Seriously you all, get off their Dicks. (Shhh, just act like you care)

Dear Rob,

You know that shirt you wear when you wanna be flippant and cool and think you’re all hardcore? The BEASTIE BOYS Tour shirt from whatever over priced online vintage store you bought it from which according to people with too much time on their hands is worth about 250 bucks. Yea, like I said too much time on their hands. BUUUUTTT that is neither here nor there. When you bought it they told you it was super limited edition and no one else would have it… WELLLLLLL lookie what I found…

(Google “Rob Pattinson ‘Get off my dick'” and you’ll find the picture!)

DUDE… you know how they say pets resembles owners or couples start to look like each other after they’re together a long time? Yea, whatever it is she’s becoming YOU. Dude, maybe she wants to BE you. All along it’s hasn’t been about love or lust or like it’s been about her taking your place! I mean look at the signs bro… TomStu is now in a movie with her, they’ve been seen at parties together, she’s probably played the guitar with him, she’s hung out with your family and now she’s trying to tell you to stay off her Dick! She wants your dad all to herself. Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of those emails?

So this is a little warning letter just so you’re watching your step. This has the hints of a Stage 5 Clinger, if this ends bad, she will either burn your house to the ground like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale or will skin you and wear you like last years Versace (holler Real Housewives of Jersey!). I’m just saying watch out… and like Eric Yorkie says, ” I got your back baby.”

It’s alright, stay on my dick,

So what’s the deal with this shirt? Classy, trashy? A “statement” to anyone? Or kids who think they’re so cool?

Learn more about KStew’s outfit than you ever cared to know at Kristen Stewart Fashion courtesy of a fan

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403 Responses to “Seriously you all, get off their Dicks. (Shhh, just act like you care)”

  1. robsfuturemate says:

    Was hoping to get back to our regular LTR programming and commenter’s, but alas, no.

    It’s amazing how many people come out of the woodwork when K is involved!!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      yup. the krisbians are late, but the word finally got out. Send reinforcements to LTR -thumbs down to all the haters!

    • pukesten says:

      sometimes there’s no point trying to be mature about a debate i’m on a thumbs down rampage ha ha!!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I got thumbs downed earlier for saying that I miss you and love you and now this…WTH??? Good thing I’m secure in myself!

  2. roslynselene says:

    Dear Everybody,
    I didn’t want to offend anyone and I hope no one got offended by what anybody else said. If you’ve been here long enough, we expect you to know that we say things just to get a few laughs(even when we think it’s funny and others don’t).

    You may say, “But you said you cringe when Kristen speaks.” Ha-ha! But who doesn’t? And yeah, she DOES make me cringe but that’s because her nervousness makes me nervous. Nervous people in general, have that affect on me.

    And lastly, I do not hate Kristen. I just don’t like her attitude the same way I dislike Miley Cyrus’ attitude. Before Kristen/Robsten fans send me to eternal damnation in hell, I’m NOT comparing Miley and Kristen. Sometimes you just don’t like a person and that’s it. I bet you’d probably hate my attitude too and that’s okay, but guess what? That doesn’t mean it’s because you’re jealous of me. Sometimes it’s simply because you don’t agree with what I say or do. That’s normal!

    RoslynSelene(I don’t ‘ship’ anything)

    P.S: In the future, if I make cracks at Kristen, it’s because she’s any easy target just like Rob and Taylor and everyone involved in the Twi Saga. I don’t mean any harm! Peace and love to everyone!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Take it with a grain, Ros. Next post will be back to all us regulars! They only come out and play when things are not being “shipped” properly. Besides, it’s good to get thumbs downed every now and then! <3 ya!

      • MidnightCougar says:

        @ robsfuturemate: I was just thinking the same thing…& wondering where the Hell all these commenters came from?? I was away this weekend & had no internet, I come home to a great new LTR post & WHAM…390 comments! Holy Shit Batman! But, you’re right it will only be us regulars again for the next post (well as long as it’s not KStew related). I get a kick out of how all these people come out to comment when she’s involved. Personally, I’m just going to focus on the thought of Rob’s “Dick”. lol

    • southernbelle says:

      You’re so sweet, don’t worry about it :).

