Debbert- A story of True Love

Dear Rob,

Today’s LTR is going to be a bit different. You see last week I was forwarded a Rob Pattinson fan fiction. You heard that right. Rob Pattinson. It was written by Debbie- a story about the love between her and Rob. Moon & I discussed how we needed to present this. Should we do a dramatic reading? What if we wrote a screenplay & made a film? But then we were sent a break-down that our friends Amber & LiLI (from Shack of Soul) did one day instead of working. And after we stopped working to read, and cried and laughed and cried some more, we decided we couldn’t keep this to ourselves. This is long. There are no pictures. This is very unedited and there are timestamps. But This is WORTH EVERY MINUTE you will spend reading it.

Sadly, the fic has now disappeared or been locked up (It was originally found here) but it started out with pictures (pictures of what seem to be the actual people the fic characters are based on) of Debbie, her bff & family, her mom & step dad, Ken, her priest (I think) The Band Strypr. It makes sense when you read the break down. Sorta. And the first time Debbie & Rob get errr sexual she describes wearing a “beige bra.” So if you ever hear us tweeting/making reference to a beige bra (or if I text you a picture of my own) that’s where the joke comes from.

In case you don’t have time read it all (but seriously- YOU NEED TO) here are the “chapters” of the break-down you can scroll through to get a taste. You won’t be sorry. Well, unless this is really you, Rob, reading this. Then you’ll probably be sorry.

The one where Rob falls for someone at TwiCon SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR
‘6-12 months to live” sex Chapter 11: Rob and I make love
for the first time (NC-17)
Cause Everyone discusses their
fav Twi scene during sex
A Christmas Wish
Tips for stalking Rob Don’t Hide your love
It’s on the wrong hand do-rags are kinda sexy
Robsten is a sham Finally Stypr makes sense
Pound the cancer out of her Rob goes Tom Cruise on us
Married life with Rob Shit gets real
RPOV Debbie doesn’t know when to quit
ROBSTEN SAVES THE DAY A Martyr for Robsten

But since you’re going to listen to me and read the entire thing, you can do that after the jump!

The one where Rob falls for someone at TwiCon


Amber: sorry bleh what’s up!!

LiLi: i know you are busy but um 10:48 AM i just skipped ahead and read a PG-13 chap of that fic omg i just threw up in my mouth

Amber: LMAO shut up ewwwwww it must have been REALLY bad then

10:49 AM LiLi: “That night, I have a dream of Robert. In my dream, I’m massaging his back, just as I did earlier, but in my dream, instead of just kissing my hand, he pulls me into his embrace, kisses me passionately, and we make love. ”

Amber: oooo score debbie

LiLi: OMG 10:50 AM please read this part: “Before we check out of the hotel on Monday morning, he gives me a small business card with his name, address, home phone, cell phone number and e-mail address on it, and says “Here. Take this . . . and I want you to promise me you’ll use it. Keep in touch with me.” ” um. Ron would SOOOO NOT have a business card with ALL his personal info. omg. i LOVE it. 10:51 AM Robert Pattinson, Actor (available for Open Mic nights though)

10:53 AM Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! shut up 10:54 AM i can’t even FATHOM business cards for ron

LiLi: do you think he has MOO cards?

Amber: he’d get all nervous and probs drop them all over a read carpet

LiLi: with different pics of london?

Amber: nah, with creepy manips on the back

LiLi: maybe one with his dog

10:55 AM now she’s telling him about her dad dying of brain cancer

Amber: maybe i SHOULD read this

LiLi: and then her own condition of Hydrocephalus omg wait. “Pausing for a moment, I’m unsure of how to continue. How do I explain to him about Dad? I already know that losing a parent is one of his greatest fears . . . so how can I tell him that I’ve already experienced that fear firsthand?”

10:56 AM Amber: what kind of crazy plot gets to THIS?

LiLi: they’ve been chatting on the phone EVERYDAY for 2weeks since the TwiCon. duh and of course, they find that they can tell each other EVERYTHING without fear of judgement

Amber: p.s. i love the idea of ron falling in love with someone at twicon

Amber: debbie is just living the dream



Amber: no 10:58 AM No NO!


10:59 AM LiLi: he’s drunk and she’s worried about him so she’s trying to talk about anything to get him to sober up omg

LiLi: “”The buttons on the front of your nightshirt,” he murmured, “Undo one for me.”
“Yes,” I whispered. As I popped open the first button, he murmurs, “Another one. Just imagine my hands are on the buttons. Keep going . . . one button at a time.””

Amber: ack!! no 11:02 AM i can’t unsee that

LiLi: LMFAO then um you are REALLY going to hate me: “until I’m running my tongue up and down where I’m dying to be.”

Amber: i don’t know whether to laugh or cry 11:03 AM i’ll laugh wow


Amber: eep!

LiLi: “Over the phone, I hear him quietly moaning, his moans gradually becoming louder. Ohhhh, God . . .
There’s a long pause, and then he murmurs, “Debbie . . . Oh, love . . . I love you . . . Love you so much.”
And then, surprisingly, there’s complete silence.
As I release my fingers to reach both my hands back up to the phone receiver and say “Rob? Rob? Are you still there?” . . .
. . . My question is answered by the sound of him quietly snoring. 11:04 AM HE FELL ASLEEP RIGHT AFTER!!!!!!!!!! just like a man

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ron is no cuddler

LiLi: he’s a hit it and quit it kind of guy omg BRILL bravo debbie for keepin it real

11:05 AM Amber: yes her realism is EPIC

‘6-12 months to live” sex

LiLi: ““Rob, I have something I need to tell you . . . I have to go into the hospital. I’m going to have brain surgery again. I just found out today. I just didn’t want to say anything to you until I knew for sure.”
“You’re going to have what?!” he asks me incredulously. ”
11:06 AM Amber: what is with the surgery? no seriously

LiLi: right? wait Ron is PISSED He pauses for a moment and then he says, “I’m coming out there to see you, to be with you for the surgery. I just have a really bad feeling about this. I need to be there with you.”
“But. . .” I start to say, as I’m suddenly cut off with
“No ‘buts’ . . . no arguments . . . I’m coming out there. I need to be there. Period. That’s it. End of discussion.”

Amber: when i write smexy stories of me and ron, everything is rainbows and butterflies 11:07 AM oh pissy ron is hot ron uh c’mon debbie who else would you want wake up to after surgery? pfft

11:08 AM LiLi: oh NO DEBBIE! ““Honey, the doctors found a brain tumor. It’s the same kind your dad had . . .”
Instantly I know . . . Glioblastoma multiforme, a stage IV astrocytoma, one of the most deadly kinds of terminal cancer . . . so I most likely have anywhere from six to 12 months to live, as much as 18 if I’m really lucky . . . If you can call that “luck.” don’t DIE on us Debbit. Debbie FOCUS ON RON’S LOVE FOR YOU! 11:09 AM use that a your becon in these dark desparate times! something to fight for– LOVE! our greatest weapon!

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 11:10 AM i bet 6-12 months to live sex is PHENOMENAL though


Amber: i’m sure debbie will let us know that is true

LiLi: OH 11:11 AM OH MY Debbie is a marytr “You shouldn’t want to spend so much time with me. You have your career to go back to, and I know you can’t just put that on hold indefinitely. You need to go and find someone young and beautiful . . . and healthy . . . to spend your time with . . . someone who is going to live a long, happy life with you . . .” . . . any and every reason I can think of that he should not want to stay with me and waste his life on a woman who has no chance of having a long life with him. Then I continue, “Besides, you know I told you that I already couldn’t conceive children after having that NovaSure procedure done in 2009, even before we first met. I’d only had that procedure done back then because I’d been having horrendous menstrual cycles and, at the time, I was already 40 years old, still single, with no prospects for getting married. I really was past the point of even wanting to have children myself at that point, so I decided to have it done. Soon I’ll be going through just one form of chemo, and I’m sure I’ll have some kind of radiation or more chemo after this. If you ever wanted to have children someday, I’d never be able to give them to you. You know that.”

