A 2010 recap & our Rob-olutions for 2011!

Dear Rob,

Happy New Years Eve!!!! Listen in as we recap our 2010 Rob-olutions & make some new ones for 2011! We’ll rate how we did in 2010 in an arbitrary, meaninless fashion & even let you and our readers in on bits of the private conversation Moon & I had when discussing our past year. It’ll be intimate. Just imagine we’re on a bearskin rug. You know how we like those!

In 2010 we resolved to:

1. Have some sort of LTR representation at the Remember Me premiere
Verdict: We sorta won. I mean, no- we weren’t ON the red carpet at the premiere in NYC, but it was cold as CRAP that day, so what I ended up doing was even better. I saw Rob on Jimmy Fallon. I saw “Robert is Bothered” starring Robert Pattinson in the flesh (well, on a screen, in the studio, while Rob was sitting there). You can blame Jimmy for me not standing at a good spot at the premiere. And if my feet hadn’t been bleeding from my new shoes, I could have run faster and maybe gotten a ticket to get INTO the movie . But what happened next made all the premiere missing worth it: I met who would later become our guardian angel (guiding me to LA to my Stephenie Meyer interview) Larry411

Larry411 and Unintendedchoice letterstotwilight letterstorob

Best buds

Plus THAT was the weekend we got cyber bullied. And we got to fight back. It was awesome. And by “awesome” I mean an utter waste of a work day.
UC/Moon: 1
People who want us to fail: 0

Moon: you got to see Dean in person right??
UC: hmmm… I guess… i don’t remember. i may not have seen him, but he was there. I felt his presence
Moon: like God
UC: right- you can’t always see him, but you always know he’s there
Moon: Yes! HE’S THERE! In our rob hearts we have a dean shaped hole

2. We vow to become BFF with Stephanie Ritz and while we’re out for a “girls day” Moon will distract her with the newest Blahniks at Barneys while I grab her phone and text you, as Stephenie, and ask you to meet her and her “hot new friends.”
Verdict: FAIL– we failed miserably at this. I mean.. I don’t even think we tried- we have no excuse. It just didn’t happen. I’m ashamed. Moon says she half-way thought about it when she saw her with Rob at the Eclipse premiere but she was with ROB. All coherent thought goes out the window!! Poor Stephenie was probably waiting by her phone ALL year! And we NEVER called. This is a deep deep sadness- a Rob fan fail. Steph- we’ll make it up to you this year when we’re ON the carpet for Breaking Dawn (See our LTT resolutions!!) Actually, we’ll IGNORE Rob and go straight for you! (and not because we want to be imprinted in Rob’s mind for forever as the “Girls who didn’t care” (slash the girls that make fun and him and his not so secret gf on the regular))
UC/Moon: 1
People who want us to fail: 1

3. When we watch Remember Me we’ll try to stifle our moans to only 3-4 times. It’s not really fair since Moon has already seen the movie and knows whats coming and can prepare herself, but I figure if I’m generous and allow her 1 moan and take her other 3, I can moan 7 times and it’ll all average out to 3-4 each.
Verdict: We think we won: How many sex scenes were there? Cause I moaned during those. But Moon failed because she moaned twice (but only because she was annoyed by Pierce Brosnan’s accent) Any other noise you heard from me was a groan because of how much I abhorred that film.
UC/Moon: 2
People who want us to fail: 1

4. In 2010 we will create a counter to tally every time you duplicate an outfit
Verdict: UTTER FAIL– The 5 times we actually saw Rob in 2010 he was usually in COSTUME so it didn’t count. And we’re guessing that one of his 2010 resolutions was to get new outfits. Because the little we saw him, I don’t think he duplicated too much. And you know what? I think we saw him less in 2010 than we did in years 1982,83-2008. Baton rouge is a HUGE fail as a city! Didn’t the oil spill f*ck everything up and people lost jobs?? Pick up a camera drive 30 minutes to the set and GET RICH!! It makes me want the crazies and their “Stalk the twilight set” tours back in Vancouver
UC/Moon: 2
People who want us to fail: 2

5. Infiltrate the Land of Dreamers pyramid-scheme street team for Sam, Bobby and Marcus by befriending them and learning their secrets. Then after being voted Vice Presidents, we will usurp the presidency with a hostile takeover. This will give us the freedom to drive the britpack EVERYWHERE they want to go when they’re in our town(s). Boys got the munchies at 4 am but we’re sleeping soundly? Too bad. We’re gonna get our asses up and take them to the 24 hour Sonic. Our jobs as presidents of a pyramid schemey street team depend on it.
Verdict: Unfortunately, this was a mostly fail- Although we DID get a picture with Sam Bradley & his hoop earring

