Inside the Robsten love lair

Right this way to the pantry...

Dear Rob,

I have jetlag… still. I find myself not being able to sleep till 4 or 5 in the morning then waking up at 8 then crashing out again around 2PM. I’m currently fighting to keep my eyes open and it’s 8PM. This sucks… bad. I can only imagine if you live with this all the time, but you probably never really get used to any schedule because you’re in and out so much. So you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm for anything these days much less the circus that is your life what with all the hoopla surrounding this whole Robsten debacle.

So when UC sent me a link to some creepo arial paparazzi photos and photos that someone probably got from the rental website where this place is listed of where you and Kristen are supposedly staying,ย ย I clicked on it hoping to see TomStu hanging out in the bushes near you guys installing a satellite dish or setting up a wading pool in the backyard (LA chic yall!), you know just about anything you can do together without including him.

What I saw though made me grossed out a bit and of course intrigued as the wheels in my head began to spin. The pictures featured a wide shot of the house…

Where is this “Little Cabin in the Big Woods?” Where is Ma and Pa Ingalls? Where’s Laura and Mary? Do you make a balloon for Kristen and Tom to play with out of a pigs bladder? Can you tell I loved those books a lot? What is this house? This looks nothing like the Bel Air I know!

Is there dust on the bathtub because it’s never been used? And is that a half empty bottle of Dakar Noir I see on the counter? You preferred cologne of course. It’s easier to find Dakar at Rite Aid and Walgreens when you’re on the road than it is to find a department store with those fancy designer scents.

And what about these pictures of the master bedroom and (insert your own “duh duh ddddduuuuuh” here) THE BED that you and Kristen might be sleeping on at this very moment. Did the Robsten fangirls instantaneously orgasm just by looking at this picture?

Is that Kristen I see in bed giving the helicopter pilot the middle finger?

Does the property have a loquat tree? How else will Kristen make you crumbles and tarts and pies without one? Was that one of the necessities of your rental search?

Does the mini really have a vanity plate that reads “1 Mad Hater?” Cause I’d much rather live in a world where Kristen and possibly you drive around in a car that says mad hater on the back. I don’t want to think Kristen or her family are just really big Alice in Wonderland fans. So I have forever dubbed the black mini: “the hater mobile.” Long live the hater mobile!

Sadly, this isn’t anything like what I pictured the “palatial pad” to be like but I guess once I blew the lid off that place with my amazing writing skills you had to up your game, I get it. But now I’m going to take a shower because I feel skeevy for looking in your bedroom windows. Figuratively of course. But really now Joe-Realtor you couldn’t have taken these down?

Oh and if you have any good tips for jet lag that just won’t quit, I’m all ears!

Have you seen the pictures? What did you think, any initial thoughts like mine? Does Rob seem more of a Dakar man or a Cool Water type guy? ๐Ÿ™‚ And seriously, jet lag tips?

Pictures from Twilight Central

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183 Responses to “Inside the Robsten love lair”

  1. LauraBee says:

    This is the first time I’m seeing this.. How did they get pictures INSIDE the house?

  2. Louise says:

    oh God! notice how you can see the bathtub from outside? now everyone can see Rob/Kristen taking a bath. This is wrong. Plus, you can also see them bang.

  3. Jules says:

    All I see is that “the hater mobile” has a plaid roof.

  4. robgirl86 says:

    Hi everyone,
    that’s a beautiful house, really!

    Dear Rob,
    I think you might need somebody to clean that messy bedroom, just wanna let you know, that ME is NOT available!
    But I DO like the bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Honey, where the hell is DEAN?
    P.P.S. If you suffer jetlag, just remain on the plane and go home!
    P.P.P.S. I heard that you made friendship with Sam and Alexandra, such lovely people! so… really like german girls…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn't that creepy that pics like these finish on the net?
    wow…but have to admit, I zoomed!
    now…off to vacay again! Miss you all!<3

  5. drsaka says:

    Moon, I agree that this isn’t the palatial pad that you two imagined so well and completely (hilarious post).

    Does any one else have trouble seeing Rob living in such a house? The huge pile of clothes on the floor def doesn’t go with the architecture. Where would the Hot Pocket fort go? I’m confused.

