Wait… why am i attracted to Rob again?

I can be a bad boy...

Dear Rob,

Let’s get physical serious. Last week I was chatting with lula34 about our male celebrity boyfriends. She showed me a recent video clip of her True Blood boyfriend Alex Skarsgard & then we passed out from love over the latest Chuck Bass/Gossip Girl promo with Too_Far_Gone.

Then we said “Remember at the end of Vampire Diaries when we watch the last romantic scene of the season involving Damon the vampire over and over and over” and we reminisced by watching “The kiss” you tube clip over and over and over again. And got excited for the return of THAT show. Yeah, it was a good day. NSFW day.

But Then it hit me. I love strong sexual characters. Chuck Bass & Damon Salvator? Hellooooo. And lula34 loves Alex the vampire (who is pretty sexy even though I’m not a True Blood watcher) and prays every night for dream sex with British hunk Jason Statham. Helloooooo.

So….why do we like you again? You’re not the dick that Chuck Bass is; you’re not an aggressive, cocky guy like Damon Salvator. You’re not overly sexual or full of yourself or anything like those other celebrities or characters we love so much. I posed the question to lula34:

UC: Wait… why am I attracted to Rob again? When normally I like much more sexual male characters?
Lula34: If I were to write fan fiction, it’d be about me, Jason [Statham], Alex [Skarsgard] & Ed [Westwick from Gossip Girl]. And a bottle of Thousand Island dressing.
UC: Hahaha dear lord- I cannnottttt wait for GG. I need Ed in my life
Lula34: Yes. I also need Damon. And all the angst that will ensue on VD. But mostly Chuck Bass. He is a legend.
UC: I’d take both… If I had to!!! Why have I liked Rob all this time when I’m obviously attracted to much stronger sexual characters??? Edward!? Is that the ONLY reason!?
Lula34: That’s SUCH a tremendous question. This must be discussed, because a friend asked me this the other day–why I love the “bad boys” but still have a “thing” for Rob. I don’t know why- Ron is the utter opposite of chuck bass! Chuck makes me shiver. Yeah, I said it.
UC: Me too- let’s become actresses so we can become lovers to all these different men

What's good about THIS?

Now before you go boohooing into your pillow because you just found out we spend all this time talking about men other than you, don’t worry- we’re not saying “Let’s give up on Rob because he’s not filled with STDs like Chuck Bass” NO no no… we’re saying, how can we like BOTH Bad boy, sexual aggressors like Chuck Bass and also like YOU- shy, humble terribly sexy but refuses to admit the fact or play up the sexualness, Rob?

Is it because you played Edward? And sure, Edward is sexxxxxyyyyy- but…. he’s not like those other sexually aggressive guys we mentioned… so it’s probably not just that.

Is it because we’ve been brain-washed by GQ and Details & all the other sexy magazines where you’ve done photoshoots and we’ve lost DAYS of productive work as a result?

Or….. is it because we all THINK that under that humble, shy demeanor there is a sexual maniac waiting to escape!? That if we got you in a room and chained you to a wall you willingly were into us, the ‘front’ you put on for the media & the public would disappear and you’d bring out the sexy bad boy whose only mission in life is to get.it.on with ME!?

I think that might be it. Because, if I’m honest (and I’m always honest), if you are humble, shy and sensitive in every area of your life, including your private life, what in my fantasies sounds like this:

throwing me up against the wall, ripping off my clothes, touching places I didn’t know liked to be touched

might actually be more like this

lightly pushes me to the wall
Rob: Oh no! Did I hurt you? Did I push you too hard?
UC: No, no it’s fine, just kiss me
cute little nibbles & kisses down my cheek & neck
Rob: May I take off your shirt?”
UC: Uh, sure…
fumbling. confusion.
UC: You okay?
Rob: Can we turn on the lights a second? I want to see how this bra claps works- I haven’t felt anything like this before
UC: You’re so hottttt

I hate that I hurt you.....

Rob: blushing Really? You mean it? I thought I looked too much like my dad today…..
a long time later
Rob: Is this okay? Am I hurting you? Does this feel good
UC: yes.. shhhh
Rob: tell me if it starts to feel weird. Does this feel right? I think maybe this is better? How about here? Here?
Rob: bursts into tears I’m sorry. I wanted this to be perfect…….

