Do you remember, Rob?

Pardon me while we reminisce today

Oh, I remember....

Dear Rob,

Do you remember why Moon & I started LTR (almost) 2 years ago!? It was because we were obsessing- watching every video & interview you did & right click saving every picture of you on our harddrives. And also feeling very alone.. Because besides each other, Twilight fans seemed kinda, well, special. They were what you’d expect in a fandom- crazy dressing-up as a bruised bride, “Marry me Rob” sign-waving, screaming in your presence, teenager or lonely housewife. There was no one representing us. Where were the other normal, college-educated, working 20-somethings who couldn’t believe they had fallen hard for you? Was it really just Moon & I?

That’s when LTR was born. It was born from this idea that we had to do something. We had to exploit this feeling inside us. It wasn’t normal, was it? This wasn’t us…. So we took the craziest thing we could think of that the time and decided to write “Letters” to you, daily. This was inspired by the fan videos we watched of people pouring their hearts out to you. Or from the blog posts we read from the special fans who thought maybe, just maybe you’d read what they wrote, declare your love and run away with them. I mean, what’s crazier than sharing our deepest, darkest thoughts & hopes & dreams & desires with you, Rob Pattinson, who would never read whatever we wrote after “Dear Rob?” (Turns out a lot more is crazy, but that’s what we thought at the time!)

And so we began. We began with a joke. We began from the beginning making fun of ourselves and this “Not Normal” obsession. We began in that very first week making fun of you. And then the next day we loved you. And then we questioned you. Then we got serious about you. And along the way, we found out we weren’t alone. No- there was a hugeeeeeeee group of people who did not fit the “Normal Twilight fan” mold. There were 20-somethings, teenagers, house-wives, hot older cougars, MILFS, 30-somethings, college grads, high-school drop-outs, employees at NASA (true): all who came to LTR for one thing: Laughter, swooning, discussing, friendly-banter, sometimes heated discussions all over YOU- Robert Thomas Pattinson. Which was the one thing, at the end of the day, we all agreed on.

This is Normal

And overtime, things changed. People changed. Some people’s feelings faded, some grew stronger. Some couldn’t get past your supposed relationship. We chose to make up what we thought it was or wasn’t in our heads & run with that. Because the truth isn’t funny- the truth is kinda boring. It’s funnier to tell you that last night in the throes of passion I yelled out “Rob” instead of Mr. Choice’s name instead of what we really did (fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm). Some people thought we had changed instead of choosing to remember that we’ve always been this way- pushing the envelope, saying the things that some people think but few dare to speak outloud. And those people left. And that was okay with us- because we have always been this way. And our philosophy isn’t going to jive with everyone out there. [Our philosophy, of course, being “That’s Normal:” The term coined for not so normal things done so often in this fandom that it has become the norm!]

At the end of the day we are,  have always been and always will be what we set out to be- a place for the outsider Twilight fan. And we don’t cater to anyone but ourselves.  And we take responsibility for everything we say. We know we offend. We know we won’t have 100% agreement (or even 10% agreement some days!!). But at the end of the day, we can all agree on this: We are Rob Pattinson fans. No matter how many people say, “Fans wouldn’t make fun of Rob the way you do,” that doesn’t change it. We are his fans. Even if they throw out the, “A fan of Rob wouldn’t HATE his girlfriend,” it doesn’t change a thing. (Mostly because we don’t hate his girlfriend but shhh don’t tell that to those who insist we do! We’re fine continuing to let them think that. Their burning hatred for us & the potential for aneurysms from the stress of LTT-hatred is quite entertaining.) WE ARE ROB’S FANS.

And we’re normal. Like last night I didn’t even think about him, once. Imagine that!? (Shall we say it together? That’s Normal)

You don't piss me off

So to those of you who have understood LTR & have been here since the beginning: we heart you. It’s nice not to be alone. And to those who found us along the way: We’re so glad you joined the crazy fun! And to those who continue to find us on a daily basis: Welcome- this is who we are. And to the lurkers who are even too “normal” to comment, you are loved. And we hope that the many of you who lurk (or comment) and don’t get it, continue to bring us much joy with the tweets you think we don’t see & aneurysms it really seems like you’re about to have with your shouty IN CAPS threats. But don’t think that’s going to change anything. This is who we are- it’s who we’ve always been. And we’re not going anywhere (well, until we’re ready to! Aka after Rob declares his love because he saw my Hot Pocket Tent at the Breaking Dawn premiere)

A wise (and very successful) blogger once told us, if you’re not pissing off 1/2 of your audience much of the time, then you’re not a good blogger!

