Dear Rob, she may be over you

(This makes me sad but here at LTR we like to represent all sides of the fandom, from the recently deflowered to the waning Robsession. We still love ya Rob!)

Dear Rob,

I think it’s officially happened. I think I may be over you.

This is a hard letter to write, as most break-up letters are, so let me give you a little history before delving into the really painful stuff.

He’s king of the world

Let’s back up to 1998. I was your typical high school junior swept away in Leo Mania post-Titanic (you catch that little play on words there, Rob? Swept away? You find that sort of sh*t funny, don’t you?) Okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly typical, persay, but I bet I could have found a Leo contingency who’d have said “that’s normal” about my 8 trips to the theater, my purchase of not only every teenybopper mag with his face on the cover but also the lame-*ss “Making of Titanic” collector’s book just so I could eek out a few more pictures (98 was largely pre-internet for me – how did obsessions survive?), and one precious VHS, yes VHS, tape on which I recorded every single nightly entertainment show segment that even mentioned you. I believe my high school boyfriend’s exact words when he found said tape were “you have a problem.” But it was worth it. I mean that Oprah interview? Where when asked the question about offscreen feelings Kate so diplomatically said “I believe the Rose in me fell a little bit in love with the Jack in him?” Ehem. That is how you respond to that little inquiry from Oprah. So tasteful. No weird male pregnancy comments. Anyway, moving on…

I was obsessed. (Leobsessed?) Twelve years later, Leo barely gets a second look. I mean in that way. I still smile when I hear his charismatic words, but these days I go to see his movies for his acting. Perish the thought… Hell, even my husband finds him to be a respectable actor. (But he doesn’t know about that VHS tape.) I don’t remember what it felt like when it actually hurt a bit to see him with whatever model was on his arm. I don’t remember what it felt like to lose my breath the first time Jack Dawson glanced up at that huge ocean liner.

How does this not spark your love? Ok, I admit it’s dorky

And I fear that you and I, Rob, are heading down the same path. I’ve been worried about this for some time now (and sometimes I get the sneaky suspicion that the girls at LTR are harboring the same fears), but this week it was confirmed. I saw a picture of you in your boxer briefs. And nothing else. You. Half-neked. Boxer briefs. Getting wet. A year or two ago at this time, my week would’ve been shot straight to sh*t. I would have spent an entire day a) staring absentmindedly at that shot b) emailing my fellow Robsessed about it and making lewd puns and c) casting work aside to GET SERIOUS about how I could rationalize a trip to Louisiana to just finally freakin’ meet you and move things forward already. Now? I looked. I appreciated. And I… waited. I waited for that feeling. The giddiness. The shortness of breath. The words “holy effing sh*t” literally falling from my mouth in an empty house/office/whatever the way they used to. Because 12 years post-Titanic, apparently I had barely matured a smidgen. But nothing happened.

Speaking of…. following jumping Rob for the rest

The face that launched a thousand late nights

It was really disappointing, Rob, because I have always enjoyed the Robsession. Sure, sometimes it got in the way of real life. Sometimes a husband discovers a stash of RP fanfic on a computer and has words WAY worse than “you have a problem.” Sometimes work got brought home because I spent too much time during the day ogling you and g-chattin’ in up about ogling you. But it was a fun habit, a dirty little secret, and sometimes you just want a little escape from the real world. And now it seems to be moving on, or perhaps I’m moving on from it. I mean, last year at this time, I had not one, but two 2010 Rob Pattinson calendars in my possession. Here it is November and I have nada. And I don’t think I’m gonna get one.

I’ve thought long and hard about why my feelings have changed, and at first thought it had something to do with your relationship-for-lack-of-a-better-word. Because call it what you will, PRsten, Robsten-lurve-forever, a bearded situation… I just hated seeing you turned into a caricature of yourself and seen more as part of a celebrity couple than a quirky individual (but I know, you hate that too). And then I thought maybe, just maybe, I’d OD’ed. Maybe I’d watched too many interviews of you giggling, reviewed my collection of “hottest pictures” one too many times, or cued up Biel more than I should have (Biel… I got your back, baby). But at the end of the day, I realized it may just be this: it’s been TWO YEARS, Rob. Two years is a long time to foster an obsession, particularly when, ehem, you don’t actually know a person and there’s no interaction in return. Maybe, just maybe, it’s dying down because that’s the natural course of things. And it’s time for me to move on.

It doesn’t mean I won’t look. It doesn’t mean I don’t still wonder what the h*ll the word “outtake” means when I see you suited up for TV Guide. It doesn’t mean I won’t be in the theater for BD on opening weekend. But see that, I said opening weekend. Maybe I’m too old for midnight shows, or maybe I just don’t have the drive to get there. Don’t worry too much though, Rob, because I still believe that one day in the future, I may be going to see YOUR movies for the quality performance of a respectable actor, and not just to squee over Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob. And I can say this to you because I know that’s exactly what you want. You want us to stop viewing you in the way we sometimes do, and be able to judge you beyond that. In fact, I believe right now you might love me more than ever. (I probably could still be cajoled into a dumpster rendezvous if you asked really nicely.) So don’t you worry too much, because I’m pretty sure I’ll always smile fondly when I see something new you’re up to, and I’ll still look twice when your hot self graces the cover of a magazine. I’ll always remember the good times we shared – thanks for bringing so much entertainment and sheer sexy into so many of my days. And I promise you Rob, I won’t ever let go and my heart will go on.

Whoops…wrong guy.

Signing off,


Awwwww Jillian we love you even when your love is waning and we admit too, it’s hard to sustain an nonreciprocal love for 2 years but it still makes me sad. Does it make anyone else sad or make you want to hug your fellow Rob fan?

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335 Responses to “Dear Rob, she may be over you”

  1. Alex says:

    I wish you all felt the same way and would finally get a life and quit obsessing over this dude..yes he has a life outside of acting and yes he has a gf..get over it.

  2. Nelle says:

    Actually I do feel the waning- and I’m kind of relieved. Sorry.

  3. minuit_passe says:

    I get it! Last year, November, I would have been in a nekkidness coma to see this month’s treat, actually I was in a post-visit coma for the simple reason that we were really close for about 36 hours. This year I saw the dorky-ness, laughed at the non smexyness then moved on.
    I feel like I dropped drugs or just got out of prison.
    One more thing, I would celebrate it by the dumpster, just coma-free.

  4. Kat says:

    Don’t worry, I think it’s definitely healthy. I’m still very much an obsessed Rob fan though. I don’t think that will ever change. lol

  5. Beaspoon says:

    As a fellow LTR’er (is that a word? lol) who has also written my own “waning Robsession” letter, I totally get it. But…

    The boxer-briefs this past week totally still got me. I drooled, I swooned, I let my imagination run wild. So it must mean it’s still there. My love for Rob comes (tee hee hee) and goes, but it’s definitely present right now, lol.

    But I get it, Jillian, trust me!

  6. jamie says:

    Wow. This is so shocking, and not at all like the dozens of other “I think I’m over Rob” entries this blog runs constantly.

    It is pretty clear you guys are over the whole thing. Even when you write something nice about him, it’s as if he’s shocked you by making you temporarily care. I think cutting back the entries was a start, but really, I don’t get the point of even having a schedule, because ultimately, it’s just kind of depressing when every entry has this air of obligation and half of them are questioning Rob’s appearance, talent, personal life. Maybe you should think about just shutting it down and only writing when something actually inspires you again. It’s not like there’s not plenty of Rob-hate on the web without having to see it on a supposed fan site.

    • OR you could just stop reading LTR.. wouldn’t that make more sense???

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        what a novel idea! If you don’t like it, don’t read it. That would work.

      • jamie says:

        I actually did stop reading and took you off my twitter feed months ago, but I checked in today because of all the Kristen fans freaking out on my feed about how much you hate on her. I’ve always felt this site is just as harsh about Rob, and was coming to “prove” it, and what do you know? Top entry.

        I don’t think everyone has to worship him. But it’s just hard to find the fun here these days, and I used to really love all the entries here. If, like I said, being “over” Rob wasn’t a constant topic of conversation here, I doubt I would’ve ever said a word.

        • robgirl86 says:

          As far as I know those Kstew fans freak out on a minutely/hourly/daily basis for everything and anything, so why do you care?
          As for Rob, you just don’t get it, no offense!

        • well, then LTR isn’t the place for you. It’s a place for FANS of Rob who love him one day, question what he did the next, drool over him on day 3 and then have a crush on a new boy on day 4. Then go back to Rob.

          It’s what we do. It’s not going to resonate with everyone & that’s fine- we write for a specific audience which clearly isn’t you.

          Wait.. why did I just make a logical argument? I don’t do that.

          (Insert joke here)

          • robgirl86 says:

   your explanation, I think I always skip day 4 cause I’m a weirdo, I KNOW that is okay here, LTR is very free-spirit! πŸ™‚

          • Nelle says:

            Even though my Rob love has waned a little I still love LTT and LTR. And I have a sneaky feeling my Robsession will kick into high gear again when WFE and BD get closer to release. Waxing and waning. Totes normal!

          • Wendy says:

            It’s the Hermoine in you…
            I couldn’t resist.

        • Cath says:

          Yeah Jamie, that’s actually a great idea. Let’s turn LTR into a generic fansite. Worshipping Rob every step he takes…*insert sarcasm* Ugh, self depreciating he is, self depreciating is LTR.
          I say: WIN!

