Water for Elephants: We came, we saw, we wept, we learned a lot, we joined the circus

*spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen WFE yet… or read the book…*

This ish was reeeeeaaaallll cute

Dear Rob,

Even though my MOM got to see Water for Elephants before me (Thursday at midnight) and is clearly a bigger fan than I am, I’m the one with the blog so I get to talk about seeing it to thousands hundreds ten people and tell them all the things I learned from or thought about whilst watching the latest in your canon of film making… So without further adieu…

Things I learned from/thought/said out loud while watching Water for Elephants:

  • Unless you read the book you will never get why its called “Water for Elephants.” you’ll just be left wondering how the heck robert pattinson ended up as an almost veterinarian if he can’t even bring the dang elephant some water. I mean she was forced to steal some lemonade while her dumb ass handlers gave each other googly longing eyes.
  • Dudes and their ladies who are not Robsessed will give you the dirty side eye when you are your friends giggle/sigh/whisper/point at the screen at any of the “Rob” scenes. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself so you grab your friend and start making inappropriate noises while humping an arm rest. What’s the problem with that dudes and your lady friends? Geez.

Everybody Loves Rob... even this lady

  • The Grandma from Everyone Loves Raymond will just happen to see Water for Elephants during your screening and you will wonder if she’s secretly apart of Twilight Grandmas or maybe she’s that more mature commenter who hints at being a grandma… We see you Doris!
  • Smuggling a Diet Coke in your purse from outside the theater because you refuse to pay 10 bucks for a soda is never a good idea. The lid will inevitably come off when you’re trying to look nonchalant in front of the 17 year old ticket taker and the delicious Diet Coke will slosh around and drench your make up bag, cell phone charger and your Team Edward button.
  • Reese Witherspoon will make you seriously consider Googling “Trick Horse Riding Lessons” when you get home. Or in the bathroom on your phone after the movie is over.
  • Christophe Waltz will simultaneously scare the piss out of you while making you reconsider the top of your dating age limit.

Cheers to me being SUPER hot, kids!

  • This movie should really be called Lemonade and whiskey for Elephants.
  • Seeing Rob climb out of that trunk in a wig, nipple tassle, make up and ladies clothes makes you wonder if that’s just another Saturday night for him. (Spoiler: it is!)
  • If you tell your boyfriend/husband/lover/gay friend/best guy friend/Craigslist hook up that you want to see the new movie with that dude who played the crazy Nazi colonel in Inglourious Basterds he will probably be confused and think it’s a new kick ass Tarantino film and go with. It will not be a kick ass Tarantino flick but whatever gets them in the seats right? Cause it must have worked for how many dudes of all ages we saw at our screening.
  • Reading about August being a cruel animal hater/abuser/crazy person is much easier than seeing it actually (fake) happen on film.
  • Did Rob really have Edward colored hair when he and Reese get it oooonnnn in the hotel room? Can some Robsteners trace this back to Kristen being sick as some point? I want to see a gif and flow chart illustrating this by the end of the day. GO!
  • These people drink A LOT of champagne… these are my kind of people.

Yup, I'd like to grow old with you

Water for Elephants really is a magical, sweet, sad, great movie. Rob impresses me more and more each day and I really can’t wait to see what films he does next. I can’t wait to see him really bat one out of the park.

Lemonade and Whiskey for Elephants,

So who went and saw it? Ok, I guess the better question for some of you would be HOW many times did you see it? Were there any embarassing groans/moans made in your audience? Did anyone clap when Rosie did her tricks (someone did in ours), who wants to start Letters to Christoph?

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41 Responses to “Water for Elephants: We came, we saw, we wept, we learned a lot, we joined the circus”

  1. inujo says:

    In my world twilight Robessed world, “Rose” actually has a better chance with being with “Edward” in this movie than in Twilight. *snort*

  2. SwedishBite says:

    I have seen it twice, and it was even better the second time! Now I am waiting for someone to act illegal and put this movie on the interwebs so I can see it again and again and fast forward to scenes with a tanned Robowski. And I will watch them over and over…

  3. We totally were those giggly ladies in the theatre! We pissed off quite a few couples I think, but I think it was more because our theatre was empty for the most part so we were the ONLY Robsessed people there. *sad face* I think everyone else went for Reese and Christoph. o.O

    Love you as always, Moon.

