Rob Mojo

Dear Rob,

We got this letter last week from a LTR regular and really felt we had to “tell” on her. Prepare yourself, this will be hard to read:

Sad RobDear Rob,

Well, I think it’s finally happening. No, no, my husband hasn’t gotten my hints and started going to the gym or growing out his hair so he can look more like you. It’s just that…well…I think I might be…losing my Rob mojo. There. I said it. And I’ve felt so guilty about it that I wanted to come clean.

You see, Rob, I’ve been depressed lately. We moved across the country almost 6 months ago and at first I was really excited and happy, and now the euphoria of a new place has worn off and I’m left realizing that I have NO friends. I spend every day all day with my two kids, which is wonderful, but I’m lonely.

So I did what I usually do whenever I get in a funk. I internet-obsessed over you. Not like normal, not my usual daily perusal of your where-abouts, but a full-on, hardcore internet stalking of sorts. And…it didn’t do a damn thing. I think I might be getting over you. I poured over pictures of you, fan-made music videos of you, old interviews where you are adorkable and sexy and…nothing. Not even a blip. It didn’t do a thing to get me out of my funk. Sigh.

Don’t worry, Rob, it’s not you, it’s me. I’m sure of it. You are just as sexy and wonderful as you’ve ever been. It’s all me this time. But if you felt like taking a little detour on your road trip, I know a gal in Ohio who could use a great big hug and some cheering up (hint: it’s ME! lol).

Happy travels, Rob. I’ll keep searching for my mojo. I’m sure it’s just on vacation somewhere really nice…Lubbock, TX, perhaps? [Or London now!]


Are you still hanging in there? Does it hurt really bad? I’m here if you need a shoulder to cry on/boob to grab/f-buddy… whatever. I’m here. I won’t even mention the parts of her letter I agree with. Don’t worry- she’s crazy. No one else feels that way.


Don’t worry- I don’t lie.  I crossed my fingers behind my back when I wrote that “promise” to Rob. Cause let’s be honest, even if it’s not an every-day feeling, you’re questioned if you’ve lost your Rob-mojo at least once before, right? I mean, I have. I’ve already bitched lately about how I feel about the current beard. There’s been such a dry-spell & lack of Rob-hottness ala GQ Rob for awhile now. Do you have feel like your mojo is waning? Is it as strong as ever? Stronger? How DO you do it, if so!? Help us out!

After the jump, a little something to maybe get your mojo back

Scroll through the following images for some of my past favorites that always help bring back the Rob-mojo:

Pictures found by googling: Rob Pattinson. Try it sometime.

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

202 Responses to “Rob Mojo”

  1. Jess says:

    I’m feeling like my Rob mojo is definitely waning. I even went to so far, the other day, to tell a friend that Ryan Gosling tops my freebie 5. Ryan. Not Rob.
    Truth be told, he kind of slipped my mind.

    Blasphemy, right?

  2. dazzledtodeath says:

    I’m not there yet. I still get excited when I see a new Rob pic, I don’t mind the beard, but the lack of any real excitement in the Rob world has been going on for a little too long now. I mean, the road trip was cool, maybe we’ll get more London pics, but I need (naked) photoshoot, a TomStu sex tape, or at least pic of Rob, waist deep in the water on Isle Esme (I’ve got my pirate patch) to really get me going.

    Cmon, Rob, throw us an, er, bone.

  3. tupelohoney says:

    I can honestly say that ever since I first heard Rob’s sexy British voice and his giggles on the Twilight commentary my “love” for him has never wavered. Never lost my Rob mojo. Not once.

    Can’t give any advice on how to restore a waning Rob mojo. Mine’s just always been there.

    UC, I agree with you about the current beard. Need to see that pretty face….

  4. kandnandb says:

    My Rob mojo has waned a bit too & I’m sad! The old pictures never fail to get me all tingly but I need new pictures or interviews! I only wish WFE was coming out sooner. I think that dirty circus vet Rob is just what Dr Cullen ordered. And if my favorite scene from the book makes it in there (the one where he wakes up looking a little “different”), I’ll never lose my mojo again.

    PS-Beaspoon, welcome to OH! It’s sorta OK here, most of the time;-) Where in OH are you?

    Dear Rob, on your travels, if you find yourself in the Buckeye State (a buckeye is a poisonous nut if you didn’t know), make that TWO girls who could use a hug!!

  5. drsaka says:

    ‘Rob, it’s me, not you’.

    Do you think he’s ever heard those words before? Or will again?


    • dazzledtodeath says:

      maybe and NO

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I’m sure he’s heard those words before, maybe in his modeling days! But, I doubt that he hears them very much now!! The girls that would tell him that probably wouldn’t even give him the time of day and it’s there loss. And our gain!!

  6. JenlovesRob says:

    Nope haven’t lost my lovin’ feeling yet!

    Ask me again if there’s engagement or baby talk for Robsten. I mean if these both become a reality not just Ted C. rumors on E.

    Whispers- I’d probably still love him.

  7. MidnightCougar says:

    Yes, my Robsession does wane a little every now & again, but I can usually refresh my Rob Mojo & bring his “Sexy Back”, when I watch videos like this!

    • yertlesmom says:

      Good way to get the mojo back–except for the scary fan art about 50 seconds in. YIKES — and the red underwear shot (giggle).

  8. babiesbrown says:

    Oh, girls. I needed that “jump” today. To be honest, Ian Somerhalder has been at the top of my freebie list for a good while now. ( I know, I know. I swear it’s not just a vamp thing. I loved him on Lost, too, & then forgot him till TVD came out last year.)
    But those photos help a lot. They’re neck-in-neck again. ( I swear, I don’t mean for that to come off as cringeworthy pun-like as it is.)
    Dear Rob, Have you seen what Ian wears out in public? Have you read his awesome Twitter? Call his stylist & get on Twitter. It would help my waning adoration of you SO MUCH.

    • babiesbrown says:

      Was wondering who gave me a thumbs down. But the I got to “Kristy’s” comment.
      Ok. Now I know. Kristy, do you need to see the definition of sarcasm again? It’s a LTT/LTR fan favorite.
      I can’t wait for WFE & will probably be crazy fangirling when it comes out. But in the mean time, me and Ian are tight. I’ll just keep watching my Delena vids on YouTube till darling Rob emerges in a Denny’s in Johnson City, TN. And then I will leave work & drive north as fast as I can to try & catch him.
      ROFLMAO. Get a life, honey!

  9. Nope, my Rob mojo’s as strong as ever. It can rival with Harry Clearwater’s kung-fu! That’s how strong it is!

    Since Nov 2008, whenever I laid my eyes on a new guy, all I look for are:

    A strong jaw that cuts through glass
    The Queen’s English accent (lit’rally!)
    Good ol’ English sense of humour (allergic to va-jay-jays)
    Tousled hair
    Bushy eyebrows
    Wonky legs
    Thin, pink lips (perfect for kissing!)
    Looonggg musician’s fingers
    Moles on the back and neck.

    Phew, I think that’s pretty much it. And guess how many guys fulfill that requirement? Zero.