And that’s not cool…….

So yes, it’s odd that I’m attracted to both you and Chuck Bass, Damon Salvator & other over-sexualized characters when you seem so different. But I have to think deep down, behind that humble, sensitive, charming British demeanor is a bad boy…. yearning to do real bad things to me….

Yours willingly,

Thanks to Robsessed for killing me with those new outtakes

What do YOU think? Are you “into” celebs or characters that are quite “opposite” of who Rob appears to be? Why do you think you are? Is Rob’s humble demeanor just a public front- underneath he knows you want him and he’s happily going to oblige!?

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121 Responses to “Wait… why am i attracted to Rob again?”

  1. Beaspoon says:

    Hahaha–LOVE it!

    Sadly, I don’t watch GG or the Vampire Diaries, although now I will admit that I’m tempted, and that’s probably not a good thing. Like I need MORE fictitious characters to swoon over instead of my husband;) I DO love me some Eric on True Blood though. God he is HAWT!

    I can totally imagine Rob being insecure in the bedroom, but god I hope he’s not. For my imagination’s sake, lol.

    • Beaspoon says:

      FIRST!! Wow, there really is a first time for everything (hehehe). I guess it proves how much I’ve missed my daily dose of LTR!!

    • Hermes says:

      oooh. I watched the vid. I’m beginning to get turned on by Rob’s manager now.. whats his name?? Nick Frenkel? those big dark liquid sexy eyes.. (sigh) ..
      Ok everyone, lets stalk him too! (he’s another one of Robbie’s lurkers) usually found in the background guarding his guy.

  2. drsaka says:

    Rob’s allure is special and rarely found. Its the entire combination of his boy/man qualities with the crazy appeal that he has.

    I think his humble demeanor is real, but he also knows his effect on us, even though he might deny it.

    Do you think he’s really that chatty under sex???? hahaha

  3. dazzledtodeath says:

    I don’t know how Rob can look in the mirror and NOT know what he does to us. But I don’t care. He’s naturally charming, and so beautiful it makes my heart ache sometimes. In my head he’s plenty sexual, and nobody else even comes close. I’d be willing to put up with a little bedtime banter-there are ways of shutting him up, you know?

  4. tuesdaymidnight says:

    “Tell me if it starts to feel weird.” <– I am cracking up over your Rob fantasy!

    I have a suspicion that's exactly how it would go. Maybe that's part of the appeal? Rob looks like the type who would… uh… take direction well. 😉

  5. Alice_NaA says:

    Not cool indeed!

  6. This is some wierd thing I tell you.

    I meet everyday guys that are more sex than Rob and yet I manage to forget their name 5 min after they said it. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t/didn’t “bang” some, names are overrated anyways.

    Rob doesn’t breathe sex IMO, I don’t get all the porn talk though I love it (jawporn haha) I didn’t even think thespagetti scene was hot. He acted more like the nice friend/neighbour or smth. I don’t drool on pictorials but used to a lot on interviews (it’s a miracle my laptop is still sound and safe). And yet I know every single thing that’s been made public about this guy. I say quotes from interviews like it was some classic film.

    Basically I think for me Rob is the guy I want to meet and then meet some more and then some more, while the super smex guy is the one you do while on a photoshoot because he’s hot or you’re confused and fascinated by an artist/model/whatevs that will end up not being your type on a daily basis.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      “I say quotes from interviews like it was some classic film” FTW!!!!!

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I’m confused as well, MP!

      As I said once before, he’s not the guy you bang behind the dumpster or have a one night stand, he’s the guy you make sweet love to…..
      I don’t get the Rob-porn either. The “unf” exclamations, the fan fiction, why would girls want to do him while watching the smelliest, ugliest, worst hair, worst clothes…. photos of him..
      Me too, I would like to meet him, talk everyday nonsense with him, laugh with him, have fun.
      Because that’s what I think he’s all about, he’s the nicest sweetest, smartest boy. Would I find him attractive or sexy in the non red carpet, RL situation? I have no idea.
      But his mind intrigues me, that I know for sure.

      I still don’t know exactly why I like him so much and I for sure can’t explain it to some (very few) of my friends.
      I usually say it’s a matter of taste: either you don’t like him at all or you are completely Robsessed.