Hoping to piss you off at least 2 weeks out of the month,


UC & Moon

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Source for the pics: I have NO idea- they were in the comments yesterday and aren’t recent from Robsessed! Hmmmm…. they are from God. Clearly.

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275 Responses to “Do you remember, Rob?”

  1. Edible Art ? says:

    Hey I am back – not posted for a while what did I miss ??? I’ll go and look at the last post and catch up……

  2. LatersBaby says:

    Dear Moon & UC
    Thank you for this letter and this unique home on the cusp of the fandom.

    Oh, and you too, Ron.

  3. LatersBaby says:

    Dear Moon & UC
    Thank you for this letter and this unique home on the cusp of the fandom.

    Oh, and thank you too, Ron.

  4. Greenleafgirl says:

    Still with you almost 2years later. HATE!!!

  5. Edible Art ? says:

    Whoa !!!! 334 comments I can’t be arsed to read all that shall I give a breakdown ( can I use that or is it copyrighted ??… think I am ok so long as I don’t put “Vanity Fair Style” on the end !!! )

    anyway a breakdown of what transpired ….

    Somone who can’t spell or use grammer (ie they are 12) told us we are mean to Rob and are not “real fans”

    Someone else told us we like Rob too much and need to get a life.

    Someone else told us we are mean to Kristen

    Someone said Rob and Kristen are not togthether

    Someone said Rob and Kristen ARE togehter (but about to break up)

    Someone told us Rob and Kristen is one big PR stunt organised by Summit.

    UC or Moon posted a comment about the use of sarcasm and irony in blogging…….

    Well am I right or am I right

    It’s good to be back !!!

  6. melronin says:

    Because “That’s who we are”!!!!
    Nothing more nothing less!

    Dear Rob

    I am sorry if my english is so poor that I fail to express myself properly so many times and I am even more sorry that it is obviously so poor that I don’t understand what I read…some times!
    The only thing I can comfort you with is…that on this blog you can hear every love word there is… in German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch,Turkish, Arab and even some Hindudialects if I remember correctly!
    Because “that’s who we are”!

    WE love you baby

  7. Kat says:

    *stands up* *looks around* *clap,clap,clap*

  8. minuit_passe says:

    “There was no one representing us. Where were the other normal, college-educated, working 20-somethings who couldn’t believe they had fallen hard for you?”

    Enjoying a good laugh, with a certain hindsight and a life!


    P.S. Why did you feel like stating the obvious, I mean the crazies are too (stupid) busy in their worship lunatic world to understand it anyways.

  9. Cazza says:

    Some people get it, some people don’t! I like to think that peeps who read LTR have a good sense of humour. The kind of person that can laugh at themselves after finding out they have been walking around most of the day with toilet paper stuck to their shoe.

    Peeps take life way too seriously sometimes and that includes this “fandom”. It isn’t going to be around forever, so why not sit back, enjoy the ride and have a giggle whilst we can. Cause let’s face it, the real world does sometimes suck out there.


  10. Libby says:

    Dear UC & Moon (and RobRon):

    In the spirits of thanksgiving (That I don’t celebrate in my country but I feel close to you so Ill do it -normal, right?)

    I think I said this one time a while ago when you all got together and hold hands to sing “We are the Rob” (I’m not sure, I don’t keep track of my comments), so I’m saying it again:
    You change a lot of things of my life and for that I’m always gonna be thankful. Thanks to LTR/LTT Ive met twitter (Oh yeah, Im not sure I’m “thankful” but you know), and lots of amazing women that I know consider my closest friends, even more than some real ones.
    I’m thankful for you giving us a chance to express how we really feel about Rob, cause the way you talk about him is the way lots of us think about him, we love him, we are his fans, we love his work, but we also know that he has thousands of flaws, just like any regular man. Also to introduce us to the world of FF and Robp0rn.
    We have lives and demanding jobs and sometimes this is the only place we can feel normal. So, all I have to say is: PISS ME OFF!. Cause I love it.
    An I love all of the ones that “get it”.

