Some Press Advice for Rob

I’m back, but Moon is not. So we’re still on a sort-of hiatus. Plus I have NOTHING to write to Rob! Thankfully you all do!

Dear Rob,

I am writing to you in the hope that this letter will find you before the press junkets and worldwide tours begin for Breaking Dawn pt 1. I have a favour to ask you my lovely. You are a VERY wealthy young man who could solve the global financial crisis single-handed with coins found down the back of your sofa.

I'm not gonna win a BAFTA for this one?

You have the whole world at your feet and the adoration of every woman with a vagina and an imagination (*waving*). Bearing this in mind, could you make a conscious effort to remember the following points before each interview and appearance:

1. It’s ALL because of Twilight.

2. Had Cathy H decided to give the role of Edward to someone she didn’t blatantly fancy herself, you’d be squatting in a damp London basement on a filthy mattress surrounded by fellow directionless, broke, unemployed, middle-classed, bearded young men called Alfie, Bay and Rayban with worrying personal hygiene issues.

3. With reference to points 1 and 2, please show more gratitude to the magicness and stop pretending to be irritated that you have to keep talking about it every year instead of ‘real’ acting roles in which you desperately scramble for the BAFTA award you’ll never win because a, furrowing your brow doesn’t always convey emotion and b, smoking isn’t acting.

4. Stop pretending Twilight is a silly teenage thing for 12 year olds who scream ‘bite me’ at premieres because most of the ones who queue to watch your work and buy the DVD’s are long past 12, have respectable credit ratings, mortgages, pension plans and impressive careers which we’ve used to fund purchases of your dodgy back catalogue. Life for most modern women is unrewarding, harsh and tedious and we visit Robland to help us get through the shit. We’re the ones keeping you in beer, granola bars and rescue dogs. Remember us with affection – don’t judge us.

Bunty you're COMPLETELY right!

5. Look at Taylor Lautner. Forget the meat patties and frightening muscle development on such a small boy and instead look at his gratitude. That kid loves twilight and we LOVE him for it. He had no shame in publicly volunteering his services for the inevitable Jake/Renneessmeeeee low budget, Scooby doo inspired, spin-off series in every interview he’s done since New Moon came out and we want to adopt him because of it.

6. Stop giving your opinion to wardrobe departments. You may know how to dress Robert Pattinson (that’s debatable sometimes) but you haven’t got a clue how to dress a 109 year old Edwardian vampire. Low crotched Karate pants do not rock. Tweed pea coats do. In cynical moments I sometimes wonder if you do it on purpose (“yeah Bill Condom, as the No.1 star of the franchise and the person the fans really queue to see I was thinking that Edward would definitely wear an Easter bonnet during lovemaking scenes. I feel it’s part of his CHARACTER isn’t it Bill…….*snigger*?”).

Please don’t be offended by my letter. Understand that you rock my world to the extent that I feel able to have the conversation that every other follower of your work wanted to have but chickened out because you have lovely hands. Please be aware that should you choose to ignore everything in my letter, I would still marry you regardless as you’re startlingly pretty and I’m not an idiot.

Yours adoringly,
Bunty xxx

Bunty’s so right- what is wrong with us that after all of the above & even if Rob ignored all our advice, we’d STILL want him!?

Ya know how the Rob-love has died down for a lot of people? Some of our favorite bloggers have stopped blogging, Rob’s hair is NOT his most positive attribute & well, it’s been awhile since a photoshoot reminded us that he does actually shower? Yeah. I’m there too. But I know that despite that MANY PEOPLE still love him to pieces (present company included considered LTR is still running) And I want to know WHY. I want to post two-sides of the story. I have one negative view I’d like to feature with a positive view. Will you email yours to me? Or, hey, if you’re only feeling negative- send that through too- I’m sure I’ll be getting more than 1 positive view to post. Keep it short & sweet- nothing too fancy. And include links to any pictures you’d like! THANKS

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85 Responses to “Some Press Advice for Rob”

  1. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Agree almost 100% and this

    “Please be aware that should you choose to ignore everything in my letter, I would still marry you regardless as you’re startlingly pretty and I’m not an idiot.”

    is where I still stand.

