MTV asks us to AskRob and we’ve got some questions

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Josh Horowitz says what?!

Dear Rob,

With Water for Elephants just around the corner all the press is starting to heat up MTV is going to be doing a lil segment with you called Ask Rob where they (duh) ask you questions submitted by fans via twitter to @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskRob. So of course we couldn’t leave Josh Horowitz up to his own fanboy devices so we’ve come up with some questions, if given the chance, we’d #AskRob… cause really we should be asked to interview you cause I can tell you we would NOT be asking about your hair or sparkling or abs. So with that in mind and our self imposed moratorium on questions pertaining to Le Stew and Twilight here is what we would…

Ask Rob

Hmmm how shall I answer this??

  • Why have you not returned any of my calls? #AskRob
  • Follow up question are you planning any bigger jumps in Vancouver or are you going to try a different approach say dancing or leaping maybe? #AskRob


  • If you could only choose one flavor to eat for the rest of your life would be be ham and broccoli or pepperoni and three cheese hot pockets? #AskRob
  • If you became too busy to do errands do you feel comfortable letting Tom Sturridge choose what underwpants you wear for the rest of your life? #AskRob
  • Does Reese make your list of Top 3 MILFS? #AskRob
  • Tell us the truth- did you ever fall asleep with Rosie in the elephant stall? #AskRob
  • Since you’re so close, if Rosie was ever out of a job and asked to crash on your couch would you let her? #AskRob
  • Did you ever slip up and call Christophe Waltz Capt Von Trapp? And moreover would you agree that Christophe is the Christopher Plummer of our generation? #AskRob


  • Tell the truth, is Martin the dog named after the guitar brand or are you just a huge Martin fan? #DaaaaamnGina #AskRob

Then since I’m equal opportunity and I like to be unbiased I asked a guy friend what he would ask Rob if he would. After assuring me he was straight and asking me not to reveal his identity (I’m sure you can guess) and me telling him to “be nicer” he gave me these questions to #AskRob

Don't mind that heavy breathing on the other end of the line, that's just me

  • Have you accepted your slow and unenviable decline into mediocrity and general luke perry-ness yet, or are you waiting until after rehab? #AskRob
  • When did you realize you were gay? #AskRob
  • Do you ever worry that your face is going to get stuck like that? #AskRob
  • How long do you think you can use being British as a cover for you being the weirdest dude alive? #AskRob
  • In the middle of the night, do you ever wake up in a cold sweat screaming DAMN YOU BEIBER!? #AskRob

So maybe not nicer but definitely made us laugh. Clearly we need to be put in a room with you for 15 minutes. We should also be allowed to interview you at some point, but that’s neither here nor there.

Happy Friday!

What would you ask Rob if given the chance? Should we take bets on how long Josh Horowitz waits to ask about Kristen or Breaking Dawn? Have a question but don’t have twitter or don’t want to sully the rep of your feed? Post it in the comments and we’ll ask the ones that make us laugh the most!

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131 Responses to “MTV asks us to AskRob and we’ve got some questions”

  1. dazzledtodeath says:

    Having seen some of the questions that have been sent in, I can only send up a prayer that Josh Horowitz has a rare moment of common sense and scraps all the PR’sten/BD/baby questions. In the likely event this doesn’t happen, I hope Rob gets up and leaves at the first “Have you and Spew discussed baby names yet?”-type question.

    Please let Rob promote WFE-you have an amazing opportunity here-don’t throw it away asking stupid, repetitive questions that he won’t answer anyway.

  2. JodieO says:

    I read in Vanity Fair that you have an assistant now. Is it part of his or her duty to light scented candles to keep you comfortable and make sure all of your shirts are buttoned properly?

  3. niahid says:

    * How long do you think you can use being British as a cover for you being the weirdest dude alive? #AskRob

    * In the middle of the night, do you ever wake up in a cold sweat screaming DAMN YOU BEIBER!? #AskRob


    Does Reese make your list of Top 3 MILFS? #AskRob


    • The Old One says:

      Clearly the dude who came up with these questions is VERY into Rob, he knows him so well–do I detect jealousy? (Also hysterically funny!)

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Or was there maybe a hopeful note in the question “When did you realize that you were gay?” 🙂

        By the way, English guys are not necessarily gay just because they wiggle their eyebrows, giggle and have loose wrist movements: it’s genetic. Generations of boarding school affects you that way…

  4. #WIN

    I already asked (doh!!!)
    -what’s under his bed these days (except for TomStu of course)
    -good (read drunk) stories from the roadtrip
    -who did they loose during the famous roadtrip: one of the Britpack, the car, their way, or even worse (OMG!) a pack of beer
    – and also, to cover Bel-Ami why else, I asked about sleeping one’s way up: no way or always a good excuse for sex

    And in the light of your post, I might add:

    Considering your past “borrowing” things from the set, how many times did you think of stealing Rosie and took measures to see if she would fit in the elevator of your hotel?

    AND YES they should ask you to interview him, the level of lameness in the others’ interviews is just too much. Also Holywoodcrush selected some questions, and besides the fact the girl has no logics in her sentences, it was ZZZZZZZZZZ
    Like how was it working w/ CW, an academy winner? Probably he would come w/ his statue and threaten to put it in someone’s ass while still doing his speech. i mean seriously what can you answer, and WHO cares?

