Rob Shave His Head? Whaaaa?

Well what the HALE do we have here?

Dear Rob,

Did you shave half of your big ol head? If not, I am very confused because from different angles it looks like you either got into a hair cutting fight or you have a secret case of alopecia. OOOORRRR your rumored male pattern baldness got out of control on the Comospolis set, so you took to wearing an Eric Packer wig while this is what’s been under that fabulous hair doo all this time.

Ok, so maybe there are more rational explanations for this new look than the disease that Kaitlin from the OC’s horse had. Or maybe Nikki Reed was moving again and needed more boxes and your help…

  • Did you lose a bet with Dean on how many pairs of underwear and hotel keycards would be left at your trailer? You guessed 9 and Dean guessed 910239124344. He won by not going over. You lost and felt the cold steel of a clipper on your noggin.
  • You bet Sam Bradley that his moles had not moved his you last saw him. He bet they did. You lost, they moved 2 inches. To be closer to the hoop earring.
  • You bet your non existent publicist that Star/OK/Gossip Cop/E!/Robsten/Nonsten people would not come up with any crazy stories about you and your personal life during filming. You bet no. Your non existent publicist won. Do you even read this site??? Do you even get DM’s from Gossip Cop? No? You’re better off.

You missed like 23 spots

  • You bet us that you could explain the origins of the bear skin rug, Dick, Jumping Rob, Big Daddy and Jorts using LTR/LTT  faster than we could. We lost… you know these sites better than we do but you shaved your head any way just to give us something to talk about. THANK YOU!

But really, why the lopsided shave? And  why were fans waiting till 5AM??? I mean I love you and all Rob but REALLY?? No. I don’t do early mornings.

Happy Monday to us all!

Would you… or HAVE you waited to 5AM to see Rob? Why the weird partially shaved head? What bet do you think he lost?

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58 Responses to “Rob Shave His Head? Whaaaa?”

  1. Read the book! says:

    It’s time to catch up. It’s all in the book.

    • Heidi says:

      Definitely all in the book. Kinda a big spoiler if you ask me, but I also think it is kinda awesome they did this to his real hair for the movie!

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Don’t you see – Rob is only following in KStew’s footsteps, massacring his hair for the sake of art, rejecting the idea of using wigs as compromising to his integrity as an actor! Or maybe they just cut his hair in makeup while he was hungover and didn’t pay attention..?

        • roslynselene says:

          Lol at least it wasn’t a mullet. Could you imagine? It’d be Ring of the Nibu-whateverthefuck all over again. Oh, the HORROR!

  2. LadyN says:

    My first guess was a lawnmower. Poor kid. Unless he was going for the Timmy from South Park look, then id get it.

    I like Timmy. *nods*

    Odd, how he still looks like a cutie patootie. >.< I wanna shave my head now. It's the same as getting Rayban prescription shades and wearing plaid. (-:

  3. drsaka says:

    Luckily, his hair grows very quickly. Remember how rapidly he turned into Mountain Man?

  4. I haven’t waited til 5 am to see Rob that’s crazy. What us normal people do is get up at 2am and drive a couple hours to the set so your ready to see him at 5 am. But he doesn’t show up until 8 and never comes out to see the 3 of you waiting. It’s only 3 people, why Rob, why?!
    (yep, still bitter. i know.)

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      The bet with Dean was probably as such:

      “Hey Rob, I bet $100 that you can go out there with a haircut modeled after an artichoke, wear old dirty strange t-shirts and bleach-marked pants, and look like you haven’t slept in 3 days…and women will still drop everything they are doing and wait 8 hours just to partially see you for 7 seconds from 50 feet away.”

      • You had to mention artichokes!!! That’s what pretty much the only thing you could see at the WFE set. Oh and the big things, like tents and Rosie!

        I saw Rosie, I saw Rosie 🙂 (it’s my only claim to fame)

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          A little jealous still. I mean, you’ve been closer to Rob than I have. And you saw Rosie, which is pretty close to seeing the Pretty himself.

          Then again, I did meet someone who was once in the same room as Rob, and who saw him drink some liquid substance out of a cup. Between the both of us, we are totallllly well connected.

          • Nat, we need to pool our resources!! Remember I have 4 degrees of seperation of Mackenzie/Nessie!!

            And found out one of coworkers sons went to a party with some of the Twi Cast. TLaut was def there, he doesn’t know if Rob was or not…how is that possible!?!?! (ps- this was many moons ago)

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            I don’t understand how people could be at a party with any Twi cast member and NOT look for Rob. Ridiculous. What is with all the clueless people not taking notes. “He might have been there.” WTH does that mean? What is wrong with people?? He’s there or he’s not and it’s your job, your single job in life, to find out. If he is, please note what he’s wearing, what he said (LTR? I can only assume that’s what he said), what he smells like, and report back. Geez, why is that so hard for some people.

