The Ghosts of Rob Pattinson’s Past: Part 1

Dear Rob,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you (duh) and my mind has been drifting to the past two years. Maybe it’s because our 2 year anniversary is coming up next week, or maybe it’s because I’ve been missing the old, drama-free days when life was just new pictures, new videos, new things to swoon over, new things to laugh at day after day after day. The past is fun to think about. So I decided to start a December feature focusing on the Ghost of Robert’s Past, Present & Future. OF course by “Ghost” I mean, really hot things about each of those times in your life. So today, I present: The Ghost of Robert Pattinson Past: Part one

I remember finishing the Twilight saga on vacation in 2008, and hitting the blogs, looking for info. about the books. That’s when I discovered a MOVIE was releasing in a few months. Starring…. CEDRIC:

Accio your clothes

But Cedric quickly turned into Oh my goshhhhhhhh…. that’s not Cedrrrriccc” (that’s my text-representation of the groaning noise I made in the movie theater in November of 2008) with one little scene & twitch of your mouth:

Next I experienced you in a suit for the first time while watching (or attempting to watch) the London premiere of Twilight while on my computer at work:

Never noticed it before, but I bet $10,000 you went into that Burger King after you walked the red carpet

And then Oh, no he Di’int when you cut your hair. Which I liked. Plus the guitar- Gah! Kill me

Speaking of Guitar- remember when you did those two songs for the Twilight soundtrack & movie & I used to listen to them over and over and over and over and over again & reminisce losing my Robert Pattinson virginity (or was that fantasizing about losing my Robert Pattinson virginity? Hmmm. Same diff)

Remember when you used to get down & party with who we can assume is your poor, left out of the attractive Pattinson-gene-pool, cousin?

Remember when you got invited to the Oscars & THIS was the best moment of the night?

And of couse, Ahem, The Tuck (You’re welcome for not posting the picture)

And….. well, I got this far & then realized that The Ghost of Rob Pattinson Past is long. Or the ghost is busy. Or he was busy. Or maybe it’s a she. Or something. Like if I keep going, we’re gonna be here until Christmas. So until next time……I’ll be listening to Never Think on repeat, envisioning The Tuck and remembering the Ghost of Rob Pattinson’s Christmases- errrr- November to April, 2009 past.


Okay, you see what I did here! Now it’s YOUR turn. Keeping in mind we’re going to do this again with a Part 2 next week, what are some of your favorite “Ghosts” (aka hot moments. Yes I realize that analogy doesn’t work. Go with me. It’s the holiday spirit) of Rob Pattison’s Past starting at the “beginning” through April/May 2009?

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105 Responses to “The Ghosts of Rob Pattinson’s Past: Part 1”

  1. Bea says:

    “Accio your clothes” Hahahahahahahaha!
    P.S. My 13 month old started dancing to “Never Think” as soon as I hit that play button.

  2. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Accio clothes.

    Thankyouuuu. First gigglesnort of the day!
    The Rob in a CMB jacket from 2009 mtv awards haunts me to this day.

    • Edible Art ? says:

      Just this minute back from seeing Hp7 – accio clothes best picture tag ever!!!!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Now I’m a little confused as to how that accio spell works: am I holding the wand ripping Rob’s clothes off, or is he holding the wand and ripping MY clothes off? Sorry, must obviously be him holding the wand..(that’s what she said)

      Favourite ghost? Maybe Twilight opening in Rome, with the wild hair, the scruff and that wicked thumb biting..?

  3. mine!mine!mine! says:

    Now you see, this just makes me sad! 🙁

    I came to the party late and had to catch up on all this loveliness….

    However, the ‘past is a foreign country’ and I’m not sure I’m that interested in the future anymore 🙁
    It’s all got so stale and quite frankly I just got fed up with the only information about thepretty involving theStew……tedious, tedious, tediousm yawn, yawn, yawn.

    He’s still bloody gorgeous though!! 🙂

  4. drsaka says:

    Dear Rob.
    since we’re discussing ghosts from your past, I’d like to take this opportunity to relate something that haunts me.
    The pictures of you at the ‘Sex Drive’ premiere (how’s that for foreshadowing?) in a gray shirt and really wild hair. That was the first pic I ever saw of you and its haunted me since.

