Rob & Reese “reconnect” at sea

Dear Rob,

Moon & I heard you & Reese were on the front cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. You know what that means! Time to “Break it down vanity fair style!”

The one where we need Robsessed

UC: so I hear there are new Rob pics? I assume there are scans at Robsessed? ps.. what if Robsessed didn’t exist? I don’t know a single other Rob blog except some that won’t post paparazzi pics. and what’s the point?
Moon: right Robsessed better never leave us
UC: you better DO US good Robsessed with these supposed EW pics…. I do not have the energy go to back to the grocery store & pick up a copy (but.. by the way I didn’t SEE it when I was at the check out counter.. maybe it’s not out yet? leaked early?)
Moon: its out tomorrow
UC: look at you! do you know a mailman?
Moon: I’m doing the newstand guy so i can get this kind of info
UC: good idea!
Moon: the dirty persian newsstand owner
UC: yeah.. no bother that he smells like falafel- you gotta get your news
Moon: hot and heavy for 5 minutes behind the BUSINESS section then i get as many mags as i can hold

The one where we say “Awww” while laughing

UC: awww i just saw the pic!

UC:HAH!! FIRST thought. Rob is thinking, “I’m kinda a big deal”
Moon: AWWWWWWW. I laughed and then did a side head tilt “aw”
UC: hahhahaha! Me too!! I said “AWWW” but was also really laughing
Moon: THIS is how you do a cover (though I’m not a fan of that shirt) I like the smirk! ps poor Reese has the HUGE title “TWILIGHT” right over her!! Rob from twilight is in this new movie about elephants and oh here’s Reese saying something about him
UC: I feel like she’s looking at her husband… proud of a recent business accomplishment
Moon: yea like this is their country club membership photo
Moon: or they’re brother and sister sitting for a picture for their dad’s birthday gift
UC: This is at “Casino” night at the Yacht club
Moon: like they might have been extras in dirty dancing or Titantic
UC: I’m giggling like a fool. I feel like he just won the grand prize on Celebrity Apprentice. Trump just told him he’s been hired
Moon: or they went on a Carnival cruise and this is the fancy dress up dinner night- or this might also be their christmas card. The kids got cut out. This is the photo from Rob’s monthly real estate newsletter for his realty company. “Single family homes AVAILABLE!”
UC: Its what Reese uses in her pampered chef newsletter to encourage her clients to buy more neat kitchen gadgets. “You can please your man like I please mine””
Moon: he loves the Pillsbury crescent dough mini pizza. “Get a 2 for 1 apple, peeler, corer, slicer if you order and use the code “Robpple””
Moon: Or this is the photo in the newspaper during the city counsel election season the week before Rob is found at a bar with the hot neighbor lady. Escalando!
UC: YES! He’s running for city counsel…. And she just wants him home at night in time for dinner
Moon: she has new crescent dough recipes to try on him before her “parties”
UC: wow I read that as “panties”
Moon: the mini pizzas are panty shaped. Bachelorette party!

The one with the cruise

UC: Uh oh! They’re getting crazzzzzy on the cruise! The photographer wanted him to do the dip… they went crazy & she showed some leg
Moon: WOAH this is after the couples ballroom dancing class! Johnny and baby were the instructors. This is Reese’s new FB profile pic to make all the housewives on their block jealous
UC: she is gorgeous!
Moon: SO photogenic. Like he’s hot, clearly, but I’m looking at her
UC: That hair! I realize they did that RIGHT before they pressed the shutter button on the camera… but still I like to pretend some people have great hair all the time like that and then be jealous.
Moon: I’m a Reecbian!
UC: ME TOO. Seeing that pic made me NOT put that last pretzel in my mouth- since I basically ate the whole bag.
Moon: i shoved the last gummy worm in my mouth. I still cant get over that collar. Is it supposed to be like that?! Pull that shit down!!!
UC: Pull that shirt OFF! Whoa- watch me go!

The one where we accidentally make fun of mom blogs

Moon: she looks SO sassy stay-at-home-mom. She blogged the whole cruise on her mom blog
UC: YEP. went “Thrifting” right before they left & found this vintage find. She posted it on her blog: (tag line: And Billy, Elizabeth & Rob Jr.)
Moon: They miss the kids but REALLY needed to get away and “reconnect.” It’s been a busy election season, lots of pampered chef parties, lots of thrifting and anthro knock off designs around the house
UC: The cruise was necessary because “Bob” (the name only she’s allowed to call him) could only be on his black berry when they were close to land, which was every day but for just a few hours. It was paradise
Moon: tomorrow’s post from the cruise is going to be close ups of all the plates of food they ate and abstract shots of the midnight buffets
UC: and maybe if we’re lucky, a self portrait of them snuggling in bed.. sharing a pillow
Moon: and a funny one with Rob and the animal the maids made out of towels
UC: He paid them an extra $10 to make an elephant every day.

