Chipotle, Butterscotch, Batman and the Bacon Party – The Eclipse DVD Commentary Has It All


Dear Rob,

I’m gonna be honest and say that yesterday me and 4 other girls spent at least 7 hours watching the Eclipse DVD. Yea watching the DVD, then the deleted scenes, then the extended scenes, then the 6 part making of docu, then finally the commentary with you and Kristen while watching the movie ALL OVER again. I can’t say I’d tell most people we did that but I feel like coming clean because the first step to recovery is admitting it, right? Who knows. But I say this because just when I thought I had this thing under control, I listened to the commentary and fall right back in.

You on the commentary was like all the best kinds of wrong. Like jokes about Peter’s hair being a cereal bowl and your “mouth hole.” Your commentary was like when me and my roommates and friends have our Sunday Night “Bacon Party” where we watch Dexter and Walking Dead, eat bacon and add our own insane commentary to the goings on (acting!). In fact I think if you subbed in for someone some Sunday night we’d never know the difference because you’re humor just as messed up as we are.

Highlights of the commentary high points (see what I did there?!)

As opposed to the skinflute…


I need this tattooed on my forehead

Stone cottage, anyone?



I won’t tell you that we definitely rewound this part a few times to watch the hands. TAYLOR TIME!

My favorite moments…

The best moment ever!

Or as we refer to it: chip-poodle

MMmmm Yummy, Butterscotch!

Did you watch/listen to the commentary? Any favorite moments we missed? Chipotle!

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108 Responses to “Chipotle, Butterscotch, Batman and the Bacon Party – The Eclipse DVD Commentary Has It All”

  1. It’s obvious he had a dare like use butterscotch in the commentary. We all know his food vocabulary doesn’t go farther than Hot Pockets.

    Lil bit OT but did he also do a commentary on the RM DVD?

    • drsaka says:

      Hey, MP- he could have said (microwaved) carrots.

      • Oooh my gawd, he could have!!!

        Dear Rob,

        We dare you to say microwaved carrots in a future public appearance, preferably an award ceremony speech.

        XX to both of you, Rob and Draska that is.

        • drsaka says:

          I’d like to thank my family and microwaved carrots……..

        • “I owe this [award for the Sexiest Man alive] to Tom, for making me feel beautiful and to microwed carrots for giving me a healthy skin aspect even in the middle of my worst hangover.”

          or (“smth coming out of my pants” style)

          “I looked like I had a carrot in my ass but thanks for voting!”

    • Nelle says:

      Yes he did do a commentary on RM and there were some good parts!

      • Ookay, thanks, Imma look. I forgot about it, I didn’t see any hype, don’t remember anybody talking about it.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Food was of course mentioned and microwaves, but alas no carrots!

        • robgirl86 says:

          He did the commentary with Emily and Ruby and to me it’s a very good one, lots of giggles and fun, I liked it a lot.

          • sjaantje says:

            I really liked the RM commentary too. He was so sweet each time he talked to Ruby and asked her something.
            The Eclipse commentary had it’s moments. I really think that Taylor or a third person should have been there too to help keep the conversation rolling. I haven’t watched Meyer’s commentary yet. Perhaps tonight after the family goes to bed. I was going to last night, but “Twilight” was on and I caught myself watching that instead.

          • robgirl86 says:

            It was a little less funny but perhaps he just did care more for RM.

          • with Emily AND Ruby??? i need to listen to that!

  2. libby says:


  3. misty says:

    OMG I can’t wait to watch this…(*car starting, going to Target NOW!!!)

    • GoodgirlgonePlaid says:

      Hey Misty!
      I can’t wait to listen either, GAHH!

      It didn’t come out here (uk) till today. No fair.
      It’s a shame I refuse to sully my buyer history on Amazon, otherwise I’m pretty sure they’re trigger happy on shipping those pre-orders.

  4. Robsessedgirl says:

    Whilst wanting to punch k while watching the commentary, I enjoyed it. Rob IS batman. I kept on picturing what he’d be wearing while doing it, I’d prefer him naked. he was pretty funny though, eating his burgers and saying it made his tummy hurt. I’ll never look at Xavier the same way again after the “dripping spread” comment. I still love the ending climactic fight scene(even though I miss Rachelle). k was annoying the WHOLE commentary but it’s worth it to listen to Rob.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Xavier and the “dripping spread”- CLASSIC!!
      That’s exactly how all the ladies picture him, Rob! (but it made me want my french fries, with spread to dip them in)

    • MidnightCougar says:

      Please see my reply below, it got posted in the wrong place. 🙁

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        Rob can literally say anything and make me weak in the knees. I’d like to eat Rob, no spread. ohmygod I can’t believe I just said that. @midnightcougar I saw it, I guess commenting is fail today. I want to see ALL of him in Bel Ami. all.of.him. is that too much to ask?

