Rob hits up the Isle of Wight (again) for New Year’s Eve

Which way to the free tshirts?

Dear Rob,

So it turns out you were on the Isle of Wight for the New Year holiday AGAIN this year at the SAME pub. So of course it begs the question WHAT IS ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT that is so great?? Why are you there? Is that little (huge) pub so great? What is going on there that has you coming back year after year? I’ve come up with a quick list of things that I think could be on the Isle of Wight that keeps you (and Kristen) coming back…

  • They give out free black tshirts with every ferry ride over
  • All the food is fried and pizza flavored
  • Frowning, instead of smiling, is the expression that actually expresses happiness
  • For ever 2 guy friends you bring you get a free beer
  • It’s illegal to have an uncovered head
  • The island is cut off from all technology, internet, cell phones, Twitter, etc.
  • Norman’s Rare Guitars set up it’s 2nd store on the island
  • Only place to avoid Dean/Nick/Stephanie/Dick and Clare’s annual New Year’s Eve party without hurting their feelings
  • Sam had a gig on New Year’s Eve. This was the only way to avoid seeing the brit packs shows

New Year's Resolution? Less smug looks

Seeing as I’ve never been there and don’t really think the Isle of Wight chamber of commerce is exactly standing at the docks with open arms and free beers, I don’t get it. So maybe between pints and naps you can send off a lil email to me here and explain what’s going on over there and if I should book my ticket for 2012.

Happy New Year!

So really Brit friends what’s the deal over there on the Isle of Wight? The women easy? The food good? Spill!

THX Robsessed and the gal who took these!

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134 Responses to “Rob hits up the Isle of Wight (again) for New Year’s Eve”

  1. Free food. And maybe they give out free M&S underwear as well? Buy one get one free offer? Rob thought of TomStu and HAD to be there!

    Whatever the reason maybe, it sure is good to see him out of hiding.

    Happy New Year ladies!

  2. Beaspoon says:

    Aw, this kind of makes me fall in love with him a little bit more though. He and Kristen have so much money and could have easily thrown some huge NYE bash for all of their friends, but they would rather go to some little pub on an island that for some reason they love. It just goes to reinforce that fame hasn’t made Rob pretentious.

    I love that it seems like he had a happy New Year:)

  3. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon, love your list!


    Dear Rob,
    I fear for next year’s celebration, you might need to find another location. The IOW press you as their top story and they have a live feed.
    Although I was happy to read that the sheep rescued by forklift was okay- #3 story.
    (thanks to Cath for the tip)

    Have a wonderful 2011,

  4. Edible art? says:

    I have been to the IOW on holiday when I was about 10. All I can remember is one of the beaches has lots of different colored sand on it that you can decant into different glass containers in layers to create a lovely ornament for your gran – I imagine Rob was doing this on New Years Day !!! As to why it’s his New Year haunt I have no idea in no way could it be considered the hip place to be in the UK (sorry isle of wighters but u know it’s true) so of course that’s why he’s there cause it’s not hip !!! But I imagine Rob could bring about a one man tourism revival !!

  5. dazzledtodeath says:

    I don’t know what attracts Rob to the IOW, but I do wonder about the thought process that led him to vacation in the same place, at the same time of year and in the same establishments, as last tear. Did he really think he could go there again and have the privacy he and the mullephant supposedly crave?

    By all accounts Rob was his usual kind, accommodating self and she was, well.. different. How unusual.

    • niahid says:

      “Did he really think he could go there again and have the privacy he and the mullephant supposedly crave? ”

      That’s what bugging me since that fan pic spread all over interweb. But ,I’m so tired to think of any theory . So i’m just enjoying pretty boys in that table, Rob Patt / Jamie Dornan while wondering where the fuck is Tom?
      I kinda love Tom since I saw Pirate Radio last week.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      That’s what I was thinking!
      I think the appeal was that there was only one picture last year, and you had to look very closely to see it MIGHT be them. BUT, it’s not gonna happen two years in a row, people are starting to plan their NYE plans around Rob’s plans last year!

      Where was Rob last year on the weekend after NY, cause that’s where I’m going this weekend!!

  6. LatersBaby says:

    Is it just my imagination, or did someone get a new beenie for Christmas?

  7. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Dear Rob,

    300 crazies were stalking you this year, and there’s about the same number of regular commenters here (I guess, the readership is about a million), so why not just invite us, NORMAL people to see why.

    @HollywoodLife New Details On Rob’s ….. NYE!