    PrettySparklies <3

  4. Edible art ? says:

    Glad you thought it was good I have to wait till may 4th *seriously sad face* the anticipation is almost too much !!!

  5. tigerkitten36 says:

    Could someone please post a photo still of Rob in said wig, clown make up, tassels and garters.

    I saw that scene and was wondering why we hadn’t seen THAT photo on the interwebs.

    Wouldnt the film being rated PG-13 have more nudity? I’ve seen other PG 13 films having more.

  6. Robsessedgirl says:

    ok, I saw it twice. i’ve been looking forward to this movie for two years. I’ve read the book more than once. and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Rob proved himself. I mean, he carried the movie. and Christoph blew me away, even though he was hard to watch at times. AND HUMPING THE ARMREST…i won’t agree or deny. even though I wish they would’ve included “I need to be inside of you” because well come on. a few minor to major plot changes irked me, but other than that this was a flawless movie. honestly, and Reese was perfect. I disagree with the reviews, they do have chemistry. I really think they do. The whole time my mom was like “he’s gay and there’s no chemistry” it wasn’t fun to listen to. but this movie was my favorite that Rob has done so far. I can’t wait to see it again.

  7. dazzledtodeath says:

    WFE was everything I’d hoped it would be-I’m so thrilled for Rob. As I said to me husband, after following this movie for a year+, it’s amazing to see it brought to life. Even my husband liked it (and Rob! He admitted that Rob was good in it.) It hasn’t gotten great across-the-board reviews, but meh-critics. WFE is a gorgeous, thoroughly enjoyable, well-acted film with broad appeal-as evidenced by the makeup of the audience at my theater-about 50/50 men/women and all ages. Not a lot of young teens,\and a surprising number of 50+, which I take as a good sign that people aren’t discounting this film b/c Rob’s in it or seeing it just b/c he’s in it.

    The scene with Rob climbing out of the trunk-I was hoping they’d leave that in,as I have a burning desire to see Rob in drag. I wish they’d left the part leading up to it intact, but I’m not complaining-Rob drunkenly unfolding himself from the trunk in stockings and a nipple tassel (lucky person who got to clip it on!) was good enough for me.

    • The Old One says:

      Oooh, someone downthumbed the nipple tassle!

    • The Old One says:

      Yeah, I was interested to see all the different ages in the theater, and also there were more than two or three gay couples (men), which may be more because of the demographic in San Francisco than anything else. Were they there for Rob, Reese, or Christoph, or the circus, or ?

  8. allryans says:

    Letters to Christoph … the ones I’ve been sending him covered in CK1 count right?

    WFE was great. The audience at my theater was very mixed – lots of teens, ladies, old people, men. And everyone cheered at the end when Rosie, yanno, Avada Kedavra’d August.

  9. kristen's bestie says:

    I saw it twice. The first time with my BFF and a group of girls. The two that sat by me know that I’m a huge Rob fan. They both at one point during the movie turned and said ” he reminded me of Edward right then”. One of them actually said he was acting like Edward the whole movie. To me, he was Rob. I didn’t see Edward at all, just Rob. But, that worried me that people aren’t going to be able to get past his Twilight work.

    I loved the movie. I could totally see Rob becoming the Old Jacob, Hal Holbrook was perfect. And Christophe was amazing! I believed that he was crazy and ready to come unhinged at any moment. And can someone please explain why I found Rob coming out of a chest in clown makeup and a nipple tassle hot?

  10. amynkansas says:

    My poor mom had to endure me nudging and grabbing her over and over again. I *may* have said things like “I’d still do him” during the puking scene and “REALLY, I’d still do him” during the clown make up and nipple tassel scene.
    But if I treat you to a free movie you just better shut up and agree, right?!

  11. Stacey says:

    I am very happy to say that I got to see it on Friday. I am also happy to say that I really loved the whole thing. It was just a beautifully made movie. The added bonus was the numerous closeups of Mr. Pattinson. (I will call him Mr. Pattinson from now on, because even with the wig and makeup, he seemed very manly in this film. For instance, oh my…when he was only wearing that dirty white tank top shoveling…sorry…flashback!) I think he had many more closeups than Reese. I think the director loved him.

