Rob’s Hair: Don’t even pretend that “thing” looks good…

Dear Rob,

Call me a “fake fan” or whatever you wish, but I will NOT make excuses for this hair.

This half-hipster-Hilter-Youth, half brain-surgery-survivor-head look was NOT a pleasant surprise when you showed up to Comic Con yesterday:

I can’t tell whether you look more like a dinosaur:

Or like a model in an ad from the 80s encouraging people to visit USSR, re-used today encouraging people to visit Russia:

You even have me believing Robsten MUST be true love because I don’t know how else Kristen could stay with you while your hair is like this:

PSST Rob, I think you forgot to brush your hair or something this morning. People are laughing

It’s such a distraction, and not in a good way, that I could’t even laugh when, after Josh Horowitz asked how you prepared for the famed “Sex scene” you joked you just “Lubed up and jumped right into it.”

You’ll be glad to know Moon said it didn’t look as bad in person. So you better get over to Philly QUICK so I can see that mess in person before I shut down LTR.

Okay there really isn’t a threat of shutting down LTR because it’s just hair & it WILL grow back. But still. Until it does, go back into hiding so I can pretend you just look like this:

Love (yes, still, love),

Am I horrible (no, but his hair is) YES I know it’s for “That movie” but EW.. Dude.. hes worn a hat to Comic Con before… why wouldn’t he wear one AGAIN? Is he PROUD of that look? It’s bad. It’s really bad. You can be honest. This place is safe. Share how you REALLY feel

Missed the craziness? Robsessed has the best pics here:  And by Best, I mean all the pics of Rob’s hair that will make you cry

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125 Responses to “Rob’s Hair: Don’t even pretend that “thing” looks good…”

  1. Twirishlady says:

    Wait, what did I miss? What movie did he cut his hair like this for???

  2. dazzledtodeath says:

    Well I was dying to see the hair and now..I’m still dying. With laughter. I think I love Rob more for showing up like this and going about his business.

    Hard to believe it’s the same guy who did those VF & GQ shoots lol. But that’s part of Rob’s appeal-he can be devastatingly sexy one minute, and look like he’s in an 80’s new-wave band/ mental patient/ “special”/ recently had brain surgery the next.

  3. purplescool says:

    UC, I am so glad you posted about this – I saw a clip of him on TV (one of those Extra or Access Hollywood shows) and was wondering what the HALE happened to his hair. It looks like he got up in the middle of getting a haircut and just walked out. Ugh. At least we only have to look at it – he has to live with it.

  4. niahid says:

    Love the purple dino comparison.
    Cindy Lauper must be so proud. rob never cease to surprise us.

  5. Apple says:

    Actually….this haircut is cute….but maybe I´m just weird… 🙂 I like weird things and I like people who look special xD
    Am I the only one who likes it?

    • guitargirl says:

      I dont mind it either. I actually prefer it to the fuckery of the gelled side parting comb over job they gave him for this film. I hate to see Rob looking like a bank manager. Give me half a hair cut and a goofy smile anyday.

  6. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob —

    You make me smile. Your lopsided hair mirrors my lopsided love for you.

    You’re such a goofy boy.


  7. GMB says:

    LOL I knew I could come here and you would say what everyone else was thinking but for some reason refused to acknowledge. I saw all the Twitter comments about how cute his hair look and I just didnt get it…his hair did not look good. He is still a cutie though!

  8. LadyN says:

    I bought the Raybans, the plaid shirt and chucks. I draw the line here!

    Is it weird I still wanna suck on his face like a popcicle??? I mean, it IS hot today.

  9. natteringyeahrobber says:

    If he were to show up to an interview at my work looking like that, no I would not hire him. I’m no hair psychologist, but that look screams “i have a non-correctable, untreatable mental disorder (versus a tribute to 1980’s ska bands).” Jeckyll and Hyde are doing battle on the top of his head, and neither are winning. He’d no doubt never do any work, and I’d need him to do work to cover up for the fact I rarely do any work (well not this week anyhow).

    However, should he show up for a date looking like that, I’d probably go. I mean, after he did the whole “look at my eyes, now try to resist me” thing. Because minus the ridiculous leftover haircut (which is clearly still there for re-shoots), he’s still Rob. Still dorky, still smoking hot, still undeniable.

    p.s. I’d still hire him. You think I’d let that opportunity slide?

    • Reshoots, just thought of this brilliant idea and you beat me to the punch. That HAS to be the reason. How can you reshoot the half haircut if he buzzed the whole thing?