      And I’m Team Nate / Chace Crawford , all the way. (I didn’t watch the whole 3. season yet, will I change my mind?) And I used to like Ian Sommerhalder a lot, but after just a few VD episodes, I’m not that impressed anymore.

  7. Michelle says:

    That video…sigh.

    The hair…oh how I miss the hair. And as for Rob being “bad”…oh yeah, it’s the sweet quiet ones that are maniacs behind closed doors…right? Right? 😉

  8. j9necessary says:

    Rob oozes charisma! IMO he knows exactly how his fans feel but doesn’t show and/or care that it even matters to him. Part of his appeal is his indifference or feigning he is oblivious to all the “panties exploding” around him. In the end I still can’t get enough of him…..

    Loved that the video used the theme song for “True Blood”!

  9. I have to say that while I’ve seen only the first season of True Blood, I do love me some Skarsgard. I mean, come on, he’ soo obviously sexy…

    Being a new Vampire Diaries watcher, I have to say Damon might be the only good thing about the show. Stefan’s hairdo, the jaw and his slow way of talking just blatantly screams that he’s trying to imitate some other fictional vampire. That gets on my nerves. Even though the books VD is based on came out wayyy before TWilight.

    And Chuck Bass…..*swoon*

    “you’d bring out the sexy bad boy whose only mission in life is to get.it.on with ME!?” <—- Ummm, THIS!

    Rob's appeal lies in the fact that he doesn't acknowledge his own f*ckhawtness. Maybe he's fully aware of it, but still tries to play coy about it. Whether it's done intentionally or not, I find that to be really attractive in a man.

  10. kookybanana says:

    Right on the money! Opening my email with that picture of Rob, oooh… I almost fell off my chair!! This boy…man… is sooo hot!!!

    And I love me some Skarsgard too!

  11. tupelohoney says:

    OMG, my favorite Rob quote of all time is in this video:
    “Feel dirty about it, feel dirty, feel like it’s wrong….”

    Dear Rob,
    I would maybe feel dirty… just a little ’cause I’m old enough to have been your… uh… babysitter. But I wouldn’t let that stop us… Not at all…

    I’ve known guys in RL who were shy and sweet like Rob. The shyness never carried over into the bedroom. Very sweet and attentive but amazingly hot… I think Rob would be the same. And I agree with TuesdayMidnight above… Rob would probaby take to direction well…..

    • tupelohoney says:

      And just to clarify: by amazingly hot, I mean the type of shy, sweet guy who wouldn’t hesitate to throw you against the wall or (and this may or may not have really happened to me…) do you on the staircase fully clothed (almost) because he just can’t wait the few more seconds it would take to get to the bedroom….

    • robsfuturemate says:

      BTW, I love the “babysitter” image!! Too young to be his mom, too old to be his friend(?). I think I will use that from now on!! Perfect 🙂

  12. Blissful says:

    Maybe it’s the coyness that pulls us all in. Perhaps it’s the thought that he’s holding in all that sexiness, playing it off, not making it obvious, only to be unleashed later in a fit of passion. The bad boy who is overtly sexual might be the guy later on too busy giving himself a blue steel look in the bedroom mirror to take care of business. While “shy” Rob will turn into a re-enactment of when animals attack. At least that’s what happens in my head…and if it happens in my head, it must be true…right?

    • The Old One says:

      “The bad boy who is overtly sexual might be the guy later on too busy giving himself a blue steel look in the bedroom mirror to take care of business. While “shy” Rob will turn into a re-enactment of when animals attack.”


      • MariaCecilia says:

        So THAT’S what Carlisle meant by his comment “Animal attack” while giving meaningful glances in Bella’s direction? Just giving his adoptive son some tips on how to win the girls over? 🙂

    • theseviolentdelights says:

      “While “shy” Rob will turn into a re-enactment of when animals attack.”
      THANK YOU for that amazing mental image – completely made my day…for obvious reasons. 😉 *bows down to your awesomeness*

  13. justagirl1237 says:

    Normally I am more attracted to the bad boys like Damon but I think with Rob the attraction is that he is the best of both worlds…I think he’s probably the sweet, get the door for ya, “does this feel okay” kinda guy who knows how to take his lady on a proper date and woo her… but I also think there is a whole lotta naughty under there as well! If you listen to some of the sexual inuendos in his interviews or behind the scenes footage, watch the sexy little faces he makes without even trying (and we’ve ALL analyzed those!) along with the references he makes to watching porn…I have to believe that boy is very capable of being all kinds of kinky behind closed doors.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      @Justagirl I so agree with you! There are a LOT of times Rob makes innunedos or straight out says something saucy! He must know something of the naughty side, after all he is a 24 yr old boy/man!!!