    Dear MTV,
    You should be fun, you’re MTV. Plus the story seems like a cheese, so just be fun, really!

    • robgirl86 says:

      “Considering your past “borrowing” things from the set, how many times did you think of stealing Rosie and took measures to see if she would fit in the elevator of your hotel?”


    • Cath says:

      “how many times did you think of stealing Rosie and took measures to see if she would fit in the elevator of your hotel?”

      Hahahahahahaha MP, ma chère Robette, for that only you deserve the funniest comment of the day award!!! 😉

      (And P.S. I think he thought about that every day on set…hahaha)

    • Eyre_head says:

      You know his assistant must be searching the real estate listings for the perfect 4br/4ba w/ bkyd (so spacious you host a circus in it).

      Found this listing –

      It even has a “big top” look as part of the living room’s design.

      Perfect publicity stunt – Rob takes Rosie to the WFE premiere.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Not sure Rob would buy it though. It’s a John LAUTNER designed home!!

        • Eyre_head says:

          Oops! That would blow Ryan Seacrest’s mind if Rob did buy it using the WFE money. (On the radio interview Ryan asked Rob how it felt to be playing a “Jacob” instead an “Edward”.) It would make a could conspiracy story for the Enquirer – “Rob forced by the fates to play only roles related to the Twilight world”

  5. enviro says:

    Ladies, I’m just not clever enough to add to this awesome list of questions, the MILF one and all the guy’s questions made me LOL. Just going to add THANKS for a lift for my Friday that was not off to a good start!

  6. robgirl86 says:

    Define “traumatic” #askRob
    Are you really slowenian? #askRob
    Where is my Spice-girl’s bandshirt? #askRob …oh wait, this I have to ask someone else 🙂

  7. melronin says:

    Great questions ladies…in the post as well as in the comments.
    You said it all….or asked it all…

    just one thing…

    Please no Twi/BD/PR/RP questions at this point…
    Chris Weitz answered already almost everything on twitter 🙂
    Would love to hear only questions about WFE and the baby’s future plans….that would be great…


    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      LOL – Chris Weitz definitely has been a one-man Twilight-answering machine on Twitter. He’s the bestest.

      But speaking of plans for the future, I do hope questions re: Rob’s musical inclinations and aspirations are asked. Or just questions about music in general – like what has he been listening to, more about who inspires him musically. I would love to know the top 10 most played songs on his iPod.

      • Maggie says:

        How funny is Chris Weitz?? I think I love him.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          He’s sharp, witty, goofy…and sometimes dorky. Checking his twitter feed is addictive. 🙂

      • The Old One says:

        Check out this early LTR, where the gals review the songs on his iPod that he said were his favorites in some interview. You’ll be blown away:

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Thanks TOO. Back in 2009, I had no interest in Rob (I don’t know what was wrong with me!). So if he had a playlist on iTunes back then, I most likely ignored it. Celebrity playlists typically suck anyhow – only a few gems. I have to say that his playlist is impressive. Blues, jazz, rock, soul, he’s got it all in there. I don’t think I liked that many types of music back when I was in my early twenties. Damn it, per usual “every little thing he does is magic, every thing he does just turns me on”(my Rob theme song).

          • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

            I know. Looking back, I can see that it was his love for non-Nickelback/Lil’ Wayne music that cemented my love for him.

            No offence to Nickelback and/or Lil’ Wayne lovers

  8. robsfuturemate says:

    After much thought I do have a question:
    Isn’t Martin the dog your assistant’s dog?! (at least that’s what I remember from VF)
    So do you really have a dog and is it the Jack Russell from WFE?
    If not what kind of dog do you have?

    Uh, I guess that was more than one. But I’m curious if you have another little yappy dog. (which won’t help keeping the gay questions at bay, just sayin)

    • The Old One says:

      Yeah, I’m very confused about the dog thing.

      So, like MP said, do you think he tried to buy Rosie first, but because she was a highly-trained movie animal they wouldn’t do it, and then he tried to buy the WFE dog instead as a compromise?

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I’m thinking a Jack Russell Terrier is a lot easier to steal off the set than a however many hundred pound elephant!!!

  9. natteringyeahrobber says:

    – What happened in Zuni? I mean, TomStu has alluded to something happening there, as have you. Did you all smoke a little peyote, get naked, and get all mystical a sweat lodge? Or did you just have some really good Southwestern scrambled eggs at a truck stop?
    – Did you have the 80K date with that fan yet? If so, was it everything you expected, and did she yell “look, rich celeb guy, I didn’t pay 80K to just look at your hair, kneel down, bend over my leg and let me run my hands through it?”
    – Do you think Cosmopolis should be shot in 3-D? Because that would be fun for your fans.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Actually I guess most people don’t smoke peyote. I didn’t think so, not sure why I asked you if you smoked it, because that would give you an easy “no” answer. Only amateurs smoke it. So let me rephrase the question. Did you take peyote and say “whoa” a lot?

