Dry Bones with Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Today we’re going to have a sing-a-long. Do you remember that old children’s song “Dry Bones?” You know:

The toe bone connected to the heel bone,
The heel bone connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone connected to the leg bone….

etc. etc. etc? Well clear your voice, warm up your vocal chords- we’re going to have a Rob Pattinson Sing-A-Long directed by LTR fav friend Zephyersky! (And yes- LTR just got WAY hi-tech with a new image gallery. I even tested this on my cell phone so it SHOULD work for everyone! To participate, first click on the far left image and then SCROLL through the images by click each on the right- And Don’t forget.. you MUST sing along! If you don’t we’ll unleash the wrath of TammyO upon you)
(Start Here )

Hey- at least we didn’t end on “The happy trail connected to the cell-phone shaped “erection” that people spent hours gawking over trying to decide whether it was male genitalia or not- porn” (That was my suggestion)

Happy Singing’

How much do you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head all day? Sorry…

Thanks Zeph! XOXOXO

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152 Responses to “Dry Bones with Robert Pattinson”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    I dunno the song, BUT I really enjoyed the Rob-porn gallery…
    is that objectifying a person?
    If ….YES! I am in!

    Rob is all PORN, even more when he MOVES all his goodies πŸ™‚
    and he is a fashion star…my fav.fashion model

    after watching these last pics…

    I just wanna bang him!!!

    P.S. TammyO…oh my..

  2. melronin says:

    Great job UC…loved the high-tech-gallery! Absolute win!

    Unfortunately I don’t know the song so it couldn’t stuck in my head along with all these porn pictures of the baby!

    It’s official though, I have become an expert on Robbones…Robbonesporn!!!
    Am just loving it!

  3. Edible Art ? says:

    Wow who knew there were so many varieties of “porn” – liked the trip round Rob’s bod – now if only to be able to do it in real life – sigh

  4. The Happy Trail connected to the…Dadcase, baad, baaaad joke πŸ™‚ Do you know how many people had biig hopes? Crotch is tweed serious, you can’t just play with people’s feelings like that.
    I think in the light of recent events, jitterbugs just entered the porn holy category.

    • robgirl86 says:

      it was the R-Phone….and YES! Crotch is tweed serious!!!!
      very serious!

      Sacre Bleu!

    • misty says:

      MP you are hilar!! πŸ™‚ tweed serious bwahaha

    • Katie S says:

      I whimpered and then threw my monitor across the room. And it’s from 1995, so that’s saying something!

      Hear that, Jitterbug Rob? We probably have the same computer. A match made in techfail Heaven… <3

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      ‘in light of recent events’.?????

      I’ve missed so much. What’s been happening in the world of LTR/Rob?? I’ve not googled HHH in a while and have only managed the odd bit of lurking on LTR but no posting until today…

      *waves* hello everyone!!

      • misty says:

        {hugs mine!x3} hey babe!!!

        You will need to read yesterday’s and the day before to undstand robpants and pandarob….hilar….good to hear from you today!

  5. melronin says:

    And UC…yes, I really thought you would go there!!!

  6. Jules says:

    Geeeze! I feel cockblocked at the end of the song, UC.
    And you didn’t ‘praise the name of the Rob’.
    Love the new porn viewing tech.

    • robgirl86 says:

      lol, I didn’t make it through the end Jules, I stucked on the chest-porn……..enough said!

      • misty says:

        i was stuck on thigh porn……something about his legs that do it for me…mmmm

        • mine!mine!mine! says:


          I got stuck on the ‘bum in the red pants’ picture.

          But then I’ve always found that area (both front and back) to be my particular fav part of him….I’d be telling fibs if I didn’t own up to liking all the other bits of him too…..but I do (or did) spend a lot of time looking at that area closely……

          *shakes head in disgust*

          • misty says:

            NORMAL. totaly.

          • The Old One says:

            “The bum in the red pants” can have two meanings, depending on if your more British or more American, both fitting for Rob love. Bum as in ass or bum as in hobo. Anyway, I was going to say that’s the nicest bum picture I think we’ve seen, as Rob usually likes to wear droopy drawer jeans. This photo tells us a lot!
            (Please give us more room here, UC, Moon?—>>>>>)

        • robgirl86 says:

          the longggggggggggggg legs, with meaty thighs, Misty, seriously who can resist to that walking man?