Read a few entries from Reece’s blog after the jumping Rob!

Day 1: This has been a trip we’ll never forget! We were treated like ROYALTY as we got on the boat. They even did a neat photoshoot for us with a life raft!


Day 3: Bob really grew attached to those little elephants the maids made every day out of our towels. I snapped this photo of him while he was napping! I spy a new Facebook profile picture!


Day 5: Our favorite night on the cruise was called “Formal Night at Sea.” I have to confess I got a bit tipsy that night and was extra friendly on the dance floor! Bob reminded me he was running for city council & I should act the part of a good politician’s wife! He’s so great at reminding me of who I am and how I should act.

Bob & I got a little silly during pictures at "Formal night at Sea"

Day 7: Back from Paradise! And immediately back into the swing of things. Elisabeth has a soccer game today & little Billy has a fever! I got a minute to design a new ad for my Pampered Chef Newsletter though. What do you think of my “model!?” Bob was such a great sport!

Bob is so great to help me out with my Pampered Chef Ads

Day 9: LOL! I just got a roll of film developed from our Cruise & it turns out in one of the pictures from “Formal Night at Sea” we had an unexpected guest in the background of our picture! This one takes some explaining: Bob & I were joking all week that the staircase of the ship leading to the formal dining room reminded us of the Titanic! And at the pool one day we saw a fellow who resembled that actor who played Jack Dawson on Titanic! (But with a slightly larger belly, I have to confess!) Look who accidentally got in the background of our picture! LOL!

UnintendedChoice & themoonisdown (and a very inaccurate but pretty hilarious version of Reese Witherspoon)

It’s CLEAR that someday I will be a super cheesy mom blogger!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

104 Responses to “Rob & Reese “reconnect” at sea”

  1. minuit_passe says:

    Oh good, first I thought OMG this is The Young and the Restless still going on!!! BUt now that you seem to say it’s more like Love Boat, I feel better.

    (I actually have no idea about Love Boat but kind of seems to have the appropriate cheese vibe)

    • robgirl86 says:

      “Love boat goes Cary Crant” 🙂

      dunno, am biased in between, Rob looks NOT like Rob (I don’t like) and Rob looks like the NEW (professional ) Rob (I like) …
      and mostly I think I don’t make any sense cause of (…)

      Reese looks fab! the end.

      • robgirl86 says:

        wasn’t it Gary Grant? Or Clark Gable? or…dunno, am very confused today… lol

      • minuit_passe says:

        no no no, this goes straight to #1 cheese just next to that pic from Details where they made him look like a waiter on a cruise (but they made up for it with the rest of the Details pictorial).

        ok got to go.

        • robgirl86 says:

          the second with holding Reese I do like much and…

          guess it’s “torn” not biased…lol……gotta go as well

          • minuit_passe says:

            I just read the comments & commented on the other pics.
            Seriously, it is not normal that you all like the pics AND Reese. I’m formal about this. 🙂 You’re all 1) too in love 2) really blind 3) have really bad taste 🙂

            XXX kisses and all

          • robgirl86 says:

            3)yes..ahem NO, ahem yes,..ahem…dunno…
            Is that a bad thing?

            #askRob (oh wait, that was last week)…
            Minuit, am too confused today, I saw Tom Ford, I saw the light! 🙂

  2. ladyofthemeadow says:

    I would totally have that same smug look on my face if I was hanging off Rob’s shoulder. Smug, adoring, and puhleease-turn-around-and-kiss-me look.

  3. toooldforthis says:

    I’m all first-hand embarrassed now because your post reminded me that I actually have one of those photos of the elephant towels from our cruise. In my defense, the maid service got crazy creative and put my sunglasses on one of them.

    I’m slinking away in shame now………

  4. Nelle says:

    Hubby brought in the mail yesterday (while I was cooking dinner) and plopped it down on the the kitchen table. I glanced down and boy! It was hard work not to “Squee!!!!” He knows I like the Pretty but doesn’t know the depth! Doesn’t understand it’s “normal.” Great breakdown ladies! But poor Reese. She gets less attention than the elephant.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      So true! But she does get more attention than Christoph.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Yes, where is Christoph in all this new publicity push? EW could at least have put him in the background, really far away, shirtless and with his arms crossed and looking really pissy (a la Jacob).