    • The Old One says:

      You know he’s got an extremely naughty streak: The flying across the parking lot and smacking KStew’s butt and licking Anna Kendrick’s face on the set of Twilight, pinching the Stew (or worse) at ComiCon 09 and looking around to see if anyone noticed afterwards, that smirk he gave Oprah after embarassing KStew with the pregnancy comment. Yes, he’s definitely very very dirty boy.

  14. MrsKowski says:

    “Let me know if this starts to feel weird” *dying*

    “Really? You mean it? I thought I looked too much like my dad today…” I can hear Rob saying this in my head!

  15. TBB says:

    Rob is attractive and sexy all on his own, and I do believe he will grow even more in that direction as he grows older, ala Paul Newman, George Clooney, Cary Grant, etc.

    But I love him because he played Edward. Edward is the man. Rob is the face/body. I don’t even think Rob looks like Rob when he is playing Edward. He just becomes Edward. Especially in the first Twilight. (Does that make sense?)

    Just an old lady’s opinion.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      So glad that someone else finally said it: Rob is amazing, but he looks nothing like Edward, and the way he yet made Edward hot and believable in the first movie was what made me sit up and pay attention in the first place. How can someone be so beautiful and at other times just look so downright WEIRD? That is acting for you…

  16. Edible Art ? says:

    Bad boys ? meh over rated – Rob is a good boy a real good boy …….

    • enviro says:

      I agree. I have never been into bad boys, thank goodness. Rob’s sweetness, good manners, thoughtfulness, etc., makes him more attractive in my eyes, not less! Mind you he’s clearly not a prude or stuffy, because that would not be good. He’s fresh and funny and not full of himself . . . well you know the drill. Just a gem.

      • Lynn says:

        I completely agree, I don’t like bad boys either. It’s Rob’s personality and uniqueness that make him special, plus he is hot no matter what!

  17. che says:

    i luved this post.so so much.
    here it’s me..same with u.i even might like some macho guys.sometimes…and Rob is so different..but i don’t like him b/c of Edward
    and not the photoshoots(it helps though)
    it’s utube to blame..his funny interviews got me into this trouble.
    there are so many hot,cute,talented,smart guys..which Rob is one of them
    but his Dorkyness is priceless!

    and the last RoBeard pics…..
    miss u Rob

  18. Vera says:

    No other celebrity has ever touched me like Robert did, and as a consequence I feel kind a tenderness for Edward. Then Rob comes first, Edward is just one more detail.

    Nothing compares to Rob. A bad boy can not touch the bottom of a woman’s heart.

  19. applepie says:

    Sensitivity & humbleness cant be taught. strong sexual prowess on the other hand…if he doesnt got it already, its cool, I’ll teach him.

    I have no problem stealing your virtue Rob, here let me show you.

  20. Sharon says:

    Oh my, how do I love thee, let me count the ways……..this is such a silly post, but I have to thank the LTR girls for encouraging us to vent. I am so sexually frustrated that I am desperate for an outlet.
    Ok, this is my take on the Rob situation. He’s sexy as hell because he doesn’t know it. He’s charming and funny and gorgeous. In my imagination he is very well endowed, and knows how to use it. But he’s also an expert with his lips and tongue, if you know what I mean. In reality, I haven’t got a clue. Does it really matter? We can speculate about it for days on end and it won’t change the fact that none of us are going to get the chance to find out, and Kristen ain’t talkin’. But I can totally understand why you would want to analyze your feelings. It’s weird, because I too am more attracted to bad boys. I have wet dreams about Gerard Butler. (I’m so sad.) Gerry is as far away from Rob in physical type and personality type as a gut can get. Why are we attracted to Rob?
    I guess if you are a reader, and you fell in love with Edward in the Twilight books first, it could be transference, but that’s not all of it. I fell in love with Edward in the books, and I liked Rob a lot in the role, but it wasn’t love yet….until I saw his interviews on Youtube.
    That’s when I fell. He radiates light and energy. He was adorable. At first I had to fight the mothering instinct, after getting control of that part, I had to fight to get control of my sexual self. OMG! What a combo, I want to mother him, give him advice, make sure he is clothed and fed, and screw him too? I think I need therapy!
    But isn’t that what LTR is for?