    Here’s the funny part about that night. I went with the book club I’m in to see the film. I ‘convinced’ the others that Water for Elephants would be a great book to read and wouldn’t it be fun to see the movie too. To my utter delight, a new friend in the club was sitting next to me and we found that we had a shared appreciation of Robert’s (see, he’s even more manly, hence the FULL name) handsome everything. We commented…”Oh my, he’s hot” and “Sweet god, Reese is one lucky lady”. Then when they made hime look beat up, “You can’t cover a pretty face with blood like that!”

    Yep, the rest of the ladies were looking at us like we were nutty, the two of us with the biggest salivating smiles on our faces. But even they had to admit he was, “Pretty good looking.” A win for Mr. Pattinson, no doubt!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I saw it on Friday and loved it. Rob was in like every scene and just owned it. I heard the reviews weren’t that great and I am wondering if the critics saw the same movie I did. So I had to ask myself would I have gone to see this movie if Rob wasn’t in it. Yes. It is a great story but more enjoyable for me because Rob was in it. I have always loved red carpet rob because he wears a tux well. This movie gave me tuxedo rob, drag queen rob, sweaty rob, wife beater shirt rob, shirtless rob, in love with an elephant rob, kick your ass rob, beat up rob, it was just rob overload. The only thing that could have been better would have been feathers all over Reese during there hotel scene. Just so I could imagine BD. Excellent job my rob.

    • Eyre_head says:

      I agree! So many Rob’s, so little time.
      He was so good I actually forgot that I specifically went to see him. (and b/c I read the book – 90% b/c of him)

  13. robsfuturemate says:

    Saw it twice and both times the audience was so diverse.

    Yes, there were audible gasps and awwws when Rosie first lifted her leg. I loved hearing their reaction on different things that you knew were going to happen from reading the book!

    Most of the time my friends were nudging me! They, for the most part, enjoyed it and didn’t see ‘Edward’ at all. Like KB mentioned, all I saw was Rob! I could not wait to see Rob in the clown makeup/dressing gown. And it was better than I could have ever imagined!

    The other thing I did not expect was being so emotional afterward. I read the book people! But like Moon said, it was a lot harder to see all the abuse (animal and human) in real-fake life. True Story: My friend was getting all upset when Rosie was beaten. “It’s fake blood” I tell her. Then, Rob/Jacob gets his face all messed up at the hotel. I take a big breath. “It’s fake blood.” she tells me! LOL, I love Tai but it just proves I love Rob more!

    • kristen's bestie says:

      When he giggled when meeting Rosie – that was all Rob! All Rob…. loved his giggles. And when he walked drunk onto the train car where the party was going on? Shoulda been a dumpster nearby.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Exactly! I loved the giggles! And I was giggling for drunk Rob and then remembered what was going to happen next. Who knew dragRob could look so good? and manly!

  14. lola says:

    WFE was great, exceeded my expectations even. What a huge step up from last year’s Remember Me to be honest. He looked like a proper leading man finally, in a production that didn’t scream “cheap ass Summit movie.” Robert’s acting has really improved, and it’s undeniable the kid has screen charisma up the wazoo. I see bright things in his future – no twilight convention signings in the near future!

  15. Nelle says:

    Mr. Nelle was actually going to go with me to see it but we got a last minute dinner invitation. Hope to see it this weekend. And btw I think Mr. Nelle is getting suspicious of my level of interest in Ronb. He actually pointed out an article in the local paper about him. “Hey – here’s that guy you like so much.” Drat! I read one reviewer who said he thought Rob was good- but that there would be those who won’t give him his due because of the Twilight baggage. (He put it much better than I.)

