Water for Elephants Friday

Dear Rob,

Let’s be honest anything I write today won’t mater- all anyone wants to do is discuss Water for Elephants and your first “Real” foray into life outside of Twilight (yes, I’m not counting Remember Me sue me!). I had some things on my mind this week but we’ll save that for another day. I needed to spend some time catching up on your most recent interviews so I grabbed the links, popped some popcorn (figuratively, sadly) and settled in on the GOOD TIMES these videos bring:

(Seriously stop. It’s a Friday. Plus a Holiday. You’re not working. Watch these videos now. Again if you’ve already seen them! You know you want to!)

My ears hurt from the screams & I wasn’t even IN the audience. I felt like I was at a Hoobastank concert. I personally don’t know what that feels like but I bet it’s painful

My favorite part from part 1 of the interview:

The Grandma who told her husband she was headed out with “the gals” to see someone who reminded her of their grandson. Little does grandpa know what Grandma REALLY THINKS about Rob…!

Oh Jimmy, how I love you, let me count the ways:

Lets be honest- you probably won’t [live in their bedroom]….

Touché, Jimmy… touché

I’m just gonna say it he seems sweaty & kinda high (I’m not saying I don’t like it… come on now! But seriously… Am I right?)

Best picture EVER:

Robert as “The weird one”

Oh fine, I made you a gif:

And from that picture of Rob arriving at Kimmel, he’s surprising NO ONE that he liked MC Hammer as a kid with those blue hammer pants.

Rob on Kimmel is good times! Hit up Rob at Ellen with me after the jump!!!

Did you hear that? A GUY knew the app was called “Where’s Robert” (We know too- read about it here)
Dear Ellen- the people showed up at the bar because of Twitter… no the app. FYI. No one uses that app. (Besides me. Every day)

And Rob went to Post, Texas? Where Christmas Music plays 24/7? No one is in the streets but there’s a remote control helicopter shop? I KNEW Rob & the Brit pack were high that entire trip!

UGH….. This interview on Ellen just solidified my love for you, Rob. DAMMIT ELLEN. DAMMIT ROB. You had to go off on a tangent about your childhood horrors… you talked abut how you SAVED snails… you HUGGED Ellen panties..You admitted to WATCHING Stripper videos…You were all-over adorable. And bashful. And comfortable. And.. dammit! You were just .. Rob.. Sigh…



Who is excited for WFE today/tonight (Those of you outside of the US- are you seeing it today?) What interview was your favorite? WHY does Rob refuse to dress cute in public when he’s not in an interview? Mr. Choice saw that picture & said he’s embarrassed for HIM and embarrassed for ME that I like HIM. Sigh…..

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

56 Responses to “Water for Elephants Friday”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    sorry guys, am in a hurry today, so i just wanted to say…that
    on Kimmel i found the audience incredibly embarrassing and annoying!

    Rob was super sweet & funny on Ellen and Kimmel,as usual i loved to listen to him……
    fav.moment……..the “stripper video” and his reaction afterwards…haha, made me laugh…

    ah no, wait…………..SUPER fav.moment is the backstage video where he is chewing nuts and such….i think that’s by far the best Rob video of all the time!(apparently he recorded it by himself)

    Dear Rob
    you’re nuts, and i love it

    HAPPY EASTER time to everybody out there:)

  2. melronin says:

    wish you all well and have a blessed time!

    Had the weird thought that I could stay mad at the baby for the rest of my life…but…biggg mistake!
    He was amazing on Kimmel and Ellen and reminded me once again why I love him so much!

    So…back in my Robhole…

    love to you all

  3. che says:

    Rob on ellen was my second favourite Rob on ellen after the first one…new moon and eclipse interviews weren’t that good ..it was like good old days 😀
    he was so sweettttttttttttt
    and Rob as ‘the wierd one’ is WIN!

  4. drsaka says:

    Rob on the Ellen show was once again amazingly funny. And we were worried about the lack of word vomit? Not a chance!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I love the way Ellen looked at him when he said he had “extra vertabrae”. Also her reaction to his YouTube clip. “Yah…she’s under the dresser, I’m guessing that’s why there’s no movement” (or something like that). Wonder how Rob found that video – i cannot seem to find the original on Youtube. Maybe something a fan sent him?

  5. Gail says:

    Rob was hilarious on Ellen, I couldn’t help but laugh the whole time! It’s like he doesn’t realize (or care) that he’s on national television… ayayay! And Ellen sure knows what to say and ask to bring about the fun.

    WFE will be out in the theatres in 2 weeks here.

  6. robsfuturemate says:

    Those were both great Robvomit interviews! Much needed after the last couple days here. I too loved the grandma in the audience and the water for cougars sign (although 2nd HE). Plus, where’s the footage of the 10 hrs of karaoke? Tom, just give us a sneak peek!

    • Skay says:

      Seriously! Surely in this age of smart phones someone got video of the karaoke!