          • Too be fair, the kid was just going to a party with his friends. But when one of those party go-er’s ends up being TLaut you better be on the look out for the more important Lead Character so that you can report back to your mom and her Robsessing 30something co worker(whom you don’t know but will now try to get invited to 19/20yr olds partys, justincase.)

  5. robgirl86 says:

    Q : And why were fans waiting till 5AM???
    A : Crazies. I heard they call themselves “set soldiers”…

    (not that i know this, i was focussing more on Rob’s sweet face)

  6. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Dear Rob,

    I do do early mornings. I love mornings. Rarely sleep in past 7. I’d go to work at 5 a.m. if I could. I like being out and about when everyone else is asleep, makes me feel like the world is a less crowded, less stressful, more enjoyable place. But I don’t like waiting in the cold, I prefer to wait for you in my bed. Or that failing (and it would probably be failing since my husband probably wouldn’t let you in), I could meet you at the bakery and we could sit at the only table in there, the one in the back nestled up against the racks of freshly baked sourdough rolls. The local bakery is run by old hippies and most of them don’t watch TV or anything so they probably would not even recognize you. With your strange hair and grungy clothes they’d probably just assume you were some anti-hipster type/bike messenger. You could totally go under the radar here here with that look, Rob. Imagine this: getting a coffee and giant blueberry muffin (heh heh I said muffin) in peace. It’s possible. I can show you.

    Love, Me

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      LOL, bike messenger. I totally can see that. Especially because Rob is tall and lean like most bike messengers.

      Rob in black spandex though? Um, maybe not. He could be one of the hippie bike messengers. I don’t see him as one of the Tour de France bike messengers.

      I’m sitting at my desk, laughing and snorting my coffee at the idea of Rob in black spandex. Man, would that ever be a great photoshop picture. Alas, I no skill to create this lovely image. Or maybe the world is a better place without that image!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        I could handle him in black bike shorts. But I was more thinking about him in a cut-off version of his red pants. Maybe with an LA Dodgers t-shirt and his SD Padres hat, throw in a Chicago Cubs messenger bag just to round out the scattered team loyalty look. He’d be such an awesome bike messenger. Bike messengers are becoming so scarce; but if Rob was a messenger you can better believe I’d use a messenger service more often. I’d find all manner of excuse to have things delivered all over the place. As would every other office worker (most female and some male) in my area. He could call his business Rob’s Package Service. Yes.

        • maggie` says:

          OMG, Nat, you kill me. Rob’s Package Service. Tell me where I can buy stock. And where do I sign up for my daily deliveries??

          This was definitely worth the double posting!!!

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Can you even imagine? Sweaty Rob showing up at your office, asking you to sign? Sorry Rob, I don’t have a pen…can I make an oral statement that I’ve accepted delivery your package? No? Hmm, well, I’ll go find a pen then but will need a hard surface so you can let me sign. It could go on, and on. And on.

          • maggie` says:

            Co-workers wondering what it is and why you are having daily deliiveries and why you need to take the hot delivery guy into the supply room to sign for (or orally accept) The Package.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        I could handle him in black bike shorts. But I was more thinking about him in a cut-off version of his red pants. Maybe with an LA Dodgers t-shirt and his SD Padres hat, throw in a Chicago Cubs messenger bag just to round out the scattered team loyalty look. He’d be such an awesome bike messenger. Bike messengers are becoming so scarce; but if Rob was a messenger you can better believe I’d use a messenger service more often. I’d find all manner of excuse to have things delivered all over the place. As would every other office worker (most female and some male) in my area. He could call his business Rob’s Package Service. Yes.

  7. sharon says:

    It looks just like somebody (Rob) walked into a barbar shop or hair salon plopped down in the chair because he’d had the f-up day from hell, and sarcastically said, “Oh F-it, shave it all off.” The guy with the buzzers took him seriously, started shaving and all of a sudden guy having a bad day says, “Oh shit! Stop! I wasn’t serious you fool!” And that’s my take on the scene in Rob’s new film that caused this catastophe of a haircut. And you all know Robert does not back down from a difficult scene. We all saw him in that tree with Jimmy Fallon after all. You know Fallon should pick up on Rob’s new hair and sit in that tree with half his head shaved, doing a skit on how Barbars with happy clippers “Bother Me.”

