Rob makes a wish come true

Making wishes come true!

Dear Rob,

Maybe it’s me battling “the plague” as I’ve dubbed my awful sickness or the gray weather today or maybe cause I’m worried we’re headed into another Rob-draught or maybe it’s really because you’re awesome and confirmed it by making this ill girl’s Starlight Wish come true but I totally cried while reading this story over at LetMeSign:

My name is Sam, I am 14 years old and I have got Spastic Hemiplegia (Cerebal Palsy) which is like having a stroke… I can walk but not for that long so I use a wheelchair most of the time…

In November of 2009.. I had surgery, I think that it was 3 operations in 1 (I had my left hip taken out of the socket and put back in the right place, then I had bone taken out of my right hip and then I had my right foot broken and had the bone from my hip placed in my foot, then I had muscles in my legs and muscles around my hip cut.) As a result of the operation I couldn’t walk for about 3 months and then I had to go into rehab to learn how to walk again and stuff like that.

The Starlight Foundation offered me a starlight wish and I knew immediately that I wanted to meet Robert Pattinson (because I love the Twilight Saga), so I put my form in and waited a couple of months and my starlight spoke person said that my wish had been approved.. Then another couple of months went on and Starlight said “you know that maybe since you’ve waited such a long time for your wish and Rob might not come to Australia for a couple of years, do you want to change your wish?” I said “No, I’ll wait…”

Finally after waiting so long my wish came true on Friday, 6th of May 2011.

In the morning my mum, brother and I went into the city of Sydney and mum and I got our hair washed and styled at Toni and Guy hairdressers… The after that we went to the hotel where Rob was staying and I met him and got photos, autographs and he hugged me twice!

After that we went back to the hotel room that Starlight had booked for us to stay in for the night and waited for a couple of hours and then got ready to go and walk the red carpet at the Water For Elephants Premiere, which we went to and from in a limo. Then we went into the theatre and watched Water For Elephants. Finally to end the day, the limo picked us up and drove us back to our hotel.

I would just like to thank the Starlight Children’s Foundation as they organized everything for my family and I.. It was the best day of my life!

Giant hulk Rob grants wishes!

OH MY GOD!! Someone hand me some tissues and a hot cup of theraflu!!! This about killed me. Remember when I thought you should be more like Kellan you li and use your celebrity status for good? Well, you listened and mission accomplished Rob cause this is really awesome. Even though some celebs might not want to go something like this because it might be awkward or make them uncomfortable for a few minutes you totally dove in and made this girls wish a reality. I’m sure meeting you and having the evening out at the Water for Elephants premiere in Australia was a special moment and a night away from the every day struggle Samantha and her family goes through every day.

I’d also like to give a high five and snaps to Samantha for shooting for the moon with her wish. Forget a trip to Disneyland or meeting a Zoo Keeper, she went for ROBERT PATTINSON. Done and done girl! Dude and for telling the wish people you were fine with waiting because I think all the ladies here would agree with you that meeting Rob would be worth the dang wait! Love it. A lot.

Geez Rob, why must you play with our hearts like this? It makes thinking about a possible impending drought really heinous… THANKS A LOT!

Make a wish!

Learn more about the Starlight Foundation and donate!!!

Does stuff like this just make you love Rob more and more? This kills me seriously, he’s so great! HAHA take that people who think we’re sad, cynical harpies! How much do we love Samantha for waiting it out to meet Rob?

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As some of you know I will be leaving the states for a little vacay in Rob’s hometown  and the city of Lights! WHOOHOOO!! This means UC will be all alone here and sad without me. HA. We will be busting in from time to time if Rob or Twilight emergencies happen but we will not be posting every day. So be mindful of that, write some letters to us/Rob/Twi/Whoever in the meantime and we’ll be back before you know it!

47 Responses to “Rob makes a wish come true”

  1. drsaka says:

    Awww, that was so good of him.
    Dear Sam, thank you for sharing your story.
    All the best to you-

  2. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon, I agree on your pic caption. Remember the pic with the family on Oprah (I think)?


  3. Just as I think he couldn’t make himself any more appealing, he goes ahead and BANG! does something like this. I wish there were more people like you around us, Rob. Scratch that, I wish you were around me. I wouldn’t mind if you made some of my wishes come true, if you know what I’m talking about 😉

    On another note, congrats to Samantha for getting her wish!

  4. Robsessedgirl says:

    He hugged her twice. oh my god. kjfdsfjdjfjfdsjfj. I love him. he really does care, and I truly think he’s an amazing person.