      Dear Rob,
      Please do any and all reshoots before Aug 7th. I know that’s pretty quick but I’d love for my first visual experience of you to have some Normal haircut (even bald would be better). You ARE going to the Teen Choice Awards, right?

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        I honestly was expecting to see bald yesterday. I was not expecting the strange half-haircut. So seeing it…it wasn’t shocking, but it was certainly unexpected.

        I’ve had bad haircuts before. I once went in and requested layers and a few inches off and came out with this severe riot-girl looking cut. Humilating. And when I was a kid, this wench cut off nearly all my hair. My mom took me to her high school reunion a few days and all her friends told her what a nice boy she had (I was 12 – height of ego fragility). A bad haircut can truly make you feel ugly and make you want to hide inside.

        But Rob went out there and seemed dorkily relaxed, brushed off the hair questions with jokes, and in general seemed to have his esteem intact. I like that he just doesn’t care what people think (re: his appearance). I wish I could borrow some of his not-caring attitude some days.

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          It takes balls to not make excuses for the haircut. He didn’t ever explain it, did he?

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            I don’t recall him actually explaining it, no. Nor do I remember anyone asking him what the deal is with TomStu’s beard (has anyone asked Tom that?).

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I love where your imagination goes sometimes: interviews, dates; how do you come up with this stuff? Made me laugh.

      Wonder if he tried slicking it back with gel all over, David Beckham style. Maybe there isn’t enough to work with.

      Agree with RFM, it’s gotta be a reshoot thing.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        KBV posted a photo on her tumblr last night. It was black and white, kind of grainy, and I opened it on my tiny Blackberry screen. You totally could not tell the haircut was complete butchery. In fact, he looked like Rob. Messy, frumpy loveable Rob. With slightly strange hair.

        Where’s that VF Bruce guy? He could find some way to make it look good. Or maybe there’s a bad hair app somewhere – makes the ridiculous look normal. Oh wait, that’s gin.

  10. Nope, don’t like the hair. I also don’t care for some of his clothing choices and don’t believe his “thoughts” smell like roses. I’m one of those kinds of fans. Do I still love the guy, most definitely.

    And since this really is a safe place now without the thumbsdown, I’m going to say this:
    It looks to me like “someone” told Rob this looks good (maybe to try and dissuade some of his fans). Well darling, it didn’t work. We love him despite the hair, which WILL grow back. Even UC, who is in hiding only so HE can come and pay a personal visit!!

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I agree. Does not look good. But still love the guy.

      The hair makes him look like a psychiatric patient. Or a kindergartener, who was bored in class so he decided to cut his own hair but got sent to the principals’ office as a result. Or a kindergartener who has really mean friends who told him they could cut his hair at recess and make him look good.

      Not a fan of some of his clothing either. I like the suit look on him. He rocks a good suit.

      • Bea says:

        Kindergartener, yes!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Like kindergartners giving each other haircuts, LOL! Imaginary thumbs up for that.

        I once tried to cut my kid’s hair. He was at an age where he wouldn’t sit still and would high-pitch scream at the barber shop. I’ve never cut hair before, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. Went out and purchased nice scissors, professional combs, hair spray bottles, the works. Snip snip, done. And it ended up looking mostly like Rob at Comic-Con. Horrific. I cried. My husband tried to correct, but he made it look even worse. Then he nearly cried. We made our child into a freak. Called MIL who came over and gave him a buzz cut. After that, we went to the barber shop. And my kid stopped screaming, presumably because he realized it was better to spend 10 mins getting 1 cut at the barber shop than 2 hours getting 3 cuts from crying grown-ups at home.

    • Thanks UC for bringing back the thumbs when I decide to put it all out there! hehe
      But WTHAle?!?! NO thumbsdown? Am I slipping or is it Rob’s fault for putting the BA trailer out there and one-upping my snarky comment?!

  11. Bri says:

    HAH! When I saw it yesterday, the first thing I did was text my “twi-bestie” a good ol’ WTF DID HE DO TO HIS HAIR! It was a cry of pain, one of agony, and for someone to PLEASE stop it! Please someone, get a razor and shave that junk off! A bald head couldn’t be worse, COULD IT? I was glad to see that my flashbacks to 80’s bad hair was not the only visit down 80’s lane. Agreed that the least he could do was put a hat on it. He’s too pretty to be so utterly distracting with bad hair.

    Part of me wonders if he it wore it loud and proud to pay tribute to KStew’s bad mullet during her Runaways filiming. True love would do that, right? RIGHT? Please someone agree with me, because I am at a loss for the monstrosity known as Hairgate 2011.