  8. melronin says:

    Happy New year my lovelies…wishing you all the best for 2011! Lot of love…fun and Rob!

    Dear Rob

    Seriously baby if you need a place for NYE 2011 feel free to come to my place…it looks a lot like IOW just less crowded…and you will have everything you desire for free! Trust…

    Have a great year love! Wish you many great… good changes in your life and above all, hope you get rid of everything that makes you unhappy and stands in your way of fullfilling your dreams! 🙂

    Love you

    • niahid says:

      Always love your comment and RobGirl’s, so full of positivity. I think that shows who you are as a person. 😀

      Love and hugs from accross the globe.

  9. sharon says:

    This was a genius move. I do not understand why Moon and UC didn’t see it coming. Nobody would have ever suspected that you and Kristen would go back to the exact same place this year! I’m sure the paps are kicking there own arses, as well as the rest of us. I was just about to go ahead and make my plans to be there on the Isle with you for next year, but luckily enough I realized if you went there next year that would make it a tradition and traditions would be very dangerous for you. All the crazy stalkers would know where to find you that one day a year. Ugh Agh. You can go back there again next year. Sorry, I know how much you love it there, but we’ll…I mean they’ll all be waiting for you next year. If you need some ideas for next year, just give me a ring, I know lots of places that we can keep ultimately secret, just betwee us. We don’t even have to tell Kristen! Shhhhhh!

  10. southernbelle says:

    Hey y’all, Happy New Year. I’m sick with pneumonia but getting better! *coughs* Long story to this, I’ll spare you.

    This is what I like about Rob, he seems so down to earth and unpretentious. When I see him like this, it gives me hope that perhaps maybe he’s not so unreachable.

    Dear Rob,

    If you need someplace to celebrate NY Eve without being detected, I’ll be glad to help! I know tons of places, no one’s gonna bother you.

    Now I’m off to snuggle with my Rob blankie and pillow and drugs so I can get rid of this pneumonia.


  11. Amber says:

    Damn Moon! I need to add that Norman’s Rare Guitar location to our street team facebook page. Gah. 1,000 fan points to you!

  12. Robsessed2012 says:

    LOL. Busted both times by a fan pic. NGL, i think its kind of endearing that they went to small small pub on a little island somewhere.

    And score for Jamie Strachan and Jamie Dornan going with them and being photoed! But alas, no TomStu IOW pic? Fail creepy pic takers, fail!

  13. Janetrigs says:

    What the heck is Ventour?

  14. LatersBaby says:

    I just read the Spy Glass menu (yes, I’m procrastinating). “Hot Pot” is on the menu. Maybe they ended up there b/c of Rob’s misread.


    I haven’t written you in a bit. Home for the holidays…family, friends, you understand.

    Know I still adore and respect you…and want you to have everything I wish for in 2011. (no, that is not a typo).

    Laters x

  15. Vera says:

    First, Happy New Year to you guys (gals?).

    I think Rob is deeply attached to things of his land, as we all are.

    But I need advice. So Iexplain, just read Dear John. John reminded me of Edward. John did exactly what Edward should have done in Eclipse, left Savannah, and Edward should have left Bella.

    What happened to love, fidelity? In the end, only John truly loved her.

    And now? Which Nicholas Sparks book should I read?

  16. This is slightly off-topic and a few weeks old but I just stumbled upon it. theFaBlife put together The Top 10 Heart-Stopping Moments of the WFE trailer (dramatic, much?lol). And all these gifs are probably over-watched by now, but a little Robowski doesn’t hurt, does it?

    The captions are pretty fun. My favourite is #9. “Rob lip-licking whilst spying.”

  17. roslynselene says:

    Rob seems…hmmm…different? Is he *gasp* smiling?! 😯
    Oh and I want that girl’s ribbon headband thingy.
    Life Update: I’m a jealous bitch. Yeah…I can live with that. 😀

    • roslynselene says:

      -1? :’) I’m touched that someone cares and does not approve of me being comfortable with my jealous bitchy-self. Don’t worry Papa-Pattz. I’ll change my ways.

      • southernbelle says:

        Hey girl, not to worry about that thumbs down, at least you’re being honest. Love you always.

        • roslynselene says:

          Thanks! How are you doing today? Feeling better? Hope you get well soon orr I’m gonna have to tell Rob to visit you while the smiles are lasting. He’ll make everything alllll better. 😀

          • southernbelle says:

            Hi chica, I’m doing better. Remember what I told you about when I’m sick.

