It’s another LTR anniversary: Gather around the fireplace

Dear Rob & LTRers,

In celebration of our TWO YEAR LTR anniversary today, we want you to grab a blanket & cuddle up with Moon & I in front of an imaginary fireplace- we even bought a bear skin rug big enough to hold us all- and listen in as we remember Year 2 in the life of LTR.

Two years- what a ride it’s been! In some ways it feels like yesterday when Moon & I both sheepishly admitted to each other that we watched the ENTIRE “behind the scenes off some cell phone camera” of the Vanity Fair photo shoot, and in other ways it seems like forever ago. SO much has happened. SO much has changed. SO many goals have been accomplished & SO many moments have shaped us- both in good & bad ways.

While things on the LTR-side have been quieter (read: Clare Pattinson still hasn’t admitted in public that she’s a daily LTR reader) than over at LTT, this year has still been quite busy. We kicked the year off right with a  dramatic reading of poetry to Rob Pattinson (notice at this point we still wore a disguise- as to hide our “True selves” from all of you on the internet who want to kill us. As my full name & city have been posted online since, I think this past year we’ve grown over the fear of being murdered by Rob Pattinson fan!!!s)

Does this still give you a “continuous heartquake” as it does me?

And then there was the day after which the people of England never looked at Marks & Spencer the same (which is like never looking at a Target the same again- celebs shop at Target ALL.THE.TIME in the US- why we chose to think that Rob going to the British version of Target was a big deal is unknown to me. It was BIG TIMES fun though, that’s for sure)

Rob & TomStu buy underwear. I mean- can they GIVE us anything better? I don’t think so- what’s next for 2011- Rob & Tom tour a Hot Pocket factory? I don’t think it an get better than underwear shopping with your bff.

M.O.M.s wear jorts

Then we introduced our very first Rob’s M.O.M. (Match of the Month- a series I think we did for only TWO months! We rule)

Tiffanized was our first M.O.M. and convinced us why she would be the perfect match for Rob by these 3 statements:

  • I have hands on experience dressing my kids in the morning. Never again will Rob show up at a press event with a misbuttoned shirt or untied shoes.
  • With a closet full of bridesmaid dresses from weddings past, I’m red carpet ready.
  • I shop at thrift stores and have a Kohl’s credit card.
  • I have short dark hair, so from behind, I’ll totally look like TomStu.

THEN you starred in a film called Remember Me and I got to post my first LTR “Reality Index” like the NY Mag does weekly for Gossip girl:. There we learned things like this:

Tyler fell just trying to climb through the window. Plus 2 because Rob is clumsy as f*ck.

I got to hop up to NYC to meet a big group of LTR readers, most of whom I hadn’t met before, where I saw Rob on Jimmy Fallon, hopped over to the Remember Me premiere and saw Rob’s foot and then in an EPIC moment- one that follows me around the internet STILL to this day- I (and some friends) was cyber bulled

According to the bullies, apparently I’ve made death threats against Kristen, called Kristen a whore, and am a “mentally unstable old ignorant whale.” And that makes them upset. Just call me Shamu!!

THEN something happened in Budapest…. I forget what…. OH wait… NOW I remember- Rob, you hung out with John McCain!

Oh and then there was the time when Moon saw you on Ellen (yes again). If I remember correctly, she had much more fun the first time we saw you on Ellen together.

THEN just before you were seen in that 3rd movie where you play that vampire, the most epic thing of our 2nd year happened: Moon met DICK! and got THIS picture:

I mean….. has anything better ever happened? No. I think not! And also…. do YOU see a trend here? I keep saying “Moon did this.” “Moon went there” “Moon, Moon, Moon.” Come on Rob, I think 2011- Year 3 of LTR is for me and YOU!