          P.S. And yeah, we come over here all the time because we’re SO over Rob and let’s not forget; really, really HATE him. I hate him so much, I want to meet him behind a dumpster, just to tell him how much I dislike him… πŸ˜‰

      • strangely_enough says:

        I read this site for the Funny, and because it is the least creepy and most self deprecating Rob site I’ve come across. While others claim that there’s no shame to their game, people here at LTR stare into the face of their shame and declare, “Hey Shame, you’re just making this whole filthy thing even hotter for me. You know that, right? And you can tell my husband I said so.”
        I’m not going to find that anywhere else, so please don’t tell me to just go away and not read if I say I agree with Jamie. It’s not just the waning Robsession letters, or the insults (especially not the insults, because what’s flirtation without a little teasing?). It’s the hideous pictures. It’s photo captions like “I just sharted” and the long, drawn out conversations about port-o-potties with musings about Rob’s imagined digestive problems (srsly? That’s what you guys are daydreaming about at the office?) and it’s the accompanying photo-shopped images (you know what I’m talking about). Sure, Rob is responsible for some of the teasing. He’s said he doesn’t wash (although we’re pretty sure he was kidding), that he had nits (almost positive he was kidding), and he dresses like a runaway who sleeps under a bridge. But these, uh, “quirks” only made him more lovable as far as I was concerned. Forget “The Edward in me fell in love with the Bella in her” (GAG!). “I’m pregnant” is funny. And it’s relevant. It says something about the absurdity of the tabloid frenzy around him. It isn’t diplomatic- it’s real, and real trumps polished/pressed/capped/veneered/cleanly shaved/waxed/Brazilian-blown-out any day. That’s why I love him.
        But YOU GUYS, the two of you. Man. Some days I think you’re Secret Social Scientists working on the ultimate Implicit Association Test, wherein the image of carnal perfection ceases to make the test subject’s uterus quiver, and instead brings up a surge of childhood memories of the test subject’s older brother pinning her to the family room floor and farting on her head.
        Oh, but it doesn’t end there- No! You step it up, and throw in photos of a phantom bald spot and plant a seed of a terror I haven’t felt since The Fleecing of Ralph Fiennes (have you SEEN that man’s head? It’s straight off of Easter Island, and nobody, NOBODY saw that coming). So now I look at Rob and wonder, what kind of horrid, opalescent skeletal deformities could be lurking under those amber waves of youth? The hair that America wants to run through, barefoot.
        I don’t even believe he’s going bald, but there it is. The association with ickiness, and it’s all on you. And Kristen (shudder). Okay, it’s mostly on Kristen, but it’s a bit on you, too, and I really need you to knock it off.

        • You may stay.
          And we’re just keeping it real.

          Also this: “Hey Shame, you’re just making this whole filthy thing even hotter for me. You know that, right? And you can tell my husband I said so.” is our tagline

          • Random:
            Our (East coast Stacey & me) tagline is “We throw shoes at bitches”

          • Stacey says:

            Ahh…our tagline. I threw a shoe at a bitch just for you today! Nah… just joking. I just bitched at my shoe for getting a mark on it. Wait…was this post about Rob? I lost my train of thought again.

        • Jules says:

          So many, many words.

        • melronin says:

          You can stay and watch this with me…sigh…
          I love Rob….we love Rob…and that’s it!! Too many words for nothing really…cause there is ONLY ROB and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

          hopefully this will work!!!

        • robgirl86 says:

          oh my, seriously , what exactly do u wanna tell/ explain us? Take it easy, skip what you don’t like, at the end of the day it’s all FUN…do you hear me? F.U.N., some like it, many not, there is NO obligation to approve or take it seriously!
          What? Wait? he doesn’t shower? NOOOOO, don’t tell me, NOW I think I can’t LOVE him anymore! Pftttttttttttttt, do me a favor…

          • strangely_enough says:

            Wow, take your own advice, much? Chill out a little, have a sense of humor, take what you wanna take and leave what you wanna leave. No need to be so threatened.

          • robgirl86 says:

            What? Threaten? When? Where? think that you have the right name at least @strangely_enough

          • melronin says:

            You are most wellcome to stay here dear but I forgot to tell you that one of our main conditions is RESPECT…am sure UC&Moon agree…NO RESPECT…NO STAY!!!
            1. show respect
            2. be polite…always
            3. share the love

            easy…or no???

          • strangely_enough says:

            @ melronin: I guess I was complimenting AND criticizing? Surely there is a teensy bit of wiggle room for dissenting opinion. I LOVE this site and I’ve read it almost every day since I found it. But some days it’s a real downer. I only caught onto Rob over the summer, so I’m in a different place than some. It’s a little shocking when somebody stirs turds and sharts into my white-hot lust.
            Ps~ I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I also don’t mean to let anyone be unnecessarily rude to me without hearing how I feel about it. I think that’s fair enough.

          • Jules says:

            Strangely, since you’re relatively new to RobLove and LTR, there are a lot of fun posts at the old site. Go read the archives when you have a chance, you’ll really enjoy those. I still read some for a laugh:

          • robgirl86 says:

            I have a feeling that you mean me by being “rude”.
            First of all, I’m not english as you surely noticed, second, I don’t think I said anything rude or “threatened” like you said before and third, you tried to explain things that are really old stuff cause as you may have read, here are girls, me included, that love Rob since years and sorry if something here disturbed your pink Rob bubble, you really may appreciate Robsessed where “flatlines ” and “thuds” are usual comments! I love Rob, everything about him and especially his heart and humour, ok? Peace out!

          • strangely_enough says:

            @Jules- I started out on the old site. “Robert Pattinson changes everything,” a blog post about learning to like beards. (sniffle) I remember it like it was yesterday!

            @Robgirl- I didn’t notice the English, actually, but now I think I understand.

        • @jamie “because of all the Kristen fans freaking out on my feed about how much you hate on her. I’ve always felt this site is just as harsh about Rob”

          THANK YOU!!!!! πŸ˜‰


          “Man. Some days I think you’re Secret Social Scientists working on the ultimate Implicit Association Test, wherein the image of carnal perfection ceases to make the test subject’s uterus quiver, and instead brings up a surge of childhood memories of the test subject’s older brother pinning her to the family room floor and farting on her head.”

          OMG i havent laughed that hard in a long time. i get what you’re saying, i totally do. but we also have to keep it interesting for ourselves. we can’t robsess 24/7 we’d go insane. like minute_passe said farther up, she doesn’t feel like a drug addict anymore. it’s kinda like our way of showing our maturing love. we still have the freak outs and swoons but we also think he’s super goofy!

          stick around. i like your moxy.

          • strangely_enough says:

            Aw, thanks, I like my moxie, too! And ALL of your non feces-related content (I mean on the webite. I’m sure your personal fecal content is top shelf stuff).

        • LatersBaby says:

          I’m totally confused. Are you trying to be insulting or complimentary?
          I see your analysis as a WIN.

        • Robjunkie says:

          strangely_enough: Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Christ on a cracker, what is it with you lurkers who JUST. DON’T. GET. IT? And your long-ass rants which make absolutely no sense in the context of what this site is really about, trying to school us in the proper way to show our acute fondness for Rob. Social scientists, really? Take a chill pill or twenty.

          • strangely_enough says:

            So many people here don’t speak English!

          • roslynselene says:

            Wait…I think there’s just a HUGE misunderstanding. I don’t think Strangely_enough was trying to put LTR down, she just doesn’t like the word “Rob” and “sharts” in one sentence. Lol Oh and I did like the “The hair that America wants to run through, barefoot.” THAT was great. Bhahaha Let’s all eat some of K Stew’s special brownies and relaaaaax. (Actually, I don’t smoke weed, so I’ll pass on those brownies)

    • robgirl86 says:

      Since when is LTR a “fan-site?”
      It’s LTR, if you don’t get it, don’t read it, it’s easy like that!
      Sorry UC to repeat what you wrote, but I thought really the same!

    • melronin says:

      Honi….RELAX….and get over your LTRobsession!!!
      We don’t have to prove our love for him to anybody!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Oh Jamie, you don’t get it! This is a site where you love-hate Rob, just like you used to pull the hair of that guy you were secretly in love with in second grade just to get his attention…:-)

      • Jamie says:

        Or kick his knee and run? I wasn’t much of a hair puller as a kid….

      • kandnandb says:

        I’ve idealized movie stars when I was younger and immature but one of the reasons I love Rob is because he seems so much more accessible than those “perfect” men who are styled w/i an inch of their lives and have strings on their backs to repeat the “perfect” phrases. I love that he comes off as normal and approachable and human. If (when) I make fun of him, it’s all in jest-he reminds me a little of every guy I’ve ever known. And I looooove men. They drive me crazy but I do love them and their quirks and their hard chests and biceps and hairy legs and 3 day stubble and…..

        Um, where was I going w/ this? I’m a bit distracted now.

        • melronin says:

          Love your comments sweety…but is it very bad that I am stuck on…”I love that he comes…”????
          Omg….after so much reading……..seriously….
          I LOVE THAT HE COMES!!!

          • kandnandb says:

            Mwahahahaha! I didn’t even realize I wrote that! Leave it to one of you pervy h00rs to notice….;-)

    • guitargirl says:

      I would suggest you go elsewhere to read about Rob. Here, at LTR, we enjoy a sarcastic sense of humour, and make fun of everything and anything. This includes both ourselves, and Rob. He’s British and would totally understand where we are coming from, as this type of humour is in our make-up. There are plenty of sites out there that take themselves very seriously, and also ones that are very PC. You may be happier there.

      • melronin says:

        and above all we are true to each other here! we don’t have to pretend and tell lies! So if Jillian is sort of over him…then so be it and she is free to tell us that!!!
        We all have different ways to love Rob…we are not in a kind of army and we don’t follow rules or patterns!!!

    • Jamie says:

      Hey! You stole my name!

      • Jamie says:

        And you’re being a negative nelly about LTR while using it, wtf.

      • Janetrigs says:

        I like your name too!

        • Jamie says:

          Its not the name stealing the pisses me off, its the LTR bashing while using it. Not cool. But at least they are probably gone now, and forgot to capitalize the first letter of their user name, which gave the slight grammar nazi in me a giggle.

          • Nelle says:

            Duh! *head slap*. That’s why I was confused. I didn’t realize that wasn’t you “Jamie” but an imposter “jamie.”

          • Jamie says:

            That’s ok! Truthfully, I only use this sn because I couldn’t think of something better. I should probably come up with something πŸ™‚ Also, I should get off my ass and get an icon thingy as well!

          • kristen's bestie says:

            I thought the same thing! I thought – oh hell one of the LTR girls has turned on us! Ha! I’m so glad “jamie” is an imposter!

          • Jamie says:

            Awe, I wouldn’t turn on you guys! Not my style. Also, I keep my website (either my work related or my twitter, which is actually @Halfsh0t if anyone wants to chat on there) linked to my name, so if the mix-up happens again, the “imposter” probably won’t have a weblink….

    • Janetrigs says:

      Thumbs up for caring.

      PS Also cause I like your name.

    • LatersBaby says:

      Sometimes I feel like the LTR/LTT women are like the Cullens. Mere humans simply don’t understand our kind, our world. We should pity the humans…or maybe eat them.

      *curbing monster inside*

    • Libby says:

      are you the same guy who wrote the first comment?