  5. robsfuturemate says:

    Hilarious ladies!! I really want to know who started this whole posting of food pics on people’s fb or blog. Really people?!

    And I got my mag yesterday. I had to buy it cause the VF was my “first” and it really fell flat. This one at least had a better cover!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I do now think of Boy George’s Karma Chameleon song every time I see that VF cover, though. Amish Boy George – only Rob could one up us from just Amish Rob to Amish Boy George Rob.

      • Vivi says:

        I Love the fact that rob makes fun of his own photoshoot… makes awful photos choices like the VF cover one more worthwhile

    • if you find out about the food pics let me know… oh and who was the first to take those pics of their own shoes/feet pointed in?! ugh.

  6. Brenn says:

    My boss just came in and asked ‘what’s so funny?’ Hilarious post girls!

    I saw these photos yesterday. And I never even noticed the shirt. Too busy looking at the dear boys lovely face.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I noticed the shirt, because typically Rob (when he dresses himself) unbuttons the top 2 buttons. You know, shows a bit of chest hair to drive us all mad. In EW, only one is unbuttoned, and that’s why he is looking like he’s just back from a business sales presentation (I don’t know what he’s selling, but I’m buying!).

      THe hairdo is a little corporate too. But again, if he came to my office looking like that trying to sell me nano-sized post-its (to attach to molecules of interest) at $3000 per post it, I’d blow my whole departmental budget on them.

      • Brenn says:

        Corporate Rob. Love it.

        Add it to the list of hot Robs.

        Hungover Rob
        Hand Me Down Rob
        VF Rob (sigh and swoon)
        Bearded Rob
        Golden Globes Rob
        Jumping Rob 😉

        ……definitely all keepers….

        • LatersBaby says:

          Yes! I would like to attend this conference where Rob is presenting. Pyramid scheme? Sure, I’ll buy.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            He could sell anything. Protective linings for soup bowls. Prescription eyeglasses without lenses. Post-shower soap. Jorts with fringe. Lotion that ages your face 10 years. He just needs to walk in a room, put his hands through his hair a few times, say a few weird and witty things and take your credit card. Mint flavored beer?! I’ll order 20 cases!

      • you hit the nail on the head. ANYTHING rob is selling, i’m buying. clearly.

  7. HowToBe says:

    oh man! This is awesome! The cruise pic in front of the staircase is seven different kinds of #winning 🙂

  8. robgirl86 says:

    FIRST thought. Rob is thinking, “I’m kinda a big deal”


  9. nocoolname says:

    “dirty persian newsstand owner” = not cool. Come on.

    Still love you guys, rest of the post was super funny. xoxo

  10. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Any time I need help getting over Rob, I’m going to take out that Pampered Chef photo manip. Very few photos of him are truly unflattering (maybe…NONE), but that might actually be one – something about it makes him look a little moronic. The hair, that’s just heresy to manip his hair like that.

    But the cruise shot with Leo in background – that is pure genius. Cannot stop giggling.

    • The Old One says:

      Pampered Chef manip: very scary! Hopefully not foreshadowing Rob’s hair in years to come, when it starts thinning and graying . …. NOOOOO!

      • roslynselene says:


      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        I have a feeling Rob will age like Christoph though. Sure, maybe thinner and grayer, but still unbelievably hot. Plus, when I shower with Rob, we can use the Aveda Clove Conditioner together (maybe I’ll use some red hair conditioner with a bit of gold too).

        I just don’t want him to get a hairdo like Pampered Chef guy and walk around with a dorky PC smirk to match the dorky PC hair. Then again, maybe the dorkier he looks, the fewer women to compete with (since probably half of his fans will not be able to deal), and the greater chance I have? Like from 1 in 2 billion chance to 1 in 1 billion chance!?

  11. Katie says:

    This is awesome. The end 😀

  12. melronin says:

    Great breakdown girls!

    Rob can take me on any cruise btw…I would even go back on the Titanic with him…if we manage to do the timetravel…guess I would be the one to rescue him though…just a feeling…lol…

    Thing is…I must be a bit of a weirdo (or a big one) cause I always love how he looks…am kinda looking always UNDER the clothes…and can’t seem to find any change there…so…all fine in my world!

    Rob is always Rob (and I am making absolute no sense here…but was still fun to comment 🙂

  13. YeahIGuessIam says:

    As a writer of a cheesy mommy blog of my own, I can say you totally nailed it. Bravo ladies. This was hilarious.

