Tales from a busy Rob Blogger

Dear Rob,

If you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have because you’re so attentive to my needs I’ve been MIA a lot lately. I’ve let the amazing LTR readers of the world write letters for me while I’ve worked hard & gotten tipsy on my off-time. (BTW I’m warning you right now- I’m away yet again- in Nashville, visiting my college roommate- and tonight we polished off an entire margarita pitcher just the two of us. So basically I’m drunk. Big time. But whatever. I can drunk-blog. Watch me)

But anyway, during these past few weeks of my crazy work & travel schedule, I’ve been missing out on what’s been going on with you. I’ve barely cracked the surface of your WFE interviews. I haven’t watched one live TV appearance, and it wasn’t until I started getting notifications of Moon tweeting with people on our @letter2twilight twitter name that I remembered last night was the WFE premiere. #fanfail or #busyfan or #reallifesometimeswins or #ishoulddrinkless or something like that.

But what I love about the community of LTR is that I’m never alone. So while I know there are some who have watched EVERY interview and EVERY live show you’ve been on and some LTR gals were even AT the WFE premiere last night, I know so many are in the dark & have had “real life” catch up on them in recent weeks or months too. So that’s what I am here for. To help us all catch up. And by that I mean post the hottest pictures from last night’s WFE pictures before I pass out on my friend’s dog from a tequila-induced coma

So without further ado:

Do you think Reese thinks of Rob when she’s doing it with her fiancee like so many other gals out there in the universe?

Rob Pattinson, doing what he does, looking hot in this suit that is blowing my mind. Is that a purple tie? A brown one? A tweed suit? Who knows. Who cares. He looks amazing. And pale. He needs a little sun. And also a strong SPF so he doesn’t burn.

This is Rob asking who the girl is on his right who is wearing white tights. (PS: I’m guessing that is Sarah Gruen, the Water for Elephants author. But that’s just a guess. Maybe it’s a lucky fan. Maybe that’s Rob’s girlfriend. Maybe it’s Reece’s bff. Maybe she’s a representative from a company that sells white pantyhose) Also, can we all just agree that we want to kill Reece for being so damn adorable. And by “Kill” I of course just mean we want her to be our BFF?

This is Rob saying to us “Try not to run your tongue along my jawbone across your computer screen. I dare you”

This is Kristen Stewart saying “Eff you Reese Witherspoon always looking gorgeous & fake sexing my boyfriend- look how hot I look in this dress!” Dannngggg that’s a hot dress. (Also in case you were wondering: yes of COURSE there were people freaking out and acting surprised that Kristen was at the premiere. I know. Isn’t everyone SO over that conversation at this point? Can’t we all get along & just imagine the music they made love to that night when they got home & went straight to the bear skin rug they had shipped from Vancouver to NYC just for that special occasion? Do you think it was Lionel Ritchie? I hope.)

My first thought: “$$&(*SA(*GKjhl.” And then I immediately followed that up with a prayer that you were taking that off and not buttoning it back up. Dang, Rob. Dang.

There is so much more- there are videos up on Robsessed, the gals at @H2OforElephants got to go to the premiere & SEE the film plus all the other stuff I missed while drinking tequila. Not to mention the MOVIE comes out FRIDAY!

But for now, I’m going to bed. (And by that I mean back to bed since halfway through writing you a letter I passed out with my college roommate’s dog. Oops)

Can’t wait to see the movie, Rob!

UnintendedChoice & the tequila in my belly

Monday Quiz: Yes or No: Rob was hot last night. Question #2: Reese is so adorable it’s not fair: Yes or No. Question #3: UC should go to bed. Circle for Yes. (Please love me, ignore my spelling errors & just laugh at how ridiculous I’ll feel when I wake up in the morning & realize I actually pressed “post” on this letter!)

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87 Responses to “Tales from a busy Rob Blogger”

  1. Yeah quite the same for me re the Rob events & the bear rug.
    #1 Is it normal that drunk UC says DANG?
    #2 I don’t like Reese, I think she’s very peasanty and not in the good sense.#snobbishbuttrue
    #Out of the loop but not enough to ditch the live streaming nao (even if I’ll have to leave before he’s on) BTW very cool show judging by the commercials, topics and presenters. #SARCASM! #OMG!

  2. drsaka says:

    Wow, the level of finger porn in the last pic- wow.

    Rob looked great, nice suit.

  3. robsfuturemate says:

    I do love Reese. Even more now that I have watched her in these interviews.

