Where you laying your head these days Robert Pattinson?

(Rob, don’t cry… but I will be away from interwebs and blogging for 2 weeks while I’m in Kenya! But have no fear I’ve got all your favorite past letter writers as well as some new ones lined up for you! Freya takes over today and writes you in my absence and ponders the exact thing I’ve been wondering: where the crap are you living these days? xo, moon)

Dear Rob,

In response to the video that has got the Respect Rob-ers up in arms, my thoughts were (as is typical) elsewhere. You say that you don’t want the paps to follow you home.  But where do you live?  Are you on one of those maps of the star’s homes?  Can I see your place on a double-decker bus tour?

I really don’t want to know the exact address of your abode, but I can’t picture you in any kind of permanent lodging.  You’ve been in California a while and I hope you’ve found a nice place to live, but I can’t picture it. I would hate to think of you living in a cold, impersonal hotel for such an extended period of time.  This led me to thinking of the possibilities you might have for accommodation as you finish up Water for Elephants.

1. In a luxury hotel.

    Oh, Rob.  Please don’t be living here.  I know you’ve been going from hotel to hotel as you do promotion and filming, but this is not the place for you.  I worry about you, and your neighbors.  The front desk doesn’t want to be dealing with complaints about the weird Hot-Pocket smell coming from your room.  The maids are scared of your “pile o’ plaid” on the visitor’s chair.  And you’ve finally been banned from riding the elevator up and down with TomStu.  I think they may have banished you to the pool the other day, fully clothed, because they insisted on cleaning your room for once.  It was a health and safety risk.

2. Kristen Stewart’s House

    I know this might be true, because I happen to be BFF’s with Papa Stew.  True story.  Okay, maybe not BFF’s, but we’re tight.  Okay, maybe not tight, but his nickname for me is “darlin’”.  True story.  No, really.  On my way out of the Lopez Tonight show in LA, where I was a studio audience member, Papa Stew, who works as a stage manager there, almost ran me over, and said in his surprisingly deep, Johnny Cash-esque voice “Excuse me, darlin’.” So I think I can say with all confidence–based on our close, personal relationship–that Papa would probably let you stay.
    Of course, I think it’s also a possibility that you have your own room at Casa Stewart.  Maybe Mama Stew is like my own mother, who recently told me that she would put my visiting brother and his girlfriend in separate rooms.  Because, as she put it, “he never told me they were sleeping together.”  Sure, he’s my older brother, 38 years old, with his girlfriend of 2 years.  Mama Freya doesn’t believe in “confirmed without words” apparently.  So Mama Stew may be the same as Mama Freya, only moreso because Kristen is 20.  And Papa Stew is a rather tall man who may be nice enough to let you stay, but may not want you creepin’ round his daughter’s bedroom after midnight.  He saw that Twilight movie, after all—he knows your tricks.  Maybe he’s a Nonsten, even.  He thinks you’re just “good friends”.  Good friends who sleep in separate wings of the StewMansion.
    Really, I kind of hope this is where you live, Rob.  Because then you have constant access to whatever kind of pie (loquat, perhaps?) Kristen is baking up, you have a mama to look after you and make sure you pick your dirty underwear up off the floor and put it in the laundry basket, you have a place for TomStu to chill and play some Playstation with you, and you have a “good friend” (ahem) around to keep you company.

Rob’s bachelor pad

3. Bachelor Pad

    This also seems like a good choice.  Your recent choice of ride makes me think you might be living the pseudo-Rat Pack lifestyle.  You’ve got the pimped ride (don’t worry about that clutch—it’s tricky).  So maybe you have a little retro pad, perhaps on the beach.
    Of course TomStu is your roommate. Just like Peter Scolari and a young Tom Hanks, you’re living the Bosom Buddies roomie dream—with cross-dressing optional.  (Are you Buffy and he’s Hildegaard, or the other way around?)  (If you don’t know what that’s all about, YouTube it.  Classic 80’s television!)  Or maybe you’re more like Three’s Company.  Tom seems like he might be the Jack, while Kristen is the Janet, which makes you the Krissy!  You’re set up for plenty of kooky, wacky, and zany antics. I love antics.  Like, I can imagine that Tom is a sleepwalker, and keeps climbing into bed with you, with that hilarious “waking up in the morning” scene.  Or maybe you receive a trust fund and spend it all on Hot Pockets and beer.  Or Kristen gets amnesia, and Tom makes her believe they’re married.  I can’t wait for the episode where a little ethnic kid shows up on your doorstep and teaches you the meaning of love!