      • Isn’t it the less funny drug that makes you throw up & is all sacred wierd? Anyhow, the point is there WE NEED THE KIND OF 2ND DIMENSION STORIES, the roadtrip is my fav. subject.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Yah, it’s a psychedelic drug, often used in rituals.

          There was a great scene in Sopranos where Tony (a big mess of an Italian mob boss, if you haven’t seen The Sopranos) and a Las Vegas stripper take peyote and watch the sun rise in the desert together. Tony gets this look on his face after taking it (very similar to the look TomStu gives in interviews when he mentions Zuni) and says “I GET IT.” I am picturing Rob and Tom in a similar mind-altered state in Zuni.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      ” did she yell “look, rich celeb guy, I didn’t pay 80K to just look at your hair, kneel down, bend over my leg and let me run my hands through it?”

      LMAO!!! That’s sooo Normal! I like it 🙂

  10. natalie_MKH says:

    Ok, I suck at this. Just sat here typing then erasing for five minutes. All political questions. All serious. Here goes my sense of humor…

    Ever took a pic of your penis next to a measuring tape and slipped it into some pics you were sharing with Kstew? Is that how you won her over?

    One funny drunk story. I want to know why I have to ask for this.

    Go to Karaoke song?

    Tell Bobby Long he’s a douche bag.

    Still haven’t read that VF articale but if you’re as bummed as they seem to be saying come my town. You could be ‘normal’ here. I promise. Although, if any of the guys figured out who you were some drunk guy would probably want to race you to prove he’s faster than a vampire but just buy him a drink and sneak out why he’s waiting. (Not a question, I’m aware) Why so sad Panda Bear?

    Your thoughts on the GOP’s presidential candidates? Is there anyone out there that could compete with Obama? Are Brits as lax as I imagine them to be when it comes to thier politics? (I have these fantasies that Rob is very aware and involved in American poitics.)

    • roslynselene says:

      He won her over with photoshopping his head on Vanessa Hudgen’s (wtf is her name) already naked body and just sent it. And now they live happily ever after. The end.

      Bobby Long is a dbag? Well fine but he’s a dbag with awesome music!

      • natalie_MKH says:

        Ha ha! I like his music too, and that’s what makes him a douche bag. Tried to ‘meet’ him twice now just to get a record signed. Not trying to get to know the kid, just an autograph. First time he was ‘sick’, which he might have been, whatever. Second time, I had to buy somthing, yes, actually purchase something even though I PRE-ORDERED his cd and got all the crap they were selling just to ‘meet’ him. Mind you he was surrounded by people as though at any moment he was going to be mobbed by the gaggle of 18 or 50 yr old women that were there. Anyway, guy was out there for like ten minutes then was ushered out like Michael Jackson. So, he can suck it. Not to mention, was at a Dropkick Murphys show a few weeks later and they have a much larger fan base and yet they managed to climb their buts down off stage and say hi. Just saying that if the guys of DKM can come shake a few hands and say thanks for the support, so can Bobby Long. I promise to never speak of this again.

        • roslynselene says:

          Well that sucks. I’m not one to ask for autographs or pictures cause I know how celebs can be. I wouldn’t even ask Rob cause I hate getting shot down and I have to be honest, I’m too proud to put myself in that situation. I sound horrible but it’s true. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          I hope the boy isn’t getting a big head. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though.

  11. LatersBaby says:

    Dear Rob,

    What does the phrase ‘Fifty Shades’ mean to you? #askrob.

    SM reads LTT, do you read LTR? #askrob

    Has TomStu ever cried in your arms after you’ve made love to him? Did his lips get extra-extra soft? #askrob

    • MidnightCougar says:

      YES Baby! I agree, we need to know whether Rob reads LTR! This is totes an important question. 🙂

  12. Vera says:

    When you were told that TomStu is going to have sex with a man and your girlfriend is going to join a threesome, in OTR, What did you feel like?#ask Rob

    When have you decided to stop dressing xadrez shirts? Does it mean you left the Britpack? It means that when you stop putting yourself down you will have left your teen girlfriend?#ask Rob

  13. Maggie says:

    What’s the truth about the dog stories?

    How does a person have a dog when they don’t live anywhere?

    Did they make you wear that MTV jacket to promote this interview? Do you think their “countdown” of your most famous inteview with them was lame?

    Why haven’t you called me?

    Was it scary having an alligator wrapped around your neck? Did they have to give him some peyote to mellow him out?

    Do you stay in touch with Tai? Do you two ever hang out?

    Does the acronym MotU mean anything to you? What about the term “Laters, Baby”?

    How come you stood me up for our lunch date at In-and-Out? Was I at the wrong location? Did I have the wrong day?

    Do you think you could learn a lot from older women? And if so, what would you like them to teach you? And are you taking any volunteers?

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Dear Maggie,

      Rob here, via NYR (I finally showed up to her work – she’s letting me use her computer as long as she can sit on my lap and nuzzle my neck as I type this).

      What’s the truth about the dog stories?
      Try not to trust news sources with bright pink backgrounds and cartoonish looking reporter avatars.