11:12 AM Amber: stop do NOT talk about menstrual cycles

11:13 AM LiLi: “We have some “date nights” at home, where we play board games like Trivial Pursuit, or card games like Uno.” Ron: “UNO BITCH!”

Amber: i keep waiting for debbie to turn this into a robsten fic she’s the martyr so robsten can LIVE

11:14 AM LiLi: LMAO “He laughs and replies softly “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m kidnapping you to take you to a nice restaurant, to ply you with some of your favorite Chinese food now so I can try to have my way with you later.” pfft. chinese food. the ULTIMATE aphrodisiac 11:15 AM omg this is it the moment i have been waiting for

Chapter 11: Rob and I make love for the first time (NC-17)

11:16 AM “I pull my scrunchie out of my hair” omg OF COURSE YOU USE A SCRUNCHIE DEB! i would expect NO LESS

LiLi: please wait for this gold

Amber: better then the scrunchie??

LiLi: OH YEAH. 11:38 AM “then lower still, in between my breasts and down toward my stomach, then moving lower still toward the place where, when he touches me, his fingers gently probing into my hot, moist depths, he finds out to his surprise that he’s my “first.”
When he discovers this, he stops, jerks back as if stung, looks at me, eyes wide in surprise, and stammers “But . . . you . . . on the phone . . . a couple weeks ago . . . I thought . . . . I mean, I guess I just assumed . . . that you would’ve at least had some experience, especially by now. And, because you were getting so upset just now, I just thought maybe you’d had a bad experience with a previous boyfriend at some point . . . maybe you were with someone who treated you badly . . . made you feel like you were ugly . . .” ” 11:39 AM there’s MORE…i will wait for you to read that

Amber: oh My there are no words

LiLi: i love that he tells her all that mid “finger” but here’s the best part: not that she’s a V. 11:41 AM she can’t decide whether or not to tell him, mid love making session mind you, about her almost sorta ex-boyfriend David and how he dumped her with no warning and left her feeling very unbeautiful just WAIT FOR THIS

Amber: wait what 11:42 AM waiting

LiLi: she had an ex-bf sorta he dumped her after their first date

Amber: but she is having this inner monolgue WITH the finger still there?

LiLi: and she is deciding in her mind whether or not to tell ROn this while they are naked YES!

Amber: cause no debbie, no

LiLi: here’s the absolute BEST part 11:43 AM they way she describes her ex “Reaching his hand up to caress my cheek, guiding me to look at him again, he looks deeply into my eyes and says, “Tell me . . . what happened?” After I tell Robert all about David . . . about how we met at work while I worked as a canvasser for Kirby vacuums and he was a salesman on my crew”

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! canvasser for Kirby. oh debbie


11:44 AM Amber: well, since debbie is a v, i’ll give her this tip- never talk about vacuums while doing the deed

LiLi: lol. “He looks at me with a tenderness that just makes me shiver and then, his hands softly caressing my arms, he says softly “I want you to know that you’re giving me a very precious gift tonight. I’m honored that I’m your first, but . . . I just still can’t understand why some other guy hasn’t come along to love you the way you need to be loved . . . the way you deserve to be loved. I just can’t believe that I’m . . . that I’m your first real love.” 11:47 AM no NO NO MA’AM RON HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!


11:48 AM LiLi: here’s Ron before the deed,””Debbie, I’m going to be gentle, I promise. But this is your first time, so . . . I know that this might hurt you a little. I . . . I just don’t want to hurt you, love . . .”

Amber: oh, so sweet

LiLi: uh 11:49 AM and this is Ron DURING THE DEED: hello selfish bastard “I feel a feather soft kiss up high against my cheek, near my ear, then I hear him whisper “love you so much” and he softly kisses me right at my jaw line, and then he whispers, “don’t want to hurt you,” as he kisses me one final time, on my neck. Then he leans his hips back, and, as I open my eyes to look up at him once again, with one quick thrust and just a brief flash of pain he’s completely inside me, filling me so perfectly it’s as if we were made for each other. ” COME ON NOW RON. you can’t just SHOVE THAT SHIZZ IN THERE. RUDE

11:50 AM Amber: whoa, whoa, whoa. take it easy ron. damn

LiLi: exactly. what happened to GENTLE

Amber: i’m gonna be gentle… BAM! he ripped that bandaid off 11:51 AM was there any foreplay? cause 1st timers need some extra loving

LiLi: or at least some lube. dang ron  srsly i think Deb is a real V. 11:52 AM cause this shizz don’t make sense although i could be doing it wrong

Amber: i’m leaning towards option 1. i mean really, can a guy TELL you are a v with a finger?

LiLi: um

Amber: i mean, i may be doing it wrong too but i doubt it

11:53 AM LiLi: if you haven’t lost your hymen before 41 then girl wtf have you been doing? have you never climbed a tree?


LiLi: or done the splits?

Amber: OMG i am DYING

Cause Everyone discusses their fav Twi scene during sex

11:54 AM LiLi: ooooo. they discuss twilight: “He just gives me that adorable “Edward Cullen” smile, looking at me so much like the way Edward looked at Bella in the scene in Edward’s bedroom in “Twilight” when Edward tells Bella “You really shouldn’t have said that” . . . which he knows just happens to be one of my favorite scenes from that movie.” i mean, he obviously HAS TO ASK HER WHAT HER FAVE SCENE IS. DUH


LiLi: SHUTUPOMGNOSHEDIDNT “I look into his eyes, smiling and saying playfully “Can ‘Little Spunky’ come out to play?” He looks at me, passion burning in his eyes, kisses me quick and hard on the mouth, then stands up, quickly takes off his underwear and climbs into the tub with me, as I reach my arms up to wrap them around him and pull him toward me. ”

11:56 AM Amber: oooooo! tub sex! when you give it away debbie YOU GIVE IT AWAY!

11:57 AM LiLi: BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH “all I can do is gasp “Stars . . . I see stars.”

Amber: she hit her head on the faucet??

LiLi: LMFAO. duh Ron’s love facuet

11:58 AM Amber: hahahahahahahahaha i’d see stars too

A Christmas Wish

LiLi: SHUTUP. he buys her chocolate body paint. BARF–  everyone’s fantasy xmas. “He’s lying on the floor in front of my Christmas tree, an afghan spread out underneath him, lying on his side, his head propped up casually on his arm, smiling at me . . . wearing nothing but a Santa hat on his head, a wide red gift ribbon wrapped all around him, and a large, strategically placed red bow.” 12:04 PM oh wait. that wasn’t the fantasy. i should have read farther. THIS is the ultimate: “This first gift I open turns out to be multiple gifts in one . . . because he’s given me DVDs of “The Bad Mother’s Handbook,” “How To Be,” “Little Ashes,” “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” “Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King,” “Vanity Fair,” “The Haunted Airman” and “The Summer House,” and, of course, “Remember Me” and “Eclipse” . . .all of his movies that I did not yet have on DVD.” BWAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Amber: pfft. debbie don’t play. 12:05 PM we KNOW you already had them all

Tips for stalking Rob

1:03 PM LiLi: you there? cause i have a very big tip if you want to stalk Ron

1:05 PM Amber: YES

LiLi: well 1:06 PM he apparently stays at the Homewood Suites when on the road at least according to Deb

Amber: shut. up. that ron

LiLi: nope

Amber: he is no hotel snob

LiLi: he’s thrifty and wants a kitchenette for his hot pockets DUH

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! 1:07 PM of course why did i never think of that!