4. Youth Hostel

    We know you love a deal, Rob.  Just like thrifting some plaid and vintage tees, you have decided it would be savvy to save a few quid and bunk down with other people your age in one of LA’s many fine hostels.  You wanted to mingle with other Brits doing the grand tour of the states, and live like they do.
    It’s not exactly like you pictured, however.  On the internet it looked like a great beachfront property with clean and well-lit semi-private accommodations.  Instead you’ve ended up with an Aussie roommate named “Gazza”, who’s always walking around in his Australian flag boxer shorts with a can of Foster’s in his hand and a semi.  He teases you mercilessly about being “that no-ball vampire dude”, calls you “Paddo”, and frequently puts a crusty, dirty sock on the door of your room to indicate he’s found some non-English-speaker to spend the night with, leaving you to sleep on the stained purple couch in the lounge.  It’s almost a step up from the bunk beds in the room with the spring that consistently hits you in the small of your back and the plastic-covered mattress that rustles every time you turn over.  Really, this going abroad is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Knock, knock! Are you home Rob?

5. Dumpster

    In homage to this website, and to Lula, who came up with this idea to begin with, you’re just cycling through the scenic dumpsters of LA, looking for someone to get it on with.  You find that the loyal fangirls you were anticipating, though, are outnumbered by rodents and cockroaches.

Just remember, Rob, if your accommodations are ever unsatisfactory, I’ve always got room in my bachelorette pad.  I can scoot over and only take up half the bed.  The Heinie is in the fridge, and I’ll leave the light on for you.

Hugs and kisses from your new roommate,


Where ARE you living these days Rob? We’re taking suggestions in the comments aaaand GO! And don’t forget to follow all the lovely and awesome letter writers who are helping us while I’m outtie!

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Moon left yesterday for Kenya where she will be for the next 14 days. I know. I’m dying already & it’s day 2. Don’t worry- you’ll see little posts from her now & then- she worked her ass off this week and scheduled a bazillion- most fan letters submitted by some of the most popular LTT/LTR writers, so I know I can’t wait to read them!

But yesterday, as we were tweeting hilarious reasons I might need to use Moon’s emergency contact info in Africa (Ex: Taylor gets attacked by Alpaca at the zoo) I had an idea to keep a journal or log of everything Moon misses while she’s gone. Will you help me out? I’m calling the project:

Clever, right? I have no idea what this will look like- @Brookelockart wants us to turn it into a video… but for now, if you think of something about Moon while she’s gone- or something she might like… hilarious, random, awesome, totally lame- let me know. Email me with the subject “While Moon was Gone.” Like did you drive through McDonalds to grab a happy meal for your kid and the guy in the window looked exactly like Big Daddy? THAT’S what Moon is missing! Help me make her homecoming (which I’m already counting down for) AMAZING.

Also… I leave for vacation in a week from tomorrow. I know- we’ll BOTH be gone. AH… soooo I’m preparing ahead of time. I have some options, but now is the BEST TIME to submit the EPIC letter you’ve been wanting to write. Email me with your best LTR!!

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119 Responses to “Where you laying your head these days Robert Pattinson?”

  1. Jayde says:

    Freya!! I LOVE this!!! Effing. Hilarious.
    I, too, have some space in my house. I mean, not a spare room or anything, but I have a lovely double bed. Plus, my room is rather untidy so I’m sure Rob would feel right at home! Maybe he could contribute to my floordrobe…? Just sayin’.

    • what she said!
      In addition to the blossoming floordrobe I would like to add that I recently discovered, in one of my once a year cooking adventure, that you can indeed microwave carrots! He would feel like at TomStu’s!

      • robgirl86 says:

        you can microwave almost everything!!!!
        some things are not eatable after , but fun to watch while they are in, I saw some spectacular things already … 🙂

    • robgirl86 says:

      I have NO MOM at home (and a double bed as well), things might be even easier here … 🙂

      Jayde, nice that you are back and sharing is caring , right?

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      Rob, this is the best offer so far: I have a double bed, messy appartment AAAAAAND am willing to wash your clothes while I wash mine. Plus I have several almost as cute as TomStu boyfriends and we can party just like you did at home. (No, I’m not cutting my hair into mulllet, no way!)