      How does a person have a dog when they don’t live anywhere?
      I’ll be moving to Zuni with Tom. And I’ll need a live-in dog walker and someone to help me relax as soon as I get home. Interested?

      Did they make you wear that MTV jacket to promote this interview? Do you think their “countdown” of your most famous inteview with them was lame?
      Countdowns are always lame, no? Maybe not space shuttle countdowns, but those are a thing of the past. I wore the jacket to try and blend in with other guys, but it backfired. Again.

      Why haven’t you called me?
      I prefer in person discussions. Not so good with phones, except maybe phone sex. Meet me at In-N-out after Leno.

      Was it scary having an alligator wrapped around your neck? Did they have to give him some peyote to mellow him out?
      Alligator was attracted to me. I could tell she wanted to lick me. I let her and she was instantly calmed. Until a few minutes later, then she wanted to mate with me. I had to run. Fortunately, she was just as happy mating with my MTV jacket, I guess it had enough of my smell on it.

      Do you stay in touch with Tai? Do you two ever hang out?
      Tai and I are going on a road trip to Zuni soon. Who needs peyote when you already have a spirit guide?

      Does the acronym MotU mean anything to you? What about the term “Laters, Baby”?
      Wait until I show you my Live-In-Dog-Walker Terms and Conditions of Employment.

      How come you stood me up for our lunch date at In-and-Out? Was I at the wrong location? Did I have the wrong day?
      See answer to question one – Summit PR machine leaks erroneous locations to gossip mags. Sorry Maggie, would have been there if I could have. Let’s order something off the super secret menu sometime. Or we can just play in and out. Heh Heh.

      Do you think you could learn a lot from older women? And if so, what would you like them to teach you? And are you taking any volunteers?
      I prefer to do much of the teaching. I may be young, but Christoph Waltz taught me a thing or two. I think you might be interested. Please refer to your Live-In Dog Walker Terms and Conditions of Employment.

      • Maggie says:

        ROFLMAO!!! Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor where I’ve been rolling around for the last 10 minutes laughing so hard that I’m in tears and now that my co-workers have stopped peeking in to see whether or not they should be calling the paramedics becaue I’m having seizures, let me say that you have my full support to be the winner of the coveted Pulitzer Prize of LTR entries. This one is priceless. I printed it up and folded it into a neat little square so that I can pull it out and get hysterical whenever I feel the need.

        Oh, and when you get a sec, pull your nuzzle out of that gorgeous boy’s neck and let him know I’m ready to be the dog walker in Zuni – all conditions of employment are a go. (And I’ll even walk Tai).

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          I can imagine it. They’ve been to Zuni. I GET IT.

          So, Rob’s been to SF twice now. Once in 2008, and today in my office. Only I must suck at nuzzling his neck, because he just disappeared. I told him I’d be back with some special green drink and when I returned he was gone. I guess he had to make some flight to LA – he mentioned also that he had to meet “someone special” at In-N-Out. I hope she’s worth it!

  14. Brenn says:

    Do you prefer sleeping in my steel blue 800 ct. sheets or my 650 ct. ivory microfiber sheets?

    After seeing me in both, do you like the red lingerie or the black lingerie?

    What side of the bed do you prefer?


  15. GoodgirlgonePlaid says:

    WHERE is the stoli shirt? #askrob

    BA or Virgin? (Just in case the fates align) #ask rob

    MonsterMunch or SpaceRaiders?

    When filming with WFE circusfolk, how many times did you consider permanently joining them? #ask rob

    When you hear that peeps like Matt Smith/Sam Riley/Johnny Flynn are doing great UK based projects do you want to come back to London? (YES!) #ask rob

  16. roslynselene says:

    Alright fuck-o’s, I’m betting $5 that Josh Horrorwits asks a Twilight/Kristen/BD/bullshit question in the first hmmm 5-7 minutes? And then another one in between. And then he squeezes in a Robsten question right in the last 15 seconds. Yeah, real journalism be damned! I mean, it is MTV after all. They’re the same ones who created Jersey Shore. You don’t expect much from them.

    #AskRob if he’s seen this?
    DO it, Moon! With all the dog rumors, this seems appropriate.

    • Maggie says:

      I’ve said it before: Josh Horowitz is a teenage girl.

      And I love Bobby Long. Do you have his CD? Awesomeness.

      • roslynselene says:

        Worse, he’s a Robsten teenage girl with no capacity of keeping his thoughts in his head. I can’t believe he actually asked Rob about him and SWSNBN having a baby. Second hand embarrassed for him.

        I don’t have his latest CD (Winter something?) but I heard some of his songs from his other album, Dirty Pond, and I was planning on buying it but it said it’s only sold at shows. Boooo.

        • Maggie says:

          Didn’t mean any disrespect to teenage fans (as in any that are wise enough to be here at LTR). As you say, JH is like the screaming meanie Robsten lovin’ type of crazy fan that make me go meh. Often when I think of him I picture him jumping up and down, waiving his arms and shreiking. The type of crazies that reside here – teenage or otherwise – are just plain awesome.

