Breaking Down Rob’s big night out in Weho

Dear Rob,

It has come to our attention that you were recently spotted out to dinner in West Hollywood California & pictures were taken

Upon being viewed by ourselves, the following conversation occurred:

The one where we know where you should go instead

UC: Okay so let’s have a serious convo: I’ve been to LA- I’ve seen the sites. I know that Weho (west hollywood) is the LAST PLACE someone who doesn’t want to be papped would go. So that leaves us with two options
1) Rob & Kristen WANT to be papped..
Moon: Uh oh, you said “Rob & Kristen” and weren’t intentionally trying to make fun. Prepare to get the beat down, UC
UC: Meh. Bring it.  2) They don’t book their own restaurant reservations
Moon: I think it’s both of those.
UC: But Rob & Kristen HATE been seen in public. They would NEVER EVER EVER go willingly to a public place in the one place in the world where there are more paparazzi than ANYWHERE else
Moon: And They don’t make their own reservations cause they’re STARS
UC: Right. And also Rob can’t work anything but the Jitterbug phone. So WHO makes STARS restaurant reservations?
Moon: Plus their people want them seen. So wham bam thank you pam (their assistant)
UC: Do their assistants call? Which, as far as we know….. they don’t have..
Moon: Pam!!
UC: Besides Pam! They DO have managers- specifically ROB does…. and one who is pretty slimy and squirely. SO.. did Nick tell Rob & K he got them ressies at a Red Lobster in the Valley where “no one will know who you are?” But instead he sends them to Weho. And not just ANYWHERE in Weho- to eat ITALIAN
Moon: Big Daddy is pissed off somewhere
UC: It’s real life Bella & Edward out eating ITALIAN!! And Stephenie is excited & praying that at least one of them ordered mushroom ravioli. Steph Meyer- not Ritz. It’s her fantasy come true.
Moon: Right, Ritz is more of a lasagna-type of girl. Do you think the waitress was like OMG!!! It’s like Bella and Edward really at Bella Italia, and they’re really ordering mushroom ravioli! And then she was like “well I should go try to put the moves on Rob- this being life imitating art and all”
UC: Yes. I think that’s exactly what happened. Except it was a gay guy waiting on them. It is Weho & all
But seriously- what do we have to do to get these two to listen to US? ROB & KRISTEN: WE WILL MAKE YOUR DINNER RESSIES And they will be NOWHERE near Beverly Hills, Weho or anything with “wood” in its name.
Moon: We will send you somewhere were no one has a camera- a commune in Utah.

MUCH more after the jump!

The one where people from the Valley don’t know much about LA


ALSO you forgot to bring up possible point number 3 about this
UC: That’s not possible. I’m perfect
Moon: #3. They called the paparazzi to let them know they’d be there (or whoever made the rez did since thats a pretty common practice amongst celebs)
UC: That DEF happened. Nikki Reed probably called them
Moon: I mean its more of a D-list move but still
UC: I think Nick only knows how to be a D-list manager
Moon: ouch!
UC: Fine- maybe a C minus- list manager.
Here are two other things I’m thinking, while we’re making lists:
1) Rob & Kristen are dumb. LIke really dumb. especially Kristen who GREW UP in the area. And they really think LA is only Beverly Hills & West Hollywood. Rob heard about Compton in the movies & asked about it when he first visited, but someone told him it was made up for that gang movie he liked. It’s pretty sad- he thinks Snoop is made up too- kinda like Santa.
Moon: I was just thinking the same thing. How does Kristen NOT know. I mean seriously. Or is she just SO not about the scene that she doesn’t even know these things???
UC: I mean… do people from the Valley NEVER leave the Valley? Your roommate is from the Valley- does she always beg you to go to out in the 90210 every Friday night?
Moon: Yes. Kristen must really be too busy playing with the wolf hybrids her mom has in the backyard that keep PapaStew from wanting to touch Momma in a sexy times way

The one where TomStu is creeping.. yet again

UC: My second point was….. It’s kinda sad. I mean… I don’t know when Kristen got back from New Orleans cuz I really don’t care to look it up, but I bet it was just the other day since Rob just got back
Moon: yes. And Tom is here
UC: So Rob & K are tired of being cooped up in the house, microwaving their dinner (Think they tried Lean Cuisine’s new line of dinners?)
Moon: French bread pizza on the little silver box all the way. Why fix it if ain’t broke?
UC: And Tom won’t leave them alone- they can’t even hold hands without him getting jealous these days!
Moon: Tom was seen out with them- I love when pictures magically cut him out!
UC: Wait… Tom was OUT with them? The 3 musketeers went OUT? That’s even sadder. So they want a change of scenery- with plans to sneak out while Tom is taking his weekly shower. So they call up Nick- ask him to book ressies somewhere private and NOT ONLY do they end up in WE-HO with the paps on their tail, but Tom jumps in the backseat before they know what’s happening, hair dripping wet like a drowned rat
Moon: He thought it was an in-n-out run, not a romantic date with mushroom ravioli and gay men. If he would have known about the gay men he would have dressed up & put on his BEST white puffy sneakers
UC: Wait… did you make that up or was Tom really there?
Moon: No he was seen out with them according to the twitters- which never lie- unless this is a diff night