But plus 1 for Team UC: Mr. Choice & I “broke down” Team Jacob vs. Team Edward back in July and Mr. Choice cracked us up with lines like

Mr. Choice: Fine…whatever…Ugh- Edward Pattleston will be a janitor in like two years

Then there was kinda a “Drought” where you disappeared, Moon went to Africa, I went to the beach and sat in a corner sulking until Moon got home, and we basically begged people to post letters for us for about 3 weeks straight. But then, I channeled that boredom into creativity and came up with a Trucker Profile for you on Trucker Passions in case you decide acting isn’t the career for you. The best part is I think that the fine people at Trucker Passions thought for 3 whole days that their site was REALLY taking off because of all the new visitors they were getting. That is, until they realized it was all due to a new profile created with a picture that looked a lot like that one guy from the Trucker-favorite flick “Ring of the Nieublings”

Click me. No seriously

And of course, you ended our 2nd year STRONG with Jumping Rob and the meme it’s become and all the beautiful situations in which he has been photoshopped. And I, of course, made Jumping Rob paper dolls & sent them off to my favorite girls in Belgium, Bella & Alice Not an Addikt. (And yes the lady at the post office PULLED them out of my unsealed box and looked at me strangely before I snatched them out of her hand and glared at her for putting her dirty paws all over you.)

So what’s next? What happens in year 3 of LTR? I mean, this question has an obvious answer right? There’s only really one thing left that we haven’t accomplished yet- that’s right- Year 3 of LTR is the year UC & Moon get invited to the Pattinson house for dinner & hob nobs. And then get called crazy hater squids by some more 15 year olds. Oh, and okay, we’ll throw it in there too, maybe, just maybe we can meet YOU and see how well we’ve done practicing for the past 2 years that we know nothing about you, have never heard of LTR and don’t understand the term “Robsessed.”

Here’s to an amazing 3rd year at LTR! XOXO,
UC for BOTH of us!

On a serious note: Last year I got really gushy on our 1st anniversary. If you are new and have never read it Take a second to read it now. I still mean all of that– you guys were lifesavers. Moon- you are more important to me now than you were a year ago- I’m so happy to see our friendship grow & deepen each day. We’ve had a year of transition in our lives personally & I’m so glad we’ve remained priorities to each other despite the craziness. Come visit soon. Or else. (Also invite me to your new house. Or else)

And to the rest of you- it amazes us that after all this time people are still finding Twilight and Rob. And as a result they are then finding us. And we are so glad. No matter when it is that you discover Twi & Rob, it’s important to know you’re not alone- there is a huge group of NORMAL people out there who have been obsessing, while a bit longer, just as hard as you, and not really understanding why…We’re in this thing TOGETHER! Always have been. Always will be. Here’s to an amazing 3rd year at LTR!! LOVE YOU ALL!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

109 Responses to “It’s another LTR anniversary: Gather around the fireplace”

  1. tigerkitter36 says:

    Its been TWO years? Good Grief? Where does the time go?

    Well, thank you UC and Moon for all the laughs and giggles that you still bring (even if you dont post daily- anymore).

    Here’s to an awesome third year…I cant wait to see what happens.

  2. Brookelockart says:

    Insanity. Two years?!? Love you ladies! (but not in a creepy krisbian way, I mean sorry, you are not my screen saver, desktop background, or ringtone).

  3. melronin says:

    Happy Anniversary girls! Wish you a great year #3 and am sure the best is yet to come (which will be ofcourse the invitation to the Pattinson house, a dinner made especially for you by mama Clare and a personal tour from Rob himself showing you around his absolute favourite dumpsters )!

    Needless to say that I love you to death…that I am so glad I found you…you gave me more than you can possibly immagine!

    UC&Moon you are amazing…I salute you!!!


  4. dazzledtodeath says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And here’s to hopefully many more! Please Rob, keep making movies and skulking around at night, hoping your baseball hat renders you unrecognizable! Ditch the dead weight and ‘fess up to loving TomStu! Give these ladies enough material to keep LTR going for a looooong time.

    Love to UC and Moon, and all the amazing ladies at LTR! <3<3

  5. dazzledtodeath says:

    ..and I forgot to add-Rob, please make an album! That alone will have us swooning for weeks.

