The *BEEEEEEP-ing* MTV Movie Awards with dirty mouthed Rob

I'm a huuuuge dork!

Dear Rob,


Since you said it, we’ll second it. So WTF were you thinking with that speech for Reese? Reading it off a crumpled up napkin? Not using the teleprompter? Using jokes Reese probably told you after 4 mojitos too many after a long day of filming Water for Elephants? Being on the same stage as Ronald Miller from Can’t Buy Me Love and Chelsea “I either stayed out in the sun too long or my cheeks have been stretched around my face” Handler and not BRINGING it?

Rob presenting Reese her Award by myrobaddiction

Can I offer you a few words of advice?

Too bad, I’m going to…

Next time let Reese Witherspoon deliver your lines. Or at least ask her for lessons on what to and what NOT to say when on live television giving an award to someone. Let’s start with our main advice… practice and memorize your lines… then pretend as if the awards show is a performance and you are as smooth as Edward. You seem to do better when you are acting as someone else and not being yourself. Don’t get us wrong, we totally think hanging out with YOU at a bar would be, if nothing else, illuminating if not down right hilarious. But at these special events just act as if you’re at an elaborate audition for the next James Bond film and you want to come off as neither shaken nor stirred.

Let’s take some pointers from Reese shall we… (around 7:55…)

Rob presenting Reese her Award by myrobaddiction

First off she saves your jokes…

Might I suggest instead of the “you cut me out but I fucked you” or whatever the joke was maybe you should have asked Justin Timberlake to come back out and riffed off his song from SNL “Mother Lover.” We KNOW we already have the pseudo Color Me Badd jackets in your collection.

My wildest dreams come true: these two men in the same frame

Next she calls out the fame whores of our time… the Mileys, the Vanessa’s, the Kim Kardashians, the whoever has a reality show and reminds us all to NOT show your face when you take a nude camera phone pic, HELLO people! So maybe next time you should call out the cheeseball man whores of our time the Situations, the Gerad Butler’s, the Kellan Lutz’s (I kid, I kid Kellan) of the world. Or maybe just call out your own crazy fans and your own crazy Robsten fans and tell them to “get off your dick” cause the tshirt didn’t work… they need a more direct approach.

Man Rob, there’s so much to write you about with me being gone the last few weeks. UGH! I guess this will have to just be the beginning…

Until *BEEEEPing* next time,

PS Dude, you never gave Marcus back his shirt? And you wore it AGAIN?



Who watched? Who started spontaneously writing slash Rob/Taylor fanfic after seeing the above? Was anyone else beyond 2nd hand embarrassed at Rob’s BAD speech delivery? Thank God for Reese.

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Oh and glad to be bad!!!

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203 Responses to “The *BEEEEEEP-ing* MTV Movie Awards with dirty mouthed Rob”

  1. minuit_passe says:

    OMG I thought it was his best performances with all the randomness.
    I thought “but I did fuck you” was the punchline and it was hilar.
    I loved that Rob and it’s been years since i didn’t think he was that entertaining!
    TayTay on the other hand, who didn’t even put a hand on his ass, really, a shame on international TV.

    • robgirl86 says:

      …but he enjoyed…:) , seriously, the Taylor kiss was the best idea ever ! Rob gave it all, real chemistry…

    • drsaka says:

      There is a difference between being random and being incoherent.

    • the kiss was the best part of the whole darn thing! i love me some rob though, i just want him to LAND the jokes. im ALL for him being funny and his speech definitely had great ideas in it i just wish it would have hit better.

      • Holla Draska & Moon,
        Still can’t think of a better Robism. Not to mention Patrick D & Chelsea H were ubelievebly bad, they were 2nd hand embarassing IMO.

        Also still can’t believe I missed you Moon, JB told me today that there was even a post about your trip. But I’ve been on a travelling binge lately, so I didn’t read LTR. 🙁
        next time, can’t wait.

    • roslynselene says:

      When I saw “the kiss” I was like, “OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I WATCHING?! SIN IS COMING OUT OF MY TV.” Not really but Tay should have been a little more into it. You know, run his fingers through Rob’s hair to pull him closer. Maybe pinch his ass, idk.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Yes, it could have worked as his punchline if he hadn’t said he messed up the punchline!!!

    • sjaantje says:

      I loved it too! I thought he was really relaxed and having a great time. He is just a regular guy that when he gets nervous, stumbles on his words and can say the wrong thing. I did have a moment when he told Kristen, “I want to take you backstage!”. I’ve never wanted to be Kristen more at that moment in time!
      As far as his speech to Reese went, I mean really, it isn’t like he was giving Reese the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Oscars. It is the MTV Movie Awards and are meant to be fun and not that serious. They do give the fans a chance to recongnize their favorites, but it is all in fun.
      Personally, I think this shows everyone what a great actor his really is. When he is on screen, he really is those characters and not at all the goofball he is in real life.
      I still love him!

  2. robgirl86 says:

    Rob was in best form, he just gave a Fuck! 🙂
    love it….go Rob, you rule, being yourself is just simply the BEST!

    • guitargirl says:

      I couldnt agree more! I know I’ve said it before but I’m detest the Hollywood slicks, there are enough of them out there. I loved that Rob was his dorky, unprepared, giggly, word vomiting self. If they want a Mr Predicatable, get it right first time, tick all the boxes kind of guy then they should choose Kellan (a nice guy, but…..bland IMHO.) I soaked up his lack of verbal filter like a thirsty man soaks up water, as we dont see enough of this side of him anymore. Never change Rob!!!!!!

  3. Nelle says:

    Love Rob and KStew but have to admit Taylor is the only mature one of the three. Rob and Kristen: the total stumbling bumbling speeches were understandable and even cute several years ago when you were younger and the whole phenomenon was new. But come on- you’re actors for heavens sake! Write something reasonable down, memorize it and deliver it!