    • MidnightCougar says:

      “Peace and love to everyone!” EXACTLY!!
      This is supposed to be for fun & a good laugh! RELAX PEOPLE!

  3. robgirl86 says:

    oh my, it’s saturday, I came back to read the comments..and …100000 thumbs down and all I can think is

    – so much effort for what exactly?
    – Kstew fans(the ones who came here to “defend” her innocence) are worse than Kstew obviously
    – “lovely” fans she has
    – don’t they have a job?

    it’s funny..I expect now 10000000000Kstew pics on Twitter please!

    • Jules says:

      Oh RG – I love you so much.
      Didn’t anyone tell you? You are not allowed to have negative opinions of Kristen Stewart, ever. Or if you do, you must keep them inside. Always. The end.

      • robgirl86 says:

        at this point I sometimes really don’t know what’s more creepy
        – Kstew fandom
        – Rob’s fandom
        – Kstew in her attention seeking
        – Ron or Rib

        or the incredible effort Kstewgirls/boys/dunno do everytime you say that you don’t like that girl?

        and what happens if I say that she is a bad actress?

        waiting here for reactions!
        NOW PLEASE, I have a life!

        (P.S. I love u too 🙂 )

        • Jules says:

          hahahahaha! I love Rib (my iPhone always does that).
          Kstew must be defended.
          She does not have ONE conniving bone in her body and she did not wear the shirt for attention. 😀
          It was either that shirt or go nekkid. She decided to spare us and chose the shirt. You should love her for that.

          • robgirl86 says:

            LOVE & PEACE for Kstew! (or so… 🙂 )

            (and HOPE…..ahemm Hope for myself that she spares me some ass crack view….. channeling Rob’s sometimes not existant underwear, I mean…GREAT on him, but dunno about her)

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Jules- It’s because we’re all jealous, remember?!

          RG- We’re on Day 2 and it looks like the shippers are not coming out to play! And the pics I’ve seen just prove our point!!

          You girls are awesome!

          • Jules says:

            Oh, but they are playing. They are cowardly hiding behind the thumbs down. haha. Oh, and tweeting about our jealous fat old asses. #&hearts

          • robsfuturemate says:

            I forgot about the tweet, since I don’t follow that koolaid! lol. I like it better when they come out with their arguments. Then at least I can try and understand their logic…ok, no.

          • Jules says:

            just check @letter2twilight’s feed and you’ll see the lunacy.

          • robgirl86 says:

            We are jealous, fat and ugly! ALL! 🙂 oh my, always the same when we talk about Kstew here!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Yes, drsaka sent me that link. It’s a good thing we don’t all have self-esteem issues! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

    • pukesten says:

      “- don’t they have a job?”

      love u RG!

    • lord periperi says:

      i’m a kstew fan. when was i mean, nasty or worse than her?
      i loe myself a good cup of irony and sarcasm, as that is my favorite humor; but generalizing people, that’s what i don’t like.
      i don’t like the nonobjective commentaries about anyone, logically-especially when it comes to people i’m a fan of:rob, kristen etc., etc.
      but i don’t call them all the names in the book, and i don’t judge them all by the cover. i really feel offended by thischaracterization of kstew fans.i’m not like that. and i don’t see a reason why i should be judged so harshly for liking someone’s work and public persona.
      oh, and i do reald LTR regularly. in fact, most of the time i read it between sobs of laughter.

  4. Jules says:

    Dear robgirl86 – I’m wounded. Why don’t you want to see kstew’s ass crack? You must fall in line and admire her ass. You must.

  5. Kim says:

    I usually don’t give a crap about what Rob fans say about Kristen because we all know why many of you are obsessive about her, but this site has been supported and mentioned by Twilight as well as Stephanie Meyer. I don’t think either one would be too proud of the *love* you guys express for their leading lady. Seriously though, if you women are mothers, is this how you teach your kids to behave? And if you women aren’t yet mothers, I’m sure you all have one. Does your mother teach you to behave this way?

