Water for Elephants Press Junket brings it’s A Game and I use the term “Pattinspoon”

Talking about elephants or something

Dear Rob,

At the risk of inciting the crazies, which  I already did by using the term “Pattinspoon” Sunday night, I gotta say I’m loving this Water for Elephants promo with you and Reese. It’s so laid back and “fun” Rob that I just can’t help myself. And I’m not trying to say a MARRIED Reese Witherspoon should try to get with you (more for the rest of us, duh!) I’m saying I love that she’s like a long lost Pattinson sister or maybe even a secret LTR reader who makes fun of you. I keep waiting for her to slip and call you “Claudia” or make you sit in the back seat of Dick’s car.

Sure we love the other press junkets cause you usually tell us interesting crap but for this WFE junket you’ve brought you’re A-game and so has Reese and so has the internet… so let’s stop wasting time and get to the best stuff from the WFE press junket…



Look at what we get…

Stories like this:
But what about the circus itself? “I really really like the fast food at circuses, I’m a big fan of hot dogs,” he jokes. “Seriously, I’ve only been to a circus once in my life: my sister told me the clown died when they did a stunt. I was only like 7 years old, so I freaked out when she said that. When she was 29 she told me that she made it up. But I was always knew that circus life is like a whole other world.”

BURN sister he told your age to a national publication!! Oh family dramz, gotta love it!

Singing songs like this:

Rob you can give me lines from Usher ANY DAY. This was MY JAM like 2 summers ago. MAN.

Interviews like this by a dude who’s almost as big a fanboy as Josh Horowitz from MTV

Srsly, WHY are we not asked to interview you? We would come up with WAY better crap than this OR that dude from Extra WOW that one was bad!

Exchanges like this…

Interviewer: You had a chance to adjust to married life…
Have you adjusted to married life yet?
I haven’t really got used to it yet…
We’ve only been married for 5 days.. Oh, wait, you’re not married, are you?


pictures like this…

MILF-y Reese…


you and Elephants! You kissing said elephant! When has Twilight ever rolled out a wolf or tracked down a real vampire for you to pose by? Amateurs!

I can only hope we keep getting this amazing stuff with WFE right about the corner! 17 Days till we finally get to see it all finally play out in front of us!

Thanks WFE Marketing and PR Team!

PS REALLY Rob stylists you gave him a LINEN jacket? Boys idea of a steamer does NOT involve Rowenta or Bissle.
Have you been loving the WFE press? What’s the best interview or question you’ve seen asked? And where in the world can Twilight find a real vampire for them to pose with? 🙂

Sources: Robsessed, A Dream, Crazy, some people I’m sure I missed

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store


73 Responses to “Water for Elephants Press Junket brings it’s A Game and I use the term “Pattinspoon””

  1. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Reese, Rob, whatevs. Today my mind is on Christoph.

    Christoph Waltz should host a radio show called “I’m giving you an analogy.” Where he just leads listeners down some demented path, just to rile them up, then poof, show over. Until next week. Love, love, love him. His voice. And not give a shhSSpptt about the human.” Unconventionally hot too a T.

    (he starts talking at 2:30 in the above clip, in case anyone else is interested)

    • niahid says:

      Srsly, Christoph is very charismatic, smart and pretty easy on the eyes too. Even the interviewer was gawking and paying attention like he’s his professor giving lecture about advanced human psychology.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        The interviewer is sort of a massive dork, but it could just be I’m seeing him in contrast to Rob, Christoph and Reese. In most scenarios, he’d just be the loud chatty guy at the bar, the one who pretty much drowns out the baseball game with his loud observations. OMG, his white tie. Maybe there should be a show, though, “So You Think You Can Interview Rob.” I would so fail, fail, fail. Would just sit there with an idiot grin and forget all the questions.

        • niahid says:

          It was one of the best interview though, cause we got to hear Rob said” Don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little bump and grind”.