    • che says:

      are u kidding me.what were u excepting to say’s not Oscar.since it’s so obvious that twilight saga is never the best movie of the year and they are never ever the best actors. and all the mtv-twiligt awards are for crazy fans.u still want them to give a proper speech ..even writing down someting on a’s just ridiculous..Rob is the perfect dork for this show and great fun to watch
      AND of course i want to see him on Oscars or Cannes(oh yess) with a proper speech someday 😉

  4. efam says:

    Not to sound like an old fart, but those awards were so nasty!! And stupid nasty…

    Either way, I felt like the world got to see a little more of the real Rob. He is so awkward, but I still love him.

  5. Beaspoon says:

    Oh god. I was soooo embarrassed for him. Really. What was he THINKING? And was it just me or did he NOT sound British, but somehow he picked up a bit of a Scottish accent somewhere? He just didn’t sound like himself to me, I don’t know.

    It was ROUGH. I know he gets nervous in situations like that, it is very obvious, and a lot of women swoon over his adorkability and awkwardness, but this was…hard to watch! And you could tell poor Reese was so embarrassed! The 33% lesbian bit…all of it.

    Also, am I the only one who feels like he completely ruined the Best Kiss acceptance by kissing Taylor? After all of the speculation and gossip about Rob and Kristen, they couldn’t just get up there and act normal and KISS? What a letdown, I had high hopes that they would just be like, “Yeah, we’re great kissers, here, we’ll prove it!” Lol. And then he practically strangles her, dragging her off the stage mumbling about wanting to get her backstage. He’s such a dork, lol.

    • Beaspoon says:

      Ok, I watched the Best Kiss acceptance again (feeling maybe I had been a bit harsh) and I guess he doesn’t really “strangle” her, to get her off the stage, but WHY are they so freaking awkward with each other? It’s so odd–after all this time, all the time that they obviously spend together…it’s bizarre. It does seem like it’s mainly HER, pushing him away, not accepting his touches or whatever. But that’s just my speculation, lol.

      • TwiMe says:

        Which proves to point they’re not really a “couple” .. only in film. But for heaven’s sakes they are actors and she could have had fun with it! Instead she did came on with her AEL (Angry Emo Lesibian) attitude. … sigh.
        Put KStew’s behavior down to immaturity and leave it at that.

    • GoodgirlgonePlaid says:

      He IS such a dork! Effable but yeah a dork.

    • Michelle says:

      I got irritated w/ them when they STOOD up for best kiss, he offers her hand (she must not take it) cause when cam goes back they aren’t holding hands. Lame. I’m OVER it.

      I’m betting he dumps her b/c she’s ashamed to act like he’s HERS in public. Again, lame. I love their acting, but the “robsten” this is just getting ridiculous. Get over yourselves already.

      Sorry, don’t mean to rant but I was highly annoyed. Obviously, eh? 😉

    • GMB says:

      I agree with all of your original comment except the Best Kiss. Rob was really painful to watch. His nervousness is usually endearing because it’s usually a lot shorter, the longer his speech went on last night was harder it was to listen to.

      I think what they did for the Best kiss was nice. They didn’t want Taylor to feel left out and you know they have two more years to be nominated for the category. I’m thinking 2012 when they are nominated for the last time Rob & Kristen will finally give us a real kiss.

    • pukesten says:

      this is on over here tonight at 9 and after reading the letter and comments i’m actually afraid to watch it, last years was cringetastic if this year is worse I don’t know how i’ll sit through it!

    • gizmo says:

      The weird accent.. yes. He sounded like he was doing a Christopher Walken impression.

  6. deviousdee says:

    I thought Rob was great. It is not the Oscars it’s the MTV awards. I thought the first scene with the Black Swan clip was more racey than Rob dropping the “F” bomb. Overall I thought Rob was just Rob (awkward and dorky) People were saying he was drunk on twitter, but I think he was just being himself.

  7. purplescool says:

    Oh Rob, you are adorkable, but I must admit that I inwardly cringed every time you got up onstage for all the 2nd-hand embarrassing things I feared you were going to say or do.

    And are you and Ryan Reynolds now shopping for clothes at the same dumpster? The two of you kind of looked like vagabond-grandpas with what you were wearing (hot vagabond-grandpas, but still).

  8. JodieO says:

    What? Gurrrrl you crazy. Rob wouldn’t be Rob if he wasn’t a big ass moron on stage. That kinda almost made me love him again.

    • purplescool says:

      I’m not saying it wasn’t expected, but it still made me cringe in anticipation.

    • guitargirl says:

      Hell yes! This made up for all the yawntastc promotion stuff where we have to watch the same questions being asked by unimaginative interviewers. Give me 10 minutes of completely unfiltered Rob and it’s like a balm to my withered and rapidly decaying soul. Pure win. 🙂

  9. Lilian says:

    This was just embarrassing, I seriously couldn’t take it, plus this awards were by far the worst as soon as Bieber got that award I knew everything was a big fat fucking joke. It was a bit too much . If you thought Rob was freaked out, he is on a whole another level of freaked out. And I am going to forgive him because he was practically living on that stage it must have been really embarrassing for him so give him some slack, cause it was too the point that it was silly, how many times has he won at the MMAs it must be a world record by now its just crazy. He has won everything and I mean everything he has been nominated for. The kiss, was just , I have no words for how atrocious that was and I am disgusted by Kristen yes I said it Kristen why couldn’t she go and kiss him. Rob is always

    • Lilian says:

      saving her fucking ass. I HATE THAT BITCH. He could jump off a cliff for her and she couldn’t go and kiss lautner or kiss Rob, BITCH. Why can’t she take the fall sometimes.Overrally this was a piece of crap It was practically torture, I love Rob and all but he seriously needs to get his act together.