    PS The almost goes to Taylor and the adoption part, because that’s not how I think about him when I think about him.

  2. P.S. says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it matters what he looks like/does/says, I still love Rob – even though brand new baby #4 has overtaken my life and I can’t stay up till 3am googling him anymore 🙂

  3. roslynselene says:

    1) I can’t agree with the Twilight kissing-ass part. No one takes Twi movies 100% seriously and if he did, his answers would be boring and serious. Yawn…

    2) Although his serious movie rolls may not be Oscar worthy, they still beat Edward, imho.

    • Katycougar says:

      Yes Roslynselene because of you the sanity returns.

      I am so with you on this.
      If this is the case we are all going to hell in a P-Coat.

      Please Rob forgive us because we so do not know what we do. You have warped our brains and of course Summit has destroyed a few others. This is the case with this letter and some of us are trying to make ammends.
      I am on my knees……………….

    • maggie says:

      Hey Ros! Am I going to see you at Bobby L. and Lee M???

  4. Edible art? says:

    Sorry Bunty but have to disagree !

    Personally the less like Taylor he is the better – that guy is a robot programmed by Summit !!! I can’t diss him too much though as I have never got through a full interview since after 2 mins I go glassy eyed and start to nod off !

    Also knowing rob as I do – I.e not at all ! Twilight is not a book or film he would ever pay to see or read – a 25 yr old bloke that likes twilight ? They are called unicorns for a reason, in this case I feel Rob has done quite well to
    be able to talk seriously and with conviction about something that clearly isn’t
    really up his street !

    So my response would be Rob – just keep on doing what your doing !

    Cheers x

  5. Kelli says:

    I disagreed with this post entirely, if anything, I adore Robert more today than I have in the past. I think he knows that he is where he is because of Twilight.

  6. MariaCecilia says:

    ?? I’m confused Bunty? I don’t recognize this description at all – when did Rob diss Twilight in press junkets, or talk badly about his fans? He is patient and sometimes downright silly in interviews, which is way more fun to watch than Taylor’s media-suave polished answers!

    And when did anyone ever listen to Rob’s advice on cast wardrobe? I bet those yoga pants is the only thing he ever managed to sneak through: otherwise Edward would have been dressed in baseball caps and Stoli shirts 24/7. Just saying.

    The only thing I agree with is the marrying part. But not JUST for the pretty. I love the nerdy and the weird parts of him just as much as the hot. Obviously. 🙂

    • The Old One says:

      I think I read somewhere the grampa tweed in New Moon was a collaboration between him and the wardrobe person. Hello, people, if the vampires are trying to fit in with small-town high schoolers, this is not at all the right look.

  7. The Old One says:

    I think the Scooby-doo spinoff with Jake and Rename-me would be a huge hit! And if it had a cheesy animated spinoff it could go on for the next fifty years. Summit, are you listening?

  8. kaybvee says:


    “Life for most modern women is unrewarding, harsh and tedious and we visit Robland to help us get through the shit. We’re the ones keeping you in beer, granola bars and rescue dogs. Remember us with affection – don’t judge us.”

    ROBLAND…I go there a lot…

  9. Cazza says:

    Dear Bunty,

    I’m just wondering if you had words with my hubby when writing point three! It sounds like something he would say about our dear Ron’s acting!

    I enjoyed this post, even although others will not! You gotta accept the good with the bad.


  10. Goodgirlgoneplaid says:

    Dear Bunty
    I love your name. I’ve always secretly wanted to call a future child of mine by that name.
    Just thought I’d let you know.
    Love me.
    Ps – I still luva Rob.