    Its disappointing that these were posted, and especially, I do wish that the car photos hadn’t been posted.

    Also- love LHOTP- I insisted people call me Laura for quite a while when I was young!

    Sorry about the jet lag- lots of rest and water.

  6. roslynselene says:

    Whaaa? I didn’t even know of this. And yes, I think I can see her flipping the bird at us. It’s okay, we understand because she’s ‘1madhater’. And because I want to piss off Krisbians today, I’ll say this:
    While reading Maxim (yes reading; not staring), there was an article on Brits being drunk by nature. That explains Rob’s choice in women; beer goggles!
    Oh boo thumbsdowners, it’s just a lame joke. It just shows I’m not drinking your Loquat flavored Kool-Aid anytime soon. =)

  7. superhumanmoron says:

    Aww…it’s the Cullen house with the wall of glass. Naturally.

  8. …and their next luuurv pad will be a windowless remodeled bomb shelter or missile silo or cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere – lol!

  9. hitc4manynewmoons says:

    “Right this way to the pantry”…LMAO. You’ve just given FF authors new ideas!

  10. melronin says:

    That house is so NOT Rob…

    I picture Rob in a little messy appartement like the one
    Tyler lives in…with clothes on the floor and guitars lying
    around and Heinecken bottles under the bed…and his long legs on some coutch…

    Can’t see Rob living in a sterylized house like that!

  11. Alice_NaA says:

    Where’s the headboard?

  12. dazzledtodeath says:

    Yeah I don’t buy it. I’ve heard so many different rumors/theories about it it’s lost any credibility.

    And I don’t see Rob buying cologne either. He just dabs a little bong water behind his ears and the mullephant comes running.

    Welcome back, Moon! I’m sure the trip was worth the jetlag-it sounds amazing.

    • misty says:

      lol DTD I’m with you…I don’t buy it either plus I had enough Robsten overload to last me for quite enough time….pssst Bong Water eau du toilette is the Oregano Queen’s scent I think!!

    • Christa64c says:

      Absolutely! The whole thing looks contrived. This Robsten crap is on overload and I’m fed up. Bored now!

      Misty- The mullephants scent is definitely Bong Water eau de toilette! LOL

  13. Bea says:

    Really? They posted her license plate? Come on!
    Jet lag: First, get good and caught up on your sleep– loving on orphans in third world countries tends to eat into your beauty rest. When you’ve caught up a bit then stop the naps cold turkey. Keep yourself awake with marathon games of solitaire or Mary Tyler Moore reruns on Hulu, but only sleep proper human hours. It hurts, but it works faster than anything else.

    • jules says:

      Bea – the license plate has been in circulation since The Charlie Hotel. If you don’t know what I mean by, TCH, then you MUST hand over any fan card you hold. Immediately. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    She is def in there somewhere flipping people off, probably from every room with a view! And I love the “one mad hater” it does make so much more sense than the wonderland reference!

    Dear Rob,
    Since your home is being invaded by the papps and crazies you can come and stay at my house. My parents have a trailer parked next to the house that I’m sure you’d be more comfortable in! And, it’s not to far from LA so your friends can visit too. (Although, they must be pre-approved by me!)

    Love ya,
    Your Mate ๐Ÿ™‚

    • southernbelle says:

      Love the trailer comment!

      P.S. Rob, I’ve got an RV and a minivan, perhaps you might find them comfortable too! They’re top of the line, you can live there, yes for free! ๐Ÿ™‚ But shhh, you’re the only one invited!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        What SB!!! No BritPack??

        Seriously, you can bring friends to my trailer! We have a fold-down table bed and a bunk bed even TomStu could fit in!!

  15. Katie S says:

    wtf. Where is the PLAID?? Where are the Heinekens?? Ridiculous. #madhaterforLIFE

  16. misty says:

    I know Kstew drives a mini…but that plate is too lame… even for her….

    BTW if that place does not have a check out time by 10:00am…Rob does not live there. We all know no room service mean no Hot Pockets on Demand.