Don’t Hide your love

LiLi: well, there’s no time for any more laughter. the cancer is back and it’s growing 🙁 ron is beside himself with how selfish he’s been

1:08 PM Amber: too busy buying chocolate body paint when he should have been cuddling debbie. sad

LiLi: YES bastard AND he listened to his publicist who told him to HIDE THEIR LOVE!

1:09 PM Amber: damn that nick and stephanie

1:10 PM LiLi: damn her family for making them think they wouldn’t understand their love that’s what’s been holding them back “Suddenly moving to sit next to me again, holding my hands in his and looking into my eyes, tears well up in his eyes again as he continues, “I decided, right then and there, in that moment, that both our families need to know the truth, and they need to know it now. We might not have another chance.”
Then he just wraps his arms around me and holds me close and I tell him, “We’ll tell my family tomorrow. Then we can talk to your family. It’ll be alright . . . it just has to be.” ” 1:11 PM i mean, i don’t know about your mom…but mine would be PISSED if i found an englishmen to paint my body with chocolate while i had cancer

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! nah 1:12 PM my mom’d be like hit that while you can. i kid. sort of

LiLi: well, no worries. debbie’s mom is TOTES supportive

Amber: phew

LiLi: ““Thank you. Thank you for loving my daughter and for having the courage to stand by her side for all these months. I’m just sorry you both thought that I wouldn’t approve . . . It’s clear to me how much you care for Debbie, and I know you’ve clearly stuck by her side for all these months, even with everything she’s been through, so how could I not approve?”

Amber: she just so happy her 42 yr old daughter isn’t going to die a virgin. 1:13 PM LiLi: i would be like, hold up there mom. don’t be so quick to accept. did you know that Spunky over there shoved his lovestick in there with no warning HER VERY FIRST TIME

Amber: LMFAO! omg momma no approve of THAT

1:14 PM LiLi: exactly. i mean she has BRAIN CANCER and he’s just shoving it in willy nilly HOLD THE PHONE their telling Ron’s family and…. wait for it….

Amber: what will dick say?? 1:15 PM eep!

LiLi: Sam. Marcus and Bobby

Amber: SHUT. UP. gah i was hoping they’d make a guest appearance! dreams do come true

LiLi: BUT AMBER 1:16 PM they HAVE TO KNOW all FACETS of Deb. how could they approve not knowing EVERYTHING “We have a chance to talk to his father, his mother, and his two sisters, Lizzie and Victoria . . . and also Robert’s childhood best friend, Tom Sturridge, who’s like a brother to Rob, and his close friends Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long . . . and they all treat me like a member of their family right away. After continuing our conversation for a while, telling Rob’s family all about my love of reading, my bachelor’s degree in English, my love of movies and music and theater, and my experiences performing in musical theater productions in high school”

Amber: hey! i too have experiences in musical theater in high school 1:17 PM i can win rob and his whole family over. i’ll have to get the VHS of my role as parent #2 in Bye Bye Birdie


Amber: me and debbie, we might as well be the same person, well, except for the virgin thing 1:18 PM and the 80s hair

It’s on the wrong hand

1:19 PM LiLi: STFU. we’re at Valentines now

Amber: damn they are ROLLING through the year

LiLi: he bought her a necklace….so passe she bought him claddagh rings 1:20 PM and uh….

Amber: i was hoping it be a ring with rob engraved on it

LiLi: he didn’t know what they were UH PLEASE

Amber: oh OF COURSE


Amber: debbie is such a claddagh ring giver BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

1:21 PM LiLi: ” Traditionally, you wear the ring on your right hand when you’re single; if the point of the heart is facing outward, you’re single and available, if it’s facing inward you’re single but seeing someone. When you wear the ring on your left hand, facing out means you’re either engaged or just about to reach the point of getting married, facing in means you’re married.” Rob says, “Wow . . . that’s really sweet. What a wonderful gift. Let me try mine on.”

Amber: ooooooo


Amber: i see where this is going!

1:22 PM LiLi: “As we put our rings on, I look over at his hand and note that, as I’ve put my ring on my right hand, facing inward, Rob put his on his left hand, facing outward. “Rob . . .” I whisper, “Your ring’s on the wrong hand.”
Looking at me and smiling, he kisses me and he says, “No it’s not. I like it right where it is, and I’m not moving it.” Then he reaches over toward my hand, sliding my ring off my finger to put it on my left hand and turning my ring around in the same direction as his, saying, “There . . . that’s better,” giving me another soft, tender kiss on the lips.” is it everything you imagined it would be?

Amber: oh yes!! but uh ron doesn’t need to cheap out– you still have to get the engagement ring dood and get down one knee get with it!!

LiLi: OMG 1:23 PM I TOTES FORGOT to tell you that the first time they, uh, come together as God Intended

Amber: God never intended this

LiLi: she has SELENA playing in the background!! SELENA

Amber: WHAT?!?

LiLi: yes

Amber: oh debbie

1:24 PM LiLi: mexican tejano SELENA. ohmySTARS. oh RON he’s missing his premieres to be with Deb ::tear::

1:25 PM Amber: damn ron you gotta work. make that bread so you can buy girlfriend a real ring yo

1:26 PM LiLi: LMAO pfft RON IS IN LURVE! “When he doesn’t show up at the “Breaking Dawn-Part II” premiere the next day, it causes all kinds of speculation in the media as to why he’s suddenly so reclusive and unwilling to promote this film. “You see . . . I knew this would happen,” I say as I see a report on “Entertainment Tonight” the day after the premiere, where they’re talking about “Robert Pattinson’s conspicuous absence from the premiere . . . Rob seems to have become more reclusive lately . . . he shows no interest in promoting this film . . .”
“I don’t care about all that,” he insists. “Being here with you is more important to me than a film premiere.””

see!! deb knows what’s up

1:27 PM Amber: oh deb! you know summit has gps on him. they will find him

do-rags are kinda sexy

LiLi: oh noes. DEB. her hair just fell out in front of Ron. she’s so strong: ““I just went through the same experience that my father did. I think that’s a big part of the reason why I reacted the way that I did to seeing my hair falling out. It’s not that I’m upset about losing my hair. I’m not vain like that. You know I’m not. I’ve been through enough surgeries before now and lost my hair enough times, and I know that I could just as easily wear one of my Harley do-rags on my head if I really want to cover up my head. It’s just . . . It’s like déjà vu all over again, only this time I’m the one going through all of this, not Dad.” ”

1:29 PM and Ron is soooo supportive. as usual: “And do you know what? I think do-rags are kinda sexy.” i mean, i figure i just need to shave my head, pop on a do rag and then start patrolling all the homewood suites. and then, one day, i too, can live the Debbie Dream


Robsten is a sham

1:32 PM LiLi: i am crying. they just got engaged. FINALLY. i mean, he’s loved her for so long. from that first phone smex

1:33 PM Amber: YAY! i am so happy. 1:34 PM i knew from the first button popping that these crazy kids would make it

LiLi: not only did Ron tell the ENTIRE twilight cast of his pending nuptials…. but they already selected their wedding party 1:43 PM AND Ron is meeting Father Frank

Amber: lmao! who is in the wedding party? on ron’s side? i MUST know!

LiLi: pfft DUH: Sam, Marcus, Bobby, Tom

Amber: dang i was hoping she’d throw a twist

1:44 PM LiLi: well

Amber: ah but who is the best man?

LiLi: she IS having Victoria and Lizzie in her party

Amber: YAY!!!