      • caren says:

        eh, I DO think Rob have one or two things to say in this matter to. or do you think he is a complete pushover and does everything “evil kristen” tells him to do??
        of course they are not going to kiss on stage – they are NOT THAT COUPLE.
        I think they were awkward as hell as usual, but they both looked amazing and they are – above all – genuine and real. I love that.

        • roslynselene says:

          “They are not that couple”
          “THEY NOT COUPLE”

          Lulz, just for shits and giggles.

    • roslynselene says:

      It’s MTV, they made shit shows like the Jersey Shore. Of COURSE it’s a joke. I mean, Kstew winning an award for blinking in a hoodie and winning over Portman? LMFAO! And Rob winning an award for Eclipse? :facepalm:. So embarrassing. MTVMA is like the Razzies.

      Oh and I never take Rob seriously unless I’m seeing one of his movies (that aren’t the saga cause I can’t take pedowolf sparkling vampires and combining your mother’s and mother-in-law’s name to name your hybrid baby seriously…evar). So you know, just enjoy the show and his “what the actual fuckity -fuck?!” moments. 😀

      • TwiMe says:

        @ Roslynselene;
        Alas.. your words are : OSFT (oh so fucking true)
        LMAO but it hurts really bad too. I guess its good for actors to make fools of themselves (occasionally) –occasionally being the key word.

        I wonder what Rob did to today? probably stayed drunk and hasnt woke up . I know if that happend to me, I would drink my self silly into next week.

        We forgot to mention that– that award show is seen by millions around the world. MILLIONS.

        oh god. help.

  10. tupelohoney says:

    In a hurry this morning, haven’t had time yet to read the letter or all the comments yet but…. I just wanted to say that I don’t normally read fanfic but can someone tell me if there’s any Edward/Jacob ones out there? I may give it a shot….

    Rob kissing Taylor was hot… The end.

  11. GoodgirlgonePlaid says:

    I got to 3.47mins and had to stop. Oh my jeezle. *resumes watching from behind a cushion*

  12. natteringyeahrobber says:

    This was my first MTV awards show. I guess I’ve never cared about it in the past, I probably wrote it off as one of those rigged fan-vote shows. And I have to say, it will probably be my last MTV awards show, especially if that Jason Sudekis dude ever hosts again. He was all manner of dumb. Every non-joke bombed, every skit failed, and he’s basically a first-rate doofus. I can’t decide if Queen Latifah might have been a better choice (no, but just barely no). He did not humiliate the Trio, but he didn’t help either. I’m still pissed at him for asking Andrew Garfield to stand up, then sit down. Dude, that’s AGarf. His movies are actually good, he can actually act, and he’s gonna be f’ing Spiderman, bitch. Don’t mess with him.

    Rob was OK. It didn’t make me fall harder for him or anything, but I did appreciate how he always delivers the expected awkwardness. I am, however, liking Reese more (not in a 33% way, but more). She knows how he is and she knows how to rib him about it. She has a good comfort level with him. She does what many of us wish we could do with Rob in person (ribbing, teasing) and she likes potato chips and tequila. I appreciate that.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Also I did like the part where Justin and Mila’s “platonic relationship” was mentioned and the camera cut to Rob and Kristen. High five to cameraperson for that bit.

      But no shots of TomStu in the audience? Camera dude/dudette, wake up! I would have loved to see his reaction. Or Rob’s parents – I didn’t see them either. I would have loved to see his mothers/sisters trying to cover their eyes while Dick sort of stoically laughed through it.

      • GoWithIt says:

        In a way it is a relief that the MTV awards don’t come on my TV. I’m just watch clips after the fact, and that is usually plenty good for me.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Also, that dumb Boulder Guy skit/whatever the hell that was. Sweet mercy of all 2nd Hand Embarrassing. WTAF????? That raised the bar on dumb to a whole new level.

      • purplescool says:

        Amen! That boulder skit was just…ugh. I also didn’t get that whole piano/singing sketch. Myabe that was supposed to be funny and it just flew (woosh) right over my head.

      • fayted17 says:

        That was supposed to be a boulder? I was watching that part with the sound off, I thought it was a diseased testicle in tights. I’m not sure which one makes less sense.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          LOL. It might have been funnier if it was a diseased testicle speaking. “Hi, I’m sack #2 and I have an important PSA about the long term effects of unrequited leg hitching.”

    • pukesten says:

      no one puts agarf in the corner!

    • I think that’s pretty much the beauty of the mtv movie awards/music awards/ any other awards. they’re so awful and they’re awesome to make fun of! thats why i keep watching!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Well, that’s true. There is so much bad…so much corny…so many flops… At least gives us something to talk about, as opposed to the boring-ass last Oscar show. I guess dumb/corny is better than boring.

        But all that being said, I cannot imagine watching it if Rob (or as of today, Gosling, esp. if up for Best Kiss) was not there.

  13. purplescool says:

    First off, why do they even call it the MTV Movie Awards anymore? They should just rename it ‘The Rob and Twilight Awards Show’ since they get every award every year. I don’t know why I even watched it -it was so predictable…He wins, She Wins, Movie Wins, They Don’t Kiss, the end.

    Secondly, Seriously Rob? You couldn’t come up with a better speech for Reese? You did just co-star with her and didn’t even remember what to say about her.


    • The Old One says:

      Yeah, I -kinda- felt sorry for the Potter people who got all dressed up for nothing. Maybe next year. I think this gif pretty much sums it up: Edward Cullen owns your ass!