  8. Bea says:

    Forget the movie, Rob shaved his head as a love note for UC. From her June 27 post making suggestions for what he do over a weekend to entertain her: “Shave your head. Say it’s for cancer (But really mean you were too damn hot for all that hair in the summer).” There it is, proof that Rob reads LTR.

  9. Leigh says:

    I’m a fan of the short hair, the longer hair is just so freaking greasy and dirty looking (clean guys are hot). I’m not a fan of the fact that it looks like it was done at 3am in a hotel room after drinking MGD with a bunch of 17 year olds all night.

    And ladies, you look horrid at 5am after waiting outside all night long. You will not be catching Rob’s eye and living out sexual fantasies. Take a shower, put on some clean clothes, use some moisturizer and try it again.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Hey Robbbbbbb! I got ma moisturizer ON. I’m basking in the glow of Advanced Anti-Aging Serum today!

      COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE (said in Robert Deniro’s Cape Fear voice), I got some sexual fantasies that need fulfillin”!!! I don’t put this $40 moisturizer on for just anyone, ya hear????

  10. Jessica says:

    Hmm…I like Lopsided!Rob. But imagine how short his hair is gonna be after he’s done filming this movie! I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

    • guitargirl says:

      Me too!!!! At least they wont be able to grease and part it when its short! You have now given me the visual of Rob playing the role of a soldier, and its got me all hot under the collar. Phew!!!!

  11. che says:

    it is on the book,it must be.i read it but just don’t remember.
    wanna see full shaved head though

  12. roslynselene says:

    I haven’t stayed up till 5am to see Rob. But last year, I almost drove myself at 7am to go to Linda Vista Hospital in LA (WFE mortuary scene). I ended up not going because that would be a little creepy and I wanted to keep my “normal” fan-card.

    (Jk, I couldn’t go because I had plans with my cousin and couldn’t make up a good enough excuse to ditch her and go stalk Rob without making me look insane.)

  13. maggie` says:

    On my “set soldier” day, I went on my lunch break and wound up taking a 3 1/2 hour lunch. Luckily, no one missed me at work. (Hmmm. What does that tell me??). I truly would have gone back after work and stayed til the bitter end if I could have figured out something to tell the DH. Later, I find out that Rob DID come out at 4AM that night/morning and sign autographs and take pictures!!! Damn the DH. It’s all his fault! No, sorry hon, I don’t really mean it. I’ll just blame Scummit.

    Still haven’t been able to plow (plod) any further into Cosmopolis, so I can’t imagine how that mess on his head happens in the story. I’m really looking forward to the next time we see him hatless/beanieless. Of course, whatever “the do” looks like, he’ll be gorgeous just because. He’s Rob.

  14. MariaCecilia says:

    Since I am on the wrong side of the world from Rob most of the time, I have never had the opportunity to wait for him anywhere interesting at 5 am in the morning. * sad face* I have, however, lain in bed with my laptop until 3 am watching a live stream of the Golden Globes, waiting for him to appear on the red carpet. Once he had arrived and wiggled his eyebrows at me, I passed out, cross-eyed from sleep deprivation.
    But I would totally keep my eyes open if I was waiting in bed knowing he was coming over at 5 am! The jumping up and down would keep me awake.

  15. Katycougar says:

    The long and short of it…………….
    The best of both worlds…………….
    “I need a haircut”……………………

    Say no more I am ready to take care of this.

    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥

  16. Kaybvee says:

    I have often thought of this and if I could handle the regimen required of an RP set soldier. I think to wait until 5am is doable-a SHIT load of alcohol and possibly No-doze would be involved, do they still make that? I remember as a 13 year old using it to stay up for SNL…good times.

    Anyway, yes, it would require a cosmetic bag and a tooth brush so I don’t offend him when I have to spell my name for him 20 times. The boy is so cute though when he struggles with girl’s names. “gina” G-E-E-N-A. I’m easy to please.

  17. Seriously, we know this is for the movie and that Eric Packer is going to get a haircut. What business man goes from overparted Hitler hair to Marine buzzcut?

    Something tells me Eric Packer would not be pleased with this new haircut. So THAT’S what the gun is for!!! 😉

  18. pukesten says:

    aw look at her facial expression in the third photo she looks like a total fangirl in awe of Kate!!! so cute!!!! ah Reese so much charm, and style, and grace, and such a nice smile, and such a great sense of humour and a lovely personality really reminds me of someone else…….

    also that kate/wiliam bella/edward comparison thing is proof Toronto has sent them all batshit crazy

  19. Pattygirl says:

    if Rob was in my city, and my friends/brothers would come with me, I will stalk ROB.

  20. TwiMe says:

    Actually he got bed bugs and had to shave some of his hair off…..

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