    Happy Holidays people in the US!

  11. robgirll86 says:

    Standing ovation for LTR! I love. This blog , I met wonderful girls and you and Rob can piss me off whenever you want, it’s called emotions and I like it! I am clearly addicted to both and I even learned to comment from my cell , I think it shows a lot!
    I hope that was english , I can’t see the letters at all.. 🙂

  12. robgirl86 says:

    I jizztyped my own name… Not normal!!!

  13. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon and UC, I missed the circus yesterday due to a personal matter, but thanks to you and thank you to the folks who ‘get it’.

    I’m thankful that there is an open place to comment and to laugh and as one commenter said, a while back, ‘be daft’.

    And thanks to Rob for the inspiration.

    Thank you (on the eve of Thanksgiving),

    and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US or elsewhere.

  14. Lurker says:

    Reader since 2008 and this is my first comment (only because you addressed me directly, see). So, since I’m commenting: Thanks girls for the laughs.

    You have always been my favorite (and quite frankly, I wish I had come up with your ingenious blog idea a second before you did, because, dudettes, you are on the ECLIPSE commentary and I’m jealous. Awesomeness, congrats.)

    Oh, and what do you mean you don’t hate Kristen?


  15. kandnandb says:

    Aww, great letter! You heart us, but I heart you girls (all of you girls!) big time!

    This has been a great place for me to get my snark out w/o worrying about offending people, since obviously RL people can’t handle it. (Sarcasm is my religion, RL people-don’t discriminate against my beliefs!) I don’t believe in kissing any celebrity’s ass just bc he/she is a celebrity so I can come here and get my celebrity worship just the way I like it-sarcastic & perverted! In the span of one day on here, people will make fun of Rob’s clothes, then offer to bang him behind a dumpster. If that ain’t love, then what is? (That’s actually how my relationship w/ my husband started. Truefax.)

    Keep calm and carry on, UC & Moon!

    • Katie S says:

      THIS –> “I don’t believe in kissing any celebrity’s ass just bc he/she is a celebrity so I can come here and get my celebrity worship just the way I like it-sarcastic & perverted!”

      Rob would marry this.

    • Jules says:

      But if Rob’s ass was naked behind that dumpster, there is a 98.5% chance that I’d (try to) kiss it. That’s the extent of my celeb ass kissing.

      • melronin says:

        Me too…..shhhhh…many many many times!!! 😀

      • robgirl86 says:

        ..a fine ass, a really fine ass he has, pretty guy from head to toe, and he made dumpsters become HOT places…sigh*!

      • kandnandb says:

        You all kiss his ass, I’ll take care of the front. 😉

        • Jules says:

          HAHA! h00r.

          • kandnandb says:

            Did someone thumbs you down bc you called me a h00r?! I’m OK with it, whoever did it. Obviously I am a h00r-I’m a married mom of 3 who just publicly offered to give a strange guy a blow job behind a dumpster.

          • dazzledtodeath says:

            does having more kids than me make you a bigger h00r? ‘Cause I’d totally blow Rob too but I’m married with only one child. Just curious.

          • kandnandb says:

            @dazzledtodeath-yes bc according to my husband, 3 kids means we’ve only had sex exactly 3 times, so therefore I’m a bigger h00r bc I’ve had more sex than your 1 time. Logical, yes? 😉

  16. TeamJacobEdward says:

    Very TweedSerious today UC & Moon. Getting all dressy for the holiday? 🙂

    And yes those pics must have been sent from God. That last one alone will get me through the work day.

  17. Katie S says:

    Dear UC & Moon & the LTRers,

    I <3 you. So long. And slow. Since I started lurking and commenting here… (two years? one year?) ago I've "met" and became friends with an amazing group of ladies. They are witty, intelligent, grounded, and kind. And hilarious. HILARIOUS. That should be mentioned twice.

    UC & Moon, if it weren't for your "joke" so many ages ago, this would not have happened. So THANK YOU. Thank you for being hilarious. Extra special tweed thank you for being GROUNDED.

    Forever with the love,


    Oh, and hi, Ron. You rock, too.