    • LTT was mentioned and read by steph- not ltr. And sigh.. Read it again- not hate. Funny.

      We’re not moms- but when we are we’ll teach our kids to have a sense of humor

    • LattersBaby says:

      “Women who aren’t mothers” or “women who aren’t yet mothers”…any other options?

      And by the way, if I don’t like a party–I leave. I don’t critique the party for not being my style.

    • robgirl86 says:

      What is all this talk about HATE…I mean..there is NO HATE, we’re not 13y here. We are TALKING and expressing opinions!Making fun of this or that, why are people so sensitive about that?

      ….and about your mother comment,…Pftttt….. you sound like my gran!

  6. dazzledtodeath says:

    hi ladies

    the krisbians finally showed up to defend their queen. Better late than never. What is it about her that inspires such mindless devotion? I’ll never know.

    The best part of this post is the mental image of KSpew as Mr. Burns and Rob, grovelling at her feet as Smithers, calling her Sir.

  7. southernbelle says:

    Oh my, the thumbs down monster came out!!!!

  8. amy says:

    She clearly likes the attention and speculation since she’s often pap’d wearing shirts very similar/identical to his. It’s not coincidence that she wears those things at the airport, on the set, and places she knows she’ll be photographed.

    she’s benefiting a lot more from all this publicity than he is. He was seen as a heartthrob before, and now he’s seen as half of “Robsten”.

    • robsingsinmyhoyt says:

      You’re right. In the media, he is one half of Robsten, and all the sane people know that all the Robstens are Krazy.

      Anyone remember Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Ben is only just now getting his career back on track. He was the butt of jokes for how long? I just read this quote from him today (The Associated Press, no rag):

      “Tabloids do a lot to get in the way of this work, because they cause audiences to think of you in a different context, and it makes it much harder for them to believe you playing your role. And then they blame you for it.”

      So am I harsh to KShrew and Robstens, both driven by PR (for her benefit only) and ragmags? Hell yes! And I may get more harsh still, because this is Rob’s career we are talking about. Someone’s got to be concerned until his big head takes over for his erm… less big head, though what it sees in a bony bitch I canna understand, if he sees anything at all, which is still not clear since KStank is sooo shy and retiring.

    • robsingsinmyhoyt says:

      Sorry about being all serious and shizz. Unhappy to be sick and here on a sat nite, so I might as well take it out on someone. And I am a mortal enemy of KShrew/Robstens cuz they’re f*ckin’ wi’ my boy.

  9. kandnandb says:

    Wow, such craziness today!!

    I get that people are upset about rude comments about a 20yr old girl we’ve never met & that they think by disrespecting her, we’re disrespecting Rob and therefore are not fans. I mean, there is a certain logic to it.

    But do *they* get that if Rob wasn’t with Kristen, say he was with Nikki Reed or Ashley Greene or even some cocktail waitress he met in Vegas, there would be websites, Tweets, blogs, etc directing hate towards her? They happen to like Kristen so it works out in their minds. But I’ve read about the hate for Nikki & Ashley-if Rob was with either of one them, I guarantee they would makes our comments from yesterday look like mere schoolyard insults. (Actually they already did on Twitter-calling UC & Moon fat assholes.) And if/when he’s with another girl, maybe I’ll be the rabid shipper and they can all call me delusional.

    I consider myself a fan of Rob even though I do not ship him w/ her. I have freedom of speech. I come here to blow off a little steam. This is the ONLY blog I read & comment on-I do not go to Robsten sites to spew hate & incite riots. Nor do I go to Nonsten sites and wish death on her. But in the end, I know Rob doesn’t care if I’m a bad fan or if I’m a Robsten or Nonsten. My ticket sales bought a him a Hot Pocket.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Your last paragraph is full of all kinds of win!!! Maybe we SHOULD go on those other sites and spew hate and incite riots…Wait a minute! We here at LTR are too refined for that kinda drama, we are Pappa Pattz approved!! And, I think your ticket sales bought him more than just one Hot Pocket!! Great Post!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I comment only here as well and I think that Robstens or whatever’stens is something for the Kindergarten, my teen times are over since a lil while, so who cares about people who spent their time on thinking about epic cheesy love stories…

      I love Rob, I don’t like Kristen, I don’t know about whatever relationship they may have and I don ‘t care!
      horray for freedom of speech, everybody is allowed to say his opinion and we make fun of Kristen and we make even more fun of Rob, this is LTRob, not less, not more!