    “Eff you Reese Witherspoon always looking gorgeous & fake sexing my boyfriend- look how hot I look in this dress!” my thoughts pretty much, except for the fake sexing my boyfriend part. Was glad to see her in a dress.

  4. Nelle says:

    At first glance doesn’t it look like he has too many fingers? But is that necessarily a bad thing?

  5. sharon says:

    1. Yep, Rob was hot. He makes me feel like an old lady perv. Sometimes I want to be his mom and sometimes I want to be his….ummm….sex therapist?
    2. I adored Reece the first movie I saw her in….the one with Keifer Sutherland as a serial killer, and she’s the kid that kicks his arse! She’s country dumb, crazy like a fox, and only a southerner will understand what I am saying. Let me explain to all you others, she’s extrememly intelligient, but retains her southern charm. Part of the charm is that she really doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks of her, she gets the last laugh on people that think she’s peasanty, afterall she’s the rich and famous, educated movie star.
    3. Please get some sleep, although we do enjoy your drunken ramblings.
    4. To address your comment of “Why can’t we accept KS and move on, the conversation of them being together is getting old. I agree with that statement, we should not care who he is with, all we should care about and accept is, he ain’t with any of us, and is not ever likely to be with any of us. So, what does it matter who he is with?

  6. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    #1 – Yes
    #2 – Yes
    #3 – Yes

    Reese is adorable and Rob looked amazing – his hair resembled that of the good ol’days (meaning: SEX hair)! His mom, dad and sisters were there too, they always look adorable. Papa Patts and Clare held hands, (awwwww), so cute!!!!!

  7. LatersBaby says:

    Dear Rob,

    I was there last night. I did the whole standing in the freezing rain for 12 hours thing. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.
    When we were face to face for a minute or so, I didn’t shove anything to you to sign, scream in your face, or push the people who were pushing me. I just watched you. I said something to you and you made eye contact with me and smiled.
    Yes, you are more beautiful in person.
    Gentle, kind, humble, soft. Simply, precious.


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Lucky b…just kidding mate! I am uber jealous though but still reallly happy for you. You’ve seen him in the flesh at last!!

      • LatersBaby says:

        We’ll talk. I’m in the airport now. Six hours sleep in the past 60 hours. I’m almost to the point of delirium. I can’t believe some people do this (out all night for a glimpse) all the time!

    • southernbelle says:

      That’s awesome! I live vicariously through those who have met him! *Sigh

    • The Old One says:

      So fantastic! If it were me, I would die happily tomorrow.

  8. drsaka says:

    Dear Rob, on Regis and Kelly this morning, you said, ‘I’m not funny’ in response to a question about appearing on SNL.

    I could not disagree more.

    And did you mumble something about chocolate elephants?
    (after the mixing up ‘Water for Chocolate’ and ‘Water for Elephants’ remark).

    • roslynselene says:

      Duuuude, that was so weird. Last week, my dad said “Are you going to go watch that Water for Chocolate movie?” I laughed but then I heard Rob saying that this morning and I was like WHAT? What’s going on? Are my dad and Rob having inside jokes? What’s the meaning of this?!

      • drsaka says:

        That’s a funny coincidence! WFC is a very good movie, but not similar to WFE!

      • Pattygirl says:


        water for chocolate is a mexican movie about a tradition that the youngest daughter takes care of their mother. And this girl was not allowed to marry, anyway she likes to cook, whatever her mood while cooking is what the people eating will feel. if she was feeling horny, sad, love, they who eat her food will feel the same. It was a long time ago.

        And re the kiss ; god that girl is an ass, why don’t she just go with it, let loose, what are u afraid of , the paps, ur dignity,what? I just want Rob to be happy, he is such a kind , fun soul.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      All I know is when he said Water for Chocolate I thought “mmm, Rob covered in chocolate that would be good”.

      And Ros, “are my dad and Rob having inside jokes?” That would be awesome!!

      • drsaka says:

        Chocolate elephants- new item for your Easter basket (if you do that sort of thing), but can be enjoyed at all times, too.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Yes! Although these days I’m into marshmallow filled. So that fits Rob’s idea of him at the pool. YUMMY!!! (Rob no worries about your physique)

        • robsfuturemate says:

          drsaka- I had a marshmallow chocolate egg today and who did I think of? Well, in this order, Rob, you and Tai!! 🙂

  9. drsaka says:

    I spy a new jacket.

  10. lola says:

    ugh, Robert looked facking amazing last night. Dudes on his way, no flash in the pan franchise pretty boy for this kid.