  18. dazzledtodeath says:

    Love this letter-don’t ever change ladies, LTR is a haven from all the boring, ass-kissing, tweed-serious fansites out there. LTR is the thinking Rob fan’s site-you don’t have to believe Rob is perfect, love his co-star, his movies, his music or pretend he doesn’t have a bald spot and backne to come here. I love that all opinions are welcome here, we often get way off-topic, sometimes it’s heated but usually it’s hilarious and sometimes I’ve even cried over things I’ve read here. This is an amazing community and if some people don’t get it, well, that’s ok. There are plenty of other Rob and Twi-sites out there.

    Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, I’ll add that I’m very thankful for LTR-it was the first Rob/Twi site I found that I felt represented me, and it’s still (more than a year and a half later)the first site I visit every morning.

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  20. LaLurker says:

    I’m a lurker (as suggested by my clever name)! And I love all of the letters posted and the total sarcastic love you guys have for rob and twilight. I don’t want to be too ‘normal’ by lurking and not commenting anymore. I want to embrace the ‘That’s Normal’ that is ltr/ltt insanity. So this is me commenting and being truly part of this (very normal way of life).

  21. Deeds says:

    ILY GIRLS SFM 🙂 and I’m usually a “lurker” (that word entertains me to no end) and I used to play in the forum a lot but, quite sadly, RL intervened and I haven’t played in probably over a year but not before this totally normal blog full of totally normal ladies (and occasional unicorns) introduced me to a totally normal obsession with ff 😀 srsly heart you both to death. Thanks for being awesomespice to the max 🙂

    <3, Deeds

  22. robsfuturemate says:

    I think we need a Rob Slo Mo Clap for that letter! Yes, it will be adorkable and smexy at the same time!!

    As so many of you have said, this has been a haven for me. And it’s because of all you wonderful ladies that get it and UC and Moon for creating the perfect atmosphere for us to come to every(other) day. THANK YOU!!! (shouty caps?!) Oh, and thanks to some guy that was able to swoon so many woman at once. Love ya all!

  23. usualnurse says:

    Love and TOTALLY agree with the letter! I haven’t commented in MONTHS and MONTHS due to my crazy schedule (though I’ve faithfully read the letters for over a year!!); however, I felt so compelled today to tell UC and Moon how much I appreciate all the hard work they put into this blog. I appreciate all the “normalness” that comes forth in the letters, the tediousness of finding things to write about during Rob draughts, the witty sense of humor, etc, etc, etc.

    On a side note, can we talk about that last picture of Rob? I recognize the background from what I think was a TV guide (or something like that) photo shoot. But I haven’t seen this particular gem of a photo. Pics of Rob with the ciggi’s make me…..gulp….”happy” in all sorts of areas.

  24. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I love LTR – and think UC and Moon do a great job! Keep pissing us off (50% of the time – yesterday was quite entertaining) please! There is no other blog where all my favourite things are combined – (sarcastic) humor, Rob, hilarious girls, Rob…more humor….Rob!
    Wish I could be in the States and celebrate Thanksgiving and turkey thursday with you all! (We don’t have that here in Scandinavia). So happy thanksgiving to all my american sisters!

    • drsaka says:

      Hey there, Susiecueable!

      • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

        Hey drsaka! Are you doing something special for thanksgiving? Nobel prize season is coming up soon here – are you picking up any this year?

        • drsaka says:

          Sadly, no!
          I didn’t get one of these either:

          If you’ve never seen the IgNoble awards before, they are well worth a look.

          The ceremony was a while ago, but the list of winners and the ‘accomplishments’ are hilarious. Read back over the winners over the years.
          You will laugh, I promise.

          • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

            Ha, ha that is funny! First I thought I have never seen this before but then I read about the lady that invented a brassiere that in an emergency can be converted into a pair of protective face masks – that story I’ve read/heard before! Good reading – hilarious!! Thanx!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Those really are so funny! And informative, I learned a lot there! lol

  25. kristen's bestie says:

    “And we’re not going anywhere” That’s all I want to hear – Thank you for this!

    Happy Thanksgiving LTR girls! Thanks for the LOLs and the Tweed Seriousness. Most of all thank you Rob! Oh And I don’t want to forget Dick and Clare. Ahhh shit! This is turning into an Oscar speech.

  26. Amber says:

    True story right here for all those people who think you aren’t Rob fans…

    You are the reason I even became a Rob fan. There. I said it.

