Some HP induced Twilight ramblings and Rob, a beautiful American?

My how we've all changed

Dear Rob,

I’ve been cheating on you… his name is Neville Longbottom, I mean Matt Lewis and he is delightful. Here’s the thing: I don’t really know anything about Harry Potter other than the few movies I’ve seen and the 4 chapters of Sorcerers Stone I tried to read in college but was too distracted by stuff like homework to really get into it.

But I’ve been watching all the coverage of the final movie installment with rapt attention. Like an innocent bystander watching the funeral of someone beloved that I didn’t know very well. It makes you wish you knew them well just so you could commiserate with everyone else. I think it’s also caught my attention because it seems like a somewhat parallel foreshadowing to what the Twilight fans will be feeling next November. When it ALL really does end. The majority of us may have not grown up with Twilight LIT-TRALLY but a lot of us have grown and changed over the last almost 4 years. UC and I were just talked about this recently, how different we both are from when we first started LTT/LTR. I can still see in my memory (I have long since quit) the desk I sat at when I wrote the very first LTT post, the house I lived in where I read the books the first time and remember our first comment alerts coming in on my phone. It will definitely be the end of an era but it has been and IS one of the best thing I’ve done in my life. But we are very different since it all began, new jobs, relationships ended, relationships began, babies born (named Edward), death, healing, friendship, family, all the things Twilight (and Harry Potter) are about with the addition of a few vampires and werewolves and a couple bumbling parents.

Can we have a moment of silence??

This is a long introduction and a bit of a ramble but I know we have quite a bit of Harry Potter fans among us (UC being one!) who I thought could appreciate and maybe give us some pointers for next November…

Also this is my way of being able to use this video of Josh Horowitz (OF COURSE! WHO ELSE?) talking to the Potter cast about “American” stuff and asking them to identify famous Americans…

Srsly, Matt Lewis yall *fans self* he can bring me the brewskies any time, any place.

Srsly, I'm gonna need a moment...

My real reason for posting this is that Tom Felton (jokingly)  refers to Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and says he is a beautiful American. And that got me to thinking… have we coopted Robert Pattinson for ourselves? Lots of people talk about his loss of accent and I’m sure he has a permanent visa or maybe even citizenship at this point for being an “alien for extraordinary talent” (the actual term for people who get visa for this stuff). Though I would argue he is plently English, the mumbling and self deprecation and the mumbling. Though he’ll always be the son of England (and Dick and Clare) have we claimed him for our own? And will we ever, willingly, give him back? Oh HALE no!

We love you Rob and we’ll take you as an alien or we’ll marry you and make you legal.

PS Please to enjoy my very own ramblings/stream of conscious post about the state of Twilight/Rob in my own brain.

Am I right, has the REAL story behind the end of HP been Matt Lewis’s hottness? AM I RIGHT? Where has this guy been? Has anyone else been thinking about the end of Twi?

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29 Responses to “Some HP induced Twilight ramblings and Rob, a beautiful American?”

  1. JodieO says:

    I noticed the hotness of Matt Lewis about two years ago when Emmeeloowhoo pointed him out to me on Twitter. Considering our age difference I try not to lust after him too much. as watching Sorcerer’s Stone now fills me with shame. Sorry, Chris Hanson.

    PS. I don’t find Sorcerer’s Stone Neville hot, it’s just… I dunno..

  2. MyRobbie says:

    I think Matt wins the last comparison. Maybe it’s the red hair dye on the precious? Not looking so precious. Tie on the second one and *just* legal Rob wins the first. Which is not really a comparison. OMG, creeping myself out a little. Let’s focus on the third comparison, shall we? Here’s hoping we see more of all-growed up Matt Lewis in the future! Letters to Matt in the future?

  3. Oh Neville Longbottom has certainly grown up! I had been noticing that in the last two movies but your right, this one seems so much more!

    Love that vid!!! I love when they have them speak “English”. In the first vid, they debate about what English is, they are hilarious!

    And Rob as an American, I like him British. That’s how I fell for him, a big factor. But a Brit that lives in America, with me, and holidays in London would be nice!

  4. melronin says:

    Guys seriously…this is not healthy. Don’t post any other hot young men on this blog…ONE is enough. Where did all the olderthenmemen go? Is there none to drool over?
    I need some old…ooooold…very old man to knock me of my feet…can’t possibly go nuts over much youuuunger men all the time. I mean I must draw the line somewhere no???? NO???? No right? Right???


    and…YESSSS am waiting for Twistuff to end since ages
    and NO…Rob will never be anything else than the hottest Brit ever…sorry no offense to my American sweets 🙂

    end of rambling…it’s the heat here…don’t mind me

    Be Cool and carry on!!!