  11. pukesten says:

    I must disagree with your letter. At first I had to go back and see if the letter was in fact adressed to SWSNBN. I think for a 25 year old london lad who so clearly would prefer to be a tortured broke out of work musician rather have 23647487293394 fans scream at him because he’s zomg sofa king hot, rob deals with the entire thing very graciously. I think he did take the role seriously at the beginning, but as the entire thing has beem cheapened by scummit he sees it for what it is, he plays the hot dude. I’ve never seen him be rude, discourteous or u grateful when promoting twilight. I also think the “furrowing your brow doesn’t always convey emotion and b, smoking isn’t acting” comment is a bit harsh’ he has shown he can act with his other roles see remember me, water for elephants etc. I’m not a crazy fangirl that would
    defend him regardless I just don’t think it’s a fair point. glad someone is still sending in letters though, good to have a debate going!!!

    I still don’t get why UC won’t publish my 100 reasons robsten isn’t real letter………

      • pukesten says:

        it was actually 250 reasons but I scaled it down!!

        • robgirl86 says:

          🙂 !!!

          • pukesten says:

            “And don’t pretend you’re not a massive fan as I know you are because you’re reading fictional letters to a man who will never read them on the offchance there will be a new picture of his lovely hands.”

            bunty. hmm i’m confused I can’t seem to find the part where I stated I wasn’t a fan. also I’m on a site reading a fictional letter to a man who will never read it that YOU wrote. Usually on LTR there’s plenty of disagreement and debate in the comments and that used to be the whole point of this site. also we tend not to take rob seriously and like to laugh at second embarrassing things he does. I don’t feel that my( or most of the LTR girls’ ) interest in Rob is limited to his “lovely hands,” we tend to watch his films, read the books they are based on and listen to his music as we are intelligent women with careersand families, and if we like to look at a few pictures of him looking pretty along the way it’s really nothing to do with anyone else.
            with regard to the musician comment I made, I think given the choice Rob would prefer to be know for writing and playing his own music -insert cool obscure musician to compare him to here- but I think he is gracious at thesucess and opportunities twilight and all the crazy that goes with it has give him.

        • maggie says:

          🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Katycougar says:

      You are soooooooooooooo right.

      Hey can you girls get on that. i would love to see 100 reasons robsten isn’t real letter………

      You are awesome.

    • Bunty says:

      I think the whole ‘tortured broke musician in a beanie hat’ thing is a ploy to make himself seem cooler my friend. You didn’t see Jeff Buckley and Ian Curtis knocking each other down in the cred-free stampede to get their hands on a small acting job in Harry Potter now did you? (and don’t use the fact they were dead as an excuse – that’s just cheap).

      And don’t pretend you’re not a massive fan as I know you are because you’re reading fictional letters to a man who will never read them on the offchance there will be a new picture of his lovely hands.

      (And so am I).
      Bunty x

  12. Edible art? says:

    Just remembered something – is Bunty UC or Moons alter ego ? Are you having a laugh with us trying to make us crazy people stick up for Rob ! Mission accomplished I did it lol. !

  13. robgirl86 says:

    He never talked bad about Twilight/Edward, he was always grateful, he thanked Cathy more then once, the hair stuff wasnt his invention, he what?…..and that ppl get over him..oh well, whatever…..happens

    Rob is a talented actor & an awesome man with an unique personality/intelligence. The end.

  14. Katycougar says:

    Why am I feeling like I stepped back in time for some reason. Do I still have the right to vote?

    Wow, interesting letter for the criminally insane or fans Twi-fans. Sorry girls I love you all, but yeah this is bad. This discounts anything he did pre-TMTSNBN. That makes me sad for Rob.

    Well he need not worry there are the rest of us that love him for all the right reasons.

    Oh by the way Rob has something to say on this matter.

    Thanks Tink for letting Rob speak out

  15. Bunty says:

    Yeah I know I’ve been harsh in my letter but he’s gradually getting more jaded with every interview he does and he’s struggling to hide the boredom (‘its porn for lonely women but as long as summit have their fist up my backside i’ll play along because they’ll sue me if I don’t and I don’t have a suit for court’). I KNOW Twilight is crap. I know that he knows it’s all crap but he’s such a hipster I would love him to just say it’s post-modern or a challenging portrayal of female sexuality and lust and therefore make me almost hip by association.