      • robgirl86 says:

        🙂 that sounds soo great, I might wanna come as well !Nope, no mullet here on my head at all….just in case you want to know…

    • The Old One says:

      Rob, I’ve got the bed, the clutter, the laundry, no parental units, and I also have a husband who loves classic cars and knows how to work on them–sounds like yours could use a tune-up! And he’s a musician who loves to jam. And he knows how to microwave things. Oh, wait, why am I hooking you up with HIM? Oh well, if that’s what it takes to get you to visit once in a while, I guess I’ll live with it.

      • robgirl86 says:

        THAT was a tricky try..!!!!

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Ehm, if Rob fails to show, maybe I could benefit from some of these hubby skills instead – I play the guitar, but I know absolutely noooothing about cars. (And I’m not even from Barcelona.) 😉

  2. robgirl86 says:

    “I think they may have banished you to the pool the other day, fully clothed, because they insisted on cleaning your room for once. It was a health and safety risk.”

    LMAO!!! Freya, that was HILARIOUS!

    and for the question, where is he living? Well, I don’t care much where he’s living, but if somebody here might find out where he’s SLEEPING, then just make a call please! 🙂

    and…..I think I’m in love with the girl who made the dumpster-pic!!! GREAT SHOT!

  3. melronin says:

    I am absolutely positiv, seriously I doublechecked…
    Rob was living with Rosie all these months. She needed his full attention. Am sure it was very cosy!

    Moon, have a great time in Kenya!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I like your thinking, so he was SLEEPING all these weeks in the Benzini train? wow, so logical, that’s why nobody saw him coming or leaving the set …

      and yes, Moon, have a great time!And pay attention to the wild animals!

      • melronin says:

        Exactly…what better place to sleep/hide than with Rosie. And this big girl needed her daily dose of Streicheleinheiten right??? Only Rob can satisfy that need 😀

    • Freya says:

      Awww…presh! Although not very comfortable for Rob. I guess you really hope your bed partner doesn’t roll over on you during the night in this scenario! 🙂

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  5. I missed all the Emergency Counsel on Twitter but needed to say that Moon MUST make a breakdown with the locals, (crotch) emergency sent by pigeon carrier or not! Have an amazing trip Moon!

    And manager Freya FTW! Cause you know NIck never told him of all the possibilities! Pfft!

  6. Bella_NaA says:

    This letter is effin’ hilarious! Good job, Freya!

  7. che says:

    🙂 u r fantastic @freya

  8. OK.
    1. Rob as Krissy will make me laugh all day.
    2. The youth hostel imagery made me spit hot tea at my screen. Have you stayed in a hostel? Because that passage was too real.

    Gah, I needed this laugh today.

    • applepie says:

      do we even have hostels here in cali?? …I dont think so, and if they do I DO NOT want to see one.

    • Freya says:

      The youth hostel passage was definitely drawn from real life. It comes from my memory of a week of no sleep in Paris because of crinkly mattress covers.

      And they totally have hostels in LA! I happen to know this from the internet research I did in order to imbue my LTR post with authenticity.

      God as my witness, I will never stay in a hostel again!

      • I also had a great first and laaast hostel experience in college in Barcelona after a month spent in a luxury house in the South gracefully let by the family, the sauna-like 20 smth beds dorm was perfect. Perfect for the Aussie next to my bed who was spending the whole summer there, sleeping nekkid in a half coma state with a suggestive plastic thing between our beds you know in case she got sick.

  9. robsfuturemate says:

    Great letter Freya!

    I love option 3- the bachelor pad! Bosom Buddies, hilar show! But, I have to agree the antics of Three’s Company would be more fun to watch with those 3! (I’d even watch the Shrew in THAT kinda environment!)

  10. swansong says:

    Cute! And how can he resist an offer this good?! But beware…if he takes you up on the offer, he has a lot of friends who will turn up and expect to stay. Best spring for an extra freezer for the H/Ps and a kegger on tap for the Heinies! [ Febreeze on hand for the pile-o-plaid might be wise as well].

  11. niahid says:

    The girl and the dumpster is the best part of this post.
    Love it

  12. hitc4manynewmoons says:

    LMAO…This letter was hysterical. I LOVE the 3’s Company one…that was an awesome show! {My hubby was always trying to convience my girl friends to move in be ‘Janet’….I’m blonde (dont judge me…def not Chrissy type).}

    I wonder who Mr. Roper /Mrs.Roper would be…or Jack’s friend LARRY? Mr. Furley? HAHA!