1:45 PM LiLi: SHUTUP the twi cast…ALL of them – are at the rehearsal dinner 1:46 PM and Stewie is making her move

Amber: hahahahahaha ooooooo YES!

LiLi: “Then Rob officially introduces me to Kristen, Peter, Jackson, Kellan, Ashley, Taylor, and the rest of the Twilight cast . . . some of whom I’ve never had a chance to talk to yet, and a couple of whom I’ve only been able to talk to once over the phone when he called each of them to tell them about our wedding. Kristen smiles at both of us then gives me a big hug, saying “I’m just so thrilled for both of you. And you’ve made Rob so happy. Hey, can we steal your hubby away for just a minute . . . just wanted to talk to him . . .”
“Sure,” I reply, and then I tease her “But don’t take him away for too long. I’ll be watching you . . . just be sure y’all bring him back over here soon.”
Kristen just smiles at me and laughs, saying “We will . . . I promise,” then they turn around and Rob wraps an arm around her shoulder as she wraps her arm around his waist and they all walk off together toward the other side of the room and I just watch them as they all sit together, talking happily and laughing together, everyone joining in, too, just like one big “Twilight family reunion.”

Amber: this is what i’v ebeen waiting for

LiLi: see!?!?! i KNEW robsten was a sham 1:47 PM Debbert all the way!!!!

Amber: did they go in the corner and make out a little too cause that would confirm it! Robsten = SHAM! DEBBERT FOREVER!

LiLi: well, there was a bearskin rug just laying there randomly they can’t help themselves when presented with faux bear hair

1:48 PM Amber: hahahahaha!

LiLi: oh. WAIT A MINUTE 1:49 PM the guys AREN”T his groomsmen

Amber: oh hell na sam would NOT be having that

LiLi: ” His best friend Tom Sturridge, as well as Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, and Jackson Rathbone . . . they are all going to stand up with him” WHA????

Amber: c’mon deb C’MON!!! 1:50 PM i was kinda hoping she’d replace bobby but all of them oh no sam is going throw a bitch fit outside . i just know it

LiLi: well. he missed the flight that sam

Amber: don’t make him take off his earrings

Finally Stypr makes sense

1:51 PM LiLi: AH. this is were strypr comes in OBVI “Sonia and Shalyn are my flower girls, and they’re wearing the most adorable black velvet dresses with black and gold striped satin skirts, carrying black wicker flower baskets that are also decorated with black and yellow ribbons. Not exactly a Purdue wedding like Mom’s to Ken, I think to myself with a smile, Mine’s more like a Stryper wedding.”

1:52 PM Amber: and there ya go! dood i am sad that renesmee isn’t the flower girl

LiLi: omg

Amber: that is MESSED. UP.


Amber: no no way


Amber: she wrote out the script


1:53 PM Amber: debbie is ready to marry ron tomorrow fo realz ! way to be prepared!

LiLi: OMG. deb’s friends are soooo sweet! they all chipped in to have Strypr PLAY AT THE RECEPTION. 1:54 PM oh shit

Amber: SHUT. UP.

LiLi: and now Strypr has a suprise for Deb. they flew in THEIR WHOLE FAMILIES FOR THE RECEPTION (cause that makes sense) i mean, even Nana Maxine is there 1:56 PM SHUTUP TOM TELLS THE CROWD ABOUT THEM MEETING AT TWICON IN HIS WEDDING TOAST

Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! yeah, uh tom . let’s keep that on the dl. or peeps will think debbie is cray cray (oh. wait.)

1:58 PM LiLi: LMFAO exactly dood i’ve moved on to the wedding night and she’s got Michael W Smith playing for their first time as hubs and wifey #DUH

1:59 PM Amber: i have no idea who that is


Amber: but i’m sure it is nothing short of amazing

LiLi: he’s a christian pop singer

Amber: awwwww 2:00 PM nothing says lets get it on like christian pop


2:01 PM “Close your eyes, love,” he murmurs against my ear. As I close my eyes, I feel him gently pulling my arms above my head, then fastening them together with a . . . a . . .
Oh, my God . . . is that a rope?!”

Amber: SHUT.UP! i thought he was heading to no mans land but this is even BETTER

2:02 PM LiLi: LOL dood again with the quick thrusting dang ron take it easy

2:03 PM Amber: he’s a hit and quit it remember 2:04 PM he doesn’t know better

LiLi: not at all

Amber: and she’s a virgin that can’t teach sad for her

LiLi: you would think he would know by now

Pound the cancer out of her

well, they are on their way to Jamaica. and the airplane pressure is too much for her brain cancer  2:05 PM she’s being a trooper though

Amber: cause you know the best thing for brain cancer is to get on a plane smart girl

2:06 PM LiLi: and get tied up on your honeymoon. dood i don’t buy this

Amber: he’s gonna pound that cancer right out of her

LiLi: BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA. OMFG WIN 2:07 PM like i am supposed to believe that Mr. Homewood Suites would pitch for the honeymoon suite at a luxurious hotel in Jamaica

Amber: maybe that’s why he chose homewood. so he could save up. come on now. only the best for his debbers

2:08 PM LiLi: LMFAO ooooo they are living it up at the Hard Rock Cafe- Jamaica. 2:09 PM i bet he bought her a shirt too

Rob goes Tom Cruise on us

2:12 PM OMG. he’s done it! they are back in LA. he’s holding a “i’m in love” press conference. 2:13 PM “Rob decides to do a TV interview, the morning of the premiere of the movie. As I sit at home, watching the interview, he says, “I want to make an announcement to the media, regarding the rumors published about me recently,” and then he says, “Yes, I am in love. I am in love with someone who is not in the entertainment industry, and that’s why I wanted to keep our relationship private in the beginning. We are in love . . .” then he pauses for a moment, holding up his left hand to show off his gold and platinum wedding band, and he adds, “and we were recently married.”

Amber: did he start jumping on the couch ala tom cruise?? 2:15 PM LiLi: OH better 2:16 PM he’s asking for the media’s compassion during this difficult time: ““But there is another reason why I’ve kept our relationship a secret up until this point. We also know now that my wife has cancer . . . a very serious . . . terminal . . . form of brain cancer . . . and we just don’t know how much time we have left together. Please, if any of you in the media have any compassion whatsoever, please just allow us our privacy at this time when we so desperately need it. And, when we are in public together, please respect my wife’s wishes to just be with me without intruding on our private life together from this point forward. Our time together is precious to both of us, and our private life is going to remain just that . . . private, not public. Thank you.”

2:17 PM Amber: and all the papz listened. cause obvs they have hearts

Married life with Rob

LiLi: uhoh  debs getting used to married life. and she’s in a right state: “Moving his shirts out of the way to look below them on the shelf, I see . . . two days’ worth of dirty laundry, rolled up in little balls and stuffed on the shelf in the closet!
Oh, my God . . . I’ve married my father! I think to myself Now I know how Mom felt every time Dad did this!
Standing in place in the closet, I close my eyes, my fists clenched at my side, and I holler “ROBERT THOMAS PATTINSON! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!! WE NEED TO TALK!!”

2:20 PM Amber: yep. poor debs. the honeymoon is over. and you just realized men are disgusting. esp the one you married. dauh

LiLi: LOL. oh

Amber: you know he doesn’t shower

LiLi: now they are in London at the Princess Di memorial 2:21 PM naturally. this has made Deb VERY emotional. so of course, the only thing to do is to join the mile high club on the flight home gawd. i wish i was making this shit up

Amber: i wish you were too 2:22 PM cause as funny as it is. it’s also so very, very sad

Shit gets real

LiLi: srsly. cause wouldn’t. you know it….the cancer is back. with a “vengence” 2:23 PM oh noes. Debbie!! she’s in hospice. she can no longer walk or talk

Amber: no debbie. NO!!!!