  5. northernlights says:

    Awwww, the sweetest of letters! This made my day 🙂

    Have fun in UK, Moon!!!

  6. MariaCecilia says:

    It’s a beautiful thing that he does this kind of thing and shows that he has a big heart! *sigh*

    It also kind of scares me, because I have once or twice seriously contemplated if Rob would come see me if I was dying of cancer, and since this story makes it seem vaguely possible, now I just might get cancer for psychosomatic reasons because my silly body loves Rob so much. Is this normal in any way at all? (I need help. Okay, so I knew that.)

  7. robsfuturemate says:

    Dear Rob,
    I’ve often thought you would mak the perfect Make a Wish kinda guy. Thank you so much for making a girl’s dream come true! It gives hope for the rest of us, hehe! Seriously, good work there mate!


    Moon, uber jealous your going to the UK. Have fun and visiti all the historical sites! (You know, Barnes Theater and all that)

    • enviro says:

      LOL at historical sites! I would fully consider it going to see Rob if I were going to London. Never mind that he would be in H’wood at the time. No matter. His spirit is there! Normal, yes?

  8. enviro says:

    What a great story. All the best to you Sam! Major win sticking it out for Rob!! And Ro, what can we say, we know you’re a mensch and this just proves it. How about a couple times a year, you know as embarrassing as it was it also made you feel really good. And it should!

  9. LatersBaby says:

    Thank you, Rob and thank you Moon for sharing this. I saw the video of the meet and greet. It was so awkward and sweet for both of them that it made me cry.

    When they first hugged, Samantha pats his back in a way that could be interpreted as she was comforting him… as if she knows how shy he is too! Gaugh!

    I think what that was like in comparison to someone who gets a meet and greet for 80,000. Yes, I know we almost pulled enough money together for us to share that package.

    Moon-I’m heading to Italy and The UK next month. Please tell Dick and Claire I’m bringing pastry.

    Good travels,

    • Pattygirl says:

      LB, can u give us the link to the video. Big thx

      • LatersBaby says:

        The vid seems to be gone…

        I read your request this morning and thought, “Sure, no problem. I’d like to see it again too.”

        Apparently it has been removed. I can find it nowhere. I initially saw it linked in a tweet and I thought that tweet took me to robsessed-but it isn’t there. I searched my twitter time line and it isn’t there either. In doing a tweet search I found one remaining link claiming to have the vid, but when I got there there was a message that the vid had been removed.

        Maybe it was all too much frenzy.

        The vid was primarily them meeting–the hug. It cuts to them sitting on a couch for a moment and are blinded by a million flash bulbs. It then cuts to them standing in front of WFE poster with those million flashbulbs again. He sort of gently moves her to look in different directions as the bulbs flash.

        My Tweed Cynical Impression:

        Hearing the story and seeing a pic is lovely. What I imagine they talk about in that brief conversation, even lovelier. Watching the whole video–not nearly as nice as the vision one can create in one’s mind. With the exception of the hug and their gentle awkward way with each other, the vid could be construed by some as a gross PR move–exploitative. Those flashing bulbs were creepy. I’m sure that isn’t the image they want to leave.

        Sorry. Maybe it will pop up someday again… with different editing.

        Dear Rob and Samantha,
        No, it wasn’t a PR move. We know that. Bless both of your hearts.


        • robsfuturemate says:

          That sounds very similar to the other fan meet and greet video. Do you think they did them both the same day? Oh Rob, what a giver!

  10. alice_av says:

    This is so sweet! What a brave girl, here I’m complainning about cramps. Today I will say no more, I would not whine about it.
    So sweet from Rob for doing this, I believe he is the kind of person who does not like to be in the spotlight for doing something like this, but good job Rob. We love you more !

  11. natteringyeahrobber says:

    What a sweet story — and a good way to start a Monday. And I love how she waited, against the odds. When I was 14, I was pretty fickle, I probably could have been talked out of it, especially when it couldn’t have been guaranteed. I probably would have settled for a Menudo concert or a ride in KITT.

    Shows she has a strong heart and beautiful spirit. I’m glad Rob came through for her.

    • alice_av says:

      Oh my! Menudo!! yeah I was like 7 years old when they finally came to Monterrey. Of course my dad did not want to take me =(

  12. che says:

    this is awsome!! Go Sam!!
    yeay Charity Rob!!!

  13. Maggie says:

    This has been one of my favorite Rob stories. He’s so sweet. And Sam, if you read this, you’ve become one of my heroes: Firstly, for the battle that you’re waging, and secondly, for holding out for Rob. That was awesome, girl.