  5. Rob's slow mo' strut says:

    Oh my, gotta love all the loving being showered on Matthew Lewis since last week. I still clearly remember him getting his Remembrall, flying off on a broomstick during their first quidditch lesson and of course his turtle Trevor, who keeps running away from him. And then in Prisoner of Azkaban, pixies pulling him up by his ears and hanging him from a chandelier? Priceless. And then he saves Harry with his herbology knowledge and giving him Gillyweed before his second task during th Triwizard tournament. And who can forget him in Deathly Hallows (the book)?

    And then last November, during Deathly Hallows part 1 promo time, someone posted a pic of him and it hit me like a train BAM! Neville’s all grown up! When did that happen? It’s like going to school with this awkward kid forever and then suddenly finding out he’s turned into a hottie. My twi-BFF pointed out he resembles Adam Levine, who by the way, we believe to be the epitome of sexiness.

    So I’m really glad to see sooo many tumblr gifs of young Neville transforming into today’s really hot Matt Lewis. And today I saw a red carpet interview of him (with Josh Horowitz, duh!) and I was THRILLED to see his voice hasn’t changed much since the early days. It made me realize he’s the same chubby little kid we saw in the earlier movies, except now he’s lost the baby fat and the bad teeth. Hope to see you in more movies in the future, Mr. Lewis.

    • The Old One says:

      About the teeth–was he wearing fake buck teeth as a kid, or did he get orthodontia? Your teeth just don’t change so drastically all by themselves.

    • TheColdWoman says:

      Agree! Neville/Matt Lewis hit me out of nowhere too. Apparently he’s like a fine wine and got better with age – although Neville was always one of my favorite book characters. I’ve had a convo with a HP friend though about really how well ALL the HP kids aged. They were all cast when they were young (11, I think) and none of them seemed to hit the awkward/gangly/spotty stage of puberty. Well done, casting director! Who was this letter to again? You’ve distracted me with Matt. :p

    • Linney says:

      Uh, he had a pet toad, not a turtle and uh, they never took quidditch lessons, only flying lessons. Yes, I’m that kind of geek and trying my best not to sound like a snob.

      Those nasty teeth were his. He’s had a lot of work done to his mouth. Someone could really kill it in the orthodontia arena in the UK.

  6. Kelli says:

    Yes, he is very good looking but he is no “Pretty”

  7. Rob's slow mo' strut says:

    Since we’re talking about Harry Potter, can I just mention how sad I am that it all ends today? I got hooked on the books over 6 years ago and co-incidentally Goblet of Fire was the first movie I watched. (Needless to say, the moment Cedric jumped from that tree, I was in love.)

    These books have been such a great form of escapism during my teen years. I longed to live in that world. I wished I knew people like the Weasleys. I wish I had a friend as loyal and brave as Harry. I wish I had people like Hagrid, Sirius, Fred and George, Luna, Neville and Lupin in my life. I wish I went to Hogwarts. Rowling has given us an amazing story that we’ll never forget.

    I seriously doubt I’ll be this emotional next November. But then again, you never know.

  8. TwiSherry says:

    Sobbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!! That is all.

  9. roslynselene says:

    I’m not a Potter fan (not that I hate it). I’ve just never picked up the books and I saw the first HP movie with my cousin and I fell asleep. Whoops. And I didn’t even see all of GoF (I only see the Rob parts).

    And I’m not sure that people will be as emotional about the last Twi movie. Well, except for the crazies like Nutty Madam who will need to be on suicide watch when the credits roll by.

    As for me, I don’t really care about BD. We all know it’s bonkers and I feel like SMeyer was smoking weed. She probably thought a werewolf imprinting on a baby was comedic gold. And it is!!!

    • Keisha says:

      I’m exactly the same! Including falling asleep during the first movie! Haha

      The only thing I care about BD ending is Rob doing more movies (as not Edward Cullen) and since he is clearly doing that then I am happy.