The one where we’re too snobby for that restaurant

UC: Are you familiar with a restaurant in Weho like that with a puke brown door? It looks like something found around where I grew up- a small hole in the wall Italian joint. Like Fassagios off Ridge Road where it kinda smells like a mildew basement but they serve a mean gnocchi.
Moon: THIS  (Ago Restaurant) is not the kind of restaurant RON goes to. He goes to Fassagios
UC: OMG- website music! Rob doesn’t go to restaurants where their websites have entry music. WAIT. ROBERT aka BOB DENIRO IS AN OWNER. It’s official. They went because Rob thought his hero would be the one making the spaghetti!!!!
Moon: UGH the website Music!!! Like Seriously? Why are restaurants still doing that?! And why do they still have flash intros?! HELLO MOBILE users are your main clientele
Moon: BOB- you gotta be mobile optimized dummy!
UC: Also- find a more flattering pictures of your owners
Moon: Welcome to “Breaking down AGO’s website, Vanity Fair Style” Rob who? It looks like they painted the front door with some clearance sale foundation in toasted almond
UC: L’oreal sponsors them. They had a batch go bad- so gave it to Bob & Co. for the restaurants. Their South Beach location used their spoiled “Rougue” lipstick for their doors
Moon: Kristen just wiped some off the walls for her going out look. Trattoria front door has always been the look she’s going for

The one where Rob wants a new shirt

Moon: Pap- “hmmm that guy kinda looks like someone famous…. oh well gotta get a shot of bob Deniro next to these freshly painted doors”
UC: You KNOW Rob thought about asking that dude for his shirt. “I’ll let you take as many pics as you can in 30 seconds if I can just have your flannel”
The pap’s like “Who are you again?” His stalk sheet says “Pattinson- bearly recognizable under grizzly-bear Beard”
Moon: Flannel is the best thing to lure Rob with!
UC: That & a dadcase- Dude did his RESEARCH
Moon: “I’ll give you this flannel if you act like you’re punching Robert Deniro in the balls- clearly he’s a unicorn LTR reader paparazzi

The one where Rob gets rated

Moon: Rob has a new shirt clearly. Paired with the same ol’ jeans. And dad’s jacket.
UC: is that purple? Purple is SUCH a dad color. You know what that means?
Moon: I think its a royal blue
UC: Still= Dad. It’s Dick’s.
Moon: It’s whatever Clare got Dick last christmas from the Ralph Lauren sale
UC: Rob took it from him on his recent trip home
Moon: also I’m like 100% sure MY DAD has this jacket. From Chaps. I’m going to find it when I go home.
UC: I’m fairly sure that ALL dads had that in brown in the 80s. I know my Uncle Gary still breaks it out once the cool weather arrives
Moon: like Rob did here. It dropped below 70 and people started getting out parkas. I’m currently wearing uggs
UC: Ugh you spoiled Californians.
Same old Black pants right? Just got washed on his trip home- the cupcake stain FINALLY came out…. Mom’s work wonders with the Tide
Moon: Can we talk about the return of the beanie???
UC: I know.. i was just gonna say.. or lament… or sigh…..
Moon: It looks like he got his pocket lint on it
UC: It’s gross. I mean…. he does ONE THING right- and shaves that beard right off. but then he has to cover up his head with THAT thing again sick!
Moon: One step forward and then two steps back cqause he brings out the beanie. Geeeeezzzzzz we just want to LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
UC: PLUS ONE- Rob shaves
MINUS TWO he brings back the beanie
PLUS ONE he goes out in public
Moon: Minus 5 he brings kstew
UC: PLUS 3 he brings Tom
But Minus 1 B/c we’re not 100% certain
Moon: Plus 1 for ago reusing L’oreals old product and saving the earth from harmful paint fumes
UC: He’s at Minus 2 and we haven’t even talked about his shoes yet! That’s another Minus 3 right there.
Moon: Minus 1 because it looks like someone took a dump on the restaurant doors
UC: Minus 12 because his blacks don’t match. Plus 5 for the new shirt from Dick’s closet
Moon: Plus 2 for making us think of Dick (pattison) with the shirt and jacket
Moon: But I think we’re still in the red, Rob- geez
UC: Yeah. It was a bad night out. Total: Minus 11

Sorry Rob. You had us at “Out for Italian” But Weho? Really? Get a new manager. We’re available if you’re ready to hire a new one. Our services come FREE with a happy ending.

UC & Moon

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149 Responses to “Breaking Down Rob’s big night out in Weho”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    Hilarious Breakdown girls…and yes, THAT was on purpose (sooooo minus whatever…) and I like your “dump” theory as well 🙂

    Dear Rob,
    so you’re back in LA and the show can begin..
    I finally found out (read I always knew it), that you are (not) normal……..look….

    you went out into the wrong restaurant with your “mates”, that was soooooooo NO strut ALONE…

    hello Mister, that was almost a dealbreaker…..btw, wtf was that exactly????…………the bitter word “Promo” is quasi quasi on my lips as I saw a bunch of stupid gossip videos, where you were in and where was underlined that BD filming will soon begin.

    Know what?
    I will forgive you cause I (always do…sigh*) understand that that shitty book may need some really heftig advertising like “mucho Edward-Bella-Love” (Did I heard it right? The paps asked you if the wedding rumours are true? See Baby…, it kinda works, the Promo I mean…)

    anyway…..loved your angry blue eyes, the beanie and the blue shirt, not to speak of the beautiful scruff (SEKSI……)
    and then
    yesterday………..le sigh*…………sooo PRETTY again in your Kinder-sweater and low-rise-pants, nearly “flying” with your wonky legs …………
    and now……….again out with Tom, you seriously are killing me with your pouts and eyelashes these days…….. 🙂

    How do you do this Rob?
    You are able to change my mood in less than one second from “Oh no, wtf is he doing?” to……..”Oh no, how beautiful is this man!”
    Not normal!