    • Vera says:

      Sharon, let me add to this list:

      To start from the top down.

      trim his beard with a little scissors and then a massage with moisturizing oil free cream, wash his hair with neutral shampoo and finish with a soft scent of wood and citrus essence.

      Yes, it is difficult to fight against the mothering and sexual instincts. I read somewhere that “Rob is the guy that turns women into puddles of estrogen.” And it’s the best definition, ever.

    • enviro says:

      Back before I had to stop talking to Mr. enviro about Rob, he said something like that — it’s like you want to make out with him and take care of him at the same time. As a twimom it makes some sense. As attractive as I find him the marriage filter does kick in (that and the 20 year age difference, come on!). But let someone say one slightly disparaging thing about him and I get soooooo angry! Total mama bear. Go figure!

  21. Stacey says:

    I just love boys, all types of boys. And I love this post! (As well as all the boys you mentioned)

    Rob does have a magnetic appeal. He’s pretty, nice and I bet he as a very bad boy deep down. I mean for goodness sake he’s hanging w/ Saget & Stamos!

    Oh and the pictures of Rob with the beard are all types of sexy. Sigh.

  22. Smitten says:

    LMFAO @ how the fantasy might actually play out!!!!

  23. robsfuturemate says:

    I’ve never really been into bad boys. Rob is my classic MO! Tall, skinny musician…and then he has to throw in the British thing! Died me right on the spot!!!

    I love the idea of him being a gentleman but also having his “saucy” side!! There really are no other celeb crushes for me right now, they just don’t compare!!!

    • “There really are no other celeb crushes for me right now, they just don’t compare!!!”

      True that! While Alex Skars and Ian Somerhalder might be gorgeous, for me, no one else compares to Rob. And I just don’t mean celeb crushes 😉

      Rob, you’ve soo ruined me for other men. But who’s complaining?

    • pukesten says:

      “Rob is my classic MO! Tall, skinny musician”

      oh my god get out of my head, RFM couldn’t agree with you more!!!!

      (having a total brandon flowers thing at the moment, even if he’s not that tall
      watch this hotness
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kg8hxn8myw )

      It was definately watching his interviews that made me totally fall in love with him, it’s how unassuming and innocent he came across that died me.

      i still undecided if how he’d be in the bedroom (prob why i don’t picture rob when i read ff lemons) i can totally see him asking tell me if it’s weird, but then i see the twilight kiss and i think he’d totally know what to do.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        P.sten (like it?! kinda like P. Diddy!) I think you’re my soul mate!!! B. Flowers is pretty amazing but nothing compared to Rob! His interviews… priceless. And I think we’re all hoping he’ll know what to do in the bedroom. He’s an actor, right?! He should have picked up some tips!

    • enviro says:

      Too right! I have never had a celeb crush of any kind, really, come to think of it. I mean, Jude Law is all kinds of pretty, but I never cared to find out anything about him, for example. Sting, I love his music, glad he’s happily married, next topic please. Rob, fascinating beyond explanation. ::shakehead:: Everyone you mentioned in the post — well, I don’t lump him in with vampires. I love Edward to death but to me Robward is different. Rob is a phenom and way more than Edward. Anyway stop me now before I type my fingers raw! Just agree with you 150%. 😀

  24. LattersBaby says:

    Here is my theory:

    Edward was my own personal heroin. With Edward gone…Rob (and some fanfic “Edwards” aka 50 Shades) became my synthetic drug. UC and Moon are my dealers.

    Rob and Edward have similar mannerisms and vernacular–1930’s Higher Society American behavior and speech is similar to 2010 Higher Society British behavior and speech. The synthetic looks, sounds, and…um…almost smells like the real thing.

    Have I gone too far? Have I thought about this too much? This is all normal, isn’t it?

    UC and Moon–thanks for the hit today. I needed this fix.