Sam Bradley Hoop Earring Letterstotwilight

But other than that, 2010 kind sucked- I didn’t hear ANY stories about people in the LOD peeking in on Bobby Long while he was naked, sleeping in one of their kids’ bedrooms! And where were the private home shows played by “The guys” while women looked at pampered chef and gold canyon candle demonstrations?? Did sam/bobby/marcus not need a ride to the airport in a mini van? The LOD was a bigger fail than us this year!
UC/Moon: 2
People who want us to fail: 3
LOD: 0

6. Watch every film or TV show that Rob has ever been in enough times so that next time we’re together we can dramatically reenact important scenes for your viewing pleasure. Moon already called Daniel Gale, so I’ll reluctantly be Salvador Dali.

Verdict: FAIL!!! Neither one of us have seen that creepy airmen movie yet! Or the one where he looks like a hippie! And I haven’t even watched “How to Be” and I OWN it! But we both agreed we’d watch the Bad Mother’s Handbook again- that was such a fine moment for Rob. Forget Water for Elephants. Do you think they could give him a retroactive Oscar for his portrayal of Daniel Gale? That sweater deserves a best costume award. I think we’re gonna write the Academy.

UC/Moon: 2
People who want us to fail: 4
The Academy: 25 if they vote “Yes” for Daniel Gale

Well, we sucked in 2011- The people who wanted us to Fail won BIG time! Better luck in 2011! Here are a few of our Rob-olutions for the upcoming year!

– We want to meet Rob. This was a hard decision to come by, but we finally decided in favor of this proposition. Here is the tough conversation that got us there:

UC: Ugh… do we dare wish to Meet Rob?
Moon: omg…. I don’t know
UC: we know what happened when we wished to meet The Creator of Twilight in our ressies last year for LTT
Moon: We should definitely wish for a Red Carpet meet so we can snub him for Stephanie Ritz
UC: yes- it has to be a situation where he wouldn’t be a disappointment. I honestly don’t think i want to meet him. If we just stalked ran into him on the street, I think it would be horrid. If anything, it would have to be in “public” … at an event or something, where he’d have to be “on.” Maybe we resolve to interview him?
Moon: the only reason i would want to meet him is to say i did and that we could end this all on a high note
UC: right
Moon: do you think you could handle a Stephenie meyers-esque 4 hr interview with him?? after vomiting from nervousness for 4 days straight prior??…. i would ask him ALSO to fuck/kill/marry someone
UC: TOTALLY!! I think, if we could get him to be like Old rob- from the glory days pre-fame…. we’d have the BEST time. and all cry from laughing so hard (or he’d cry from all the inappropriate touches)
Moon: right for reals. someone needs to recognize that we’d do the best interview ever!!!
UC: EVER! we could make him write himself his own letter!!!
Moon: omg to get HIM to contribute would be the best day ever. So are we saying we want to meet/interview him in 2011??!!!
UC: yes! We are- That’s a goal we will NOT attempt to make a reality. We will do exactly as much as we did to interview Stephenie— nothing. Rob will draw our names out of a beanie.

– We resolve for Rob to mention us or something we’ve said in an interview like he did with Leno and emails from his dad! We need a fuckyearyangosling moment! (Ryan Gosling read some “FuckYeahRyanGoslings” in an MTV interview! Be still my heart!) Or someone needs to show him Rob Porn during an interview. And not the kind where his face is superimposed over a porn star’s naked body! He needs to read a caption over his picture about alphabetizing romance novels. Or asking for directions. Now THAT’S a turn on!

Rob Porn for women letterstorob

– We resolve for Moon & Amber from Rob My world to start their own Norman’s Rare Guitar’s street team. It’s basically started- one day, not so long ago on my PERSONAL Facebook, I noticed both Moon AND Amber had “Liked” the Norman’s Rare Guitar’s page. Of course it wasn’t random. It was on the day Rob was seen buying a new guitar. And of course within 10 minutes there were 20 people commenting who know exactly why they liked that obscure California shop!

– Resolution – try not to be turned on by the sight of Rob near a huge smelly pile of elephant crap during the water for elephants premiere!

