This week in Rob Gifs: Letters From Dick… Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Sure, parents can be meddlesome, naggy and offer up advice when we don’t want it but sometimes we need to be reminded of how right our parents can be. So this week’s Rob gifs courtesy of my tumblr obsession feature ALL Dick… all the time…

I think he just had a premonition of your MTV Movie Awards speech for Reese Witherspoon. #hollywoodsbestmothereffer (yea, I just hashtagged a blog post).

I’m pretty sure Dick kissing your hand would impress just about anyone… I’ll also go ahead and say you can try to impress me by kissing my hand… that would be a great start to helping me forget stuff like: homeless looking Rob and chubby husband Edward Rob and whatever other atrocities you’ve committed in recent memory… yea a kiss on the hand would help impress…

OK OK so it won’t be all Dick in the Rob Gif’s of the week… here’s what we all want…

yuuuuppp… what…we…all…waaaaant….
and then this is what we get…

HAHAHAHA I love you Rob…

This has been this week in Rob gifs!

PS A big hug and bon voyage to the lovely JAG at Random Acts of Rob… or as we know her from LTR comments so many moons ago we can’t remember, Just A Girl, with the black n white avi and that blowin’ hair in the wind! Enjoy your new found blog-less freedom and you’re always welcome back here to comment or just lurk. She Came, She Saw, Rob Conquered!

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32 Responses to “This week in Rob Gifs: Letters From Dick… Pattinson”

  1. Jessica says:

    “Oh, Sebastian!”
    That’s from one of my favorite interviews, lol!
    Oh, and the WFE gif? *dead!*

  2. pukesten says:

    dear rob sometimes you come across as a bit of a tool, but I love it. P

  3. alice_av says:

    He can kiss not only my hand lol

  4. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Why is it that the WFE gif is so much hotter than the WFE actual love scene? Is it because it is speeded up and just the facts? Is it because when I saw WFE in a theater full of Hal Holbrook contemporaries who were all super duper church quiet during that scene, thus making me feel like I should be super duper quiet and in church, repenting?

    I will say that he is the reigning mothereffing king of gifs. God’s gift to gifs, he is.

    • pukesten says:

      think it’s cos the gifs get straight to the good stuff which there was very little of in WFE

    • The Snuggler says:

      Good Grief, that gif just made my year! (Up til BD1 of course – or are they going to fade to black too soon?)

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Don’t tell me there wasn’t much smutty goodness in WFE. I still haven’t seen it (bad fangirl) because I just couldn’t cajole my local friends to join me (WTF, I know!) in the unchurchlike squeefest. Evidently they are in a different class from all you LTR’ers.

      Holy crapola, that gif is hot. Its secret may lie in visually confusing us. I wasn’t sure where to look first or for how long, in case I was missing something good. Or maybe I’m just not as good as my video-game-crazed kids for looking at 18 things all at once. My strategy: look long and hard (twss) at the screen. It even makes me look like I’m really thinking hard about my work.

      • maggie says:

        Yep. The only problem for me with WFE is that there’s not enough smutty sex or nekid Rob. Moon’s gif is hotter than the one actual sex scene (which only lasts about 10 seconds). Your church friends should be fine. Unless adultery bothers them, I suppose…….

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        It is so easy to simulate working while looking at porny Rob gifs. Too easy, actually. Furrowed brow, sighing, intense concentration.

        Basically, if you want to see WFE just for the love scene, you are better off sticking with the above gif. Seriously. It is the concentrated, hotter version of what was on screen. That gif shows chemistry that did not translate well to the big screen.

        But if you want to see Rob’s perfect face amplified 40X its normal size (every pore more beautiful than the one next to it…oh and lots of neck and chest), enjoy beautiful sets and period costumes, or add fuel to any of your sordid Christoph Waltz fantasies, then go to the theater.

        • Haha! I read that as “stimulate”!!!

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          I am quite sure by now we are all masters of the furrowed brow, sighing, intense concentration, LOL.

          I am so looking forward to seeing Rob’s perfect face amplified 40x, beautiful sets, period costumes and the promise of smut, in Bel Ami. So up my alley, and Rob is the icing on the cake. Or the centrepiece or something. I may have to embarrass myself and insist my friends come with me, their opinion of me be damned. Or dh/manofthemeadow, he can be quite Robtolerant, although I can expect comments like, “Ohhh, now I know why you wanted to see this movie so much!”

  5. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    Ugh, that is so hot…

  6. Mieze says:

    Did I ever say that I do love Dick 🙂

  7. maggie says:

    Rob, you’re a dork and I love you.

    I love Dick. That bit about kissing a ladies hand (which, btw provided us with one of my favorite bits of Rob handporn) did me in. He AND Rob can kiss my hand any time they want to. Actually one on each hand simultaneously is sounding pretty good – for starters…. {{wink, wink}}.

    I don’t think I know which interview that “Oh, Sebastian” line is from. Anyone?

    Oh yes…. WFE gif? THUD…………Flatlined………DED…….

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Re Oh Sebastian:

      Happens around 8:17 or so. 🙂

      They all have the cutest man giggles. Taylor is in my dream spot – next to CW, across from Rob. I could put my hand on CW’s knee to calm him down (his knees go all over the place during the interview) whilst staring into Robs gorgeous eyes.

      • pukesten says:

        taylor is such a goody two shoes dweeb

        did they ever do one of these for eclipse???

      • maggie says:

        I may have missed this one! HOW CAN THAT BE???? I must be slipping. Must regroup immediately. Anyway, I probably won’t be able to watch the whole thing until I get home (darn this office environment). Maybe (hopefully) I’ll remember it then. I pride myself on having seen every photo, gif or video that was ever made or Rob in the history of the world. Yes Rob, you ARE my life……….

        • pukesten says:

          i love when i find interview i haven’t seen before brings me back to the old days of finding a million interviews to watch in you tube!

        • maggie says:

          “of Rob” not “or Rob”. That gif has me rattled. 🙂

        • maggie` says:

          So our power went out last night around 8pm and didn’t come on again until 6am. It was hot, humid and miserable, but what upset me the most was that I had just gotten all comfortable and was ready to watch the “Oh, Sebastion” video when we lost power. DAMN! I STILL haven’t seen it. There better be no power shenanigans this evening or DWP is going to be in big trouble!!

  8. drsaka says:

    Dear Rob, please pay heed to the old adage- listen to your parents.

  9. Those gifs are priceless – I flove adorkable Rob, he is just so damn cute. The look of sheer happiness on his face, in that Sebastian gif, warms my heart & *cough* other parts. 😉

    I don’t know if it was just the PG version of WFE that we got here in Canada, but I am fucking pissed……that WFE gif is 10 times hotter than what I saw in the actual movie. Thanks moon that made my Rob-drooling day!

    xo MC

  10. robgirl86 says:


  11. indenial says:

    If I were Rob Pattinson, I would have this blog on alert. I think it was him that made the remark that the part about being an actor he doesn’t like is all the promotion and press – well fear no more Pattinson! Read this weekly and you’ve got gold material for every Letterman, Leno, and Daily Show appearance you make.

    Btw, can you please re-do the latter? Such a buzz kill to just have the audience clap and scream for you, I mean you’re on freaking JON STEWART that’s when you pull out all of the awkward, “we’re laughing at you not with you” humor. (Yeah that was like a year ago, but c’mon it made an impression, a not so favorable one perhaps. I’m thinking Dick would not be proud.)

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