    • adrienne says:

      haha that’s funny! and what i mean by that is, you don’t get it

    • d_e says:

      *violins* *violins* *violins*

    • robgirl86 says:

      Oh…usually Kstew stuff brings soo much critics on a lazy Monday, wow, LTR = Rob’s new LOVERgirls? I wish, I wish….

    • mykungfuisstillstrong says:

      JAMIE and ALEX are either one and the same person or they spend a heck lot of time in the same room. Thats all…

  7. robgirl86 says:

    Mhmmm…I really don’t know what to say about your letter, I was never “Robsessed” or a “fan”(that are actually terms I can’t relate to at all), I’ll never will be… ifyouknowhatImean.., there was NO Leo, or whoever, I never had any crush on a celeb at all! I said it multiple times, he’s my first and we’ll be my last!

  8. melronin says:

    Dear Rob
    Do I wake up every morning and my first thought is to open the computer to look for you? = Yes

    Do I study for hours your face to see a new expression?=Yes

    Do I want to talk about you every day with my sisters in Rob?=Yes

    Do I care about you being happy and safe?=Yes

    Do I hurt when you are sad?=Yes

    Verdict? Am still very much in love with you!


  9. guitargirl says:

    “I just hated seeing you turned into a caricature of yourself and seen more as part of a celebrity couple than a quirky individual”

    Well said.

    (Sigh) Yeah, I also get it. It would have been 2 years for me on 3rd January, with the first year being completely all consuming. Decorating, housework, and even meals were neglected so that I could You Tube Rob’s latest adorable interviews. The pap/magazine over exposure, and relentless linking him to his co-star has kind of killed the buzz for me. I have never been that interested in celebrities private lives, I’d rather just watch someone’s personality unfold naturally (as an individual, and not something that’s forcefed by the press, making them out to be some kind of joined at the hip, co-dependent, name blended freaks.) Rob is still as sexy as hell, and yes, given the opportunity I’d bang him senseless without a moments hesitation. However, the smart, talented, quirky guy I used to really enjoy watching has gone undercover, (probably for good) and has been replaced by a guarded, and well rehearsed individual, much like the rest of Hollywood. I understand why, but I long for the old Rob, who was a breath of fresh air.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      I agree, I hate seeing him only as half of PRsten. He has become more guarded, out of necessity, but I think when Twilight is finally over and done with he might be able to relax a bit and live a more normal life. He has to deal with so much craziness and insanity right now, he really has to be careful how he presents himself. Hopefully once it’s over the people who were only interested in him b/c he was “Edward” or one half of PRsten will go back into the woodwork and he can move on to whatever he wants to do. I don’t think he’s just like everyone else in Hollywood though, and I hope he never will be.

      • guitargirl says:

        I hope we do see a return of the old Rob, and you may be right in thinking he’ll resurface after the Twi movies ( I hope so.) When I said he’s just like the rest of Hollywood, I actually meant his more recent Twi interviews, and not as a person. I’m sure in private, he’s just as dorky as he’s always been, but in public he’s definitely more guarded=)

    • robgirl86 says:

      People change, develop, mature, so did he..I think, “old Rob” would be eaten alive at this time, to me it’s a lot of selfprotection and I can understand that! Always “old Rob” would be very lame, my opinion! He’s a good person, he we’ll do his way, I’m sure.

    • guitargirl says:

      Wow, I’ve actually had a couple of thumbs down. LOL! (Yay, first ever!) For what though, I’m not sure. Is it because I said I miss the old Rob, or is it because I don’t like how the press are currently portraying him? PML.

    • strangely_enough says:

      *sigh* that’s exactly it. It was so nice to find something playful, funny, and cool in a completely normal & unstudied way… in Hollywood! But now it’s like Hollywood has absorbed him. I hope it spits him back out once these movies are all out and done with.
      And I have no way of knowing what kind of obligations the studio puts on him, but he must have some degree of personal freedom. He must have some say over his involvement in the PRsten crap, and you just can’t respect that. Blech.

  10. dazzledtodeath says:

    I know that feeling. I am definitely an obsessive person-meaning that when I am into someone or something, I’m really into it-I don’t do it halfway (although I’ve never been as obsessed as I am with Rob). I guess my longest obsession was with Michael Stipe/REM, and that lasted a good fifteen years. It was pretty intense at the beginning-I bought every magazine, record (yes, record) and went to as many shows as I could. Gradually I bought less and less, went to fewer shows, and my obsession waned to that of just a fan. I still think he’s pretty cool, I’m interested in what he’s up to, but I don’t actively follow what he’s doing anymore. It is kind of sad when you realize you’re not getting those butterflies anymore, you don’t get that rush when you see the person or hear something about them.

    My Robsession has been going on for two years, and it’s still strong. Those boxerbrief pics stopped me in my tracks, and were all quickly saved in my Robporn folder. I still get butterflies when I see a new pic, or hear about a new movie he’s in. I still sigh over the fact that I’ll never really know him, let alone KNOW him know him. And I’ll definitely be sad when (if?) this ends, b/c it’s a part of my life that I really enjoy.

    • melronin says:

      I understand your every word! 10 years past since Lord of the Rings and I am still not over Viggo!!! He will always be in my heart although it doesn’t hurt me so much any more that I will never really KNOW him!

      Am pretty sure that Rob will have me under his spell for many years to come cause every day I see him I fall in love with him again and again and again!

      Love you!

      • nettie says:

        OMGosh, another Viggo fan! He was my first all-out obsession, starting with LOTR. I thought I’d never get over him, but things finally waned a year or so ago…and then Rob came into my life this year (I was late to the game), and the obsession with him actually blew my previous obsession for Viggo out of the water (which is saying a LOT).

        • melronin says:

          It’s such a smal world right???
          Omg…..same story here! Aragorn/Viggo…no words…still not over this man! Great man…actor…poet…musician…
          okaaaayyyyy….wrong blog…was a lil carried away…happens to me all the time!!!:D

          • robgirl86 says:

            yep, happens all the time….sigh* πŸ™‚

          • nettie says:

            Yes, no words for that man (that includes Aragorn). I so easily fall back into his vortex every time I look up a picture or video of him, see him on screen, or read something he’s written. Sighhhh…but yeah, wrong blog! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad to know there’s another admirer, though; I’ve never “met” another!

          • Yes, Viggo!!!
            I’d forgotten that I’d whimpered during “A Perfect Murder” until I read some other book that made me picture Viggo as one of the characters…. so then he ended up on our blog and I was back looking at Viggo pics for a few days. Missed you Viggo!

          • melronin says:

            Viggo is a KING!!!
            I love you guys!

          • PerfectDate says:

            Another Viggo fan here! The first and only celebrity I ever looked up and followed a fan site for on the internet, before Rob. I wonder if they met, since maybe Viggo was in New Orleans filming “On the Road” or whatever that movie is called. And I understand how it is to be “late to the party”….I saw a tv commercial for the “LOTR: Return of the King” DVD (whenever it came out, 2004?) and was like “Aragorn is hot, how did I miss 3 movies in the theaters?!?”

  11. kandnandb says:

    Great letter! The comparison between Rob & Leo was perfect-I loved Leo during the Titanic-era too and find him to get sexier every year. But while I still find him hot, I respect his acting so much more. And when I watch his movies, I recognize the handsomeness but it doesn’t distract me from his incredible acting. His serial model-dating doesn’t even come close to his career, it’s merely an aside. *That’s* what I wish for Rob. I think I’ll still always love Rob just b/c but I do look forward to his “real” career starting, hopefully w/ Water for Elephants.

    My Rob love wanes a bit here & there but Rob & Twilight have come to mean so much more to me than just a hot actor and a cult movie. Gonna get Tweedserious for a moment-they both, and LTT/LTR & Twitter, helped me thru kind of a rough year this year so I have very warm thoughts about the whole fandom & am not ready to give those comforts up.

    Plus JumpingRob makes me laugh every time I see it and I could love him for that alone.

  12. robsfuturemate says:

    You know, I thought my Robsession would have waned by now. And I know that the outside world wishes it would! But, hearing your story about Leo reminds me of this. I did get a little into the Leo craze but I just hopped on a bandwagon and nothing else. I didn’t buy magazines, never thought to watch him on TV, nothing. Rob is my first, the one and only! And I did chat up my “friends” about the boxer pics!!! I believe that part of the reason I’m still going strong is LTR. Thanks to UC, Moon and all you love LTRers!!! And of course, Rob, who I do look at as respectable actor (as a work in progress)!

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and LetterstoTwilight, Natasha Twihard. Natasha Twihard said: RT @letter2twilight: Sigh…. another one bites the dust, Rob […]

  14. MariaCecilia says:

    Whatever you’re on to make you feel this way, please share! It would be nice on some days to be able to take an “antidote-to-Rob-pill” clear up my mental sinuses and actually think about something else (house renovation, job change, academic work, Christmas plans, solve world hunger..) for a while. I. Am. Not. There. Yet.

  15. Janetrigs says:

    Thumbs down is rampid today. Please feel free to add me to the TD party.

    Who’s ROB?

  16. Eva says:

    I think people who determine whether they like or dislike him based on who he’s dating are actually the fans he’s probably most anxious to lose.

    And that goes for shippers and non-shippers.

  17. nettie says:

    I can’t even begin to identify with this letter. I’m not anywhere near close to over him (and don’t want to be!) (though I *would* get a lot more done if I were…). I just discovered Rob this year so am in the throes of obsession right now.
    I thought I was the only one who uttered profane exclamations out loud to an empty room while looking at pics of him.
    So no, I don’t get it at all. But I don’t agree with the posters today who take issue with how LTR pokes fun (at times) at Rob- that’s the beauty & the fun of this site! He’s so adorkable and just begs to be made fun of in a loving way- and that’s how it’s done here. I love that LTR doesn’t take him seriously 100% of the time. The lighthearted take on his beauty & awesomeness here helps me to not spiral down into an obssession-mode that would lead to my children being taken away due to complete neglect- πŸ˜‰

  18. Keisha says:

    Good heavens, that 3rd picture was like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Reminds me of Uma Thurman in that scene in Pulp Fiction and now I’m thinking about Bel Ami and Georges gettin’ busy with anyone that will stand still! Remember running DuRob? Happy day!!
    Imma look at those eyes for the rest of the day.