    It also has something to do with the fact he doesn’t like simpering idiots so if he does read this my chances of a shag are much higher.

    Bunty x

    • chochang says:

      Sad but true. And I agree with you Bunty wholeheartedly.

    • Sharai says:

      I only ever lurk on this site. But reading your post makes me comment on here for the first time because I did read the whole thing, and I realized it’s sad that as katycougar said, it totally discounts all the things Rob has done to this series and the fans. He’s the one who goes out of his way trying to please fans: signing an ocean of autographs, wanting to rent them apartments during premieres because he feels guilty that fans have been camping out for days, single-handedly driving interest to the first movie with the maul tours, etc. And I think I’ve read/watched all his interviews but he never came off ungrateful. I’m trying to rack my brain thinking of interviews where he comes off irritated while answering Twilight questions but I can’t or maybe I missed this particular interview. I’m thinking he may sound tired in some interviews, but he’s human and has been working non-stop, but nevertheless he never fails to crank out something new, insightful, interesting or funny when answering Twilight questions. If anything, his answers about the series come off well-thought out which I thought were the exact reasons non-teens like me (I’m in my mid-thirties) are drawn to this series and him. They certainly are far more interesting than the canned and repetitive sound bites I hear from Taylor all the time because they don’t give me anything new about the series nor make me intrigued about the nuances of these movies and characters. Edward is his character, and I would think like in any other movies, actors are allowed to apply their own interpretation on their characters as well as give opinions about what works and will not during production. And his interpretation of Edward seems to work because since the first movie came out, the saga exploded and made SM more money from the increased book sales all over the world.

      I enjoy most of the posts/blogs on this site and there were some that were hilariously dissing him, but honestly yours just didn’t come off funny. I say this because even the bit about him joking he wanted to wear karate pants could have been an opportunity for a hilarious bit instead it came off a lot of like these blurbs from tabloids who just don’t get Rob’s sense of humor. And it’s sad to read something like those in a Rob-centric site like LTR.

      And Rob certainly gets the magicness of Twilight and he said so in such an insightful way during the Eclipse LA convention that after the debacle that was New Moon, I got hyped up again to watch Eclipse. And his latest interviews with EW and Premiere mag certainly are interesting that even my hubby who dissed this series every opportunity he gets is saying he will watch BD1 with me this time. I mean, who doesn’t want to see twister sex, a very sweet and pretty wedding and gown, alien-looking Bella, caesarians with teeth, horror-like scenes in some parts, and annihilated Edward towards the end of the film? Certainly me, my Twilight girlfriends and now my hubby.

      And Number 3 is grossly unfair, that I can’t even.

      Video of him talking about the series during Eclipse LA convention:

  16. maggie says:

    I’m not so crazy about this letter either. I’ve never seen Rob seem ungrateful for Twilight. I just think that after all these years and all the crap he’s had to put up with, he’s over it. There’s still big bucks to be made and when all is said and done, it IS his job, so he’ll keep promoting it. However, it’s pretty evident that he’s moved on and that his heart isn’t in it. But he never disses it and he always seems to be appreciative of the good things (money, job opportunities) that it’s brought him, IMHO.

    I’ve also never heard him say anything but complimentary things about his (ahem) older fans. I think he’s seen that lusty look up close in enough Robcat and cougar eyes to know how important we are to his career – even though WE might wish we could be important to him in “other ways”…ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo!!!! 😉

    • Kelli says:


      Even when asked the question at Comic Con last month about how he feels about the “older” fans and if they creep him out, he said “no, that he would need to be creeped out by woman in general and he definitely is not”, so they (we) don’t creep him out. I really, really think he appreciates all of the “love” he doesn’t get it, but it’s because he depreciates himself ALL the time.

      That’s why I still love him so!
      from a 40 year old! and I am not a closet Robert lover, I am very much vocal about my love of him

      • enviro says:

        Co-sign my friend, I am 44 and so out of the closet about Rob now, it is not funny. I practically beg people to ask me about him.