  5. JenluvsJax says:

    I can’t wait to watch the commentary with Rob and his goonieness. We had a release party with lots of drinks and the fun just kept on coming. But we didn’t get to the commentary, so tonight I will get to it. Glad it is worth it.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Welcome Back!!! And you can watch the commentary with me. I so need to watch it again! But we so need to hit In-n-Out beforehand (yep, it’s gonna happen everytime people).

  6. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I have listened to the commentary – he lost me when he made comments about Kristens face in Twilight when she was being bitten by James – making inuendos of how hot she looked (Gag)….. I just read this interview with Nina Schubert – now that’s a interesting girl and so similar to Rob. She’s as funny, interesting, intelligent and quirky as Rob. Now why is she not with him instead of the other thing……? It’s a mystery and it boggles the mind!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I’m not sure if he meant she really looked hot doing that. It kinda sound like a dig to me, esp. when she says “shut up!” It’s like he’s making fun of her, which I think he also did in Twi Com.

      • mania page says:

        How can you be so in love with rob and hate his gf? doesn´t his choice of gf say a lot about him? If he is with kristen, and you dislike her very much, he is obviously not the guy you´d like him to be/dream he is, and maybe he is not a person you´d like irl either. just a thought.

        about the commentary: LOVED IT.

        • melronin says:

          Dear Rob!

          I so do NOT love you!
          you know that baby…right??


        • MidnightCougar says:

          @ mania page For me personally, I don’t even look at his GF. To be blunt, I don’t give a fuck about who he’s dating b/c honestly if he isn’t shaggin’ me I don’t care who he’s with. “Chillax” girl – life’s too short to be so serious. 🙂

          • Milicent says:

            Ya know alot of people say that..they just dont care about his GF..well why even bother to insult her then..why not just ignore all the way around..thats the part I dont get..if you dont like dont like her ..fine..but the insults from people are uncalled for.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Maybe it’s better NOT to think?


  8. robsfuturemate says:

    Dear Kristen-
    Yes, this is the first letter I’ve written to you (and probably the last) but we know you read LTR too, so here it goes.
    Thanks for mentioning the wigs, repeatedly. Please tell Summit to step them up a notch next time. Only a notch though or we might not have anything to talk about. And thanks for mentioning the weird speech at the end. You are right, Bella only cares about Edward and sex and therefore the wedding. Nothing else. So, until next time, probably won’t happen for a long time,


  9. LadyN says:

    Ohhh, I haven’t watched it! *covers eyes* I’m gonna this week! How do i not jump on it when my sis got me the dvd on fri right that sec?

    sigh idk, maybe I’m falling uninterested. The horror and the nerve of me. I’m such a horrible fan. :-/

    Lawl@I’m not drinking. I swear to God!

    and he’s sooo such a jealous bf! awwww *beams* 😀

  10. Katie S says:

    Oh god. It was just. So good. Le sigh.

    Can you transcribe the whole commentary in the fashion? Please and thank you.

  11. MidnightCougar says:

    I watched & listened to it all! I could listen to Rob’s sexy voice for EVER! *sigh* First, I watched the movie (6th or 7th time I’ve seen the movie). Then I watched the Extended/Deleted scenes (again) – & may I say I’m very pissed at Slade for cutting out some of Rob’s best lines! Then I watched the movie again with the commentary, & Rob was very funny, just adorable. I loved this: Rob says: (in Yogi Bear voice) Heya Boo Boo!” too cute. lmao

  12. MidnightCougar says:

    I totes agree with all of your comment & “I’d prefer him naked..” TOO! I’m hoping for some naked-assed Rob in Bel Ami! 🙂

  13. Vera says:

    I do not need to buy the DVD. I’ve read here and other sites in my own specific language.

    I will not buy the DVD because I did not buy any of the Twilight Saga.

    To be honest even I would say I am a Twihater. I love Twilight, only. Because he brought me Rob. And yes I love Edward.

    I have a very unique way of understanding the story of Mrs. Meyer.

    I will start my fanfic next year.