  17. Vera says:

    Everyone talks about the paparazzi, the fans “crazy” and obsessed, but when it comes to criticizing the media that conveys this sort of thing they come to talk of press freedom. And individual freedom, how is it? And each one of us freedom of expression ? For if one is being observed every minute of his life, that person is being censored!!

    Free speech for me means not just open my mouth and speak, it is also the freedom to behave freely, to dance in the rain without being considered crazy, drink a beer without being considered drunk to kiss a famous boyfriend without worrying about the rest of the world, finally, is not fair expose people to a public trial in every minute of their lives because it removes the freedom to live.

    I’m tired of all Robsten stuff.

    • lindyuk says:

      Vera you’re not the only one tired of Robsten. I am so sick and tired of reading about Rob AND Kristen on every site I visit…sites which are supposed to be about Rob. I’ll admit I’m a nosy parker and can’t resist looking at papz pics of Rob because he just fascinates me and he’s gorgeous of course but Oh dear…I really, really wish he was doing something other than follow Stewie around everywhere at the moment. I want to read about upcoming projects, what his plans are, if he’s coming back to the Uk, working with his sister …..etc.
      I’m not a fan of Kristen at all…and the confirmation of their relationship this week re the kissing pics has left me a bit ๐Ÿ™ but it’s THEIR business not mine and if he’s happy then that’s allthat matters but I am sick and tired of seeing him bashed and ridiculed and reviled by people who were ‘fans’ of his and have now turned against him just because of his relationship with Kristen. What is even more worrisome is could this have a derogatory effect on his career as many are saying? I don’t know…I wish these revelations hadn’t surfaced and it was all speculation still.

      • Vera says:

        I do not like Kristen as well, she is so rude and sometimes says things foolish and embarrassing, but she redeemed herself a bit in Ophraโ€™s program when admitted that Robโ€™s performance would do Twilight success. Actually, Rob did a great job.

        I can not say whether his affair with Kristen will ruin his career. Iโ€™m anxious to see his work not related to the saga. And I can already imagine what the โ€œpressโ€ will say because at this point he is the โ€œmedia product stereotype โ€

        By the way, yesterday finally watched Eclipse and despite the fascination that I also feel for him, I can say that he makes Twilight success, Kristen comes secondโ€ฆ

  18. halogen says:

    House Lair in Bel Air, hm. Weird in my view, just some random house with a Mini parked outside…and the water next to it seems like the wrong landscape…

    But I know one thing about jetlag: you need sunlight to reset your clock, so go out for a walk, try to be outside as much as possible especially in the morning. And try to get back to the meal times of your new time zone, that is the other weird thing, when you are looking for dinner at 11 am… You will feel better soon, it’s just hard to imagine the first week!

  19. Wendy says:

    These pics…inspiring fanfic authors everywhere…

    So Edward…so NOT Rob.

    I’m calling bullshit.

  20. Robsessedgirl says:

    Hmmz. Wow. This is one of those things where I shouldn’t be looking but can’t look away. Kinda like when I pause the tuck when watching Bel Ami. But seriously, where is the headboard to be ripped and lotsa pillows to be bitten? They need to practice. Where’s the plaid? That house doesn’t really strike me as Rob. He’d have a more…..normal looking house. This makes this nightmare even more real.. Why Rob why? : /

  21. snowwhitedrifted says:

    That hill isn’t properly irrigated.
    It should be lush and green to match the heine bottles.

  22. Robsessedgirl says:

    Hmmz. I feel like I shouldn’t be looking at this yet can’t look away. Kinda like the tuck in Bel Ami. But where’s the headboard to be ripped? Where’re the pillows to be bitten? They need to practice. Where’s the plaid? It should be strewn about on the floor. The house also doesn’t strike me as a Rob house. He’d have something a little….more normal. But seriously this makes the nightmare even more real. Why Rob why? : /

    • MariaCecilia says:

      “The tuck in Bel Ami”??! OMG – pleease tell me there is no tuck in Bel Ami too? Then I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it….it’s too much to see Rob nakey and be so awfully disappointed at the same time..

