While Moon was Gone

As of press time (aka 5:52 pm on Sunday evening while in my pink robe & before heading out the door to see PAUL MCCARTNEY (yes, a Beatle! WEE) I haven’t even spoken to Moon yet except through a few text messages. She’s home. She’s safe. She’s exhausted. I’m sure she is going through a transition of going from a 3rd world country back to LA…. where the world’s couldn’t be any different. So while we can’t wait to hear from her and ALL about her trip…. I thought we’d give her a day or so to debrief. And talk about how much we missed her and how much she missed!!!

Dear Moon,

Don’t you EVER do that to me again- leave me for that long. ESPECIALLY when amazing stuff happens like Robsteners tweet about RESPECTing R+K and Rob visits Kristen in Moantreal! I mean he smiled in her presence and the collective Robsten population sighed and awwed. I heard their screams all the way at the beach in South Carolina (although that could’ve just been the cougar in the house next to me… she looked like she probably believed in the magicness) But seriously. It was awful having you gone. I know you were doing “good” helping the “poor” and “motherless” and stuff in “Africa” but seriously. I need you. So no more.

I wasn’t the only one doing all the missing- everyone ELSE missed you too.. so much that I got so many “While Moon was Gone” letters & emails & tweets that I started to stop missing you because all the missing was clogging up our clean inbox (and by “clean” I mean I actually got it under 500 unread emails for about 2 days! Yay me!) But anyway, here are some thoughts to prove that I and all the LTRers really did think of you each and every day. We thought you’d want to know what Rob has been up to…. and what made us think of you while you were saving the world:

WE MISSED THE ANNIVERSARY (major blogging Fail)

And Robsten4life (of course!) reminded us:

“While Moon was Gone she missed the one year anniversary of the shot heard… errr SEEN around the world.

Seriously will she ever take another picture in her life that caused so much controversy?? [UC note: I kinda hope she got one of a Zebra & Lion mating in Africa… just to one-up last year’s 08/07/09]”

Ron & an Oscar

From @JanetRigs

While Moon was gone Ron got nominated for an Oscar on Twitter, no less than 5 months before the OSCAR nominations are released to the rest of the masses. What’s more surprising is that it is for a movie that had not yet completed filming or even been released.

You know what it is? Magicness


While Moon was gone Rob was drinking classic Coca Cola and Coke Zero. My mind went directly to Moon and me: we like Diet Coke.- Darja

Rob, Kristen, & TomStu went to Montreal

And it was dubbed MOANtreal by some brilliant Robstener- I KNOW… so much we’ll have to say once you’re unpacked and have slept more than 12 hours in 2 weeks: OperaRose shared:

“I am also away most of the time you are this month, but in between my major travels tonight I hopped onto Twitter and it was exploding with the news that Rob, KStew, and – wait for it – TomStu, were all spotted in my home city of Montreal tonight having dinner.

So, being the generous Montrealer I am, I invited them via tweet to my 2nd (for my husband’s endless number of extended Italian relatives) wedding reception this Saturday night in Montreal.

I will let you know if they show up.

A copy of my 3 tweet-invites to them:

Dear Robsten, if u would like 2 come 2 my reception Sat night in Montreal DM me. No one will know you, they’re all old world Italians

& Robsten, I promise all the old Italians at my party in Montreal Sat. night will respect you. nice. and. slow. that is all.

Also Robsten: if you come to my party in Montreal, plz note dress code is plaid and as a gift please bring me your magicness. See you Sat.

Normal by a dumpster

I found myself standing outside of a reception hall, talking on my phone, standing by a dumpster.

Instead of moving to a more desirable location, I stayed and prepared for the inevitable influx of Hot British Men.

Totally Normal.

Thanks LTR.


We all scream for… Nutty Buddy’s

I missed this news, but apparently Rob was caught saying hello to an ice cream man. Brandi wrote:

“All variations of the ice cream treat, Nutty Buddy, sold out across the world. In a related story, becoming an ice cream truck driver is now the aspiration of every warm blooded female in the U.S.

Dick’s been annoyed… or something (big effin’ reminder to break THIS down)

whilst moon was gone , Rob made a plea for Moon to leave his Dad alone !!!!!!!

love Robz and the flat girls x

I laughed at this

Sent to us by Mely Cruz

And seriously… that’s not all that happened… SO MUCH MORE did.. so much that.. I think we need help figuring out WHAT to tackle first- so fine LTR readers & Rob-lovers, what is beggin’ for a Moon & UC break-down? Besides the obvious “Reasons why Rob went to Moantreal that have nothing to do with Kristen Stewart” Since we never plan to RESPECT the magicness (we’re too jealous) What should we break down!?? I didn’t yet watch or see ANYTHING from Teen Choice awards. Should we guess whether or not Rob went Uncle Jesse Chic or Plaid Lumberjack couture? Help us narrow it down!