      • JellyBeanRainbow says:

        I didn’t! I’m a huge fan of HP, books and movies, but the last movie was boring, the kiss was lame and the fight was even lamer.
        Next year, with major love stories and epic battles, HP might win big time. At that time, BD will be part one movie and possibly not that great.
        Can’t wait, I’m definitely watching MTV MA next year.

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    So much to say. Rewatching this, I ‘m torn. Rob what WERE you thinking or on or did you have to use the bathroom and they wouldn’t let you? I don’t know how I feel about this anymore. Parts were funny, parts were cringeworthy and parts were just down right embarassing.

    Best part for me…Best Kiss. You know they’re not gonna do the whole actual kiss. They have two more movies and they’re gonna wait for the end (prob Summit’s idea). At least kissing Taylor was better than what these two normally do. (which we did see at the end) So Rob, thanks for that. And don’t call out someone’s one time with a girl, esp if one of those girl’s is Reese! She’s saved your but time and again!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      And one more thing. Rob, turn in your speech before hand so they can put it on the frickin teleprompter!!

      • becky says:

        Patrick Dempsey called out where Rob was staying, and in looking at one close-up of his “notes” (shut up, I wanted to see if Dempsey really did it to him), it was written on Chateau Marmont hotel stationary. (I wonder how quickly D, N and S checked him out last night?) He probably wrote it in the car on the way to the awards show. 🙂 No time for teleprompter prep…

        It could also explain why he couldn’t read his own writing. Have you ever tried to read something you’ve written in the car? 🙂

    • purplescool says:

      You’re right – they’ll never kiss at this awards show – unless maybe after the last movie – but even then they might end up doing some ridiculous circus act/stunt instead.

      • pukesten says:

        i think after they (of course) win the best kiss for BD 2 – for in the cottage when shes’s vampire pushes him agains the wall and hurts him RRRrrrr – i think they are going to redeem themselves by doing something like this:

        rychel *sigh* i still hold out hope they’ll reunite and then i’ll be worse then a robstener on crack after seeing the montreal pictures/

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Gosling crush commencing in 3…2….1 – UNF.

          That is doing it right. Hadn’t seen that before, but now I get why some of you have a RG thing.

          • pukesten says:

            you never saw this before WHAAAAAT!!
            dude, before we had twilgiht we had the notebook, before we had edward and bella we had noah and ally, before we had robsten we had well …. two co stars that were going out that we didn’t hate.

          • kaybvee says:

            OMG, that was the best thing ever. I remember watching it live and DYING. I could watch it on a loop.

            Rob has mentioned it and said he didn’t know how they could live up to it. But JUST DO IT ALREADY.

        • yesjayme says:

          That, ladies and gents, is how it’s done. They shouldn’t even give a Best Kiss Award anymore. Just replay that sucker and say “Watch and Learn”. UNF

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            He get an A+ for hair grabbing (but not pulling) and pure intensity. Also an A for the come hither finger move. But maybe a C for the gum chewing? That was odd. It’s hard to give someone a proper kiss when they have gum in their mouth. But maybe the gum was some sort of aid – like if he focused on the gum, he wouldn’t get an erection while on center stage. I always wonder how actors deal with that; maybe they just chew gum and try to focus on the flavor.

          • pukesten says:

            ha ha nattering thats hilarious about the gum
            i always wonder that aswell!
            like is that why rob won’t do a kiss, he doesn’t want to be BIG at the MTV awards!!

        • no one will ever top mcadams and gosling’s kiss.

          they should have retired the category after their acceptance “speech”

          • pukesten says:

            esp since we’ve been dissapointed every year since
            *cough* yesimtalkingaboutyourob *cough*

        • Katycougar says:

          The best ever………….

  15. superhumanmoron says:

    All those people that got all hot and bothered with Rob saying the Big F? They are going to have an aneurysm in Cosmopolis.

  16. TheColdWoman says:

    Forgot about the MMAs but turned it on just before the Best Kiss award. I have to say I loved him running down and kissing Taylor! And who was the lucky lady next to Taylor? Rob may have been kissing him but he was straddling her!!

    • i was wondering the same dang thing after watching that gif like 40 times in a row. that seat filler should have moved her hands juuuust so.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I could have sworn I saw that same lady next to Reese while she was being presented her award. And she totally knew it was gonna happen. She was moving way over to Stephanie before Rob was halfway down the aisle.
        Who is this lady?! And why would she move?!?!

  17. Amber says:

    I found the speech hilarious, but let’s be honest. They set him up. The teleprompter said ad-lib. Someone at MTV wanted this to happen. Anyone who’s ever seen Rob on stage before KNOWS ad-libbing is not ideal, unless you want him to word vom all over the stage, and if that is the case, SUCCESS!

    Plus, Ron & TayTay kissing made my night. If for no other reason then for me to hear the breaking of Robsten hearts all across the interwebs.

    It. was. amazing.

    Quote of the night may still be, “I ripped off your head. And now your pregnant.”

    • pukesten says:

      i think i might watch the mma’s now after all

      thanks amber!!

    • BrookeLockart says:

      My take on the ablib part was that Ron was supposed to submit something prior so they clould put it on the prompter. Of course he was making magicness and it didnt happen.

      • Amber says:

        DAMN THAT MAGICNESS!! It’s the same shizz that makes those cameras go all wonky so I all I see is blurry hand holding and shadowed kisses. BOO!

    • can we rename them “ron ron and tay tay?” cause i dont like ronlor or taybert as their celeb couple name.


      “Plus, Ron & TayTay kissing made my night. If for no other reason then for me to hear the breaking of Robsten hearts all across the interwebs.”

      you hit the nail on the head sister. HILARIOUSNESS

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Quote of the night- YES! Followed by that cocky little smirk!!

