Open Weekend Post: Hosted by fanart Rob

Dear Rob,

When I see this drawing of you by a fan it makes me think three things:

1. You just woke up in an alley after the worst bender of your life and you’re hungry… for my face.

2. Your wig is not on straight. It’s sitting juuuust a touch to your right and looks like a Peekinese dog is hanging out up there just waiting to pounce on us when you stop moving.

2. If that’s NOT a wig or a small dog, what volumizing hair product do you use? Because this is redonkulous.

The end

PS I love fanart! See any super special ones lately? Send em in!

What does this beautiful piece of artwork make you think? Share!

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38 Responses to “Open Weekend Post: Hosted by fanart Rob”

  1. niahid says:

    Is that Rob after 1000 bees stung his face?

  2. LauraBee says:

    Now he actually DOES look like a burn victim! (remember, from twilight DVD commentary?)

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I just watched it the other day. for the first time. Bad fan, I know. He was talking A LOT about himself.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        The Twi Com is my absolute fav!! I pretty much only watch it like that, just listening to thePretty and his stories! Have you watched RM with the commentary? It’s not as good but still fun. I think I need to go watch that again!

      • pukesten says:

        the twilight commentary is robs single greatest work to date!! (other than the VF shoot)

        • robsfuturemate says:

          100 thumbs up to you! But, do you mean VF 1 or VF 2? I’m partial to 2!

          And, although I do love your knew name I can’t think of a good abbrev. for it!!

          • pukesten says:

            oh my god vf 2
            vf 1 involved she who shall not be named
            (althought i did watch the hour long behind the scenes video. twice. don’t tell anyone)
            i’m glad you didn’t shorten it to puke!!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            @pukesten I think I love you!!!! Great minds think alike!! And I still think of you fondly as unde, but that’s because puke WAS all I could think of and didn’t want to go there!

  3. waytoooldforthistoo says:

    Wow – that scared the crap out of me.

  4. melronin says:

    Here is another one guys…CaricatureRob…omg…ok…it’s art,
    what can I say…

    BUT after that I believe we have to look at the reall thing…cause seriously…this is the smile that lights up the entire world…truer words have never been spoken…

    hope it will work…

    Have a nice weekend ladies!

  5. drsaka says:

    Oh wow. The wax figure, the sculptures of his head and drawings. I appreciate the effort that someone took to do this, but it seems only a still or a motion picture camera can capture his true beauty.

    Maybe perhaps one of the old master painters could have come close.

    • The Old One says:

      Funny, isn’t it, how just a fraction of an inch more or less added to the face, the eyes slightly wrong, the eyebrows too small, etc., turns perfection into either complete creepiness or plain old boring ? How can it be that the perfect combination of features is only seen in photos or reality (not that most of us will ever actual see him in real life)?

  6. robgirl86 says:

    Artwork or whatever that is…’s just WRONG!

    His face is NOT made for that kind of “art”, I still have to see ONE single paint that captured his eyes or face properly…

    the only “art” I can imagine should “happen” directly ON THE SUBJECT! 🙂

    • melronin says:

      Some things are so unearthly-unbelievably beautiful nobody can
      capture them. The light and expression of Rob’s eyes is one of them!

      And word RG…the ART is the subject itself here!

    • ConstanC2Rob says:

      You mean,like taking his naked body and painting on it? mmmmm…

      Because I will die if he puts tatoos on his perfect skin…

      His body and face are better than any art I have ever seen.

      But let’s not be mean about the sketch.Someone took a lot of effort and love to make it.We could do no better,I’m sure.

      Sorry girlie,if you got your feelings hurt with all the thoughtless comments.You did a good job…

  7. Lindelle says:

    Scarily enough, his hair looks like my hair in the morning when I roll out of bed. Thank god no one draws fan art of me… also thank god for hair control products

  8. misty says:

    who/what the fuck is “that”?

  9. Woah…..I’m frightened. very frightened. *fetches brain bleach* he sort of looks like Jason Bateman. weird.

  10. robsfuturemate says:

    Totes OT, but oh well! Yesterday I was saying goodbye to some soon to be kindergartners while carrying my NM lunchbox. One of the boys asked me if I liked Twilight. Then asked me who my fav character was. I show him the Edward side and he says “Oh, Edward. My sister likes Jacob.” Meanwhile, another girl runs to give me a big ole hug and totally does the LEGHITCH!!! Made my day!

    These kids are 5!!!! The Twilight fandom is sooo huge! 🙂

    • yertlesmom says:

      LOVE YOUR COMMENT! I work at a small school and my obsession has become a running joke–the little kids even ask to come in and see “Mr. Edward” (the cardboard cutout!). The other day a daughter of a friend of mine asked to play with my “action figures” and put Edward and Victoria HOLDING HANDS! And to top it all off, for my birthday a couple of fifth graders came me an envelope filled with clippings of Robert Pattinson they found in their teen magazines!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Awww, fun! My 3 and 4 yr old nephews are also Twi fans, although they’ve never seen the movies! They know all about “Woburt Pattason” and love to point him out whenever they see a pic of him! But the 4 yr old recently told me he was “Team Bella, cause I love her”. I guess it’s time he made his own Team choice! better Bella than Kristen is all I gotta say 😉

  11. Blissful says:

    Well, it’s not fanart, but painter Richard Phillips tried to capture the magic.

    Most wanted indeed…the real thing that is.

  12. Stefanie says:

    Like if Rob and Matthew Perry mated.

  13. undercoverlovah says:

    That is THE craziest pic I’ve ever seen! I just keep coming back to it just so that I can laugh. The title should read “Down and out at the Chateau Marmont.” This should also be posted along side dumpsters with a reward if found number. Maybe Moon wants her number on the flyer…..

  14. theseviolentdelights says:

    well….I could have lived my whole life happily without seeing that.

  15. che says:

    i used to draw.. eventhough never tried to draw HHH..i ‘m sure wouldn’t manage to do worse

    here is a scary one(watch out)
    and a good one

    • robsfuturemate says:

      That first one isn’t scary, it’s absolutly frightening!! But the second one is probably the best one I’ve seen so far! Most likely because they copied an actual pic of Rob!

    • Stefanie says:

      Ha! Awesome! The second one is somehow hotter in pencil! We had a festival in town this weekend and one f the booths had “record art” aka-other people’s pictures photoshopped to be slightly painterly, then slapped onto records. The lady in the both proudly said “I’m the artist!” when I was open-mouthed gawking at the 2nd-hand embarrassment!

  16. LadyN says:

    2 3/4. Rob, do you have rabies?

    3. *puts 3D glasses on* HolyRobsterrr!

  17. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    This watercolor is amazing….by far THE best “capture” of Rob that I’ve ever seen.

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