When you think of Rob….

Merry Christmas Me

Dear Rob,

Last night I had the extreme privileged of being a part of a virtual Christmas party called “Jewmas” because there were some Jews among us. It was basically a big chat/phone call with a group of friends that I’ve met through LTR. We had secret santas (this is one of my gifts from VickyB to the right – yep that’s you on a bear skin rug offering to make room for me AND Ryan Gosling- NICE) Anyway, it made me happy. And today I found myself looking at pictures from “Esplice”- our trip to LA this summer and just reminiscing about all the times I’ve had with these girls & other LTR/LTT gals and other people I’ve met and everyone that means so much to me. Little did I know that when I first saw you walk into the cafeteria & gasped at your beautifulness that this is what it would become. But it has.  And as another example of what it’s become is down below in the form of a Jumping Rob ornament. Be jealous! (even the Jews without Christmas trees wanted this ornament)

All that to say, it made me really miss the times that we’ve had joint, big chats or long 100+ email threads talking about you. It hasn’t happened in awhile because #1- where the FREAK are you? And #2- life got busy. A lot of people who were obsessed wit you aren’t as much, or they manage their obsession better & keep it to a particular amount of time per day instead of letting it take over their lives (ding ding ding- that’s me!) and #3- it’s hard to find time. I blog late at night- sometimes it’s easier to do it at your own, but it’s lonely. Like are you under the impression Moon & I talk 1,000 times a day for hours on end? Well, we don’t. In fact, this past weekend we did not talk ONCE. I texted her as I was going to sleep Sunday night and commanded me never do that again. It sucked.

I'm the luckiest girl EVER

So today, I thought I’d try to get a little help from my friends. I put the feelers out there asking the question, “What do you, after X amount of months or years that you’ve been obsessing over him, think about Rob immediately when I say his name?”

But first, I get to answer. When I think of you, I immediately think:

-Where ARE you!? Why haven’t you done anything recently to make me laugh or make me gasp at your beautifulness? Are you going too appear in a santa suit to make up for all the time you’ve been missing?

-What’s it going to be like seeing you in Water for Elephants? Will it be good? Will it be like what (in my mind) was a flop like in Remember Me? Will it be totally different that I forget about you as Edward?

-And last, what are you getting Kristen for Christmas? No wait, I really don’t care!) Actually… I do care. Just because… I can’t picture it. You both have a TON of money, so if I were Kristen (a Krisbian just cried) I’d say “Robbie, I want a THOUGHTFUL gift (and also diamonds) and don’t spend a lot (except on the diamonds).” And while I think you could ask your sisters for help handle the expensive gift part, I don’t know about the sentimental. Have you thought about making her her very own Hot Pocket fort? What about making a video reenacting Jumping Rob in all sorts of bodies of water? You could jump in the Silver Lake reservoir in LA, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the English channel, your local YMCA swimming pool & there’s a 4 ft pond at my dad’s house that would be a great place for the grand finale! Just some thoughts…

wow me Jake

So last night I took a look at who was online in my chat list & asked the question I just answered above. Here are some of the answers:

Brookelockart: I think of Jumping Rob. And Jumping Rob in everyone’s photos. And that even though I’m Jewish I really hope I get that damn Jumping Rob Christmas ornament. I will find a place to hang him. But seriously, I just don’t take him seriously. I mean, he had ONE  sentence in that Water for Elephants trailer, and he sounded like Edward. I wasn’t wowed, and I wanted to be.

PrettySparklies: Well, I’m so new to Rob love that I’m still blinded, but…well, I try to think of a description and I just drool….then I think about his yummy beard and how I hope it comes back over his holiday and then I think about UT making fun of me for my homeless trucker Rob love and how we discovered the game “homeless or hipster” is real.

The fact that her train of thought about you, Rob, leads her to the came “Homesless or hipster” just made my week. Or perhaps my year.

Zephyersky: I think the word “absent.” But I still think hobolicious. And tonight I’m thinking about a Rob calendar just cause I’ve seen like 6 of them in the last couple days. I just asked my husband and he said “pasty white and annoying.” That’s nothing new. And my 7 year old daughter said, “Edward.  Is there anything more?”