    Must be LOVE, much love………….

    P.S. This year on Halloween no excuse!!!………chop-chop in your birthday-suit on the rug! Thank you! If you want you can wear Mouse ears, looks very cute on you

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Kinder-sweater FTW!!!

      Great break down of the break down. RG!

      • melronin says:

        My words exactly RFM!

        Love that breakdown of the breakdown…
        and RG…love your languageskillz honi! 😀

      • robgirl86 says:

        oh thank you RFM, to me Rob has some tendency to wear oversized pants and undersized shirts, not that me is complaining here, he looked HOT as hell!

  2. drsaka says:

    Great breakdown, you two. Hilarious as always!!!

  3. Edible Art ? says:

    OMG – I can’t believe the restaurant website – here’s me in the UK thinking everything in LA was soooo hip and trendy – I feel cheated.

    We asked for a picture with out the beard he delivered, thanks Rob !!!!

    • roslynselene says:

      LA is pretty much disgusting. I live in a decent place (San Gabriel Valley) but seriously, LA confuses me all the time. You could be in a super rich neighborhood one minute and then ghetto in the next. No joke. And I *really* don’t mean to sound like a snob, but it’s true.

  4. Nelle says:

    Can’t believe you looked up Ago’s website too!! I did. The music! Blech.
    Isn’t that shirt the one Rob wore to a recent award show (MTV Video? Total fantail).

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Yeah, looks like the one he wore to the Teen Choice Awards this year. A nice violet blue, not purple though.

    • Thank you for making me feel normal. I was thinking what a creep I’d be if I started recognizing all of Rob’s clothes. But, yes, I also believe that shirt is the same one he wore at the TCAs. Doesn’t that colour suit him? Hell, he could wear puke yellow and still pull that off. Wait, I think he already did. Remember that mustard shirt?

      Welcome back Robert.

      • JenlovesRob says:

        The TCA shirt was blue with black details. The shirt from Ago is blue with white accents so I think this is a new shirt for him.

        Oh dear lord I’m just a wee bit obsessed.

        • robgirl86 says:

          I don’t think so, we made already great lists here of Rob’s whole lil wardrobe plus the shirts and jackets he lost, his shoe collection and such……… nope, all normal here 🙂

        • robsfuturemate says:

          You’re right about the TCA shirt. It does have black instead. But this shirt does seem familar to me. I guess I’ll have to go look through my pics to find out!

  5. JenlovesRob says:

    He’s back, he’s back! “sigh” I’ve missed him.

    While he was raiding Dick’s closet do you think he could have hit up the sock drawer too? He’s still wearing jacked up shoes with no socks!

    I really shouldn’t complain though since he finally shaved..

    UC &Moon- Fabulous as always!

  6. Nelle says:

    KStew leaving Ago. Is it just me it are her eyes brown in this photo?

    • LattersBaby says:

      She got tired of the contacts (and complaining about them) and just decided to dye her eyes. Or wait…it isn’t Kristen at all! Maybe she has a twin sister. One is the actress and one is the love of Rob’s life.

      • fayted17 says:

        She got jealous of Rob’s insanely long eyelashes and overdosed the Latisse® application, the permanant eye darkening was just an unexpected bonus.

      • Cath says:

        One is an actress? Hmmm okay, this explains all! I think they sometimes switch lives then…*nudge nudge*.

        And pfew, you didn’t go back into lurkerdom after all!!! 🙂

        • Caaaath,
          Last night I had visions of you (sort of) at Kenzo after party. I met a lot of people from Amsterdam with the same job as yours so I kept saying sublte things, like I met a girl online, I don’t remember her name…thinking maybe it could be you. In my defense, I was a bit tired.

          • Cath says:

            Hahaha, MP! Well, I was a bit dissapointed you didn’t recognize me!
            I was the one wearing the white/blue plaid tunic! I got confused by all the hip Parisian gals, who of them could be MP??? Hahaha, no, not really, the outfit is no lie, but I was on my couch! Are you sure you were feeling well? I mean visions of me…wow…What were they serving at that Kenzo affair? And can I have some? 😉 Bisous!

      • LatersBaby says:

        Fayted and Cath,

        You are both cracking me up today. Latisse®? The wrong twin doing the ‘acting’? Something is going on here. This theory needs further explanation.

        Ok…I’m back out of lurkerdom. That didn’t last long.

  7. JulieP says:

    This all makes me a bit sad for some reason. Yes, Rob looks great – as usual; yes, I love the no-beard-just-a-bit-of-stubble look; yes, it’s a new picture; yes, the breaking-down is class. Maybe it’s just not enough. Maybe it’s the Robsten romantic date aspect. Anyways, big sighs coming from South Wales, still feel like I’m missing something 🙁

    • robgirl86 says:

      Ohhh…… 🙁 perhaps I can make you feel better, cause in MY world “romantic dates” look totally different, but maybe that’s just me.

      • KristaLula says:

        I tried to “like” your comment about 20 times, but it would only let me do it once. Boo. So, here’s my 20 likes.