Missed you. Also this day is forever dubbed Moanday. Thank you Robstener,

OH PS… I will take this opportunity to alert you to the video I made (in public) on the beach last week for you: In the car with UC (on the beach)

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

86 Responses to “While Moon was Gone”

  1. natashadushi says:

    I missed you girls!!!!!
    Welcome back and I am looking forward to the vanity breaking down of the #getofmydick t-shirt,Kristen smelling Rob’s breath of nachos, and wondering when the picture of Rob wearing Kristen skinny jeans is going to surfice. WELCOME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK πŸ™‚

  2. dazzledtodeath says:

    Welcome back Moon & UC! And here I naively thought MOANtreal was a typo. I am unable to get excited over a snapshot of two people talking-esp. when one is the mullephant.

  3. Bella_NaA says:

    Simple logic, mucho laughs!

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  5. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Welcome back!

    You should “do” the TCAs, Vanity Fair Style. Rob bits, of course. And the love-filled looks Taylor Hotner send him while he went on stage.
    All parts of Rob in one video:


  6. melronin says:

    Hi UC&Moon, wellcome back!!!

    There was a lot going on while you were gone, that’s for sure…

    1.We had a major Robsten-orgasm…the girls went wild, no eating-drinking-sleeping…you know…just being sooooooooo happy about the confirmation of their dreamcouple…I wonder if they even had more “fun” than Rob himself…you know what I mean???

    2.We had some disappointed girls on the other hand who said that he is an alcoholic and all wasted and such,
    well the line is getting shorter I guess…good for him and all the rest of us. But as much as they want to wrap up with Rob and get on with their lives or switch over to
    dunno…Tom (poor baby sitting there waiting on the doorstep, so sweet)…they will come all back at least after Bel Ami, rubbing themselves around Robs legs like wet little cats!

    3. That “get off my dick” shirt was all sorts of win…that needs serious bracking down though…

    4. All these posted fanpics with the baby made me think about what I would do, if I had the chance to meet him ever…I think I would not even talk to him, I would just look at him and smile, and if he smiled back at me…I would keep that smile in my heart for ever…and that would be enough…BUT that’s just me! And you know me!Am toooo sensitive what Rob is concerned…

    5.Sorry for talking so much, but you got used to me talking too much by now…I hope!Was a hard WE for all of us one way or another and I think for Rob too…

    Love you

  7. drsaka says:

    Welcome back!

    PS. I saw Macca last summer at Fenway and us was great! I hope that you loved it!

    • robzanne says:

      we are lucky ladies ! i saw him here in Liverpool last year, Dave Grohl played a few tunes with him, by far the best concert i’ve been to !

  8. Cazza says:

    The girls are back in town! Well, different towns but you get the drift.

    I gotta say the “Get off my dick” t-shirt has to be broken down, together with happy Rob leaning in head to head with KStew on the set.

    I also think some of these Moantreal fan pics out at night need some attention. Rob’s body language is quite funny i.e. arm flung but no grip on said girls body, TomStu sitting on steps whilst his partner in crime gets attacked by girls everywhere he runs, I mean turns, and the one of Rob & Kstew with the little girls who look so happy to have met Edward & Bella while Edward & Bella don’t exactly look too happy to have met them! Classic.


    • Cazza says:

      Oh and how about that real fuzzy picture of them canoodling in the street?! Yes, I really did just say canoodling ; 0

  9. Jess says:

    That poster is a GEM.
    Love love love.

    Welcome back, girls!

  10. robsfuturemate says:

    We missed you Moon! Welcome back! And UC, you did an awesome job of holding down the LTR fort all alone!

    P.S. It’sReallyRob came and commented on LTR while you were gone!!!!!

  11. BrookeLockart says:

    Oh Moantreal!

    That’s just wrong. Sigh

    Missed you both!

  12. Janetrigs says:

    As I often say, please so me and BRING IT

  13. Jamie says:

    I am so unbelievably Don’tGiveAF*cksten. That being said:
    After the photos came out there was someone who brought up the slim possibility that Rob was there to hang with TomStu. She was pounced on by a bunch of girls who called her jealous and in deniel that “Rob and Kstew are IN LOVE!”. What I don’t understand is why the “In love” thing pops up. Because they are together that automatically means “omgInLove-PerfectCouple Magicness Soulmate explosion!” Can’t they be fuck buddies? Couldn’t they be a regular couple? Why do we have to assume they are soulmates? I know that I’ve dated quite a few people where I knew we would break up eventually. Most (sane) people get that 80% or more of the relationships you will have in a lifetime will end in a break-up. You will realize that you were not “in love” with each person. They are not all your soulmates. So why does Rob and Kristen as a couple mean so much more to a group of people than any other celebrity couple? Were people this crazy about Britney Spears and Justin? I’m really not a fan of either, so I don’t really know if people went all soul-male crazy on them as well.