    • LattersBaby says:

      I should say…I found Rob when I was looking for the synthetic, but now he is THE drug of choice. Sexy Nerdy…need I say more?

  25. Rachel B says:

    Hi! I dont ususally comment here but there is no LTT today so….

    OMG. Chuck Bass. Love. Alex (aka Eric) Did anyone see him on the Emmys last night? So taaaall and so hotttt! Happy Monday!

  26. robgirl86 says:

    I make it short:

    he is beautiful
    he is totally my type
    I wanna bang him
    the end

    • The Old One says:

      As usual, RG, short and right to the point! I think you nailed it!

    • Voyeur4Rob says:

      No truer words have EVER been spoken RG!! Rob is all things good and bad, naughty and nice. Mmmmmmm….

      Dear Rob,
      I have a word for you: discretion.
      Call me!


  27. LadyN says:

    LAWL@chatty, weeping Rob during lemon. You’ll have to find a way to shut him up, UC. 😉

    About the vid: Isn’t it HILARIOUS how he was all “Pfft who cares” about the boyfriend question. LOL He sooo stole her from her guy. I kinda like to think he would be that sneaky type to get what he wants. I mean with that face… *brain working overtime on new fantasy*

    These picshures are hurting me hard. Desktop wallpapers gallore!

  28. Rob's Zombie says:

    O.K. that uncomfortable scenario of how sex with rob would be weird, it’s pretty close to how sex w/my DH has gotten as of late!!! When I read it I almost died laughing! And yeah it’s def “not cool” My pretend sex w/ Rob is always super hot 😉

  29. melronin says:

    Wait…why am I attracted to Rob again???
    Well…lemme think…
    Maybe cause he is perfect in his imperfection and has nothing to do with Edward who is imperfect in his perfection???
    Yep…I think that’s it!!!

    Loved the post!!!

    • che says:

      so @mel sista, u’d been watching some basketball tonight..ha?
      sorry girl i’m teasing u but it’s our first victory after almost 30 years against Greece 😉
      thnx to Ersan


      • melronin says:

        Honey congrats…you did good…your team played great had guts and the whole stadium backing them up. Our guys shitted in their pants. What can I say…it’s not our year this time. Hope you make it to the finals!USA-Turkey!!!

        • che says:

          thnx gal
          i hope so..final game with USA..that would be a dream eventough they didn’t come with their dream team.
          and hey why u alwals have to be so kind,nice ,sweet,generous…. 😉

  30. snowhitedriftd says:

    Hell, I just like men who play vampires. period. Alex, Rob, Stephen, Ian…. and the list goes on.

    ….and I just wrote you a letter about it.

  31. southernbelle says:

    I don’t know why I’m attracted to Rob. It’s probably a bunch of reasons. He’s just so unique and I love everything about him. I admit when I first saw him in 2008, I was not in the least bit interested. Something must have been wrong with me! I was blind then!

    Later on after I watched more of him, heard him sing, and spew word vomit, well I was hooked for life! I can’t ever seem to shake it off either. Oh well, it’s all good.

  32. enviro says:

    LOL’ed as usual! THANK YOU!!! 😀

  33. southernbelle says:

    Btw your Rob fantasy is so funny! LOL He reminds me of Daniel Gale, how he would act. Bahahah!

  34. KipperA says:

    In all of my Rob fantasies he is rough and dominating, mmmm, yum….

    Sorry, I got distracted with that image. I think I read too many fanfics (If that’s at all possible).

    I think I like Rob because he is mysterious, and I can pretty much make up any fantasy I want and it couldn’t possibly be wrong. He is going to be perfect, you know, the next time we meet behind the dumpster.

    That’s normal

  35. JenlovesRob says:

    Beneath that shy but extremely charming demeanor Rob is a sexual beast in MY bedroom. (Well he always is in my fantasies!)

    On the flip side however if he’s still a little shy & reserved in the privacy of my bedroom I am of an age where I would be more than happy to corrupt his virtue. 🙂

    • theseviolentdelights says:

      “I would be more than happy to corrupt his virtue.”
      WORD! Be sure to disrespect him nice-and-slow. 😉

      • JenlovesRob says:

        Oh, trust me I will disrespect him over & over again! Maybe when we’re done with that I’ll let him disrespect me a little…..okay A LOT!

