi are such jerks.

    There was one good thing, and only one, in this video. Hearing the roar of the Nova.

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