  23. southernbelle says:

    I saw it the other day, it was posted somewhere else. I don’t really know what to think about it, except well it’s beautiful and I would love to live there! There’s not much privacy though, everything so open to the outside, so not sure if they’d go for that(speculating), paps would have a field day taking pics of them in the bathroom, bedrooms, etc. LOL

    Anyway, it’s also a little creepy. Another thing, knowing what I know about Rob(not personally obviously), I can’t picture him living there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So ok the house is gorgeous but I don’t know, is that really Kristen’s car? Who got the pics of the interior? So many questions.

    • jules says:

      Exactly, SB – These are not new pics, they’ve been around for like 6 weeks. I guess they are making a comeback the since Montreal f-ckery.

  24. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Dear Rob,
    Since your love lair has been exposed, are you going to move? If so, I’d just like to say that the house next door to ours is for lease/ rent. I won’t look over the fence I promise (I can see the backyard from my bedroom, how convenient). The house backs up to a lovely creek lined with eucalyptus trees, which allows great privacy, except from leering coyotes (THEY”RE NOT BEARS).
    You, the Stew, and the other Stu would be more than welcome to come over for family BBQ’s.
    We are great neighbors, we always have booze.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      @SWD, I read the other day that you “work near Anaheim TGIF”. Does that mean you’re an OC girl too?

  25. southernbelle says:

    Hmm as far as cologne, I don’t know if Rob uses it. He’s loaded with enough pheromones to drive all the women in the world wild! No cologne needed :).

  26. Janetrigs says:

    um, wow

    Feel better Moon. Or rather, consider your jetlag your punishment for leaving us for so long, you hooker.

  27. Bea says:

    Is anyone else humming the theme from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and picturing Rob in the openning sequence? Just me?

  28. LadyN says:

    <– is an owner of a black 'hater mobile' but not the owner of 'the hot Robile'. *sad panda*

    I guess if you aint pasty white and don't flip off papz you can't have both shiny-o-bilesss. I was stuck with the one you have to wash and give tune-ups…..

    *thinks on that* …waitaminute!

  29. Robjunkie says:

    Oh what fresh hell is this?

  30. Jellybeanrainbow says:

    Dear Rob, my place was almost like yours at the beginning, empty and clean and minimal. Not more than a few years later, it’ s filled with crap and books and magazines and bags and stuff is llying around… I promise, it will happen to you as well and living there will soon be bearable. Jetlag, Moon? Just ignore it!

    • southernbelle says:

      I felt like you were describing my house! Except mine has an over abundance of toys, like a Toys R Us exploded in it.

      Hmm, now that I think of it, Rob might like the toys!

  31. Vera says:

    Misty, I do not like Kristen as well, she is so rude and sometimes says things foolish and embarrassing, but she’s redeemed herself a bit in Ophra’s program when admitted that Rob’s performance would do Twilight success. Actually, Rob did a great job.

    I can not say whether his affair with Kristen will ruin his career. I’m anxious to see his work not related to the saga. And I can already imagine what the “press” will say because at this point he is the “media product stereotype ”

    By the way, yesterday finally watched Eclipse and despite the fascination that I also feel for him, I can say that he makes Twilight success, Kristen comes second…

  32. pumagirlsf says:

    I have to say this. It must be said.

    This girl is a stupid-ass contradiction on two legs. Here’s my LTV:

    Dear Volde,

    What is it with you?

    You HATE paparazzi and give the finger and want your privacy and feel raped or invaded or WHATEVER IT IS you happen to feel that day (I’ll go with self-absorption mixed with repressed teen angst)…

    AND YET… AND *YET*… you have a personalized plate that reads 1MADHTR. What celebrity in their right mind that WANTS privacy would ever, EVER get a plate like that? You are inviting attention. You are not trying to lay low or maintain your privacy at all. You WANT to be seen out and about, you WANT to be noticed so that you can then have something to complain about and show your nail-bitten middle finger to.

    If you want to fly under the radar, try to get a regular license plate. Don’t be a stupid dick and get something that singles you out immediately. You may as well just write “KSTEW BEHIND THE WHEEL” on the side of your Mini with big red flames.

    You’re dumb. You are really, really dumb. Really.