  13. chochang says:

    he could have been living in the Nova all this time. who knows?

  14. Inner_Bliss says:

    Right now our lovely Rob is hiding in the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee. I hope he is enjoying the Appalacian Trail……let’s pray he doesn’t get poison ivy.

  15. Stacey says:

    I think Rob likes to stay lots of places. He just flits from place to place, like a hummingbird. (Hmm…curious imagery there.) Home base is probably with Claire and Papa Pattinson, where there is always free laundry service and he favorite food prepared.

    The invitation to my house is always open to Rob and all friends! You see, the husband HAD to put a refrigerator in the garage for beer. Which means we get to have company to enjoy those beers. No matter if he doesn’t particularly like those guests. It would still be all types of win for me!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I think that you’re right about his HOME BASE!I don’t think he feels “home” anywhere else, no matter where he is “living” or “staying”.

  16. TwiPam says:

    Freya I can only say EPIC EPIC! Awesome letter.

    Dumpster pic – BEST EVER!

    Moon have a great time in Kenya!!

  17. I CAN NOT tell you how happy I am you referenced “Bosom Buddies.” My absolute fave show in 1981!! Pre VCR days, I used to record it with a tape recorder held up to the TV. I’m lame, know.

    My sisters and friends all loved Peter Scolari, while I defended my adoreation of Tom Hanks! I even remember being in the 6th grade and filling out some lame questionaire and listed Tom Hanks as my favorite actor. No one had a clue who he was. I was so wise.

    Sunny, Sunny, Sunny

    • Freya says:

      I love, love, LOVE this. I was worried no one would remember Bosom Buddies! And the image of you holding a tape recorder to the TV is hilarious!

      Tom Hanks’ convincing performance in drag was just a hint of the excellent work he would do in the future. You were very savvy as a youngster, obviously!

      • snowwhitedrifted says:

        I LOOOOVED Bosom Buddies too. I still smile whenever I hear, “I don’t care whatcha think anymore cause this my life..da.da.da.da.da…da….” I wanted to be Sunny when I grew up.

        I used to tape record the tv too, but usually it was the theme to Scooby Doo. Then my friends and I would make up dance routines.

        Loved the letter Freya! I hope Rob visits you in your new digs.

  18. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Freya, how can you be so clueless? He’s living with his fiancee in palatial house at the end of the gated community somewhere in the hills – as was reported in OK or Life&Style, and they should know the truth right 😉

  19. Janetrigs says:

    Eff Ron, I want to be Freya’s Roommate. Ron can sleep on the floor on the bareskin rug while we do each other’s hair and make-up (or you do mine, cause I can’t do it).


    • Freya says:

      I red puffy heart you, Janetrigs. I miss doing your makeup. I can’t believe someone downthumbed you–was it for saying EFF ROB? They clearly don’t understand the importance of friends, sisterhood, and fake lesbianism. THUMBS UP!

    • HeyyyBrother says:

      I can’t stop laughing at the misspelling of bearskin as “bareskin”. That’s some creepyass decor.

  20. Robsessedgirl says:

    Well, I know he doesn’t particularly like hotels, so cross that off. I won’t think he’s with Kstew, the thought is painful. Bachelor pad is possible. Not a youth hostel. Dumpster could be his secret fangirl banging hideout. Soooo, this leaves MY HOUSE. I do live with my mom(still in high school) but I could hide you! I’m sure if she knew you were here her inner cougar would come out which would be unacceptable. My bed is definitely big enough, the fridge and freezer have room for hot pockets and heine. Your plaid would feel right at home on my floor. Sure, my two Edward cutouts and calendar of you could freak you out, but once you see my other skillz I’m sure you’ll overlook it. Feel free to come over any time. (preferably when everyone else is asleep) 😉 You’ll like PA.

  21. halogen says:

    I bet he wishes he could go in and out of windows at will instead of having to drive around like a mortal… Wouldn’t that be funny if Rob had “Edward envy”?

  22. Pammy says:

    Have a wonderful trip Moon!!! I’m thinking of making the 3 hr trip from Nashville to Chatanooga to see HHH! Maybe he will fall in love with the mountains (or me)! And want to stay! A girl can dream right?