      P.S. Humour is something HER fandom def does NOT have, I noticed that…

  10. dazzledtodeath says:

    To everyone who’s all in a tizzy over all the “HATE” we “haters” have for KSpew-

    I don’t like her, true. Nor do I believe in the epic love of R’sten. But I do not wish death, illness or any other catastrophic event on her. I just wish she’d go away, and never be associated with Rob again. She’s like an anchor around his neck. Find a worthy cause to fight for, instead of defending someone who doesn’t need, want or deserve your devotion.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      D2D- I think it’s a lost cause. They are never gonna understand because they won’t take the time to listen. Everyone is entitled to their own opinnion and they just don’t get that. (It was worth the try though!)

    • robgirl86 says:

      That’s the best analogy of Robsten I heard so far! KUDOS!

  11. dazzledtodeath says:

    I know, I just hate when people make reference to wishing her dead, etc. I would never do that, to her or anyone else. Nor would I threaten people or run people off Twitter, as some R’stens have been known to do. I just wanted to make that clear (if it wasn’t already). I also like to think I can get my point across in a literate manner, w/o resorting to yelling “HATER! Fat old cat lady! You suck! Rob hates U haterz!”

    • kandnandb says:

      “Fat old cat lady!” made me choke on my apple!! LMAO

      And really that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it? Personal attacks bc every girl (besides themselves & Kristen of course) is fat & ugly. Like back in high school, when a girl was hitting on your friend’s boyfriend (not your boyfriend, a friend’s boyfriend) but you still got in the interloper’s face & called her fat. *That* makes me ashamed of being female. I know Rob will never be mine. Do *they* know Kristen will never be their friend? Calling me fat & ugly bc I don’t ship won’t please Kristen. It’s just misguided loyalty. Kristen seems to have a lot of loyal fans, but in my fat & ugly opinion, they’re giving her a bad name.

    • robsingsinmyhoyt says:

      You’re my new hero, too. I’m not really mean and nasty and I can be funny when I don’t feel so crappy. But I srsly do think we need to do something about the Robsten shizz before he becomes a joke. He’s teetering on the edge right now because of her and it’s making me nervous.

      • robsingsinmyhoyt says:

        Ok, one last thing then I’m out for now. In the USA Today newspaper there is an article about Sara Gruen, author of “Water for Elephants”. It identifies the veterinarian as being played by “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Aaaaarrrrrggghhh! He’s got to get away from that before he’s toast but how with the bound to be hilarious BD still to come I dunno. Article also says the paperback is to be reissued, probably with Rob on the cover.

        I’m out. Gaaahhhh! I can’t even say “Peace out” any more. What else is she gonna ruin?

  12. Dear Beastie Boys,
    I hear you’re in the middle of a Robsten/Nonsten dramaz all over the interwebs. Mwhahaha! Congrats, your life is complete now, you’ve made it among the big ones. Also what’s up w/ all the vulgarity, where are your Queen of England manners?

    Seriously whether that was on purpose or not, it’s just a girl telling people to fuck off (or not, whatevs), what’s the big deal? I think they both (individually, hein :-)) been very/too politically correct in the Twi bubble given all the craziness. I want some outburst fun (not from you, the fandom, you’ve already given A LOT).

    • nevermind I thought, between drinks w/ people, the scandal was over ‘ladyness’ PC issues, now i’m confuzzeled but won’t read the whole pile. Basically it goes both ways, people w/ no humour, uhuu, you must be fun to hang out with! Cheers!

    • robgirl86 says:

      It’s not about a shirt (nice one 🙂 ), it’s about attention seeking and using HIM, controlling, talking and playing with the media! And….if you say ..I don’t like that, or I don’t buy that, then you’re officially jealous,old, fat and ugly. Not that I care…. 🙂

  13. Alex says:


    I dont comment on this site very often but i ckeck ur posts everyday.