    Rob, you are harmful for my (non-existent) love life. And I’m doing nothing to change that 😉

  10. robsfuturemate says:

    I’ll admit it, I’ve waned before… only once! It was during those Bel Ami days when I thought I’d be so excited to see you in your Robroy glory. But, alas no, I was disappointed and thought I had lost those feelings for you. BUT, when those WFE pics came out…holy moly!!! It was all back in full force! I love me some Dirty Train Rob!!

    Thank God we have another post! I so did not want to post on that other thread anymore! Love you girls <3

  11. allryans says:

    Birdcage photo from the InStyle shoot gets me every.time.

  12. melronin says:

    Since I haven’t lost my Rob-mojo at all…and I mean not even a
    tiny lil bit…am still loving this man like nuts…and since I was away all Sunday and missed my chance of commenting…hope you don’t mind that the greek girl needs to say a couple of things…sorry that I will bother you with that subject again…

    Be prepared this will be epic…so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine…whatever will help you and tolarate me for a couple of minutes…

    Am so happy that there were over 350 comments over the WE, although it makes me sad that this happens mostly when Kstew is involved.
    I love LTR, you know it, I think it shows and UC&Moon are doing an amazing job. I love even more all the girls that are around here every day, some for over a year now and others for many months on a daily basis. We have become a big happy family, we got to know each other well and we know by now(or should know) the way of each others writing, why we say what we say, when we say it. We know each others humor, style, ton and spirit. We respect each other and I believe there is a lot of love around here.
    But above all we are here because of Rob. He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA on this blog, we love him here (here as in “home”), we support him here, we deffend him here and we make fun of him here…just to tease him…we stick to this blog and only this blog for our comments…

    Now, every comment and commenter are ofcourse most welcome, am all for democracy and freedom of speech…no problem with any girl that is a Robsten or a Kstewfan and LTR deserves all the attention…
    I just have one question:
    Why do you all have this urge to come here and deffend Kristen in such a fanatic way?? Is it maybe because she needs to be defended? Is it maybe because you yourself know that there is something seriously wrong with her behaviour, her manners and above all the way she acts around Rob and treats him? Is it maybe because the best way of deffence is attack??Or do you have to convince yourself that she is the person that you would like her to be???
    Let me just say at this point that there was a time when I sort of liked the idea of Rob being with her…unfortunately she changed my mind…

    You love your actress! Good!!! But maybe you should be more concerned in how she could improve her actingskills, her behaviour and her attitude towards Rob and her own fans than whether we here on LTR approve of her or not.

    What me personally is concerned, I only care about Rob…him making his dreams come true, him being happy and smiling and him finding the love he really deserves…And about me being jealous… Hell yeahhhh…am even jealous of a female cat rubbing herself against his feet…

    Love you all and hope I didn’t offend someone with my englishskills…

  13. Chrisa says:

    Beaspoon aw just want to give you a big supportive hug! Hang in there, everything will fine and you will have a fully fledged support network in Oh soon.

    Rob’s back in London and I am so thrilled, just knowing he is around makes the air tingle with excitement. I am also very pleased that he is spending some well deserved time off with his friends and family.

    I adore Rob – scruffy, beardy, adorkable or sizzling hot – because it’s his personality that I love the most. He is a great spirit.

    • roslynselene says:

      I’ve always said that. His personality is like no other! His looks are an added bonus. He’s just a beautiful person.

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  15. Kristy says:

    wow! another beautiful post *sarcasm* I used to like like this place but i’m done with your bs.

    with ‘fans’ like you, who needs enemies. ..

    ps; He’s not JUST a piece of man-meat , he does not have to look like a model all the time get. over. it!

    • haha

      i like your rob pattinson-related email address

    • melronin says:

      Thanks for telling us honey! We thought of him only as man-meat! Shame on us…

      Rob my love
      just wanted to let you know that the dirtier you are baby the better for me!!!
      Love you hard and welcome home

    • babiesbrown says:

      You used to “like like this place?”
      Do you “hate hate” it now? Wow. Somebody forgot their morning Zoloft.

    • MidnightCougar says:

      These LTR Blogs are meant to be for FUN & a good LAUGH! There is NEVER any disrespect intended towards Rob! RELAX Kristy! & We know “He’s not JUST a piece of man-meat..”, as most of us also follow & love his Movie/Acting career too!

    • Alice_NaA says:

      I must be hard for you. Always having been the close friend to him. Really knowing who he is, understanding his personality and appreciating him for that. Having swooned over his music and that of his buddies long before the twilight hype. Unlike us silly cougars laminating GQ pictures, sending him carrots to microwave and adding Van Morrison songs in our Katy Perry/ Miley/ Justin Beeber playlists. Just know that someday he’s gonna scan this comment section, see your comment and think “Wow, she really likes me for who I am” and realize you are the girl of his dreams.

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Very well said, my fellow Cougar!!

      • drsaka says:

        Dear Alice, very succinctly phrased. Btw- does that mean that I’m NOT the girl of his dreams??? I’m completely crushed now.

        • Alice_NaA says:

          I’m so sorry. But the good thing is that you won’t be having anniversary candle light hot pocket dinners, but still can do him behind the dumpster, where he will blow us away with his personality.

          • drsaka says:

            You’ve completely done me in. I never conceived of the idea that I was NOT the one and only for Rob. I was looking forward to the candle-lit Hot Pocket dinners. I was looking forward to the huge pile of clothes on the floor. I was looking forward to the day when we could microwave carrots together. After your revelation, what shall I do now???

            (I think that that was a sufficient amount of sarcasm for even the most humorless out there to get, but I could be wrong).

      • natashadushi says:

        BURN!!!!! love it!

      • che says:

        LOL Alice luv u!!!
        i’m sure he’ll

    • melronin says:

      And Kristy
      I see from what you wrote that you are leaving us???
      Well…if you don’t know what Rob exactly means to us all here on LTR, then you seriously did not belong here in the first place.
      So…bye bye and have a nice life! And don’t look back cause we are not gonna explain it to you!
      Rob is ALL MAN AND ALL MEAT…PERFECT IN BOTH btw…and we love it…the end!!!

    • niahid says:

      I lost my Rob mojo when Eclipse came out. That’s the epitome of my Robsten overload. BARF. All the crazy buzz around it had ruined my ability to enjoy all Twi related stuff.

      Got my mojo back back when I see the epic guitar Rob pic, he’s so serene there. And i’m sure it will come back ten fold when Bel Ami and WFE come out.

    • beaspoon says:

      Eek, Kristy, sorry if my letter offended!! Truly I just write to LTR when I am having an off day, and I never mean to offend anyone. Of course I think of him as more than “man meat”–guess that didn’t come across in my post!

      • drsaka says:

        Your letter was not offensive. As I wrote over the weekend,
        ‘Humorlessness is so much fun!’

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Beaspoon, do NOT apologize for that letter!! I’m sure we all were attracted to Rob for his looks at first, the rest just sealed the deal!

    • kandnandb says:

      Kristy, men have been treating women like pieces of meat for ages. And according to my husband, they like being treated like man-meat. They just want laid-the hows, whys, whens & wheres are just means to an end.