Pixie: 3 words: Sexy, Hands, Hair

She-who-cannot-be-name: I think hes a lil’ stuck up, but also I think he’s that way cuz the fandom has made him that way. He’s having to feel like he cant have any privacy, so he has his body guards. He can’t have privacy! Not with people wanting to F*ck him AND his girlfriend at the same time! And he’s just not as personal with his fans as much as he was before

RobButtonsBabe: I think he’s gonna make some fabulous movie beyond twi. Twilight, in my opinion, has held him back since there are 4 errr now 5 movies! I think he still need to grow as an actor. He’s good, but he’s still young and still technically newish to the acting world. But I think he will be FUCKING FANTASTIC in Water for Elephants. I’m not sure Bel Ami will do as well… And I would love to see him in an action flick! No joke- doing most of his stunts! I think he could.

Amber: (after about 2 minutes of thinking) I think he’s: adorkable, the pretty, and a bad dresser. Why was that so hard!?

and besides PrettySparklies, who is still pretty new to you (lucky!) Amber & Pixie were the only one who really responded in the same way that they probably would have 2 years ago when they were first introduced to you. Have their feelings not changed and the rest of ours have? Or was Amber’s delayed response because we’re so distracted anymore by Ryan Gosling in that new movie other things outside of you that it takes a second for us to “remember” all the reasons why we loved you in the first place? Reasons like hot pocket forts, bad style & bed head 24/7 that somehow got misconstrued as “sex hair!”


Okay, this will be near impossible to be organic since you’ve been thinking about it since I mentioned “the question” but discuss: What do you, after X amount of months or years that you’ve been obsessing over him, think about Rob immediately when I say his name?

Rudoloph Rob from Robnipulations which I just accidentally wrote as Ronipulations. Jumping Rob ornament (that turns into a magnet after the Christmas tree comes down!) made by Lili & stolen from Amber’s blog. They run Shack of Soul together. Go there!

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113 Responses to “When you think of Rob….”

  1. minuit_passe says:

    After X months I think I think of LTR and than I immediatly think I need to stop this and get back to work.
    Than I think “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ROB?” Than I think who cares because I got to get to work anyways and basically who cares, full stop.

    I for one won’t be more thrilled about Water for Elephants than for RM, because 1) in RM he looked GOOD and 2) WFE (haven’t read it) but seems like this kind of classical poor character love story, not my style. The set of RM, almost contemporary NY, is more appealing to me if I compare the basics, before seeing the whole thing.

    • drsaka says:

      Ah, MP, RG and I have a new nickname for you and it has über in it.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Read the book please, it’s not what the trailer showed, I think…maybe am wrong, but I really liked the book and some male! friends as well.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Yes, although good the trailer did not do the book justice. It is an amazing story and yes, there’s love but it’s not just a love story. It made me laugh and cry and picturing Rob doing those things made it even better!

        READ THE BOOK 🙂

        • robgirl86 says:

          On another note, I thought it was a good thing to focus in the trailer just on the love triangle, cause they didn’t give away the whole story,there’s still much to discover.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            And I like that they didn’t focus on Rob. The other three actors are amazing veteran actors that should be the focus. Those of us who love Rob will see it anyway. It was a great way to appeal to the masses.

      • robgirl86 says:

        @minuit, you may read this…. warning… spoiler alert!!!

        • minuit_passe says:

          Still on my first impression after the link. Screams of classical book, the kind you HAD to read for school, which was so less interesting than pre 20th century transgressive writers, which was less interessting (or not) than 20 th cent. writers, which are (or not) less interesting then contemporary writers, and so on. But that’s my tastes. Maybe seeing the film will make me want to read the book, but for now I’m MUCH more excited about my to read ASAP list. If this was Little Ashes, i would have read the book immediatly, WFE just not enough mental masturbation. Happy porn referencing @letterstorob!

          • robgirl86 says:

            That is too complicated for me 🙂 ( I used to read Mickey Mouse)
            I read Bel Ami at school and did appreciate it. Taste is taste, you’re right, but still, it’s not the story you may think it is..<3

      • robgirl86 says:

        …oh…somebody doesn’t like READING…:-))

    • kristen's bestie says:

      Everyone looks at this book (me included) and does not think they will like it. I loved the book! I have given it to numerous friends to read and my mom and everyone has really enjoyed it. It’s a great story on a topic that most people have never given any thought to (circus). I took my kids to the circus last fall and all I could think about was “is that trapeze artist in love with lion tamer?” or “are those to high wire performers having an affair?” It was quite hilarious!

  2. kandnandb says:

    HOT. Occupies way too much of my brain. Adorable accent. More in love with him after seeing WFE trailer. Cheekbones!!!!!