  16. roslynselene says:

    :/ I didn’t read today’s LTR because *whispers* I haven’t seen it yet. 🙁 🙁 🙁 I just didn’t have any free time this weekend. *cries* But I will see it! This weekend, more likely. I’m so sorry, Rob. Those extra few dollars could have been used for your B.O. numbers. And I’m sorry but, really?! People still go watch Tyler Perry movies? Isn’t this the 104th one he’s made? And THAT got second place on the Box Office? Smh

    Funny story. Last night, my mom was using her lap top while I sat next to her and watched some TV. She stumbled upon the Spanish WFE trailer on Youtube. Then she looked at the list of video suggestions on the right and clicked on some video called “In the moon light” or something like that and asked me if it was one of Rob’s movies. I was like, “Nooo…? I don’t think so. Let me see.” I laughed my ass off. It was a Robsten video. Bhahahaha! I told her to stop watching that cause it was starting to get creepy in the first 5 seconds. I was SOOOOO first hand AND second hand embarrassed for Rob and that person who made the video. Jeez, you just can’t escape the crazies. Ah, too funny.

  17. sjaantje says:

    It was a great movie! Very beautiful. I read the book as soon as I heard Robert was going to be in this movie. I was disappointed they had to cut some parts, but it’s the movies and they can’t include everything. I understand that. Still I think they did a great job of following the book the best they could.
    I did get my husband to go with me and after it was over he admitted that it is really hard to hate Robert Pattinson because he does make good movies. Not that he didn’t miss his chance to make fun of it and told the lady at Applebee’s we were going to see “Watering the Elephants”. Such a funny guy.
    Robert was wonderful and I was just happy to see him kissing on someone other than…well you know who.
    I totally agree with your comment “Christophe Waltz will simultaneously scare the piss out of you while making you reconsider the top of your dating age limit.” What a great actor!
    Reese and Robert had great chemistry together. My favorite interview with them has to be the “Unscripted” one. You can really tell that both are “fake”, if that makes sense.
    I already have another friend (actually it’s my daughters babysitter home from college for the summer) who will go and see it with me. Anyone else that even mentions that they want to see it will find themselves in the car and on the way to the theater! Good movies deserve to be seen in the theater as many times a possible before we have to get illegal copies off the internet to hold us over until it’s on DVD. Not that I have ever done that before.

  18. kaybvee says:

    Saw it thursday night! Spoilerific below…

    THANK GOD FOR THOSE RESHOOTS! I absolutely loved the black and white segments at the end with the children and animals etc that they shot not too long ago. I thought it really highlighted their relationship more/displayed more chemisty which I wish may have happened earlier, but I digress, overall I loved the movie. My husband (former film critic) loved that part too and said he wished the film could have been entirely in black and white…

    I need to see it again this week, may take my mom if I can arrange some kid sitting. I know she would love it. And Hal Holbrook is just divine, as always-I wish there could have been more of him, like in the book but that would probably be really hard. He lost his wife recently so I think he channeled some of that. LOVED him in Into the Wild too-really wanted him to win the Oscar for that…

  19. shinegirl says:

    Saw it once at the midnight showing on Thursday. Aside from the man in front of me who refused to wear deodorant and smelled like he had been working in a field all day, who insisted on putting his arm around his girlfriend (seriously, how could she stand it? I had to keep my bag of Twizzlers directly under my nose to block the assault on my nostrils!), I loved every second of the movie. My husband took me, and he also loved the movie. He loves to say snarky comments about him, but I think he is growing on him. I told him that he just needs to admit that he loves Rob, also.

    Tai killed me as Rosie. She made me laugh and weep (those eyes!). The close ups of Rob were just gorgeous. It just does not seem natural for a man to be so perfect. I kept my Fangirl squeals to myself, but a woman down the row from me was sighing and verbalizing everything that was going on in my head (when he first comes up on the screen, it lit’trally makes you stop breathing.)

    His acting improved from Remember Me, but the love scene was a little distracting, I remembered the “green infectious snot” comment from Reese, so it really took me out of it.

    • skay says:

      That’s all I could think of during the love scene too! LOL At least I know I’m “normal”.

    • P.S. says:

      He took my breath away when he first came on screen too, and my heart dropped to my knees! He looked absolutely perfect! (And I’m married- 36 yr old- 9mo pregnant with my 4th child – what’s wrong with this picture!!!)

  20. The Old One says:

    The hotel room scene was jarring to me because of the Edward hair, so I was too distracted thinking about the filming timeline and bad continuity to really enjoy the sexytimes. The downside of being such a fangirl.