– Resolution: To be less annoyed at Rob’s disappearance from my life- or maybe just for him to show up.. ANYWHERE! To go for lunch and undies shopping with TomStu again!!! Maybe buy a hot pocket in public! Get lost near a church, Break up with KStew or admit he actually has a cardboard tent in his living room. He could try a new girlfriend out for awhile. Maybe check himself into rehab. ANYTHING! Literally ANYTHING. We’ll take it! Maybe be seen out in public with MULTIPLE different women. Be a player for a few days! How about he sleeps with me a fan? Take advantage of me the plethora of attractive girls into him! He would get major me HOT tail (or at least me attractive game on week nights!) And he wouldn’t even have to buy them gifts! Or remember their names! No one expects that at all. They just expect to steal a dirty sock and leave. Or maybe twitpic his O-face. Or audio-record his moans. Or snores. Or the sound his teeth make while chewing on a hot pocket while in bed……(I haven’t put much thought into that. At all)

As far as Rob is concerned, we had an okay year- there was Details Rob. And New movie shoots Rob. And Jumping Rob. But I miss Vancouver Rob and GQ Rob of 2009. But I’m not one to look to the past. I say, Rob, let’s make 2011 the best year yet! Yes- you and me. Or just you, whatever. I’ll be here, on my bear-skin rug, waiting to break whatever you do (and please let it be something) down with Moon. Happy New Year!



Do you have an Rob-olutions for 2011? Did YOU meet Rob in 2010? I hate you, if so. No I don’t (yes I do) Are you gonna get really drunk tonight? How many of you think I’m drunk already? Raise your hand….xo

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48 Responses to “A 2010 recap & our Rob-olutions for 2011!”

  1. libby says:

    Happy 2011 girls!!!
    Thank you os much for being normal all this year!!!!
    love you!!!

    Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

  2. Edible Art ? says:

    “And he wouldn’t even have to buy them gifts! Or remember their names! No one expects that at all. They just expect to steal a dirty sock and leave. Or maybe twitpic his O-face. Or audio-record his moans. Or snores. Or the sound his teeth make while chewing on a hot pocket while in bed……(I haven’t put much thought into that. At all)”

    This paragraph – funniest thing I have read all year !!!

    I have everything crossed you get to meet Rob and get him to write his own letter – you did it with Steph M you can do it again !!!!

    I myself am hoping to grow a trunk next year – don’t cha know a trunk is the new must have accessory – Mulberry whatever !!!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Robolution 1: Get shitfaced drunk tonight. (Well on my way with half a bottle of delicious champagne inside me…)
      Robolution 2: Grow a trunk, or whatever the hale it takes to get to meet Rob. ( A trunk might come in handy, to lovingly twine around him…) And if I do get to do it, Moon, you can kill me. Fine. I’ll die happy! 🙂

  3. robgirl86 says:

    Great recap girls….haha…Dean= omg, he is always there, you FEEL him….bahahahahaha..AWESOME!

    Have no time today, preparing for party & such, BUT I wanna wish UC, Moon, ROB & EVERY GIRL here a HAPPY NYE, to have fun, to get drunk(or not),to party(or not ) & to be with friends! 2011 will be great!!!

    Off to the IOW now….seems like Rob is organizing a HUGE party there tonite……….(or not)
    PROST! Salute! Cheers!

    P.S. great pics girls!
    P.P.S. ROB !!! without any —-“olution” 🙂 (am clearly not sober anymore)

  4. drsaka says:

    Dear UC and Moon, I’m with you on the resolution to have him write his own letter! Pretty pretty please, Rob? And of course, mention all of us??? Please???

    Looking over all the events in 2010 (Moon’s letter from Wed.), 2010 was quite eventful. So here’s to a Robeventful 2011!


  5. drsaka says:

    Re: Daniel Gale- I saw BMHB again the other day and as much as I like the rainbow sweater, I’m now partial to the red velvet jacket and the hot pink sweater combo.

    I can’t recall seeing the hot pink sweater again, but we know he kept the RVJ and wore at a premiere- total awesomeness.
    Thank you Rob!

  6. melronin says:

    Resolutions-Resolutions…promises-promises… we will not keep them anyway lol…..ahhh who cares 😀
    Great last letter girls…epic…..

    I wish you a great NYE and the best for 2011!!!
    I love you all very much…you bring me closer to Rob!!!
    Thank you so much…
    I wish that we all will be here next year at the same time still loving Rob and each other!!! And stay NOT NORMAL ladies…

    See you in 2011 girls!

  7. niahid says:

    Happy New Year Girls!!. Selamat Tahun Baru !!