          #Ask Rob: When are you going to join the convos here at LTR already? We’ve been waiting a long time.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Hey Ros! Maggie and I are seriously considering going to the Bobby Long show in April. Did you get tickets? Please say your going, it would be absofreakinlutely awesome if we could all get together!

          • roslynselene says:

            Yay! I’m buying tickets right now! 😀 Do you know if there’s an age requirement? My 15 y/o sister wants to go too but I don’t know if they have a limitation.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            It doesn’t list anything about ages so it should be okay. Usually if it’s 18 or 21+ the say. I’m getting uber excited about this. Even if he is a dbag, lol!

          • roslynselene says:

            I’m getting excited too! I bought them already and I didn’t see anything about ages either so I’m going to take my sister. He better not be a douche but if he is, I’ll add him to my list of talented douches next to John Mayer. 😛

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      OMG, if I owned a bar, that painting would SO be in it. Actually, I’d love to own a bar and just have fan art all over the place (there would always be copies of Twilight, WFE, BA and Cosmopolis behind the bar, in case anyone wanted to borrow). And I’d load all of Rob’s 2009 iTunes playlist into the jukebox (though I guess most bars don’t have those now, but damnit mine would). I’ll call my bar Hotel Rob and the sign would say, in small print, “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

  17. LadyN says:

    BWahhaah these are FAWESOME! I hope your questions make it.

    I especially like how you don’t give him a fair choice for hot pockets or Broccoli and ham. BWAHHHHHH. Nice touch.

    I’m DYING to hear what he thinks about the meme!

    Ohh Dear Rob,

    I just wish you knew there were fans out there who aren’t out there to get you or hurt you. And who would literally love to just shake your HUGE hand if we met you, maybe a soft peck on your cheek. That’s it. No harassment.

    If I could, I’d save you from stray dogs like you saved Marvin. :-/


    Helpless sighhhh,

  18. Cath says:

    Good questions Moon, ahahaha, I’m happy you could get your letter back! And I do love your train of thought. 😉

    Personally I’d like to know about #1 myself too.
    Come on Rob, just pull your left earlobe one time tonight on camera if you’ve tried, as you wanted to stay in touch last time we spoke. Wait, erm, that was probably just Robward in a FF inspired dream…

    Never mind, just pull my – oops – I mean, your finger then…Or bite your lip, it’s all good.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Yes, Rob, if you read LTR, please give us a sign. Pull your earlobe, then your finger, then bite your lip. Maybe also slap your cheek as if you were slapping a mosquito. Wink at the camera twice. Then hop up and down three times and fist bump Josh. It will look strange, yes, but that way we’ll know for SURE that you love us. It might also turn off many fangirls – but that’s OK, you only need us NORMAL ones anyhow.

  19. MariaCecilia says:

    1. If you get a dog, what kind will it be?
    2. How could I best emulate said dog’s hair style?
    3. Would you, when drunk, be prepared to mistake me for said dog, and cuddle with me in sofa?
    4. Do you use deodorant or after shave?
    5. If you, contrary to popular belief, answered “yes” to question no 4, please elaborate: what kind?
    6. If I use the same product, will this help me get past your body guards because they will then confuse you with me? (I already have messy hair because of the dog emulation and I do own a plaid shirt)
    7. Will you please forget I asked these questions and go get a dog now?

  20. Alex says:

    Whether we like or not there will definitely be BD ques as he is 1 still shooting 2 famous for those films until a film like WFe do extremely well at BO anf 3. there is a huge damad for BD qestions

    But I also hope they will ask only few BD questions.

    Yes More time should be given to WFE and and promote himself as an actor.

    Though I dont dislike Robsten. I say NO to those ques (unless he wants to talk about it )as they are getting old. Everyone who has a sound mind know the story by now.

    What about my questions for Rob? Dont be offended. I am not targeting u guys!!!!!

    Dear Rob,

    Do you read LTR?

    How do U feel when ur own fans make (not so cool) fun of you? (not always but)

    Do you think that you owe fans ur whole life just b/c they buy movie tickets?

    What do you think of TROLLs on your Board and people who keep feeding them when there is a thread “Ignore Trolls” bumps all the time?

    How do you feel when some fans making comments saying that they dont want to date you just B/C they think that u have dirty Fingure nails? Do you get hurt?

    What is ur thoughts on people who pretend that they know you and ur personal life plus ur love life better than u do?………….Oh wait he has been talking about it past 3 yrs and recently in VF interview……….so

    Why do you think fans keep ignoring ur true feelings? sad?

    My serious Questions are:

    How do u feel about some HW actors name dropping you when they have a film to promote or award show?

    What do you thaink of media people who use Twilight and ur name while hating both?

    Do u thing HW try to connect ur name to every single project to get some attention?

    Do u really think u only have teenage fan girls?

    The END.

    Love and peace.

    • roslynselene says:

      I don’t think Rob gives a shit what I think of his dirty fingernails. And if he does, then he needs to get those dirty hands cleaned more often so that we can all shut the hell up about them. Yes, Rob. It’s ALL we talk about behind your back.

    • MidnightCougar says:

      I am certain that Rob knows that he does NOT have only “teenage fan girls”.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        But does he still think we’re all in love with EDWARD not him? That’s what the VF article implied, but he made it seem like he was misquoted in that article. So maybe not.

    • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

      “How do you feel when some fans making comments saying that they dont want to date you just B/C they think that u have dirty Fingure nails? Do you get hurt?”

      I thought the fingernails was just an ltr thing….

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Haha! Thanks for that! I just followed the links to “How to Get a Date with Rob Pattinson”

        1. “now is the time to brush up on your music lessons” already broke out the guitar. Brown eyed girl is my next musical conquest.

        2.”practice your dart and pool playing.” Darts we got, now got to play more pool.

        3.”try bettering your acting skills.” Open casting call for WFE last year, better try again!

        Looks like I’m on my way ladies 🙂

        • robsfuturemate says:

          PS- the difficulty level on this is EASY. Right.

          • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

            Pfffttt….Its child’s play for u LTR girls.

            I followed another link from that page. How to be an obsessed RP fan:

            “Celebrate his birthday on May 13, 1986. Give the party a London theme since he was born there. Add some vampire touches to it as well.”
            (Wanna co-host the shindig with me, RFM?)

            “Countdown the number of days until the new movie hits the silver screen. Host marathons of Rob’s other film appearances on the final week.
            (Dont we already do this?)

            “Poster your walls with photos of Robert”
            (My wall does have a huge poster of Mr. Robert. But he happens to be a Zimmerman)

            I’m surpried they didnt add ‘sew pants with his face on them.’

          • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

            I meant us LTR girls. Typing at 6 in the morning isnt my forte.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Yay! British Vampires is my fav party theme!! lol. I’m sure we could do better than that! And yes, everyone must wear PattinsonPants.

          • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

            Our theme could be plaid. RayBans are appreciated.

      • roslynselene says:

        I read that article two months ago! I thought I’d give it a shot. *SPOILER ALERT* It didn’t work.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Oh, it’s gonna work. I’m getting closer everyday!!!

        • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

          I think she’ talking about the getting over article, RFM, not the dating one. 😛

          roslynselene, I kinda tried it too once when a friend showed me the article. It wont work. You can remove all physical evidence of him ever existing but how to get him out of your mind?

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Ah, yes. I think you’re right. I should have known that Ros wouldn’t be dissin my dream!! 😉

  21. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Forgot one question. Rob, what do you have against San Francisco? You’ve been to NY, LA, Chicago, most major cities in the Southwest, Texas, New Orleans/Baton Rouge. So at this point, not coming here is almost an insult.

    Do you have some sort of fog phobia? It’s not even that foggy here anymore, unless you are right on the coastline. We have lots of cheeseburger joints here too, in fact I thought about you when I was eating one yesterday. It was so good. You can be super incognito here. All you have to do is slap on your Ray-bans, wear some fleece covered in dog hair, and go to one of the many Farmer’s Markets here. You can pay $2.50 for an heirloom onion, just like all the rest of us! Look, if you need a tour guide, I’m here. I don’t have peyote, but DH and I make booze at home and I’m sure the effects of our booze are equally enlightening.



    • The Old One says:

      Nat, he was here to promote Twilight (Hot Topic at Stonestown mall) and there was a near riot, girls got trampled. And that was in 2008 when no one knew about him. I think he must have gotten a bad impression.

      On the other hand TomStu was here not long ago to film part of On The Road, and from all reports had a pap- and mob-free good time in North Beach pretending to be a Beatnik. Maybe he’ll tell Rob about it and they’ll come back and be Beatniks together!

      • Maggie says:

        “Maybe he’ll tell Rob about it and they’ll come back and be Beatniks together!”

        LOL! Can you imagine anything cuter than the two of them being beatniks???

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        TOO – you are now my go-to source for anything Rob-history related. I nominate you to be Rob’s official archivist. I thought he almost came to SF once but then cancelled. I did NOT know he’s actually been here. Stonestown…LOL. I haven’t been there in at least 10 years.

        I do think he and TomStu should visit SF. My office is walking distance to City Lights and Vesuvio’s. I think I have a beret somewhere, how hot would Rob look in a beret (wait…I’m sure you have an image of that somewhere, TOO, and I’m sure he’s hot).

        • The Old One says:

          In pre-Rob days, I used my memory powers for productive things. Now, when I try to think of random facts I used to know, they’ve all been erased by random facts and photos about Rob. Well, at least I’ll always have a job entertaining you, Nat.
          And no, there are no pictures of Rob with a beret.

  22. Alex says:

    Whats happening with this JLeno show?

    I just cant find any interesting detailed live updates on 10000 of fan sites.

    WAITING eagally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. roslynselene says:

    Kay, just got home. Horrorwits interview starting in 10 min. Get that popcorn ready and let’s watch this. Whether it be an awkward trainwreck or the most spectacular show on earth, let’s see how this goes down.

    *munches on popcorn* 😀

  24. roslynselene says:

    The interview was pretty good. I laughed so that’s a good sign. Josh sort of stayed on the BD questions a tad too long towards the end but overall it was great. Rob’s too funny. Talking about how delicious animals are and that he loves Tai so much, he want to eat her. IDK but that was somewhat hilarious in a weird way. One down interview down, one more to go! 😀

    p.s cello? I need to hear him play it! Oh and he wants to do gigs again. Hopefully later on he can. Soooo much win to talk about but I don’t want to write a book.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I. LOVE. HIM.