        P.S. – I’m off to yell at my boyfriend – we’ve been on many dates in our 5 years together, but never THIS romantic. JEALOUS! *insert sarcasm here*

    • pukesten says:

      i know how you feel, he’s shaved the beard, he gave us pictures, he brought back the beanie but i don’t know when it comes to rob lately there’s definately something a bit ….

  8. natashadushi says:

    HAHAHAAHAHAH O M G (crying my eyelashes off again) “It’s real life Bella & Edward out eating ITALIAN!!” Thnx for the breaking down

  9. Michelle says:

    UC: I’m fairly sure that ALL dads had that in brown in the 80s. I know my Uncle Gary still breaks it out once the cool weather arrives

    This! Oh my goodness, thank you. I laughed so hard!!!

    PS – Yup, my Dad’s was grey I believe…

  10. L says:

    oh ma gahd. i literally LOL’d at that restaurant website. tackmaster supreme!
    also, there is NO way this entire evening wasn’t planned to get some BD chat going and to reveal the jaw.
    if rob really wanted privacy he would move to switzerland (rob, i have room at my place, if you’re interested!). just sayin’…
    loved the breakdown girls!! it made my day!!

  11. Cazza says:

    Oh my goodness, the girls are back on form!! I really want Ron to read this posting today, it should bring a wee smile to his face.

    In the same set of photos from this night, did anyone notice his right hand curled up as if he was going to punch anyone that came any closer than necessary. Not that I was over analyzing the photos of course 😉

    And socks, somebody please buy him a darn pair of socks.


  12. dazzledtodeath says:

    I love how in one video about their night out they actually insert a scene from the movie where they’re in the Italian restaurant. No need really, the crazies already think they’re Edward & Bella. Except Edward really loves Bella and he’d never run ahead and jump in the cab, leaving Bella to fend for herself…but I digress.

    Rob, it’s good to see your face again, but ditch the sourpuss and put a smile back on your face. Only two more years of this f*ckery and you’re done..yeah..never mind.

    • robgirl86 says:

      I do expect that in said AGO works that weird waitress with the tatoo on her boobs! If not, I’ll be highly disappointed on my next LA Twilight tour ..

      ( oh my…did I really say I would go on such tour? Popsugar totally confused me…)

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Is it normal for celebreties to take a cab? Like, a public cab and not have a private driver instead? I mean, that cab driver could be a pap in disguise and could have got some great photos and even audio clips of whatever they talked about in the car!!

      I’m reconsidering my career goals. I’m thinking driving a cab in Weho is looking pretty good right now.

      • applepie says:

        NO its is NOT normal for ANYONE to take a cab in LA! go figure..

        • roslynselene says:

          I’ve only taken a cab once. And that was because I had absolutely NO transportation at all. I considered the bus, bike, or walking even, but it was raining. And yeah, you DO have to call for cab on the phone. They’re not hanging around the streets waiting for you like in NY.

        • But what you do at night when you have drinks?

          • applepie says:

            you have a DD. but yes it is RARE for even normal ppl to take cabs. unless u have absolutely no car or are drunk by yourself or something. celebrities taking a cab in LA?? NEVER. they either drive themselves or have a driver.

          • What’s a DD? #educationalmoments I can’t imagine life without a taxi at night, a lot of people I know here don’t even have a license. Me being of the no car, cab type of gal, the turn off the light w/ doors opened (cf RG’s post) incident could totally happen to me.

          • Cath says:

            It means designated driver MP, the person who stays sober and drives his friends/group home. They call them BOB’s in Belgium and Holland, hahaha! 😉

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I saw a vid that said Rob went out and made sure the taxi was ready before she came out. But the video looked spliced to me, hard to say! Why would he, being that kind of gentleman, get into the cab first?

  13. JennB33 says:

    Wonderful breakdown, guys…. you kept your breakdown chops tuned up! This is hilarious!!!

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    UC and Moon know how to deliver baby! *said in Cougarita’s sexy voice

    That was awesome, but I have a request. Can you ladies please break this down next?

  15. melronin says:

    Rob, sweetheart
    Thank you! You did us the favour and got rid of the beard and
    1-2 extra kilos in no time…put on your sexy-outfit and the beanie…let the paps take a few pics of you so we can see you and remember how you really look like…
    But…that all doesn’t matter to me if you don’t smile!
    So please be a good baby and put a smile on your face, next time you go out with friends, that would make me very happy!


    UC&Moon, love the breakdown ladies!

  16. Alex says:

    Hey guys I dont think its all about PR and BD. Robsten or Nonsten..I just love Rob. I fell for him because of his EPIC interviews. He gives the most random and hilarious answers. I’ll never stop loving him.

    So Rob,

    Can I make a deal? I will support and love you all the way if you promise me GOOD movies and Epic interviews of you.

    Dont read this part Rob:I was sold when I first saw his interviews on youtube.Now I am addicted to them.

    I hope you guys will support him no matter what.

    Just enjoy this. Love his random answers.LOL

    • MidnightCougar says:

      Very nice interview video, & I too “Love his random [cute & funny] answers.”….*sigh* he’s just SO adorable!

    • robgirl86 says:

      You “hope”, we will support him? Honey, we/me love him here and there can’t be any serious doubt about supporting Rob!
      UC and Moon “deal” with Rob since 2008 and all I can see is a beautiful man, who is unique in all he does, sooo… worries about HIS LTR girls I think!

      • melronin says:

        <3 😀

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Totes agree! If I didn’t “support him no matter what” I wouldn’t be here!

