While Moon is Gone

Pssst- this is not a daily letter- just an informational post. Don’t freak out!

Dear people who love Moon (including you, Rob),

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Moon left on Thursday 7/29 for Kenya where she will be for 14 days. I know. I’m dying! Don’t worry- we’re still bringing you LTR every day… thanks to the amazing letter submissions from all you talented writers (I’m still looking for some so e-mail me if you have a great letter!)

I want to keep a journal or log of everything Moon misses while she’s away. Perhaps it’ll be turned into a video. Perhaps it’ll just be an EPIC blog post, but I need your help! If you think of something about Moon while she’s gone- or see or read something she might like… whether hilarious, random, awesome, totally lame- let me know. Email me with the subject “While Moon was Gone.” Like did you drive through McDonalds to grab a happy meal for your kid and the guy in the window looked exactly like Big Daddy? THAT’S what Moon is missing! Help me make her homecoming (which I’m already counting down for) AMAZING.



14 Responses to “While Moon is Gone”

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  2. halogen says:

    Dear Moon:
    While you were gone Rob showed up in the comments. It’sReallyRob. We are not sure it was him because he should have been shooting in Georgia, which could prove that: a. it wasn’t him. or b. it was him and he was hanging out on LTR between shots. Which is what we all do when we are at work. Which is normal.


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  4. RoslynSelene says:

    Dear Moon,

    While you were gone, I cut my finger trying to clean the blender. I needed a band-aid of course, so I asked my friend I was staying with if she could please get me one. She reluctantly went and found the ONLY ones she had. *Dun Dun Dun* GUESS which type of band-aids they were! If you guessed Justin Weiner band aids, you’re wrong. But if you guessed freakin’ Twilight band aids, you’re right! I passed on those. I just let my finger bleed to death #notreally but you get the point. I WISH I were making this up. But no. She’s a grown 20 something y/o w/creepy twi-band aids. Lol

    That’s My RL Story,

    • RoslynSelene says:

      Also, my sister had a Bella-in-the-End-of-Twilight-Hospital-Scene moment when she read that Summit is releasing BDp2 on Nov 16, 2012…that is…*pauses for dramatic effect* if the end of the world doesn’t kill us first. Bhahaha

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  7. RoslynSelene says:

    Dear Moon,
    It’s me…again! Rob decided today to answer my request via Twitter 6 hrs later after I tweeted this–> ( http://twitter.com/RoslynSelene/status/20327223484 ). This is him preforming his music—> http://youtu.be/dDnvpGSskgc
    Delusional…I know,

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  10. twiprof says:

    we miss you moon!

    while moon was gone, I decided to rent Pirate Radio. I had to see what the TomStu fuss was about. hmmmmm
    in a nutshell, I wish I could go out drinking with these british boys….tom is…..delicious…..I can see how he has been mates with Rob all these years. Picture us, Moon…you, me, Rob, and tom, drinking Heinekin in some almost shady bar in Westwood….it’s a date, when you get back….

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