  6. Robsessedgirl says:

    Congrats, Moon and UC! I can’t thank you enough really, because of you I have learned that I’m not crazy(at least that’s what I tell myself), and I’ve made friends that I couldn’t live without. I love you guys! hata’s gon hate, this is my favorite blog and those idiotic krisbians can be psychotic somewhere else. you guys rock, and I love each and everyone of you LTR commenters! <3

  7. Katie S says:

    I can’t believe it’s been two years. Two years of Normalcy. Thank you for putting yourselves out there! ALL of you!!! I <3 you loooooong time.

    UC and Moon, will you think of the commenters when you're snuggling by the fire tonight eating Hot Pockets and drinking Heineken? I sure hope so.


  8. robsfuturemate says:

    Happy Aniversary Ladies!!! You guys are awesome! No where else was there a blog that “got me” quite like you ladies. Which is probably why I actually wrote a couple “Letters to Rob” and you guys lit’rally posted them! Thanks for such a wonderful welcome and for making a safe place for us to come and discuss a wonderful, adorkable man!

    And yes, I think this should be the year of UC! Except that means that Rob will be on the other coast and I will yet again, not see him.

  9. Sharon says:

    I am still dissapointed that you girls did not do a Butt Crack breakdown on Rob’s pic in Brazil. You could add that to the 3rd year if you are brave enought!

  10. Edible Art says:

    Woo hoo you are 2 !!!! Thanks guys love coming here love reading the posts and love reading the comments ( even the crazy ones !!!)

    Here’s to 2011 which I shall now christen “the year we meet Rob” vicariously through you of course it’s how I do everything Rob/Twi related

    Keep on keeping on …..

  11. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon and UC, Happy Anniversary!! And thank you for all your efforts and the trip down memory lane (the legendary Marks&Sparks underwear buying trip, the trucker profile, continuous heartquake). Here’s to Y3 and all the daftness to be!

    An LTR girl at heart-

  12. robgirl86 says:

    “We’re in this thing TOGETHER! Always have been. Always will be. Here’s to an amazing 3rd year at LTR!!”

    UC& Moon
    1 bazillion kisses for you from meeeee!!!
    You created this blog two years ago and I remember every moment you mentioned, yep, when it comes to LTR my memory is eccellent ( cannot say the same about remembering my cell number…)
    love you both,
    this is the best Rob blog at all out there!

    P.S. the pic with little jumping Rob…..I FLOVE it!!!!

  13. m244robp says:

    Congratulations, Ladies! You have been a source of daily entertainment for me ever since I fell for Rob just two years ago! Thank you for all that you do!

  14. Vera says:

    Happy anniversary. Two years…Trust me, you always make me forget the many hours of stress.

    I followed each of the reported events, that means I need therapy.

    The last paragraph, however, was reassuring. Tears rolling down my face.

    Wish you both, and all LTR Ladies the best of everyting. Happy Christmas and a Happy Rob Year.

  15. blondieinco says:

    Happy Anniversary LTR! Thanks for the laughs!

  16. LatersBaby says:

    Happy Anniversary UC & Moon!

    Thanks for providing a counter to the culture.

    • LadyN says:

      I <3 your screenname.

    • “a counter to the culture” love it!

      • LatersBaby says:

        You like???
        Here’s the working title of my paper:

        ‘That’s Normal:’ LTT/LTR Counter-hegemonic discourse of Twi-hard Fundamentalism

        *sings: “finals almost over, grading almost done, get to play on LTR where snark is so much fun”*

        Laters x

        • The Old One says:

          You’re going to publish it as a Letter to Rob, aren’t you? Please?

          • LatersBaby says:

            A really, really long letter. I might send a copy to Dick and Clare–I have this unnatural desire for their love–normal, right? In fact, given the option, I might choose dinner with Dick and Clare over a quick face-to-face with Ron.