    • jules says:

      Dear Puma,

      First of all…I’m not stupid, I just graduated highschool, “with honours”.

      “This girl is a stupid-ass contradiction on two legs”
      That’s Miss Chicken Legs, to you.

      “What is it with you?”
      Clearly you aren’t fierce enough to get it.

      “repressed teen angstโ€ฆ”
      What? I’m 20 now, you jealous slore.

      “AND YETโ€ฆ AND *YET*โ€ฆ you have a personalized plate that reads 1MADHTR. What celebrity in their right mind that WANTS privacy would ever, EVER get a plate like that?”
      umm, errr *blink *blink
      yeah, you know what I mean *bites lip
      gaaah, okay, you got me there.

      “show your nail-bitten middle finger to.”
      I’m sending you a pic of my five fingers and you can “read between the lines”.

      “KSTEW BEHIND THE WHEELโ€ on the side of your Mini with big red flames”
      I’m not a nascar baby, I AM NOT A NASCAR BABY!!!!

      Whatever yourself.
      Fierce bitch,

      • mountainlion says:

        What are you doing here? Don’t you have some papps to flip off, or a pie to bake or a “boyfriend” to insult?

      • pumagirlsf says:

        Dear Volde,

        Well let me be the first to congratulate you on getting your High School Diploma… at 20. WELL DONE. But you’re sure it wasn’t a GED? You should double check that.

        Oh and also? If you graduated “with honors” and yet believe it’s possible to drive from London to Russia, please make sure to let me know what school you went to so that I never send my daughter there.

        The one thing you have that I am jealous of is your current hair color for OTR. That’s pretty much it. (You thought I was gonna say a Loquat tree in your backyard, right?)

        Dollface, I’d love to try to read between the lines but your fingers just make me grimace! Do you need money for a mani? I can spot you the six bucks if necessary. What’s your email address? is it I’ll paypal you right away.

        It’s cute that you think you’re fierce. It must’ve been all that fierceness that made you trip at the airport a few days ago. You should really try to be more careful. Really.

        Real bitch,

        • jules says:

          Dear Puma,

          You’re mean. I hate you.
          I don’t need any sticking manicure. If you’ve got blunt, I’ll take one a those.
          You’re jealous of more than my hair colour… you hate my magicness, my epic love and my Romeo who frequently eats my pie.
          And, for the record, (that’s what FTR means, right?) my email is



          PS: Lion…grrrr, just grrrr!

          • pumagirlsf says:

            Hey Shortstuff,

            Hate your “magicness” as in illusions and smoke & mirrors? Guess again.

            Hate your “epic love”? *ahem* See the definition for “magicness” above.

            Hate your pie eating Romeo? Did you change your cat’s name yet again? Or is that some weird cat-lady middle name thing? Jella Max Romeo Stewart? *shrugs* Whatever floats your boat, kiddo.

            And FTR (yes, that’s TOTALLY what it means), can’t be your email address. That’s the email address of one Mr. Tom Sturridge. Or Jasper Hale, depending on which fics you read.

            Later hater,

            P.S. I love Lions. And you call yourself a cat lover. *tsk tsk.

        • lea says:

          With someone as smart like you, i would hope you was aware of this thing called the Eurotunnel. But well i’m disapointed , after all what was i expecting from you? LOL

    • applepie says:

      sigh…I love my LTR girls… #FTR! that is SOO what it means!

      I’m surprised you havent been thumbdowned more.

      • pumagirlsf says:


        Well, school has started in some states, so the wee ones are still in History or Algebra or perhaps”Business Math”, depending on their smarts.

      • jules says:

        AP- We don’t see nuffin wrooooong with a little thumbs down.
        PS: Clearly that is not Rob’s house. A clumsy girl and a wonky legged man would have pushed that bed against the wall (at a nice right angle). Can you imagine the injuries with things as they are?
        I don’t think s3x wounds are covered under the rental agreement. Nope. Not his house.

        • melronin says:

          I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE ya…omgggg…
          No words for you guys…you cracked me up!!!