    I came to LTT first, then saw you had LTR. I barely even knew who Rob was other then the hot dude playing Edward.

    So, I blame you guys for my normalness. Really, it’s all your fault.

  27. Mieze says:

    I can’t believe I’m lurking on LTR for such a long time now! I totally didn’t realize it and today is the first time where I asked myself “How could it be possible that I just enjoyed a internetblog by passivly reading for such a long time?” and the answer is so easy. First of all your comments made me laugh so much, there was just no need to ad something. THANK YOU. Second, there was always someone who wrote something to which I was able to say ” Thats exactly it!”. THANK YOU. Third, I love to see that this side allows people to say criticle stuff about Rob without beeing instantly drawn and quartered. THANK YOU so much UC&Moon.

    I hope LTR will exist for ages even if some of us aren’t so passionated about Rob anymore. That’s how relashionships are, right? I’m not as crazy as I was for Mr Mieze when we where newly together 😉

    And btw who is Kristen Stewart 😉 First comment and I already said it…

  28. Robjunkie says:

    Well, now I’m kinda bummed. Now that you’ve cleared it up for the crazies, maybe they won’t come out to play. Yeah, that’s gonna suck.

  29. melronin says:

    I just love how the love floats here today ladies! We need to feel and spread the Roblove once in a while!

    I am commenting on LTR now for almost a year and I feel the need to thank you all for showing me love, making me feel welcome and taking much of my lonelyness away! Let’s face it Greece is not the funniest place to live right now!

    Seriously guys…I love being NOT normal with you! You rocked my world!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love you!

  30. Vera says:

    So many times, I felt second hand embarassed for Rob and some crazies fans…and myself!

    I am able to understand you 87.53% , I guess.

    But as I always say: A Brazilian girl never gives up. And LTR seems to be the place where I can express my hesitant passion for a man that I have never met. I think I am protected enough. I can pretend to be doing my training session of english language. My teacher and friend with benefits is very demanding. Then when he says, Hey Vera, this is very bad, I can pretend he is just jealous.

    I say heartfeltly (you can add to vocabulary), I don´t mind about who Rob is dating except Tom Stu, that I hate, hate and hate…because he has spent so many time beside Rob! I feel jealous. As for Kristen, well, I can handle easily.

    Thank you for this blog. I am happy to find girls from all over the worlds sharing the same weird feeling… but just here it is normal!

  31. robgirl86 says:

    LTR was the only site I could relate to in my Rob-love, almost 2 years ago, I became a lurker cause I was a bit “afraid” to come out and play on an american blog, in english! 🙂
    Then I began to comment and found a great community where the difference of culture and thinking makes the blog what it is!
    I made RL friendships here, learned to do a lot of stuff on my computer, got familiar with Twitter and I love it!

    I can’t comment on other blogs, LTR is my home!
    Thanks to you UC and Moon to keep it special, thanks to all the girls here for endless fun and insanity and thanks to Rob for being what he is, a great person!

    First thought when I read your post today at work (yep, totes normal…)…..ROB will JUMP when he’ll read it there in boring BR where nothing really exciting is happening! Cause THIS will totally happen!

    • Keisha says:

      My hat is off to you, Robgirl, and every other commenter whose native tongue (that sounds dirty) is not English. I am awed everyday when I see all of your comments and tweets, especially tweets where the English language is BUTCHERED. <3 <3

      Ok, now back to thinking about Rob's English tongue. 😉

      • kristen's bestie says:

        Ditto Keisha! RG – you speak/write beautiful english! Don’t let that commenter bother you!

      • robgirl86 says:

        @Keisha and @Kristen’s bestie
        I think I learned from the BEST (you girls..)!
        Many many words actually do NOT exist in any dicctionary!
        Thanks to you and Rob’s tongue….

  32. MidnightCougar says:

    Wow, that was a fucking phenomenal LTR! *applause, applause* I hope that those readers who didn’t “get it” before, will read today’s post & finally “chillax”, to quote RG86.

    This “hot old cougar” has been here for a while now & I have loved every minute of it. LTR/LTT is my fun time & has become a wonderful place for me to enjoy & share Rob & Twilight with some wonderful ladies, some of whom have even become my personal friends. What’s so unique & special about LTR/LTT is that, not only are they two amazing Twilight/Rob related blogs, but they have also become real online communities where the philosophy of “That’s Normal” is normal. It is this philosophy that I love & find very refreshing. Thanks UC & Moon!