          • misty says:

            Gwad, what I would do to have those thighs wrapped……those lips and loooong fingers…..ummm k done.

            I’m serious, I don’t trust myelf with what I would do for that…..

          • melronin says:

            @misty We are all so NOT trustworthy when it comes to the Robbaby..sigh!

    • Sue G. says:

      I was stuck on what that tongue porn could be doing to me! ;o)

  7. SarahK says:

    Them bones, them bones, them dry bones… I hate you a lot… If that song starts running round my head every time I look at him, that’s going to seriously impact my life for the worse. Every day.

  8. shinegirl says:

    You guys just had to go and ruin everything! I finally blew up the “free-ballin'” picture and Dammit!! You’re right, it’s a phone.

    That picture was the cause of my second Rob dream. Rob and I were driving around the French Quarter, went to a movie and I was crawling on the floor, in the theater becasue i dropped my new iphone….between his legs, under his seat.

    At least the illusion was good for that.

  9. Michelle says:

    Thigh porn and hair porn.

    Mommy likey.

    That is all.

  10. Stacey says:

    UC what have you done to me this morning! I sing that song to my DAUGHTER! I am so going slip and start singing your very special version.

    I love those pictures, so thank you for that!

  11. misty says:


    Thank LTR and Zeph for turning a completly innocent chidren’s song into a sexy, hot mash up of Robporn. Couldn’t have been done better.

    p.s. what about brown bubble jacket porn + Nike porn::

    p.s.s. or beanie porn + stolie shirt porn::


  12. chochang says:

    under which “porn” would this image be considered in?


    • Katie S says:


      It’s not you… It’s the foot. πŸ˜‰

      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        Apologies in advance but I simple have to post this.


        The man of our dreams. Any foot fetishists lurking here?

        • mine!mine!mine! says:


          I’m too scared to open the link πŸ™‚

          • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

            It’s the picture you referred to – we cross posted. I love Rob so much that even the quintessential “Englishman travels somewhere awfully hot” styling can’t touch my passion! Also, focus on the WET Rob!

        • tupelohoney says:

          I really, really wish Rob would stop wear black socks…

          • mine!mine!mine! says:


            I have no problem with the black socks, it’s the black socks and sandals that gets me.

            Though to be fair I’m one to talk today, I’ve got black socks on and cream vans….so i’ve got no room to talk….epic sock fail!!!

          • Stacey says:

            My dad wears black socks and sandals to the beach. I don’t really like that Rob has that in common with my dad. I am finding it a little off putting. Maybe, he just needs a shoe intervention. I would be happy to help him. :0)

          • Keisha says:

            I don’t mind the black socks. Just shows there is ONE part of his body he is not willing to show, which is fine by me cuz I hate feet. Ok there is one pic of him barefoot but I don’t look… down there. πŸ˜‰

          • tupelohoney says:

            Yeah Stacey, that’s what I meant about the black socks (especially with the sandals), they remind me of my grandpa! Not good. He was wearing black socks when training for Eclipse too. Ugh! Don’t guys his age usually wear white (or maybe grey) athletic socks? And Keisha: I’m not crazy about feet either. Hands? A whole different story….

          • tupelohoney says:

            And I meant to say “wearing” above. I know y’all understood what I meant but I just had to correct it… lol.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      I’m sorry but I had thumbs down that…..I HATE, HATE FEET not you πŸ™‚

    • melronin says:

      @chochang, thumbs up from me girl. I can immagine all
      sorts of porn with Robs foot/feet…is that a greek thing?
      Nah, don’t think so…
      I just love everything on/about him!!!
      the end!!!

    • Jules says:

      Well, I won’t imagine f*cking his feet, but he needs them to walk. I like walking Rob, so THUMBS UP.

      • robgirl86 says:

        I second that! thumbs up! πŸ™‚

        • Jules says:

          hehe! RG- IFLY
          I really don’t find feet sexy, but I don’t find them repulsive either. They’re just there, sorta like elbows.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            I don’t care if he’s missing a toe.