        • The Old One says:

          “So You Think You Can Interview Rob” !!! Oh, this would be the most popular show ever. You would have to compete first answering questions about Rob, and then the winners of that challenge would get a chance for one-on-one face time with Rob. Whoever gets the best word vomit or made-up story gets the most points. We all know what the grand prize would be . . .

        • Maggie says:

          Did you ever see the interview of Rob by a 14 or so year old fan at some press junket? It was adorable. She couldn’t get started. Rob (the sweetie pie that he is) gave her a little smile and said, “Yeeeeeesss?” to help her begin. Then she could barely get the questions out of her mouth and eventually just clammed up and had to leave the room. That would be a professional version of an interview compared to what I would probably do if given the chance. (Me as interviewer of Rob = slobbering, drooling, fallingoffofmychair, mute moron).

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            I just found the video on Youtube. She’s adorable and her composure is remarkable. I like how she shows up in the comments too: “you don’t know how much I love him and meeting him in person was just OMG!”

    • Pattygirl says:

      CW was great in IB, thats why I was happy to see him pair up with Rob and Reese (the only sexy and witty blond actress in hollywood to date)

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Trying to think here – I do love Portia diRossi, esp. in Better Off Ted. Gwyneth Paltrow maybe – though she always annoys me in interviews, I like her much better on screen. Oh and of course, Lisa Simpson. 🙂

  2. Zees84 says:


    I would just like to say that I am having a hard time knowing how to act now that Rob is going to be in a movie that will actually get good reviews and isn’t… ridiculous.

    WTF, MY MOM wants to see WfE with me?!?! Im considering taking MrZees to see it because I think he’d like it?!?!

    Mom/Hubs seeing a Rob movie? Does.Not.Compute.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I know, I get crazy excited whenever I see clips of the film. DH is actually on board to see it with me. The same DH who walked out of Twilight, the same DH who can never understand why I post on LTT and who has questioned my sanity. But DH has recently seen a few Rob interviews (thanks to me forcing him to) and has been impressed by his wit. Edward might not appeal to a lot of men, but Rob certainly does. And the film looks so promising.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Yes, I know; for the first time I might actually get somone to watch the movie with me, it’s weird! Seriously, though, this looks so good, I love the actors, I love the story, and the press junket has been like a cool drink in the desert of months-waiting- around- for -something to happen. Thank you, Moon!

  3. robsfuturemate says:

    Is it possible that I can be the first comment of the day? We’ll see.

    LOVIN THE PATTINSPOON!!! This junket has been so full of win! But I do have one question:

    Dear Rob,
    I’m confused on how you think a FAN leaked the BD photos. I was under the impression that it was a closed set, especially since we’ve seen nothing from BR. No papp pics, barely any fan encouters. The only people that had access to that video were Summit employees. So, I like how your alll passionate about it but let’s just really think on it before blaming the fandom.

    Either way, great fun for WFE!


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Welp, long winded comment got me 3rd!

    • IM1LuckyWoman says:

      I think he thinks the fan leaked the BD pics because they were apparently (at least the word I’ve read/heard) hacked from Summit’s computers…not pics some fan had taken while filming was happening. So…entirely possible it was a “fan”…of sorts, right?

    • niahid says:

      I laughed when he’s addressing the Twilight troops “to police their own ” . He would’ve impress me if he’d said
      ” Hackers, you better lawyer up, assholes”

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        “Police their own” – hopefully he was joking. I’ll get right on over to LTT and threathen everyone with multiple intense Rob tongue lashings…oh wait…that will only make it worse. Oh well, so much for my skills as a police chief!

    • roslynselene says:

      I know. He needs to cool his balls down. I know he’s not serious but saying he wants them to die and have their lives ruined because they leaked stills of a TWILIGHT MOVIE (hello? are we forgetting it’s about a vampire and teen?), is a bit extreme. Now if it was something personal that got leaked, then I would understand (but it’s not, soooo…) It’s not that serious:)

      • Maggie says:

        I know. It’s not like the nation’s security network was breached or anything. Next thing you know, the FBI will be called in. It’s Scummit’s fault anyway, as far as I’m concerned. If they didn’t keep everything so tightly locked up – perhaps gave out a few little tidbits now and then – maybe the (supposed) hacker wouldn’t have felt the need to hack.