    I am a Rob fan forever. I am a Robsten fan as long as Rob dating Kristen. I like Kristen and I get what she says.

    I used to get really hurt when you guys make fun of Rob. Now you are making fun of Robsten or Kristen. But
    When I read ur comments here on this post I realised that you guys are HAVING FUN.

    What Kristens fan should understand that this site is making fun of everything. This is a FUN site. Now I get it. So I am so COOL about it. Because at the end of the day you guys are so supportive of ROB and BUY his tickets of his OTHER MOVIES. Some Twilight fans/robsten fans didnt support Remember me. SAD & DISSAPOINTED. But i am happy with the result $55M

    Rob has the biggest oppertunity to build his career. Rob has more commercial value than Kristen. I hope his personal life wont overshadow his career.

    Saying that I dont have a problem with Kristen. I wish them good long career. I believe that Robsten is real. So I wish them happy lives together.

    My point is lets try not to make a Big deal about Robsten and Nonsten. This will harm their career and personal lives. and also thats what they are asking from us for a long time. NOT to make their personal lives a BIG DEAL.

    I will see all Robs films no matter what. I love him soo much.

    PS: I appreciate that you guys are making such an effort to keep Robs fandom alive.

    • robgirl86 says:

      your comment sounds sad, hugs to you !

      I love Rob too! Always! 🙂

      • Alex says:

        Yeh I get upset when Robsten overpowers Rob. As i said before some Robsten fans didnt go to see RM as they didnt want to see Rob with Emalie. for most Twilight fans he just Edward. I am like WTF. I love Twilight and Edward so so so much. But I can easily seperate twilight, Edward and Robsten.

        I mean If you are a Robs fan you will support his other films …his career.

        I agree with a earlier post . Rob should have his own identity apart from just a one part of ROBSTEN.

        I hope you guys are mature enough to Love him and support him disregarding his personal life unlike some lame fans.

        Love you all Rob fans from all over the world.

        • robgirl86 says:

          You say you read LTR, so if you read accurate, you can’t have ANY DOUBT about the huge support the regular commenters (and especially UC/Moon creating this blog) give Rob!

          Trust, he is SAFE here, we love him 🙂
          (can’t say the same about his hotness….oopppsies)

    • niahid says:

      Your opinion was something like his reps would say

  14. Alex says:

    I will be Robert Thomas pattinsons fan forever disregarding who he dates. His personal life wont affect me as long as he doesnt become a Bad a**.

    What Rob and kristen should understand is that They have to be very careful and smart on how to present themselves to their potential employers and tickets buyers. Creating a good impression is very important when you are in public eye. It doesnt mean they should be pretending all the time. But sooner they understand that they are in a commercial world better they can handle thier fame. It applies to every other professions.

    Especially Rob should know that he can be in GOOD movies with studios / he is not in INDI movie actor anymore. They should concentrate on how to improve their acting and build a steady career instead of wasting their time on drinking and smoking or fighting with media or paparazzi.

    Let the action speaks lauder than words or good look.

    PS: I cant wait for belami and WFE. Hope he will be promoting these films for more mature audiance so that he will not try to be too funny…making silly jokes though I love his humor.I get it as I stalk him over the net everyday. But there are people who dont follow him or not his fans but interested in these films. So if he present himself well they will go & see his films. (This is if ROB wants to be taken as a serious actor who doesnt disappoint his fans/ audiance)

    • robgirl86 says:

      “They should concentrate on how to improve their acting and build a steady career instead of wasting their time on drinking and smoking or fighting with media or paparazzi.”

      As far as I know…THIS is what Kstew does and NOT ROB!

      He never gave a flying bird to anybody and he never fighted with the media, he’s a supernice guy, who takes pics with everybody giving a shit that he’s on vacation, tipsy,and not his best looking or whatever.
      He’s a mulititalented MAN, sweet and supersmart, he’ll do his way, as for Kristen, I dunno, I think she’s a bad actress and that’s it!