            Seriously ladies? Some of you SERIOUSLY have a deal breaker with Rob?

            If he walked up to you with one bare foot and one foot in a black sock and adidas slip on you’d turn that shit down?

            *pffft. NO WAY.

            You’d jump on that like a kid being handed a shiny new toy.

          • robgirl86 says:

            PUMA!!! Exactly…#FTR!

            Rob, just come as you are…no matter what you wear (or not)

          • Jules says:

            oh dear, Puma, FTR.
            You know if he’s missing a toe it will affect his balance, right? Couple that with the wonkiness, I think you’ll need to get him to lie down, ASAP.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            Jules, if the missing toe throws off the balance thus affecting his wonkiness and it gets him flat on his back .25 seconds faster… so much the better!

            All around win there!

    • chochang says:

      excuse me girls.. i don’t think anyone got the joke. i was referring to that LTR comment where somebody said rob looked like a foot. πŸ˜€ but anyways, it’s all good.. was just kidding.

  13. JodieO says:

    HAHAHAHA! That was awesome. =) Mmmm… Dadcase…

    Also, I think Rob should always walk around with a huge dildo in his pocket just to watch the internet go nuts.

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    So being a professional children’s singer, I hope I don’t mess up the lyrics next time in front of the kiddos. Not that I’ve actually song that song in my preschool profession but sod’s law says I will now! At least the imagery was nice!

  15. theseviolentdelights says:

    Thank god for my sister never getting out of bed before noon, because I just sang this whole thing out loud. πŸ˜‰

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  17. dazzledtodeath says:

    Yes UC, I fully expected you to go there! But I enjoyed the rest of the eye candy anyway.

  18. pumagirlsf says:

    Imma spend the day on the floor now because of the THUD that occurred when I became DEAD after seeing that porn before even having any breakfast!!

    You really can’t get a girl’s blood pumping like that before she has her Cheerios.

    Those pics nearly gave me a different kind of “cheery O” if you know what I’m sayin’…. andiknowyoudoyoupervyh00rs.

  19. Can't believe I like this shit says:

    Shame on you, LTR. Previously, I had convinced myself I only had a little crush on Edward. I’ve always been a big reader and crushing on fictional characters is normal (for me).
    But I enjoyed that little montage way too much. Much more than I should *if* I’m not into Rob when he’s not playing Edward. That’s normal, right?

    • Stacey says:

      It always starts with Edward. Then the vicious sprial starts and you notice his prettiness everywhere. I didn’t know he existed until four months ago and now he is number 1 on my celebrity crush list. It’s just one of those things you have to accept. It’s like that scene in the student office in Twilight, when Edward…oh never mind. :0)

  20. che says:

    β€œThe happy trail connected to the cell-phone shaped β€œerection” that people spent hours gawking over trying to decide whether it was male genitalia or not- porn”


  21. robgirl86 says:

    porn day…the world is not fair, I wanna have HIS job



    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      WTF…either my computers gone tits up or you’ve just posted a link to a porn site!!!!

      What’s it suppose to be, all I could see were boobs, fannys and other unmentionables.
      Looks like I’m going to be looking for a new job again. I just got blocked and issued with a warning…..bugger!!!!

    • misty says:

      well he can keep his job and button up his shirt, but I want the zip down his pants job….omg his face is beautiful….*sigh

      • mine!mine!mine! says:


        seriously, all I got when I clicked the link was porn and it certainly wasn’t Robporn πŸ™

        I want to see the picture!

        • robgirl86 says:

          sorry MINE3x
          dunno how what went wrong, on my computer it opens like a normal pic, sorry , looked around , but can’t find it on another blog yet…

          oh my, Rob leads to porn…on the net, that was only a matter of time….sorry girls !

    • che says:

      yeah RG
      it’s turned to real porn.. lol
      but i saw your pic
      it’s awsome..what would be better than button up or unbutton his shirt…Δ±mmm…his ****
      ok i don’t wanna end up on this site as a new worker

  22. Zephyersky says:

    I know it was a tease with the dadcase. When I get home from work I will post in the flat the picture that should have been there.
    You all are funny. I made this a couple days ago and trust me when I look at Rob I do not have that song going through my head.