LiLi: but he still carries her to the bathtub so they can be close

2:24 PM Amber: close or “close”. cause. ewwwwwww

LiLi: LOL. close

Amber: phew

LiLi: not as god intended. oh NO: Chapter 33: My Last Day With Rob

2:25 PM Amber: SAD!!! I WANT MY HEA!

LiLi: even her cats know it’s the end

Amber: of course she has cats. of course

2:26 PM LiLi: and….she’s gone to Melissa Ethridge playing in the background of course

Amber: poor ron. of course. 2:28 PM don’t cry lili. i know it hurts. it will get better. with time. debbie would want us all to move on

2:32 PM LiLi: LOL. she would want that. 2:33 PM i know she would. of course


she left us with the BEST GIFT OF ALL

Amber: hurt and vulnerable ron?

LiLi: Chapter 34: The day of my funeral, from Rob’s perspective

Amber: YAY!!!! RPOV!!! FTW!

2:34 PM LiLi: omg sensitive Ron: “his first thought is . . . This is the third morning I’m waking up without my love next to me . . . It’s been three days . . . Looking over at the clock and noting that it is now 8 AM, he looks at the photo just behind the clock on the nightstand, a wedding portrait, touching the picture lightly, and he thinks Three days, 12 hours and 15 minutes . . . Rolling over toward the other side of the bed, caressing the pillow, he thinks, That’s how long I’ve been without you, love.”

Amber: i love how she still sets him up. his first thought is…

2:35 PM LiLi: LOL. right??? awww

Amber: debs is psychic beyond the grave

LiLi: Mama Claire. she’s there for her son. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 2:36 PM NO 2:37 PM STFUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ron has brought items to place in Debs casket. pictures, naturally nothing weird there

Amber: ooooo. the rings? sad

LiLi: yes

Amber: i wanted him to leave the choco body paint. and the rope

LiLi: and wait for it: 2:38 PM ““I brought you something. Something you told me you wanted.” Then he pulls out a small leather-bound Bible, the one Father Frank blessed for her back in September of 2000, and her autographed Stryper Bible.” HER AUTOGRPHED STRYPER BIBLE. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG I CAN’T BREATHE


LiLi: SRSLY. OH MY GAWWWDDDD 2:39 PM OH of course. 2:40 PM she’s written.the.whole.stinking.funeral.ceremony

Amber: is there a copy of the program i can download??

Debbie doesn’t know when to quit

2:42 PM LiLi: oh. it’s not over. chapter 35: six months later. at the oscars. 2:43 PM who do you think wins?? and then mentions in his acceptance speech?? OHMYGAWD DEBBIE SRSLY KNOW WHEN TO END A STORY 2:44 PM epilogue: 50 years later- Rob and I are reunited rated G of course. i guess chocolate body paint and ropes are frowned upon in the afterlife

2:45 PM Amber: oh. sad. that’s no heaven

LiLi: awwww…deb’s bestie Lisa, we find out, hit it off with Kellan through all this. and they got married

Amber: WOO HOO!!!

LiLi: um STFU. she’s struggled with her weight for so long. 2:46 PM kellan aimed to prove his love despite her size. but no matter within a year of Debs funeral, Lisa was on the Biggest Loser and lost 100 thereby paving the way to accepting Kellans love 2:47 PM of course, she got pregnant with twins on their honeymoon, but that damn fate. the birth of little gary and cassidy claimed her life. as she died givng birth I SHIT YOU NOT

Amber: DAMN! life is TOUGH

2:48 PM LiLi: and then kellan knew what ron went through with Deb ::tear:: ” “Rob,” he said, “It was . . . so surreal . . . almost like I was in the birth scene from “Breaking Dawn.” of course it was. oh Kellan

Amber: WHAT?!? 2:49 PM Kellan! You ripped out babies with your teeth??!

LiLi: wheres your accountability partner?



Amber: ooooooooooooo

2:50 PM LiLi: “As Robert is lying in that bed, he begins to think back on his life. In the past 50 years I’ve had everything I used to think I could have wanted in life. Although I love my wife and wouldn’t trade our life together or our family for anything, in the deepest part of my heart I’ve never really been able to let go of my angel.
I wouldn’t want to tell Kristen that . . . Rob thinks. I wouldn’t want her to feel like she was my “second choice.” Kristen knew how much I loved Debbie, anyway. . . . She had told me as much at my first wedding rehearsal. I remember her laughing and telling me “Rob, you’re so in love you’re ‘glowing’ just as much as the bride.” And she heard every word that Debbie and I had said to each other, both at the wedding and in our toasts to each other at the reception. Maybe Kris knows that, even now, there’s one part of my heart that could never have belonged to her . . . the part that my angel has always held. When I lost my angel, Kristen was right there for me, supporting me”

Amber: YES!!!! 2:51 PM I KNEW IT WOULD ALL COME DOWN TO ROBSTEN!!! I called it

LiLi: “Kris was familiar and safe, and we’d been friends for a long time, dated for a while . . . and that lasting friendship that we’d always had eventually turned to back into love, this time for both of us because Kristen had no more “emotional baggage” from previous relationships that she still needed to deal with; she was finally ready to be in a relationship with me, where she really wasn’t before. I did love Kristen . . . not in the same way I loved Debbie, of course, but Kris and I built a good life together.”

Amber: i win the internet forever

LiLi: LMFAO. awwww

Amber: poor oregano

LiLi: they had three chillens

Amber: just emotional baggage

LiLi: Jonathan, Claire and Maggie. LMAO

2:52 PM Amber: WHAT? no debbie!!!! shenanigans!!

LiLi: LOL…right? angel my ass

A Martyr for Robsten

he’s dying!! from emphysema. all that smoking finally caught up to him

2:53 PM and now, in his final moments, he’s having an out of body experience, and Debbie, in angel form is there to take him home finally….she is younger than him

2:54 PM Amber: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! yes! debbie wins!

LiLi: “As he looks back at her in surprise, she continues, From that day on, I’ve always watched over you . . . I was the one who brought you and Kristen back together, after all. I couldn’t stand to see you remain alone, and I wanted you to be happy again.
Smiling at her, he thinks I knew it . . . I just knew you had to have something to do with it . . . my “guardian angel”. . .

Amber: yep. a martyr for robsten

LiLi: oh 2:55 PM but debbie’s NOT finished with the afterlife surprises (duh)

Amber: of course she isn’t man. here i sat thinking it was over when she died

LiLi: pfft. don’t underestimate deb: “As they’re suddenly standing outside the home she’s prepared for the two of them . . . an exact replica of their house in California . . . she caresses his cheek, smiles at him and she thinks ‘Ello, love . . . and welcome Home. Then she brings his lips to hers for the kiss they’ve both waited years for, both of them feeling their hearts are finally whole again as they kiss.” 2:56 PM AND she’s gathered the souls of their old pets too. even little Patty. omg

Amber: oh.

2:57 PM LiLi: i was wrong

Amber: there are no words

LiLi: SO VERY VERY WRONG apparently they DO let you bring chocolate body paint to heaven

Amber: SHUT.UP.

LiLi: no. i won’t. ” Then, with a wicked little grin of her own, she looks at him and thinks By any chance, does this ‘something’ involve chocolate body paint?
With a laugh, he smiles at her, sweeps her up in his arms and carries her off to their bedroom . . . and their “forever” begins . . . ”

2:58 PM Amber: she did NOT just end on body paint??

Debbie’s a Sham

3:06 PM “I’d initially written this story as “Hello, My Love” . . . a Hayden Christensen fanfiction that I’d initially written for about four years ago .”