      And in the oh-so-sexy words of the man himself (Rob, not my husband): “Feel dirty about it, feel dirty, feel like its wrong.” So based on that, he’s encouraging us to lust after his body w/ the passion of thousands of fanboys at a Star Wars convention.

  16. dazzledtodeath says:

    uh-oh, back to the good fan/ bad fan debate.

  17. Britt says:

    I still love Rob. But honestly, the Robsten bullshit is ruining him for me.

    • pukesten says:


      • LTavares2010 says:

        It is not ruining him to me, because I love Rob so much but I think it is not good for his career, not in the way the midia and many fans are handling with the situation. Rob has a name, he has his own personality, he is Robert Pattinson. He is not ROBSTEN, he is an actor, talented and a beautiful man. ROBSTEN maybe is good for the Twilight Saga but in my opinion is a disaster for his image. Only my opinion, please.

        • I agree, I think. Although I’m not sure a relationship is ever good for an actor as young as Rob… Yes- for a Brad Pitt-ish aged actor- hot guy, wild child, settled down with kids… but not really someone just starting in his prime. There is a reason managers & agents try to keep stuff like this hush hush!

    • halogen says:

      I hear you too, I feel that there is just too much “real life” going on now, and it takes away from the fantasy land, where fantasy Rob rules… I am very happy for him to go on a road trip, visit his parents, whatever, but my original fascination had a camp quality that was delicious…

  18. Cookie says:

    I came in late to the Twilight party and Rob-session. Just “found” everything Twilight and Rob this past July. I refused it for the longest time, couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about – till my husband, bless him, rented from Netflix Twilight and New Moon. Both movies got me interested enough to borrow the books – now I own all 4 hard cover books. I just look at Rob’s pictures and forget to breathe! Also, I love coming to LTT and LTR, going through the archives, just love reading all the posts and comments. thank you ladies!

    • ahhh so lucky- just losing your Rob virginity…. I remember those days…..!

    • Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

      Ahhh, yes the first flush. Golden sleep deprived times. Enjoy & welcome!x

    • That’s me!!! I just read and watched the books around May/June. I don’t know how we resisted for soo long! *gasp*


      PS <3

    • JenlovesRob says:

      Me three! I read all 4 books in 4 days in May. I was always mildly interested in Twilight because of Rob but I had know idea what I was in for!

    • Cookie says:

      yes, well, I read all 4 books, 3x now, Edward’s my first love, then Rob just kinda became him for me, I can’t imagine anyone else playing Edward

    • LattersBaby says:

      I lost my virginity on July 5, 2010.

      I looked over to my bedside table to see all four books staring at me. Several friends, who insisted I join them in their obsession, placed them there over a year ago. The movie was laughable (sorry) and people loved it—I would find the books laughable too, I reasoned. The first dust-covered book seemed to be mocking me, unsure of my courage. I leaned over, stroked the first cover, and cracked the binding.

      Days later, I staggered from my bedroom, confused and…dazzled. The books were not enough. I had to see the movies, visit online sites and read/watch every interview. Through new eyes, I saw the movie Twilight for the piece of “art” it really is.

      I then became overwhelmed with an unnamed emotion. Bedazzled sweatshirts from Twi-moms on Oprah? For the love of God…I’m in my late thirties (cough), I have a PhD…this had to stop. An unnamed emotion sent scalding tears down my face.

      I then found your site & the archives. Tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy…you gave language to my emotion…Second Hand Embarrassment! Suddenly…I felt NORMAL. Bright, witty, sarcastic women…you’ve created quite a party here and I’m honored to attend.

      Thank you!

      • drsaka says:

        Your description is funny! But Rob does have that effect on the susceptible.
        What is your Ph.D. in?

        • LattersBaby says:

          Thanks, Dr.

          My PhD is in Communication. I usually study the stories we tell about loss and grief. This new-found obsession is leading me to study the Twi/Rob fandom culture. It will give me a couple of much needed years away from the heavier research. I might be contacting UC, Moon and a few regulars for permission to use their quotations in a paper I am currently working on.
          This will also enable me to justify trips to premiers, subtle stalking behaviors, and getting lost in my, “Rob grants me an interview” fantasies. I know, they are just fantasies.

          How about you? PhD? MD? EED?

          • drsaka says:

            Interesting! We joked a long time ago about generating a lexicon of LTR speak. One exists for the fandom (you can find it on imdb in the discussion/comment part of Rob’s page). Don’t forget the twitterspeak too. Excellent justification for trips and such! I can see trips to conventions etc.
            I’m a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology.

          • drsaka says:

            Also, if you haven’t looked at the LTT/LTR store-many a good phrase is used there!

          • LattersBaby says:

            Thank you! Yes, I’ve checked them all out. I’m more of a macro researcher than a micro. Instead of looking at specific words–I look at how people create meaning–about ourselves, our relationships, our worlds…blah, blah, blah through our interactions. Yes, and specific language is a part of that…but I’m a forest through the trees type of gal. By the way, some of my best friends are microbiologists…and I mean that in the nicest way 🙂

          • The Old One says:

            Love how you’ve managed to use your Rob- and Twi-stalking into a legitimate career move! I wanna do that, too! So jealous.

          • roslynselene says:

            Actually, I’m planning to study psychology for college next year. I have a vague idea as to what specific field I want to study but I’m really wanting to work with people (maybe counseling and therapy). But I’m also really interested in the human mind/behavior and how it works so I’m probably going to study behavioral science as well. I’m trying to get any advice I can get so I was wondering if you lovely ladies can give me any advice to pass on down to me. Like what careers are available for my interests. And which ones are the best choices. I know your fields in psychology are different from mine, but I’d appreciate any information you can pass on to me. I love how I can find helpful ladies here in LTR. Major educational LTR moment. 😉

        • drsaka says:

          Sounds very interesting! I’m an immunologist, really 🙂

      • Robjunkie says:

        Lattersbaby – that is an awesome story of your twilight discovery. Much like my own in fact. I got the tingly giggles just reading your account and remembering the heady rush of losing my own twi-virginity. And then the knock-out punch that came with discovering Rob. Man, I’m still out for the count. I wonder if its even possible for the mojo to be lost. That boy weaves some pretty powerful magic.

        Is your name a nod to Fifty? Another freaking obsession of mine.

        • LattersBaby says:

          Powerful Magic indeed! And, yes, LatersBaby is my 50 nod. Its quite a little story.

        • Cookie says:

          Agree – MOTU has become a bit of an obssession now. First time I read it, I got pretty overwhelmed, I am re-reading and loving the witty banter, the email exchanges, author is very good.

      • enviro says:

        Great story! Isn’t the strength of the appeal mysterious? As a 43 y.o. married practicing attorney & mother of 3, I have never been a fangirl. It’s the reinforcing Rob/Twilight thing, I think. Anyway, it’s loads of fun, pretty cheap, and not even fattening. Why not?! 😀

    • LTavares2010 says:

      I lost my Rob virginity on June 2009, when I saw him on Tv, at the MTV Movie Awards. Love at first sight. The Twilight movie came after and then all the Twilight Saga books, his other films: Remember Me, Little Ashes, How to be, HP, Badmother, fansites, magazines and everything about him and his career. Nowadays I am still lost in his beautiful smile.