      • Alex says:

        I did not mean any bad about Rob. I love him soo much so I want him to be better and better in every aspect of his life. I know life is not perfect.

        I know he is so nice with everybody. He is funny smart and cool at the same time. His interviews inspired me. His interviews made me fall for him.

        My point is whether we like it or not they are together. PR or not. I think robsten is real. People /media write stuff about the as a package. I have read so many stuff about them …Like ” if they cant deal with fame why they choosed acting…bla bla bla” When they are together as a package it gives negetive impression. They look or media make them look like complaining all the time. i know its kristen who whinge all the time. But Media has that impression on Rob too. I can understand them. But there are things we cant control. Just have to deal with it.

        So what I say is they should stop complaining and concentrating on their career. I know they do.

        as much as I love Rob..I think that he has to work on his acting to have a longish career. He is still new to this and learning. Thats why I cant wait for Belami and WFE. I want to see good reviews and feedback about him as an actor. He has a huge potential.

        As i said before I dont mind rebsten…as long as It doesnt affect badly on Robs career.

        • drsaka says:

          Hi Alex, I’m glad that you got what a lot of us love about this site: we are fans of Rob and in reaction to his word vomit, ridiculous clothing choices, funny faces that he pulls, how amazing he can look, and his potential as an actor, we like to comment and make fun of him. He has a good sense of humor about himself and I would project that he would laugh too.

        • robgirl86 says:

          THIS is a blog for Rob (Kstew sometimes “happens” to be mentioned 🙂 ), I don’t care about his lovelife as long me is not involved (hehe). You talk about Media and Robsten, that’s in my eyes her fault, she played with the media and she plays with Rob, he seemed that he wanted to tell the world, she was not d’accord!Just my impression, perhaps tote wrong….who knows… Now they are getting what they are getting! That’s life!
          And yes, can’t wait for his upcoming films! Hopefully he will show the world that he is much more than the “guy from Twilight”!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Alex, come back and comment on a NORMAL day! We have fun and really do love Rob and all he encumbers, the good and the bad! And from what I’ve read these wonderful actors he’s been working with lately have only had good things to say about him personally AND his acting! So it looks like he’s on the right track!!

  15. robgirl86 says:

    So today is Sunday! 350 comments for wearing a shirt…I think I have enough!

    Rob is back home, he’s in Europe, near and in my timezone and all is good in my world!
    He always looks better in London than in LA to me,but that is only my impression.

    Cap,beard,shirt,hoodie…obviously not changed since 2 weeks, we should discuss THIS!

    Theoretically I need a new letter, but practically I won’t be here for a week 🙁
    To all of you a nice WE, me is off to vacation again!

    and..IlovefuzzywuzzyRob, the end!

    • drsaka says:

      We’ll miss you RG!
      Rob will probably be wearing the same clothes when you get back, so it will feel like you didn’t miss anything.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      RG, you’re going on vacation AGAIN!!! Lucky girl! Have a great time and I’m sure you’ll be kept up to date IF anything were to happen!

  16. drsaka says:

    This is the #350 comment- good heavens, this has riled people up good and proper!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Wow, drsaka! Your comments today are filled with British lingo…LOVE IT!!!!

      • drsaka says:

        haha- not sure where the lingo came from!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I think you were channeling your inner Rob! Or maybe that’s what happens when we spend so much time listening to the Right Man talk! When you start running your fingers thru your hair, let me know! 😉

          • roslynselene says:

            I already run my fingers through my hair. Oops! It’s become a habit that I TRY to get rid of. My friends always tell me to stop touching my hair, but I can’t help it! I do it w/o knowing that I do. Crap!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            The question is: are you running your fingers through your hair and biting your lip, or speaking with a british accent? That’s when I’m gonna start to worry!

          • roslynselene says:

            I tried speaking in a Brit accent. I S.U.C.K! I think I say ‘like’ and ‘dude’ too frequently. Bhahaha! But I DO NOT speak like Valley girls/dumb blonds (ya know people always think that when you’re from LA).