      -And his dog. Bear? “Sometimes Yogi. ”

      -“Kneel, open your mouth, smile, and pray.” WIN.

      -“I couldn’t get out of doing a Christopher Walken accent” DOUBLE WIN. Put them both on SNL, stat.

      -And I liked his comments about the twitter names: RobException – “what’s the exception?” and
      “WFEBabe, but she’s TwiBabe underneath…not fooling me!”

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Oh and:

        “7 hours of behaving like monkeys while eating someone’s orange chicken wings.”

        Watching it was really like falling in love all over again.

      • The Old One says:

        Did you not want to be a fly on the wall to see the expression on the face of the Polish interviewer, when Rob says to her, “kneel, open your mouth, smile and pray” … OMG.

      • roslynselene says:

        Yeah! I loved all of these things. But his icky sex scene with Reese? Oh god, I think I cringed. I REFUSE to believe that was true (re: runny nose and sniffling on her wig). I don’t believe him one bit. Knowing Rob, I think he was just saying that to gross us out and kill the mood. Smh Bhahaha!

  25. Rob's Flaming Dashboard says:

    It was classic Rob!
    (I’ve been too busy to breathe lately but I make time to read LTR even though I haven’t been able to comment. Hi everybody 😀 )

    • roslynselene says:

      You know, I was thinking about you yesterday when I was watching that interview w/Rob talking about how his car caught fire. Lol I was like, “Oh yeah! Where’s Rob’s Flaming Dashboard? Does she still comment?” Haha!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I thought the same thing! I also thought of you yesterday when we were discussing initials on LTR. I sometimes get my name confused with yours! lol
        It’s been a while RFD, glad you were able to stop by and comment! Miss you <3

        • RobsFan-tasy says:

          *drumming my fingers on the table* LOL I’m still waiting for RFM to come up with a NN for RFT so I ca BS on LTR with NYR and steal the FRM from Maggie(TWSS) and have dreams about WFE and RM and BD and make you all wonder WTF? B/C? IDK, They work in my FF called WIT! and BTW, RP happy on MTV was a MFWin! and Tai just got SWMNBN and RW confused! TTFN GF’s. MMwwuuaahhh *giggles*
          *skips away singing “I believe I can fly”*

          Dear Rob,
          See my love, you are not the only one who is bi-lingual. LOL
          Great seeing you baby! still waiting for my PM.
          Forever your girl,

          serious P.S. someone totes shoulda asked the Laters Baby, MotU, Fifty shades question.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            LMAO!!! Confused, RW? RonWeasely?!

          • RobsFan-tasy says:

            @ RFM RE: RW?

            Reese Witherspoon!!! LOL

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Oh!! No wonder I didn’t get it! How could anyone get SWSNBN confused with Reese!!! Especially a smart creature like Tai!

            Enough with your bilingual-ism already! I’m sure Rob is impressed. (pst, Rob. I speak Spanish and have been studying fab British slang.)

        • RobsFan-tasy says:

          LOL well maybe she wasn’t confused. After all, Tai is a female too! maybe it was on purpose. Rob did say Tai liked his underpants. *grins*
          Oh I’d Impress Him if he’d only gimme a chance! *insert wicked laughter here*

  26. RobsFan-tasy says:

    @ Maggie and RFM I fully intend to make and entire chapter or Two in WIT using our posts from yesturday and today (with some editing of course) Unless either one of you ladies object 😀

    • robsfuturemate says:

      It’s fine with me as long as you write a special version for me where he falls in love with me instead of you! 😉

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Ooh nice one, let the “Fantasy” begin! How was Leno?

        • robsfuturemate says:

          UGH!! Didn’t get tickets. I’m still a little bitter about it. Haven’t even watched it yet. I’m just reveling in the glorious one liners from MTV for now!

      • RobsFan-tasy says:

        Now why would I do that? *giggles* Actually my Bella is a little bit of all of us! So, my Edward Loves is all!! *G*

        HEY MC!!! *waving* How ya doin’ BB??

        • MidnightCougar says:

          I’m great darlin’, but between work, family & also being a Beta for a dear friend’s FF, I’ve been busier than a horse with two cocks! 😉 I have been reading your website posts – they’re great, I just haven’t taken the extra time to comment. I’ve also been reading you FF – very nice; will log-in & comment tomorrow.

          • RobsFan-tasy says:

            Aww, busy busy girl. Thanks for reading and visiting my site BB, I just hadn’t seen you posting much and was a lil worried about you! 🙂 I’mma building me a site to keep WIT on like Icy did. Im working on chappy 8 half way done. Hopefully it’ll be up on monday and I’m trying to keep the petition circulated.

  27. Eyre_head says:

    For the pianists – Dearest Rob, how many notes above an octave can you reach when you play the piano?

    For silliness – Have you considered teaching Rosie to play a “Heart and Soul” duet with you on the piano? (Feel free to demonstrate and/or sing along)

    Tell the truth Rob, you have lttr on your “Favorites” list and your Delicious account.