Hayden Christensen!? DEBBIE!!! How COULD You!? What about ROB!?

I hope you got through that & can’t breathe from your laughter. I’m STILL laughing



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110 Responses to “Debbert- A story of True Love”

  1. BrookeLockart says:

    New life goal: be a martyr for Robsten (or atleast get to touch Ron’s love faucet.)

    So sad that everyone missed out on Debbie’s photo and the photos of every single real life person in this story. Especially because I couldn’t get passed the photos to read the story. They were that good.

    Brilliant Lili and Amber. I hope that eventually the mental images of Debbert no longer haunt you.

    • superhumanmoron says:

      The photos, oh the photos. They are forever seared in my brain.

    • Zees84 says:

      I could have written this comment. The photos were MORE than enough…but I am eternally grateful for this breakdown.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      And the chapter titles!
      After the pics and the first paragraph those were all I could read!

      • JellyBeanRainbow says:

        The photos (Debbie’s a supermodel, yp) and the chapters, everything else was unnecessary!

    • Amber says:

      Everyday I put on my beige bra, the images return. ::shudder::

    • Thia says:

      The photos were priceless. I can’t help wondering if the fic was actually written for the lulz and the pictures just taken from . They were that entertaining.

  2. Edible art? says:

    Omg dying to read this but at work ( post on a Tuesday it’s my day off K thanks !!!!) will savor it later – love Fanfiction and sometimes the bad is as enjoyable as the great for the comedy value -although that’s never what the author intends. A lesson to us all “think before you post” how will you feel about it in 5 years time yep it’s like getting a tattoo !

  3. Sue G. says:

    Sounds to me like Debbie’s on drugs!

  4. dazzledtodeath says:

    This was quite possibly the scariest/most hilarious/saddest thing I’ve ever seen in this fandom. It’s one thing to expose yourself to ridicule, but your family,friends and priest? And Stryper? You crossed a line, Debbie.

  5. Zees84 says:

    There is too much, too too much to comment on, so I will pick my very favorite part…

    “Debbie is a Sham”
    “I’d initially written this story as “Hello, My Love” . . . a Hayden Christensen fanfiction that I’d initially written for about four years ago .”

    I can’t. I just can’t.

    Kudos to Debbie though, this story has more awesome plot twists and turns than some Twifics I’ve read…

  6. dazzledtodeath says:

    And yes, Rob will def be sorry if he reads this. And he will immediately add several burly bodyguards to his retinue who will make Dean look puny.

  7. dazzledtodeath says:

    Rob carries business cards with his name, address, home ph#, cell#, and email address?? Who knew?? Got to get my hands on one of those babies.

  8. dazzledtodeath says:

    Okay, I hadn’t read the end before..what happen when K dies? Do they have a threesome or a catfight to see who gets Rob for all eternity?

    Too bizarre for words..

  9. robsfuturemate says:

    Wow. Don’t have time right to now to read this whole break down (will come back). Buuut, a few of us having been discussing this the past week or so and it was brought up that Debbie really did have some type of cancer. So sad, but in a bizarre way I hope that this oulet for her was a part of her healing process. She is a surviver.

    Saying that, I think it’s a big no-no to put pics of your family and friends on your online story about your smexy times with a famous actor. At least I have the common sense to call my sister Robsfuture sisinlaw on my letters! 🙂

    • LatersBaby says:

      I agree. I hope it was in some way therapeutic. I also really wish someone had talked her out of posting.

      Debbie, if you’re out there, come here and we can laugh at the mistakes we’ve all made. I have ton I could confess.

  10. alice_av says:

    Oh my GOD Selena??? I though I was the only who knew here.. lol good choice of music Deb…
    Thank you Amber and Lili you make my morning, which without coffee in the office was just awful but know I feel much better… I had laugh so hard… this is soooo much fun …

    • Amber says:

      Oh girl. I <3 me some Selena!

      I was personally hoping the smexy times song would be ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’, but no. Sad.

      • alice_av says:

        I know I loved that silly song… but she have some pretty good ones for dancing… I will vote for “la Carcacha” lol

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Love Selena!
      ‘We got the bumper de Selenas!”
      Love the movie too. How about “Como la Flor”? Great song.

      • alice_Av says:

        como la flor tanto amoooooor me diste tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol all weedings around here play always Selena’s songs to start the parties it awesome!!!

  11. Grow Up says:

    I hate to be the ‘party pooper’ here, but this is just cruel. I get having a laugh at someone’s expense, you ladies do that alot around here, but this is over kill. Give the woman a break. It’s obvious that she has some ‘problems’. But who’s worse, the person writing a fanfic about Rob? Or the people devoting their lives to writing letters to Rob DAILY? This kind of mean cyber bullying behavior is so juvenile it makes me ashamed to even be part of this fandom. It’s like ridiculous high school bullsh*t. I hope all the ‘mean girls’ got a good laugh at this Debbie persons expense. Maybe they can whisper about it at lunch while they’re brainstorming on another letter to Rob. A letter he will never read, never see, never give any acknowledgement to. Why? Because it’s embarrassing. I’m sure if he saw THIS site, he would be second hand embarrassed FOR YOU.

    Oh and go ahead with the ‘thumbs down’…I wouldn’t expect anyone around here to actually have enough maturity to see that although the internet is not real life, what you’re doing to this Debbie person IS.

    • Just as when we post something publically (um why does my phone always tell me i spell that wring- do i?) online we have to take what we get- good & bad… So do fanfic writers, including Debbie. Some people loved her fic.

      Also I don’t think amber & LiLi were
      mean at all. But we can all have our own opinions!!

    • Also.. Writing a letter to rob daily is first hand embarrassing (for me- 2nd hand for readers) that’s the point…..

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Yes, I do think this woman has some issues. BUT she posted this online, along with pictures. Once you do that, you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad. Yes. some ppl loved this-if I remember correctly, it was even up for some awards or s/thing on the site on which it was published.

      Same with this blog-not everyone loves it, but some of us do. Moon and UC have taken their share of flak over it. Embarrassing? I’d say funny, but whatever. Nobody’s writing to Rob here thinking that he reads it and takes it to heart. And if he ever should read it, I think he has a great sense of humor and would see it for what it is-a fan blog that pokes fun at all aspects of being a Rob fan. And Rob himself.

      • Nobody’s writing to Rob here thinking that he reads it and takes it to heart.

        WHAT? They aren’t!?

        • dazzledtodeath says:

          Ssssshh! of course we are.

        • samantha says:

          wait, what?! you mean rob doesn’t actually get my letters? but you promised me i was one letter away from receiving a reply from him! you tricked me moon! you tricked me! you! tricked! meeeeeeeeee!

          but seriously, where should i email my letters to rob? maybe i should get one of those calling cards debbie mentioned.

      • samantha says:

        wow. there are people out there who actually seriously liked debbert? and not just for shits and giggles? wow. just wow.

    • Edible Art? says:

      …. you say cyber bullying I say book reviewing !

    • MariaCecilia says:

      I am sure that Rob shares Moon and UC:s love for sarcasm and all things silly: a guy who giggles, wiggles his eyebrows and waves his hands around in the air with loose wrists has GOT to have a sense of the ridiculous.
      I don’t think this blog is cruel, as long as it pokes fun at all of us – which it does. And we need it! Ouch!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I didn’t read the post today cause too long & I have no time 🙁
      but i read your comment

      why are you here exactly?
      i mean, do you have a meaningful message?
      we are silly?
      you feel the need to point that out?

      nice of you

      off to write a letter to Rob, he’s waiting ……….:)

      • melronin says:

        Dear Rob

        I got a thumbsdown the other day and still am wondering why? I think it was you baby…was it cause I sort of compared you to Prince William, Jake Gyllenhaal or Channing Tatum??? Can’t possibly be cause I phantasized you being Aragorn can it??? Was just a fanfic of mine honi…you took it so hard?
        Please talk to me…am devastated!!!

        or…omgggggggg…. it was Viggo who gave me the thumbsdown…now I have to write a letter to Viggo.
        Oh dear…Having more than one phantasylover is too much…

        mix them up and you get…disaster!!!!