  14. robgirl86 says:

    The DVD isn’t still out here, but I listened already to the commentary (thank you Twitter), my thoughts…

    1) Love Rob’s parts…at all, he’s hilarious as usual
    2) “cereal bowl” and “wooofs”…omg…soo true and soo funny
    3) Would have prefered this time a commentary with Taylor or Jackson, I thought Kstew has nothing funny to tell at all and most of the time seems like she never gets his jokes…
    4) “this is such a stupid movie”, they laughed both but I’ve the feeling they didn’t mean the same, but perhaps it’s just me..
    5) wanted to have a camera on Rob while he was commenting, THAT would have been the best feature at all..
    and…saw on YT the prep.for the fighting scenes and wow, Rob really did some dancing…and “fighting”, with open mouth, but still….. 🙂

    gotta love this guy….

  15. Janetrigs says:

    Enjoyed commentary dearly, both of them. However, I was 2nd hand embarassed of my goings on about it over the Twitter.

    However, it did lend some fodder for HolidayStew from @Calliopeblabs. (I <3 HolidayStew, sorry Ronamaniacs)

  16. southernbelle says:

    Am I missing a DVD because I don’t remember the comments that were posted :(. I have 2 dvds, I saw the 2nd one last night.

  17. southernbelle says:

    Btw I watched Eclipse 4 times already? Am I a fanatic or what? LOL

    I listened to Rob, Kristen and Taylor’s commentary about the parking lot scene. I love how Rob had a slip up and quickly changed what he said LOL. He’s so funny. I listened to that commentary 12 times in a row! I want more like that, more Rob!

    • southernbelle says:

      Clearly, I can’t type today, that was a statement and not a question about me having seen Eclipse 4x. Sorry for my typos!

    • MidnightCougar says:

      I’ve seen the movie 7 times. Oh Robward….

      • southernbelle says:

        What’s your favorite scene? Mine, as always, the leghitch and tent scene.

        Sigh Robward…indeed! He looks really good during the tent scene, when he was thinking.

        • MidnightCougar says:

          I liked the fight scene, thought it was pretty well done. Too bad they opted out on the naked TayTay – my daughter was disappointed with this cut. 😉 My favorite scene was the tent scene, it was exceptionally well done! Rob looked perfect & the dynamics were great. Yes, I also liked the leg hitch too, horny Robward, always nice.

    • wait taylor is in your commentary??!!!

      • southernbelle says:

        Moon, on DVD 2 there’s some Taylor there but the one I’m talking about was posted on twifans or something. I’ll find the link and post it. He, Rob and Kristen were talking about the parking lot scene and it was hilarious. They were talking over the actual film, can’t see them just hear their voices and see the scene.

    • southernbelle says:

      OK girls, this is the commentary I was talking about:

      Love how he says “rumpled!” I love you Rob!

      • roslynselene says:

        Haha! “Rumpled” yeah, i love it too. Might be the new ringtone? JK But I have to get something off my chest. *takes a deep breath* After watching that little clip I almost want to just hear the commentary and NOT EVER see the movie. Please, nobody hate me for saying this but the “acting”, the stares, and the “attitudes” make me cringe. This has nothing to do with whether I like the actors or not because surprisingly, I DO manage to separate their characters from RL.
        Bella: “And you. Why haven’t you called?”
        Jacob: “I have nothing to say” (exaggerated attitude)
        Bella: “Well I have tons, hold on.”(painfully bored expression)
        I know it’s not ‘supposed’ to be the best acted movie ever, but still. So sorry to rain on everyone’s Eclipse parade. That is not my intention. 🙁

        • melronin says:

          I think you are in the right place honi! Nobody here is that much of a team SAGA (twihards or whatever) or a team Edward!

          We are simply team Rob!!!

          …and I agree with you…absolutely!!! Thumbsup!!!

  18. masochisticcougar says:

    I just hate to have to do this, but here goes. I watched the commentary to Eclispe, and I loved both Rob and Kristen. I loved the interaction between them. I understand why they like each other, it’s obvious they are very close. I thought it was adorable.

  19. roslynselene says:

    Haven’t watched it yet (DVD or in the theater). 😯 So my Twi friend bought it Sat morning and has restrained herself from watching it until we watch it together (awww that’s so sweet). We might watch it today or sometime this week. I just want to see the commentary! If we have time, we might end up watching the movie, Rob commentary, and Steph Meyer commentary. Hope I don’t get bored. Don’t let me down Rob and Steph!

  20. LatersBaby says:

    * eyes closed, fingers in ears*
    Not reading, not reading–pre-ordered DVD still not here…why did I bother to pre-order?????

    *la la la la la*
    Hope to be back tomorrow to chat…

    Laters x

  21. nettie says:

    Favorites not mentioned:

    – “BOOOOBS!!!!
    😀 Hello, 7th-grade Rob.