    • LatersBaby says:

      Cheekbones! Yes!

      @Kandnandb-did you win the Cherry Exchange trivia contest?

      • kandnandb says:

        Yep, that was me. I wasn’t even going to play bc 1) I read only 3 of the one shots and 2) my garbage disposal exploded on me right before the game started. But I showered really quick and ended up winning. Still waiting for my prize….

  3. drsaka says:

    Beautiful and giggling are my two words, right at this moment. It might change later.

    BTW- I was in a store yesterday and there was an impressive assortment of Hot Pockets in the freezer case. I stood there smiling like a fool for a moment or two.

  4. Sassysmart says:

    After, seems like forever, I think: sad.

    Sad that he does have to have the body guards. Sad that EVERY movie he will be in fans will continue to compare what he does to Twilight. Sad that when he starts acting like Mickey Rourke is when I’ll start to love him wholely again.

    • The Old One says:

      I think I agree with you.
      Sad he has to hide. Sad he can’t be his silly self, has to edit himself in interviews. Sad he got embarrassed when he was called out about it and now buttons his shirts correctly. Well, I guess being one of the highest paid British actors is some consolation.

  5. robsten4life says:

    Jewmas???? What happened to Chrismukkah?

    If you asked me right now what I think of Rob, of late, it’s been Where the hell is he?!? My Rob love hasn’t faded all that much (maybe I hang out with Pix too much 🙂 ) But some days I do wonder what my life will be like when I don’t go to the forum everyday, when I stop reading fanfiction and when my heart doesn’t skip a beat when a new picture of him surfaces. When my Roblove finally does wane I know that the awesome people I’ve met because of it will still be around and in the end that’s all that matters.

    But seriously… Rob, where in the world are you????

  6. Jamie says:

    I think instantly about how funny he is, and how he makes me smile.

    On another note, after (finally) watching the Water for Elephants trailer my first reaction was ” Awwwww, Rob! You’re finally in a real movie!”

  7. melronin says:

    1. Wow…I still love the man
    2. Where the hell is he…

    simple as that!


  8. robgirl86 says:

    When I think of Rob I think of: L.O.V.E., humour, sweetness, EYES, adorable, wonky, hands, moves, laughter, lips, legs, fuzzy wuzzy beard, jaw, RM, hot ass….haha, I think I should stop here 🙂

    I loved this…
    “Little did I know that when I first saw you (…) & gasped at your beautifulness that this is what it would become. But it has.”


    • Mieze says:

      Awww, RG, you make me remember all the good things again 🙂

      Right now the only thing that comes to my mind when someone drops his name is WFE. I am really curious about that movie and I loved the book as well.

      • robgirl86 says:

        the good things are still there, my opinion is, that he didn’t change, just learned to protect himself more. If he’d be the same as 2 years ago (he is, but perhaps hides it more), am sure people would roll eyes & would give him the fool/moron whatever. You can’t please everybody , right?

        • melronin says:

          What ever he does…in what ever way he changes, he still manages to surprise me…I still discover new things I love about me…a new expression…a new smile…


          You take my breath away…more than ever!

          • melronin says:

            new things I love about HIM!!!

            ofcourse…happens when your brain is like a souffle… hard outside and all mushy inside! One part of the Robeffect!

        • Mieze says:

          You nailed it, hun! I couldn´t agree more! And I am glad he learned to protect himself better.

        • minuit_passe says:

          depends who you want to appreciate you and who you want to adress.

          • robgirl86 says:

            Maybe in his case it was just to protect HIS life/persona/whatsoever, you can’t be the cray cray kid forever, you’ll pay with nerves and get attacked for being too honest.That hurts.

          • Mieze says:

            ” you can’t be the cray cray kid forever, you’ll pay with nerves and get attacked for being too honest.That hurts…”

            To be honest, in my opinion that is what happened to Kristen, apart from the fact that she is just a very strange kid- nothing wrong with that if she´s happy with it though.

            Coming back to the actual point…I guess you simply have to build a wall, because if you don´t media sucks you out as far as they can get. Why do I have to think about Süsskinds ” Parfume” now? Nevermind, what I ment is as an individual you simply need to define your boarders and make others respect them. Otherwise it is like a massiv shame attack everyday if the whole world knows every detail of you life.