  10. guitargirl says:

    I looooove the Harry Potter books and films and I’m gutted to see it all end., I also really liked Neville Longbottom, who was IMO a real hero. (The fact that the heroes in the story weren’t the best looking, most popular kids in school really appeals to me. LOL!) However, although Matt has grown up a nice looking young man, he doesnt grab me in a lustful way at all. I think it’s because he is too clean cut to float my boat, and I guess I prefer my guys tall and lanky with a hobo twist! 🙂 I am really hoping that you lovely ladies in the US have just got Rob on loan, because I really like the thought that he’ll give the finger to Hollywood, and come back to the UK to live one day.

    • guitargirl says:

      Oh yes, and ditch that blended accent he seems to have acquired. LOL! (Yes, I am a sad individual, replying to myself.)

  11. Cath says:

    Ha! Great letter Moon, I love me some HP! The transformation of Matt is really something. And I see the hotness in an objective way, but he doesn’t do anything for me, ahahaha. But I love Neville though! I saw an interview with him, and his brogue also didn’t do it for me, but I’m sure he’s delightful! But Rob’s just prettier, hahahahaha. Team Cedric, but let’s just say Team Gryffindor! (includes good ol’ Neville!) Have a great weekend everyone, been too MIA here. But a bit of Rob mixed up with a HP hottie lures me in, of course! 😉 And about the end of Twi, well, I’m not that bothered really, also, when you read FF, it doesn’t feel like it ever ended hahahahaha. Oh boy! I cried a bit though when I saw the London premiere last week on YT, waaaaaah, together with JK and Emma…*Sniff*. Yeah, I’m a nerd! So again, have a great weekend!

  12. Katycougar says:

    I am giving Tom Felton a thumbs-up on his American dialect.

    Yes, guns are a requirement for being American. We carry them on our gun racks mounted on the back window in our trucks. Hey, you never know when a dangerous animal may attack you on the highway.

    I do love Longbottom. His character was dorky and awkward. He grew up well.

    So different from Cedric Diggory. You gave your life for Harry. I cried.

    Yes I am a Harry Potter fan. From the days of waiting at Barnes and Nobel for midnight with my daughter for the release of each book. I don’t think I was ever enchanted by a book for kids and I realized from other parents that they felt the same way. In fact it was a friend of mine that first recommended it. This is the only series of books that I wept through the last book reading slowly not wanting to reach the end. I will truly miss the movies and I am drawn to revisit the books again. We are going to have a Harry Potter party with all the movies and plenty of booze (a special witches brew- no butter beer.)
    I know there are plenty of fanfics out there And I was actually sent one that I liked which is rare. It is adult so not something that the kids can read. Check it out if you like Cedric and Hermione do hook up. It is called Finding Himself.



    • Katycougar says:

      Please keep in mind Finding Himself has a NC-17 rating. The story is good because you don’t loose yourself in the sex. The story line is strong and I loved exporing a broader view of Hermione’s and Cedric’s family and the Muggle universe in relation to the Wizard universe. The author knows the books and melds them together so well. My one cpomplaint is that there is there is a second book that continues the story. it is only on Ebooks and is called Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori. I wanted more, but good books do that don’t they?

      • I loved Finding Himself! It was great to read more about Cedric and I think the author had him down to a T. And he’s relationship with Hermione just seemed a perfect match!

    • I first read you were “waiting in Barnes” for the newest HP. 🙂

  13. hepburn says:

    I must admit, I’ve been in a Matt Lewis induced haze these past few days… Who would have thought of all the HP boys, he would be the best looking? (Aside from Rob of course) I don’t think I’d be as heartfelt to see Twi end as HP has been with me since I was 11. In hindsight, HP will probably hold the fondest memories.

  14. maggie says:

    Forget about Horcruxes and Hallows. For me, Neville Longbottom growing up to be the hot Matt Lewis is the true magic of the Harry Potter movie franchise. I’m filled with awe and wonder.

    I also have to say that Daniel Radcliffe, who I thought had a lot of possibility in, say GoF, and was then a bit disappointed when he grew up, looks mighty fine in the last HP movie. (Which, btw, is totally epic and awesome for any HP fans out there).

    Rob can be an America, a Brit, a Canadian, a Brazilian or an Indonesian. I don’t really care – he’ll still be the hottest man on the planet.

  15. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Matt Lewis turned out just ok in my opinion, but I still can’t get over the fact that the cute little Tom Felton turned into a normal every day guy.
    Talking about gorgeous, breathtaking…. for me, Emma Watson is the one.

    Rob? He’s in a category of his own. Waaaay up there.

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