        • roslynselene says:

          “Next thing you know, the FBI will be called in.”

          Well shit, it is that serious. Those hackers should have each finger chopped off and then their hands and then their arms for what they’ve done! It’s immoral! It’s inhumane! They deserve each of every possible punishment for the damage they’ve caused Rob and Summit!!! (Too much sarcasm?)

      • Alex says:

        Oh come on…

        It was a private property of the studio. Those pictures were raw and not meant to be seen by the public.

        They were illegally obtained. His personal email was hacked too. Think about how you would feel if samething happened to you. Talking about being selfish..

        Dont act like a criminal lawyer who defend criminals.

        Have some respect for these people who worked hard on this project.

        • Maggie says:

          Alex: I’m not condoning the hacking of the leaks if they were in fact hacked. All I’m saying is it wasn’t the crime of the century. Hacking of any kind is illegal and uncool. Hacking someone’s personal email is illegal and extremely uncool.

          And, btw, I hope that you’re never wrongly accused of a crime, but if so, would you want to represent yourself?

        • roslynselene says:

          Like I said, leak a picture of Edward and a bloody baby? Oh hellz naw! You’s going down, mister! They deserve to stabbed with bamboo splinters under their finger nails.

          Alright, I’m gonna cut the bullshit. It’s not right, it’s illegal, I know. Everyone saw it and people got over it. Summit and co. are upset. Take legal action by all means. But Rob is making a big deal out of nothing and repeating it. Why? Is he upset because they haven’t edited it yet to make him pale and sparkly?

          People are still gonna go watch BD. Summit will still wipe their asses with the money they get, regardless. That’s the beauty of life. *sigh* 😀

          • Alex says:

            No he did not…if you feel like he did make a big deal out of it…yeh he has every right to call these hackers “Dick’ and “idiots” because they are “Dicks”….. these hackers a pain in the a^^.

            His email getting hacked all the time…you are telling me its not a big pain to him? he should get over it? I think he has move on. But when he was asked he answered how everyone felt about the whole thing.

            what if if you have to live with the fear of leaking your personal stuff or your work stuff all the time?

            and Why do you get upset or blame him for calling these pathetic hackers off? You didnt do it.

            So you have no reason to be offended by him getting mad at these unhappy useless people. They didnt sell these photos…like Rob said they did this just to be annoying.

            He obviously must have hit the nerve of some people.

            Its sad to see his “Fans” blame him for calling the criminals off.

          • Alex says:

            and its not a issue of whether people are going to see BD or not.

            Its a issue of morality, Ethics, Respect.

            *Only the person who has the wound feels the pain*

          • roslynselene says:

            It’s sad when people don’t read what I type. I said if his personal stuff was leaked, I would understand but it’s not. It. Is. A. Picture. Of. Edward/Rob. Holding. A. Headboard.
            Rob, sue the living shit out of the hackers and move on. Kthxbai.

        • The army of Rob! Alex you always make me laugh.

          @Roslynselene,yes what you said (although I can’t read all of what you said now ). But Guru Rob speaking at the church of Rob to the masses, REALLY?!? i mean once, it’s a joke, a bit of ‘I’m pissed and I throw things out randomly” but to plan to do it on purpose (implying to THINK) and say it not once but SEVERAL times, what is he a crazy granny repeating shitty things all day?

          @Alex again, since I won’t have the time to come back to this post,if you didn’t follow, we’re not debating the ethics of leaked pics but Rob’s image/thinking/media approach. And it kinda makes him come out as a lil bit douchey to say the least.

    • Alex says:

      How are you so sure that an obsessive fan didnt hack them? Fan or not DO WE KNOW?

      May be that is what he was told about the leaks by Summit or he must be talking about the fans who leaked these hacked pictures.

      Fans help these pictures to spead all over the internet knowing they were illigally obtained. They were begging for links.They share these STOLEN properties.