          • robgirl86 says:

            @Mieze Rob actually said that in an interview, like “if everybody knows all of yours business you just wanna say..SHUT UP!”

            as for Kstew, nope, she was never crazy, to me she is just BLASE’ (btw about what exactly???)and a huge attention seeker, and ..I simply don’t care!

          • Mieze says:


            I can see why he said that, I would be totally disturbed by things like that.

            Who was the other person we were talking about again…;-)

  9. dazzledtodeath says:

    Coming up on two years of obsessing over Rob, I have pretty much the same reaction when I think of him: A little pang because he’s just so beautiful, and so unattainable. That’s it-you say “Rob”, I think “God, why can’t I have him?” Then I think fingers, stubble, hair, boxer briefs, accent, hair, sweet personality, Hot Pockets, fingers….

  10. Katie S says:

    I want to open a big box Christmas morning and have Jumping Rob hop on out of there! Why is that so much to ask??

  11. robsfuturemate says:

    Wow! This is harder than I thought!!! First, it’s where are you are you still alive? And then, can’t wait for WFE. And THEN the fingers… around a guitar, around a coke bottle, around Jacob’s shoulder, clapping in LA and finally around my little hand as he says “hello.” (wow, stayed sweet, didn’t think it was gonna happen)

    My love is not waning but some days it helps if you actually DO something, Rob!!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      The other thing that I thought of whilst reading is:JEALOUS!!! I’m jealous that my LTR friends live so far away and can’t have Jewmas with friends! See, I’m not Jewish but for my LTR friends I could be!! Love you girls <3

  12. Greenleafgirl says:

    I still think…”dang! I could make him a man!”
    Ride ’em cowgirl!

    • Mieze says:

      LOL I just choked on my cold tea 😉

    • robgirl86 says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • unpetitpeuk says:

      So true! To be completely honest, first thing that comes to mind after almost two years is “I want him”. I like to keep things simple like that! Well, yeah, and then comes all the “sweet, lovely, smart, funny, adorkable etc”. But main thought? “I want to do him”.


      ps. Ok, sometimes it’s “I want him to do me”. TMI? Sorry 😉

  13. JennB33 says:

    I think – when I have a spare moment – how beautiful he is, but probably how awkward he is in real life. I love the eyes – hands – hair but I am saddened by how he seems to have changed and been jaded. Not a leap, really, considering what the last few years of HIS life have been like.

    He seems to be part of the corporation now: he says what he’s told to say, he’s not goofy and spontaneous any more, rarely gives interviews, etc. I’m sure if Rob – and Kristen, for that matter – could have anything for Christmas it would be to get their privacy back, but in order to do that they’d have to give up their fame and possibly each other.

    He mades me smile, and he makes me sad.

    • robgirl86 says:

      hi honey, please let me disagree a bit, although I think I know what you mean, BUT..Twi-Promo…omg, all these mall-convention-things, Summit showed their new golden boy around like a puppet, sometimes he seemed to be half asleep during all those interviews, obviously now after 2 years he has more rights, can decide more and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Rob always said that during work he never gives interviews and in 2010 he was working almost non-stop. About being goofy and spontaneous, I think he still is, he made me laugh soo much jumping into the water… 🙂

  14. JulieP says:

    I still just think “mmmmmmmmmmm” and a silly smile appears on my face. The thing is that it is all based on memories of when I saw his first interview; heard his first giggle, first saw the VF pics. Every single mental pic I have still makes me smile and feel a bit warm inside 🙂 Sorry to be mushy!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think of Rob as comfortable. I am so used to having Rob in my life (he just doesn’t know it). There isn’t a time in my day that I don’t see a picture of him, my friends mention him, or I read or see something about him. For example, yesterday my friend posted a link on FB about bothered Rob. It was so funny. Then I was watching the SNL Christmas show and the Gilly skit had a girl who made a nativity ornament. she had put Rob’s face on the baby Jesus. There are always little reminders of Rob around. Even if I don’t obsess over him to the point I used to I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I see him.

  16. MidnightCougar says:

    Well if I’m being totally honest & fortright…..when I FIRST hear the name “Rob” I think, “God, he is so fucking gorgeous & sexy, he is definitely #1 on my Freebie-Fuck-List & geez, what I wouldn’t give to ‘DO’ him!” lmao & yes, I know there is SO much more to him this….. 🙂

  17. Cazza says:

    I see the word Rob today and think holy shit Rob, I hope you make it home for Chrimbo what with all those darn closures at Heathrow & Gatwick these past few days. I mean there is nothing worse than not making it home for Christmas ;(


  18. niahid says:

    2 years ago if I think of Rob , i thought of how adorkably hot he is. Now all I can think of is when will I get to see him in his naked glory. 😀
    Bel Ami, i’m counting on you. ( The tuck doesn’t count )

  19. Amber says:

    Ryan Gosling is PRETTY damn distracting!