            We keep missing each other, I feel like we haven’t talked in forever! Well I meant on the phone <3.

  18. Cath says:

    Dear Rob,

    Next NYE I know another island for you. Contact me here and I’ll tell you. Don’t contact me and you’ll miss out!



    P.S. *cough* Easter Island *cough*

  19. Vera says:

    Razzie Awards – worst actor.

    Lautner is leading now, and we know that Alpaca is deserving. Rob´s near to nomination. You can avoid that. Vote to Lautner, to Adam Sandler and other three on the list.

  20. Brennan says:

    I saw a picture on Facebook, of Rob & Kristen, and Sam and Tom are in the background. 🙂

  21. roslynselene says:

    Oh, didn’t you guys hear? It’s Robsten day today. (Yes, I’m going there. I thought, “Hmmm well, I’ve already earned 1 thumbs down. Why not get more?” #overachiever) Is it normal that I immediately noticed Sam Bradley and TomStu inappropriately close instead of noticing Robsten apparently smooching? Or maybe that was my bullshit allergy, preventing me from seeing ‘the magicness’ by making my eyes watery. Where’s the damn Robstenadryl when I need it?

  22. maggie says:


    LOL! Robstenadryl! That’s hilarious. I’d like a bottle, please, so I can put it in my medicine cabinet next to my bottle of Robstenyquil, which I use when I can’t get to sleep after the trauma of a “Robsten Day” like today!

    • roslynselene says:

      Yes!!! Bhahaha
      And just for good measure and to ensure I have a good night, I’ll down a bottle of Pepto-Robsten. “Nausea, heartbreak, in denial, upset feelings, diarrhea.” (That’s their theme song)

      Here’s to a good night sleep. 😉

      • maggie says:

        LMAO! We could probably start an entire pharmaceutical line based on the physical and emotional problems that result from the suffering of this particular malady: depression, anxiety, acid-reflux, delusions, repression, obsessions, eating disorders – the list just goes on and on. My God! Robsten is the current day Black Plague!!!!! Who knew!!!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          You girls are cracking me up!! And btw, those are weird head angles for kissing, no?! If it is a kiss it must be one of those awkard movie kisses! (I mean that’s what the whole Best Kiss Award taught me)

          • roslynselene says:

            Exactly. I think they’re just weird and awkward together in RL like at the awards. Reminds me of 7th graders playing spin the bottle for the first time and kissing awkwardly. Maybe it’s a fetish of theirs, idk. Bhahaha! 😀

        • roslynselene says:

          “Robsten is the current day Black Plague!!!!!” <–THIS!
          Thank god we've not caught the disease yet. Poor souls who lost their lives, making sick fuck Robsten manips and death threats to anyone doesn't agree with them. :'( Stay strong and don't catch this deadly Robsten Plague, girls! (Haha oddly enough I'm listening to Uprising by Muse.)

      • southernbelle says:

        Gimme some of that! I need more sleep!

  23. pukesten says:

    “Nausea, heartbreak, in denial, upset feelings, diarrhea.”

    best comment of 2011!!!!

    robert pattinson and kristen stewart on the isle of wight for new years kissing at a weird head angle for everyone to see capture and send viral faster than the cdc could say pandemic.


    • drsaka says:

      That’s a really long new name!!!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Wow! Psten’s making progress!! But seriously, I agree with you. If he’s happy then I’m happy. And at this moment, he seems happy!

      • pukesten says:

        i’m not as gracious as you RFM i’d be happier if he was happier with someone else!!!

        hmm maybe i still do care…….. waaaay to much!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Hahaha! It’s easier when he’s smiling, those pouty ones make it a whole lot harder! And I too, would be happier if he was happier with someone else!!

          I know you’re really busy but if you ever want to email:

    • roslynselene says:

      I CLEARLY have put much thought to what I’m about to say.
      Yes, I believe they are together. Do I believe they are EPIC aka am I going to jump on the Robsten Bandwagon to hell? Abso-freaking-lutely NOT.

      I think the reason why I’m not “Pro-Robsten” is because Krisbians= Angry (for no apparent reason) Fake Lesbians and Robstens=Crazy-Doesn’t-Even-Begin-To-Cover-It. Yes, it’s their fault I am this way towards Robsten.

      And I agree with you guys: “I’d be happier if he was happier with someone else.” And that
      “someone else” doesn’t necessarily have to be me.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Ros, I too believe that they are together but that it’s not epic-ness. And it’s not the Krisibans, Fake Lesbians or Robstens fault. I’m just not a fan of the behavior I’ve seen from one half of Robsten.