    Thank you,

  5. Tigerkitten36 says:

    I dont think I could choose just one
    GQ, Details, Vanity Fair, etc…

    It seems for awhile that you couldnt go a week without his mug on some magazine. I remember going to pick up one at Boarders and one section I walked to had over 15 mags with his face on it ( Gaaah!) It was not the tweenbeat section.

    Notice hes not on those anymore? I go to the local grocery store looking for something to read and when I glance at the teen mags ( I have a 10 yr old) its all about Bieber

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      If I see Bieber’s mug on one more poster I’m going to have an hissyfit!!!

      I look at that boy’s face and I just want to slap it, pretty much the same way I want to slap that sorry excuse for a rapper Cher LLoyd!!! Godawful, talentless excuse for a singer…….yes I’ve been sucked into the whole X Factory (Factor) madness, though I’m not wasting money voting, I still have some dignity!!!

      off topic…soz!

      • Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

        Hi 🙂
        I can’t take credit for this but I bet She (Cher) smells of chips.
        Btw- I think Xfactor is poison…watch out USA… Your turn next.

        • mine!mine!mine! says:

          I quite agree and don’t forget to mention the USA will also be getting the ‘nation’s sweetheart’ heeheehee

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Yes, I almost stopped going into places like Borders because I can’t take any more disappointment – looking for Rob and finding Justin Bieber all over the place. And even it the occasional teen mag has the occasional picture, it is usually lame and bad quality..oh for the days of Vanity Fair and AnOther Man… 🙁

  6. drsaka says:

    Also haunting me- any pics of RomeRob or of MexicoRob.

  7. minuit_passe says:

    The pic with the “Fuck us, we’re dangerous” look, in front of BURGER KING is to die for. Die laughing that is.

    Also not a fan of the Oscar video, because he’s soooo aware of the camera.

    Basically two situations that are a total turn OFF for me, MORE, a whole lot more than the TUCK!!! I think I actually appreciate the …ahem… intimacy of the tuck.

    The deal breaker

    • drsaka says:

      There is a lot in that Burger King photo to laugh at.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      I have to say I never found the tuck particularly odd….just saying!

    • efam says:

      Yeah…what is up with that picture? Who in the world are those four people dressed in white with the ‘blue steel’ look??

      • The Old One says:

        I think they are supposed to be vampires, since no one at that time would recognize the actors playing the Cullens. I wish they would have chosen one of those girls to be Rosalie instead of who CH ended up casting! And Rob’s doing his best to look vampir-ish too. The whole thing is ridiculous.

    • robgirl86 says:

      sooo dealbreaking with you….the tuck, I don’t mind, I think it was very courageous to do that!
      About the Oscars or any other Premiere/shoot…Rob is/was always very aware of the cameras, giving the “fuck-me-stare” (not complaining here at all), BUT my top 10 Rob-pics are honestly all pap-pics, I’m weird I know, but to me he looks best, when not smiling (for the camera) and not sucking-in-cheeks!

      • MariaCecilia says:

        No one in their right mind could possibly complain about that “fuck-me-now-look”….

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Yeah, what is it about the sucking in cheeks? Is it a nervous tick?! Not that I’m complaining though!

        • robgirl86 says:

          he thinks it does look sexy…(Tom told him….lol )

        • MariaCecilia says:

          Actually, he does that sucking in of the cheeks in the movies too, when he is making “cheeky” comments.:-) 1) When he’s going public with Bella in Twilight, wearing sun glasses walking through the parking lot. 2) In the school hall in New Moon commenting about how Jacob Black can give her presents.

      • minuit_passe says:

        No, I was implying MORE. I hate that video and refuse to replay it b/c he’s fame whoring himself like let’s make all these faces w/ the fans so the photographes who just happen to be THERE could take all these photos and let’s just subtely check at the end if they look at me, OH YES THEY DO, now let’s do this fuck me face loong and sloow, and pretend nothing happens. I can’t believe nobody sees it, it screams obvious.
        He doesn’t seem to do all those early Twi looks, someone must have had a few laughs telling him.

  8. MidnightCougar says:

    One of my favorite “Ghost of Robert Pattinson Past” is the ”Another Man” Photoshoot from Sept/Oct 2009. He is just SO incredibly gorgeous & sexy in these B&W pics.