  11. roslynselene says:

    I missed the live streaming premiere stuff yesterday since it was MY “big day” (I’m legal to take to bars now, Rob. 😉 ). I have an OT funny story. To kill daylight, I decided to take the family to the movies and watch “Hall Pass”. Mind you, I thought it was a simple comedy judging by the trailers on TV. Anywho, what I ended up watching sitting next to my MOTHER, sister, FATHER, and brother was:

    1) A dude rubbing one out in the car.
    2) A black dude’s GIGANTIC penis and a white dude’s itty bitty one (WHAT?! *said in Rob voice* I didn’t even know they showed men’s privates in movies. Usually they just show ass, not zoomed in FULL frontal. Seriously, the whole screen was pubes, balls, and penis. My sister’s response when we got out was, “That’s why they say ‘Once you go black, you never go back. Once you go white, you always stay tight.'” Racial jokes – ftw Smdh)
    3) A dude going down on a woman while she screams “More tongue! More tongue! More tongue!” Oh man, I didn’t even want to turn and see my mom’s face. That was the last thing I wanted.

    Now, we’re not prudes and we all laughed our asses off but that was DEF not a family movie. No, no. It was literally like watching porn w/ your mom and dad.

  12. roslynselene says:

    I caught up on a few vids and pics here and there. Can’t watch them all. It’s too much. But I’m watching Regis and Kelly right now.

    Fuck that, UC. Robstu LIVES! IT LIVES, I TELL YA. *sob* It liiiiiiiives. *sob*

    Thank you Rob for looking HAWT DAMN HAWT for my bday yesterday! My friend told me that she’s seen the WFE commercials on TV and “can see why I want to see it.” 😛

    • roslynselene says:

      Robstu lives? Uhhh, spoke too soon? Robsten is legit now apparently. They confirmed it by (awkwardly- OF COURSE!) kissing in front of the paps. Kudos to them for the epic love outing on the WFE premiere night. I find it hilarious and utterly lame. UC, I suggest RKelly’s “Trapped in the closet” for the Robsten love making mix tape. Yes. <3<3<3

      • robjunkie says:

        Dude, it was so effing lame. I can’t even. She’s ducking away from him like he’s got cooties or something, and he’s grinning like a lunatic to mask the sting of rejection. Awkward!

        • roslynselene says:

          I know, right? Whatever they have going on is definitely odd. They act like they’re first cousins caught kissing. Wuuut? Trying to understand them hurts me poor wittle brain and I feel like this: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lfwv4ir2Md1qa91nwo1_400.gif
          WTFucksten? That’s me. I wanna change my name now…

          • gemmajean says:

            They get the LTT/LTR award for most awkward couple/non-couple ever! I don’t even think its possible for bear skin rug action with them…they wouldn’t know what to do with it or on it!

            On topic: Rob looked great, I love me some Christoph (who seems very intimidating!) and Reese. Glad to see his family was supporting him!

  13. Pattygirl says:

    1 yes
    2 yes
    3 yes

    rob is like a cupcake, yummy

  14. robjunkie says:

    OMGZ y’all!! There’s a video up on Robsessed with Rob trying to kiss Kristen in the car and she like totally cock-blocks him. WTF Kristen??? Painfully shy, or painfully ridiculous? Poor Rob is just dying to let the magicness show.

    • robjunkie says:

      Like, I could totes get on board Robsten if she didn’t act like an immature dolt. God, I’m so 2nd-hand embarrassed for her now.

    • lola says:

      Notice Rob in the video-he’s laughing his ass off while everything goes down. She’s the one who looks embarrassed that he did that in front of paps, and he’s laughing. He knows how she’ll react, she’s always such a nervous thing, so he did it on purpose to get a rise out of her. Like he always does everytime they do interviews together-he likes to get a reaction out of her. I love it, it means he’s a little bit bitchy and evil.

      • robjunkie says:

        He’s laughing to cover his embarrassment at his girlfriend giving him the duck and weave. I think he did it intentionally yes, but not to get a rise out of her. What are they, 12? I think it was more a case of ah fuck it, I’m just gonna kiss you quickly in public and all this bullshit speculation can stop now.

        • lola says:

          maybe, who knows with them. But they have a sort of banter between them, he tends to needle her a lot to get a rise out of her publicly. She admitted as much on Opie. He knows how she’ll react honestly, we all do, she acts flustered all the time and awkward. But she’s got a smile on her face, and he’s laughing at her. So it’s probably their form of foreplay. lol

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I felt like I was watching them practicing accepting the award for Best Kiss! It seemed like a big joke to me and I’m not sure who the joke is on.