        P.S. I would love to email with you and SB since I don’t do the twitter thing! (See my address above if you’d like)

        • roslynselene says:

          I’d LOVE to talk to you. I’ll add you to my email contacts. We’ll get to know each other better. 🙂

          • robsfuturemate says:


          • MidnightCougar says:

            @rfm You can give roslynselene, pukesten & southernbelle my MC e-mail if they want it – we are expanding. 🙂 <3 ya babe!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Yay!! More LTR friends!!! I’d love to email with ALL of you, it’s out there now for you all to do with it what you will! 😉

    • natteringyeahrobber says:


  24. Sakes says:

    the only reason i tolerate robsten, is cus if its true it means Rob is happy. And as much as i want to b in denial, 2 years in a row is pretty hard to ignore. However Rob looks huggable, lickable n f**kable as always. loved the pic with Tomstu hanging out at the side. glad he had a good new years eve.

  25. sjaantje says:

    All I know is that “Top Gear” recorded a show there once. When my husband watched it that night all I could think is, “Oh! That is where Rob and Kristen vacationed together!”.

  26. natteringyeahrobber says:

    oh to be young, out on some in-the-know island drinking too many cheap alcoholic beverages that are really not worth the caloric intake but it doesn’t matter because sluggish metabolism isn’t an issue yet. god (rob?), if you are young, act young. drink goldschlager chased with gin and then champagne, enjoy sloppy uninhibited make-out sessions in a hotel lounge, wake up in a strange bed and look at your body and think “jesus i need a shower, but i’m still hot” and then take your lover into your arms again. and again. those days are just so short and so perfect that it’s f’ing unreasonable not to live each day with the expectation that bliss was entirely obtainable. good for rob for taking advantage of who he is, where he is, and the moment he’s in. oh, and when he needs a good adult beverage and another secret island spot, i’ll be there for him. 🙂

    • The Old One says:

      Wow. You said it.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        i blame too much wine plus the vicky cristina barcelona soundtrack for the above posting. only bliss should be “is obtainable” not “was obtainable” – is is much better than was, no? thanks tannins and juan serrano! on a similar note, it just occurred to me that rob and norah jones would make a good couple. both have passionate interests in music, both are hot/easy on the eyes, she’s slightly older so could teach him a thing or two, both are smart & talented. if i was in charge of cosmic destiny, that would be my pick. they’d be hot, so hot i think i could stand that sort of heat. plus just once i’d like to see a naked man on top of a piano while a female singer/pianist croons about him.

        • roslynselene says:

          Norah Jones + Rob=Yes! Can you imagine the beautiful music those two would make? I’m talking about *actual* music not sex noises. Lol Yeah, I hope Rob can be happy with someone smart, witty and someone I can take seriously when people shout “True epic love”! Not insinuating Kristen isn’t or is.

    • Brenn says:

      I love this comment. Yep, that’s youth. I was there once–for a short time anyway. Wickedly fun.

    • maggie says:

      Beautifully and perfectly stated. A poetic version of the line “youth is wasted on the young”. If they could only see if from the perspective of one who has been there and knows that it doesn’t go on forever.

      Rob – I could help explain all this much better to you in person. Give me a call. Better yet, just drop on by – unannounced is fine with me. I’ll be waiting for you………..

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        totally – as brenn stated, youth can be “wickedly fun” – it’s just a matter of following that path. if i could do it all over again, i’d be less serious and uptight for sure. actually, i was thinking, if i was rob, i’d probably make similar decisions. i fell in love/lust with many many coworkers when i was his age….they were there, they were cute, they were there…did i mention they were there? so i cannot necessarily fault him for ease of access (that is, if robsten is a fact). later on he’ll probably date some hot lingerie model with a 160 IQ, then another costar or two, then finally settle down with one of us (god willing – i’d love that fairy tale ending, plus i’d love an inside account of rob in the sack – which would only be fair to disclose to fellow LTR followers, right?). but in the meantime, it’s nice to see him acting young, to the extent possible.

        • Brenn says:

          Love this — you are so right! Youth is wasted on the young. I try to live life without regret, but I do sometimes wish I’d been ‘young’ longer–and married later.

          I think that’s one of my big attractions to Rob (besides the jaw, the eyes, the ass) is that he’s living life as a young person should, but not crossing lines like some young stars seem to do. I love that fact he’s enjoying himself–wish it was with me though. Hey, a girl can dream.