  12. Katiebird says:

    Yeah, it’s difficult to find a “good side”. LOL. I assumed that he’d be wearing a hat, but He’s always surprising us, isn’t he? He still has a killer smile, though. *happy sigh*

    I thought it was funny that he was the only wearing the placard/pass for ComicCon. Was it necessary?? Did security give him a hard time, because they couldn’t believe that Robert Pattinson would show up with hair like that? How many forms of I.d. did he have to show, before they would let him in?? *giggle*

    Does anyone know what he’s doing or where he’s going to be for the rest of the summer? I hope he’s heading home to London…

    • The Old One says:

      Yeah, I laughed at the placard thing too. I guess in his mind he still assumes no one besides the screaming mobs of fans would recognize him.

  13. yesjayme says:

    Dear Rob,

    See, all that hamster wheel – bondage harness training came in handy. How else did you manage to run away from the Summit suits who were undoubtedly trying to make you wear Kristen’s wig from Eclipse to cover that shit up?

    I am impressed!


  14. Nelle says:

    He should try a combover until it grows back.

  15. VoteMeIn says:

    Looks like he took his love for Arcade Fire a little too far. For real, Rob, Win’s hair isn’t that great.

  16. melronin says:

    Dear Rob

    I soooooooooo love your “Idon’tgiveashitsten”attitude
    and you do know that I would still love you even bold or with blueorange hair…right???
    As long as you smile I’m ok with everything!!!

    And it’s about time for you to come home…js baby!

    Love u

  17. Pattygirl says:

    I think Rob looks good, pretty people looks pretty whatever the clothes or hairdo. the end

  18. enviro says:

    I’m with you, that hair is why hats are around! I do love the DGAF attitude. Can’t wait to log on later to see the panel.

    I read elsewhere that Eric Parker is mid-haircut and gets interrupted. So this is probably not a fashion choice. And, please God, not going to last!

  19. Katie S says:


    “Josh Horowitz asked how you prepared for the famed ‘Sex scene’ you joked you just ‘Lubed up and jumped right into it.'”

    Did he really say that?! Why am I even asking… Of course he said that. That’s why I’m a fan of his. That right there.

    …Anyone have audio?

  20. Anon says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet so this nay have been posted before, but I think he decided not to wear a hat for the obvious attention he’s getting about, just like Kristen wearing that trashy shirt and black bra – I was actually starting to think I can maybe sorta like her – but that photo just killed it. She obviously chose for it for the stupid tweeds it would garner. I think she’s influencing Rob, the two of them think they’re uber cool in an edgy way, but they’re just NOT!

  21. chochang says:

    This would’ve been the perfect time to wear a beanie. I hate that he only wears that thing when his hair is completely okay. Am I right ladies?

  22. PerfectDate says:

    Dear Rob:
    Good hair, bad hair, whatever, I have an unrelated request. On Jimmy Fallon the other night, Justin Timblerlake and Jimmy did “History of Rap 2”. Not a fan of JTT, I must say, but it was really cool, as was “History of Rap” the original which I watched on Youtube (Run DMC and Beastie Boys in da house).

    Please ask Jimmy if you can rap with him next time you are a guest on his show. Pretty prettty please? I know he has the whole “bothered” thing going with you. And maybe people would think you’re “copying”. I would refer to it as a “homage”. I mean, Justin is a singer trying to be an actor, but you’re an actor who already is a musician/songwriter/mumbler, I mean singer. And watching a british actor rap would be comedy gold, Fallon has to see that.

    So now I will go to my happy place imagining you rapping to “Tricky” and Wu Tang and all the other groups I do not know the names of but would love to hear you sample.

    Drop it like it’s hot, Love, PerfectDate

  23. alice_av says:

    I will give him points to show up like that, and do not care about it lol. But being honest this is just weird… it’s like the time I try to cut my bangs myself and let just say that it did not go well…
    if I still love him? hell yeah! I LOVE YOU ROB!!! shouty capitals

  24. Tiffany says:

    When pics started coming in I thought… “seriously? what the hell is that movie about!? why God!? why!?” are we sure this isnt a joke? to see how far he could push our love for him? We was adorable yesterday, but that hair was so freaking distracting… shave it all off for the love of God!

  25. Vera says:

    I guess that haircut is kind a protest. If you tell me against what I may consider to cut off the left side my long and brown hair.