    • enviro says:

      I love your story! Takes me back to spring 09 when it all started for me. Enjoy!

  19. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Awww Hugs Beaspoon xoox.
    I’ll just get my tweed out of it’s storage, ‘cos your not alone my love. I too have felt a wane *gasps*. Even though it’s me, not you Rob-no never(!) I can’t seem explain.
    I think the ladies here are correct as always, we NEED dirty train Robowski like Now!!
    I’m not even on high alert & Robs been back like a whole weekend. Wth?? Although I am netting a friend for drinks at the Connaught tonight, so I’ll take a peekat their dumpsters. You know. Just in case.

    • Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

      *meeting. I DON’T catch strangers in nets and make them drink at posh hotel bars with me. That would be akward. Obvs.

  20. Pammy says:

    Amen UC! He’s all man meat to me!!

  21. beaspoon says:

    Morning ladies:) Thanks to Moon and UC for “telling” on me, lol. It makes me smile to see my letter to Rob online!

    I think what some of you said is absolutely true–I just need MORE Rob. Whenever there is a big gap in whatever he’s up to, I feel the gap in my mojo too. I can’t WAIT for WFE to come out, I loved the book so much and I know he’s going to be amazing in it!

    And yeah, like some of you said, I am NOT feeling the beard. Don’t get me wrong, I love scruff as much as the next girl, but…yeah. I can’t wait till he shaves again, lol.

    Thanks for all the *hugs* and support! My mojo is right around the corner. I know it!

    • Stella says:

      “I just need MORE Rob!” I think that is it for me too. I am feeling the Rob/Twilight thing wane just because there isn’t much new out there. I find myself on the internet sometimes not knowing what I am doing! That’s normal, right?! I wonder if there is treatment for this sort of addiction? LTT and LTR feeds the beast if you know what I mean! Hang in there with the little ones. Maybe join a mom’s group and get those kiddos in a playgroup. You probably already know this, I agree, the addiction is much more fun!!!! Here’s hoping your Rob mojo comes back! Oh and although some of you might think it is careless of me to listen to KE$HA with my 5 year old, he loves the “Your love is my drug” song and makes me play the “I like your beard” comment at the end, over and over! Makes me think of Rob’s grungy look everytime!!

    • enviro says:

      OK technical difficulties — this is like my third attempt to reply! Oh well.

      Love your very relatable post. I’m a part-time working mom of three myself, very level-headed usually, but a total Rob fangirl. I know exactly what you mean about being in a funk (often frazzled after being single-handed with the kids too long — put on the video for them and hit the internet for me) and turning to the Twilight/Rob universe for mood enhancement and — nothing. UGH that is such a bummer.

      Apart from empathy, I wanted to suggest that this is not about you OR Rob — it’s that you are dealing with a really tough situation. You’ll meet people, the set pictures will start coming out from BD, WFE press will begin (!), you’ll make some couple friends to go out with — maybe you’ll even meet a RL Rob fangirl! This too will pass. Hang in there!

    • Hi Beaspoon,

      Just hoping that you’re following the comments since I don’t have any contact information for you. We’ve mentioned you in the breakdown of this post and thought you would like to know. There is also some helpful RobPorn in the post for you. 😀


      PS <3

  22. lindyuk says:

    Well I definitely haven’t lost my mojo but it is being sorely tested at the moment by the lack of new pics, interviews, news or projects. I mean this is ridiculous. I believe other actors have ongoing projects a year or two in advance but what’s Rob got? Bloody Breaking Dawn and that’s it????? What the hell is he doing??? Does he want to carry on acting or not.
    I love him to bits I really do but this lack of news is not good in my opinion. I posted a comment a few days ago on Robsessed about this ‘out of sight out of mind’ scenario and whether it could potentially harm his career or at least set it back. He’s not an established actor like say Johnny Depp or george Clooney with a large resume of films behind them so it doesn’t matter if they disappear for a few months…people ‘know’ them. Rob isn’t there yet. I can appreciate that he needs a break…God knows he’s earned it but…..he does need to have his name attached to future projects and yes I’m excited for Bel Ami and WFE but there’s nothing after that at least not that we know of so far.
    I’ve seen a few comments from fans just lately saying they’re taking a break or they’re not posting any more for whatever reason.
    AND dare I say it…I really think the Montreal saga has shaken a few folks….even though we suspected it all along. However let’s just say…I’m not going to let my dislike of HER affect my appreciation for HIM and I’ll carry on regardless!!

    • niahid says:

      “I really think the Montreal saga has shaken a few folks….even though we suspected it all along. However let’s just say…I’m not going to let my dislike of HER affect my appreciation for HIM and I’ll carry on regardless!!”

      Rest assure the regular girls here love him and will support his work. And I don’t think he’ll quit acting, he just needs a break to keep his sanity intact. The montreal pic was a real test to true Rob fans, you know like natural selection, survival of the fittest. 😉
      I hope all this hoopla make him a better refined man.

    • LTavares2010 says:

      “I’m not going to let my dislike of HER affect my appreciation for HIM ” I totally agree with you.

    • roslynselene says:

      Crap! I just realized that BD is the only thing he’ll be working on (as of now). I’m scared because I’m not looking forward to that craptastic shit AT ALL! Be honest that ‘movie’ is just too ridiculous. So what the hell am I supposed to do now? Wait till BA & WFE? Then what? Could that be the beginning of the end? God forbid it!

      Dear Rob,
      I’m worried. What ARE your plans? Is BD the last movie you’ll be filming? If you’re giving up on acting after BD, that is NOT a way to ‘go out with a bang’. That’d just be sad.
      Please say it ain’t so,

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Have we heard anymore about Unbound Captives? I kept hearing “pre-production”, that’s the longest pre-production I’ve ever heard of! Let’s all take a moment to picture Rob on a horse! Yeah, baby!!

  23. Rob4Deb says:

    My mojo is still going strong. I do wish he would shave the damn beard off though – it does nothing for him, but I think we can forgive him for going au natrel for a while and not being arsed to shave… not the end of the world… just the end of jaw porn!!!

    I was kind of pleased to see him and mullephant together at last, made me feel happy to see him apparently so happy, and hey, he’s got to get it from somewhere hasn’t he.. wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t… so she hasn’t put me off at all.

    Can’t wait for BD to start filming and I live in hope for secret set shots taken on Isle Esme… just saying.

  24. Rob4Deb says:

    My mojo is still going strong. I do wish he would shave the damn beard off though – it does nothing for him, but I think we can forgive him for going au natrel for a while and not being arsed to shave… not the end of the world… just the end of jaw porn!!!

    I was kind of pleased to see him and mullephant together at last, made me feel happy to see him apparently so happy, and hey, he’s got to get it from somewhere hasn’t he.. wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t… so she hasn’t put me off at all.

    Can’t wait for BD to start filming and I live in hope for secret set shots taken on Isle Esme… just saying.

  25. Cam says:

    Wow! We’ve got some fired up peeps around here, today.

    Let’s just gaze on Rob as Edward leaning against the Volvo. Perfection.

    Thanks, Cathy.