  17. alice_av says:

    Feliz Aniversario!!! = Happy Anniversary!!

    thanks for not taking all this seriously, and for giving us this fun blog and very happy moments!!

    The best is yet to come!!! =D

  18. tupelohoney says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary!!

    I’ve only been with you for a year. I found LTR after several months of looking frantically over my shoulder to make sure no one saw me watching interview after interview with that kid from Twilght on youtube. I was beginning to think that something was seriously wrong with me…. then I found y’all and realized that I’m ‘normal’ after all….. Thanks!!

  19. no cool name says:

    Ok, not a regular commenter over here at LTR, but I have to say…the Trucker Passions profile makes me laugh every time I think about it. EVERY TIME. Fantastic. Favorite LTR post ever.

    Oh, except for maybe when Moon met Mr. Pattinson Sr. I totally want to have dinner with Mum and Dad Pattinson. They look like a good time.

  20. firefly says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire LTR!!! Happy Anniversary UC & Moon!
    Thanks to you and all the LTRGirls you allways put a smile on my face…..

  21. JulieP says:

    Happy anniversary Moon & US!. This site has kept me sane in the mad mad world that is Robsession. Thank you for ALL your posts, comments, pics and reassurance that it is all NORMAL! And here’s to many more years laughing and lusting. Love you all xx

  22. Zees84 says:

    Even moreso than LTT, thank you to LTR for another year of letting me be #normal. Congrats and Mazel Tov on all your bloggy successes this year, and may year 3 (which you probably never thought you would see) be full of all sorts of epic Rob effery! (and another OscaRob eyefuck)

  23. LadyN says:

    CONGRATS!!! AND MANY MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😀 this fandumb would NOT be the same without you brilliant women!

    Cheers! *red headed slut shots for everyone* 😀

  24. Janetrigs says:

    Of course, ONLY LOVE today. Love you always.

    Thanks for laughs, hugs, drunk tweets, new friends, boxes of wine, and embracing my neurotic planning side.

  25. Pammy says:

    Congrats UC and Moon! Thanks for making me feel normal about obsessing over the hottest, adorkable 24 year old on the planet!
    Muah!! Love u both!

  26. Proselyte3 says:

    Only Love….DUH! xoxo

    Has it been TWO YEARS?????!!! Wow. No, seriously, wow.

  27. Birthday cake at the dumpster tonight?? Happy 2nd Birthday my dears! Congrats and THANK YOU!

  28. roslynselene says:

    Dear UC and Moon,

    Happy 2 year anniversary! LTR has been my favorite website since Feb 2010. Yeah, I sorta came late the the party but better late than never, right? Let me tell you a little bit of my journey to get here. I was normal my whole life. Then on year 2009, I went crazy with all the Twilight and Rob stuff, reading E! Online, believing all the tabloid stories, and jumped on the Robsten bandwagon. But fortunately, I found LTR, learned to have fun with this, and jumped the hell off the R’sten bandwagon before that shit took a left turn to hell. Thanks to you guys, I feel normal again. Or at least semi-normal. Here’s to round 3.


  29. The Old One says:

    Can’t believe we’re looking ahead to Year 3 of obsessing! Where has the time gone? Thank you for bringing the laughs every day.

    Oh, and if I had such a fabulous picture of me and Mr. Richard Pattinson, it would be blown up and framed, hanging over the fireplace (Mr.Old One? Who’s that?) And it would be my Christmas card. And I would have business cards, letterhead, maybe custom sheets made. So jealous.

  30. Brenn says:

    Happy Anniversary! Geez, I can’t believe I just found this site. I’ve spent the last couple days reading, laugh-snorting and throughly enjoying myself. Thank you very much UC and Moon — you’re both keepers in my book.

    I’m off for a lunch featuring a Hot Pocket and a Heineken. If the IT Dept. comes looking for me for my ‘questionable internet usage’, please cover for me….