    CLEARLY I thought the game was to say the first 3 words that pop in your head. So I think I failed. I soooo knew I would.

  20. OMR! I’m soo glad that I gave you a chuckle last night and I can’t believe that I really was only recently introduced to Homeless or Hipster! How many times do you think he has been the subject of that game in a bar? Ha!

    Oh, yes Ryan Gosling is yummy too. I assume that you’ve all heard his Dead Mans Bones album. Hearin’ him sing gives me some feelin’s. 😀 My favorite song is “My Body’s a Zombie for You” Here’s the youtube vid of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to7PxdyEdDw&feature=related

    Lovin’ my homeless trucker Rob,

    PrettySparklies <3

  21. Janetrigs says:

    I think: Who’s ROB? or RON

  22. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    I don’t know what I think about him, there are days when he doesn’t even cross my mind, and sometimes I even like other RL boys, but then he jumps or smiles and Twitter goes crazy because of it, and he’s again the only thing that’s on my mind, for days.

  23. Michelle says:

    I think Hair. And Yum. Simultaneously (sp?).

    The hair does it for me…I want it long again. NOW please.

    Best vid of all time to me…

  24. roslynselene says:

    Hmmm, I think, “Holy Crap! I still need to send him that blasted sweater!”. Sorry Rob, I failed you. You prob won’t get it in time for Xmas but maybe this is good. Remember when you’d finish opening presents and be sad because there were no more? Well think of my gift to you as the present you didn’t see coming (unless you read this). 🙂
    Here’s the finished product: http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l534/roslynselene/rucs7.jpg?t=1293048602

    • MidnightCougar says:

      OMF you finished it, it’s SPECTACULAR! Too funny b/c I was just thinking about this yesterday. Very nice job, now send it along! 🙂

    • minuit_passe says:

      Is the jumper’s name Tom?

    • robgirl86 says:

      awww, this is amazing!!! No buttons, not switchable, something to play with, a bearhhhh on the belly, a decent colour…so much win (but not sure about the cleavage for the huge head 🙂 ), all in all, on Rob I’d give this sweater a week, then the Santas are lost, the bear has only one leg, the scarf is under Tom’s bed, same for the beanie, the eyes are twirled away and the cleavage has some huge cuts…..;))

      • roslynselene says:

        Hhaha! Yeah, I give it a week too. I suck at stitching so after about 2 hours of trying to sow the head on, I used super glue instead. Most of the decorations are glued on. And he cannot wash it cause the Santas and bear will fall off.

  25. blondieinco says:

    If this is strict word association – when I hear “Rob” – I think “Kristen”. They are peanut butter and jelly. Or In-N-Out burgers and Arnold Palmers

    • roslynselene says:


      Dumb and dumber

    • roslynselene says:

      Wait, not done yet. You’ve inspired me:

      Bert and Ernie

      Lucy and Charlie Brown

      Pooh and Eeyore

      (Do you see a pattern here?) 😉

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I like your pattern Ros!! (just typed Rob, lol)

        And now I think In-N-Out burgers are ruined for me. WAIT!!! It’s fine as long as I don’t have them WITH an Arnold Palmer-it’s all good. Whew!

        • roslynselene says:

          What I want to know is what the heck In-N-Out has to do with Arnold Palmer. Confession! I googled him but I don’t see what he has to do with Rob’s fave burger joint. I’m clueless.

        • roslynselene says:

          Never mind! It’s a drink. Got it. Never tried it, though. Is it sour and bitter? (If you catch my drift) 😉

          • robsfuturemate says:

            LMAO!!! It is most likely bitter and sour since it’s lemonade and ice tea! 😉
            You obviously did not watch Eclipse with the Rob comm! He was eating In-N-Out and later on drinking an Arnold Palmer (which he couldn’t pronounce with his accent, cute).

            P.S. I was at Disneyland the other day and thought of your old avi. Then I proceded to keep an eye out for you! Normal, right?!