      The cougar posters were disturbing…

      Even DH laughed at some of the jokes…that’s saying a lot!

  7. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Wonder if that Grandma is *the* Twilight Grandma, the one who is willing to be homeless in LA just to see her Edward? Probably not…she looks too together. And so happy. Who wouldn’t be?

    Did anyone see Christoph on Kimmel? Playing the AI judge? “When someone is terrible, you don’t inflate a malfunctioning ego. You don’t shower undeserved praise on the lobotomized squeakbox. No, you eliminate him. Permanently.”

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      …oh and Christoph in those tight hot pink pants. Sorry Andrew Garfield, Christoph is my new #2.

      • roslynselene says:

        Christoph is HOT! Esp with those glasses he wore to the premiere. But he’s so intimidating. I’d look like a damn idiot if I tried to talk to him. At least when talking to Rob, I wouldn’t be the only one making a fool of myself (he does that too- and very well.:))

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          oh those glasses really upped his bangability factor, didn’t they? i am not sure who i would be more intimidated by, though. i mean, ROB. in the same room. ROB. i’d make a fool of myself, that is certain. at least with christoph i’d have enough composure to talk about movies, even though he’d probably rattle off the name of half a dozen movies i’ve never heard of and make me feel uneducated.

          • roslynselene says:

            Hhaha! I just saw the Christoph Kimmel interview. THAT was hilarious! The AI judge skit was spectacular! Why doesn’t Rob do something like that?! But this is the first time I see Christoph being funny and laughing. That picture with him and Tai! Oh my god, that was too funny!
            Jimmy: “Do elephants like it when you blow on their…trunks?”
            Christoph: “Well she liked it.” Lmao

  8. robsfuturemate says:

    Going to see WFE in less than 2hours and then again later tonight. There are so many more people willing and desiring to see this movie than that Franchise. YAY!!!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      TWO times in one day. You must have a strong heart to withstand that sort of hotness twice a day. You young’uns. 🙂

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Oh yeah, right. Those 3 less years I have make a huuuge difference! And don’t say it’s because you have kids, I work with 18 or so a day!!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      The film was wonderful!!! Not sure how I’m gonna make it thru this second showing tho! I was glad they kept in one of my favorite scenes of the book. (hehe)

      Just when I thought this man could not get any hotter…GAH!!!!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Should also add I was a little disappointed in the amount of lovemaking scene. RM’s gave us oh so much more. Oh well, gonna go enjoy it again anyway!

      • roslynselene says:

        You saw it!!! Yay! Good for you. But was the sexytimes scene hot enough? I keep seeing reviews about the lack of chemistry with Pattinspoon.

        Seems everyone is excited for this film. My guy friend on FB commented on my status. He was all, “IT’S OUTTTTT???!!!” (yes, is all caps and exclamation marks…hmmm fanboy?) If he sees it before me, Rob might take my fan card and give it to him. 🙁

  9. JayUK says:

    Great Ellen interview … really, really loved the bit where they’re talking about karaoke, and she pretends to hand him a mic. And he just curls up in an embarrassed, squirming ball with his arms over his head, making piteous ‘arrghh, no, no, no’ noises!
    Thank you, Ellen – embarrassed Rob makes my day!

  10. roslynselene says:

    Wooot! WFE! It’s what we’ve been excitedly waiting for since last year! Not sure if I’ll be able to go today but hopefully this weekend I will (HOPEFULLY cause we’ve made plans to go to the lake this weekend for Easter). Don’t worry, Rob! I’ll get to a theater one way or another. We’ve got to get those B.O. numbers UPPPPPP!

  11. pukesten says:

    i think it’s not out he’re for another 2 weeks grrrrrr damn you americans ahead of the rest of us

    i loved the blue pants, black and highlighter green hoodie combo, gq best dressed man of the year hands down!!!

    i refuse to watch these videos, i’m working off will power alone, there are no rob replacement patches or gum…..must …not….get……sucked…..back….in……….

  12. Beaspoon says:

    Le sigh…

    I’ve been totally Rob MIA lately, I took a break and decided I needed a little time away from Rob. And then this week happened!!

    Gah, damn him, I fell for him all over again!! He was so fricking adorable on Ellen. Loved him on Jimmy. He was adorkable on Regis & Kelly. Thank goodness for Robsessed where I can watch it all in one place and lie to my hubs and tell him I am “menu planning.” Hahaha.

    I can’t wait to see WFE. I told my husband that the only thing I care about this weekend is sneaking off at some point to see it. By myself. Yeah–I want to be able to ogle him in all of his glory without anyone making fun of me for it or trying to talk to me during the movie, lol. I’m cool like that. Then my husband said, “You mean the only thing you want to do this weekend BESIDES Easter, right?” Oh, damn, I remembered WFE but forgot about Easter, whoops!! Ha ha.