  18. GMB says:

    Rob’s speech was painful to watch. I actually had to put the TV on mute because I was so embarrassed for him. Maybe he was a little tipsy but it was HORRIBLE. I Love him but it was BAD!

  19. Amber says:

    Wow, reading the comments above. Peeps are really serious about this awards show. It’s MTV y’all! Lower your expectations and you’ll be much happier for it.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Oh yah, I lowered expectations alright. Just didn’t realize I had to go PCA low.

    • Aleisha says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! I would think that a group of women who frequent a Twilight website (& I’m a proud member of said group, lol) would realize that life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. Personally, I think any chance to see Rob is a good time!

  20. che says:

    i luved the speech
    i luved the KİSS
    and i luved the KİSS
    and i luved the KİSS
    and i luved the KİSS
    and i luved the KİSS
    did i mention i luved the KİSS
    i want more pics and gifs of it from million angles

    • melronin says:

      I loooooooooved the kiss…THE KISS…I loooooooved his hand around Taylor’s neck…..and I loooooved his closed eyes during THE kiss…and I looooooved him saying THE BAD word…sooooo sexyyyyyyyy… and I looooooooved him being OUR Rob, the one we fell in love with at the first place…..

      and I loooooooooooooooved his backkkkk and his arms and his hands and his sweat (from the trailer)…in fact I am fixated on this one pic…these 2 secs…

      Gawwwwwwddddddd….basicly…I looooooooove him!

      end of subject

      • melronin says:

        Forgot… I looooooooved when he kissed Taylors handdddddd…I just looooooooved itttttttttttt…

        am too greek today 😀

  21. hesjustnotthatintoyou says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that this is not the first time Rob has struggled with the teleprompter? Someone: agent, manager, Kristen, Dick, SOMEBODY needs to get this guy to an eye doctor for an exam. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in some sexy eyewear a la Jude Law. We all know he’s not a fan of contacts. Rob, get thee some lasik eye surgery or a sexy spectacle frame. (can someone manip this for me?). Please. It’ll help with the speeches, I guarantee!

  22. Beth says:

    Wow…I’m surprised that a lot of people were embarrassed for Rob. I thought that was classic! Yes, the show was trashy…it’s not the Academy Awards. And I only watched it for the Twi stuff, I’ll admit. But Rob even makes trashy funny. I did nothing but laugh during his entire presentation and it wasn’t second hand embarrassment. I just love how genuine he is.

  23. LadyN says:

    Rob said, “…I fucked you.”

    DIED. ENOUGH SAID. *crawls on ground to kiss Rob’s cool shoes*

    These Awards were all about Rob!!! I swear! Rob cursing and making MTV pay a fine for uncensored language???

    I was screaming ‘SOMEONE STOP HIM!!!’ for the Reese commemoration. OMG I swear a cringe froze on my face PERMANENTLY.




    ps. Taylor should write their speeches next time. Eloquent hot boy he is. I saw him wipe Rob’s saliva off his lip. I saw it. Yummm.

  24. carolyn says:

    You people seem more bothered than Reese by what Rob said in his speech. First off, there is a video out of Reese talking with Mtv Josh after the show, saying she loved Rob’s speech, but that “she was 55% lesbian, not 33%, and that he should have known she was more lesbian than he gave her credit for”, lol. She said her and Rob have a very special relationship, and one that she values deeply…So if she is ok, so should you hard to please fans be, if that is what i can call you…The best kiss was for the kiss in the movie, not so they could get up there and tongue like every other couple who lasts mere weeks…I love that they have lasted so long, and if this is apart of their secret, i am all for it. Kissing Taylor was halarious, as was what he said to Bryce. Rob was funny, sweet, shy, having fun, and he tried…For Rob to say the F word as seldom as he does is ok by me. He has enough ‘haters’ so i hate when supposed fans diss on him. He is always gracious at more important awards than these. He was exactly as he should have been…And if other movies/people deserved to win, they should have had more fans voting. This is not rob or Mtvs fault…Rob is humble enough to know there were better movies/acting, though no one in my op could have beat him for How To Be…Robert at his best. What did you expect him to do, stay at home. He takes these award shows with the grain of salt they deserve, so should you! Sorry Rob that you can’t please people that call themselves fans…

    • roslynselene says:

      Damn right, I am hard to please. He should be considerate of his FANS’ feelings and think about how embarrassing this could be for US. He embarrassed me in front of my family. I was ridiculed for being his fan. I even had to apologize, “I’m sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I can’t stop this train wreck. It is what it is.”

      (I’m not being serious, btw.)

  25. LadyN says:

    *reading stupid comments*

    Awww people. Give him a break. He gets nervous speaking in big crowds. It just happens. The ‘fuck’ thing just came out cuz the punchline didn’t work for him. It was better than hearing crickets. I woulda said it! *shrug*

    Blah. Ya’ll are no fun. smh.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      well, i cannot speak for everyone else, but i’m sorta hungover. 3 glasses of red wine headachey-ragey. plus case of the mondays – damned bagel place burnt my bagel and 45 new messages in my work email.

      i’m taking it out on mtv today. first for time delaying the west coast (not everyone has a non piece-o-crap internet connection) so i had to stay up late to watch it. and second for wasting 2 hours with jason s. hosting, when so many others would have done a better job.

      nothing against rob – he just did what he does best (awkward + word vomit).

    • pukesten says:

      i love a bit of healthy debate on LTR cannot wait to watch the awards now. don’t talk about west coast delay try trans atlantic delay!!

    • Beth says:

      Also, how many other people dropped F-bombs during the show? I heard bleeping all over the place. I’m wondering if they didn’t catch Rob’s because of his accent or maybe the whole ad-lib thing. EVERYONE was cussing last night…why is Rob being picked on for being the one who slipped through the cracks?