      • Alex says:


        Its just sometimes some of the comments here make me so nervous. Especially when it come to robsten vs nonsten. I feel if these arguments trun ugly and harm Rob fanbase.

        We all love Rob. Thats the bottom line. I feel safe now.LOL

        • robgirl86 says:

          Honestly I can’t see here Robsten vs Nonsten, we’re all grown up women here I think and the only time it gets “hot” is when Kstew comes into the game, BUT then mostly people comment who are not regular commenters or the thumbs down game begins when school is out!
          To me this is a blog for Rob, nothing less, nothing more!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Don’t worry Alex, RG is totally right! It’s not usually the topic of convo here but sometimes innuendos get brought up (from both sides). You can pretty much then decide to take em or leave em be. I think you started out here on a crazy week, so relax and enjoy the comments! If you have time, take a gander at some of the old posts and you’ll have a better understanding of who LTR is.

  17. You know what? I really really think Rob reads LTR (like duh!) Remember just last week we were whining about Rob sightings, us being tired of this ‘Rob drought’ and Mountain Man Rob losing his appeal (the horror!) And look what he did. Not only did he shave (hello jawporn!) but he also went out and gave us new pictures. Bless you beautiful man..*sigh*

    Yes, I’m totally ignoring the fact that the reason why he shaved and is in LA is because of BD pre-production. 😉

    • tupelohoney says:

      Yep RSMS, Rob reads LTR…. I think it was in that same post where we were whining about the mountain man beard that I requested he wear purple boxerbriefs while smoking a cigarette on a hotel balcony…..
      He read it and thought: “Purple boxerbriefs? Hmm… I don’t think I can go that far but Tupelo, I’ll wear a purple shirt for ya. How ’bout that?”

      • robgirl86 says:

        Right…and what about his RM “modesty-patch” story and talk about better having been naked by himself during “Details-shoot”? He’s a great lurker , WE know that 😉

    • southernbelle says:

      Shoot I’m late to the party again!

      Rob!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for shaving your beard! It’s so nice to see your pretty face again! I’m sorry you looked a little pissed off, I bet it was the paps huh? They’re after you again, those darn jerks.

      I really love that blue shirt! Can I please have it? I’ll replace it with whatever shirt you want!

  18. adrienne says:

    Breaking it down always makes me happy! thanks UC and Moon for that on this dreary morning…

    one can only hope Rob’s serious bitchface in these pics is due to his choice in restaurants and/or restaurant companions (not including TomStu)

  19. lola says:

    lol, I don’t really buy the pr bent, but it’s fun to joke about. Ago is a great place, but it’s hard to secure a reservation if you ain’t Robbie P. That works to RObbie P.’s advantage, that sort of exclusivity, because then he doesn’t have to worry as much about twihards not trying to touch his junk or patrons taking cellphone picks while he drinks too much wine like a lush. The only pics we got were outside.

    It is not a low profile restaurant, but it isn’t the Ivy either, or the Chateau Marmont either by any means. It’s not a fame ho hangout.It’s pretty private and knows how to treat celebrities. It’s more like a place that is in the heart of things in LA, and like a hop skip and a jump away from Soho, which Robert seems to like to go. So, I think they just went to dinner before probably heading over to soho.

    Did they know they’d probably get papped? Oh sure. I think though, this is their awkward transition into hanging out in public together.

    “Robsten” as a interest getter peaked with NM, people are kinda sick of these kids outside the fandom, particularly kristen cause she looks sorta cranky all the time. They aren’t going to do much good for BD PR with Rob making old pepaw pissy faces and Kristen acting like he has cooties in front of the camera…lol I just think they are way awkward and self conscious. Which works in everyone’s favor cause it’s fun to laugh at them, they are like cartoons together, awkward and awkwarder.

    Do they need to act so skittish in front of paps when they are hanging otu in the heart of things? Naw. But at the same time it’s just a couple minutes we see

    • Alex says:

      Havent you seen paparazzi photos and Videos of other celebrities.

      More paps hunt them more they make pouting face. I think its normal in HW. I have seen ton of bich faces of other celebs. They even have shown the middle finger too many times. Celebrities are not always glamorous. They are normal people like us.

      Nobody likes constant stalking by pap. Let them deel with it the way they want to. They are not breaking any laws.Hope you understand.

      Lets be simple about this.

      • lola says:

        Hi Alex, I don’t know if we are disagreeing exactly. My take is that they are simply going to be out in public more together at this point, instead of doing all their cloak and dagger shizz. lol The transition from cloak and dagger to being more public is just going to be awkard no matter what I think, given they both seem very skittish of paps.

        I don’t see it in extremes. You have one side screeching “RESPECT ROBSTEN!”—while they click refresh constantly to see new pap photos…duh. But on the other side I don’t see them courting pap attention either, just cause they went out to dinner at Ago. Ago is a celeb friendly restaurant and it’s in a location where paps can head over quickly, but it’s not necessarily a “I want to be seen” place either. I see it more moderately-they went out and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Cath says:

        Sorry Alex, but celebs are overall NOT regular people like us.
        They just ain’t. They are people ofcourse, but most of them, esp. in HW have very not ‘like regular folks’ lives. Some of them are surrounded by complete teams. Doors open for them because of their fame and money. Doors who stay closed shut for normal people. Like Rob can go in every popular restaurant in LA and get a table, try that yourself. Ofcourse he’s as regular as you get them, but at the same time, if he wants too, he isn’t. Ofcourse paps step over the line sometimes, but at the same time, it’s not coincidental that some HW actors get paid as much as they do. You can’t expect to just get handed over 40 mil. and then have an anonymous life. Esp. not in this day and age. Everyone knows the perks that comes with celebrity and should understand the downsides too. And that’s life in general btw, some perks, some negatives. But for them that more extreme. I don’t feel all too sorry. They choose to be HW actors, and to hang out there. And people want to see the pics too, it’s just part of the deal I’m afraid…

    • Janetrigs says:

      People still go to the Ivy? Noooo that went out when that Bodyguard Whitney Houston Movie came out, TRUST.

