I’m a failure

Dear Rob,

After a week of begging LTR readers to write you letters, they finally did. But I failed as a blogger and didn’t read through any of them before I got tipsy on vacation & so I have none prepared to share for today.

Forgive me please.

Here is a picture of Rob holding a surfboard. Since I’m pretty tipsy & did no research, I can only imagine that he’s doing so to send me a sign- saying he wishes he was here with me at the beach:

Here’s to me preparing something for another day this week



26 Responses to “I’m a failure”

  1. Nelle says:

    You’re forgiven UC. Enjoy your vacation. And, after all, a picture of Rob is worth a thousand words.

  2. all the photos of him from these awards show him with his mouth open…which just makes me think such naughty, naughty things. mmmm…

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Had to laugh that the hair hadn’t been cut yet and he was still sporting the Arcade Fire look. Somehow whenever I look at the photos from last night, I think he would look better with one item of clothing removed (I know, only one you say?!) Lose the blazer, the tshirt, or the shirt.

      • chochang says:

        THIS: “Lose the blazer, the tshirt, or the shirt.”

        I personally thought his “outfit” would’ve looked more okay without the white shirt.. especially since I’m dying to know what the black shirt actually says. I need a life.

  3. Kaybvee says:

    I’m at the beach too! So no problem, enjoy your vacay.

    At least the hair looks better, it’s not as stunningly bad. And the pic of him with the sex stare backstage in the white shirt had me dying.

  4. Kelli says:

    I love that he is taller than the surf board…and I love that he said teenagers scare him…he is adorable…and I love him!

  5. natteringyeahrobber says:

    One thing is for sure. Rob does not resemble anything even close to a teenager anymore. Not in looks, not in the way he moves, not in his voice. He’s different, post-Cosmopolis. Maybe that whole experience edged him up a bit. It’s subtle yet entirely noticeable change/shift.

    I watched the whole damned TCA show. I loved Ellen’s speech about not being a teen’s choice when she was a teen, but that there’s hope in life for everyone to be a teen’s choice. She really does rock. Rob’s appearance was too brief (biased here) but hearing him speak in that lovely voice made it almost all worth it. Guess I need to ready myself for further drought, though. Gah.

    • maggie` says:

      @nat: I so totally agree with you about Rob (too mature for TCA now), Ellen (she’s fabulous – I love her) and the upcoming drought (sigh – how I hate the droughts).

      Anyway, I was there yesterday at the TCAs with Rfm. After what seemed like 27 hours of waiting, listening to screams for the Beibs, ignoring the show while purusing the front area of the theater with our binoculars, searching for HHH in the crowd until our eyes were stinging, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that he wasn’t going to be there and that we had put ourselves through this shizz for nothing. And then, it was like a whirlwind: they announced the Choice Vamp. Rob stood up from his seat. (Me to Rfm: “When did he get here? Where did he come from???”). He strutted his stuff up to the stage. We went nuts fumbling around with our cameras and binoculars. Then he was back in his seat and we got to gaze at him for a minute or two until he strutted his beautiful self back up on stage to get his second surfboard and spout the more usual nonsense that we love. (Although his cancer speech was very nice). Then he disappeared. Harry Potter won everything else and suddenly everyone was leaving. Rfm and I walked out asking ourselves, “What just happened???”. Then, because we’re obsessed with the man, we went back to my house and watched it on TV!!!!

      • pukesten says:

        it’ll be my biggest regret that i wasn’t at the tca’s with you and rfm to see rob!!!! 😉

        • maggie` says:

          I was going to say, “Next year, bb”, but let’s hope he’ll finally be beyond the TCA’s next year and we can all go together to the GGs or the Oscars!!

      • Perfect recap Mags!! Yes, my eyes are not really recovered yet from all the intense searching. But we did see some other cool people as well. Mark Wahlberg, LL CoolJ, Taylor and Taylor (pretty sure we saw Swiftner reunited), the Vamp Di’s cast, the cast of Glee and so many others we had no idea who they were!

        It was oh so worth it though when the man himself magically appeared before us!!

        (And Psten, we wish you were there too!)

  6. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Great letter UC! I mean it.

  7. debbie mcmillan says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself… You are giving us all entertainment FOR FREE! Please accept my belated thanks for brightening many days.

  8. pukesten says:

    two weeks Rob two weeks, that’s how far i made it this time but i saw that pic and now i’m going to troll the interwebs for everything you may have done in the last month. *sigh* so much for being cured of you before the inevitable depressing drought starts…….

    • maggie` says:

      Give it up and give in to it pukesten. It’s hopeless. We’ll just have to all keep hugging each other during the drought.

      • pukesten says:

        i know it’s easier just to get with it!!!
        you and rfm must have been crazier than a robstener on crack when rob popped up out of nowhere!!!

        • maggie` says:

          yep – that explains exactly how we acted! lol! After all that waiting, it was so sudden and then so short. We were pretty flustered trying to see and get pictures.

        • You should have seen us both trying to grab each other’s arms, figure out how we wanted to see him better. They should have had a reaction vid of that! I’m sure it was hilarious!

  9. Katycougar says:

    UC it sounds like you have already begun to relax……..so……… that means you have succeeded. You are not a failure. You are having a good time and so is Rob.

    You know he won best Actor for Water for Elephants and some weird award that is just given to “hot guys” that play vampires.
    You would be so proud. He is asking for our support for a good cause.


    I was soooooooooooo happy. There was a Harry Potter reunion. They all looked so British. Rob promised to get them drunk. What a good mate.


    I wanted to let you know that I invited Rob and the rest of the Potter boys surfing. Hopefully they will show up. I promised to show them how it is done in the VC. I brought extra boards because the ones they won don’t look like they could handle a wave. I did not forget the water-proof SPF 50 for them. Also I brought a bottle of Patron so we can celebrate after Rob catches his first wave. Then we are having dinner at IN-N-OUT.

    Have a great time. We will take care of Rob while you are gone.
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥

  10. maah says:

    One thing I like about TCA’s is that they SUPPORT Rob’s movies outside Twilight, last year he won for Remember Me and now WFE, fact that makes me SO happy!
    And they don’t kiss Twilight’s ass like Mtv does, HP won and deserved to win!
    Loved that Rob talked about CancerBites, just lovely, now I hope he listen to what he said and stop smoking.

    But GIRLS, check this out: the cougar at 0:46 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_eLC7bDw54&feature=player_embedded

    LOL TELL me wich of you did that!

    • maggie` says:

      OMG! LMAO!!! I’ve watched that video a few times already and I totally missed the cougar! I can just imagine what was going through her head as she slapped herself silly after The Pretty floated by in front of her.

      • maggie` says:

        On second thought, maybe she was just reeling from the close-up view of the hairtcut. No….I’ll stick with my first impression….pervy thoughts all the way, baby!!!

        • maah says:

          I LOL’ed so hard when I saw that! Poor thing, she became a unstable jelly near the pretty. But that’s totally understandable.

    • Nelle says:

      Is that his agent? She followed them in so she must be an insider?

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