Rob… just what we needed

We know, your week has been awful without a daily LTR. Try being me for the past 6 months when Rob has done like 2 things worth writing about. YEAH, I’M TALKING TO YOU, RPATTZ. Anyway…. some hot new pics of Rob were released… and I guess THAT’s something to talk about… and LTR friend Zephyersky has something to say!

Dear Rob,

Thank you!  Things have kinda sucked in my life this past week or so and after an emergency trip to Missouri to help out my niece/best friend, I needed these pictures that were released from the Shining photoshoot.  I’ve been a little detached from a world that hasn’t been both emotionally and physically draining and it was quite nice to open my internet today and find this.

I was sure it was only going to be a few new pictures.  I would get a quick hit and have to settle for that.  But NOOOOO the pictures kept coming.  It was like Karma was just giving back for the messed up stuff it’s thrown my way lately.

Then the more pictures I saw, the more I began to question some of them.  It seems they were going for the many faces of Rob in this photoshoot.  Let’s see here, we have the guy who hung around the high school and offered to buy the girls beer if they promised to share with him, and then kept your change.  There’s the new cover boy of Pride magazine.  Did you get to keep grandpa’s sweater?  Of course no photoshoot is complete without the Piano Man.  I see Pierce gave you some pointers; maybe someday 007 will become my new favorite number.

I like the vest on you but I think it’s been done before.  Between the sweater, which I’m pretty sure I saw on Matlock when I watched at my grandma’s as a kid, and the vest, I would say whoever helped you pick your wardrobe for this shoot once had a job for CBS or is trying to get one there.

Let’s not forget the mug shot.  I may have to make a few fliers of this to post around.

I guess there were  just too many options to choose from.  I couldn’t decide which Rob would be the best to help me get through this week, so PinkPixieChick helped me out and made me this.

Thanks again Rob, you were just what I needed.

Off to post some fliers,

Yes, Rob. This is what we’ve ALL needed!!! What do you think? Did these pics come at a good time or WHAT!?

Thanks to for the pics!

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92 Responses to “Rob… just what we needed”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    “Wanted in my bedroom!” WORD!

    clicking, saving, printing out, copying and running to attach EVERYWHERE………..bye bye 🙂

    a new letter, thank you Zeph! Rob makes look everything sexy, even cheesy couches and bear skins…..sigh*

  2. Jayde says:

    So what I needed. Like, woah.
    My day started off well but the stress once again got to me and I ended up in tears.
    Thank you ZephyerSky!

    P.S. Uni is kicking my ass, and I’m sad to say at the moment it is winning. I miss you all. Lots. xox

  3. drsaka says:

    I like green velvet couch Rob! Yes, please!

  4. Sue G. says:

    Thanks Dick and Clare for giving us this perfect specimen to oogle over!

    <3 Sigh <3

  5. Edible Art ? says:

    Oh my the Wanted poster is the best thing I have seen in ages I laughed out loud – bloody hilarious

  6. chochang says:

    i want to punish you too rob.. nice. and slow. over and over and over..

  7. Michelle says:

    The scarf scares me. It reminds me of embryo Rob pics…ew. That and Dr. Seuss. I have to keep reminding myself…


    But yes, these pics were needed.

    Anyone else chuckle (AGAIN) at the bear skin-ish rug ones? You know that was SO HER idea…

  8. Mrs. P says:

    I think these pictures have definitely helped many women get their head out of the oven and rethink joining the Letters To Jackson Rathbone site. Maybe just me.

  9. dazzledtodeath says:

    I love these pics, esp the one on the rug that shows that little sliver of belly. I could stare at that til my eyes cross.

    Maybe I’m alone in this but I also love the Mr. Rogers sweater pics. I’ll be your neighbor any day Rob.

  10. natashadushi says:

    I may or mynot printed out that WANTED flier here at work and laminated it for my secret Robpornfile under my bed.

  11. Kris says:

    Some of these I’ve seen before but EEP! not all of them!

    MMM very gorgeous <3

    I need to get these pictures.