      Do you guys know that posessing/keeping/sharing stolen properties is also an offence..its illegal too?

      Ethically it is as bad as stealing.

      BTW: Some of the “On the road’ pictires have been leaked…BUT their fans have been so respectful so that they dont share the links on fans sites or actors board.

      To me Rob has every right to be upset about what happened and every right to call off selfish fans.


      • robsfuturemate says:

        I guess it’s possible that someone hacked into Summit’s computers. And I’m sure that’s the story he’s given by Summit. I understand they worked hard and everyone wants to show a final cut of it. But really, we all know how the movie goes. WE READ THE BOOK! It just seem’s a little extreme to wish death on someone.

        I do feel terrible that he’s email gets hacked repeatedly. That is super annoying and a total invasion of privacy. Those people should die! (joking) But really, that is not okay.

  4. robsfuturemate says:

    Fav interview moment

    Int: Do you think he will start getting older fans now…?
    Rob: Older, like you!
    Reese: I’m just an old grandma *said in gma voice with cane

    I wish it continued like this
    Rob: I recently find out (after reading LTR) that I already have a pretty big fan base of older, mature and witty women.

    • niahid says:

      I believe his exact word was ” Older ladies like youuu ”
      Reese: Like meeee ( laugh )

    • natteringyeahrobber says:


      Int: Do you think you (Rob) will start visiting the workplaces of older fans now…? How about Thursday?
      Rob: Thursday is booked. How about now. Pull up my limo.
      Reese: Bitch, I thought we were flying to China after this interview? To make our next “movie”? Like, hello??

  5. melronin says:

    I just love this WFE press
    I just love this movie
    I just love this elephant
    I just love this leading lady called Reese
    I just love this Rob (not that there is another)

    and since we talk via songs…this is what I wanna say to you today Rob…dunno why…but I really wanna say it

    “He says his love for me could never die
    that’d change if he ever found out about you and I…
    it wouldn’t hurt him if he didn’t know, cos
    when it gets too much I need to feel your touch
    I’m gonna run to you…

    you’re the one who always turns me on
    you keep me comin’ round
    I know his love is true
    but’s it’s so damn easy makin’ love to you
    I got my mind made up I need to feel your touch
    I’m gonna run to you…”

    love you Rob baby… was that too bold of me? 🙂

    • niahid says:

      The only words from song i can think of if I ever lucky enough to see him in the flesh.

      ” Can’t control the quivering inside”
      (Groovy kind of love, Phil Collins )

    • Maggie says:

      “I just love this WFE press
      I just love this movie
      I just love this elephant
      I just love this leading lady called Reese
      I just love this Rob (not that there is another)”

      Ditto, ditto and ditto.

      He and Reese are so adorable and hilarious together. It’s nice to see him interviewed with a leading lady who thinks he’s talented – and says it. And I FLOVED seeing them holding hands backstage at the country music award thing. Imagine that! Two friends showing friendship. (OK – waiting for a thumbs down…..)

      • roslynselene says:

        *gasp* Holding hands?! O.O It’s EPIC LUUUUUUV!!11!!!1!11!!!

        • Maggie says:

          I know. How could they possibly be just merely friends? I say Reese’s marriage is nothing but a front. She and Rob make mad passionate love every night in a secret house that they’re renting in Bel Air (he flies down nightly from Vancouver). It’s even being rumored that there’s a large elephant guest house in the back for when Rosie comes to visit and that they’re thinkig of adopting her. It’s def epic love.

          • Maggie says:

            Oops. I meant Tai. I got the real name/elephant confused with the movie name/character. Hmmmm. Imagine that……….

          • niahid says:

            Don’t you know?
            Rob wants Reese to be his lover since he first met her 10 years ago. He’s determined to make it big in HW so he can meet her again and be her on/off screen love.