  19. Dear Rob,
    I have been worried for a bit about my love for you…..seeing you with IT(I’m sorry, that’s my favorite nickname for said person) has definitely made me think. I really don’t like it. You’re not the same. Do I still think about you daily? Yes. Do I still talk about you to the point where my friends tell me to SHUT THE HALE UP? most definitely. but until you stop this shit with that person, things will be…different. I love you still though.



  20. operarose says:

    I wish I’d known you back in 1998 Jillian, because that was also me back then! Not sure if it was normal, either, but we’ll just blame our age for the Titanic/Leo “normalness”….

  21. AphKay says:

    it’s the HANGOVER effect from all that KBitch action, honey! everybody feels the same. but you know with all the attention who you gonna fuck? the person closest to you. it’s that simple. they are trapped.
    also i wanna say ‘SAVE THE BOUFFANT’ …
    and don’t make him look like a dorky husband or else you gonna hafta see BD alone you hollywood jackasses.

  22. Cazza says:

    Well, I’m still reading and commenting here at LTR after 1.5 years πŸ™‚ Still enjoying my time behind bars and come here for the escapism, sarcasm and banter.

    Yes, one day, the time will come when the LTR doors will probably close for good but until then, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the ride – woohoo!


  23. lindyuk says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there with your comment! I agree with you that the ‘old Rob’ has gone into hiding to some degree and yes it’s a shame but I think it was inevitable to some degree. He is not allowed to be himself while Twiight is still ongoing. Look at the flack he’s had to take for some of his ‘off the wall’ comments and observations….an absolute delight for those of us who ‘got him’ but for those who took him literally he would not come over very well at all and he’s made a few comments about how he mustn’t say this or that to the point where he said, albeit jokingly ‘Maybe I should just NOT do interviews’…..I hope he WAS joking LOL!

    As ‘dazzledtodeath’ said let’s see what things are like after Twilight is over. And it’s NEVER been about Twilight for me with Rob. I’ve only seen Twilight with the commentary and I’ve never watched New Moon or Eclipse and to be honest the only reason I am vaguely interested in BD is because of the opportunity to see more of Rob…not because I’m so interested in the ridiculous story…no it’s ALL ABOUT ROB for me. Roll on Bel Ami and WFE. I’m sick of Twilight. I’m also sick of seeing him constantly lumped with Kristen too. Nearly every site that I visit seems to have gone ‘Robsten crazy’ since the Montreal, Brazil pics. You google Rob’s name and HER name pops up with his as well. He is no longer a seperate entity any more and THAT was killing my mojo a few weeks ago…and the fact that it seemed he’d petulantly gone into hiding…however Rob somehow managed to draw me back in. Underneath it all he seems to be a really nice, decent, human being besides being so lovely to look at. I can’t leave him…I just can’t.

    So I’ll ignore the fact that he appears to have his girlfriend joined at his hip at the moment…and she does seem to make him happy…for the time being..I don’t like her and quite possibly never will. Let’s see how things are when he’s working on promotion with Reese etc next year and Stewie is off doing her own thing. I’ll be interested to see how Rob’s personality changes if at all at that time.

    So…all in all…he’s lovely…but come out of hiding Rob and let’s hear you give a really good in depth’s long overdue..

    • roslynselene says:

      Agree 100%. I miss old Rob. πŸ™ But current Rob still let’s Old Rob escape sometimes. πŸ˜€ I love him being dorky and saying inappropriate things aka word vomit.

      I haven’t seen Eclipse either (and I don’t know about BD), so you’re not alone there. My friend is inviting me to see it on DVD but I only agreed to watch it with the commentary cause, let’s face it. I can’t take that movie seriously and neither does Rob so his commentary must be seeping with snarky comments. πŸ˜€

      And yes, unfortunately Rob has been joined to the hip with Kristen. Well that’s DEF not good for anyone who wants to be taken seriously. It’s ruining his career by everyone making a big fuss out of Robsten to the point where no one really cares if he’s a good actor or not. That blows (and not in a good way). Hopefully he redeems himself in WFE and BA. Not for me (cause I do love him), but for everyone else who thinks Rob is only 1/2 of Robsten.

    • guitargirl says:

      I agree with alot of what you’ve said. The press took him seriously when he was making fun of himself and it really did come back to bite him on the arse. I dont think everyone understands that us Brits take the piss out of ourselves ALL THE TIME, and we find it hilarious!!!

      I dont hate KStew either, I’m just not a fan. However, it is irritating that you cant get one without the other these days. I may be married, but would hate to be thought of as half of a whole all the time. Jeez, it would be like going out for a girls night out and taking the DH with me!!!! God forbid! LOL!

  24. pumagirlsf says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I may be awaiting moderation for this comment; to me that’s one of the several signs that my obsession is definitely cooling, on the back burner, fading, dimming, whatevering. It *is* hard to stay constant with un-reciprocated love.

    I used to eat, sleep and breathe this boy. I’d think of him and my breath would hitch, my tummy would fill with butterflies and I’d forget where and who I was for a while.

    Now? Deafening silence. My breathing is just fine. Not a butterfly in sight. I always know where and who I am and if I sigh at the thought of him, it’s mostly a “I-wish-I-still-felt-it” sigh.

    Something has changed. I find that I now seek out Jackson on a daily (read: multi-daily) basis. I now follow a ton of Jackson twitters and rarely notice any Rob tweets anymore. The pics of him swimming, dunno. A fleeting momentary heart-flutter while shopping at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, then back to shopping. Back in the day, I’d have sat down at the nearest chair in the shoe dept and just poured over each pic that was “leaked”. Not anymore.

    Like I said, something has changed and it is him. And I blame the crazies and she-who-shall-not-be-named for that. 2008/09 Rob is gone, never to return. Affable, lovely, open, trusting, quirky Rob. He’s gone and he’s not coming back and that’s okay… I guess. I mean, it sucks, but it is what it is.

    To quote an awesome song (that shows how old I may or may not be) :

    “Nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change.

    So I’ll just end up walking in the cold November rain.”

    He will always own a piece of me, but that piece is just smaller now.

    • how dare you mention Jackson on a Rob-blog.
      Just kidding. We heart the catfish! He gave me sex eyes in person… I still get gooey thinking about that….!

    • melronin says:

      Love to see you honi….missed youuuuu!!!

      And as much as it hurts me, I have to admitt that I agree: He changed. I still love him for a zillion reasons….but he changed!
      Blame it on Summit….blame it on the one-who’s-name-i-will-not-say…blame it to growing up…whatever…
      He changed πŸ™

    • robgirl86 says:

      I missed you too!!! <3

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      aw, your letter makes me want to cry πŸ™ Yes, it’s true, things change, and while I do not love change, what can you do? With all the nutcases in this fandom, how could he not change? He’d be in a padded cell, rocking back and forth, if he didn’t close himself off a bit and become more guarded. He had to adjust to a crazy level of fame pretty much overnight, and I think he’s done a good job. Yes, 2008-2009 Rob is gone (*wistfully*glad I was around to see it though), but I think Rob still retains many of the personality quirks that made me fall for him to begin with. Of course the lump of misery that trails after him detracts from my enjoyment of him, but this too shall pass. Rob still does it for me, and I hope maybe he’ll do it for you again too. Or just enjoy Jackson, if you prefer πŸ˜‰ .

      • robgirl86 says:

        @D2D you totally said what I’m not able to say in english, grazie cara!

      • pumagirlsf says:

        @D2D lulzzzzzzz “lump of misery”. I LOVE YOU.

        Anyway, I understand the changes in him, I see the reasons behind them and I agree with you; I think that he’s handled the meteoric rise to fame really well for the most part. Change happens and it can be good when it’s a change for the better. On the one hand, some of the changes in him are really positive and will hopefully help further his career once Twi is finally laid to rest and he can officially try to break away from Edward Cullen. On the other hand, some of the changes in him are just really disheartening to see and again, I blame the lump of misery for that.

      • melronin says:

        ILY!!! the end πŸ˜€

    • Jules says:

      My Dearest Puma,
      I love your love for Jackson (and other boys).
      There is only so much a girl can (not) take with the non-reciprocal love.
      But duuuuude, this used to be YOU:

      What happened?!?!?!

      • robgirl86 says:

        I think maybe Puma just needs some Bel Ami/WFE film! It’s hard to be in one uni-lateral-relationship, I get that..and loved that post!

        • Jules says:

          Dunno, RG.
          I didn’t go crazy when I saw the “isle of lurve” pics either. I also didn’t feel the usual flutter when I saw today’s outtakes. BUT, don’t think for one second that I’m getting outta line, nuh uh.
          I’m still there, with less enthusiasm.

          • robgirl86 says:

            it’s the MATURED love, best love, not crazy anymore BUT still there…I’m fine with that, main thing, you still love meeeeee πŸ™‚

          • Jules says:

            I’m not ready for our (non) relationship to mature yet. It’s only 2 years in. I don’t want it to be stale.

      • pumagirlsf says:

        My Dearest Jules,

        You had to throw my own letter all up in my face! You spladowed me hard, Wifey.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not done. I’ll never be done. Just putting that out there.

        You asked what happened. What happened was that Rob started acting differently I suppose. He became angry. Bitter. Resentful. He started becoming Volde-like and it was sad to witness. It was off-putting. I’m not saying that his recent feelings and attitude are completely unjustifiable; that awful pap vid from over the summer showed just how horribly invasive they are and how he has every right in the world to feel that way – but it seems (to me) that he is like now that more often than he’s not. He’s acting like her more than himself. I **never** thought he had an unattractive side of him, but she made damn sure to bring it out.

        It’s as if he’s joined her in mocking the fans, both Twi and Rob-focused. He was never like that before she dug her stubby, nail-bitten fingers into him. It’s as if he’s letting her lead him around by some invisible leash down her path of hate and it kills me to see that. I’ll prob get thumbs downed for that statement, but it’s how I feel.

        I know some people will say, “he’s a grown man and makes his own decisions and blahbleeblooblah” but I’m sorry, I think that he’s allowed himself to be at least partially converted to her way of thinking. She’s a poison, that one.

        For me, it has never been 100% about his looks; it is him. To me, he is (was?) the total-package. But the beautiful soul inside of him has been somewhat altered, slightly diminishing the golden glow that always surrounded his outside beauty.

        But like Michael Corleone says, “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.” This boy is equal parts Heaven & Hell and my Hell is that no matter what happens, I’ll never fully be done with him… and that’s also my Heaven, I suppose.