  26. poochi_mama says:

    *comes out from lurkdom*
    I must admit that, as much as I hate this follicular catastrophe, I kind of love R even more for his “eff you Summit” attitude. It’s the haircut version of dumpster-dressing 🙂
    *goes back into the shadows of the interwebs*

  27. emmeloowhoo says:

    I’m just going to say, it’s obvious he reads because yesterday you told him to bring it! He did this just for you guys 😀

  28. roslynselene says:

    His hair really makes him look like he escaped the mental hospital. Maybe that’s why he had that badge around his neck? So that people wouldn’t mistake him for a crazy? Lol

    Oh and is it me or were the interviews boring? Rob didn’t really make any funnies so I didn’t laugh once. :/

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      They were not hilarious interviews, and I think he’s best one-on-one. Without fans running around, without mikes being shoved up his face, without cameras flashing.

      Plus the interviewers…they asked some stupid questions, too. “How’s married life, how’s the fam?” Seriously?

      • roslynselene says:

        But who said that, though? How’s the fam? I don’t get it…

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          There was some interviewer who asked him how the fam was. Breaking Dawn fam, I would guess (i.e. horny vamp wife and bloodlusty demon child). Rob of course answered the best he could. Not hilarious, but also not bad. More of a poor reflection on the interviewers vs interviewee (GO AHEAD AND THUMBS DOWN THIS!).

  29. maggie` says:

    Dear Rob:

    So at first I was “yuking” and “icking” and flinching at that mess on your head. Then, you worked your usual magic on me and I started enjoying how you didn’t give a damn and then started seeing your beauty and hawtness peaking through that disaster going on up top. Then you started saying things like the “lube” comment, “Guess I’m just a porn star” (oh, yes you are bb) and stuff like: Q: “Do you think there will be another Twilight movie?” You: “It’s like breakfast”. Classic Rob Witticismi. Next thing I know, I’ve licked, clicked and saved 17 pictures.

    Just a hoor, what more can I say………

    P.S. – Sorry, but I still haven’t been able to watch the whole video of the discussion. I couldn’t take any more of “someone” on the panel who just kept going on and on about how important they are to the franchise, blah..blah…blah.


    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Is Rob confirmed for the Teen Choice awards? On the 7th? Good, I’m coming back from vacation on the 6th. I wouldn’t have to try to cut our vacation 1 day short for the Teen Choice Awards.

      Me: We gotta get out of here….like NOW…gotta make it home for the TCAs! No time to dawdle!
      Husband: But, we are in the middle of bonding with our children and I just packed a picnic for our hike to the waterfalls. They are spectacular this year. I even packed wine, love.
      Me: But, it is the TEEN CHOICE! AWARDS!

      No. Wouldn’t work.

      • No, he’s not confirmed for the TCA’s but that doesn’t stop us from buying our tickets! He’s up for at least 6 awards and since they’re Teens chances of him winning a few are pretty darn good. So I’m banking on that…he has to show up, right?

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Wait, you and maggie (and ros?) are going? Oooohhh! If you end up going, tell me, I’ll look for you guys in the audience (even though I have no idea what you all look like – something tells me I’d figure it out). *

          *you guys would be the normal ones**

          **by normal, I mean not all screaming banshee-like***

          ***more like internal screamy and adorable

  30. The Old One says:

    I’m laughing at the tags up there: Comic Con, Dinosaurs, Hitler Youth.

  31. Um.. WHEN did the thumbs up/down disappear? i can’t figure out why..

  32. Kelly says:

    There had to be a reason he went out yesterday without a hat to cover that sickly looking head….I’m thinking he lost a bet with TomStu…. but just in case I am gathering Beanies and baseball caps to send the man until that shit grows back!

    • tiffanized says:

      Summit is trying to deflect criticism of their wig department through destraction. #blamesummit

      • Kelly says:

        AHHH… that explains a lot actually… he’s a team player.. and he’s taking one for the team…. AGAIN

  33. tiffanized says:

    Rob Pattinson: new spokesman for Supercuts.

  34. tiffanized says:

    UC and Moon are obviously changing the header picture for the site now. No one wants SexHair Rob over ToupeeAskew Rob.

  35. Mieze says:

    I’ve been missing the sexhair for so lang now…but still I think it was damn cool that he came to the CC like this. He could probably be bold and painted blue, I would still adore him as long as Rob keeps his charming self LOL

    • robgirl86 says:

      a smurf:) & a proud one as well.