        • roslynselene says:

          Yup! They were practicing for that. (Note to self: Do not watch MTVMA’s again. You know better. You don’t want a repeat of the last two years.) But if they end up doing the circus act, please post it here! I hope Kristen does the flaming hulahoop and Rob does the unicycle with pies in his hands and a ball on his nose. DO IT!

        • roslynselene says:

          Oh and I’m sorry for your first experience going to the circus. Witnessing the death of a clown must be traumatizing. What’s w/ people and their crazy clown experiences?

  15. roslynselene says:

    *THIS* http://video.aol.com/video/unscripted-water-for-elephants-full/675971562 is why I’m here. This is by far my favorite.

  16. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Rob was hot last night (at least judging by the photos above – missed the premiere due to a house full of sickness). You all can get emotional over his jaw, but right now I’m really loving his nose & trick-of-the-eyes fingers.

    Reese is cute, but I have noticed that she always crosses her legs when she stands for photos. I guess to showcase her bottom half? I need to try that for photos, though if I do it, I’ll probably just look like I need to pee. She and Rob have this college best-buds elbowing each other all the time vibe going on.

    And UC, get some sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to all sorts of mental disorders, and we need you sane (well, at least Normal). 🙂

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Check your email!!! 🙂

    • Nelle says:

      They all stand like that on the red carpet. It’s “the pose de rigueur.”

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I think they stand like that to look more curvaceous. Man, are her legs ever thin. Still love her though. The lady who is standing on Rob’s other side is probably wondering if those ruffles are making her look fat when she’s standing near Reese. She’s not fat, just normal.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Oh, yah, the author. Wonder if she’s a secret Rob fangirl. Makes me want to write a book just in the off chance that it will be turned into a screenplay. I will have to make the male protagonist look and act like Rob so there will be no casting questions. Then one day he can stand next to me as I wear a wedding dress (just so I can be photographed next to him in a wedding dress). I’ll have to make the female protagonist about my height and weight (and age) so the actress on the other side of us does not make me look large/old/pasty/etc…

        Or, maybe I’ll just write a screenplay for Dinner with Rob. CW, are you in as Director?

  17. southernbelle says:

    Yes or No: Rob was hot last night. Question #2: Reese is so adorable it’s not fair: Yes or No. Question #3: UC should go to bed. Circle for Yes. (Please love me, ignore my spelling errors & just laugh at how ridiculous I’ll feel when I wake up in the morning & realize I actually pressed “post” on this letter!)

    1. YES, Rob was so Hot!
    2. Yes she’s adorable and so lucky she got to kiss and canoodle w/ Rob even though it was just for a movie.
    3. Yes, UC needs to go to bed!

    Well I applaud those who waited for Rob in the rain and cold! I wish I could have been there. I keep hearing from friends who were there last night that he looked even more amazing in person. Wow. When’s it going to be my turn?

    I wasn’t surprised that Kristen would be there, I didn’t care, what bugged me was that fact that it still pricks my heart a little when I see them close together in real life. And what woman pulls away from Robert Pattinson when he kisses them? Uggh. That’s my beef. Poor Rob.

    Dear Rob,

    Ha, well if you try to kiss me, I promise I will stay put and not move. I’ll enjoy every bit of it even if it’s in front of paparazzi! lol. I wouldn’t care.


  18. robsfuturemate says:

    After an upclose look of Sarah Gruen’s legs I am deciding that she is just really pale. No tights!

  19. Alex says:

    If he reaaly meant a tease for paps then that was fine. But if he really went for a kiss then it was such an embarressment.

    Well we dont know what really happened or their intentions.


    Yes UC

    We should be able to get over Robsten vs nosten and enjoy the ride. More focus on Rob and his career.

    It will make everyone happy.

    Take care.

    Hope you all will enjoy WFE

  20. Brenn says:

    That’s it. I’m writing a book. Rob can play the lead. Then I can stand by him and drink in his greatness.

    I promise not to wear white stockings.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      LOL, I just read this after I posted more or less the same thing. I can’t guarantee that I won’t wear white for the photos though.

      • Brenn says:

        Great minds think alike Nat!

        I actually am attempting to write a novel, and I do have a character in it Rob could possibly portray. I haven’t started that part yet– it’s farther down in the outline and right now I’m focusing on building the main character.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Very cool, Brenn. When you are fleshing out the part for Rob, be sure to make sure to include a lot of flesh. And maybe a scene by the pool where he is horizontal. It will be a cathartic scene for him (plus we’ll get to hear him say “cathartic flexing” in interviews). Also a scene requiring some sort of trapeze with strong women. If it is not too much to ask. Thanks Brenn. 🙂

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