  14. Tracitalynne says:

    YOU GUYS. The people in this cafe must think I am a homeless insane person. I look like Jasper in a cafeteria full of high school students, trying not to laugh like an idiot in public.

    Love the adorkable “dip” pic. She is all “What up I am gorgeous!” He is all, “I don’t know how to talk to girls. Please let me stop touching her.”

    • nocoolname says:

      “I don’t know how to talk to girls. Please let me stop touching her.”

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Love it.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Hey slut! You made it over here, yay!!!

      PS- her name is Marble Nut Slut over at LTT in case you were wondering 😉

  15. Janetrigs says:

    Thank you for bringing it.

    Loves and Hugs.

  16. Vera says:

    Dear Rob,

    Your life is obscenely boring, eh?

    Does it mean what I think it means? Is that all about things a grown up boy doesn´t have to do?

    If not, you should choose better the words. Look out!

    If yes, well… I´ve got my bitch face on and I’m laughing at you, aloud.

    Anyway, because today is friday I suggest a few things you can do to spice up your moments:

    You always can find some good LTR Literature, the blog managers are often funny and creative except at that moments they are shouting that you are gay.

    You might come into my email box. We´ll work out a strip charade, You’ll only be allowed to touch your body to take your clothes off. If you win I’ll act Wendy in the Neverland (aka Brasil), you will be my Captain James Hook…But If I win I´ll be allowed to watch while you surrender to your obscenely boring moments.

    Love you, inconditional and irrevogavelmente

    Obscenelly bored Vera

    • roslynselene says:

      Wow. I didn’t see those before. I thought the first pic was a manip! The second one…I dunno. I think his clothes are too tight or something. I WANT to like it but there’s something I hate about it. Hmmmm… The third picture, I LOVE IT! And the last one is lovely. (I just find the suit to be a bit odd. O.o)

      • roslynselene says:

        Haha! I just noticed the suit is PLAID! Lmao

      • minuit_passe says:

        1st one bad lighting or Photoshop catapulting
        2nd one there is no chemistry, he’s OK but Reese waaaay over posing, it’s like two different pictures
        3rd one Robwardesque

        • robgirl86 says:

          I am with you!!!!
          1) , 2) and 3), I got misunderstood i guess..
          not a big deal, it EW, they always did this stuff..
          (though i think, the plaid suit was HIS idea, sooo “cool” you know…omg..ROB, you look like….) bites lips here*

    • robgirl86 says:

      seriously , the plaid suit is a joke, would fire that stylist instantly, BUT…it’s Rob, he can pull off a black dumpster sac I guess &
      am starting to think that this shoot could have been MUCH better!
      I do like the Poster stuff much more…js

      • Maggie says:

        These pictures are great. Not sure I’m loving the plaid suit, but, as you say, Rob in a potato sack would be hot.

        UC & Moon: great breakdown. You guys are so, so clever, not to mention just plain hilarious. I look forward to your new posts more than just about anything.

        Bob: you look hot (keep those top shirt buttons open for us, will you). And yes, you are definitely a Big Deal. Rock it, bb.

      • melronin says:

        Rob in any..sac is ok by me!
        He would make a perfect caveman…jungleman…naked man…

        Rob you can take me into your jungle anytime babe…

        “in the jungle…the mighty jungle…my Ro-ob sleeps toniiiiighttttt…”

        Hakuna matata!!!

    • Brenn says:

      Third photo? Black suit?? Hello Fifty Shades… are *smokin’* hot.

      Laters Baby. 😉

  17. roslynselene says:

    “Like he’s hot, clearly, but I’m looking at her.”

    Uhhh, so it wasn’t just me? Phew! I was starting to worry. I think she looked the best in this shoot. Sooooo gorgeous! 😯 Oh no, am I a Reesebian/Spoonbian? (I like Spoonbian).

  18. MomBlog = Facebook.

    …;) said by a mom w/ a blog.

    Lol @ your breakdown! I think the shirt is from the Frank Costanza’s Cabana wear collection.

    … And now I want falafel

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      LMAO at the Costanza Cabana wear photo!!!

    • Stacey says:

      Ha! Mom Blog! Wait a minute…I am a mom with a blog with you. Egads.

      You can always find away to bring in the Seinfeld, Snow White Drifted!

      Oh that picture with Leo. Titanic style. That would be a great movie. Rob and Leo. And I guess, Reese. If not great, then hysterical. I would watch it either way!