    The wanted poster was genius!
    I couldn't help but giggle like a little girl when I read it.

  12. Beaspoon says:

    It’s like waking up on Christmas morning: A new LTR and some sofa king HAWT pics of Rob. Hallelujah!!!

    I’ve been fiending this week, seriously. I never realized how big of a part reading LTR played in my daily routine until it was gone. Sigh…

    I love green velvet couch Rob. I love him HARD, lol.

    That Rob collage is now my new desktop background, thank you very much:)

    Happy Thursday!

  13. sillygrrly says:

    Thanks for posting.. I missed my daily fix!

  14. Katie S says:

    Le. Siiiiiiiiigh. So comforting. My comments are seriously lacking lately. Real life, as you all know, can be a bitch. I <3 you girls hard though!

    Can we just take a second to talk about how hot that bat t-shirt is on him? Seriously. Honestly, I just want that shirt for myself! Or on my floor. Either way.

  15. Carmel says:

    Wanted. Oh yes, yes, YES

  16. sjaantje says:

    It’s like the powers that be knew we were in need of a Rob fix.

    “Quick! Release some un-released photos!”

    Even if it is a “mug shot” or a “grandma sweater stealing hanging in the kitchen” photo, good God he is just one sexy being.

  17. melronin says:

    Ask… and you shell receive!!!

    Wanted!!! Lying!!! Standing!!! Sitting…whatever is fine by me!
    Ohhh yeaaaaahhh….

  18. kristen's bestie says:

    Zephersky – I love the Wanted poster – genius! Still giggling about it! Definately going to keep that one!

    LTR:Thanks for the post today – I’ve missed you.

    PS – I saw these pics and thought they were old. Are they really from a new shoot?

    • Keisha says:

      No, they’re from old shoots but these outtakes are new to us! The red flannel/batman one is really old. There’s another picture in that shoot that you can see how round his cheeks are! The kitchen one is probably the newest.

  19. robsfuturemate says:

    Awww, the Piano Man! A personal fav of mine, but coming in a close second is the grandpa sweater! Who knew? Only Rob can pull that off…ooo, and I’ll help him!!!

  20. misty says:

    I am MORE thankful that there is an LTR post today, than more pics of Rob…Normal?!? anyways ladies, I know it must be hard to be so perfectly creative for soo long and I knew this day would come sooner or later…but know I am very thankful for the laugh and new friends…

    ANyways….the first pic Rob is wearing a bat shirt…is that supposed to make us think about vampires…because I’m sooo not thinking about vampire bats right now…..more like walking Greek Gods!! GWAD YOUR FAKING HWAT!!!!!

  21. Moonbun says:

    Lord!!! (and I’m not religious) That 2nd shot MADE my problems go away… His face looks amazing on that one!!!

  22. lola says:

    He’s so freaking gorgeous-I’d be laughing at any other man stretching out on sheepsking rug like that but he just makes me want to sigh. And yes, the pictures came at a good time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the point!lol

  23. che says:

    they are all gorgeous!!!!!! but i dunno why Rob in the kitchen with grandma sweater is my’s so…as i said i dunno why..
    who knew counter top would be sexier than piano or fur rug

    • melronin says:

      Enjoy the game tonight sista!
      hope we will see good football!!!
      <3 Mel

      • che says:

        i’m so so happy for PAOK.
        i’m a Beşiktaş fan and so gald that it’s the only Turkish team who made the group stages.i hate our rivals..yeah i’m evil 😉

        u have a favourite team in Greece?

        • melronin says:

          It’s PAOK in football and Panathinaikos in basketball.
          So I am very happy about yesterday 😀

          • che says:

            yay..PAOK is my club’s bro.
            they were wearing Beşiktaş shirts yesterday and had also Beşiktaş scarfs in Thessaloniki.
            same colors Black&White forever
            hope u do well
            about Basketball Panatinaicos is strong..also
            Greece and Turkey are in the same group…tough games?don’t think so, you are better than us and we have a terrible coach


  24. Nelle says:

    I’m sorry but I LOVE the vest, clean- shaven Rob. That’s all!!