    – Where he mentions the epic scene of him on the mountainside, how there was a huge grizzly bear there on the set the morning they filmed it. Kristen says, “you’re sure it was a grizzly bear?” & Rob says, “Yes, I’m sure.” Then a second later, says, “Or maybe it was a brown bear…I have no idea the difference…” LOL! Kristen says, “But you were so sure it was a grizzly..” Adorkable. 🙂

    – He follows that up by pronouncing “blueberries” as “BLUEburries”. So English. :sigh:

  22. Jamie says:

    I’m sad 🙁 I rented Eclipse on netflix and couldn’t wait to hear the commentary, it got here Friday, and its a stupid “rental” copy, aka “Lets not give them any extra features”.
    I may actually have to buy Eclipse, which means coming out of my Twilight closet and actually owning one of the movies.

    • nettie says:

      Usually with Netflix, they give you the option to rent the special features disc, also (separately). Check and see if it’s an option with Eclipse–unless you do just want to buy your own copy.

  23. blondieinco says:

    Made my hubby read the first line of this post so he would know “I’m normal”

    Love the R & K commentary – gonna have to out myself and say that I like K even more after listening to the commentary. And Rob did not disappoint. . . is it just me or is he losing his accent just a bit???

  24. Mandy says:

    I’m sorry guys, I have to throw this in. He’s 24, and sounded like an uneducated idiot. I finished watching the commentary and thought ‘Wow, Kristen sounded really professional and sharp, Rob just sounded like a fool’. Whether he was trying to be glib and funny, well, it didn’t work. Adorkable? Nope, not for me. I can’t believe they actually put this on the DVD. It really made me think that he doesn’t take it too seriously, and sorry, but that’s his job… Geez Rob, get off the cigs and booze and wake up. You’re 24, not 14. Be a man – live up to those chest hairs. (waiting for screams and howls now)

    • MidnightCougar says:

      No need to apologize, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I do however, disagree with you, yes I too thought he was “adorkable” but I personally love this about him, it’s part of his unique charm. I enjoyed his commentary, thought his quirky sense of humour was very funny, I laughed my ass & thought some of his comments were “epic” – Rob was just having fun.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Hey Mandy, it is good to hear other opinions so I’m gonna throw my two cents in there. To me, Kristen didn’t sound that professional and sharp. There were a lot of times that they both tried to answer something more serious and never really got there thoughts coherent. I understand that it’s awkard doing it on film and not in the same room but she was just as awkward and giggly as him. She was trying to rein Rob in upon occasion, I’ll give her that. It must be a tough job!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Oh and I don’t do the thumbs down thing (very often) so that wasn’t me. I just like to have conversations about it!

    • roslynselene says:

      “It really made me think that he doesn’t take it too seriously…”

      Which is why he’s our kind of guy. If we took Twilight seriously, we’d be taking a video of ourselves talking about how we’re the biggest fan while wearing a wedding dress and a veil. If you think he should act mature when it comes to Twilight and seriously answer stupid vampire questions, you take Twi too serious. I think it’s comedic relief and it makes me feel more sane when I poke fun at Twilight and Rob (out of love). So why shouldn’t he? I love Rob for not taking this thing too seriously (how can anyone?) cause if he did, I’d think he’s crazy in the head.

      No worries, I’m not gonna howl at you. I’m just sharing my opinion on Rob. Kristen sounded professional and sharp? Hmmm…makes it a little boring, no? I want to laugh, not get tweed serious over a silly movie.

      • nettie says:

        But I loved that he wasn’t serious! In fact, that’s why I love him so. He is a truly funny guy; he doesn’t take himself seriously at all.
        I didn’t thumbs-down you, though. I just disagree!

    • melronin says:

      I wonder….what serious stuff could somebody possibly say about a movie like Eclipse or any of the sagamovies for that matter!!! hmmmmm….but maybe it’s just me!!!

    • Alex says:

      Are you kidding me?

      I think if Rob and Kristen were to get serious they would have criticised the whole thing from beginning to end.

      It was good that neither of them sounded so serious.

      I like Kristen but sometime she is too serious…..I think she has to relax a bit.

      Didn’t Kristen say “Shut up” all the time? Was it what u meant by being serious?

      SM and Producer also did a commentary which should be the serious one. R/K commentary supposed to be light and fun. Two serious commentaries would have been so boring.

      I thought Rob did bring up some serious issues with this saga films so far- which is Bella being too selfish and hard on Edward. He talked about E/B relationship.