      • lola says:

        The Ivy has been mentioned numerous times on the boards. The Ivy still gets celebrities, but the more desperate, maybe sorta reality kind. To treat the Ago like some celebrity whore spot is wrong, I was using degrees, from Ivy to Chateau marmont.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Rob worries about people NOT trying to touch his junk? Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t have worn that GOMD shirt then. In any case, no worries, I still want to touch your junk, Rob.

  20. Beaspoon says:

    Lol, this was another hilarious breakdown. Loved it! And can I just squee a smidge now that he FINALLY shaved!!!?? I mean, we all knew it was coming, but still. Grizzly Rob was starting to really creep me out, lol.

    On a side note, my computer did a virus software update last night and for some reason today Kaspersky blocked LTR!! Can you guess why? “Pornographic and/or explicit content.” Apparently “Robporn” is too much for Kaspersky to handle, lol. Or maybe it’s the jawporn? or fingerporn? Mind…in…gutter… 😉

  21. Alex says:

    Forgot to add PLUS 1000000000 for his interviews.

    Check this out. Here he explains (between 3.00- 4.00)why he doesnt want to clear the rumors. I AGREE.if he confirms that he is dating..our comments on robsten and nonsten will become more legitimate. Now its all fine as we can argue both ways.

    “….In logical terms you just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew ur business and came up and felt that they needed to comment on it…You just be like SHUT up..I am gonna kill you…and I dont want to sell it either….”

    GOOD on you Rob. I hope you dont feel the same way when reading our comments.LOL

    BTW I love his blue shirt. He looks soooo HOT.

    and have you guys seen his latest pap photos with Kristen, Tom and Kristens brother?

    one more.

    Are US pap working overtime or UK papa are so lazy?

    He was in London for weeks- Not a single picture.
    But He just came to US- Millions of Photos.

    I wont complain though.

    • robgirl86 says:

      I like him in London, at least he SMILES !

    • Edible Art ? says:

      There are paps in London they just aren’t as er … committed and focused….. ( by committed and focused I mean crazy and borderline stalkers !!!!!! )

      • Alex says:

        Thats why I love london too.

        London gives him everthing he wants. Rest, peace, fun and love.

      • MidnightCougar says:

        just a thought…Didn’t they pass a law in L.A. that was supposed to “control” the Paparazzi some? I wonder exactly what they can & cannot do now?

      • eatmyjorts says:

        I actually think that random passersby would step in & have a go if they saw the paps pulling the same stunts here on a Brit that they try in LA. It’s just not cricket, & may be intolerable to our sense of fair play.

    • Nelle says:

      Heading for London soon. Does anyone know if Clare and Dick still live in Barnes? Might try to take a drive that way for a sighting. Not a stalker or anything though. Totally normal.

    • lola says:

      yeah, see what people see as pr for summit or BD, I just see as basic public image maintenance for rob. Politics and Hollywood deal with public image very similarly. And if there is one rule that both industries took to heart back in the 90’s, it’s this: Don’t pull a bill clinton.

      Bill Clinton was one of the first politicians to really sell us on his personal life and upbringing and struggles of a poor kid from a broken home. It made him more relatable…BUT it also opened a lot more doors for people to ask about more parts of his persona life. Cue soiled gap dresses and horny interns and I didn’t inhale.

      Rob is playing is smart, regardless of what’s going on in his personal life-the more he offers, the more he opens himself up to further questions.

  22. MidnightCougar says:

    WOW, I just can’t get past that tacky restaurant music when the Ago website first comes up, I felt like I was entering a Halloween Costume website or something. Geez someone hire them a website designer!

    Loved the break-down Moon & UC….”Plus 5 for the new shirt from Dick’s closet” lmao

    Rob, it’s a good thing my love for you is pretty much unconditional…..I can’t say anything else, I might piss myself off!…..xoxo MC

  23. Alex says:

    The best part for me is:

    “UC: It’s real life Bella & Edward out eating ITALIAN!! And Stephenie is excited & praying that at least one of them ordered mushroom ravioli. Steph Meyer- not Ritz. It’s her fantasy come true.”

    So funny.LOL

    Love you guys.

  24. LatersBaby says:

    Dear UC & Moon,

    Thank you for another wonderful breakdown. Specifically, thank you for addressing the WORLD’S WORST JACKET. Forgive me while I digress…

    My RL best-man-toy-dress-up-doll (don’t know what to call him these days) has the same jacket. I hate it! For his birthday, I took him shopping for a new jacket…but he kept pointing out versions of this jacket in every store we entered…he wanted a new one! He loves that jacket and thinks it is perfect for LA weather. That jacket is so wrong in so many ways…can we say “Members Only?” I thought I was alone in this fight—I’m glad to see others don’t like the jacket. Of course, I’ve given up the fight. Thank God he doesn’t know Rob has this jacket or he would use it against me.