    <3 MC xo

    • MidnightCougar says:

      After I posted my first comment, I got to thinking just how serious this LTR post really is, & how it’s kind of a shame that the LTR/LTT humor philosophy had to be spelled out so bluntly b/c now, the ones who didn’t “get it”, have no excuse not to understand & I think it kind of takes away some of the crazy fun! 😉

    • kristen's bestie says:

      I love hot old cougars! (like me!)

    • robsfuturemate says:

      MC- I read your sweet comment yesterday but didn’t want my response to get lost in the crazy!! I too enjoyed chatting with you and have loved getting to know you! We need to do it again and often (yes, let’s make that duhrty and add Rob in!). <3

      • MidnightCougar says:

        I’m actually re-vamping my Robporn collection for you and roslynselene, then we’ll share some Rob-love. 🙂 & maybe we can even chat tonight.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Woo-hoo! How sweet of you! And I’m already here waiting for you and not in a creepy stalker kinda way. In an Edward Cullen stalker kinda way!

        • roslynselene says:

          Hey I don’t want to miss out on this! 🙁 I’m desperate for more Robporn! I found 5 pics so now I’m up to 21 Rob pics. 😀 Still not enough though…

          • MidnightCougar says:

            No worries luv, you’ll get your share. It brings me great pleasure to share some Rob-love with my friends. 🙂

  33. TippyL says:

    I don’t comment as much but I still read you regularly and I love you guys. Your blog (which was the first/only blog I read with regularity) brought me to my Twitter pals, also commenters here. We’ve met up once and we’re meeting again this weekend. They are some of my best friends now. So thanks UC, Moon and Rob for making me feel normal and bringing me to other normal ppl too.

  34. TippyL says:

    Ugh. I accidentally thumbs downed Keisha. I would never do that to her. Imma see her this weekend and leghitch the crap outa her. Also, thumbs up for non-English speakers!!

  35. operarose says:

    Keep doing what you do best to Rob and the rest of the Twilight peeps: breaking them down and respecting them nice ‘n slow!


    • operarose says:

      Just read the comments yesterday. OK, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But it always baffles me to see the sheer time and energy people can put into ranting about a blog that they have no obligation to visit, no investment in, nothing to do with, no impact on their personal life, run by people who they do not know.

      UC + Moon, the noisiest people are also usually the nastiest people, too. Try to remember there are quite literally hundreds if not thousands who enjoy and “get” your blog each and every day…

  36. allryans says:

    Hate me for not reading all these comments. (I only read greenleafgirl’s because I know her and she was near the top). SOooOOO – It’s been the lifespan of a small toddler for me here at LTR, and I’m still in the RobCloset, but I love it here.

    And I love crazy fan days even more than mushy love ones.

    And I love Ron the most.

  37. Pumagirlsf says:

    Dear UC & Moon,



  38. Alice_NaA says:

    I feel for the haters. It’s one thing to not be as funny and to not have an insanely popular fansite and to not be chosen to spend a day with Stephenie Meyer and to not be quoted on the commentary. But when UC and Moon are then also WAY hotter than you… ooooo that must HURT!

  39. Giseli Freitas says:

    And that, my friends, is why I keep lurking here…

  40. roslynselene says:

    LTR made my love for Rob stronger and more normal (Ick! Can you believe I used to read Ted C’s blog many times a day? Now THAT’S really not normal.) LTR

  41. Well this post was the equivalent of a “sarcasm sign” for all the drive-by haters. It sucks that you had to break it down for people to get it, but hopefully now they will bugger off and let you get back to what you do best. 🙂

    It’s super cold today, but let’s meet at the dumpster for happy hour to sing We are the Rob. You bring the Hot Pockets, I’ll bring the Heineken.

  42. roslynselene says:

    LTR made my love for Rob stronger and more normal (Ick! Can you believe I used to read Ted C’s blog *and* comments (which were crazy and almost not even English) many times a day? Now THAT’S really not normal.) Anywho, I really like this blog. The first LTR I read, I thought it was a bit harsh because I didn’t get it but as I moved on to read other posts, I *totes* got it. And I LOVED it! So thanks to you, I’m not on “the list” and I’m normal! Although…me sending Rob an ugly Xmas sweater (which I’m almost done with) for Xmas, *might* get me on “the list”. Oh well…

    • southernbelle says:

      I want to be on “the list” too. I’ve always said I’m gonna dress like a Hotpocket and set stalk him or visit him at his hotel LOL. Will that get me on the list?