    Ok, Robsten rant over.
    Welcome back! You guys were missed, and I cannot wait for the breakdowns!

    • applepie says:

      you are brave. and I love you for that. that is all.

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      I love this rant, and I sincerely hope they’re friends with benefits and nothing serious, cause if we’re being honest with ourselves? he can do so much better.

      • Jamie says:

        I remember the first big “evidence” that came out. It was at the KOL concert where they may or may not have kissed. And I got very upset. Like, choked for a second, couldn’t breath kinda upset. And then after a week I got over it. And nothing about them couple-wise has gotten to me since.

        I still adore Rob. I still don’t like Kristen, but I didn’t like her before Twilight, so that’s not new. As I couple, I couldn’t care less as long as it doesn’t ruin the movies. Because so help them if they break up and destroy BD, there will be hell to pay by many a fan. Like when Hayden and Milo from Heroes broke up, and during part of the third season refused to be on the set at the same time. That fucking sucked and really affected the storyline. And it would be impossible for Rob and Kristen to pull off BD not being in the same room. There’s only so much Green Screening can do.

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        from your mouth to Rob’s ear. Amen.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      oh my god you make so much sense I could cry. You must feel so alone. Don’t tell the robstens, they’ll break out their sticks and torches.

      • Jamie says:

        …… I’m just seriously shocked that the RobSteners haven’t jumped in yet….
        Should we give it an hour or continue the discussion w/out them?

        • eatmyjorts says:

          I have just dubbed myself a ‘Cantwealljustbenicesten’. I was going to add
          ‘becausetherearesometrulyshittythingsintheworld&thisisaridiculousthingtogetyourknickersinatwistover’ but I felt it lacked a certain something. What do you think?

          • Jamie says:

            I love it. I think we gotta add a few more words to it though. It still rolls off the tongue.

          • Edible Art ? says:

            I’m with you – like the post says it’s a years anniversary of “the photo” – are people still debating this ?? I have delt with it and moved on ha ha

          • toooldforthis says:

            When I first glanced at “Cantwealljustbenicesten”, I thought it said something about incest and my answer was going to be, “Umm, no.”

            But after a second glance my answer is “Yes!” I think we can all be friends.

            I mean, heck, if I can be friends with a Team Jacob person like yourself, I can be friends with anyone. πŸ˜‰

          • Robjunkie says:

            I propose that we all just getthefuckoveritsten. The crazies are getting crazier.

          • eatmyjorts says:

            And did you notice how this weird formatting thing worked in my favour? I was amazed. It must be a sign.

    • hitc4manynewmoons says:

      Wonder if Edward would wear a “Get off my dick…it may impale you!” shirt! I couldn’t resist.

      *Def do the shirt girls (ohh unintended innuendo)! LOL

  14. blondeinco says:

    Welcome back UC and Moon! You were missed and I hope your vacay was relaxing!

  15. misty says:

    Welcome back girls!! Here are my pics:

    1. # TCA was a lot of hotness going on there….blue shirt was all kinds of win..break-it-down nice-and slow plez.

    2. Get off my dick T-shirt begs for a breakdown, you know it already πŸ™‚

    3.) Moantreal…need I say more!!!!!!!!!! we could all use a laugh after all.


  16. robzanne says:

    welcome back ladies, we missed ya big time,
    looking forward to breaking Robs Dick (t-shirt down)!!!!

  17. sjaantje says:


    Please break down the “Get Off My Dick” photos. It was on that day I realized how much I look forward to your blog every morning. As soon as I saw those photos of Rob’s shirt I thought “I can’t wait to see what the LTR girls say about this!”

  18. Robsessedgirl says:

    Welcome back guys! We missed you! Ok let me go off for a minute here, I need to get it off my chest:
    I’m not don’tgiveaf**ksten because I do care. On friday I was honestly depressed. That picture could still mean nothing though. We don’t know much just by one picture. I just think he deserves better. About the #getoffmydick shirt, that’s just pure unadulterated win. I want that shirt. You missed a lot Moon!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Thank you! A picture represents a fraction of a second. It’ s not a sex tape (hang on, vomiting in mouth). He surely can do and does deserve better.