    This again supports Cath’s claim that Rob is indeed the International Trendsetter.

    • Cath says:

      Well Latters, thank you for agreeing with me on the Rob international man of style theory…Sorry to hear that about you RL dress up doll (haha ;-), I’m afraid to indeed state that ‘varsity type’ jackets are back in style! But I’m not so sure about Rob’s bomber jacket there, um, me is no fan of said jackets either, I want Rob in a leather biker jacket, but I’m afraid that look is already old news for him, as he’s always (ahem) looking for innovative new designs. Um, yes, let’s say he is…

      Rob, please bring back this jacket (soon!) :

      Thanks! (you look cute in yellow…)

      • LatersBaby says:

        I don’t know, Cath…that yellow jacket is a little puffy. As my dress up doll will tell you, I’m more into this style:

        If I see a pic of you wearing this (by the way, it comes in long)…we will finally know for sure that you read LTR.

        btw: I will NEVER, EVER leave you.

        • Cath says:

          Latters, um, I mean Laters! You changed your screen name!!!
          About the jacket, well… You’re being tweed serious now, don’t tell, but in RL I’d prefer your jacket as well. But I NEED Rob to bring back the yellow raincoat back! So than I can meet him and sing songs to him like: ‘Mellow Yellow’, ‘Yellow Submarine’ or just Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. See? Am not that crazy, I have a legit reason for everything, *coughcough*. 😉

    • That kind of jacket is a vintage guy thing. The only time the bf takes me shopping is to this trendy hipster place where they have a large variety of said type of jacket, around 3-400€ the ‘dad jacket’, they all have collections of them. But they’re lazy and don’t look in vintage stores, maybe Rob’s is a real vintage, a dad jacket on which someone (one of you) threw up on as a baby.

  25. beesue says:

    Moon and UC – may I say that you are my “bridge over troubled waters”. (yeah, I watched Glee last night!) But when the fandom get hateful – you make me laugh and say “why so serious?” – cus all I can control is my unrequited love for Rob! Thanks for keeping it “real”.

  26. tchr4rob says:

    our maintenence men at school wear those pants and jackets LOL

  27. LadyN says:

    “He thinks Snoop is made up too- kinda like Santa.” BWAHHHH! WINNN And then the whole OT about the website. *knee slap* He soo makes his look alll wrong its rite!

    I mean seriously RON, What did you expect? I FUCKLOVE THE BITCHFACE, but really? What did yo pretty lil cute ass I’d like to bite, expect?

    He’s such a gentleman though. He went out to catch a cab before going back for stew. Something I’M SURE the manager who did the Ressies could’ve done for him since he displayed the kids to the paps like that.

    Point is…

    Dear Ron,

    While I was falling off a side walk last night in front of my job on a wet street, banana in hand, caught in front of a cars headlights (embarrasinggg!) I thought to myself, if YOU was here, you’d get me a cab and spare me the humiliation and the scab on my knee.

    *Sigh* I wouldn’t mind being the wrinkled, unkept, minus 5, being escorted to a cab by your side.

    I almost cried.

    Sad, lonely, clumsy panda,

  28. LJM64 says:

    Took the words right outta my mouth! I live in LA and wondered why the hell was he staying at places like the Chateau Marmont if he was looking for privacy. Sure he ate at a restaurant in Venice once….but that isn’t much better. There are plenty of places to hide out in LA…..there is a fairly new resort on the PV Peninsula for instance, he would have the whole Pacific on one side to protect him from any paps that ventured onto the Hill……(and yes, it is close to where I live but that is just a coincidence).

  29. Cath says:

    Dear Moon and UC,

    Hilarious breakdown, and I agree about their outing not being totally coincidental…haha, nope sorry Rob dear… 😉

    Dear Rob,

    First: I’ve dreamed about Jon Hamm last night. That was not how it was planned. You should be careful, because he was all perfect in my dream. Consider this a warning.

    Um, okay, and now the most important question of the day then:
    ‘How’s overhead light in the car? Did you break it? Couldn’t you switch it off? Was it even harder to operate than your jitterbug?

    Fascinated (as always),


  30. Janetrigs says:

    You’re both WE HOs

  31. roslynselene says:

    “Rob heard about Compton in the movies & asked about it when he first visited, but someone told him it was made up for that gang movie he liked.”

    Dear Rob,
    I actually lived in Compton for a while a looooooong time ago. Yes, there were drive-by’s at 1am on the weekends. But I went back there to attend a college event and they cleaned it up a bit. Maybe you should try this restaurant. They have music on their website too!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I love Roscoe’s!!! Who can’t resist chicken AND waffles?! Okay, I ate mine seperate because I can’t handle syrup on my chicken or the tobasco sauce on my waffle!!! But, Rob it sounds right up your alley! Plus, there’s one near Sunset. You should try it out sometime!

      • roslynselene says:

        I’ve never eaten at Roscoes! It’s my mission in life to eat there sometime (not really, but I do want to go). The menu sounds *interesting*. And yeah, I don’t like mixing salty food with sweets either. Remember Rob thought chicken and biscuits were weird? I wonder what he’d say to chicken and waffles.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          WHAAAAT?! You live in LA and you’ve never been to Roscoe’s?! I’ve only been once and that’s where I’ve seen my one and only celeb….the dad from Family Matters!! Maybe next time…? Anywho, you’ve got to try it sometime. It’s a great little place!