  26. L says:

    Let me preface this by announcing my first comment ever! (after a year I have now realized that one does not require an account to comment here!)
    Oy. I feel you Beaspoon! Some days I get more excitement from a fanfic Edward than any Rob photos! The beard is just too beardy, the clothes are just too meh (where’s gq rob? as you say, choice!), and to be honest, I’m just pissed that he decided to go to freakin’ Lubbock! Couldn’t he have come to MY local bar?
    Also, still irrationally jealous about the official mullephant gf (and their matching dick shirts).

    • pukesten says:

      Also, still irrationally jealous about the official mullephant gf (and their matching dick shirts).

      all references to said shirt are henceforth forbidden!!!!!!

  27. pukesten says:

    it’s a year this month since I saw twilight for the first time and googled the hotness who played edward cullen and discovered rob.
    i miss the days of finding new pictures and interviews and you tube videos.
    but i think a lot of the loss of mojo for me is probably over saturation along with the fact that he now comes as a twosome,.
    To be honest I only read LRT these days cos the letters are always funny and the LTR girls are so witty and cool!!
    but if we’re all about finding the mojo again today then this does it for me and it only takes him a few seconds!

  28. eatmyjorts says:

    It’s natural in any relationship for the mojo to ebb & flow a bit….Wouldn’t it be hilarious if, as yours’ (yours being all the usuals here) wanes mine suddenly took off…just a weird thought, it could never happen, could it? He’s in London, I could just hop in the car & go & stalk him! Ew weird….I’ve always said though that it’s not that I don’t love Robward, just love the wolfboys more.

  29. Aleisha says:

    Get thee to fanfiction. It will ease the sadness of the move and having to make new friends. Plus, you’ll want to jump your husband’s bones even without him working out and growing his hair. I was losing my Rob mojo too and now I can’t see a picture of him without picturing him in some super detailed sex scenario. Those fanfic authors can be very graphic with their depictions. *trust me, wink, wink*

    • L says:

      seriously! like i said above, fan fic is the only thing getting me through this mojo-less time.
      (except i am sans husband OR boyfriend, so it’s not really a win-win situation over here…)

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Fanfiction is the answer. It will definitely broaden your horizons.

      • JenlovesRob says:

        Where is all this smutty fanfiction deliciousness you’re all talking about?

        • The Old One says:

          Email me, and I’ll set you up with a starter selection.

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          Check out the Forums tab at the top of this page, linking through to the discussions about FanFic. Check out the ones that have the most views or responses, like Master of the Universe, University of Edward Cullen, etc. etc. etc.

          And prepare for another round of secret obsessive reading til 3am (I recommend, from firsthand experience, reading under the covers with a BlackBerry, like a covert mission where hubby can’t immediately detect the new obsession).

          • Cookie says:

            hubby doesn’t have the right to complain, my hubby is reaping the rewards of my-imagination-running-wild-Isle Esme-honeymoon!!!

          • Stella says:

            “with a blackberry like a covert mission” LOVE IT! thank you for making me feel “normal!!” my husband actually caught me and asked if i was watching television because of the back light! hee hee, little does he know. yeah lolashoes, even my husband would thank her if he knew why he was getting more action! hope that’s not TMI!!

        • JenlovesRob says:

          The Old One set me up with a bunch of links this morning. After I get done with those I will hit the Forum.

          Whoo hooo! Smutt-fest 2010!

          • ladyofthemeadow says:

            Yep, manofthemeadow isn’t complaining either, about the extra “action”. He’s puzzled I think.

            I further confess (since this is the safest place to do it) that I’ve actually woken in the middle of the night thinking about the current fanfic, and I’ve actually reached for the BlackBerry (conveniently located on bedside table) to read another chapter… in the middle of the night! Normal, right?

            Reading so much Fanfic has also converted me from Team Jacob to Team Edward (a flipflop, again). It’s made Edward seem so much more desireable. It hasn’t kickstarted extra Rob mojo though.

  30. roslynselene says:

    A couple of times this past summer, I’ve attempted to stop stalking him online (LTR, Twitter). Mostly because I have real life to attend to like actually working before getting fired. But I only lasted about 2 weeks. Then as soon as I got a 3 week break, I overdosed myself with LTR and Twitter and all was back to normal after a few days. Last week, I saw this interview: (which I can’t believe I missed!) and now I’m on a Rob high again. It’s like falling in love with him all over again. =)

  31. Jules says:

    My mojo ebbs and flows. I’ll never completely lose it and I’m totally okay with that.

  32. Britt says:

    Just adding to what I said above…

    I don’t know if Rob and Kristen are really together. Maybe they are, maybe they’re just friends, maybe it’s PR, maybe friends with benefits, maybe he’s bearding for her. Who knows? I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore.

    The thing this… this little game they got going on with the “playing coy” and “wanting privacy” but then giving off little hints here and there just to stir shit is getting really old. Especially in Kristen’s case since she does it more than Rob.

    If they really are together and want privacy, I get that but seriously, just admit it then and stop leading us on then you can have all the privacy you want. However I don’t think the paparazzi situation is going to improve much now.

    I hope they aren’t hiding to protect Rob’s single heartthrob status than that is just sad. I surely hope Rob doesn’t sink to that level and that would be disrespectful of any girlfriend of his, whether it’s Kristen or not. Not to mention how much they would be failing seeing as half (if not more) of the people who care about them or Twilight think they’re together already.

    You know about a year ago, I wouldn’t have minded if they got together. At least she’s better than skanks like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan (I actually think she has potential if she cleans up her act). But now after all this drama that’s gone down, I really don’t see it. It gives me a headache. Whenever they’re caught together, they act as if they’re ashamed to be seen with each other. What kind of relationship is that? If they are together, I’m sorry but I don’t see it lasting. I see it more as a relationship out of convenience than love.

    Personally, I think that Rob’s association with Kristen is only hurting him in the long run because of her bad behavior (middle finger anyone?)and not to mention her awful attitude towards the media in general. Rob is such a sweet guy and I’m sure there are things about fame or the media he isn’t fond of but he deals with it properly and maturely, unlike Kristen who complains about almost everything and tries to get sympathy from people who could only wish for the life and opportunities she has (come on… fame, money, possibly dating the hottest guy in the world… I’d trade with her any day. Paparazzi don’t scare me). The sad thing is whenever Rob is with her, it’s like her personality just rubs off onto him (the GOMD shirt for example).

    Now didn’t Rob once say that he would not want a girlfriend in this current environment? What I mean is his level of popularity and all the craziness that comes with it. I personally agree with this statement. Rob is young. He shouldn’t be worrying about settling down. Didn’t he also say recently that he doesn’t want to settle down? The Nightline interview, I believe… Anyways, he’s only 24. HE should be taking his new found fame and enjoying it while he still has it. Have some fun, live it up. I’m not saying he should be a manwhore but I don’t think he needs to be tied down right now. Maybe when he’s in his thirties, he’ll be ready to settle down when everything cools a bit.

    But hey, what do I know, right? I’m just a Robsessed 18 year old girl. Maybe I’m naive? Maybe I’m too young to understand. Whatever…

    • roslynselene says:

      Your statement is what I’ve been thinking all along but couldn’t manage to explain to even myself(I couldn’t cause that shit is too complicated to think for too long). I agree with every single word you said. Million thumbs-up!