  27. MidnightCougar says:

    Happy New Year LTR Ladies! *sigh* all I have to say is that it would have been MY perfect way to start 2011, with a New Year’s Eve kiss from Rob! 😉

  28. Robsessedgirl says:

    Listen, listen. First of all, that’s not even them in the supposedly kissing pic. that girls hair looks WAY TOO clean. plus she looks like she actually eats every once in a while. come on. seriously? I still don’t believe this shizz. I read a very nice post on tumblr yesterday that explained how k latches on to her costars because she has no friends and is a very disturbed person. since she has no friends, she went with the Britpack to IOW. and he wasn’t happy because of her in the smiling pic, he was happy because my fluffy bunny Tom probably was whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

    • roslynselene says:

      Haha, Tom, that home wrecking whore. 😉

    • Alex says:

      I am sorry to say that your comment is one of the lamest comment on this site ever. Lamer than shippers comments.


      A friendly request from all the Rob fans:

      Please guys please let it go. Just be happy for him. If robsten works its good for him if not then let it be.

      Just respect his freedom of choice. NO one need ur advice on how to date and whome to date. Do you want strangers to tell you what to do?

      This is ridiculous.

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        I am sorry that I don’t give a damn about your idiotic opinion.

        • Alex says:

          I know You dont and you dont have to. So do Rob and Kristen. Thay dont have to give dam about our comments. ONLY If people understand that!!!!!

          Dear UC and Moon,

          I really expected more maturity from the posters on this site as “We are Collage educated and Mature and professional” fan base.

          I know people here dont like kristen. But insulting is not what you encourage here?

          Oh well….we dont have to submit our resume to get a account to post here.

          I know every fandom has few fans……

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            wow. you are one fry away from a happy meal. can you just leave and be an idiot somewhere else, please? by your grammar usage I sincerely doubt you’re a genius. and insulting Moon and UC? I won’t tolerate that shit here. gtfo!

  29. a says:

    His hair looks FANTASTIC!

  30. Vera says:

    I think you all don´t believe in love. Do you?
    Kristen, the weird (in a bad way) + Rob, the weird (in a good way). Sounds perfect! It´s been a beautiful tale, indeed. (without Tom Stu)

    If Rob is happy, I am happy.

  31. Mieze says:

    I know I said it before, but I´ll say it again: The whole Robsten thing is weird. I mean, you don´t have to say that you are an item necessarily. I would keep mum as well, but nothing would keep me away from holding hands or kiss if I want to. I would feel like loosing my personal freedom if the public would retrench me in showing my affection for someone I love. I mean, how long is it possible to act like that if you are in love?
    I wonder how they handle this shit, or maybe it´s a game to get all horny and jump on each others bones in private…I don´t get it…sorry for creating that pic 😉

    • roslynselene says:

      “…or maybe it´s a game to get all horny and jump on each others bones in private…”

      I told you guys, it’s a fetish of theirs. They’re totally into awkward sex. That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it.

      • Mieze says:

        Roslyn, stop it, stop it, pleeeeaaasssseee…I am thinking in pictures and now I am imagining weird, fetish, akward Robsten-Schmex…sorry, I have to keep the s-word clean here 😉

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          oh my god I’m going to vomit. I can’t deal with these images. *whispers* I still think she’s gay. *ducks to avoid flying shoes from krisbians*

          • MidnightCougar says:

            LMFAO “*whispers* I still think she’s gay. *ducks to avoid flying shoes from krisbians*” You crack me up & I will gladly lend you my fencing shield for protection b/c this comment is priceless! 🙂

          • Mieze says:

            And you´ll get my shoes…together we would be the fellowship of the Rob…the shoes to throw back btw 😉

        • roslynselene says:

          Bhahaha you started painting the picture! Lol Sorry for the awkward sex. (That’s what Robsten said). 😉

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            I just can’t bring myself to think they’re actually “together”. it just won’t register in my brain. I’ll have to link the tumblr post I read when I’m home, it was THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

          • Mieze says:

            LOL, caught in the act and punished instantly 😉
            Seriously, I can see why people think that girl could be gay. She remineds me of an ill-mannered little boy sometimes, but God knows how I would act if i were in her shoes and chased by paparazzi. Maybe I would were a Shirt: ” Who the fuck is KStew?” 😉

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            I don’t have empathy for her at all, I just hate her. she’s classless, I’m sorry. I think she prefers the female variety.