      And frankly Rob, I’d rather do the opposite of what your shirt is asking. That shirt is a lost cause.

  19. whiteflower723 says:

    “GET OFF MY DICK” Just made him that much more irresistible. <3

  20. ItsReallyRob says:

    Of course I have a Dick shirt, I’m allergic to the alternative.

  21. Vera says:

    Hi Robsteners, great news for you, the site Celebuzz has photos of the couple kissing.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      ..in public, with Tom lurking in the background. Looks like a good bye hug/kiss? oops, I mean epic true love of all time forever more, the end.

      Doesn’t change my life either way. You’ll get the reaction you’re looking for on a shipper site, not here.

      • misty says:

        all I saw was The Pretty, TomStu (My Little Cupcake)
        and an elephant…..deny, deny, denialsten *not really

        @DTD hear hear!

    • Jamie says:

      So when do we start taking the Robsten Who, Where, Why Break-up Bets?
      Like the Pope or Bob Hope death bets.

      • Vera says:

        Immediately. Isn’t she too young to make Rob happy? Kristen will break up b/c she is supposed to not bear the pain of jealousy for Robs success.

        • Jamie says:

          Tomorrow should be treated like an after break-up day. I tend to spend that time eating Ben & Jerrys and making lists of what was terrible about the guy I split up with.
          For ex:
          Rob doesn’t bath.
          His feet probably stink.
          He probably doesn’t brush his teeth.
          He constantly stinks of ciggs.
          He’s a heavy drinker.
          He seems like the kind of guy that rolls off of you after sex, turns over and farts, then goes to sleep.
          He says he’s allergic to vagina, which means most likely he’s only into receiving, not giving.
          His belches probably smell of pepperoni and cheese……
          and now I’m just reaching.

          • niahid says:

            You got a point there but I still want him. Is that normal?
            Let’s see if Rob’s fans would decrease after this

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Okay, I’m not going into the whole are they/aren’t they thing, I just have a few thoughts. It does look like a kiss, but…
      1) Why are they all of sudden kissing in the street, with TomStu lurking nearby?
      2) Rob’s got a little smirk
      3)Why the hale is he not holding onto her whilst mid-kiss? She seems way into it.

      Just some thoughts, trying not to care!

  22. Bea says:

    In the midst of Robstenpalooza this weekend all the sweet things Christina Ricci said about how delightfully weird and what a fabulous kisser Rob is. Someday we should get to that. But the breakdown of the t-shirt first.

  23. Bea says:

    Hehehe. I went from here to the NYTimes… where I was greeted with a travel article about Montreal. Coincidence? I think not.

  24. Robjunkie says:

    Oh the humanity! The wailing and the gnashing is at a fever pitch.

    • toooldforthis says:

      I gotta admit. I kind of get a kick out it. As in, pop some popcorn and pull a chair ’cause this is free entertainment. πŸ™‚

      • Robjunkie says:

        I can barely keep up with the action. It’s a drama, it’s a tragedy, it’s a horror, it’s a comedy. Bodies will be lining the streets when this show is over. Robstengate has brought on the apocalypse.

        • hitc4manynewmoons says:

          I live in the Northeast and this winter they called all the snow “SNOWMAGEDEN”…I think this is turning into “ROBSTEGEDEN”…(still working on spelling and a great font for that one!)

      • Em of M says:

        I’m with you. I pretty much don’t-give-a-crapsten, but when something like this happens, it’s fun to sit back and watch everyone else’s reactions. The Robsteners sighing and proclaiming it’s true love, the Nonstens trying to justify it with something like ‘those pics are bad quality, they could just be hugging, right? Right?’ And everyone else, it’s all pretty entertaining to watch people freak out about celebs’ private lives.

        And Rob’s Dick shirt is just awesome, I laughed pretty hard when I saw those pics. Definitely need a breakdown of it.

  25. hitc4manynewmoons says:

    Would Edward wear a “Get off my d*#@…it may impale you” shirt? LOL

    Sorry couldn’t resist!

    DEF DO THE SHIRT…(ohh unintended innuendo)!

  26. ForEveralurker says:

    Robsten are expected to leave Hollywood for Timbuktu to escape fans and papz aaaand to develop their magicnessis. This is Realz!!!

  27. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    Re: New Shirt

    Dear Rob,
    If I ever get THAT close to you there is NO way in hale I would ever get off!

    UC and Moon – so glad you’re back but hope you had a wonderful vacation!!!

  28. dazzledtodeath says:

    but he’s so damn pretty.

  29. x.rosa.lie says:

    Just to start a bit of controversy.. how can Kristen not please Rob? And can’t they just be together without him getting criticised for it? If he likes her and wants to be with her then it’s his choice.