      • robsfuturemate says:

        I don’t think it was the accent. Gervais and Brand get bleeped all the time! I think they weren’t expecting it because of the ad lib and that Rob’s never done it before. Also, Reese said it too and I don’t hear people talking about that. Yes, she was trying to help Rob’s joke but hers was actually funnier (or he set her up perfectly for it).

  26. carolyn says:

    Ps…Is Letters To Rob a Fan site or a Nonfan site, just wondering???

    • it’s a site where we write whatever we want to Rob- the good, the bad, the ugly, the hot, the obsessed, the ‘wtf were you thinking!”

    • LadyN says:

      no kidding! pfft.

    • roslynselene says:

      It’s also a site where we have opinions that don’t involve kissing ass 24/7 (only 23/7…). You should try it sometime and not praise Rob for every single thing he does. “OMG, he shits! Bless him.” Ick, how boring.

    • you gotta be cruel to be kind.

      kidding. not really. but we love rob that means we love it all the dorky, the bad, the good, the hot, the dumb. but it also means we talk about ALL of it. and it’s not a blind love for sure.

      oh but mostly we’re here to have a good time. LAUGH. it increases your face value.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I was at Disneyland with my family so totally missed it. It is on my dvr at home but with everything I’m reading on Internet I’m wondering do I really want to watch it.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      It’s worth watching, just FF through anything with Jason S. THe music performances were just meh, too (unless I missed something). Tom Felton had a funny comment, Mila & Justin were worth it, and of course there is a ton of Rob word vomit. Reese’s reaction to Rob is also worth it.

  28. Cath says:

    Dear Rob,

    I love you and all…but seriously…We know you hate homework, but let’s not push it. I did feel second hand embarrassed. Thing is, if that had’ve been K, lots of people would be like: oh no…not that again…

    So I guess it’s true that people start to resemble their ‘partners’ after some time (………..)

    Come on Rob, I know it’s only MTV and you seemed very over these awards and Twi, I get it, I get it. The Taybert kiss was funny, but that thing for Reese…*uncomfortable*. You know I’ve been an advocate for your word vomit actions and I don’t care about the F-word at all, but the delivery…You can do better. And I agree, next time dress up as Edward, maybe in 2012, that’ll be the last time you’ll attend those awards anyway (for a long time I hope).

    And btw HP should’ve won a lot more. And that red leather bondage dress? Hmmm…This would be my reaction too…

    So ermmmm, that was my two cents, next time try something different ‘kay?

    Still love ya,


    P.S. Could you please talk to TomStu though? I saw recent pics of him and Sienna and that beard…I mean, his actual facial hair, it just isn’t right. Thanks!

  29. Maggie says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read the comments yet, but I just have to say that yes, I’m always second-hand embarrassed at these things, but somehow I come away from them just loving him more. He is so unique. FLOVED the Taybert kiss more than anything. FLOVED the Reese “tribute”. FLOVED: “I tore of your head, and not your pregnant!” And FLOVED that this stupid show should have been called “The Robert Pattinson Show – featuring always entertaining non-filtered mouth vomit by The Pretty Himself.”

  30. SM says:

    I think it’s probably because I’m foreign and here we are totally into self-deprecating humour and awkwardness, perhaps deliberate, so I totally dig Rob in this. Fuck Hollywood, why be perfectly prepared?

  31. Kelli says:

    WOW! Seriously. Guys its the MTV AWARDS not the Oscars, and Rob was being Rob…I was there he had nothing on his teleprompter, they totally set him up for that. I love him for his sillyness….and of course I would love to see them finaly kiss but we all know that they are together and they are goofy together,that is what endears them to me…give em a break, they are just having fun.

  32. Nelle says:

    Taking a survey: how many think Rob and Taylor actually locked lips? I don’t think they do. I think the pose deliberately hid their faces. It was all rehearsed. I just wish that Rob had pulled a fast one on KStew and said “there is someone else I always wanted to kiss ” and really planted a good one on Emma Watson.

    • The Old One says:

      After studying the kiss from all angles–there’s one from behind Tay’s head–and more of the camera after Rob pulls away and Tay wipes his mouth, my conclusion is yes, lips were locked. Rob doesn’t do things halfway.

  33. Rob's Flaming Dashboard says:

    Awards ceremonies are DIRE. I watched purely for Rob. And this was definitely entertaining: tons of Rob screen time and we never knew what he would do next. Media training sucks young Hollywood dry c.f. Taylor’s speech.

    I’m in love with Rob all over again (but I’m glad I didn’t letmy kids watch).

  34. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob —

    You acted 15. I still love you, but geez, honey, I was a little embarrassed.

    How can you redeem yourself? Call up Bruce Weber for another photo shoot. That would make me very happy.


  35. The Old One says:

    The mom in me keeps going: Ohhh no, Rob, Rob, what is your dad going to think? He doesn’t like vulgarity in celebrities! You’re going to get a talking-to from Dick when you get home, young man! And your poor mum isn’t going to be able to show her face at the ladies’ garden party after that comment about sexual chemistry with your mother! You support your kid in pursuing an acting career, and look how he thanks you!

  36. kaybvee says:

    I’m still processing last night’s show. I didn’t like the show itself (I feel like there are usualy way funnier bits, the intro is usually good and last night it was NOT). Foo Fighters I usually love but Grohl was gum smacking while singing, not good-only Ryan Gosling is forgiven for inappropriate gum chewing at the MTV awards. And I had no clue who the other musical act was/didn’t care.

    Yeah, I was disappointed with the Taylor kiss but figured it would be something along those lines…

    As for Rob, I need to watch it again and probably again…Was he drunk, stoned, all of the above or just being his usual goofball self (although this was a whole other level of goofball), who knows? Still adorable though.