    Dear UC and Moon,
    Please please please try to meet Rob this year and give him love from all of us here.
    2011 will be the best year for Rob fans. I’ve good feeling about it.

  8. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – gott nytt år – UC & Moon & all the LTR ladies!!!

  9. yertlesmom says:

    Happy, happy New Year UC and Moon. I already live vicariously through you both so PLEASE, PLEASE meet Rob this year, or interview him, or get him to write a letter or just continue breaking down whenever he is seen. Here’s to 2011–and Water for Elephants, and Breaking Dawn 1, and maybe BelAmi, and more LTT/LTR. (Oh, and I love your version of Rob Porn best!)

    Oh, and you have to watch How to Be–better than Daniel Gale, dare I say it!

  10. Mieze says:

    Since I´m in a kind of hurry- to many cloth and still no idea what to wear tonight- I couldn´t read todays letter and comments :-((( But I won´t be coming back home for a few days so I wanted to take the chance and wish all of you awesome Ladies a happy, fullfilled and healthy new year. I am so glad I found this side…let´s keep the Roblove alive in 2011 :-))))))

  11. MidnightCougar says:

    Wow, what an Epic re-cap ladies. Happy New Year to everyone here at LTR. Thanks for a memorable 2010 here at LTR & all the best 2011!

    <3 you all MC

  12. che says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  13. Cath says:

    Great recap and love the pics!

    Here’s to a Robeventful (and I think it WILL be with all those movies coming out) 2011!!!

    Happy NY to all LTR lovelies!!! It was a great year over here on LTR; new friends, awesome letters and so on!

    I’ll toast on you lot around Midnight! With a British toast, fitting, no?

    Ring out the old, ring in the new,
    Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
    The year is going, let him go;
    Ring out the false, ring in the true.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson

  14. Pfluffy says:

    Good luck on all your Rob-solutions for 2011 with a special emphasis on you guys meeting Rob and if all the stars align you actually get to interview him! You could show him some Rob porn at the same time and kill that Rob-solution too. Happy New Year to all!

  15. pe' says:

    Hi All, great recap though my comment is totally due to
    Amber and her best 2010 pictures: have you ever seen anyone with a
    smile like that! Rob me also next year girls and please, please,
    please meet him!!!

  16. robsfuturemate says:

    UC and Moon- you HAVE to watch The Haunted Airman!! I’m not saying it’s his best film to date or anything but it’s good. You get some eye candy AND a British accent. What could be better than that!!!

    I myself have two Robolutions for the NY.
    1. Take a step back into the Robcloset. It’s just to make my life easier and not because I love you less, Rob. (selfish I know)
    2. To see Rob in the flesh for at least a moment. I’m taking full advantage of the fact that I live so close to LA this year!

    Happy New Year to all you lovely LTR ladies!

    • drsaka says:

      Why back in the Robcloset, RFM?

      • robsfuturemate says:

        You know, it’s just too much drama. I don’t feel the need to defend but sometimes people just get on my nerves. I support the right to like whichever celeb of your choosing and don’t judge! Plus, I think some of my friends are getting a little tired of seeing Rob’s face, so I’ll tone it down a notch. If anyone asks, I will tell the truth…that I’m still as strong as ever in my Roblove!

  17. Jellybeanrainbow says:

    “UC: EVER! we could make him write himself his own letter!!!”
    THIS! with his own hands on a crappy piece of paper with hot pocket grease stains on it.

    Merry Happy 2011 Rob & ladies!

  18. LatersBaby says:

    Thanks for the re-cap. I have a few goals of my own (yes, I believe sharing them will make them more possible).

    1-Do everything in my power to secure interviews with Stephanie Ritz and/or Dean. I’m sure I won’t get them, but I’m going to try.

    2-See Rob in person. I would love to watch a taping.

    3-Go to BD premier & interview the normals and the crazies.

    4-See some of my new friends I’ve met here in person.

    5-Write a fan fiction while keeping both my job and my friends. 🙂

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  19. Cazza says:

    Thanks girls for all that you have done, and hopefully will continue to do, for just a little longer!


  20. dazzledtodeath says:

    You guys do a great job-people who want you to fail suck. Who else got a picture with Dick??

    I hope you do get to meet Rob (and touch him inappropriately) so that I can live vicariously through you ( you WOULD blog about it, right?). Given the chance to meet and/or touch Rob I’m sure that I would stand there, dumbstruck and drooling. It’s better this way.

    Happy NY and looking forward to more great Rob/LTR moments in 2011!!