        • pumagirlsf says:


          Run on sentence alert:

          If that was my house and I lived with Rob in that house and that bed was in there like that in that house it would move up against the wall (at a nice right angle) all on its own from all the bangin’ we’d be doin’ all the time and I’d have to handwrite into the rental agreement “wall/floor/counter/refrigerator/sink/stove-top/stairs/lake damage to be repaired by tenant upon departure.”

          As far as sex wounds go, those are just battle scars. Sweet, sweet battle scars.

          • Jules says:

            That’s ’cause you are so very very passionate. I’d never mistake you for a dead fish or so.

    • undecidedsten says:

      Oh that’s who volde is
      agree with all if the above as usual
      thank god not every one is in the I don’t care as long as she makes rob happy camp!!

  33. raven says:

    Since when is there a lake in Bel Air? And it’s all sage brushy. It looks a lot like where I used to live, which wasn’t L.A. In fact, seeing those pictures makes me kind of homesick.

    I’m not a shipper by any means, but honestly I think it’s really sweet. I imagine after living out of a suitcase for so long it’s probably really nice to have a place to come home to.

    • Hermes says:

      Looks like that property if it is indeed in the LA area, is out by Castatic, Santa Clarita or Newhall.. they have some small lakes out their.. The area is just north of LA and south of the Grapevine off of HWY 5.. (its a big isolated area) , so I don’t feel bad about naming it. All the fan girlies that would try to find it would get lost. Plus some of the estates are gated communities anyway. You’d get lost out their if you didnt take the right road…. and or picked up by security.

      • raven says:

        Yup. My home town. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Hermes says:

          Yep, that house looks to be around the Castaic Lake area more than likely.. Castaic and Castaic Lake is like what.. 40 miles from downtown LA? Wow..that’s a long drive. I would have expected her to live in Calabasas, its closer and yet far enough from the maddening crowd. A lot of celebs are buying in Calabasas and moving out of Hollyweird. But there are no lakes or rivers not even a stream in Calabasas, unless its man made.. its mostly dry and hilly.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            But it is closer to the WFE set that was at Filmore/Piru. Which makes it make a little more sense.

  34. ItsReallyRob says:

    Well look, Kristen finally washed her car!

    • southernbelle says:

      LOL. Okayyyy. And you’re here to tease us again.

    • niahid says:

      Loving the green pants.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      come out, come out wherever you are (hiding in shame?).

    • roslynselene says:

      Dear ItsReallyRob,
      Save it Patty Hearst! I’m not buying Stockholm Syndrome today, thank you! (SGF anyone?) I thought you’d might say something to try to distract us from the real problem here: she’s holding you ransom (no pun intended) until she gets what she wants (our Krisbian love for her). Some advice: stop drinking the ‘laid.
      I’m a stee-oopid bee-itch!,

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        Oh how I love you, @RoslynSelene. If you get thumbs down I’ll slap a bitch, cause this comment is FTMFW. ItsReallyRob, you know I love you but I’m allowed to be mad at your recent choice of *ahem* friends.

        • roslynselene says:

          Awww I love you too! But I wouldn’t advise slappin’ a bitch cause that might encourage ItsReallyRob to write some mad rhymes for his rap album.

          • Hermes says:

            ohh!! yum yum, someones getting spanked! please me me!!..

            whoops.. sorry, bitch slapped does not equal a spanking,… my bad.

            I have two words: Robbie and spanking.
            Ok, let your minds wander.

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            ROB+SPANKING=YESSSSSSS(in more ways then one) & I want Rob to release an album BAD.

  35. mountainlion says:

    When I saw those house photos, all I could think of was doing him:

    in the tub
    on the counter
    against the window
    in the pool
    next to the pool

    In my world, he lives alone.

  36. natashadushi says:

    When I saw the pics of the house this went through my mind:
    ” Is there a room of pain to go all MOTU on Rob? That window I would def go all “the office” on Rob, he pressing me against the window. pfffff I am not normal I am reading to much fanfic.

    I am robstentired too. I want to see drunk Rob airguitaring behind a dumpster again…….. sigh

  37. hitc4manynewmoons says:

    OK totally off subject but had to share…my husband thinks hysterical to say “Robert Pattinson” in horrible british accent to me all the time, well he sent me a video on his phone and taught my 4year old to do it…sad panda face…4year old actually does better accent.