          • roslynselene says:

            I know I know. Can you believe I’ve never ever seen a famous person? Unless you know who Johnny Weir is (he’s a figure skater). I saw him preform this weekend at the Staples Center. But anywho, I’m a bad LA person. Lol

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Nope. Never heard of him, even with your clue of “figure skater.” lol But don’t worry, someday our luck will change and we will see/meet a really cool famous person! (I’m talking to you, Pattinson!)

          • roslynselene says:

            Make it happen, Rob! I’m saving my celeb-card(?) for you! I’ll deny ever seeing Eminem (although I’m pretty sure I did…still not 100% sure…forget it! It doesn’t count!) Rob, I’ll deny everyone until I meet you! If I see Bieber before I see you, I’ll close my eyes and ears and DENY DENY DENY! Lol

  32. I forgot when I posted re the jacket, today I met a (bit ridiculous fashionista) girl at the Hermès défilé (aka def. not by the dumpster) who kept showing a JITTERBUG!!! and saying how she is a techtard. Jacket fine by me but Gawd of all that’s progress, please let it NOT be the glory days of techtards!

    Dear Rob,
    Stop being such a tech snob and let’s get friendly on twitter, k? Or even better, here!!!

    • robgirl86 says:

      Mhmm, I guess his fingers have other talents than finding out how twitter works or the last iphone…look at that face just by switching off a lil light and now think of newtechnic, he would make a knot in his brain I suppose…

  33. So I am still confused. JohnStew was there but TomStu WASn’t…?

  34. SaritaPagita says:

    I haven’t commented in forever (sorry ladies) but omg just wanted to let you know you cracked my sh*t up w this one.

  35. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    So there’s this song Claire listened when Rob was a little boy and it’s still her favourite song and it’s permanently imprinted in Rob’s brains and sometimes when he makes dinner plans it suddenly re-appears

    Bananrama / Robert De Niro’s Waiting

    Hope’s dashed to the floor like shattered teenage dreams.
    Boys living next door are never what they seem.
    A walk in the park can become a bad dream

    People are staring and following me.
    This is my only escape from it all:
    Watching a film or a face on the wall.
    Robert de Niro’s waiting
    talking italian.
    Robert de Niro’s waiting
    talking italian.
    Robert de Niro’s waiting
    talking italian.
    Robert de Niro’s waiting
    talking italian.
    I don’t need a boy
    I’ve a got a man of steel

    Don’t come any closer
    I don’t wanna feel.
    You’re breathing
    you’re touching
    but nothing’s for free

    I never want this to happen to me.
    Don’t try to change me
    you’re wasting your time

    Now I’ve got something much better in mind.
    Robert de Niro’s waiting
    talking italian. . . .
    A walk in the park can become a bad dream
    . . .
    Robert de Niro’s waiting

  36. southernbelle says:

    Dear Rob,

    Is it really that cold there in LA? I loved that you shaved your beard but why did you cover the sex hair? 🙂 Sorry I’m being picky. It’s just that you know how that hair of yours drive us girls insane and we’d really like to see it in all it’s glory. So no beard and no beanie please? I know, sorry it’s too much to ask. You might get too cold. But I thought the weather in LA is much milder than where I live.

    I don’t care what’s going on and who’s with you in these pictures, I love and support you no matter what.

    So btw whatever happened to the shiteous Nikes? And what about the black v-neck? The holey jeans? 😛


    • LatersBaby says:

      See that, Rob. Southernbelle will NEVER, EVER leave you!

      OK, I will stop posting that. I know it is only cracking me up. But if I read one more fan fic that has this, “NEVER, EVER LEAVE YOU” line, my head will explode. I’m punch drunk on fanfiction.

      • southernbelle says:

        Hi! What ff was that from?

        Yes Rob, I’ll never ever leave you, never ever. Be scared, be very scared. LOL okay I’m just joking! I’m very normal and I promise to be calm and collected when I finally meet you! I won’t scream in your ear either!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      SB, It’s really not that cold here. But when it goes from being 100+ to 60’s and 70’s in a week, it just seems soooo cold!! But Rob was in London so I’m not sure what his excuse is. Didn’t want to wash his duhrty hair…?

      • southernbelle says:

        I think he just likes to dress in layers no matter what the season is. 🙂

        We had weird weather here too. 2 weeks ago it was in the 90’s then last week we had frost! I turned the heat on because the temps went down to the 30s at night.

  37. elle says:

    UC and Moon…I think I love you!

    Quick…was there any crustiness under his fingernails? Because you’d have to subtract 12 for that…. *shudders*

  38. Pattygirl says:

    Girls, pls keep voting for Rob at the Scream awards for best fantasy actor.

    The Awards is on 19th October, just heard that Kristen is attending.

  39. […] is being sponsored as the new brawny man UC: hahaha Moon: or he buys a home on the east side & stops going out in Weho UC: yes! Like if Rob is seen at Chango- that hipster coffee shop in your neighborhood where […]

  40. […] some ideas too… so let’s get started shall we? So clearly Tom took the paparazzo up on Rob’s offer to let him take as many pictures in 30 seconds if he gave him the flannel. Poor Rob… too bad he doesn’t know TomStu paid the pap off […]

  41. BasketCaseMom says:

    Hilarious! I laughed out loud several times during the post. My fave part – The final breakdown score. Priceless.

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