    • pukesten says:

      i know I haven’t been feeling the Rob love loads these days but this weekend(other than non-kissgate ) has been amazing like a 2nd honeymoon I remember what it was like at the very start

  13. maggie says:

    Hugging a basket of underwear, imitating a deranged antelope, saving a boxful of snails, volumes of word vomit – what’s not to love? And Ros: 2 days away seems to be my limit, no matter how hard I try. I’m hooked like a heroin addict. End of story.

    Cameraman who focused on the starry-eyed Twi-grandma: you deserve a bonus! That was priceless.

    24 hours and 10 minutes until I’m seeing WFE. Can’t wait! btw – the box office count for opening weekend is for Friday and Saturday – not Sunday. (I learned that when RM came out).

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      2 weeks? 2 days? You guys are making me look really bad. Shiznithittingfan Monday….I lasted like TWO hours. Maybe not even that.

      I’m probably going to see it on Saturday. So excited that it is in the main theater at the cinema near me…it’s a huge theater, usually reserved for the “big” movies. So yay for that, good sign.

      • roslynselene says:

        I’ll prob go see it Sunday night. 🙁 Can’t believe I have to wait. Darn it, why did Easter have to be this weekend and why did I make plans without thinking. Ugh!

        Is anyone willing to beat me at my game of Rob fasting? Haha! It wasn’t that easy. I had withdraws. Seeing him all over the place when I wasn’t even looking for him didn’t help either. Nonchalantly, I’d say, “Rob? Pffft! Who cares…” I tried to play it cool when in reality, I was mentally screaming in my head, “I CARE!!! WHAT’S HE UP TO? WHERE IS HE RIGHT THIS MINUTE?! GODDAMN HIM TO HELL!” and then I gave in. And here I am now when I clearly should be getting work done so that I have the weekend free. Smh

      • Brenn says:

        Nat — There wasn’t an empty seat in the huge theater. I was very happy to see that.

        And everyone applauded when it was over. Made my day.

  14. maggie says:

    Just saw this re WFE:

    “Heading into the weekend, Fox 2000’s Water for Elephants was projected to post an opening weekend gross of between $13 million to $15 million.

    Water, based on the bestselling book by Sara Gruen, has been gaining momentum in recent days, particularly among younger females, and has every chance now of doing more business. The film’s strongest demo, according to tracking, is older women.”

    Go younger Robfans and Go Cougars!!!

    • Brenn says:

      What in this comment could possibly deserve a thumbs down?

      Someone have something against Cougars? Maybe they’re more fond of leopards. Not sure.

  15. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob —

    I just saw WFE. I’m very proud of you. Great job.

    I went with three other girls, none of which know about our secret love. They were surprised at how well you did. I knew you’d do an amazing job. And, I’m not sharing you with them. Nope, no way, nada.


    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I remember in grade school/junior high, when I started to sense that a friend was falling for MY secret crush, I’d have to try to talk her out of it. “Oh, him…I heard he has lots of cavities, smells funny, and slobbers all over his pillow every night. His mom has to change his pillowcase daily. You should go after someone else.” Or something to that effect. Maybe you should tell your friends “Oh, yah, that rob guy…I heard he wears the same outfit every day, acts like an antelope in his spare time and has some snail fetish. You guys should totally go for Christoph instead.”

  16. Anon says:

    Yes, I thought Rob looked sweaty and high too !!

  17. enviro says:

    It’s been a long time since I have seen him interviewed and just laughed out loud like I just did with Kimmel. Actually RL has been distracting me and I was starting to wonder if my robsession was starting to fade . . . HA! How does anyone NOT love this guy! Can’t WAIT to see WFE but I think it will have to be next week. 🙁 Hoping like crazy they win the weekend!

  18. perfectdate says:

    My favorite part is in the Ellen interview when Rob says he and TomStu were singing “I Believe I Can Fly” karaoke, apparently completely wasted, with 2 drunk jocks giving them the finger. DrunkKaraokeRob for the WIN!

  19. robsfuturemate says:

    RE Box Office Numbers- I ended up with a total of 14 friends going with me on opening day. So with my two that makes my contributon 16!
    My nonRob friends mostly liked the movie. The couple that didn’t said they don’t like that kind of movie. It was like Titanic. What?! You don’t like love stories or what? They did say it was good though.
    So all in all, a plus all around. They all loved his skin color! And said he’s more manly! Yeah, baby 🙂

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Before the second showing I made the girls have Rosie O’ritas in honor! Yep, they were already on the menu! Yummy

  20. JustGoWithIt says:

    I um, enjoyed the movie. It was too happy with itself, about half the movie was someone (usually Rob, no complaining) smiling nostalgically/in awe/amusement. That kinda bugs me in any movie. I want to enjoy the story, and be in there with them, not already looking back fondly. I kept thinking, is it normal to have 50% of screen time a head shot of the main character? I can’t remember. Is it? I think the camera man might have been in love with him.

  21. […] seen yet, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?) and he’s just all sorts of goofy and cute and I love Letters to Rob‘s breakdown, check it […]

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