    • niahid says:

      Oh heyyy. Congratulatulations believer.
      I myself was a mild Robstenites then Nonstens then Switzerland then I moved on.

      • x.rosa.lie says:

        That’s funny except I’m not looking at it as a “believer”, at the end of the day it’s Rob’s life and it’s his choice who he likes and wants to be with. I’d say the majority of the people that hate Kristen only hate her because she’s obviously the luckiest person in the world and we would all love to be in her position. Leave them to it.

        • Jamie says:

          Some of us don’t hate Kristen because of this, some of us hate her in general. I’ve always disliked her. Just like I absolutely hate Nick Cage with a firey passion (He fucked up Ghost Rider!!!)

          You like what you like. You dislike what you dislike. And I don’t like that just because I can’t stand her acting I get pegged as jealous. Am I also jealous of Nick Cage? Am I jealous of Snooki? No! I hate because I do. Kristen doesn’t please me. She hasn’t impressed me since she did that god awful speech in The Messengers. She almost pulled of Joan Jett. I started to say”Yeah, she’s gonna do it! She’s gonna pull it off”…. but then she’d walk around with her mouth open like she was catching flies and turn back into Kstew.
          That is my taste preference. She doesn’t please me I’m not saying she’s a horrible actor in general. That is just my personal opinion. Just like there are people who adore her. That is their personal opinion.

          Ok, I’m done now.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Yes, Jamie! I totes agree! I have tried to give this girl a chance with her acting and her personality. But, I just don’t care for her. I wouldn’t like it if she was with TomStu, Taylor or any other seemingly nice guy. It’s not jealousy, it’s just a personal preference. I think they deserve better!

            (Okay, if it’s true of Rob I may be a tiny bit jealous!But that’s not why I don’t like her.)

          • Jamie says:

            Exactly! It doesn’t have to be jealousy! It can just be dislike! I don’t like her additude. I don’t like how she flips the bird at Paps. but I’ve always thought that was a very immature, lowbrow move. Like a poop joke. Its what you do when your drinking at a HS party and don’t want your pic. taken. Sometimes you hate because you hate. I hate George Bush Jr. and I’m certainly not jealous of his wife. Damn him! He got to her before I was born! How dare he!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            The flipping of the bird(s) is what put me over the edge. You are an actor, making good money. Smoke your cig, let people take your picture or go inside! Or…start making out with said guy in the middle of the street and see what kind of drama ensues! Whatever, she’s on my list…

          • dazzledtodeath says:

            Jamie we must share a brain. I can’t stand her spastic, mouth-breathing acting style, her faux bad attitude, her lack of any class or hygiene and her general miserableness. She seems like a spoiled, ingrateful brat, none of which describe Rob.
            Why he’d want to waste his time with her I don’t know. Convenience of being thrown together so long? Maybe. Eh, if they’re more than f*ck buddies I’d be surprised. That’s my answer.

  30. southernbelle says:

    I have so much I want to say but before I forget:

    Dear Rob,

    Please don’t ask me to get off your Dick. There’s just no way in the world I can! πŸ˜›


    Also, yeah a little overwhelmed w/ all the news and gossip regarding Rob and Kristen. It’s ok. I think my heart will go on. Sigh. I’m supposed to not care, just want him to be happy, but somehow my heart still aches a little.

    Regarding him drinking the Coke, well I want to be the Coke, oolala!

  31. Pattygril says:

    Pls vote for edward at EW final countdown, he is losing at 44%


  32. Pattygril says:

    ok edward is at 34%, start voting for the nxt 3 days its the final at EW,that stupid magazine;


  33. Pattygril says:

    not liking kristen has nothing to do with Rob its her attitude the turns me off. But if Rob is happy I am happy for him. If he was happy why is he drinking, it shows he is not entirely happy. Now move on, and vote for Edward/Rob at EW final countdown because we love him regardless who he chose.

    • lea says:

      This is so stupid i don’t even know what i’m doing this, but whatever.
      So someone who is happy doesn’t drink? Well i guess rob like most adults in the world aren’t happy. They love their drink. But if it helps you sleep at night, i think like most relatonship the probablity to last is small. I’m happy to know that rob is not enetirely happy though. He must be even more of a looser than his fans make him to be; I mean how fuck up must you be to always spend your time with someone you hate, you must be a 24 year old looser to let a 20 year old girl dictated your life. It’s even worse when you’re not happy with it; Why don’t you tell her to fuck up? Because you’re a looser. This is how you are making him look like.

    • Jamie says:

      Ehh, I don’t know about that. I don’t think drinking means he’s unhappy. I think it means he relaxed.

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