    This is my one of my favorite pics from the shoot. The Jawporn & his sex-eyes……there are no words. *sigh*

    & here’s a video with most of the pics: *fans self*

    Oh Rob baby, you are just so uniquely beautiful! xo MC

    Happy Weekend LTR Ladies! 🙂

  9. robgirl86 says:

    Awwww….memories, memories…my favorite line

    “I bet $10,000 you went into that Burger King after you walked the red carpet” , that’s why we love him , right?

    at least something that didn’t change…

    Dear Rob,
    keep on being what you are!

    P.S. you look BEST alone..just sayin!

  10. melronin says:

    Dear Rob

    I want you to be the ghost of my past, my present and my future!
    You can haunt me forever!


    • MariaCecilia says:

      Isn’t that what we all are – haunted?? I only wish that my Robghost could be a tiny little bit more hands-on, like ghosts seem to be in the know, so that one might actually get something out of this being-haunted-crap?!

  11. dazzledtodeath says:

    Well, you already covered a lot of mine, but one of my fave Rob memories was seeing Rob on the Tonight show promoting Twilight. I didn’t know anything about him, I hadn’t yet read the books, but his sweet, charming personality and sense of humor is one of the things that led to me Googling him..and Googling him..and Googling him.

    And that pic of Edward sauntering through the cafeteria? That sealed the deal. Even though when I saw the movie, my husband was snickering throughout and his friend slept through most of it, I knew it was the start of something big (ahem).

    • drsaka says:

      ‘I knew it was the start of something big (ahem)’- so true in several ways.

    • robgirl86 says:

      He “got” me at the Austin Festival, promoting HTB, still love those videos, another great interview was the one from Chicago when he said, that Chicago doesn’t look like London at all, I thought…wow how sweet is this guy….

  12. Zees84 says:

    It has been many many moons since I’ve commented here, but GODDAMN that clip of Oscars Rob is just perfection.

    Happy Chanukah Rob, (and everyone else!)

  13. robsfuturemate says:

    Aww, yes! The Cedric…no, wait a minute moment!!!!! I will never be the same! But one of my favorite “ghosts” is the original ComicCon Rob. The wit, the adorkable, the making fun all rolled into one! (Minus that enormous stack of hair. Sorry, it was a little out of control for me there.)

  14. kristen's bestie says:

    My first RobGhost moment would have to be the Sexdrive Premier. It was all because of the hair. (sigh) I’ve never tried linking a pic before but here goes…. but I know all LTR gals know which Sexdrive pics I’m talking about.

  15. kandnandb says:

    Aww, now I’m feeling even sappier than I have been lately after reading this. I WANT MY VIRGINITY BACK so I can lose it nice & slow.

    My fave picture is my avi. But my favorite ghost is old Rob….the one prior to August 2010. For reasons I shall not name.

  16. Edible Art ? says:

    I will always remember where I was when GQ Rob came out ( yeah yeah sat where i am now in my room at my computer !!! ) I mean it was a momentus day for me – I thought he was great before then I saw those shots and became befuddled by the beauty had a Bella moment – what the…why, but, how, no, no, no, you can’t ….

    The skinny tie photo with thunbs hooked in belt loops is STILL my fave photo ever.

  17. robgirl86 says:

    I think my fav Rob-ghost at all is Tyler H….he can come back (stylewise spoken) ANY time he wants..he was just perfect!

  18. MidnightCougar says:

    Totally off topic, but still very interesting: Does anyone remember the Charity bid for “Visit the Set of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Plus Meet and Greet with Robert Pattinson and Two Night Hotel Stay?” Well, right now the bid is $57,500.00 with the next minimum bid being at $62,500.00.
    Now we’re getting some where….SHOW ME THE MONEY!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I bet this will end by $100.000 …wow….good money for charity! BUT…meeting Rob like that, dunno, not really cool & totes embarrassing somehow.

    • roslynselene says:

      Anyone wanna bet *who’s* gonna win this thing? I saw some chick under the name “jerseyshoregirl” bidding $13,000! Poor Snooki. MTV money isn’t enough so she stopped there. I think Rob is relieved, though (if he’s checking this thing).