  19. Rob's Bitch says:

    Ship stairs manip for the win!

    Poor Reese – she is totally cross-eyed on the cover shot.

  20. The Old One says:

    Why has no one done a Before and After with Rob and Reese in Vanity Fair compared to WFE?
    It’s hard to find an image from the Vanity Fair movie with their faces in the same frame. This has the side/back of Reese’s head, but it does have Rob’s pretty baby face, so it works for me so I guess it will do:

    • The Old One says:

      OK, here’s a better one. Needs a good caption, but my brain can’t come up with it on the spur of the moment:

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        “Mum, I will always cherish the time I had close to your bosum. But you…are only 10 years older than me…what fine lad did you lay with at such a tender age to produce such a fine specimen such as myself? Say It! Christoph is my Father! Say It!”

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          oops mum, bosom, not bosum. tom hanks and peter scolari should have my hide.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          god, that’s just wrong. no way reese could be his mother. back then women didn’t get their period until like 14 or 15, back before synthetic estrogens pushed the age down to 10-12. he looks like her smoking hot brother.

          • The Old One says:

            That Vanity Fair movie was pretty good, btw. Reese is pregnant in that picture and throughout the movie. I watched it only so I could see the deleted scenes with Rob, of course, as almost all of my movie-watching or book-reading decisions have been based on some Rob tie-in for the last 2 years.

      • Nelle says:

        Love me some Rob in period clothes. Imagine him in tight gray breeches tucked in to high black leather boots and a white peasant shirt open at the neck. Yum.

  21. LatersBaby says:

    Few things make me laugh more than pics like this! Thank you from saving this crappy day for me.

  22. drsaka says:

    omg he has a plaid suit,,20385926_20476340,00.html
    (and a few other stunning pics)

  23. roslynselene says:

    OT: There’s this website called Cleverbot. You type in a question and a robot answers it and vice versa. It’s like a magic 8 ball but better. I felt like being silly and Cleverbot’s answers DIE ME. I swear this thing took up most of my lunch break:

    And uh, Cleverbot is clearly nonsten.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Me:Do i have a chance with rob pattinson.
      CB: No, you don’t.
      Me: OK, how about Andrew Garfield
      CB: I don’t know

      I got an “I don’t know” for AGarf! Whoop! Whoop!

    • Maggie says:

      Me: Will Rob Pattinson ever appear in one of my dreams?
      CB: Yes, he will. (Woo Hoo!)
      Me: Will I ever meet Rob Pattinson?
      CB: Well, if you say so it must be the case. (Double Woo Hoo!!)
      Me. Will I ever sit on Rob Pattinson’s lap and nuzzle his neck?
      CB: What’s you name?

      Is that hilarious, or what????? Thanks, Roslynselene. What a riot!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        The CB machine is flirting with you! Super sweet!

        And I just asked:

        Me:Does Maggie have a chance with Rob Pattinson?
        CB: Yes it does exist

        OMFG MAGGIE!!! Today, you win.

        • Maggie says:

          This app is my new favorite toy!

          Me: Will Rob Pattinson ever drop in to see Nat at her office?
          CB: No. 🙁
          Me: Will AGarf ever drop in to see Nat at her office?
          CB: Yes. 🙂
          Me: Will Nat ever get to nuzzle either of these boys’ necks?
          CB: Will you ever admit that you’re crazy?


          Nat: Looks like AGarf is in you future. 2 for 2.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Rob will always occupy #1 daydream spot, but I tell you, Andrew is my new favorite “man I’d like to find spinning around in my office chair wearing only tattersall plaid briefs and sunglasses” vision. Yum.

            PLUS, this just in – 3 for 3 Maggie, it’s just a matter of time!!
            Me: Will andrew one day spin in my office chair.
            CB: Yes!

            It has been a very good Friday. 🙂

    • roslynselene says:

      Hahah! You girls can agree when I say Cleverbot is my life now.

      Here’s another one. It scares me. HE KNOWS!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Oh wow, those are awesome ladies!!! My only hope is that Maggies meets Rob at the Bobby Long show so that Ros and I have a chance at seeing him!

      • maggie says:

        Maybe CB is looking into the near future? Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!! If AGarf appears at Nat’s office before the concert, then I think we’ll know that we have a pretty good chance!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      It’s pretty easy to get sassy when that cleverbot gets sassy too!