        My friends & I made up a game once when we were bored & we called it “Harem” Basically you got to choose a stable of men for your hypothetical harem. You could loan them out to your girlfriends, trade them or share the boys with other harems. We even made trading cards for our favorites.

        My top three studs were George Clooney, Brad Pitt & Andy Garcia. Definitely going to have to bump one of them to make room for Rob!

        • Voyeur4Rob says:

          I’m pretty sure “LTR” is code for “Rob’s Harem”. just sayin.

          • maggie says:

            Rob would have to build some palatial estate to house the army of women who would happily volunteer to join this harem.

            I’m in!

          • JenlovesRob says:

            Hmmm, I’m really loving this Rob’s Harem idea. I’m so in!

            With the legion of Rob’s adoring fans we’re going to need multiple estates. Domestic & international locations.

  36. Maggie says:

    My Rob fantasies always start out with me being the one dominating (which, by the way, is really weird to me). I’m all over him. Then we kind of switch places and he takes over…. (sigh!)

    I wonder if in real life he’s gentle or if he’s the quiet guy that turns into an animal in the bedroom. Guess, since I’ll never know, I’ll just have to stick to my fantasies.

    Just love him to pieces. He’s so fascinating to me. I really became Robsessed after watching him on YouTube. So sexy yet at the same time so adorkable………..

  37. Hermes says:

    Why is Tom riding on Rob’s back in this video of them going to some Emmey after party? Look at the first 6 seconds and you’ll see TomStu riding Rob piggyback style.. (srsly!)maybe tomstu’s wearing uncomfortable shoes? Stephanie Ritz is also in the pic. And her shoes don’t look very comfortable.


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Aww, Hermes! Boys will be boys! I think they just love having a good time. Let’s all think on their shenanigans for a moment…good times! Really would love to be there to see that in person!!!

    • enviro says:

      I had all kinds of naughty ideas of how to respond to your question before I saw the video. But then when I saw it, it’s so G-rated! Just an old-fashioned bromance a la I Love You, Man IMHO. You can just hear Rob saying at the beginning “Get the eff off me, man, here come the cameras, I don’t wanna read about how I’m gay again!”

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Someone at the forum pointed out that it looks like Steph is reprimanded them! And then it looks like they are quickly trying to act like they weren’t doing anything! Too cute!

  38. Alex says:

    Do people think before they make comments?

    Tom didnot do a piggybag ride on Rob. It was a headlock. Havent you ever seen boys/mens in all ages do such things with their friends?

    Wheres commonsense?


    I fell for Rob over the youtube/mag interviews. Some hot celebrities are full of themselves. As Kristen said in her twilight interviews, Rob was the only one who had a (brain) or were thoughful. I love Edward because of the way he loves/cares for Bella….He is being hot is something extra.Dont you want a BF who put his GFs best interest before what he wants.

    and Rob did fall off the Bed when he was doing the kissing scene in twilight audition. I think he can go little crazy on the bed.LOL

    • robsfuturemate says:

      @Alex- I too thought it was a headlock at first. But on second (and third, fourth…) it does look like a piggyback! Tom appears to be jumping off of his back! That’s me, using my “common sense” or just what my eyes see.

  39. Alex says:

    For those who doubt Robs ability to make love.LOL.

    Enjoy this.


    PS: I love this post.

    • melronin says:

      Whoever needed that vid as proof that Rob has the ability to make love please raise hands!!!!
      Come on guys…I wanna see some hands here!!!

      LMFAO!!! Alex honey…you made me laugh so hard!

      • robgirl86 says:

        I don’t need proof either ……….

        especially no proof about his acting skills in sappy Robsten videos…..

