My Comic Con wish… for Rob to BRING IT!

Dear Rob-

I’m about to be at Comic Con tomorrow for the Breaking Dawn Panel (duh), so let’s not beat around the bush… you need to bring it (and leave you know who at home). And by bring it you need to look like this…

Yes, exactly like you at the Twilight premiere in Paris. You hair can totally grow out over night. I believe! Rogain! A wig!
Or this…

Yes, wear the Batman shirt so maybe the Comic Con haters will lay off since Twilight is SOOOOO much more geeky/lame/nerdy/not cool than Spiderman or Comic books or buying collectors edition action figures or getting the autographs of the guy who played R2D2 in Star Wars or Taylor Lautner… Oh wait…

or this…

Hammocks are totally welcome at Comic Con! Just answer questions from the hammock! Invite someone ME to come swing in the hammock with you during the Q&A.

Or this…

Feel free to hire one of the Vanity stylists for the day. Don’t worry just charge it back to Summit and mrk it “Business Expenses” they can take it out of the box office money from Breaking Dawn. The fans won’t mind some of the money from our multiple viewings going to this worthy cause. Pianos also welcome at Comic Con, FYI!

I’d even be alright with this…

I’m totally alright with Cholo Rob as long as there’s a pompadour under that Doyers cap and that vintage black Nova is in the parking lot. *Swoon*

(Charlies, HEH!)

BUUUTTT if you come dressed like this… we will have words…

Chubby sad Dadward is NOT an approved look. EVER. If you come out of the closet looking like the clearance rack at the Men’s Warehouse, go back in and do not return out again until you look like this:


My other Comi Con wish is that no one would ask stupid questions or scream “Robste” before fainting… NONE of these wishes will come true.

Happy Comic Con!

PS Remember when I went to Comic Con last time (1, 2, 3) and chased after the Pattinson Pants lady?!! (then wrote a fake interview) GOOD TIMES! Remember when she turned out to totally get it??!

Anyone else going to Comic Con? If I ask a question what should I ask? What do we think Rob will really show up in?

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76 Responses to “My Comic Con wish… for Rob to BRING IT!”

  1. dazzledtodeath says:

    i don’t care what Rob wears, just please take the hat off so we can see the hair. Whatever is left of it.

  2. dazzledtodeath says:

    They should change the name form the BD Part 1` panel to the Breaking Dawn Sex Scene panel. ‘Cause you know that’s all these loons who’ve been camping out for days are going to ask about.

  3. Cazza says:

    I was going then….wait for it…I handed back my tickets for a refund. The thought of being in a confined space (holding pen of 6,000) with *the screams* made me do it. Please tell me I did the right thing.

    A question for Ron…..

    “Has he ever considered trying out for the British Olympic swim team. His butterfly stroke looks mighty fine in the old Ethan Allen bed scene” (don’t hate dazzledtodeath)

    Have fun Moon!


  4. Rob's Flaming Dashboard says:

    D2D, you are quite correct but the people have a right to know the full details about the sadly PG13 sex scenes. And what fodder for LTR/LTT!

    Cazza, I think it’s much more pleasant to admire Rob from afar. The screaming on the W4E premiere was was ear busting!

  5. LadyN says:

    ATLEAST look like this:

    (Remember when he didn’t even have pecks, let alone nipples showing under a shirt? Battahbing!) 😉

    • I’d thumbsup you if I could!!! Please let him look like that!

      • LadyN says:

        Awww what happened to the thumbsup thingys? those were fun. :-/

        *crossing my fingers and legs* ik, ik!

        • maggie` says:

          Battaboom! Hadn’t heard that the boy has been pumping iron. Floving that private airplane V-necked white T-shirt biceps-apoppin’ look.

          I’d have loved to go to Comic-Con, but I’m also glad I’m not (crazy R’sten type fans are not my cup of tea). I’d rather just try to figure out how to get word to Rob that he can bring Bear over to play with my dog. No one will know. Bear needs canine socialization. My yard is available. And I’m more than willing to pimp my dog any time for Rob.

  6. yesjayme says:

    MTV News is doing an interview at CC and are asking people to tweet them questions to ask the BD cast. I made the mistake of clicking the hashtag #MTVSDCC and now I need to bleach my brain after reading some of the questions these psycho fans are asking.

    My favorite so far is: “When are u gonna start replacing kris’ b.control pill with tictac u____u??? #MTVSDCC”. Then there’s this one “@CSI_Robsten @mtvnews Q for Rob and Kristen: what are Edward and Bella’s fave sexual position? #MTVSDCC”.

    So far I have seen one intelligent question: “@mtvnews #mtvsdcc Ask Rob if he had any Cosmopolis flashbacks when Rupert Murdoch got pied.”

    I am beyond second hand embarassed.