  37. hepburn says:

    I have to admit that his adorkablness is wearing thin on me… The last interview I saw of his was probably the Oprah one where he was charming and somewhat eloquent and I always found it endearing but last night… *cringe* I guess I’m no longer a diehard because I find his inability to get through a speech unforgiveable. Its all about respect at the end of the day, doesn’t matter that its the MMA’s and the whole things a joke… Memorise a proper speech and deliver it with all the charm and grace you have.

    The whole ‘I’m so overwhelmed! I’m not one for crowds’ was cute when this was all new but its been 3years! One thing I hated, was that he somehow, made the entire speech about him. Its possible to be funny while not acting like an idiot. I don’t know, maybe his hotness is not enough for me anymore… I think I’m falling out of ‘like” with him. 🙁 But upside, I’m starting to see the appeal of The Gos now. He looked yum last night!

    Sorry about the rant!

    • hepburn says:

      Ok, I really don’t keep up with all of Robs interviews, but the ones I have seen gives me the impression that this is just who he is, especially when he’s nervous… I get that, we all say stupid things and it’s unreasonable to hold him at such an immense pedestal.

      I sometimes love that he has no filter and I had no issues with his behavior last night APART for the speech that was my only irritation.

      Loved the kiss with Tay, the awkwardness when he won every other thing… But that speech…. It’s just like, get you sh*t together man, you 23 years old!

      Okay, now seriously, end of rant. 🙂

  38. Stacey says:

    Welcome back Moon! I hope you had a fabulous trip!

    Can I just say that version of Rob was my favorite! I missed that Rob. Technically, he is a “grownup”, but I like him drunk on spiked Henekin. (Darn that Jim Carrey spiking punch)

    My favorite Rob…when he said about Bryce, “I ripped off her head and now she has a baby in there.”

  39. Aleisha says:

    Taylor causes more issues for me than Rob. He seems so coached & perfect-in-a-creepy-way sometimes. I always think he’s turning a little too Tom Cruise for my taste. Although, I was thrilled and shocked to see Taylor in that first skit with the Black Swan kiss.

    • hepburn says:

      The entire time that little girl was speaking when she accepted the award for Best line, I was thinking ‘This must be what Tay sounded at five years old.’

      Even though she was adorable, the way she was so perfect made it really creepy. ‘I wanna thank my fans.’ What fans? You 5 years old!

  40. Stella says:

    bumbling, awkward, laughing….mmmm! it’s what makes rob so cute! he is so unpolished and i love it! and chelsea: “such a tough act to follow!” hilarious!

  41. Kaybvee says:

    Except that he’s 25 years old now-ha

  42. pukesten says:

    Dear Rob i’m just after sitting down to watch the MTV awards for the first time, i’ve managed to resist watching any clips all day, but just so you know I have my deal breakers …..

    • pukesten says:

      ha ha ha justin timberlake “we just found that out”

      ok your best male speech was cute.

    • maggie says:

      @pukesten: He’s just getting warmed up with the best make acceptance speech. WARNING: You may have to lower your standards. He’s going to be breaking many deals.

      Keep us posted as to your reactions as he gets to the “good stuff”.

      Yes, R. Gosling and Mr. McDreamy were looking mighty fine.

  43. pukesten says:

    ooohh the Gos in leather …….

    (yes i’m going break the entire show with myself)

    • pukesten says:

      that was menat to be break it down – fail

      awww rob leant justin bieber his colour me bad jacket. so nice of you rob

      • pukesten says:

        best fight speech wasn’t so bad rob don’t know that kstew was making faces at!!!

        • pukesten says:

          OH MY GOD there was total tongue, but the kiss on the fore head soooo cute.


          • pukesten says:

            but the i’m going to bring you back stage bit was lame cos she acted like his hand burning her and couldn’t pull away fast enough

            k stew my sister is here watching it with me (she thinks i’m working on something for work on the laptop)and she even said she wanted to throw her iphone at you.

          • pukesten says:

            what the fuck have ye all been wathcin!!!!!
            his reese speech was hilarious!!!!
            i don’t know maybe it’s cos i’m Irish and we love nothing more that someone making an unrehearsed speech to make fun of someone else and clearly had one to many drinks on board (read best man at a wedding!!)

            never thought i’d say it but I love you more.

          • pukesten says:

            oh my god kristen that hurt me to watch you give that speech. that physically hurt me.

            (if I don’t get at least 10 thumbs downs for that i’ll be disappointed)

          • roslynselene says:

            Emma’s reaction to her was FTW!

          • pukesten says:

            oh my god squeeeeeeee the BD trailer


          • pukesten says:

            ha ha that is priceless, it’s a picture of WTF and FML they picked her over me!

  44. che says:

    and no one can say Taylor didn’t want me the most emberasend moment was when Taytay grabed Rob’s chin wonder what he was trying to do LMAO

    • robsfuturemate says:

      And there’s the proof! There is no way you can be that close to someone’s face and not be kissing. I’m a little embarassed that I want to see proof of the tongue now.

    • roslynselene says:

      Um, I never knew I’d be a Taybert (or Ronron Taytay) shipper but that was HAWT and I don’t know why cause I’m not into gay shipping (unless it’s RobStu but I was only joking about them).
      ಠ_ಠ I’m scuuuuured. What is Rob turning me into? *searches Taybert Fanfic* Someone stop me nao!

      • tupelohoney says:

        Yep, read my very first fanfic last night…. Rob and Tay or should I say Edward and Jacob….

        I’m getting scurred too…. Rob, what are you turning us into?