  28. MidnightCougar says:

    Happy Weekend LTR Ladies! Here is a YouTube link of Rob’s Jay Leno Interview from last night, 03-18-2011.

    Damn, he look so very fine in that sleek suit; was very funny, & as always, completely adorable! xo MC

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Srsly, why do people thumbs down this stuff? I really don’t get it.

      • MidnightCougar says:

        I agree RFM, I can’t figure out what could warrant a thumbs down in my comment. *shrugs shoulders* But, FUCK them ’cause I thought he did a great job. It appears, by all the thumbs down in the above comments, that someone has a hate on for us &/or our comments in this post. I even got a thumbs down for my PERSONAL reply to RobsFan-tasy. Ridiculous.

        • ThinWildMercury (previously Without Expression) says:

          I want someone to thumbs-down me actually. It means you’ve arrived. Congrats MC! *goes to thumb MC down*

      • RobsFan-tasy says:

        Because they are childish, petty, stupid and JEALOUS of Robert!!!!!!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Thanks for the link – been a busy weekend and I finally had a chance to watch it. Leno could have asked more interesting questions (seems like he spent too much time rehashing what happened last time Rob was on Leno). Way too much time discussing beef jerky. Glad he covered Zuni, though, even though Rob seemed to downplay whatever happened there (guess what happens in Zuni stays in Zuni).

      Rob looked pretty relaxed, maybe a little less relaxed than on MTV, but still relaxed. Did someone in the audience scream Tom Sturridge? Man, I really wish RFM or Maggie could have been there, I know they would scream out something better than that (for example, “I WANT TO BE YOUR COBB SALAD!” or “ROME ROB 4EVA!” or “CAN I BE YOUR DOG-WALKER?”.

      And who knows about the thumbs down. I have to think it is Bear pressing his paws all over the keyboard as Rob is trying to read our posts.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I had to rewind that bit to make sure I heard it right. Tom Sturridge!! I would have at least yelled out “BRITPACK BROMANCE”, gotta include SamBrad. But I do like “CAN I BE YOUR DOG WALKER”! So, is Bear the official unofficial name of the unkown dog. I kinda liked Lucky.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Yes, “Britpack Bromance!” would have way better than “Tom Sturridge!” Damn Leno for not letting you and Mags have a chance! Had you yelled that I’m sure Rob would have grabbed a piece of paper on Leno’s desk, scribbled down his number, then tossed it into the audience to you. Then the camera would have to zoom in on your face, then capture you fainting, then show Maggie administering CPR, then Rob pushing Maggie aside so he could rip off his shirt for you to see his chest (his bare chest works like smelling salts, only better, much much better). Then he would take your hand and Maggie’s hand and tell Leno to keep the jerky, he’s got to take you two his medical (pants) tent.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Now THAT would have been freakin awesome!

          • maggie says:

            Now THAT’S the sort of dream I should be having. Yes, rfm and I should have been there. The audience was a bit too tame. I think we were sorely missed.

  29. robsfuturemate says:

    GOF is on tonight! This really is a Rob Pattinson weekend. Just the way I like it!

    • roslynselene says:

      Haha! I thought I was the only one here who was gonna watch it tonight. Good to know I’m normal. 🙂

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Hey ros, I was thinking about you a few days ago, we haven’t shared e-mails in a while. What’s up & how have you been? Send me an e-mail! 🙂

        • roslynselene says:

          Yeah, I haven’t emailed you or RFM in a while. Sorry, I had to delete my yahoo email account cause of all the crap of spam and Rob google alerts. And then had a “doh!” moment when I forgot to save your email addresses. But I still have my gmail account. Message me when you can: 🙂

    • southernbelle says:

      I watched it last night! I only watch HP GOP to see Rob ;).

  30. southernbelle says:

    Hi everyone! I haven’t been here in a while, hope y’all are doing well! RL has been busy.

    Well I asked a question, it was a very simple one, non-controversial, it didn’t get picked LOL. That’s alright. I’m just glad to see Rob and see him in all his gorgeous adorkableness!!!

  31. RobsFan-tasy says:

    Hello Ladies,

    Our very own Sweet Maggie made this for the Pattinson petition. You should check it out.
    send it to everyone you know!!

    • RobsFan-tasy says:

      Dear Rob,

      we are doing everything we can to stop the lunatics from bugging you so much!! We want you to be happy because, as you so eloquently told Marlena,

      “You Deserve a beautiful life!!”
      With Love,
      Always Your girl,
      RobsFan-tasy <3<3<3

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Nice job on the video Maggie! Very well done. That last one really breaks my heart. What a long and crazy day. I still wish there was someone he could have called to help get him out of that mess. (I mean, we know you had a phone on you! 😉 )
      I think we need an LTR batsignal to help Rob out of those crazy situations!

      • maggie says:

        Thanks bb. And yes, I would have been there in a flash to kick all those paps right where it would count the most! (Rob, how many times to I have to say it….CALL ME!)

        I really hated that day. He was just so vulnerable. It was heartbreaking.

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