  23. KatyTX says:

    Well I’m glad that I only took a small sip of coffee….

    That was awesome and soooooo effing funny.

    That’s for starting my day with a giggle.

    *off to go clean up my coffee*


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Ahhh! The glorious 3 minutes of Summer House! That part gets me every time!!!

    • JulieP says:

      Total win! I’ve just picked my jaw up off my desk.
      O. M. R!!
      I’ve seen the Summer House clips before, but never focussed on those three amazing minutes (what was wrong with me?!).
      Need to watch it just before bed – if that doesn’t inspire some good Robdreams, I give up!

  24. Robsessedgirl says:

    Thanks UC, thanks. It’s gonna be hard to interact with my fellow humans after seeing this. I might just stare at his ass all day, or go ass-chest-jaw-tongue. As Dakota Fanning the perpetual 30 year old would say, “decisions, decisions.”

    THE TONGUE PORN IS CONNECTED TO THE ______ PORN. (fill in the blank porn! we’re all about choices)

  25. che says:

    UC ,saw that?

    PS: Maybe you need to play a vampire with that other hot Brit.
    Ed: We should play brothers. Me and Rob Pattinson should play brothers


  26. Diana says:

    Loved it…

    Although I really expected the “happy trail” to connect to…”the tuck”!!! πŸ™‚

  27. snowwhitedrifted says:

    All I can picture is when Herman Munster sang that song in the show and it became a huge hit.
    Yeah, that’s the voice that sung “Dry Bones” in my head. Kind of killed it.

  28. southernbelle says:

    Well some lovely friends on twitter tweeted that I should head over here today and I’m so glad I did!

    OMG Rob, every part of your body is a work of art!!! Including the one from the other day, you know the fake “cellphone.” πŸ˜›

    Can we make everyday Robporn day? πŸ™‚

  29. southernbelle says:

    Btw the picture of his butt in the maroon pants, I could see boxers short lines…so he’s a boxers shorts type of guy. Like I said! πŸ™‚

    I have never really imagined him wearing tighty-whities, heheh. If he did though, it’s still alright with me.

    Dear Rob,

    One thing though. Perhaps you could find underwear that’s seamless or something so we can’t see the “lines” in your pants. We girls are pretty anal about this when it comes to ourselves, we don’t want panty lines LOL.

    Just a suggestion. πŸ™‚ If not it’s alright too, you gave me tons of ideas!


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Yes Rob, seamless underwear is a must-have for dress pants days! On regular jeans days you can wear whatever!! (Great idea SB!)

  30. ZephyerSky says:

    As promised here is the picture we all expected the song to end with.

    • pumagirlsf says:


      I’ve been waiting for this pic to post all day. Now I can start working (at 2:05 Pacific Time).

      Your letter today was all sorts of amazings… thank you!

      • ZephyerSky says:

        You are very welcome and thank you. I love playing with Rob. Well playing with the pics of him are as much as I get anyway.

    • southernbelle says:

      OHHHHHH thanks Zeph!!!!! I wonder if I can print this into some type of a coaster? LOL

      Or a mousepad?

      Into a mug? T-shirt?

  31. imnoddin says:

    Thanks! I love the Happy Trail!!!

  32. Blissful says:

    This sing-along was all sorts of WIN! Thigh porn, butt porn, jaw porn, mouth porn, tongue porn…oh my! This post sent my pulsing racing more than any cardio workout could do…well…on second thought, I’m sure I can think of some other cardio workouts that could get my pulse pumping….

    I guess I’m finally out of my lurking closet, oh the things rob can compel me to do…

  33. MsLiss says:

    omg! that was brilliant ..i’m cry laughing in the office. thank god i’m here on my own atm.
    The gallery worked very well and imma gunna be singing that song with mental images all day in my head. thanks for the gift that keeps on giving!

    “..the hair porn connected ot the hand porn…”

  34. Dawn says:

    That was amazing and wonderful!!! I love it!!

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