    • Alex says:

      Dont you think its fans(nonsten & robsten ) and media who make the fuss/big deal. Not Rob?

      He has never talked about Robsten or other girls unless media or fans ask about it.

      We should respect his freedom of choices. If he wants to remain private thats his choice.

      Why are we so damanding? why blame him?

      We are the one who are so obssessed with his personal life.

      You can blame me as I stalk him on internet all the time.LOL

      We dont love him just because we think he is still available.Do we?
      Just wait for another 2 yrs….

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Another 2 years?! I can’t wait that long!!! By then my ovaries will be all shriveled up and then he won’t be able to be the father of my children!!!

        (*sarcasm with a hint of truth)

        • Alex says:

          Yeh I can understand the pain..We are only human ruled by hormone.LOL

          Only Edward can wait that long with out having sex. oh wait i forgot he waited 108 9 yrs. I am just glad that neither Rob nor us are Vampires.LOL

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Very insightful. You said you’re only 18? You’re some smart!

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Sometimes I think I just can’t win. I drool over the personal photos and stories (hello Montreal kiss), and then berate myself for feeding the privacy-invading paparazzi industry.

      Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?!

  33. Pattygirl says:

    the question is where else will I go? its always will be Rob

  34. lindyuk says:

    Good Morning Ladies from the UK!
    Well another depressing morning with no bloody news. This is getting bad LOL!! Have read all the comments that I missed while sleeping and would like to say a few things more….so rather than reply individually I’ll do it all in one post.

    First off…I would like to say how much I appreciate this site. I come here most days and you all make me laugh (out loud sometimes!) It seems to be one of the last refuges of those of us who don’t like Kristen to be able to say what we think. Nearly every site I visit that used to be neutral is now a haven for Robsten fans. You can’t call these sites ‘Rob’ sites anymore…may as well refer to them as ‘Robsten’ sites and if anyone so much as dares to say the tiniest little thing that could be construed as being ‘snarkey’ about Kristen then on your head be it. And I’m tired of it. I’m a ROB fan…don’t want to hear about Kristen, not interested in her – but every comment, speculation, anecdote HAS to have a mention of Kristen it seems now.
    One of you ladies pointed out that being associated with KStew is not doing his image any favours at all. I agree wholeheartedly. Let me just say that I’m not a bitter old hag but a happily married Mum of two (my daughter is 2 weeks younger than KStew and I like following Rob’s career and looking at pictures of him and that’s as far as it goes. No stalking or being overly invested in his personal life just taking a keen interest in a fascinating talented young man. However…. as another lady stated ….when he’s with Kristen he does appear to have the same attitude although maybe not quite as ‘in your face’ as her and minus the foul mouth.

    What I find interesting is how come Zac Efron who’s a couple of years younger than Rob is able to have a girlfriend without his fanbase splintering in all directions like Rob’s seems to have done. It doesn’t seem to have harmed Zac’s career and he remains popular and has projects lined up for the future. So how does he do it?

    As to where else would I go if Rob quit? God knows….don’t want to think about it. There are lots of really good-looking actors out there but I look at them and it’s like trying to drink from an empty glass…..there’s nothing there for me. What I’m trying to say is that I couldn’t wake up one morning and think I’ve had enough of Rob now. He’s not doing anything I’m going to follow ‘XYZ’ from now on. It’s a gradual thing.

    I really hope that we get to hear/see some new stuff in the next few weeks because if all we have to look forward to in the way of new filming projects is Breaking Dawn crap then I really don’t see him going anywhere soon after that.

    Forgive me if I’ve offended anyone..just had to get this off my chest and this is the only place I feel able to say these things. Have a great day ladies.

    • roslynselene says:

      Another great point of view. I guess the answer to your question about why Efron doesn’t have to deal with this girlfriend drama with his fans is because Vanessa looks like a nice girl. I have no idea about them nor have I seen any interviews with her but she doesn’t seem to cause too much drama except (if I remember correctly) her nude pictures. I’m not saying Vanessa is a saint and Kristen is the devil or anything but Vanessa seems like a sweet girl and to most people, Kristen is more of a ‘rebel’. That’s probably the difference. I hate talking about this for too long because then I get confused and I might end up contradicting myself. Haha! 🙂

      • lindyuk says:

        Hi roslynselene!
        I do the exact same thing. I have so many points whizzing around in my head that i try to get across that I feel sometimes I’ve contradicted myself! LOL! However my view of KStew won’t change. I’ve tried to like her …I’ve looked a t her pics with Rob and yes…she’s a pretty girl but I just don’t like her personality and to anyone who says how can you dislike someone you’ve never met…then conversley how can you LIKE somehow you’ve never met? I don’t know….she’s an odd bod without a doubt and you’re right about Vanessa. She comes across as ‘likeable’ to the fans so that’s got to help in the long run.

    • Alex says:

      fOR ALL my fellow robsessed fans.

      Dont you guys think that we have all these problems and concerns just because of our obsession over Rob. We are so invested in his life.

      We are not normal fans who go & see his films as & when they come out. We just follow his whole life journey.

      Its not Robs fault. (May be this is all his fault- Why is he so lovable, why does he looks so hot, Whe is he so charismatic? I blame him)

      Who are we to tell what he should be doing with his life? especially personal life. There are people who dont like Kristen and there are people who like her. Rob cant make decision based on what fans want. If he makes wrong choices he will learn from them. If he makes right choices he will be happy. Give him some credit.

      Its is his life.

      I just dont anybody to judge me or tell me what to do. So does Rob. He should have that freedom and we should give him a chance.

      So please guys lets just wait and see.

      PS: I hope all you true fans will never give up on him.

      • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

        My relationship to Kristen is complex. I think sometimes though, my “mothering instincts” takes over and I want to protect Rob from harm. It’s like we know this girl spells trouble. I think she’s gorgeous to look at (but that just shallow) but some of her attitudes STINKS and one thing I’m really concerned about is her blatent use of drugs. (Take a look at the out side-restaurant pics from Italy during New Moon filming. She rolls one and smokes it outside without batting an eyelid. Even Rob looks a bit chocked.) Some people might think it’s a harmless drug, but where I’m from and the people I hang with that sort of thing ain’t cool – it’s dumb. Apart from that I’ve seen too much misery in conection to that drog too. Sometimes it leads to taking stronger stuff – I want Rob as far away from that kind of behaviour as possible and I’m really hoping he stays away from it. He does not need to be involved with that. If she’s so open with it outside with people around her (pappz) I wonder what she does in the privacy of her home?!!! One silly stupid girl as far as I’m concerned. (Sorry I sound like grandma here…..)

        • Alex says:

          I dont know about Kristen and drugs.

          I know we all want Robs life to be GOOD is every way.

          I just love him as a friend, sister or a fan way.

          A Mother will never give up on her son. Will she? They will be there for their childern no matter what. You can have so many GF and Wifes but only one mother. I am like his mother..or whoever though I am only 30yrs with no kids.

          What I try to say is: We should support him and be there for him through out his career.

          We all know that he cant be invoved in new projects until next march. So I dont worry about his future projects.

          As I said before my love for him is unconditional.