    There was a tweet around New Year’s Eve when Rob and Kristen were on the Isle of Wight (again? really?) that someone saw him buy cold medicine in a drugstore. He flew back to Baton Rouge to start up with the BD filming again, and then back to L.A. to do the WFE re-shoots, and was papped sneezing into his hands (yuck, Rob, ever heard of Kleenex?). Boy was working too hard:

    This must have been when they did the hotel love scene, and he definitely had the Edward hair. I think he did the Golden Globes around then, too, because interviewers were talking about how he had tried to make his hair look more like Jacob Jankowski’s than Edward’s and had kinda failed. And come to think of it, he had to leave the table at the Golden Globes because he was so sick and out of it.

    So yeah, distracting thinking about all that and him wiping his nose on Reese’s wig, instead of the hotness on screen.

  21. Sue G. says:

    I went and saw it today! I had to wait because my sister, my mom and my mom’s friend all wanted to go too! We all LOVED it! Even my 68 yr old mom! She was never a big fan of Rob in Twilight but after WFE so actually said he is really nice looking!

    I can’t wait to go and see it again!

  22. roslynselene says:

    The LB hat is back. But Rob, that shirt *needs* to go! http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/ac118/ROBsessedBlog2/Robert%20Pattinson/Arrival%20in%20Miami%20after%20Breaking%20Dawn%20reshoot/HQ%20And%20Untagged/RobertPattinsonArrivingInMiamiHQUntagged7.jpg

    Did you guys see that interview where the guy says he’s cutting up his “man card” because he LOVED WFE and wants to hang out with Rob? And that other fanboy who met Rob while he was filming WFE last year? Haha so cute. IDK why but I love fanboys. Lol

  23. Jennifer Rink says:

    Great movie & beautifully filmed. Our audience went crazy with applause when Rosie killed August. Agreed on the diffference between reading about cruelty and visually/fake seeing it.

  24. twiprof says:

    loved the movie….need to see it again stat!

  25. kaybvee says:

    And I have a gif I found (illegal I’m sure) of one of the black and white parts-trying my hardest not to reblog it!

  26. fayted17 says:

    I thought the movie was beautiful, the costumes were amazing, and so was the attention to detail. I want it on dvd so I can pause and just look at background elements.
    Rob should always try to be in movies where his co-stars are animals because they seem to bring out the best in him.
    OMG during the love scene, the whole theater was completely silent and it was kind of uncomfortable, but then someone a few rows ahead of us applauded and everyone laughed, which broke the tension.

  27. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    I saw it twice this weekend. The first time with my two closest girlfriends, who enjoyed the movie but just don’t get my robsession, and the second time with my husband. He loathes my adoration of Rob, so getting him to go with me was quite a feat! Anyway, I loved it! I had read the book a while back, so I knew what was going to happen, but Rob’s presence blew me away. I think most of the scenes that have been mentioned as favorites are some of mine as well – the shit-shoveling scene, clown scene, and black and whites, etc. And, and two favorite non-Rob scenes are when Rosie nails August with the stake and when older Jacob sees the old black and white of Marlena, August, and Rosie. So touching. It truly made my heart ache.

  28. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    I also loved the end when Jacob is remembering his Marlena. She’s riding the horse and you know it’s Jacob’s perception of her – forever beautiful. Some movies just leave you with this feeling in your chest. It hurts and feels good at the same time. That’s when I know a movie (or a book for that matter) was truly good.

  29. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    Okay, apparently I can’t shut-up about this movie, but just… I don’t even know. I just loved it. I guess it was just my type of movie/book. Anything set back in an earlier time always seem to pull me in. Some other favorite movies of mine are “Pearl Harbor”, “Titanic”, and “Walk the Line”. So, “Water for Elephants”, with that old-timey feel just sunk its teeth into me (like that analogy?). It was just beautiful. I’m so glad Rob got the role of Jacob. He was perfect.

  30. Janetrigs says:

    #ChampagneFriday Ya’ll

  31. robsfuturemate says:

    My mom and dad loved the movie! (they both read the book) My dad said that Rob did “great acting without speaking at the beginning of the film.” And now my mom is watching Rob on Ellen that I still have on the DVR!

    Somebody’s getting robsessed! 🙂 hehe

    • Alex says:

      NOoooooo ……We cant haddle any More Competition.

      Glad your Dad liked Rob in WFE. Now we have one less male to worry about hating him.

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