  7. robgirl86 says:

    Remember when I went to Comic Con last time (1, 2, 3) and chased after the Pattinson Pants lady?!! (then wrote a fake interview) GOOD TIMES! Remember when she turned out to totally get it??!

    yes, I do:)..& no further comment on that woman…

    CC 2011 : Rob’s hair is too short, Toms beard is too long and Bear is too cute to be true & I still dont care about BD……..

    Nevertheless wish you much fun Moon!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      oh come on RG, I know you’re dying to hear about how the BD sex scenes are real! They really did it! and what their fave sex position is, and when Rob will be replacing K’s birth control w/ tictacs…

    • Mieze says:

      “…& I still dont care about BD……”

      You know that if I didn’t already love you by now this simple sentence would make me 🙂 The only reason why I will watch that movie is Rob…and I know while doing this I will shake my head so man times that we need a complete new definition of a concussion. I mean who pays money to…no, I’m not going there…at least not today 😉

      • roslynselene says:

        The only reason I’m watching BD (ha! I put BS by accident at first) is to laugh! Laughing my ass off at inappropriate times in a theater filled with crazy TwiHARDS will be the end of me. I don’t know, I guess I’m feeling suicidal. 😛

      • robgirl86 says:

        1) I have the feeling i saw it already
        2) I will wait for Red Riding Hood part 4 breaking dawn
        3) 2 films? genial idea, cause the book was already sooo amazing, esp.. the end..:)

        • drsaka says:

          The more to make fun of…….

        • Mieze says:

          Although it’s mean I will still say it: This was probably one of the most bad written books ever. I don’t mean to hurt anyone while saying this, but on the other hand it’s nearly insulting that the publisher didn’t even worry that no one would buy it or criticize it. IMHO SM should have just stopped the saga after Twilight or at least after writing Eclipse….Still I will watch it, now who’s the fool LOL

  8. che says:

    lol moon can’t wait for your comiccon review
    btw Rob with Bear is ok but Tom with beard scary!!!!!

  9. Bea says:

    Moon, are you in that crazy line? With all those crazy/ delightful people? That’s the report I want back! And don’t get heatstroke!

    • Bea says:

      Also, please tell me you remembered to equip yourself with the LTT/LTR flask, ’cause this is definitely a situation that would necessitate it.

  10. drsaka says:

    totally out of control facial hair there, Tom!!!

  11. GoWithIt says:

    Conversation last night between me and my husband:
    Me: Sure I’ll see if HP is playing on IMAX. You know me, the bigger the better with movies. I’ll be disappointed if there aren’t any potterheads.
    Husband: When did you become such a fany fan. We should go to Comi Con together.
    Me: There is a Comi Con coming up right now.
    Husband: Yeah, duh, I know (he is a comic fan). We could probably have a good time going together.
    Me: I’d only want to go if what’s her name and what’s his face are there. Actually, if we’re making the trip, I’d rather go to the redwood forest.
    Husband: Is that a Twilight thing?

  12. GoWithIt says:

    I did mean Comic con. Although Comi con sounds amusing too.

  13. Katycougar says:

    You know he has lost the hair. We are going to see the rebirth of the hair soon. but not now. i am dying to see his natural color. It has been years of dye jobs to look like Edward or Jacob. We want Rob. i like a little dirty blond highlights. Enjoy all his different looks and then next year we will see a full head of hair again.

    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥

  14. Katycougar says:

    This is what you will see at Comi Con.

    I think Tom needs the haircut and shave. He looks like Grizzley Adams. Maybe he and rob can be twins.

    Looks like Tom will be with his bud. I can smell a road trip girls.,,20511543,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

  15. maggie` says:

    I just saw this poem that somebody wrote and posted on Robsessed about Rob, Bear and Tom’s dogwalking yesterday:

    Just walking
    Happy talking
    Bear leading the way
    Sun shining
    Silver lining
    What a beautiful day.

    Full of glee
    Best friend at your side
    No work today
    Time to play
    Lengthen out your stride.

    Looking buff
    Hot stuff
    Tee shirt fitting tight
    Cute smile
    All the while
    You are a wondrous sight.

  16. TwiMe says:

    Here is a link to new some pics (as of 7/19/11) where Rob is walking Bear the dog… along with Tom Sturridge, who looks actually more hairy than Bear the dog.. so perhaps we should title these photos:

    ” Rob walks Tom the Bear, along with his dog”…

  17. maggie` says:

    Rob: I still love you madly, but your 2011 Comic-Con hair is the worst thing ever!! Please, HairPorns Gods, grow that mane back ASAP!!!

  18. maggie` says:

    OK, all you fellow cougars: Here’s my favorite line from Rob at Comic Con so far:

    Last question: The point was raised earlier that a large proponent of the fan based is middle aged. Creepy or flattering, Rob and Taylor?

    Rob: I’m not creeped out at all by it! It was kind of.. to me creeped out you just have to be creeped out by women in general, which I’m not. People.. different strokes for different folks, I get.

    Gotta love that boy!!!!

  19. twime says:

    Moon/UC– We have to know… did you run into the Pattinson Pants lady? —

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