          PS: I know you guys will always support him disregarding who he dates. I am kind of done with this robsten and nonsten thing. Why we lose interest because of these arguments.

          I think Zac has a strong fan base who support his disregarding his personal life. We Rob fans are more passionate and too much invoved in his personal life.

          I am not defending Kristen. But What if Kristens nude photos appeared on website? People will not forgive her. I hope that she will adjust her attitude and learn from her mistakes. she is only 20. I will look at her as young girl and try to forgive or give her a chance. Thins is my motherly instinct.

    • melronin says:

      Well said lindyuk!
      You refered to Zack and Vanessa as being a sort of normal couple and nobody gets crazy about them…very good point!

      Is it maybe because their love really shows and no epic words and comments are needed from their fans to prove it? I believe that love shows…no words can convince anybody of The Robsten if they both don’t. Rob did not convince me yet (sorry baby…you didn’t) and certainly not Kstew. I juts can’t see the love in their behaviour. I mean…seriously…if I had this man I would be glowing, I would be smiling all day long just looking at him, I would touch him all day…and my actions would speak for me…louder than words.

      But maybe it’s just me and I am really blind…dunno!

      • lindyuk says:

        Thanks Melronin!
        I have seen Rob look at Stewie with what amounts to ‘lust’….but lust is different to love isn’t it? As for Stewie…I think I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen her look at him with anything approaching affection. It’s all very strange.

    • Edible Art ? says:

      Hi – I am not offended by your comments and I hope no one takes mine the wrong way…but

      I had to comment cause you are comparing Rob to ZAC EFRON !!! come on – personally thats why I like Rob cause he is not like Zac Efron – a publicity savvy puppet who never steps out of line

      IMO. People seem to put too much emphasis on what goes on on-line, this debate re: K&R is on a tiny teeny portion of the internet – I ‘d be suprised if there is any effect in “real life”.

      It also amazes me that people think it could all be a publicity stunt – the guy can’t be arsed to do up his shoelaces and wouldn’t bend to Summits will to attend “media training” – to fabricate a relationship for publicity he wouldn’t bother !!!!

      • lindyuk says:

        Good God woman …no way am I comparing Rob to Zaccy boy LOL!!! NO COMPETITION AT ALL LOL!!! No ..seriously what I was trying to get across was the way that Zac and Vanessa are perceived in the media. They just seem to be accepted by fans and media alike…no big drama; no hiding as if ashamed; no denials or coy answers to THE QUESTION. I can’t help but think that Rob and Stewie have overcomplicated things somewhat. But you are absolutely right in your assessment of the so called ‘publicity stunt’….that’s just too ridiculous to contemplate.

      • Rob4Deb says:

        IMO. People seem to put too much emphasis on what goes on on-line, this debate re: K&R is on a tiny teeny portion of the internet – I ‘d be suprised if there is any effect in “real life”.


        Also just because we don’t know about or haven’t heard about anything, doesn’t mean Rob hasn’t got any projects in the pipeline… I’m sure LOTS goes on that we know nothing about and are never likely to either. I think its a tad naive to think that the interwebs know everything about him. The guy is allowed a bit of a break, he’ll be working on BD for months and months and he’s worked hard all year .

        and thirdly, i wish he would just shave off that damn beard.

    • LTavares2010 says:

      Finally I have found another site ( there are so few actually ) where I can talk about Rob, his beauty, his talent, his films and I am not obligated to read how wonderful and full of attitude KStew is . I totally agree with you and frankly there were times that I began to question my own sanity for being there, in these fansites.
      At the beginning of my robssession, people used to talk about him and his projects and his sexy body but then the nightmare began and I could not understand why everything changed so fast. Now most of his fansites became obsessed with a possible love affair with KStew.
      I agree with Alex about Rob. It is his life, his choices and I respect them all. He must live and learn by himself.
      I am not KStew`s fan. I do not like her as an actress and with the time I began to not appreciate most of her atitudes, especially in what concerns to Rob. It is only my opinion. Rob, certainly thinks different from me (LOL) and I respect him. He is not the perfect man. He is a regular guy, a gentleman.
      As I commented yesterday my only concern with this whole thing is how it all will affect Rob`s career in the future because there is a huge obssession about ROBSTEN. Rob is not treated as an individual anymore. There are people that not accept Rob with other co-stars. They think he has only chemistry with KStew. What will happen to the other films of Rob? (and I am not including BD)
      Sorry for my english. By the way, my secret to not loosing my Rob mojo is to look at him smiling. His smile cures everything. I Love Rob!!

  35. Alex says:

    My love for Rob will never ever change.

    GQ look vs jungle man look
    Beard vs clean shaved
    with white powder vs no white powder
    dating vs not dating
    gay vs straight
    Read carpet ready vs extra homeless
    drunk vs not drunk
    with sixpack vs with beer belly
    working vs not working

    I will always love him….no matter what.

    There are so many men – famous/ not famous in this world who are more sexy looking than Rob. But only Rob could steel my heart. I am not in love with him..I just love him. I simply want him to have a good life both professionally & personally.

    I hope his charisma will never fade away.

    PS: may be this is the point. Rob want us to feel this way losing Rob Mojo.
    My message to Rob is : Sorry mate….It wont happen to me. I will be your fan forever.

    • drsaka says:

      ‘extra homeless’ and ‘with beer belly’ !!! We’re willing to accept it!
      Rob works his magic.

      • Alex says:

        Yes. Robs magic. Its just one of his so many talends. He can look GOOOOD or homeless if he wants to. We just have to be patient with him….he will have to get his brazilian wax soon enough.

        ps:He was Cedric Diggory after all. so He should have some magical

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          OOOH, expand on your idea of the brazilian, please. It had never occurred to me. Kind of interesting and gross at the same time.

  36. adrienne says:

    rats I’m way behind – I only got the email today that this was posted yesterday…sigh am I really only waiting for LTR/LTT emails about posts now instead of automatically checking the blog everyday? that makes me sadface but I’ll be so much better from now on…

    well, things were waning here for me and Rob and i think Moantreal sort of dampened the flame, and that’s normal, right?

  37. robsfuturemate says:

    Random Rob thought of the Day:

    Does anyone else spend quality time at the copy machine looking at the initials LTR (letter sized paper) and think of Rob, Moon and UC?!

  38. halogen says:

    OK, I just found this handmade soap on etsy, the seller is unrelated to me so I have nothing to gain, but the fragrance is called
    wait for it
    “Big in Japan”

    Just what we need for the mojo blues?

  39. Shannon says:

    Hey, what part of Ohio? I’m in the south. I’ll be your friend. LOL

  40. robgirl86 says:

    i can post only today ,i am in rome and its complicated,sorry for upcoming typos…so many long comments,so i willake it short: i didnt fall in love cause he is a pretty boy,i felt in love with his personality in first place, and as rob is always rob,i never had mojo problems at all. I love the way his brain works,his laugh and his humour, that he is a pretty man completes the picture.He was my first and he will be my last!

  41. enviro says:

    Dear Rob —

    Hope you’re enjoying your time off. Heaven knows you deserve it! We’ll be here when you get back (like it or not).


    P.S. UC, thanks a million for the photo gallery.