        • Jules says:

          +20 for using spladow.

          So in a nutshell, what you’re saying is that Stewie has Rob’s balls in her backpack and that doesn’t sit well with you.
          You want him to dive in there and reclaim his (golden glow) balls.
          I just thought of golden “globes” and wish you had used that euphemism.
          I love you.
          I love your passion.
          Oh, and I concur.

        • robgirl86 says:

          “For me, it has never been 100% about his looks; it is him”

          Puma, ILY for saying what you said, I think you’re right in many things, I saw that as well, on the other hand I think that plenty of what’s going on, we just don’t know, so it’s hard to decide, what happens really over there!
          At least I have much trust that Rob, once finished with Summit, he’ll do what he always planned, a real career with more lovely people around and youknowhatImean!

        • dazzledtodeath says:

          The best description of her I’ve heard (yours?) is “dementor”. She truly sucks the soul out of anything she comes near, and that includes Rob. ITA, it’s dismaying to see him scowling and looking pissed off so much.Really, true luv shouldn’t piss you off-it shoud be what comforts you and keeps you going. Doesn’t seem to be the case here, hmm? I’ve got my fingers crossed that, without Twi-madness and the miserable lump, he’ll be smiling again.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            @D2D… YES. She is a Dementor. Never has a more fitting description been used.

            I would love to use the word “succubus” but that would imply that she’s A) female and B) sexual.

          • Itsahardknocklife says:

            You’ve taken the words right outa my mouth……she has drained his soul and replaced it with her f*cky attitude. I really really miss the quirky adorakale rob and all his hilarious “word vomit”.

        • lindyuk says:

          That’s interesting what you say about ‘mocking’ the fans. I’ve listened to the commentary over the past couple of days and although I love Rob’s off beat sense of humour…there were times when I thought..’careful mate…you could be overstepping the line there…

        • jamie says:

          Gotta love a site where anyone who disagrees is told to lighten up and find a sense of humor. But people who post essays on how Rob has become an angry, hostile person who doesn’t respect his fans or his work, are a-okay and applauded.

          Yeah, I’m sure everyone who mocked me and said that this site is full of the type of fans that Rob would get a kick out of was totally right. I bet he LOVES hearing about what an ungrateful sell-out he is.

          • Nelle says:

            jamie- truly- can you really misunderstand that badly? There’s a lot of luv on this site- even when poking fun at Rob. There are over 200 comments and you are the only one seems a little out of step.

          • Jamie says:

            Go away poser/troll! Or, at least change your name if you plan on staying and keeping us entertained.

  25. today is another reminder why I HATE how comments appear on LTR. they are so ugly. I need to remedy this. Might as well not do any work tomorrow either…. who needs to work? IT’s turkey day on Thursday!

  26. Stacey says:

    I wasn’t going to comment, but then I said, “What the heck, might as well?”

    I am more of I like Rob, but I also like lots of actors. When the swimming pictures came out, he was top of the list, but this week it’s Matthew Morrison and Somerhalder (of course). But I even with Somerhalder I have off weeks. There’s this one hat I seen him that just…well I really don’t like that hat.

    Here’s the thing…it’s normal to like an actor and make fun of him. Actually, it’s a good, normal and sane human reaction. If I person thinks someone (mostly an actor, who doesn’t have any idea who you are) is the idea of perfection and will someday be your husband, then you might be called delusional. Then be put on a list that is given to that actor’s security team.

    Now the girls on LTR, have a great sense of humor and they really like Rob. You can do both and be perfectly sane. I don’t see anyone here stalking him and I bet if he met any of you he would think all of you are a pretty great bunch people. * jumping off soapbox, to email Snow White Drifted to tell her JaneTrigs mentioned #HotAlex *

  27. Ashley says:

    I love when arguments happen over practically nothing. This brightened my morning just a little bit.

    πŸ™‚ P.S. I still love Rob but it’s not as much of the puppy love when Twilight first came out. UC, like I said before, I’m still in a Twi-slump until I read BD again, which should happen very soon. It’s my 2 year Twiversary this Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ I bought Twilight on Black Friday and couldn’t put it down—thus started my obsession πŸ™‚ I think we’re just getting tired waiting for the next movie to come out. It’s like when kids like in a small town, get bored, and start doing stupid stuff. We need some action around here. The new pix from Brazil are pretty great, I have to say πŸ™‚ *sigh*

    Maybe we should start bookclub again?

    <3 hearts,

  28. Biel says:

    Dear Jillian, your letter makes me sad, but I do understand you sooo well. Actually I can mix your letter with @Guitargirl and @lindyuk comments and you all can make an idea of my current Rob-mood.

    “He is no longer a seperate entity any more and THAT was killing my mojo a few weeks ago…” Exactly! This is why the jumpingRob pics did nothing to me & the whole BD/Robsten hysteria is killing my little Robmojo.

    I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to wait for Bel Ami and WfE. Somehow Summit’s threat against my youtube channels has been a sort of breaking point to me and, since I can’t feed my mojo with robsten stuff, this is no longer funny… nor inspiring.

    And it’s a pitty, because thank to sites like LTR and awesome ladies like UC, Moon & you all, I’ve enjoyed like crazy the last year and a half πŸ™


    • Could you make fan videos for Ian Somerhalder? Because I’ll even take those…….

      • Biel says:

        Oh man, you too! LOL I’m not into TVD/Ian Somerhalder, even when I’ve watched several episodes! I’ve never made a video non related to Rob and don’t think I’ll be able to continue the crazy vidding thing with any other “subject matter”. I’m not a vidder, dear, I edit videos just because of Rob… and this is kind of a bless, I guess!

    • you can make them and send them to us… for our private collection. or may i suggest some other video recipients:

      ryan gosling
      adam brody
      joseph gordon levitt
      ryan gosling
      ryan gosling

      • Biel says:

        I’d love to make whatever you asked me, dear (and you know it), but I’m not even able to make a 3 min video of my best friend wedding! (She has asked me and I’ve tried but, I’m sorry, her husband has nothing to do with Rob!)

    • Cath says:

      β€œHe is no longer a seperate entity any more and THAT was killing my mojo a few weeks ago…”

      This!!! I very much relate to this, but I just block it, works most of the times, but I understand if you can’t too. I’m sure there are perfectly nice Robstens out there, but I for one, am so sick of the romanticization of this couple. They are NOT a freakin’ fairytale, they are RL, they are not floating along the clouds, but just eating junkfood and smoking a bong. And Rob’s his own person still, sure he agrees. It’s just tiresome to feel like you have to automatically like a person’s partner if you like someone. Well, I can tell you, it often doesn’t work like that. I liked Rob. Not because he was together with Kristen. NO. Because he was Rob. And why have the package forced down our throats? I just want to keep on liking him. I still do, and am sure BA will help, can’t wait for it. It’s a welcome break from the BD madness.

      Hope you won’t give up on Rob Biel, because you make the greatest vids! Would really like to see what you could do with WfE and BA. πŸ™‚

      • robgirl86 says:

        “And Rob’s his own person still,…” THIS!!!! and
        lol…on the BONG!

      • lindyuk says:

        Cath…I so agree with what you said. I think the fact that this ‘romance’ is being force fed down our throats goes some way to killing the Rob mojo….I’m a Rob fan…not a Kristen fan. If I wanted to hear about her I’d be on her web-sites….but I’m NOT…and I’m sick and tired of any negative, sensible , non-hate filled comment made about young Stewie being instantly shot down in flames. I just want to read info about Rob and Rob alone…why is that so difficult for some people too accept? I will reiterate… year is a testing time…for us all….

        But he’s still gorgeous…..

    • melronin says:

      Honi…just separate the Rob from the sten and you will get your mojo back in no time! It’s really easy…ignore ignore ignore! As for summit…..who the f… gives a shit!!!

      Looooooooooove to see you!!!

    • lindyuk says:

      OH GOD BIEL…..not you as well…please, please don’t stop making the videos of Rob….they are sensational….everyone says so….as to you making vids of other actors….ugh……I am one of these people who cannot lust after more than one man (hubby doesn’t come into this by the way….he’s…….different…..Bless….)
      So although I can ‘appreciate’ men like Jon Hamm, Rupert Penry Jones (Brit Gals???)and Henry Cavill…NONE of them make me pound the internet and nearly blow up my lap-top like Rob….not one of them dammit!
      It’s Rob’s fault…he won’t come out and play…he won’t be seen and that’s a mojo,lust, call it what you will killer in my book. If you’re a movie star …you need to be seen. I applaud Rob in that he is not out partying every night at hot nightspots or going to silly, pretentious fashion shows/parties etc….but…the public soon lose interest if you’re not ‘seen’ and he isn’t a big enough star to rely on his ‘work’ at the moment. It’s all about balance…
      Just roll on next Spring…..I think this will be ‘make or break’ time for Rob…AND US….

    • southernbelle says:

      Hi please don’t stop making videos of Rob, you’re the best!!!!

    • Janetrigs says:

      BIEL!!!! Ignore everyone else’s requests. They are all crazy chicks who deserve none of your talented work to behold their eyes.

      INSTEAD a #HOTAlex (aka Alexander Skarsgard) video should be created with your skills. This, I think is the greatest video that could ever be. This is the truth. I know these things.

      • @janetrigs speaks the truth. We need this. #HOTalex vids for the WIN!

        oh Biel, I can only imagine the blue sweaters edited in your style of would be magicness.
        …and the track suits…
        and @ericsblacktank πŸ˜‰

    • Wendy says:

      Please say it isn’t so! Someone get this woman some Robsten blinds and write some fuckhawt FF! You need some inspiration! You just have to hang in there a little while longer! 2011 will hold good things! I just know it!

      You are the ultimate Robporn dealer. You can’t stop…you just can’t!

      I’m kinda fangirl over Biel.
      *Biel is now adding ‘Wendy’ to her own “List”*

    • efam says:

      Biel!!!! OMG…it’s such a honor. I’m a huge fan. I’ve watched “Edward [From Twilight to New Moon]” countless times. I even shared it with my non-Twilight-obsessed friends.

      Please don’t stop…we love you!