        (am I still on topic??? 😀 ) off to write a Letter to Viggo!!!

        • MariaCecilia says:

          When you find Viggo’s email address, tip me off! Or we could start our own LTV-blog! 🙂
          (Am watching LOTR 2 even as we speak…oh, I’m so off topic now..)

    • samantha says:

      Uh-oh someone’s mad about our comments. I’m guessing Grow Up is Debbie?
      Or maybe someone close to her like…Gasp! Is that you Father Frank?!

      • roslynselene says:

        No, it’s fifty year old Rob from heaven. He’s letting us know these letters to him are like totes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, AND 5th hand embarrassing. We should be ashamed for using sarcasm. Uh-SHAMED.

  12. B says:

    Just an fyi, if you google “ello love debbie”, you can still find it online. Click on the “cached” link.

  13. Libby says:

    What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t past the pics the day this exploded on twitter.

    There’s no enough bleach in the world.


  14. ChillinWithCullens says:

    Gold. Pure, unadulterated, fanfic gold. I have never been more 2nd hand embarrassed in my entire life.

  15. Rob's Bitch says:

    Man, I guess I won’t be posting my David Hasselhoff fanfic on the internets. You girls are brutal! :>p

  16. JennB33 says:

    I am completely head-desking in 2nd-hand embarassment right now. I mean, I’m blushing. Where is the brain bleach?!?!?
    Gah…. I mean… just…. *blink blink*…. (It’s rendered me Bella’d! Damn, hate it when that happens!)

  17. MariaCecilia says:

    We are all crazy, I tell you: crazy!! It’s just that reading something like this makes us feel relatively normal for a minute..

    This makes me remember when I was eleven and wrote an elaborate story about how Paul McCartney met an eleven-year-old fan, (sic) fell madly in love and married her – a big wedding in Westminster Abbey!! (Move over, Willie boy.) Fortunately, I had no concept of Chris Hansen or FF on the Internet back then, otherwise I might well have put it out there, hoping that Paul would take the hint..:-) (Paul, I am still available you know, in case you’re reading this right now?)

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      @MariaCecilia Et tu? At 9 I was seriously considering marrying our president at that time. I guess he was (well preserved) 70 then.
      But it’s normal because we weren’t 41.

    • alice_av says:

      I think of all of us went through this when we were younger, well most of you are younger than me bah! anyways I do remember I did write letters to Tom Cruise when I was like 10 or 12 ..( in my defense were pre-jumping off the coach…) I swear I burn the damn things, they were 2nd hand embarrassing… =)

      • MariaCecilia says:

        No, nooo, don’t burn them! Publish them here!! We could try to match each other and make it a vote for most 2nd hand embarrassing material of the week!!

        • alice_Av says:

          we should do that! I think there most be some of them around in a lost box in one of the closets lol my journal must have stuff in there … oh gosh this is sooooo funny

  18. nocoolname says:

    I laughed until I cried and my nose started running and my kids think I’m nuts. Whew. THANKS!!

  19. roslynselene says:

    Okay, I was able to read half of it and I’ll finish the rest later. My fav part was Rob’s supposed “gentleness” during their first time. Bhahaha! That cracked me up.

    Then Rob wrapping himself up and all his movies as gifts for her on Xmas. Uuuuh Rob, conceited (AND CHEAP AS FUCK) much? Oh my god, this guy! Lol What happened to nice jewelry? He’s a millionaire. He can make it rain on this bitch!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      yes, the scene w/ the Santa hat & the strategically placed bow is pure gold. I need a manip of that please-Rob spread out in front of the Xmas tree, with an array of his dvds in front of him. Throw in the jar of chocolate body paint too.

    • samantha says:

      i really tried not to laugh while reading debbert coz, you know, cancer is not funny. and i was pretty successful until i got to the part where rob was probing her moist depths and then bam! all hell broke lose. (i’m sorry debbie)

      also, i know rob has long lovely fingers, but maybe someone should tell debbie to google how fingerbanging works.

      • roslynselene says:

        @D2D, I googled “rob pattinson xmas” thinking there’d HAVE to be one out there. But no… 🙁

        @sam: I know what you mean. I feel horrible for laughing when Amber said “He’s gonna pound the cancer right out of her” O.M.G I cracked up so hard!

        Alright, I finished it.
        Rob is smart. He didn’t show up to the BD premieres. Heck, I’d make an excuse not to go too. You know, the last Twi premiere is gonna be apeshit crazy.

        “she left us with the BEST GIFT OF ALL
        Amber: hurt and vulnerable ron?”
        OMG hahahaha! You know some big chested woman would offer Rob her shoulder to cry on. Rob would be like, “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Welp, I can’t pass that up.”

        Martyr for Robsten, pfffft! I’d match Rob up with someone else for hilarity’s sake. Like the Pattinson Pants Lady. Or that cheese wheel chick. Can you imagine the freaky cheesy sex between those two? (puke)

  20. stitchcat says:

    I’ve been sick this last week, nothing made me feel better until . . . words fail me. Laughter really is the best medicine, it seems. Clearly, Debbie is a modern saint for I am cured!!!!

  21. beaspoon says:

    Wow. this was seriously one of the best breakdowns of all LTR history. Stll laughing so hard I am crying!

  22. Keisha says:

    I haven’t read fan fic in months but this is not the story to get me back into it. Sorry.
    But I loved LiLi and Amber’s convo. “God never intended this” and “angel my ass” are my faves. Thumbs up, you two!

  23. caren says:

    this is just terrible.
    I just checked the cached link to the fic and the photos.
    that poor poor woman. if that is actually her, she is 41 and does this, she must be mentally challenged. and/or extremely naive and sad.
    shame on you for having a laugh-festival over her.
    I did to at first, and now I feel awful about it.

  24. sharon says:

    I have no words….because I am laughing so damned hard. Shit, I hope Deb writes more fan fiction. She’s putting that imaginary B.A. in English to good use. I think girls breaking it down deserves and honorary Phd in analytical literature. What about ya’ll (notice the correct spelling of the word pronounced by many Texans as Yawl, I noticed Deb’s mistake right off, cause of my imaginary Phd in English!) think? Imagine this scene, I’m pushing you girls across a stadium auditorium stage–a football field set up–Moon and U.C. are waiting to hand the girls their diploma’s and Debbie bursts in at the last minute, grabs the diploma’s, all the while yelling, “I did it for you, Rob!”

  25. sharon says:

    Dear Amber and LiLi,
    This applaud is for you.(Sorry Rob.) You girls should start your own website for Twilight Fanfic literary analysis. You would be epic! Thank you for relieving the stress of finals week! I was just about to study for my French final when I found this post in my email. I am so glad I took the much needed study time, and read this instead. Who needs to pass French anyway?

  26. natalie_MKH says:

    “i mean, i may be doing it wrong too but i doubt it”

    Comment of the century.