  23. The Old One says:

    Great letter, Freya! I loved the idea of the Rat Pack style bachelor pad. Trying to envision the Britpack in Rat Pack style skinny suits, with cigarettes, martinis, and starlets hanging off their arms, acting all hip and sophisticated, but I’m sorry, although the image is hilarious, I just can’t quite make it work in my head.

    • Freya says:

      I totally understand–I started with Rat Pack, and ended up with Three’s Company! He may be able to wear the hell out of a maroon skinny suit, but that’s about it!

      • The Old One says:

        I love the Three’s Company or Bosom Buddy re-make ideas. Very WIN.
        Now I’m imagining a re-make of Ocean’s Eleven with the Britpack, only with lots of plaid flannel, bumbling and mumbling Brits, classic getaway cars that won’t start, Heinie drinking, and squalid hotel rooms. I think this needs to happen.

  24. mountainlion says:

    Hey Rob,
    Did you get the postcard I sent you with a picture of Aspen, CO?

    If not, it was an invitation to stay in my friend’s beautiful cabin for a week.

    I cook, you stay naked. Everybody wins.


  25. I swear that bachelor pad looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. You know that futuristic cartoon? The exact opposite of The Flinstones?

    @Freya, awesome letter! Rob could really use these great ideas while looking for a place to live in.

  26. Buffy and Hilde FTW! We already know that Rob’s sisters used to dress him up like a girl, so this makes sense to me. I am dying to know which of them is Buffy and which dresses as Hilde. Are their dresses stained by Hot Pocket grease? Have they ever tried a Heineken shampoo? Do they practice walking in high heels? I will be thinking about this for DAYS now!

    Rob should try to room with you, though. Your new place is pretty chic!

    Thanks for the LOLz this morning. And the 80s sitcom references.

  27. Lula says:

    OMS! I hope he’s living with Kristen! And that they’re creating magicness (as UC says) on a bearskin rug, in front of the fireplace, while eating loquat pie. That would be so special.

    Just kidding.

    Frey, the Bosom Buddies scenario is brilliant and now I want to give you a big ol’ bosomy squeeze for your genius in suggesting this. I deeply love you. More than I love Ron. “EFF RON,” as Janetrigs says.

    p.s. Is there a mirror above that round, bachelor bed? Please say there’s a mirror. I NEED there to be a mirror.

  28. ItsReallyRob says:

    How sweet of you ladies to be concerned about my living arrangements. Currently I’m livin’ in Reseda. There’s a freeway runnin’ through the yard. And I’m a bad boy ’cause…

    well you know.

    • i like you. that you started an itsreallyrob email address just to leave this comment.

    • Freya says:

      Now I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…Freee fallin’…

      Thanks for “coming out” in my post, RealRob. Heyyyyy!

    • Katie S says:

      Oh god, he’s drunk again.

    • JodieO says:

      You’re a bad boy ’cause you don’t even miss her… you’re a bad boy for breaking her heart.

      Don’t let the Krisbians hear about that. Paparazzi will be the least of your worries.

    • Robjunkie says:

      Hi Rob, thank u for taken the tim to greet your fans here. I just want to say im youre biggest fan on this sight even wen sum peeplz make fun of u i always stand up for you cause i now you a good person and you so sweet and i luv u a lot you always make a good act in you’re roles like edward cullin wow so nise of you to do this for the fans
      luv, me – your biggest fan!!

        • Robjunkie says:

          what? i am too his biggest fan. it’s true what tammyo said you all craze jellus batches.

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            I don’t know I could definitely be in the running for biggest Rob fan.

          • robgirl86 says:

            @ Robjunkie, what do you mean? please explain, I don’t understand what you’ve said, like at all!

          • mountainlion says:

            I can’t tell if you are joking around or not? Please explain.


          • Robjunkie says:

            RG and ML – Seriously? I’m totally joking of course. I’ve been commenting on this site since, I don’t know, forever, since the glory days of TammyO, I didn’t think I needed to explain myself. Just having some fun with ItsReallyRob. Le sigh.

      • RoslynSelene says:

        Oh my…that’s TOO funny! Imagine if Rob eventually leaves a comment and we all start to sound like we didn’t pass 2nd grade English! Bhahah!

        • robgirl86 says:

          Word!Lmao!… and in my case it’s actually true :-), never payed attention during the english lessons..oh my

        • Robjunkie says:

          And that was really quite hard (twss) to type out.