  29. southernbelle says:

    My Roblove waned a little bit too, but not enough to completely yank me out of my Robsession. I’ll be sad if I ever get over him, I kind of like being Robsessed! He is enticing and he makes me laugh and sometimes makes my day bearable! What’s not to love about him? πŸ™‚

    What I’m trying to say is that I’m in this for the long run…I hope! I mean I’m not always up to date with Robnews and perhaps I’m not so crazy about him as I was 2 years ago. But I still love the guy and when I look at him(especially shirtless), he still takes my breathe away…

  30. maggie says:

    My roblove wanes a bit now and then, but then new pictures come out (have you seen todays?????) and my heart starts to pitter-patter all over again. I think I will always find him to be the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. I agree that he has lost a little of his mojo due to having to adjust to his crazy life. Who could blame him for lowering his profile and not being as spontaneous and forthcoming as he was when all this is new. I think it’s just survival mode. I will probably be hanging in there to see what happens after the twilight craziness is over and hopefully he can re-emerge as himself. Yes, he’ll be more mature, but I’m going to assume that will be an even better Rob. (Like good wine, good men do tend to get better with age).

    Biel: Please don’t stop making Rob videos. You are the queen and the best. I so look forward to each one as they come out.

    dazzledtodeath: “lump of misery” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages!!!!!

    Rob: Love you!

  31. lola says:

    Rob’s like chocolate. you can either binge off him like a freak, and establish an unhealthy one sided relationship with “him.” or you can take small bites of him here and there, savor him, and don’t ruin him in the process as your object of fancy.

    TOo many fans binge. They’ve read every word he’s fliply said, watched every youtube video he’s ever done twice, and then before you know it, they think they know him. They see these fabricated moments of his public life, and then think that’s him.

    that’s where you get the “he’s changed” accusations every time he doesn’t sound exactly like that giggly 21 year old from old youtube videos.

    Robert’s private. He ain’t interested in sharing much with us, that’s why his interviews are so full of wondefully odd deflections. Good for him, that’s part of his allure. So if you just accept the fact he ain’t sharing, and just accept the photos we get here and there, you don’t burn out and drive yourself mad trying to figure out who he is or what his motivations are or who he hates or love.

    Just enjoy the pretty, and it makes it so much easier. lol

  32. lola says:

    who am I kidding, I”m not done. I’m going for broke.

    1) Why do fans put so much of the burden of responsibility on his shoulders, when if he has retreated so much, has become more sullen, it’s because the nutty ass twilight fandom has caused it directly? It’s a simple case of supply and demand–the demand to know rob’s every move is due to fan frenzy. Why don’t the fans ever say, hey, sorry Rob, sometimes as a fan I am a jack ass? lol

    2) Kristen is a surly little thing who needs to widen her vocabulary greatly. And yet all the me-owing over her, where she is the reason that all that is wrong with Robert begins with her, or talking shit about the fact she hasn’t gotten a tit job for her 100 pd frame, is just so over the top. I find it entertaining mostly, but it’s very excessive at the same time. I was the first to call her a jack nine for her rape comment, etc. But the more people “blame” her for Rob “changing” or whatever, the more you make Robert look like a grade A p*ssy. Seriously, good god, he’s not 12.

    • Jamie says:

      Not trying to take your comment lightly, as I agree with a bit of what you said:
      However, yeah, I do think Rob’s a p*ssy.

      • lola says:

        lol. that’s cool. why do you think he is by the way?

        • Jamie says:

          Well, first I’d just say its the vibe I get from him, from watching and reading interviews.
          Second, I uh, one day got bored and threw together a full astrology chart for him. That’s normal, right?

          But seriously, I’m a big believer is astrology, and he is a Taurus with a moon in Cancer. The right kind of girl gets a hold of him, and he’s whipped. Kristens a strong chicka, she’s an Aries, very firey, but also has a very internal emotional side to her. She can get really hurt easily from peoples remarks.

          Anyways, yeah, bringing it back to Rob, that’s why I think he’s a p*ssy. Personality wise, that’s just how he seems. Its not an insult! I love me some dorky, skinny, silly guys. My other crushes are on Matthew Grey Gubler, Seth Rogan (before he got skinny, actually. His laughs does it for me every time) and John Cusack, nerdy gorgousness.

          • lola says:

            Gotcha. My personal feelings re: whatever it is that goes between R/K is this. Kristen pre-Rob looked a certain way and said her favorite movie was the Junglebook. Kristen-post-Rob dresses like Tom Sturridge now, name drops french cinema and authors Rob has previously referenced as inspirations for him. So who is doing the following? lol

            Your guess is as good as mine though, who knows what he is like in real life, the little chameleon!

          • sallycinnamon says:

            Good lord, not astrology!
            Anyway, they do say that the longer a couple is together, the more they become like each other, even to the point of talking and dressing like each other, all unintentionally and larlgely unnoticed by the couple. Maybe neither of them are necessarily changing the other, they’re just morphing more into one person, this unisex being called Robsten.

          • roslynselene says:

            Oh no God forbid. Bleh! I’d hate the “person” named Robsten more than I hate Bieber. When I imagine that person, all I see is this:–Robert-Pattinson.jpeg

            Ahhhh the horror!

          • Jamie says:

            Eh, to each his/her own. My religion is filled with divination, numerology, metephysics, and alchemy. Astrology is a natural attraction for me. Its a nice little hobby and makes me happy to be able to do it myself, instead of looking at the silly stuff in newspapers etc.

    • Jules says:

      Okay, I’ll preface by saying I didn’t thumb you down.

      I’ve been reading LTR for about 1.5 years and I have yet to read anyone saying that Kristen should get a boob job. Perhaps this was on a day I didn’t read? Do you have a link?

      If you’re referring to other sites, then take that to those sites.

      • lola says:

        People talking crap because she hasn’t gotten a boob job for her small frame – my point was that people keep pointing out how flat she is. My point is she weighs about two pounds, so in order for her to be chesty enough to escape ridicule given her frame and body type? Meh, she’d have to buy some bolt-ons. And then people would mock that I”m sure, let’s be honest. She does a lot of annoying things, she often encourages ridicule for a lot of the dumb stuff that comes out of her mouth. But one thing I can respect her for is the fact she doesn’t false advertise, she’s flat and seems to own it.

        • Jules says:

          I hate to have a discussion about kstew’s boobs, since I don’t care one way or another. However, not everyone with kristen’s body type has her chest size, that statement about bolt-ons is bollocks.
          You are right, she seems fine with her body (as she should be). She is 20 FFS, if she was having any type of cosmetic surgery, it would be a shame. Revisit this again in 10 yrs.

          My only reason for getting into this with you, is because your original comment seems to imply that the LTR girls (some of whom are my RL friends) want Kristen to get breast implants. That is simply not true.

          • Jules says:

            BreastS, 2 of them. One implant would be just odd. πŸ˜›

          • kandnandb says:

            I’ve been reading this blog for over a year and a half and I’ve never read a suggestion that she should get a boob job. That’s insane…she’s 20!

            Now acting lessons, on the other hand…….I’ve read that once or twice. Or 300 times.

          • lola says:

            I can see where you took that implication. I wrote my original comment to make a point though-what is a flat chested girl suppossed to do about having her chest mocked? There’s two options for her, either gain about 50 pounds or buy bolt-ons. i understand you don’t want others making that implication. But at the same time I don’t think it’s much better than several posters continue to fixate on her chest as much as they do either. It’s a boring put-down to be honest between women over 12.

          • i want implants, does that count?

        • pumagirlsf says:

          @lola – honestly, who cares about her “owning” her flatness? NO ONE ON HERE, that’s for sure. J/s. The last thing I ever think about when I am on LTR is her chest or lack thereof.

          Even horrific thoughts about apartheid comes before that in my book.

        • applepie says:

          uhm first. no one cares about the ironboard that is kstew’s chest. And frankly I would think that people would ridicule her if she DID get a boob job, not the other way around. if you’ve read somewhere that ppl are mocking her for NOT getting a boobjob, you clearly are reading the wrong types of blogs or following the wrong kinds of ppl.

          • lola says:

            hi apple pie-that is my point, which is why I said what I did. In other words, kristen’s boobs are in a catch 22 situation. lol They will be mocked for being small, they will be mocked for being fake. Will her millions comfort her? Of course! I’m just pointing out something I’ve noticed though, nothing more than that.

          • roslynselene says:

            Uh oh! I think I know what Lola is talking about. Last week, when the pics of the big chested Brazilian fan pic surfaced, I said: “Let the man enjoy some boobs! I mean, I’m sure Rob isn’t used to boobs that big. (And neither am I. πŸ™ )” Whoops! I didn’t mean to make fun about Kristen’s flat chest (I’m flat too πŸ™ ) But in no way did I ever suggest she get a boob job. Bleh! What good would that do for me? I’m most def not a Krisbian. (But if I was…no, not even then.)

          • lola says:

            Ros-no, your comments werent’ what I was thinking about. That brazilian fan’s breasts were a wonder, a great two gun salute to send Robert off in style. My comments are more about people fixating over and over again about Kristen’s body in a bikini specifically.

          • roslynselene says:

            Haha! I thought people were talking about her vagine in the white bikini. Okay. Let’s forget about this whole conversation of Kristen’s privates and never speak of this again. We’ve talked about K’s privates enough today to the point where some people may question our sexuality. Lol ~This never happened~

  33. Umm yeah,
    After manip’ing bras on to the man for a guest post on robnipulations, my appreiation for the jaw p0rn really started to wane.

    • Stacey says:

      Umm…I thinking we might be protesting our slowly getting out of Rob love…have you noticed a good majority of our VampDi posts of Rob pictures in them lately? For instance, the manip of Rob driving a car next to headless corpse?

  34. MidnightCougar says:

    Alright, I come here to LTR tonight to have some fun & HOLY SHIT, WTF happened here today? Geez, I go away for one bloody day & miss all the fun! So serious?! πŸ™‚

    First, I would like to say, to all the commentors above, who are insulting us LTR Ladies; I don’t get why the fuck you come here if you don’t want to read about us adoring Rob?? LTR is a wonderful Blog, created by Moon & UC, where I love to come to discuss Rob, respect Rob, disrespect him nice & slow, talk about BIB (Big In Brasil), laugh about adorkable Rob & just share Rob, with Ladies I enjoy. If you don’t like what we say & do, why do you come here & read it? πŸ˜‰ I just don’t understand how people can come here repeatedly & still don’t get “it”. *shakes my head* This is a Blog containing sarcastic humor (a.k.a. smart-assed JOKES) people. It’s meant to be FUN! So, to all you serious fuckers, GET OUT or BE NICE!!