            Yeah, so I thought play along in this fun PattinSpoon game.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Hopefully the hacker fixed the faulty Summit PR machine so that it spits out stuff fans give a damn about (i.e. hot photos of Rob and indications the movie has not been too watered down…maybe even edgy, gasp!) and not stuff we already know or are done hearing about. If I had any computer hacking skills (and a ticket out of the country), that’s what I’d try to do.

        • Alex says:

          Ha ..talking about being selfish….its all about us only us…as long as us getting fed we are happy.

          Rob is born to give us orgasm…that how much his life is valued

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Oh Alex, I am trying to be sarcastic here. Where is that sarcastic font when I need it. Of course I don’t condone hacking, but if hacking is done, it should be to the betterment of Summit PR. Surely you must agree that you are sick of Robsten/Nonsten,no? Surely you like seeing some indication that the movie in production is more for the fans than some pablum for half-wits? I dunno…I think we can all agree that hacking is wrong, but we can also agree that Summit PR needs an overhaul.

          • maggie says:

            “Rob is born to give us orgasm…that how much his life is valued”

            hmmmm… now how did I miss this comment? The second half is obviously erroneous, but the first part is something to definitely ponder……….

    • Britt says:

      Bryan Adams ftw.

  6. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    You know…I keep seeing the ET interview being what I think is misquoted….unless I’m hearing it wrong. This is what I hear:
    Reese: “…Have you adjusted to married life yet?”
    Rob: “To you being married, I haven’t really got used to it yet.”
    Reese: “We’ve only been married for five days. No, wait…you’re not my husband.”


    Seems like someone wants it to seem like Rob is “slipping” in response to questions about him being married. Wishful thinking?

    • roslynselene says:

      Ha! I was just gonna say that. I saw that clip like 5 times (too funny) and she said: “Wait, you’re not my husband.” LMAO I love that part. They’re both so funny. 😀

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Oh, the whole “I´m confused, are we married?” that’s just old hat, about Rob being confused after proposing to everyone he meets… 😉 But they seem so good together, like they have a lot of fun: good for them!

  7. niahid says:

    Reese teaches him how to be a pro. She is truly an American Sweetheart.
    Love her since “Sweet Home Alabama”.

  8. alice_av says:

    He looks beyond cute, and kind much well rested? I mean in this pictures he looks really fantastic and much younger.
    Lovely a lot of material lol May can not came fast enough for us in Mexico =S

  9. The Old One says:

    I’m not getting LTR/LTT update notifications in my email! I had to check in here on the off-chance of an update! I blame the hackers.

    I was looking at that rumpled suit jacket and thinking, is that linen, or is it wool that he ran through the washer and dryer, not knowing that’s not how you clean a suit?

    Favorite comment was when he was trying to think of examples of diva behavior from either Reese or Tai, and came out with something like, “well, Reese couldn’t get away with taking a big dump in the corner”. Oh Rob, how I love your clever repartee.

    Can’t wait for this movie! Stop with the clips and trailers, though, I don’t want to see the whole thing before I’m actually in the theater, thanks.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Yes, I feel like I should stop watching clips too, just so there is more to discover in the theater. All indications is that WFE will be movie magic. I feel like I need a new outfit all of a sudden…

  10. LadyN says:


    i LOVE how the jacket’s not ironed, it wouldn’t be Rob if it was! How i love himmmmMmmm. 🙂

    Sigh, I’m a horrible person cuz I can’t get out of my head that he’s totes looks like he’s kissing a huge big old dick and not really tai’s trunk. I read too much fic. *shakes head*

    Corniest. Interviewer. Ever. :-/ poor guy.

    • roslynselene says:

      You’re not the only one with a dirty mind. On judgement day, I just hope I don’t go to hell for thinking dirty when it comes to Rob and elephants. O.O I’d be so embarrassed.

  11. roslynselene says:

    What to chose, what to chose.
    1) I like that he admitted to “keeping” *cough*stealing*cough* the leather jacket.

    2)My other favorite was when the Extra interviewer asked Reese what she thinks of Rob in Twilight (stupid stupid question) and the looks Rob and Reese give each other: PRICELESS! Ahahah!