      Haha! These bidders’ names are hilar! “Cocopuff”? Oh yes. She’s absolutely coo-coo for crack. Then there’s “lockness” which reminds me of “Nessie”. I think it was intentional.

      I’m repeating myself, I know.

  19. Janetrigs says:

    Pre Oscars, remember when he was missing and Vixxx made that sign. Too funny and then he appeared on Perez and he declared his love. Also there were various sitings of small Eddies with Ming reading floating around.

    Then post Oscars he went to Japan I think and there were rumors and Karaoke… stars (holla Lula) WHY DO I REMEMBER THIS STUFF?

    Oh wait, cause I read your blog like every day, duh.

    Love me today, beacuse we’re bummed. 🙁

    • robgirl86 says:

      It doesn’t look hot at all to me, it’s more like…Bella does some unsexy bam bam on Edward’s mouth or so…pftttttttt

      • melronin says:

        That girl doesn’t even know how to ACT a proper kiss!!!
        wtf….she’s gonna eat him…looks like an attack…pffffff….

        • Nelle says:

          I didn’t get to watch it on my computer- just my iPhone and couldn’t see it that well. Now they’ve taken it down! If KStew continues to kiss like she has in 1-2 and 3 it will be awful.

        • MariaCecilia says:

          This is a golden opportunity to call Summit and offer my services as a professional Kissing Coach! Imagine the scene:

          MC: OK, Kristen, I want you to watch this very carefully..notice how I mold my lips to Rob’ that? And a little nipping goes..mmm..a long way..mmm..don’t forget the..*pant*..sounds, to make..mmm..the right sounds..mmm
          Kristen: Hey, what’s with the..the hands? Man, that’s..Gross! I couldn’t, I mean, I…Do you want me to, to…no, never!
          (muffled sounds in the background from Rob)

  20. The Old One says:

    Didn’t we determine that the little “cousin” is actually TomStu’s little brother, Arthur? Still kinda family, I guess.

    • robgirl86 says:

      dunno…maybe, though I think Tom’s brother has really red hair…who knows..anyway it’s a hilarious random pic.

      • The Old One says:

        I just spent too much time googling images of Arthur Sturridge. So it’s probably NOT him in that photo, but now I know that Arthur Sturridge is really cute, and if he’s over 18 (I guess I need to do some more googling) he’s hot. But not if he’s 17.

  21. maggie says:

    RomeRob and the picture with the pretty walking wearing his blue flappy shirt with a peek at the happy trial. These haunt me and keep appearing in my dreams and fantasies. (sigh…..)

  22. I was late to the Rob party so I never saw the early ghosts. He was already a (think Molly Shannon accent) “Sup-ah Star” when I jumped on the band wagon.

    In fact, that’s the first time I’ve seen the “Special Rob with Bieber bangs youngster” (and the youngster is sporting what could potentially be a future PattinJawP0rn).

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  24. PerfectDate says:

    So loved the Cedric picture caption, I’ve learned not to take a drink (wine in this case) when I start reading a new letter, otherwise it’s spray-city on the computer screen.
    Anyway, I too am feeling nostalgic and last night watched the behind the scenes footage featuring Rob from Harry Potter 4. He’s flirting with Phillipa the A.D., flirting with the golf-cart driver, flirting with the make-up artist, it is so stinkin’ cute.
    And they show him doing the stunt work when Cedric gets Avada kedavra’d. The wire harness gets him but good you-know-where, he couldn’t even talk. What is it with him and groin injuries anyway.

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  26. pukesten says:

    I was late to the party also around sep 09 so the first ghost that was new for me was VF dec 09. That was the height if it for me. And then remember me.
    It’s kind of gone gradually downhill since then when it comes to ghosts of rob’s present.

  27. Pattygirl says:

    current bid for BD visit w/ Rob is :

    USD 67,500.00

    min nxt bid : USD 72,500.00

  28. Pattygirl says:

    Vote for Rob at People choice awards in :
    fav movie actor and fav actor under 25 at :

    it ends on 6-7 dec 2010, vote as often as possible!

  29. Alex says:

    Knowing he is well and alive and NOT seen a single pap picture of him in Louisiana is hounting me for weeks now.

    Love you Rob.

    I really miss you..Tom.

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