          • roslynselene says:

            I did see the Rob Com but I forgot. Lol Oops! No wonder the name sounded so familiar. Aw-nold Pawl-mah

            Totes normal since I always hang out next to the letter R at Disneyland. You know where to find me! 😉

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Well help me out by wearing an LTT/LTR shirt or something! 😉

          • Jamie says:

            Mmmm, iced tea mixed with lemonade, one of my fav. drinks. I tend to go for the Nantucket Nectures version and because of that I never call an iced tea/lemonade an Arnold Palmer(like the arizona tea vers.). For me it will always be called a Half & Half. Not to be confused with the milk product though….

            It tastes like a semi sweet really lemony iced tea. Best way I can explain it. Not too bitter, not to sweet, just enough lemon.

      • roslynselene says:

        Thumbs downs always make me giggle. 😀 They tickle.

        @RFM, I should buy an LTR shirt! How about the dumpster one or the BIJ?

        @Jamie Hmmm you’ve convinced me to try it some time. Sounds good.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          You don’t have an LTR shirt?!?!? I’m partial to the BIJ, I like the coloring of that, very oriental! Personally, I have the Leghitch Imprint Hunt now but have British Boys and Patz Fam Reunion on my wish list. We know I’m not in the closet! Plus I think you might be more out than you know. Your dad cracks me up! I want to meet him, he’s right up there with Dick!

          • roslynselene says:

            Nope don’t have one. Must buy one soon, thought!

            Haha, my dad? Oh dear old dad. Such embarrassing childhood memories…
            Speaking of, I called him and asked him if he could go to the post office and mail Rob’s present for me. I don’t want to get odd looks. I was barely able to buy RM cause I’m so embarrassed. He said, “Who cares? What’s wrong with you? I’ll do it and I’m a man. I’m not embarrassed.” Uh, yeah. I just can’t do it. :/

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Srsly, I heart your dad!!!!

    • Blondieinco says:

      Ouch! Tough to be a Robsten fan on here today 🙂

  26. The Old One says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking about Rob and Christmas presents. If you suddenly become a multi-millionaire, does your family expect really over-the-top presents from you, like houses and cars? And on the other hand, would you feel obligated to give those presents, because you can?
    I seem to remember an interview with Rob where he said he was shopping at the London version of Target for Christmas presents on Christmas Eve last year, so I have hope that he remains the same clueless male shopper he probably always was, and is resisting the pressure to be extravagant!

  27. TeamSeth says:

    I know I’m a stranger here, but I decided to come read today (who can resist a jumping Rob ornament, honestly?) Obviously I cannot answer the question, as my “X” is filled in by a zero, but I will say that I completely agree with the comment on Twilight having held him back and him being new to the acting world. I have high hopes for Rob, and I think he should consider himself lucky to have “broke through” in an American accented role so that he can just keep trucking along in the money-making Hollywood industry as opposed to period pieces and butler roles (see Michael Caine’s book Acting in Film).

    Anyway, I’m thoroughly jealous you guys still have the old commenting system. It made me very nostalgic, and I simply had to comment just so I could use it again.

  28. BellaDonnaReed says:

    The first thing I think about is Rob’s music…probably because I was just listening to my mp3 player with his songs on repeat. I kinda wish he would give up the acting and be a musician (ducks and covers her head)…..

  29. We played a little “homeless or hipster” with Rob on our blog today: http://adventuresintwilighting.com/fun-with-rob-homeless-or-hipster

  30. yertlesmom says:

    I think of Jumping Rob–even though I cringe a bit everytime I see it. And don’t worry Moon and UC – I may not post much but I am still as normally obsessed at you guys are! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  31. Pattygirl says:


  32. Alex says:

    I really dont like when peopel make judgements without reading the book. Some call it just a classic love story, some call it new titanic, some call it a circus movies…what is this!!!

    People shouldnt be this ignorant….just give this book a go. If u dont like it thats fine. But Pls try. Then make comments on that.

    BTW.. Remember Me earned more than 55M + DVD sales and U call it a Flop. WTH

    Why can people be happy about this result? Did you really expect it to be like saga and earn 700M worldwide.

    oh well I guess everyone has diff expectations.

    Merry Chistmas and very happy holiday.

  33. […] got a mention on LTR! Let’s Celebrate! TweetWe’re so excited that PrettySparklies got a mention on LTR! Go check it out so you can bask in the glory with us! Thanks UC for Making my […]

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