      • che says:

        oh yeah i’m not on the gay ship too but look how hot is Taybert and imagine how awsome can be Robstu..Ughh noo they are like brothers ..this would be weird..better to do with a stranger(no ofence Taytay but ur not his bf )
        so i’m just wondering why a part of me gets jelaous of his female co-sarts who gets a chance to make out with him but not the men like Javier Beltrán from Little Ashes or Taytay 😀

  45. Kas90 says:

    So…someone might have noticed this already, but HELLO to the woman Rob is leaning over. I could just imagine what I was doing if my face was right *ahem* there.

  46. Katycougar says:


    This is the MTV Movie Awards. Rob made it their best night ever. If you ever have a chance to see the live feed………….priceless. We watch this show to see just how outrageous it can get and we were not disappointed. May I point out the Lazar Boner part of the show…………………

    I think it was Tink from ROBessed that said Rob would break is F**k cherry and so he did. Great practice for Cosmopolis.

    I know it was hard flying in after a long flight from Toronto so you missed rehearsals. I love that the teleprompter fooled everyone and then they showed everyone that it said you had to AD LIB. That did make me think this had a little planning though and I had the feeling that once you flew in you met with Reese and Chelsea. If that was the case I see you benefiting greatly from Reese calling you “You are the Best Motherf**ker in Hollywood.” I almost fell on the floor laughing. You two are like Martin and Lewis or Laurel and Hardy. Best comedy team ever let’s get them booked in Vegas. You need to work on your math with Reese’s though. She did have to clarify that to Josh after the show. Thank you so much for the great time last night.

    The Kiss………….The best ever. Better than with SWSNBN. You really put everything into it. You even kissed his forehead and his hand. Rob you have now reached Russell Brand Status with me for best man on man kiss.

    So this is what I learned:

    1. You can be surprised and you were moved by Zac Efron crying.
    2. If you take our head off there is a good possibility we can get pregnant.
    3. You are the best MotherF**ker in Hollywood.

    One last thing. I have the feeling I was not the only one thinking this. I was so hoping for a Safety Pin malfunction. A little stabbing was in order. Maybe Emma Watson could bump into her and cause a little pain………. It could have happened. I know now that SWSNBN does not sew.
    Well we here at LTR love you and I for one think you have risen to the occasion. You are a giver and we open our arms wide to receive.

    • pukesten says:

      Dear Rob,
      this is what I learned, you are hilarious and I don’t know what the fuss was about, this was classic rob at his finest.

      also if you let me take your head off you can definately get me pregnant !!!!

      peace out (thats for letting me borrow that one kstew)

    • I've been Robbed says:

      The last time someone I knew who thought safety pins were cool, was the girl at camp in the 80’s who would put them opened on her cheek (somehow without stabbing herself) while karaoke singing punk rock songs. UGH. Kstew, I’m not a hater, but what was that?
      Rob, it was hilarious. Even if a bit embarrasing, you can take it. The whole set warranted it, the fake grass, the dry ice smoke etc. It was like a really cheesy nightclub.

  47. TwiMe says:

    Oye… second hand embarrassment— incoherent blabbing all at the same time.
    He’s been hanging out with Kstew too long.., but I digress…..


    Ok, this is what I choose to believe. —
    That some douche writer from the MTV awards handed him that bit to read at the last minute and he said sure… why not, without looking at what was written down first..

    So in reality the first time he read it was live.. which was a totally bad idea, but his agent and MTV and everyone in Hollywhore is trying to make him look “hip & cool”…… But he’s not like that.. he’s well, an old fashion gentlemen.. not a snarky vulgarian like his contemporaries… Words, sincere words, that don’t come from his heart , somehow make it out of his ass.
    And he did a brain fart.

    So when he seen the words Fuck and fuck written down .. he kind of stammered and blanked out, because that’s not really that funny. In his mind he really wanted to say:
    “Reece Witherspoon is a gernous actor and a friend. I consider myself fortunate to have shared the screen with her. I hope we can do so soon again… ”

    But that would have been too boring.

    So lesson’s learned Rob. In the future, speak with sincerity from your heart and let the snarky vulgarity be done by someone else. Snarky douche’s are a dime a dozen in Hollywhore. You’re an English Gentlman at heart. So let yourself be free to be just that.

    xox Twi
    ps. Love that kiss between you and the wolf boy.
    But won’t Tom Sturridge be jealous?

  48. TwiMe says:

    Re: Kristen Stewart, the face, the eye rolls, the atttiude.

    Wow.. she really dislikes her fans.
    She’s got the AELA (Angry Emo Lesbian Attitude) thingy going on strong.

    A friend walked in while we were watching and she nailed KStewies behavior.. she said “that girl is very immature”. Why didnt I see that! 😉

    So guys we can leave it at immature behavior and move on, and don’t be hurt by KStewie’s remarks. Twilight is her biggest fan base. Once its over she can go back to making Indie films in some shit hole and pretend her poo face is acting.

  49. Southernbelle says:

    I actually liked it, Rob saying all those things. The F-bomb was hot LOL, I can’t believe I’m saying this. He sure didn’t have any filter last night and I liked it! He was adorable, he seemed a little flustered but I think he had a good save later on. I don’t know, all I can say is that I love Rob even more, is that even possible?

    Not sure about the entire get up but hey it’s Rob so he’s above any fashion rules :), in my book anyway.

    I was shocked when he kissed Taylor! Jealous that Tay got kissed by Rob and not me! Life is so not fair.

  50. twiprof says:

    missed you moon! Loved watching Rob at his finest and most awkward….
    I think the kiss on the forehead and hand was to thank Taylor…I love that it shows they have developed a close comraderie…kristen is pleased, no doubt, with her two favorite people….I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of Rob’s brain…what is that cat thinking sometimes….sweet sweet rob.

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