  27. Operarose says:

    Hmm… I hear you that anything on the Internet is public and fair game. but… This Debbie’s life sounds kind of sad and I just sorta found this post to be more of a downer than it is funny. I hope she found the writing process to be therapeutic. And maybe next time she could consider keeping it off the ruthless Internet…

  28. roslynselene says:

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say this:
    Yeah, it feels kinda wrong when laughing at this poor lady (esp. when the cancer issue came up) but I found myself laughing at her version of Rob the most cause he is like the complete opposite of the real Rob, I think.
    I mean, would Rob carry around “business” cards with him w/all that contact info? (What type of business is he running? A male brothel?) Would he really wrap himself up and give you all his movies in DVD? (I think he would pop out of a giant cake for your bday instead.) Do you think Rob fingerbangs a chick like she’s a turkey in the oven? Would Rob talk about Twilight during sex? Bhahaha! C’mon! This Debbert guy is hilarious.

    • The Old One says:

      Well, since she originally wrote it about Hayden Christiansen, maybe HE would do all those things, and she just couldn’t be bothered to change the details?

      • roslynselene says:

        True! I guess she just changed the name. Either way, this guy is a douche. Like when he said he was gonna be gentle but instead ripped that hymen apart. Lmao. Reminds me of when I dislocated my knee after basketball practice and the doctor put his hands on either side of my knee and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just checking. I’m not gonna hurt you—” *CRACK* Motherfucker lied and popped it back into place. Now I have trust issues… :/

  29. The Daughter-in-law says:

    You know when I started reading this, like most people I was blushing and cringing with second hand embarassment, but then I read someone’s comment about how cruel this post was and how LTT readers / writers should be ashamed. Then I read the response below that pointed out how many of us were a little crazy over a celebrity when we were younger too! Suddenly I was reminded of when I was 13 and wrote to Devon Sawa and actually mailed a “Happy Aniversary” card to his fan mail addressed to his parents (I knew their wedding date from a teeny bop magazine) and wrote, “from your future daugther in law” which I can’t believe I’m admitting on here – but the reason I’m sharing is because I think it’s kinda normal to be a little silly sometimes. Debbie may have written this as a serious story, but at 13 I seriously believed I would marry my celebrity crush. Some of us just might need a little more time to outgrow these seriously childish dreams / silly fantasies!

  30. Tigerkitten36 says:

    I saw some of this on my timeline last week on Twitter. I couldnt read the story then as I could not get past the photos and STRYPER. I want to read the story now but Im a bit scared at this point.

    Lili and Amber – your breakdown was priceless. I laughed so hard today and I really needed that.

  31. purplescool says:

    I have never laughed so hard at this running commentary in my life!

  32. True Cullen Spirit says:

    I loved this commentary. Is it cruel of me to enjoy it? Not really. I am of the belief that if you put something out there on the net you have to be able to take the good with the bad in terms of comments. I won’t be posting my NKOTB fic and changing it to the britpack anytime soon though I can imagine Rob serenading me with I’ll Be Loving You Forever while handing me his latest twilight doll.

    • no. please please please change your NKOTB fic to the brit pack!

    • alice_Av says:

      ohhh New Kids yes please!! I just fullfill a teen dream like 2 years ago, when the finally came to my city in México. When they were really popular they came only to Mexico City so there was no way to get me there. But hell yeah I went to see them 2 years ago and it was amazing, my friend and I scream like crazy, we were on the chairs. When I picked up my friend at her house, she is married, she told her oldest daughter: “i’ll be back later baby I’m going to see your daddy Jordan” lol

  33. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    It is funny… buuuttt, it’s sad, too. I have conflicting feelings on the matter. I just picture this woman so excited over her fic and then finding out that most peeps think she is crazy weird, which she is, but it would be bad to find out the way in which she did. I feel sorry for her, but I made fun of her, too. I feel bad now. I didn’t actually read her story, but I saw the pics and read what’s been said about it. It’s just sad…

  34. chochang says:

    the only thing that would make this more EPIC is if AmanDUH made a video tribute. or reenactment with her husband.

    where is she now, by the way?

    inquisitive minds need to know.

    • you are SOO right! amanDUH would only add pleasure to this experience. I haven’t tried to track her down in about 9 months.. but last I heard she was divorcing Special Edward & still stripping to Gaga songs. And focusing on her Christian writing career.

      All of the above is true. I promise

      • samantha says:

        divorce, stripping and a Christian writing career! well, it’s amanDuh after all. how can any of your statements be anything but true moon.

  35. Pattygirl says:


  36. […] decide to finally be honest with your fans. Debbie’s story is true. ALL of it. The beige bra, the Harley, Father Cramer, the bolero jacket and the Twicons. […]

  37. So fucking funny girls! Amazing post. We ran this story as well and she is bulling, look at our comments to see her rage! Deedee is not happy at all. Its pretty intense, some of our commentors can be pretty harsh, I’ve been modding for the first time in my life!
    Its an amazing fic – the woman is a fucking GENIUS.

    Gotta love her, the weirdo.

    • MidnightCougar says:

      Hey AAE, fancy meeting you here! You had to Mod? Holy shit, that’s saying something for RC. I was a good little RC Bicth & kept my comments relatively decent. 😉 MUAH

  38. plumcrazyyy says:

    what. the. actual. eff?
    DED, just DED.
    i only read the commentary break down, and that was enough.
    i am sad i missed the pictures.
    this was EPIC

  39. Ms. J says:

    OMG – best second hand embarrassment EVER!!
    Love the play-by-play Ladies.
    Kudos to Debbie – Just when you thought it was over…..BAM right back again. Gotta luv her, she’s not afraid to bring the cray cray.
    WIN WIN WIN!!!

    Oooooo – maybe they will turn this into a Lifetime Movie.

  40. Katie says:

    My boyfriend is staring at me while playing his X-box wondering why I’m in a silent laugh-cry while on the laptop.
    I want to find this woman, take her to a twicon and pay someone to sleep with a bodyguard so I could sneak her in there and let her finally meet Rob. Oh man, this was too awesome.

    The story was weird, the comments fantastic, and the plot psychotically-thrillingly-classic. I mean, how many times do you read about people falling in love only to find out one is going to die of a disease that is unstoppable? Rare. Mhm.. I’m going to send this thing to a publisher and get a copy into the hands of Rob.

    Still laughing btw. AWESOME!

  41. unpetitpeuk says:

    Oh God…. I can not unsee this. I will blame you two for this for ever and ever and ever until hell freezes. *uglyuglyuglycries*

  42. aj says:

    Jesus and Mary I haven’t read your blog in about a year (busy, busy) but THIS post was the welcome back of the century. Can it be real? Are you SURE you didn’t just make this all up?

    Oh Debbie, you just stole the place in my heart that only AmanDUH could fill before.

  43. SheSoWrite says:

    You think “ello love” was the end of dee deee epic writing, you haven’t gotten you hands on the goods that is Rob’s Mile High Babe written by debbie…FTW!

  44. Carrie says:

    Oh god. I just… I can’t get past the photos to read any more. This has MADE MY DAY. Seriously.
    I, too, have to admit to writing some seriously questionable real life fanfic. Mine was about Hanson. Yes, laugh. Get it out now. But Debbie seriously tops any of my attempts. Although she didn’t include any fourways in her fic, and I can proudly say that mine did include a fourway, and a heartfelt dedication of “Mmmbop”. Debbie wins, though (as if it was any contest) because from what I can see she used an actualy RL pic of herself, whereas I was slightly less confident and used pics of Miranda Kerr instead.

  45. […] conversations about everything else Moon: i mean we spent 10 minutes the other night acting like rob and Debbert/a pattinson mom for NO REASON UC: HAHAHAHAHAHAH omg I forgot Moon: other than the sheer thrill of […]

  46. […] Moon just had an epiphany: Kristin Scott Thomas with a perm in Bel Ami= DEBBERT. That is EXACTLY how she imagined Debbert to look- with a perm & mousy brown hair. That’s […]

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