    And Moon, I think we’re already in a Robdrought. I’m starting to come down from the high I was on after the glut of gorgeous Rob pics and videos during the WFE promo. I hope he has been getting rest and enjoying some privacy, but I’m starting to feel the emptiness of a drought setting upon me.

    • roslynselene says:

      Isn’t he starting Cosmopolis soon? Hopefully we get to see the limo at least!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        yes! doesn’t cosmopolis filming start this week? (i ask so i will appear to not know when of course i do – filming starts tomorrow).

        rob: please one more song, please? an impromptu hotel room performance works for me. get giamatti to hold the camera and just go for it.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Toronto trip?!

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            sure! LTR summer field trip!

            maggie – better take the LTR mobile in for servicing. we can walk around toronto, pretending we don’t know/don’t care that rob is there. play hard to get if he happens to notice our giant RV with license plate that reads “JAWPORN”.

          • Maggie says:

            YES! LTR road trip! I just made an appt. to get my car serviced. May as well bring in the old LTR mobile at the same time. It should be a lot easier to find Rob in Toronto than in NOLA. He’s not locked up this time (I assume) and how hard can it be to spot a white super stretch limo that’s surrounded by cameramen and Dean? We should also bring dog treats to lure out Bear. I mean, how many dogs that look like a hyena could there be in Toronto? In case, Scummit is lurking, I could have the JAWPORN plates changed to KNEEPORN so they won’t know that it’s us.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Yes it’s the perfect time for a road trip! Half my class is leaving next week so I’m sure my assistant can handle it. 😉 Who needs money when you’ve got a chance to see Rob, I mean the sights of Toronto!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          PS- just read filming started today. I’m sure you just wanted to appear out of the loop! hehe

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            lol. i’m blaming the rob knee photo – i can no longer get anything straight. dates, times, whatever – i’m lost in knee porn land.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          good thinking about the license plate change. when you get the LTRmobile serviced, can you ask them to make it submersible? i am not the best driver while under the influence of rob – i’m worried that if i happen to see him, i just might run us into lake ontario.

  14. Cath says:

    So sweet of Rob, he rocks! 🙂

  15. purplescool says:

    This is so sweet. I am so happy for you Sam that you got your wish! It sounds like you really had a great time and I’m sure you’ll have great memories of that day and the premiere to carry with you always. And I hope your surgery recovery has gone well.

  16. roslynselene says:

    Wonderful story.
    It warms my cold heart. : )

  17. robgirl86 says:

    Sam is obviously an amazing girl to handle such disease at age 14y, kudos to her & this is a really sweet story.

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    And yes, the waiting.
    I’m still waiting, Rob. It’s been 2 years and I will wait some more. Let me know when you’re ready! 😉

  19. roslynselene says:

    Oh my god, I’m saving almost all the VF outtakes.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Uh….thankfully my coworker keeps leaving her desk so I can have this one up in full glory.

      Caption contest anyone? I envision this shot was taken when he was holed up at the Summit compound. “Put him in the white room! He’s a danger to all women!”

      • Ann says:

        Best pic ever

      • Maggie says:

        sigh…our collective ultimate fantasy photo.

        Caption: “Hmmmm….. I wonder what my LTR ladies are doing right now ……”

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Yes. He put on Sam Bradley’s latest album, disrobed down to his t-shirt and Ellen underwear, slipped under those crisp white sheets and escaped into LTR-lady fantasy land. “I wonder what they are all wearing?” he’s thinking.

      • roslynselene says:

        “What shall I do today? Shower? Naaaah, I did that last year.”
        Lol. Kidding, Rob. 😉

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Um, I’m up to 74 VF pics and I haven’t even started with the new batch! Best Photo Shoot Ever!!

      And the new avi is fab! Rob drinking out of the bottle is always YUM!

      (yes, i’m very excited. that’s why i need so many exclalmation points, lol)

  20. Ann says:

    Moderation? Are you crazy? Maybe I will have to contact some woman defense organization abroad?

  21. Ann says:

    Right now I am fighting everybody, as ever.

  22. twiprof says:

    I know this is a little off-topic…Moon, I think I saw your doppleganger (spelling?) in Brea today at the 24 hr fitness. I almost went up to her to ask her if the word Moon meant anything to her! funny….it made my day to pretend to see you today, Moon. I was sure this twin of yours could see LTR written all over my face….
    thought you should know….she is just in a suburb of L.A.

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