      I think NOBODY pays attention to his serious talks. People only talk about “Chipotle”

      I honestly did like the commentary. Without Rob the commentary could have been so dull.

      Serious Rob and Funny insightful Rob= Good combination to balance everything. LOL

      • Alex says:

        Oh sorry.

        I meant to say SERIOUS Kristen and funny but insightul Rob is the best combination.

        “Shut up” “Shut up” “Shut up” LOL its me being so serious about the film.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Even Kristen herself said that Rob was in “rare spirits” and that “people are getting a good dose.” See, that’s what we want!!!

    • robgirl86 says:

      You can have Kstew , I’ll take Rob.

  25. Brookelockart says:

    I just got oddly giddy over the fact that comments over here are still on the old system. *does happy dance*

    I cracked up at the Rob and Kristen commentary, I also wonder how many times she bitchfaced at his comments. He’s such a goof.

  26. katelin says:

    so i haven’t watched with commentary yet and now i am just way to excited, seriously this is amazing, love it.

  27. luvedwardlongtime says:

    He says “pussy” during the leg hitch sceene!!!! Go back and look, I almost choked!

  28. efam says:

    I had the best day because I watched/listened to the Rob and Kristen commentary. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was totally entertained…

    And I was even more pleasantly surprised to see you blog about it! I would love to see more commentary breakdowns. *hint*hint*

  29. robsfuturemate says:

    Rob: I don’t need a pack. I can take them on myself…with BooBoo.

    Kristen: You don’t need a six pack, or a wolf pack.

    Wow, Kristen bringing the funny! (seriously don’t know what’s up with me today. letter writing, compliments, oh wait, see my reply to Mandy, that’s Normal!)

  30. Pattygirl says:

    Because it’s a stupid movie Mandy, Rob is voicing our thoughts, why so serious? The movie is a joke and has the stiffes acting I have ever seen, because the producer doesn’t care about art (Wyck Godfrey and friends). Even CH says the producers were rarely on set during twilight, they only care about the money spent/budget.

    I wd prefer Slade or Stephanie to be there with Rob and Kris as the creator of the crappiest film ever to comment on Rob comments. At least Rob is able to be honest about what he thinks while the others kiss asses.

    I will be glad when he cuts ties with Summit and move on with his life.

    • cledbo says:

      Hear hear on the not-so-serious movie part, PG – it’s not like we’re talking Watchmen or The Chronicles of Narnia here – I’ve seen TV series with better production values, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love it for what it is, cheesiness and all.

      • Pattygirl says:

        yeah, well thats what a movie critic says on national tv about NM, that a tv director wd be able to make that film……..

    • roslynselene says:

      Thank you, thank you. 100 thumbs up.

  31. cledbo says:

    OK so this letter completely has me reconsidering my intentions to wait until ALL the damn movies are out, and available in one feature-packed hopefully-not-super-expensive box set.

    Damn it!

  32. Pattygirl says:

    any way Mandy, check out EW post on the same subject, it shows Rob as the voice of reason :

  33. Alex says:

    Hey Mandy,

    I just remembered the ONLY time I felt that Kristen was seriours and professional.

    That was when she said “OMG this is such a stupid movie” ………..that was after the proposal scene. LOL

    PS: BTW. I like Edclipse and saga books. They are enjoyble.

  34. JenluvsJax says:

    I love the grizzly bear comments eating blueberries. So funny. They both had me cracking up from time to time. It makes you wish you were there with all the inside jokes. Grizzly bear…..

  35. JenluvsJax says:

    I love the Grizzly bear comments of eating blueberries. That was so funny. Which one was it Rob?

  36. JenluvsJax says:

    ok so my computer went all haywire and submitted two different ways of the same comment. So sorry about how weird that looks. I am still learning Rob!

  37. robsfuturemate says:

    I was gonna start a convo about the “public kissing” conversation and Moantreal but maybe we shouldn’t go there. Oops, just did! Can anyone say “foreshadowing”?

  38. Vera says:

    Eclipse, book and movie remind me of American Pie.

    There are hint of weird sex (bestiality). Teenagers semi-naked, naughty and silly teenager girl.

    New Moon has an American Pie scene, as well: Mike Newton, Bella and Jacob in the theater…Threesome did´t happen because Mike got sick.

    Why is anyone supposed to enjoy teenagers (no offense to children intended) and werewolves?

  39. Fiona says:


    “I’m batman”

    “Good after noon mam”

    “It cant be the volturi either, well then who IS IT?”

    AND last but not the least
    “Oh Devil!”

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