    Dear Rob Baby: I still adore you, that has NOT changed. You are adorkable, adorable & sexy, all wrapped-up into one sweet man! So, tonight, I MC, am bringing sexy Rob back to LTR.

    πŸ™‚ MC

  35. roslynselene says:

    Haha! I love all the LTT/R hate on Twitter because Meyer mentioned LTT in the Eclipse commentary. Those chicks are hilar! Like this-
    “Summit is just mad that Kristen isnt a puppet that will do/say what they want & SM is prob just like the members of LTT, jealous & bitter.”

    Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what happened. They hate not being able to make Kristen smile, so they did the most hurtful thing: mention the word ‘jorts’. That’ll teach her to never bitchface Meyer ever again! Seriously? Puh-leeze!
    But it’s still funny. I love haters! <3

    • MidnightCougar says:

      That bullshit right there is EXACTLY why I do NOT do Twitter!

      But, YEAH to SM for mentioning LTT/R in the Eclipse Commentary! That’s SO exciting for you Moon & UC! Congrats!

      • roslynselene says:

        Haha! I know. But I like the haters. I don’t know why…
        I guess because they’re so over the top. And hell yeah, UC & Moon should be proud! Now if only Rob could give an LTR shout out. That would we ah-mazing!

        • southernbelle says:

          Umm yeah Rob saying hi to Southernbelle would be awesome!! Haha!

        • MidnightCougar says:

          Yes, it would be amazing if Rob gave us a shout out, so just in case: Rob, we love & adore you darlin’! xo

          • Rob. says:

            Sup, ladies? You lookin gooood. I just stopped by to say… I’m not allergic to YOURS ; )

          • roslynselene says:

            πŸ˜€ Bhahaha another Rob imposter! Hey, whatever happened to “ItsReallyRob”? Thanks, Strangely enough πŸ™‚ That was funny. I would die laughing if Rob would say that (esp if he’s drunk) And I love how you said “Looking good ladies” since MC has a pic of Rob as her avatar. Rob, you’re such a narcissist. SMH

          • Rob. says:

            Don’t let the avatar mislead you. These glitches sometimes happen when I slo-mo sashay my superhuman hotness a little too close to the computer. But enough about me and my smoking hard-drive, I’m here for YOU tonight. And yes I did notice that MC is an uncommonly handsome woman, but I judge the ladeez on the lovliness of their souls. That’s why my eyes are all, you know, soul probe-y. I’m talking like Barry White right now. Yeeeeah.

          • roslynselene says:

            You made me LOL! “And yes I did notice that MC is an uncommonly handsome woman”=tears of laughter. I swear, Rob. If you could date a female version of yourself, you would (heck, I would too).
            RobClaud > Robsten

            Anywho, I think Kristen made you her “special brownies” again. I can tell by the way you’re looking into my soul (although I’m not sure you’ll like what you see.) Oh and by special brownies I mean she sharted on them. πŸ˜‰ JK, I mean weed is the main ingredient in those ‘brownies’. Hmmmm greenies…?

    • southernbelle says:

      Wow I missed that, what is wrong with me and I’m on Twitter!

      • roslynselene says:

        Obviously, I had too much time on my hands and stumbled upon the “hate”. Lol

        • MidnightCougar says:

          If you want something beautiful to occupy your time, I’d be happy to share my “small” Robporn collection with you! I’m sure you have your own, but the more you have the less time you’ll have to waste on that Twitter BS. πŸ™‚

          • roslynselene says:

            Please and thank you! I think I have the smallest Rob porn collection (12 pics) πŸ™ It’s as if you’ve heard my prayers! LOL Ogling Rob porn will help my cold heart beat again with love and rainbows. Instead of giggling at hate comments on Twitter (wow, I need help). Bhahahaha

          • robsfuturemate says:

            MC- you can share some of your Robporn with me, since mine is just starting out (and you have my email)!! πŸ™‚

          • southernbelle says:

            I tweet Robporn too hahaha. So just follow or give me your email.

            @Rozzy ok what’s the deal with the sweater? We still on for out conference tonight? lol

          • MidnightCougar says:

            @ roslynselene: I’ve got all my Robporn on my own flashdrive now. Hubby said they were taking up too much room on our computer’s harddrive. πŸ˜‰

  36. southernbelle says:

    Oemmmgeee, Jillian you opened a can of worms and look at all the comments today!!! πŸ™‚

  37. Pattygirl says:

    have you guys seen Rob new hottakes at :

  38. LissyLoo says:

    whats with all the haters on LTR today?
    bugger off the lot of you and leave the girls to work in peace

    PS I still love Rob

  39. sallycinnamon says:

    I had the same obsession with Leo (albeit, I was in grade school, so it was a bit less embarrassing). I practically wallpapered my bedroom in pictures of him. I made no secret of my love for him, even going to the mall to get pictures taken with a Leo look-a-like. I still can’t live it down, over 14 years later. I keep my passionate love affair with Rob a deep secret from everyone I know in fear of one day falling out of love with him and being mortified by ever liking him and declaring to my entire classroom that “I will be Mrs. Robert Pattinson.” I think people may be catching on though, as I had a very loud, involuntary gagging reaction to the mention of “I want a topless picture of Jacob Black on my wall” at work the other day. “So, you’re team Edward then?” “NO! I’VE NEVER SEEN THOSE MOVIES! I’m team Rob.” Oops.
    Sometimes I wish I could fall out of love with him too, just so I could stop living this secret life!

  40. LTavares2010 says:

    Dear Rob

    I still love you but sometimes I have the sensation I am like Kate Winslet`s character in Titanic in that scene when she comes back to the boat to save Leo`s character. Why? I am going to try to explain you.
    I think you are now in a particular moment of your career that you must begin to make some important choices. Look at your friends, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan, for example. They go to prestigious events, they are being linked to good projects, not necessarily big but especially nice with good directors and writers. Their names are everywhere in the midia, they have been acclaimed by the critics, they have been recognized with important awards and not internet awards and they are not becoming famous because of their private lives but for their work.
    You did Twilight and now you have fame, money and success. Are these the only things you want for now? Are they enough for you? I do not think so.
    I know you are ambitious, in the very good sense of the word. You want to be respected for your work but part of the press is delighted with this “circus” that confuses your life with your work. Please think about it: this stuff will sell more ice-creams, cars, chocolates, clothes, magazines, comics, unauthorized bios, will bring more box office for the Twilight Saga… but in the end, oh yes, one day this will end, life will go on and what will happen to you?
    Show me your plan, Rob because I will be still here, like Kate Winslet`s character in Titanic, waiting to come back to the boat to save you, to start everything again if it is necessary. I admire you Rob and I love you. I will always will.

    P.S. Rob, donΒ΄t be so vain, only a little, because I love Leo, Kate, Andrew, Carey, Tom Stu, Viggo and a lot of great actors just like you and I want the best for you, only the best. You deserve it: in your professional life and in your private life too.

  41. lola says:

    one more thing, I liked this post overall, it’s level headed, but this quote here got me:

    ” I just hated seeing you turned into a caricature of yourself and seen more as part of a celebrity couple than a quirky individual (but I know, you hate that too).”

    This is where FANS need to take some responsibility how Robert “turned.”

    And this is sorta a big deal because sure….we raised Robert up stratospherically, but we also shot him straight past celebrity and into tabloid fodder.

    That’s what’s so unfair to Robert as a responsible celebrity who has dealt with crazy, boundaries-challenged fans for two years.

    Summit knew with twilight they had a crappy product, so what did they do? They sold the franchise with Rob and his appeal, both personality and sexual wise.

    And the fans ate it up–we all wanted to more of him. And more and more and more, to the point that Robert has been forced to shut down in public to ensure he does nothing that will offend any of the variously entitled fan factions.

    What’s left, when you are forced to be on good behavior for everyone cause you are the sole draw of a franchise? A guy who can’t say anything, can’t do anything, or be anything remotely interesting.

    It’s the fans faults he was turned into a charicature. it’s the fans fault he became overexposed, and it seems like he’s been famous for a decade now.

    And now fans are gonna be like, “meh, I’m over it?”

    It’s a natural occurence like Jillian said, but the way the fans of Rob have gone about being completely instrusive and entitled, expecting to follow him at every turn, and insist he behave the way they want him.

    THAT is what led to the media turning him into a charicature. And those collective choices that have led to this overexposure that has exhausted even his most stalwart of fans? They may not be a big deal to us, but they have HUGE consequences for Robert and his career longevity.

    Have the very people who loved his so obsessively for years now be the very people who made everyone sick of him? Only time will tell.

    • melronin says:

      Human kind has always been like that, for centuries!
      The one day it’s “Hosana” the other day it is “Crusify him!”

      If Rob doesn’t fit into our phantasy at some point we suddenly lose our mojo… our love???
      He is not sexy enough any more???
      Not adorkable enough any more???
      Not lovable…hot…crazy???
      He has no sexhair any more??? His stubble is too short or too long???

      The thing is Rob is always Rob…he isn’t a puppet…he can not always be “high” and the way we “want” him! He doesn’t exist to please us and be food for our dreams!

      Maybe each of us “fans” “lovers”…call it whatever… should ask ourselves why we love this man at the first place!
      And maybe it’s good to separate the apples from the oranges… if you know what I mean!

      I for once want to be near him for many years more…see him evolve and become great…the way I know he can!

      Sorry for the morning lecture…have a great day all!!

      • lola says:

        humankind is NOT like twihards, sorry. lol

        It’s totally natural to sorta fall out of interest with an distant object of affection. That’s not where my point lays. It’s even natural to be the reason you fall out of interest-because you binged on something too hard and too fast.

        It’s NOT natural to overload at the warped speed that twihards and robsessed fans had with such torched earth fervor. And technology and twihardedness combined for a perfect storm for overexposure.

        Rob fans demanded to know where he was at all times. Supply and demand people, paps supplied. Rob fans tweeted where he was left and right. They FLEW out to where he was tracking him down like they are playing Where’s Waldo. They have flooded every online poll there is to make him win, they flooded every phone line to make him win awards, they flooded many online articles, declaring he will win an oscar for whatever movie is coming out.

        If you guys think we’re a little tired of him, and we LOVE his ass, how do you think the rest of the public feels with the overexposure?

        THAT’S what I’m talking about, about fans and their appetites in the age of 24 hour bloggin, twitter, and the internet, where 15 minutes of fame has now been crunched down to 5. And the fans sped up Rob’s clock to about 4 before it was time.