          • robsfuturemate says:

            I’m with you there! I get the same thing when I say I’m from the OC, it’s def not like the TV show!! And I’m hoping to have my very own British tutor to help me with the accent!!

  17. dazzledtodeath says:

    350 comments-wow. You could maybe get a few more if it had been a picture of Rob naked.

    • drsaka says:

      Che- is that your avatar an x-ray of your torso??????

    • robgirl86 says:

      very very good! 🙂

    • roslynselene says:

      I read the story of Lynne meeting Rob. *sigh* It gives me hope that maybe someday I’ll get to meet him and have a nice chat. Forget him falling madly in love with me (I’m NOT a 12 y/o), if I could just get a nice conversation with him, I’d me more than happy. <3

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Him falling madly in love with me is a bonus, right?! I’ll settle for “father of my children”!! 😉

        • roslynselene says:

          I’d just about die if he did. Definitely a bonus that I’d like. But I don’t like children…at all. So I don’t want him to be the father of my children…but I would like if we ‘tried’. 😉

        • robsfuturemate says:

          If Rob does fall madly in love with you can you PLEASE have children and hire me as your live-in Nanny? I’m really qualified!

  18. Edible Art ? says:

    Crickey – that god Rob has a life and doesn’t spend 6 hours a day on the internet ……. might be disturbing for him.

    365 comments about a T-shirt – love it

    • Edible Art ? says:

      I meant – Thank god – I am dizzy fromr eading !!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I’m thinking we could have taken off at least 100 of those comments if we had an open weekend post yesterday…with some Rob porn!! Oh well!

      And you can call Rob a god, it’s fine with me!!

  19. lola says:

    ps: I think everyone should have a place to go to where they don’t have to kiss Robert or Kristen’s ass. It’s politically incorrect to do otherwise on most twilight forums. Which is a great disappointment, because they both so easily mock-able(they are both such oddballs in different ways). That’s why I frequent this place, along with places like a different forest, albeit not daily.

    My post yesterday was just pointing out the fact that sometimes, despite the sarcastic entries, people are being so earnest still. Like worrying that he’s being taken advantage of like a preschooler by a 19 year old dropout. For hell’s sake he’s 24…lol But you know what, it was just an opinion in passing I had, about the lack of sarcasm and extra dose of earnestness. Yes, everyone should have a place to voice opinions, even if it’s not flippant enough for my tastes.

  20. Chrisa says:

    Welcome back to London Rob!!!!!!!!

  21. MidnightCougar says:

    I AM BLOWN AWAY!! Almost 400 comments! WTF happened here this weekend?? I go away for one weekend, have no internet & miss all the fun! I love LTR!
    Personally, I’m just going to focus on two words from the post…”Rob” + “Dick”…then I’ll be in my “Happy Place”! & I think I need some Jaw Porn too!

  22. pumagirlsf says:

    Hi. I was out of town for a couple of days. Personal reasons so Get Off My Dick for being late to comment.

    Anyway, we *all* know who Ron is. You’re idiots if you think we don’t. We just prefer to call him Rob because that’s his NAME. Ron is so 2008. Or 2009. Or whatever. It’s stupid. Get over it already.


    • Jules says:

      PUMAAAAA! I missed you!
      1- Surprised the post is still alive (and I’m keeping it that way).
      2- I had to return for some laughs.
      3- I guess what you saying is that you want RON to retire the way of Jizz?
      4- Is there a petition? Dunno if you’ll get enough Siggys.
      5- I’m afraid that Ron may be undead and won’t go away.

  23. Aro says:


    Totally missed this place.

    *grins and wallows around in the LTR-ness*

  24. kandnandb says:

    OK, I’m only commenting because I’m pretty sure this makes the 400th post. That’s GOTTA be a record, right??

  25. […] Maybe a jealous girl in your life intercepts your mail & shreds it before you have a chance (Stage 5 Clinger?) or maybe there is some class celebrities take at celebrity school where they’re taught by a […]

  26. Lily says:

    lmao! The Kstew hate is ridiculous on this site. What a bunch of trolls.

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