    • roslynselene says:

      Is it just me, or do you cringe watching cheesy sappy Robsten videos. And not just Robsten but cheesy sappy videos with just Rob in them too. It’s like, “Please! Stop it! This isn’t the fucking Hallmark channel!” I only got through 5 seconds of that. And before I get called a jealous Nonsten, I am jealous…of TomStu, that it. 🙂

  40. robgirl86 says:

    Love the last pic, every pic where he has his eyes closed “works” for me big time, wonder why…… 🙂

  41. Hermes says:

    Hey I did mention that TomStu’ maybe wearing uncomfortable shoes, and that’s probably why Rob is carrying him.. sheesh no need for haters! I give my 24 yr old BFF piggyback rides all the time (NOT).
    If her shoes hurt her, and we are going out to party, she’s generally out of luck. Rob’s a nicer BFF than I could ever be. Lucky TomStu! 🙂

    • enviro says:

      Yikes, I hope you didn’t mean me (hater thing)! Definitely not intended. Lucky TomStu, indeed! Lucky Stephanie Ritz too, seems like they hang out some. Hey if your shoes hurt, just do a Kristen and switch for the Chucks (although sadly few of us have assistants to carry them around for us). Love her.

      • Hermes says:

        @ Enviro – nah, ( it was not directed at you) 🙂
        TomStu is a lucky guy though 😉 for getting that piggyback rid. he can’t weigh more than 120 lbs though.
        Anywhooo… there was a rumor that Stephanie Ritz is preg. (which is great if she is & congrats to her — if she’s reading this), if your not preggers Stephanie , (I apologize profusely for thinking so).
        Just promise us you won’t name the child Renesme.
        Its a dumb ass name for a kid.

        • Edible Art ? says:

          Blimey I hope she is pregnant – last week all the mags were saying she was his mum !!! – so you know to be accused of being the mother to a 23(?) year old man or pregnant when you aren’t could give you some “issues”

          • Hermes says:

            Oye veh! Stephanie Ritz mistaken for Robbie’s mum????
            I bet she had a cow over that one!
            psst- I hear she looks at the rags (hard copy as well as online magazines) as well as the online blogs written about him too. If she read that, I can imagine it did not go over well. She’s too young yet for a nip tuck. Can’t be more than her mid to late 30’s. Rob’s Mummy eh? really?? hee hee. ahem.– she must almost be as famous/recognizable to Robbie’s fandom as Himself is…

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Steph does seem to be putting more effort in her wardrobe and clothes since the “mum debacle.” Maybe she learned something?!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Whoops! Meant wardrobe and hair…need to proofread more!

  42. jessica marie cullen says:

    other than rob… spike (james marsters). from good ol’ back in the day buffy. i guess i have a thing for brits? brit vampire actors? who also smoke like chimneys? the accent? not sure…

    • P.S. says:

      I had never seen Buffy until last week when I started watching the entire series on Netflix! I’m replacing Angel with Rob in my head, not too hard to do on some of the side shots!

      • jessica marie cullen says:

        just wait until the episodes with spike sans wack job drusilla… spike needs not replacing.

        (but i picture robward instead of angel too… thats normal)

  43. GivingRobSomeLoving says:

    UC… I’m shocked! I thought you could see that there is more to Rob than his dreamy jaw, smoldering eyes and bulging “cell phone.”

    I love that Rob is a genuinely great guy that just so happens to be the hottest thing to walk the earth. His humility and sincerity is undeniably attractive, and he has a great sense of humor.

    While I fantasize otherwise, he doesn’t seem the type to partake in… erm… nastier business. I can see Rob being throughly attentive in bed. He’d be a passionate, sensitive lover.

  44. Hermes says:

    oooh. I just watched the video again. I’m beginning to get turned on by Rob’s manager now.. whats his name?? Nick Frenkel? those big dark liquid sexy eyes.. (sigh) ..Ok everyone, lets stalk him too! (he’s another one of Robbie’s lurkers) usually found in the background guarding his guy.

  45. Robmeplease says:

    I’m glad you posted this. i have always wondered why I am obsessed by Dear RP as a vampire when I really only enjoy bad ass characters such as Chuck Bass. Last night I saw a special about the nineties and how everyone was crazy about Luke Perry – I wasn’t into 90210, but I recognized the same m.o.: hair, sideburns, demeanor etc.

    Never in my life I thought I’d have a celebrity crush and after seeing Rob for the first time in 2009 (I saw Little Ashes before I saw or read any Twilight) I confess – I’m robsessed and hte only cure is to dream of him and real bad things… LOL

  46. bucaticadinmine says:

    oh, come on guys! there’s hope for Rob yet…just wait until Bel Ami comes out…bring on the sexy 😀

    • Robmeplease says:

      Bel Ami is one of my favorite books and I am really looking forward to see Robert bring the seduction scenes to life.

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