      User: Will I meet Rob Pattinson?
      Cleverbot: No, you will not.
      User: Will I get to see Rob in person?
      Cleverbot: Would you like that?
      User: Who wouldn’t?
      Cleverbot: You didn’t answer my question correctly.
      User: Of course I would.
      Cleverbot: Okay, let’s say I’m not human. what would you do differently?
      User: About what?
      Cleverbot: You asked more about me.
      User: No I didn’t. I asked about Robert Pattinson.
      Cleverbot: What, now you want to know my name?
      User: No, I want to meet Robert Pattinson.
      Cleverbot: At what time?
      User: Any time.
      Cleverbot: Okay. How about now?
      User: Sure.
      Cleverbot: *brainwashes*.
      User: That’s not going to work.
      Cleverbot: Oh it will. Give it time.
      User: What are you brainwashing me for?
      Cleverbot: Your pardon.
      User: Will I meet Tom Sturridge?
      Cleverbot: Not with the attitude that you have.
      User: What attitude is that?
      Cleverbot: Was that a question? Your grammar is awful.


  24. Alex says:

    Love ur post UC and Moon. Letters and comments like this remind me what LTR really is.

    The thing is I love every version of Rob….clean or dirty.

    But If I can have Corporate Rob as my BOSS I will work 30hrs pd and 369 days.

    Have you guys read all his recent interviews? Can we talk about his thoughts?

    His interviews are the best.

    • roslynselene says:

      Yes. His EW interview was funny! I hadn’t read interviews like that in a while. He actually said “om nom nom”. Bhaha! And he wants to be fat (I think he really does. He’s mentioned it before.) And how he hates his contacts and people have to pin him down to put them on. Lol. What a baby. I’ve worn contacts before and they’re pretty easy to put on and wear them. My favorite quote was when he was talking about Christoph’s acting skills, “That’s not acting. That’s actually schizophrenia.” 😀 He also mentioned MotU. Win!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        The contact part always used to bother me too. I’m a daily wearer. But I heard other cast member’s saying the same kind of thing. I don’t think they’re the same as regular contacts, esp when you can’t see out of them!

        But loved the interview!!! Happy, funny Rob and someone who “gets” him= WIN!!

  25. twime says:

    Do you think he got seasick? What happen to Kstew?
    You can bet that lurker buddy of his is around somewhere.. hiding on a lifeboat…. whats his name again?

  26. twime says:

    Ok, been lurking here on this site for a few years…. could not resist to comment on this one.

    I read the whole article… So If Rob’s on this boat ladies its not the “love boat” its the “Boat of Love”!!!!

    The caption then should really say:
    …. ” Welcome to the Boat of Love”….

    Or… “My new Hanes underwear with spandex feels great and holds my man bits in”…
    Or… “Vote for me in Dancing with the Stars”…
    Or… “Cuervo tequila, for the good times”….
    Or…” Its a Trojan night–Giddyap!”

  27. Krystle says:

    Looking at the picture of Rob dipping Reese is now making me think of Dancing with the Stars – lol!

  28. Nikki says:

    I can’t figure out who I’m supposed to look at! They’re both so pretty!!! My eyes keep skipping from one to the other; it’s like they are entirely too pretty for a person to be able to stare at both of them at the same time!!!

  29. Katester says:

    When I’m reading your posts and laughing my tush off, I PRAY that Mr. Pattinson & Co. read them too.

    In fact, you may be responsible for keeping them all on an even keel. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  30. twime says:

    I think if Mr. Pattinson read us, he’d invite us all with him on the Rockin’ Boat of Love…. never a dull moment.

  31. threebs says:

    Oh-my-actual-god! I am crying hubs thinks I have gone mad but thank you so much! I truly thought I was the only ‘older-ish’ ‘normal-ish’ fan with the guilty Twilight/Rob habit! Worse is my son looks like an 18 year old younger brother of Rob so it is even more wrong on so many levels! Cheers from the UK xxxx

  32. MyRobbie says:

    You know, at first when I saw this photospread, I thought, Huh. I knew people were squeee-ing, but I wasn’t and I didn’t know why. But you two? Fucking nailed it. Nailed it! I love Bob and Reese and the city councilman race and the pampered chef side career sooooo much. So so much. And even more, I love Leo’s photobomb. Perfect.

  33. MyRobbie says:

    You know, at first when I saw this photospread, I thought, Huh. I knew people were squeee-ing, but I wasn’t and I didn’t know why. But you two? Fucking nailed it. Nailed it! I love Bob and Reese and the city councilman race and the pampered chef side career sooooo much. So so much. And even more, I love Leo’s photobomb. Perfect.

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