  38. niahid says:

    I wonder what Rob’s ex think with all this Robsten hoopla?

    A. Poor bastard
    B. Why God why
    C. I nailed him first. HA!

  39. Hermes says:

    Greetings all!
    I seen some current pics on a few other web sites where TomStu (my little cupcake…le sigh) is with Robbie(without Kstew the Angry, as I’ve come to call her in my head now). —However, suffice to say, the happy little 3some came back to LA together.
    –P.S. Its nice to see that Rob is without his beard.. um.. I mean you know… clean shaven again. That beard must be uncomfortable… and then some.


  40. kandnandb says:

    Um, a white duvet? There’s no way Rob came (TWSS) anywhere near that bed. Where are the greasy, cheesy smudges from his fingers? Where are the half-empty Cokes leaving rings on the furniture? The overflowing ashtrays?

  41. Hermes says:

    Here’s an interesting bit about my little cupcake TomStu(le sigh) .. and his BFF whats his name.. Anyway chickadees da linky here:

    Article says:
    Actor Tom Sturridge, best known for his work on 2009’s Pirate Radio a.k.a. The Boat That Rocked, has joined the production of Jack KerouacJack Kerouac’s beloved novel turned film, On The Road.

    Sturridge is portraying Carlo Marx, who is described as “waif, intense 21-year-old, brooding intellectual, lonely and kind, slim, with thick black hair, wide full lips, and eager dark eyes under round, owlish glasses.” On The Road is currently filming in Montreal and Ottawa-Hull, Canada. On The Road also stars: Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart, and, Kirsten Dunst, and has a 2011 release date.

    Photos of Sturridge have been making the blog circuit rounds. The photos don’t necessarily focus on him because he is pictured with his more famous friends, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The photos show Sturridge lurking in the background. Because of Pattinson and Stewart’s publicized psudo relationship, Sturridge may have to deal more with unnecessary and unwanted publicity while he works in Ottawa-Hull and Argentina.

    Sturridge gained recognition and praise earlier this year for his part in the London West End play, Punk Rock, which he might reprise his role for in the next production tour.

  42. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    Isn’t it lovely when life imitates fiction ? Awwww, so Bella and Edward finally moved into the Cullen house!!!

    I feel absolutly weary after the past days events. I just want to go back to the days when I stare at pictures of Rob and his (utterly sexy) bottom lip, his loooooong eyelashes, the way his hair kind of makes little curls in the back of his neck when it’s long, the way he wrappes his body around girls when he hugs them (*Remember me*NOT the mulliphant… sick of her…..)his long skinny legs, the way he looks in a suit…….yeah the list is long!No more drama please, Rob?

  43. MariaCecilia says:

    *Sigh* About the palatial pad and papparazzi – No Comment.

    About jet lag: actually I came back to Europe from the US two days ago and have not suffered any jet lag because as per usual I took Melatonin before going to bed, put in ear plugs – and have slept like a baby two nights running and woken up with the alarm like a good girl. No side effects. So go buy some, right now dear, and forget about the Robsten nonsense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. SM says:

    He’s shagging a girl with 1MDHATER plates?

    I think less of him.

    There. Thumbs down for me.

  45. TLG/TippyL says:

    Dear Moon & UC,

    Because I’m lame (and really couldn’t believe KStew would have that vanity plate) I googled “1madhtr” and found a pic of KStew leaving a studio in that car. LOL! It really is her car. Holy shit!

    Sorry, I wasn’t sure if you were joking that it was her car or not.

  46. EB says:

    It’s entirely possible that you’re making it into more of a joke than it already is, but I have to mention that the cologne you’ve been referring to lately is actually called “Drakkar Noir”. Just been bugging me.

  47. Jathane says:

    I just read at Celebuzz that this is the guest house they stayed in while Rob was filming WFE but Rob actually bought the main house on the same property, a five bedroom, five bath home with a spa and a pool for when he and Kristen are in LA. He also wants to buy a home in New York where he would like to live but of course he will live where Kristen wants to live.

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