  31. Cath says:

    I don’t have a fireplace available right now, but the wood stove is burning (not even kidding, haha). Don’t forget to put the rug in front of the fireplace when cuddling with Rob you two!

    Does a toast with a Heine count?!? I think I’ll combine that with an Irish altered toast for the occasion; ‘I have known many sites and liked not a few, But loved only one, and this toast is to you!

    Cheers girls, for many more years, you’re the best!

  32. maggie says:

    UC & Moon:

    Thank you so much for re-hashing the history of LTR. I loved it. I only discovered you about 7 or 8 months ago, but you were really a life-saver. I was sure that I’d lost my mind with my robsession. It was so re-asssuring to find out that I wasn’t alone. You are the first place I go when my computer is booted up every morning. (At home on the weekends and at work on weekdays – without fail).

    Next year should be awesome with the Robowski and DuRob and BD-with-feathers and who-knows-what-other-surprises our beautiful man has in store for us.

    Keep up the good work. I love you ladies!! And I love the other LTR ladies also. (And of course, love you too, Rob!)

  33. maggie says:

    Ahk! I don’t know how to post it here or I would, but there’s a new still from Bel Ami out. I just saw it on I’m sure it will be everywhere soon. But, hot d*mn. Be still my heart. <3 <3 <3 it.!!! That movie can't get here fast enough…

  34. Valerie says:

    Man, I can’t believe it. That means in January it will be 2 years since I found y’all.
    Thanks for all the great memories!

  35. Mieze says:

    Happy Aniversary, Ladies!!! Two years of so much fun and giggles…can´t wait for the things 2011 is going to bring! Thank you for that. I love that you created this side, where everyone is allowed to have an own opinion and where Rob is not necessaryly seen as the most important, most gracious and most faultless Person in this world. I mean how could he be all that if that´s already me, right 😉 although i still didn´t get how to create anaccount here *blush*

  36. The Old One says:

    Where is Tiffanized these days, anyway? Are you out there lurking, girl? I remember that nice sparkly cake you made. . . .

  37. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    I know I’m going to be echoing so many previous comments… But Congratulations Moon & UC! I love this blog/youtwo/ltrladies more than a dripping wet- heineken holding -sexspender wearing Rob!
    I’ll deny I said any of this of course when Rob shows up, but rest assured I’ll send him straight to you.

    Thanks for so many many laughs and bringing the epicness of M&S underwear buying to millions!

  38. minuit_passe says:

    I bow to all the epicness you created!!!
    many many <3s
    and a sparklepeen <<<3

  39. LatersBaby says:

    I need to know who is who in the Jimmy Fallon pic.
    And…will there be another trip?
    And…will I be invited?

    • LatersBaby says:

      What, no responses? I’m not invited?


      PS-haven’t slept in a really long time

    • robsfuturemate says:

      LB- I was thinking the same thing! Well, whoever they are they are a beautiful bunch of ladies!! Yes, there needs to be another trip. Or what I like to call them…”adventures”!

      • LatersBaby says:

        they are beautiful! yes, an adventure is in our future–WFE???

      • LatersBaby says:

        does my new avi look too much like your avi? I can change mine again…it’s like I called and asked what you were wearing to the party and I said, “sounds good–me too.”

        • robsfuturemate says:

          LMAO!!!! No, you can keep your avi. Robowski needs the love! I like that I have the duhrty version and you’ve got the spiffed up and ready to party one. Maybe we could trade sometime?!

          And I’m in for the WFE adventure! Just let me know when you’re coming to town. 🙂

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      No one? I guess I’m the one to spill the secret : THE cutest one is UC and some of them are girls from the forum and others are Twitter-fandom-celebrities and I’m on the photo as well.

      And yes, whenever there’s a Rob / Twilight premiere there is some kind of a trip or adventure and everybody from LTR/LTT is invited.

  40. PapercutsAreNoJoke says:

    the joy with finding your site this year is every time you refer to older posts, iv normally not read them, so iv just had 1 1/2 hrs of giggles and ‘wet yourself laughing’!!
    and its totally normal that i would sit there for 1 1/2 hours reading them!
    off to read letterstotwilight! i have no life!