    3) When he said he’d be complaining when he gets old. And how he “very much doubts” that the girls will still be hanging around his hospital. Lol

    4) That he wanted to do labor work so that he can feel like a man. “I’ve been feeling like such a pussy for so long.” Playing Edward does that to you. Ohhhh. BURN! (I’ll shut up now before I virtually get my ass kicked by the crazies.)

    P.S: I like Christoph’s answers too. 🙂 Very smart. And intimidating. I think I’d be more intimidated to interview Waltz.

    • roslynselene says:

      Crap I meant choose not chose. :/

    • niahid says:

      Waltz would make a good President/Prime minister.
      Such a charisma .
      Just my 2 cent

    • IM1LuckyWoman says:

      “I’ve been feeling like such a pussy for so long.” Playing Edward does that to you.

      You know…I will be forever grateful to Twilight and Edward for introducing me to Rob….but it’s ROB I love now so….once the Twilight story is concluded, I will bid Edward a fond adieu and will revel in all Rob’s future MANLY roles!! There’s just no hiding it anymore…He’s NOT a 17 year old boy and should never have to play one again!

  12. robgirl86 says:

    my fav moment was the “tongue-lip-slurp thing” 🙂

    and it’s actually the first time that i saw the interviews of his costars as well, enjoying them very much…

    • niahid says:

      Can’t wait what Uma and Christina have to say in Bel Ami press junket. Natalie Tena’s MTV intvw’s sure fun to watch.

      • roslynselene says:

        It was! I enjoyed Natalia’s interview. Imagine how much fun she and Rob would have in interviews?

  13. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I LOVED all the inteviews! It was difficult to wipe the silly grin off my face while watching. I absolutly love Reese, so silly and goofy, smart, confident and beautiful! It’s a long time ago since I’ve seen Rob so happy and relaxed too!They do really make a good looking couple together.
    I also liked the fact that Rob stole the leather jacket as he lookes awfully good in it! Hope he wears it soon!!!
    Hell, I even liked the dorky interviewer!

  14. Alex says:

    I want see the Press conference and Chistoph interviews. Did he do all these interviews or not?

    I also want to know if Rob, Rease and Chritoph going to be on any TV shows like JimmyK, JFalon,Ellen?

    Love Rob and Reese together!!!!

    Hope everyone will see this film on opening weekend.

  15. roslynselene says:

    Ha! Rob said some funnies on Elle magazine.
    Q: Have you had many near-death experiences?
    Rob: Yes, loads. I am the worst driver in the world. Every time I get in a car, I call up my parents and say goodbye.

    (My parents always told me, “Never get in a car with Robert Pattinson…unless the person driving said car is his driver…or Tom Stu.” Yup. Advice to live by.)

    And I laughed when I read this:
    Q: Here’s a line from Maupassant “The essence of life is the smile of round female bottoms under the shadow of cosmic boredom.” Any thoughts?
    Rob: That’s an absolutely true quote. Round female bottoms are very much a miracle.

    Bhahaha! All I could imagine is Rob singing that Youtube song, “I got big booty bitches big big booty bitches OHHH!” Tears just streaming down my face. :’)

  16. Pennylane says:

    I agree, he’s been so cute & thoughtful & funny throughout this junket. <3

  17. shygirl says:


  18. yesjayme says:

    My biggest question is why no one has mentioned the fact that he is totally checking out Reese’s boobs in that second picture.

    Dear Rob,
    Since you seem to be such a boob man, I am becoming increasingly concerned for your neck muscles. I think I have found the perfect solution to the problem though. I am shorter than Reese, so when you stand next you me you can use your normal slouching posture, thereby decreasing the tension placed on your neck.

    Also, my girls are way bigger than hers, eliminating the possibility of any eye strain as well.

    Of course I am offering my services purely out of concern for your physical well being and have no ulterior motives whatsoever.

    Call me, I’m in the book…..


    • robsbeanie says:

      I’ll volunteer my services as well! You know you may need a break from time to time. I think Rob likes it all! Boobs, butts and legs

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