  21. natashadushi says:

    Bon anja! happy new year. If Rob writes his own letter here, I will eat a beanie and drink a crate of Heineken (I never drank beer before!) LOL

  22. kandnandb says:

    Here’s to a great 2011….I so need it. And I need Rob to be more visible-I miss him:`( Looking forward to WFE press tour though.

    Have a great NY everyone!! XOXOXO

  23. MariaCecilia says:

    Thank you for helping me get through 2010 reasonably sane – and pleease help me through 2011!!
    I have watched all the Rob flicks I have (I recommend you do the same. Think of it as penance.) I even got Vanity fair to get a look at his deleted scenes, and it was totally worth it (meaning BOTH the movie and his deleted scenes were worth it!) – but I doubt I will get the Bad Mother’s handbook. I will look through my Kaffe Fasett knitting books instead… 😉

    I am so glad that all of you are here to make me feel Normal. Thank you, and Happy New Rob-year!

  24. Janetrigs says:

    You silly willy. I want Moon to take more controversial pics. I do so love the controversy. Also I love that I cannot spell. Happy New year’s

  25. roslynselene says:

    1) Get a picture with Rob while I leg hitch him.
    Yeah, I’m setting the bar high.

    Happy New Years Eve!

  26. JennyluvsJax says:

    Well I wish all of you wonderful women a Happy New Years. I still haven’t watched the Haunted Airmen yet but my friend futermate said I could borrow it. And I did watch Little Ashes and How To Be, so I am very excited to see Water For Elephants! That way I can see what is inside the tents and the train instead of what is outside.

  27. The Old One says:

    You may not have done all the things you set out to do this year, girls, but you saw Rob in person, breathed the same air, multiple times! Plus Moon met Dick! That can be the conversation starter for when you interview Rob. You all have done so much more than I could ever hope for, so I think 2010 is a win for you no matter what you say!

    A beautiful 2011 to all.

  28. JustGoWithIt says:

    I haven’t seen Remember Me, but it is starting to play on the Movie Channel…..I’m a bit hesitant after watching How To Be, since it was soooo not good Rob porn, except for the part where he says he has an erection – oh shit, I didn’t make that up did I? For all of you reading this comment that haven’t seen how to be, you want to see it bad now right?
    Screw it, I’m recording Remember Me on the DVR and to hell with anyone who might see it and make fun of me for it.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Don’t worry! RM will give you so much Robporn you won’t know what to do with yourself!!

      And that part of How To Be…hilarious!

      • JustGoWithIt says:

        Oh goooood. I also am less worried about my hubby making fun of me for my willingness to watch anything with Robert Pattinson in it. We were watching Toy Story 3 the other day with the kids, and I jokingly asked if he was crying during a sappy part, since he has a habit of crying during movies. Well I had been joking, but I looked over and he totally was! He had tears streaking his face. We had a good laugh. He can still make fun of me for watching Twilight Saga movies over and over and wishing Edward was my boyfriend, but I’ll have something to make fun of him for too.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          your husband sounds sweet. 🙂 you definitely don’t need to feel ashamed about wishing edward was your boyfriend. even though i didn’t love the twilight series, it is what introduced me to rob and his kissing abilities and power of seduction. i swear the man is capable of generating chemistry with a wet mop head.

  29. stupidshiny says:

    Hi there UC & Moon and all the regular girls who post here, I have only been living in the Twilight realm for the last few months (and have posted here a couple of times) and I just wanted to say what a breath of fresh air you all are. I so totally ‘get’ your point of view and love the humour on this and the LTT pages, your musings have brought light into some darkish days. Happy, happy new year and may all (or at least most) of your resolutions come true!
    Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings and I finally get to say I will see BD ‘this year’ YAY!!

    • LatersBaby says:

      Dear stupidshiny,

      It is amazing how this place can put a smile on one’s face even during the darkest times.

      May you too get everything you wish for in 2011.

      Happy New Year!

  30. robsfuturemate says:

    I just wanted to say Happy New Year to the Lurkers! And that 2011 should be the year YOU COMMENT MORE!! (shouty caps necessary 😉 )

  31. […] honestly, this is not really my resolution. This is LTR’s resolution. But damn, they pulled me into this mix when I got called out for “liking” Norman’s on the Facebook on my personal […]

  32. […] made it another year, it’s 2012! So of course that means it’s time to see how we did on 2011′s resolutions to see whether the people who wanted us to fail won or if WE won (spoiler: we didn’t!). […]

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