  43. Keisha says:

    When I clicked on the cute-as-a-button button for LTR, it felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole of awesomeness.

    Don’t stop what you’re doing! I may not agree with everything you and the commenters write but if you’ve got something to say, put it out there. Who the f*ck am I to say you’re wrong?

  44. lovehigh says:

    I loved re-reading the old letters! *Sigh*
    I’ve read most of these replies and it’s as if they read my ming… oh wait, only pocket Edward can read mings. I meant my mind.
    Never stop!
    exes and ohs.

  45. roslynselene says:

    Oh you guys, did see the WFE book catalog spread thingy, right?

    I seriously cannot wait for this movie. And since I lost the WFE book, I have a great excuse to buy the new one with Rob’s face on it. Eek! I can’t wait for WFE 😀

    • southernbelle says:

      I’m laughing and you know why!

      Btw umm Rob’s face was the last one I saw *(that one you posted) before I fell asleep last night. Normal! HAHA!

    • southernbelle says:

      I already have the book but I’m getting that just so can have Rob’s picture! *Swoon*

    • southernbelle says:

      I forgot to say something that he is so beautiful! We all know that but still, gotta say that the slight color on his cheeks really compliments the red lips, and the auburn hair too…gawd this man is so gorgeous!

      Hyperventilating…Ok I’m done for now. Back to ogling when really I should be cooking for tomorrow.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I’ve never bought a book with the actor’s face on it. Oh wait, I think I bought Sweeny Todd with Depp on it. Man, there goes my whole thought of Rob being the first, cause I totes want to buy that! And who is that cute new avatar of yours (am i clueless, i thought re-name me!)

      • roslynselene says:

        It’ll be my first book with a famous guy’s face on it…I’m proud of it too! Don’t worry, just deny ever buying the Sweeny Todd book and shove it under your bed. Lol

        *facepalm* Damn my baby face, I always look like I’m 10! I assure you, I’m a 20 y/o and not a Re-name-me casting reject. But like SB said, I’ll be blessed with a baby face at 50. So there’s that to look forward to.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Great idea! Sweeny Todd wasn’t even that great, I like the stageplay better!

          And you are adorable! Don’t worry, I get the same thing. It comes in handy when your swooning on a guy 11 years younger than you. At least I don’t look that much older than him!

  46. southernbelle says:

    Aww thanks Moon and UC for writing that! I feel like I’ve been here so long, like one of the oldies? lol. I lurked forever til I finally got the nerve to comment in May 2009(wasn’t it?). I love this blog and I support what y’all are doing! It’s too bad some people don’t get it, don’t get the sarcasm. It’s not for them, and you’re right, this blog is not for everyone but there’s some of us that have been here forever and thank you both so much for keeping this blog going. We all know you have busy lives!

    So your 2 yr anniversary is coming up soon!

    As far as Rob is concerned, I think it’s all good, we love him no matter what! We are just so comfy with him, like so we can fun of him every now and then! Bottom line, we are Rob fans and ain’t nothing that can change that!

    Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!!!!! XO

  47. JodieO says:

    I’m only here because I know someday, one of these days, Ron is going to read my comment and fall madly in love with me and we’ll run away together where I can live happily in a Britpack dogpile.

  48. southernbelle says:

    Girls (and boys if there are unicorns here), I feel like we should sit in front of a bonfire, roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya! Awwwwww!

    Love you all, even the haters…. love you all too, *smooches*

  49. DanySpike says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments right now, and lately I haven’t even had time to read the updates this website has. I’m a lousy LTTer…

    But I love you.

    I love you UC and Moon, I love all of you, LTTers that have passed from being my online friends to being my RL-friends. I love how I miss you when I can’t get online and how happy I get when I finally talk to you after a few days. I just… love you. And that’s normal. And even if it’s not, I don’t give a damn, it’s fucking perfect.

    So, screw the haters, I love you Ron and I hate you, Janetrigs 😀

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