  25. TLG/TippyL says:

    Batman never looked so hot.

    Keisha may have sent me a zoomed in pic of that belly sliver. Fruit of the Loom never looked so yummy.

  26. The kitchen pics makes me a sad panda cause I’m useless in the kitchen. But then I thought, with Rob, cooking can’t possibly the only thing you can do in the kitchen, right? So many other things to do…ifyouknowwhatI’msayingIthinkyoudo

    I’ll even let pass the grandpa sweater. However, to be honest, Rob nails that too.

  27. The one where he’s standing on that balcony DIES me…he’s soo unbelievably gorgeous..that man…

  28. Pammy says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I soooo needed these!!! D2D-I think I accidentally thumbs downed you cause my fat thumb was trying to give you a thousand thumbs ups and mistakenly hit thumbs down. I sorry:(. But I love your comment!!

  29. HOLYMOTHEREFFINGSHITTAKEMEONTHECOUNTERGREENVELVETCOUCHKITCHENPIANOINTHATVESTONTHEFURRYBLANKET.Are my feelings clear now? Oh UC & Moon, he totally listened to you and brought out the bearskin rug. totally. But I may need to be revived, I forgot how to breathe when I first saw these. Of course, they’d be much better if he was naked, but I’ll take what I can get. I like the sweater actually, preferably if it’s on the floor. hell I like him in anything.

  30. OCDmom32 says:

    I soooooo needed this! Nothing but crap news and depressing events in my life. Rob can be my pick-me-up for the rest of the week! (weekend too if he plays his cards right!)

  31. Aro says:

    He has no right to look like that. He just doesn’t.


  32. pukesten says:

    Dear Rob
    it’s been such a long time since you’ve died me!!

  33. Cath says:

    Dear Rob,

    Can I buy the version of you on the green velvet couch???
    I want one of my very own! 😉



  34. MC says:

    Holy Hell that is one FINE Rob collage! YUMMY!!

    I would also like to thank ZephyerSky for including “woman …of every age” in that AMAZING “WANTED” poster. It’s so nice to know, even at my age, that we’re all in this Robsession together!

  35. AnotherTwiMom says:

    Ahhhhh my fav. thing is an Edward fix! And yes Zaph it came at a much needed time! Thank you for this post.

  36. ConstanC2Rob says:

    I think he is trying to make up to all the jealous,hurt girls out there….what a gentlemen.He certainly does not want us to have hard feelings…

    Speaking of hard…

    Has anyone seen him around lately.Life is very hard without him!

    The pictures do help soothe the pain and remind us of what is most important….that he is a splendid gift to us all!!

    I love your blog by the by…you’re awesome!

  37. Maggie says:

    It’s definitely difficult to be in this RobDrought. This pix fix helped a lot. LOVED the Wanted Poster!! Loved that you posted a LTR. Missed you.

  38. robgirl86 says:


    It’s raining Rob these days :-))))

  39. JulieP says:

    Phew! Thank you ZephyrSky! I was seriously starting to suffer LTR withdrawal and starting to panic, then this pops into my inbox. Joy, unrestrained.

    Thank you to Rob as always just for being.


  40. robsfuturemate says:

    So what does it mean when Rob keeps evading me in my dreams? It’s like I know he’s there but just can’t SEE him!! Oh, wait! It’s just like REAL LIFE!!!!

  41. imnoddin says:

    Loved the post and loved the comments (and of course the wonderful pictures)!

    The person in the outer office probably thinks I’m an idiot because I keep giggling & laughing.

    Yes, I definitely needed this pick-me-up this week!

  42. LadyN says:

    *dreamy sigh*

    Dear Rob on the counter,

    Grandmammy says to be a good boy and take off those pants for some mending. That’s an order.

    The martyr messenger bare in an apron,

    ps. *bends suggestively* Tea? 🙂

    • ConstanC2Rob says:

      haha, I thought I was the only one that started having fantasies about him in my kitchen…

      He would definitely get a four course meal…and some sweet yummy dessert too!

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