  41. LTavares2010 says:

    Dear Robert

    I do love you. You are the best. You are smart, have a huge sense of humour, handsome, sexy. Who could ask for more? Robert, now that Reese Witherspoon ( well, I can dream that Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried and other ladies that I love will do the same very soon ) has recognized that you are an extraordinarily attractive man, you are definitely and absolutely the king of the world, so, you can relax for a while, coming back for your beloved London, just to celebrate LTR`s second anniversary. The shooting of Breaking Dawn can wait.
    Let`s go to the airport quickly. Take your guitar, your beanie, your cap, your coat, your dark glasses, Dean (I cannot forget him). Take all the girls of LTR and me, of course, and let`s celebrate the whole week.
    Tom Stu and Britpack are invited too. Everybody reunited in a London pub with many pints. Yes, I think a beer, would go down well right now at this moment so festive. Oh! I just can imagine the scene!
    Let´s live in the moment, Rob, singing, drinking, laughing, talking, dancing, having fun. Let´s celebrate all the love that you have and will always have.

    Forever yours.

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LTR!! Congratulations for all the love and support you have given to Rob all these years. I love you.

  42. MidnightCougar says:

    Dear Moon & UC:

    I want to wish you ladies & LTR a very Happy 2nd Birthday from Canada! Thank you for creating this amazing Blog, where it is “NORMAL” to adore & share all the wonderful attributes of Robert Pattinson. Thank you for all the joy & laughter you have brought to my life, through your unique sarcasm & humour. I love you gals & want to wish you & LTR all the best in the future!

    xo MC

    p.s. Here’s a special gift, from Rob, to commemorate LTR’s 2nd Birthday!

  43. Robjunkie says:

    Gosh, has it only been two years? I feel like I’ve spent half my life in a Twi/Rob coma.

    Happy anniversary ladies. Me love you long time.

  44. Gisel says:

    This is my first post here. I just wanna say, YOU ARE AMAZING !!

    Happy Anniversary 😀

  45. I've been Robbed says:

    Happy Anniversary UC & Moon. You girls have created a great place! I love the humor and quirkiness- that’s why Rob reads THIS blog, right?

    I’m a late bloomer-rob admirer, but I love him just the same, and love this site! There should be some kind of blog award ceremony, don’t you think? I mean red carpet, fancy dresses (I mean baseball cap, hoodie, t-shirt with hole in it, Nike’s), then you could invite Rob!


  46. Pattygirl says:

    Dear UC and Moon,

    thank for this site, I love it because its fun, civilized, never boring and doesn’t drool on Rob.

    2 years, thought it was longer than that. Happy 2nd anniversary! Thanks for Rob!

    Love Me

  47. southernbelle says:

    You girls are my lifeline! Thank you so much for this website, been going here for a yr and a half and loving it! Keep it going please, and congratulations to your 2nd year! It’s been fun! I get a ton of laughs here LOL!

    Time flies when you’re having fun!

    Here’s to another year of Rob and Twilight-related things!!!! Happy Anniversary! *blows kisses*

  48. Uc says:

    Darlings: I had a day from hell at work & worked almost 10 hours and couldn’t enjoy our anniversary- no anni. sex for me tonight- but reading all your comments just warmed my heart & let me forget about my day for a few minutes!! I love you all xoxo

  49. Jellybeanrainbow says:

    2 years of LTR should be a coffee table book, they’re so full of amazingness. I’m still reading old letters sometimes and laughing as the first day.
    I love you UC & Moon and thank you for discovering this amazing world through you and meeting so many like minded friends.

    LTR is home.

  50. adrienne says:

    I’m late and have nothing funny to say (as usual) but love this place, love how i’m still laughing at the posts and comments, am proud of you girls (women), and can’t wait for Breaking Down Breaking Dawn and everything else that’s going to happen in the third year! xo

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