  42. Tankergirl says:

    Okay, I’ll come clean…my mojo ebbs & flows a bit based on the clothes and The Hair. I can love the man, but hate the Blue Blazer, right? And I am quite particular about my hair porn. I like it right in the middle a-la Bruce Weber VF shoot. The lopsided WFE/Eclipse Premiere short-do just didn’t have any power over me. And, no, I don’t like the beard when it grows beyond rough scruff. I think it gives him beady (?) eyes. Although I do like it when they are all red & drunky.
    I know I’m just being picky, but you asked. Course, I’d forget all these complaints if I got close enough to smell the candy & cigarettes. Nom, nom, nom.
    While I’m here, has anyone gotten to the bottom of the Cha shirt? I need it explained to me, so I can decide if it goes on The List or not.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Hey girl! Glad to see you over here! I too have particulars I like about Rob. BUT, I’ll take him any way I can get him!!

  43. Britt says:

    Just adding some more…

    You know, it’s nice to actually find a Rob fansite that doesn’t cater to the Robsten shippers for a change. It’s becoming rare.

    I understand how the media is basically coming to the assumption that they’re together because they haven’t really been spotted with anybody else lately, but personally for me to believe, they’ll have to come out and admit it or there would have to be a picture or a video of a full on make out session. Montreal doesn’t count because the pictures are too grainy and possibly photoshopped and there is no picture of their faces actually touching. Close but no cigar.

    Anyways, whether people want to believe they’re together or not is their choice. But I hate seeing Rob sites turning into shipper centrals. THAT’S WHAT ROBSTEN SITES ARE FOR. For example, Pattinson Intoxication. KEYWORD = PATTINSON. They used to be all about Rob. Now it’s all Robsten all the time. Might as well call it Robsten intoxication. As a Rob site, the only time Kristen should be mentioned is if it’s work or Twilight related or they’re spotted together AND THERE IS PICTURE OR VIDEO PROOF.

    I also hate it when shippers try to shove their opinions down other peoples’ throats and say things like “Oh if you love Rob, you MUST love Kristen or you’re not a real fan of his!!!” BULLSHIT. Just because I don’t like his “supposed” girlfriend, doesn’t make me any less of a fan than they are. I love ROB. NOT KRISTEN. It’s like saying I have to start smoking because Rob does it. Ummm NO. Smoking KILLS and I would love Rob even more if he quit.

    Then they have to go and make a big deal about how people who don’t support the relationship are Kristen haters when most of the time THEY are hating on Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Emilie DeRavin, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Holly Grainger, Camilla Belle, Shannon Woodward, Reese Witherspoon, and pretty much just any woman that comes within a hundred yard radius of Rob or they’re hating on Michael Angarano, Taylor Lautner or basically just anybody who they consider to be a threat to this relationship. THEY’RE HYPOCRITES.

    I got into Twilight because of Rob. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, as well as a fan of vampires so checked it out. I watched the trailer for the first film (This was back in August of 2008) and immediately recognized Rob as Cedric. I also realized how fuckhawt he was (and still is) then I watched some of his interviews on Youtube (he is sweet, funny, clever, and adorable in all of them) and watched that Sex Bomb video (I KNOW you know which one I’m talking about) and that solidified it for me. I was falling for him… And my Robsession began.

    Now for Kristen, I recognized her from The Messengers but she never really hit my radar. I didn’t mind her all that much in Twilight. She seemed okay to me and I actually considered her a role model to me (she’s two years older than me). I’m a bit of a tomboy and a little shy and awkward so anytime somebody dissed her, I kind of felt the need to defend her because I felt like she was being misjudged and her words were being taken out of context and she was simply misunderstood. But up until last year, she’s been giving me more and more reasons to NOT like her. And NO, it’s got nothing to do with Rob. Some of the things she’s said, like calling the Twilight fans retarded or complaining about how hard her life supposedly is and her behavior have really turned me off and it makes her look like, well, for a lack of a better word, a bitch. And maybe I was blind before, but now, seeing her in movies and interviews, I’ve come to realize how dull she is in them. I never understood how anybody could call her a bad actress because, maybe I was just blind but, I felt like I could relate and identify with the characters she played (especially in Speak minus the rape thing, and yes, I definitely felt a connection with Bella) but I guess that’s because she plays all her characters the same. Don’t even get me started on the hospital scene in Twilight… Now it is definitely not fair to say that I hate Kristen because I don’t. Although, I’m not going to lie, there have been moments when I’ve gotten really frustrated with her and wanted to say it in the spur of the moment but really, I don’t. I’m just not particularly fond of her.

    I know this is long but my point is… I fell for Rob by himself. I really enjoyed back in 2008 and early 2009 when he was basically free to do what he wants (technically he still can but most of the time it causes a shitstorm in the fandom) without having her dragged along. It used to be all about Rob’s career and how he wins all these sexiest man contests, and how he likes to go and play gigs with his guitar and hang out with Tom and the rest of the Brit pack. Now it’s about gossip rags and Robsten this, Robsten that and ohhh they bought a lovenest (still not convinced on that by the way) and ohhh Rob visited her in Montreal and ohhh she spent her birthday with him in Budapest and ohhh she’s wearing his shirt. It’s like the media and shippers are trying to make it look like they can’t stand to be with out each other (even though their facial expressions suggest otherwise when they know they’ve been caught doing something people might see as couple behavior but can also be seen as just friendly behavior) and it’s making her look clingy and him look whipped. It’s like they’re a packaged deal now and you can’t have one without the other and I ‘m sick of it.

    Do you understand what I’m saying?

    • roslynselene says:

      I get what you’re saying. I also liked Kristen (I’ll even admit I ‘shipped’ Robsten!!!) but her I’m-too-cool-for-school attitude got old. Personally, now I don’t believe in Robsten at all. People are all like, “How can you deny their love?! Look at how he looks at her!” He looks at everyone like that! I think people read into it a little too much.

      If Robsten’s real, then they should come out all ready and stop being so unbelievably 14. Seriously! What are we in Jr High? I’m tired of people constantly saying, “It’s their private life, they don’t have to. Plus, their love is obvious; they don’t need to verbally say they’re a couple. Blah blah blah.”

      Ummm first of all, ‘private life’ is out the freakin’ window once you’re a celebrity whether you like it or not (they KNOW this so nobody bullshit me on why it’s unfair to celebrities). Secondly, what’s with the stupid ‘subtle’ contradictions? They want to keep their relationship private yet they’re teasing everyone by sharing clothes, wearing matching ghetto shoelace bracelets, and alleged makeouts in public? 😀 Bhahaha! Oh give me a freakin’ break! I laugh when Robsten ‘exhibit A, B, and C’ pictures come out because it’s just too ridiculous not to.

      I’ve given up on this Robsten shenanigans, trying to decipher their love. Psh! Rob ALONE has me too busy obsessing over him so there’s absolutely no room for Kristen or anyone for that matter. Sorry, Kristen. I feel for Robsteners, though. How do they manage to obsess over TWO people?! I’m at awe. 🙂

  44. jade says:

    ever since i saw that he had a beard me love flame got smaller but now i think i would be able to rost a marshmello!

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