    • melronin says:

      @miezes @robgirl86

      You know that I am not born German…but you also know that my heart lies in Germany…
      I feel the need to appologize to you for the Hitlerreference on this post… Rob and Hitler in one sentence is just unexceptable…

      That’s all…sorry guys…think I lost the desire to come here again after this…

      Love from Greece

      • Mieze says:

        Thank you, honi!
        I have to explain that a bit, since there will be people rolling their eyes about that. But if you really know what happened during that times to people in germany, you might know why we get very emotional about references to it. Those were bad times…and I am not saying we’re not allowed to talk about it and keep mute…

        • melronin says:

          There is no country in the world which has no bad memories about this timeperiod. It affected us all… so sorry but I can’t see the fun in this at all.

        • robgirl86 says:

          ppl who may roll eyes at this should maybe consider that Rob is british.

  36. robgirl86 says:

    He kept his half haircut from set , cause he is cool. the end.

  37. […] You’re fine TF, I just like him ANYWAY!  I think that the Letters to Rob/Twilight ladies hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD! Moon was there and I’m totally jealous, BITCH! TF: Hey, you got to stalk Rob in NYC, don’t […]

  38. Katester says:

    I have very VERY funny pics of my now 15-year-old daughter at age 3 with a shockingly similar haircut. If I wasn’t afraid it would go viral and she’d speak to me even less than she does now, I’d post a compare/contrast pic and have them voted on – with props to Miss K. because she styled it herself!

  39. ljszab says:

    I think he saw the 2nd girl in this Ellen clip and decided not to fix the Cosmopolis hair to bring back this “trend”:

  40. mama says:

    the brain surgery line–NOT FUNNY! check urself! Rob doesnt care about his hair-he is laughing all the wat to the bank!,and his next movie set!

  41. I think I was plunging into depression looking at his Cosmo-shaved-mess! I know it was for the film & maybe they left it in case of re-shoots, but I flove Rob’s SEX-HAIR – thank you for posting that last pic UC! *phew*

    Oh & we now FINALLY have the first *DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLL* “Bel Ami” Trailer!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEE*

    xo MC

  42. robgirl86 says:

    I’m coming back now to say a thing nobody may care anyway, but i have to state this…cant help myself….

    to make an arrow with “Hitler youth” as reference to the haircut on Robs head…………i have no words for that, i find this highly disgusting and ignorant!

    • Biel says:

      Yes, this is still a sensitive topic in Europe, especially in Germany.

    • Well…..there’s actually a very popular haircut among guys right now that looks like 1/2 of Rob’s head and very similar to the haircut that looks like the boys of/in hitler’s youth.

      which is what 1/2 of Rob’s head looks like, in my opinion.

      The other half looks like he just had brain surgery, in my opinion.

      So that’s my opinion.

      • I've been Robbed says:

        It does look pretty awful. Even people who have had brain surgery get it evened out and look much better. Rob looks more like my golden retriever after he had surgery. But I think it’s awesome that he didn’t care and just came out like it was nothing. I think he was probably cracking up inside about everyone’s displeasure!
        Can’t wait for it to grow back though! Please!

      • robgirl86 says:

        UC, that this is your opinion was not difficult to understand as this is your blog & ur letter & of course you can write what you want and of course , as i said, nobody here will care anyway about my opinion 🙂 , nevertheless above i just expressed my POV & nothing else.
        For the rest, not worthy to discuss, some things are subtle and not everyone’s cup of tea, right?

        Why do I think of tea now? Ah, right, tea as in british as in Rob’s homecountry. I respect tea, its warm, sweet & i like it……

        Btw i may find it highly amusing that last week sb on TV mixed Osama with Obama…. BUT look, I would never write this…or laugh at this, not really funny i think, ….embarrassed comes to mind.

  43. Biel says:

    Well… hmmm I was happy to see Rob remains bande à part and surely I’m wrong, but I felt that haircut like a sort of rebel statement. He looked defiant in a playful way. So yes, I liked it. A Lot actually.

  44. Pattygirl says:

    He works hard for his money,back to back doing movies and promos. he can do whatever he wants and still the fans stalk him

  45. che says:

    it does look horrible and i want him full shaved head-just for a while-

  46. guitargirl says:

    Mohawk anyone? It would make a change. It would also be impossible to gel down grandad style. Thank goodness. LOL!

  47. Grace says:

    He most likely left his hair like that to send a message that his hair isn’t everything. Maybe he wants to be taken seriously as an actor for once.

  48. Jamie says:

    I’ve been reading LTR letters in reverse (newest to oldest) to catch up, and dear god, you didn’t prepare me enough for this horror. I had assumed you guys were talking about some fumky slept-with-too-much-hair-gel-in hair. This cause me to say out loud WHAT THE F*CK.

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