          • roslynselene says:

            Or: “Get off my dick, Robsten” You know, just be sure to keep it klassy.

          • Mieze says:

            “Get off my dick, Robsten” You know, just be sure to keep it klassy.

            ROFL, THAT would be very funny!

          • roslynselene says:

            Or this. The hands groping my boobs are a nice klassy touch, don’t you think?

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        i love the fetish theory. i once dated a 32 year old locksmith when i was an 18 year old student and i felt the need to keep it under wraps. it did add to the excitement…and believe me, that whole sordid-lame affair needed excitement for me to give a damn. but i honestly don’t understand why the robsten thing has been such a secret for so long? then again, i admire their self control. i’d be horrible at keeping that secret – i’m not sure i could remove my hand from his ass if we were out in public together.

    • Alex says:

      You dont have to get it honey. Just remember peopl are different.

      How many times Rob has to say that he doesnt want to talk about his relationships because he doesnt like random strangers talking about it all the time over the internet and analyse everything about it.

      This includes obsessive shippers and ignorant haters. To me both teams are very annoying.

      Lets support Rob and enjoy his films,intervies and photoshoots. He is not our private property.

      • Mieze says:

        ” How many times Rob has to say that he doesnt want to talk about his relationships because he doesnt like random strangers talking about it all the time over the internet and analyse everything about it…”

        Alex, that´s the part I GET, what I don´t understand is the effort of hiding public affection to the point of resigning …like not kissing on NYE. I wouldn´t forgo something like that. But as you said I don´t have to understand it, so there might be no need to explain 😉

        ” This includes obsessive shippers and ignorant haters. To me both teams are very annoying.
        Lets support Rob and enjoy his films,intervies and photoshoots. He is not our private property…”

        Get where you´re coming from.

        • Alex says:

          As I said People are different. I did not kiss my husband on NYE. I know most of our friends didnt as they were with their guy and gal friends at that time. I dodnt understand why it is such a big deal. For some people it is not a life or death thing.LOL

          and we dont know if they did kiss or not. Now we totally rely on that fan girls commenet? Are we making all these comments based on one photo or a fans comment? I expected more than that from posters on this site.

          If i remember right she also has mentioned that she was kissing her BF so she couldnt 100% sure. If you have followed Rob for all these years I dont think he will do anything in front of all the people and knowing about tel cameras, twitter and facebook. To me it is just a common sense. I dont blame them for not giving us PDA to satisfy our desires…or something. Why do we want to see others kissing,etc etc. I will definitely feel SICK if people take photos of me kissing or PDA and put on internet and other making comments on it. I dont think Rob is one of those celebrities. Thats one of the thing I like about him.

          What I am saying is we dont have enough evidance to say that they did or didnot Kiss on NYE and its cant be such a BIG deal either way.

          BTW as I said before, I will always support him as a fan.I just love him as a human being. He seems to be a good guy plus he makes me happy.

          and I am glad that you can understand what Isaid about EXTREME shippers and haters-both are very harmful.

        • Mieze says:

          Alex, I don´t wanna get any further, but I do respect your opinion. We are adults, we should be able to discuss things civillised. I agree with some of the logic in your answer: You are right about the fact that we couldn´t know what really happened on NYE because we weren´t there and people indeed ARE different.

  32. Robsessedgirl says:

    Tom and Rob drunkenly sang “I Just Had Sex”. BELIEVE me, it happened. ah, to be in love.

  33. JessicaTheShark says:

    It would be funny if they go there again next NYE. They’ll think that we’ll think that they wouldn’t go there for the third time in a row, and go anyway, lol.
    OR! Or…
    They won’t go there next NYE, but on New Year’s DAY, they’ll show up on the IOW and boggle our minds. XD

  34. sharon says:

    Well, I would say that they are sentimental and it was like their first time to make love last NYE, but who are we kidding? So there must be something else that draws them there, oh wait, could it be that it’s where Rob was and since he is a guy he’s not all that imaginative when it comes to planning this stuff, so he just called Kristen up and said, “Ok I’m going to the IOW to celebrate NYE, and if you’d like to join me, that’d be great..” Kristen probably gets this about Rob and almost all guys, so she said, “Sure, at lease it’s not the IHOP.” (she realizes that it very well could have been.) Unfortunately they won’t pull this one off again next year, unless they truly go to alot of trouble with disguises and actually disperse body doubles to various places all around the globe. It might be easier to just stay home next NYE.

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