          • RoslynSelene says:

            I can imagine. I hope ItsReallyRob keeps commenting so we can all typpe lykke dis 2 scurr hem awayyy && makke hem belive we r as illiteratte as Jella. Butt dis iz RlyEmmbbarrassing if ItzRlyRob…

            ******Wow so much red underlines!

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            I’m pretty sure if Rob did comment we’d all stare at the screen for hours not believing it. ARE YOU LISTENING, ROB? GET ON HERE! 😀

      • hahaha you forgot to ask him for his msn name so you can chat! (totally stole that from the comments of a French article online, “Rob pls, u’re the most beautiful vampaire in the world, give me your msn, and we can chat! I luv u!”)

    • whiteflower723 says:

      This goes to show that men are just as entertained as all of us by this blog. LOL

      Rob, I’m glad it’s really you! Otherwise I’d be crushed 🙁

      Me 🙂

    • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

      Hi Rob, Welcome! Boy have we been waiting for you to join us!! Hope you stay around for a while!

    • robgirl86 says:

      bahahhahah, best convo eva!!!!!!thanks for the midnight laugh here to all of you!<3

  29. ItsReallyRob says:

    I’ve been perusing your site for a while. I enjoy reading about the status of my “phone” and such.

  30. Louise says:

    oohh hey! look! it’s rob. hahaha

  31. MariaCecilia says:

    Oh, no no, I know for sure where Rob is, because I saw it on a headline today when I was shopping: he is alone and sulking because of “Kristen’s one night stand with Rob copy” ?? Picture of Kristen with a guy in a black beanie. I squint and – OMG it’s TomStu!

    Smiling to myself I thought that this is Old News: don’t worry Kristen – we know all about your comfy little threesome! And TomStu – no one in their right mind could mistake your individual loveliness for just a Rob copy :-)!

    Since I will be going over to the States next week I know for sure where Rob will be then: safe back in Europe, because that will be Just My Luck.. 🙁

  32. befuddled says:

    I think this is one of my favorite posts. Nothing witty to add. Just lovin’ the Rob love.

  33. robzanne says:

    this needs to down in the ‘while moon was gone’ project, the day the ‘real rob’ showed himself, she will be gutted she missed it !

    • Robjunkie says:

      I know, right!? She must be able to get on the interwebz. Kenya’s not exactly the land that time forgot. just sayin.

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  35. RoslynSelene says:

    Remember when I said I was giving my Cali virgin friend a tour of LA, we got those $5 maps of stars’ homes and followed the double-decker tour busses in our car. Haha! We saw Tom Cruis’, Simon Cowel’s, The Playboy Mansion(!!!), Madonna’s, and that HEE-OOGE Spelling’s home. There were a few others but I don’t care too much for them. Just thought I could share my dorky moments w/ you guys…

  36. RoslynSelene says:

    Remember when I said I was giving my Cali virgin friend a tour of LA? Well, we got those $5 maps of stars’ homes and followed the double-decker tour busses in our car. Haha! We saw Tom Cruis’, Simon Cowel’s, The Playboy Mansion(!!!), Madonna’s, and that HEE-OOGE Spelling’s home. There were a few others but I don’t care too much for them. Just thought I could share my dorky moments w/ you guys…

  37. BrookeLOCKART says:

    Fantastic Letter! not sure if I should be appalled or proud that you put this much thought into it Freya!

    BTW, hahahah Kristen Baking up…

  38. HeyyyBrother says:

    Brilliant as always, m’lady! Though the hostel scenario is bringing back some memories of my mini-backpacking days that I wouldn’t have minded keeping suppressed.

    • HeyyyBrother says:

      Worth clarifying: by “mini-backpacking” I mean I used to travel to European cities backpacker-style for 3 days at a time. Not that I tried to backpack Europe with one of those itty bitty backpacks popular in the 90s.

      I’m done commenting now.

  39. robsfuturemate says:

    Today’s the day ItsReallyRob shows up and I missed it! I hope he continues to comment! Good times!! And Rob, I love the sunglasses, so perfect for you!

  40. LissyLoo says:

    great letter freya! Still laughing..
    You should be so proud u got it’s really rob to comment for the first time!
    What an honour!

  41. Niki says:

    The Aussie reference was spot on, except for 1 thing!
    Any Aussie worth their salt wouldn’t be caught dead drinking Foster’s! If you get busted drinking that stuff they automatically take your Australian Passport off you!
    Scary but true!

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