        Rob is not a puppet. But he IS a recipient of a lot of crazy devotion. People treat him like effing Jesus, making mecca trips to Vancouver for goodness sake. He’s tried to manage his celebrity by trying to NOT self-overexpose by going MIA whenever possible. But there’s only so much this poor bastard can do with the fan lot he’s been given.

        Fans that refuse to see Remember Me because they can’t bear Robert kissing someone else than Kristen onscreen. Fans who twitter bomb Katy Perry if she’s gotten within 5 feet of him at a party. Fans who hope Eclipse fails so that their theory that Summit is forcing him to be showmancing learn a lesson. Fans who write directly to bloggers and organizations, in the hopes of gettin Kristen in trouble, not realizing Robert gets tainted by association. Fans who effing think they are participants in this game, not just bystanders.

        Twihards? They are in a class of their own, and they are a definite double edged sword for a fanbase, that’s for sure.

        • Jules says:

          Excuse me, but I think you’re confusing Rob’s fans with Rabid Robstens. I don’t think Rob’s fan refused to see Remember Me because he stared with Emily. Are you kidding me?

          Robs fans started and supported “Remember Me Saturday” which was talked about and supported here on LTR.
          The fans who were going on about boycotting RM were the Robstens. I think you have a very skewed view of Rob’s fan and our maturity level.

          I’ll agree that he is over exposed, but everyone, not just twihards and robsessed, wants a piece of Rob. He is the new hot thing; a money maker. It is what it is.

          • lola says:

            No confusing at all. My jabs were mainly at nonstens and robstens though, because they are the flip side of the same coin.

            Both have read too much fanfiction and have conjured up conspiracy theories regarding Summit forcing Robert to do one thing or another, and have weird notions of trying to “free” him.

            Some Robstens were not supportive enough of Remember Me, cause they only want to see Rob with Kristen. Some nonstens are not supportive of Twilight cause they want to see Robert with anyone but Kristen. Both are unsupportive in their own ways, and it’s because they are getting way too nosey. It’s like back off his jock already, both sides, they do damage with their insanity.

          • lola says:

            ps: hi again-the only thing rob has proven so far is that he makes money for the franchise and for gossip magazines. he’s yet to prove he can make money outside the franchise, which is why this is a critical time for him.

        • pumagirlsf says:

          @lola – Jules is correct, you are clearly confusing ROB’S fans with Rabid Robstens, who are just as bad if not WORSE than Twihards. It was THAT group of people who boycotted RM, **not** Rob’s fans. Rob’s fans want him to succeed and expand his horizons… Robstens just want to see fantasy become reality so badly that they refuse to live in the real world.

          Yes, he’s overexposed. But really? I don’t blame *his* fans for that; again, I blame those crazy extremists that scream plead and cry for as much as they can get and make their pilgrimages to various sets and stalk him because they really have given up their lives to this. But please, don’t confuse the two.

          As always, I blame Summit. And terrorists.

          • lola says:

            See, I think you can blame his fans in part. lol There’s no arguing the craziest of the crazies are a total embarrassment. But it goes back to supply and demand. Fringe crazies alone can’t overexpose him, but a fandom as a whole can. This isn’t about blaming you or anyone on this blog site, it’s one of the more irreverent places which I like. But to say Rob’s “changed” and blame that on him is ludicrous, and completely lacking in self-introspection as fans.

          • Jamie says:

            ….. so al-Qaeda is team Robsten? This makes sense to me…..

          • robgirl86 says:

            WHAT the hell are you talking about? I really don’t wanna read about al-quaeda on a Robsite, that’s just INSANE!!

        • melronin says:

          I think you got my comment totally wrong lola!!
          And since we brought Jesus into the picture…my point was exactly that!!! The people who really loved Jesus and were devoted to him were certainly not the ones that screamed “crusify him” after shouting “Hosana”…so I don’t care at all about those who are robsessed or adore Rob just because of Edward and his looks! All those will leave him as soon as the saga is over like they did not support him in Remember ME…and these were the twihards.

          I second every word Jules and Puma said…WE here are not those kind of fans…and maybe that’s why we also can make fun of him sometimes…all out of love!

          As for the blame…I blame Summit and I blame the sten after the Rob!!!

          • lola says:

            gotcha for the clarification. The unfortunate thing though is that celebrity trends and cycles are very quick in terms of turnarounds now. Robert being so entangled with the twihard fandom and it’s hotmess ways makes him a big target for being a part of that trend. That’s what is unfortunate, because who’s left after the franchise may not be enough for him to be considered a viable draw.

          • robgirl86 says:

            just one note from my european view, RM did great here, Twilight-fans are 12-14y old, Edward was beaten by Jacob, teamwise, many many women like/love/whatever Rob, and went to watch the Saga only cause he was in it, there is actually NO Twi-hype here a all and most important, NOBODY knows who Kristen Stewart is! So maybe Rob has to left at one point the States and do some other film here? I hope, I hope….Twilight is a money machine and I’m still amazed the way people get NUTS over …”everything and anything” (said in Rob’s voice)

    • Jules says:

      Are you arguing just to argue or is there a point to your many posts? I know you’re not new to LTR, so you know the way the girls around here think. Why then, do you feel the need to ‘school’ and scold us?
      Yesterday you went on and on about Kristen’s boobs and how we critique them and SURELY we want her to get a boob job. Then you moved on to Rob’s fans being these irrational people, then on to nonsten/robsten. Now, you’ve decided that those who have a different opinion than you about the reason behind the “changes” in Rob are “lacking in self-introspection” (can one be introspective about anyone but one’s self?).
      This will be my last response to this crap.
      1) Kristen’s boobs are irrelevant to the grand scheme of things here on LTR.
      2) The girls here are mostly rational about their love and support for Rob and will continue to support him.
      3) All Robstens are not Rabid and all Nonstens do not hate Kristen.

      You seem to have a lot to say, perhaps you can start a blog or tumblr or something and link to that, so that those who want to keep arguing with you aren’t going sooooo far off the mark of the original LTR post.

      • lola says:

        Dear jules, the majority of my posts are three sentences or less. I comment about once a week here at most. On this particular topic, I’m being a long winded blow hard, it’s a special occasion. lol

        My comments are on topic. I said the post is level-headed, and yet there is one particular thing I was zoning in on cause I wanted to regarding Robert, his faction-filled fandom, and how it affects his career.

        My comments are schooling anyone, but they are deviating from common opinions in some respects. My mention of Kristen yesterday was not something uncommon on my part – I did the same thing on a robsten-filled forum before for Nikki and Ashley. When I see cattiness, I mock it. It’s my thing. My mentioning that you can’t blame Rob’s overexposure on just the crazies is deviating from the norm too. But opinions are like aholes, everyone has one, I just happen to have about four on this subject. Opinions, not aholes. lol

        • pumagirlsf says:

          @lola – just curious… you mentioned mocking? Who were you mocking and when? ::sigh:: Sorry, many/most of those on here don’t do Robsten/Nonsten sites/blogs, just the neutrals. We may have feelings that lean one way or the other, but LTR mostly stays in the grey area. Mostly. Usually.

          • lola says:

            The mocking thing I’m talking about is just general cattiness, and it has less to do with robsten/nonstens and more to do that twihards tend to pick a girl in the cast they love, and then are catty about the other girls in the cast for some odd reason. It seems a lot of kristen fans are petty with Nikki, and people who don’t like Kristen adore Nikki. etc. Just silly stuff like that.

  42. Pattygirl says:

    Dear Rob,

    I wish you sell yourself more like other twilight stars or celebrity ;

    Launch your own perfume, be a spokeperson for a fashion brand, cut an album because ;

    I can’t get enough of you! Love Me Robhard.

    PS :
    Rob has not change at all, he is the same old Rob.
    New Rob would have a twitter, promote himself to buy his music, tell us what he is eating, launch a book, cd, clothing line for girls etc.(oops mistake him for Justin Beiber)

  43. I can understand the writer’s perspective here because things are certainly not as hot-and-crazy 24/7/365 like they used to be for me. Also, if the interest of some folks wanes along the way, well that is just less HHH I have to share. That’s cool, so I find the hate directed at the OP to be pretty confusing. Some new outtake photos confirm that it’s still very much on for me, just not full-tilt LOCA like before.

    P.S. BIG UPS to UC and Moon for the LTT shoutout on the Eclipse commentary. Well-deserved shiz, ladies.

  44. Alex says:

    Hey girls as you can see I am Alex too. but not above Alex. I dont know why it is allowed to have same user names. I post LTR time to time.

    When I started posting here like 4-5 months ago I too used to get upset about some posts and letters. Now I understand that you girls are having fun here. Sites like these are important to keep Robs fandom alive.

    So UC please dont get discouraged by any negative comments. I don’t want to see another Rob fan site shutting down.

    To be honest I still get upset when you all make fun of Rob and criticize him. I feel sad when you make harsh comments on Kristen. I am not a Robsten shipper. I don’t care. But I don’t want to hear that other people say Rob’s fans are nasty. Because Rob fans are awesome.


    Please girls if you see Breaking Dawn once, go and see WFE and Belami Twice or Thrice. Rob doesn’t need any support for BD. His other films are much more important.

    All I hope is all of you girls will support Rob forever.

    Keep having fun girls.

    • mykungfuisstillstrong says:

      Ummm! this is all so confusing – Now there are two jamies and Alex with one half redeeming themselves… Interesting post today NO! yesterday

  45. robsfuturemate says:

    “You’re over me? You’re ov-er me?! When were you…under me?”

    Just needed to be said. Maybe we can get to 300 comments!!!

  46. pumagirlsf says:

    This one is just to get us to 300 comments.

    (THIS IS (not) SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  47. Janetrigs says:

    OH MY GOD PEOPLE STOP WRITING, or not….but WOW this post spawned some HUGE comments! Just WOW

    • Jules says:

      I for one, am making up for months of not commenting.
      I am full of words. Many, many words.
      Quit shouting, or not… but keep using words like spawn, it’s one of my favs.

  48. Robjunkie says:

    Dear Rob,

    What motherfucking planet are you from? No, really. You’ve inspired some pretty serious emotions here over the last two days. Reading the comments has been like a white-knuckle ride. The highs and the high-larious, the lows and the low-blows. I think I may have sharted a little.

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