    • Justmeagirl says:

      Hate this post, others bloggers who was loved Rob but now dIsappear imo just love Rob as long is fit with their imagination as hot young actor and hot/sensual roles. Rob is human with personality and taste not a hollywood puppet and his fans will come and go. He will spread his fanbase and will say goodbye to the fans who only love him as hot young actor. He is just like dicaprio on titanic time, and now dicaprio’s fanbase are many men

  17. Pattygirl says:

    Disagree Bunty ;

    Taylor is a robot , that I doubt anyone can have a normal conversation with him, he owe Twilight big time, because without the saga he is nothing.

    I prefer Rob the way he is, aside Twilight , the other films hasn’t done anything for him except bring him his paycheck for being the face and spoke person for Summit crappy movie.

    Rob, keep making fun of twilight because they are crappy and since the others are pussy!’

    Always thanks Catherine who made the best Twilight movie to date!

    Love you!

  18. I’m pretty positive that a man who is not grateful for this franchise and the fans, who feels like he’s just making a teen movie no one cares about would not be this passionate about honeymoon leaked pics.

    Listen to him describe their work at 1:30

  19. natalie_MKH says:

    I don’t want to speak for Bunty but I didn’t get the impression that she was saying he wasn’t grateful. I totes get where you’re coming from! Girl! I’ve always felt that the trio never got that the fan base includes people whose ages don’t end in teen. Or at least they don’t get shown this fact. This isn’t a full on Rob bashing letter, although I think that would have gone over better, but it’s like dating the hot guy at the office and finding out he has flaws. His qwirks start to get annoying after a while.

  20. dana says:

    Wow. Yes, how dare he ever think he could have a life, a career, or any kind of happiness without Twilight. I’ve never seen him seem ungrateful, and frankly his opinions on the franchise mirror MUCH of fandom’s. And over the years, if anything, I think he’s gotten more invested in the story and character. Listen to him on the Eclipse commentary and compare it to the Twilight commentary. He’s much more passionate and defensive over Edward in Eclipse than in Twilight. In this last EW interview he talked about how hard he worked trying to not make Edward out to be a pushover in how he deals with Jacob/Bella.

    And nice dig at his acting. I have to admit, I don’t really get why one claims to be a fan of Rob when it looks like they really just want Edward. Nothing wrong with that, but if that’s what you want, you’re never going to be happy because that’s just not who he is.

  21. chochang says:

    We are the Rooooob.. We are the fandom.. ♫♪

  22. jarielynn says:

    I was going to come on here all self-righteous and disgruntled, letting you have my full force Rob protection speech. But I see alot of others already beat me to it.

    I will still say a little something-

    I LOVE Rob, not Edward. I love Rob’s movies. All of them. (except maybe Ring of the Nebulus. Ha!) I think he’s a great actor who does way more than smoke a cigarette and raise his eyebrows. WFE was amazing and I can se his acting abilities growing. I am looking forward to future projects away from Twilight.

    I have never seen Rob dis Twilight. Sometimes he may seem bored… or tired, but well… I’m sure dealing with the fandom 24/7 gets tiring.

    If all you want to do is see his pretty face, maybe you should just google Pictures of Robert Pattinson. And if your love is for Edward, pick up the book. It’s much better than the movie anyway.

    I met Rob at the WFE premiere and he was gracious and lovely. Polite and extremely nice. I adore him.

  23. minuit_passé says:

    I go away and look what happens. Briefly schemed through post & comments but I guess a lot dislike the tweed yet it’s all tweed. Xxxxx to all. It’s been a while.

    And he did diss on the fandom & Twi but even when you’re zzzzzzz taytay, difficult not to say it out loud. Very much doubt there are many actually normal people.

  24. natteringyeahrobber says:

    “[fans who]…have respectable credit ratings, mortgages, pension plans and impressive careers” – OOPS. Guess I don’t fall into that camp either. My credit rating is decent though I can’t imagine anyone wanting my balance; I rent (well, houses in my neighborhood do start at 900K, so forget about that ever happening); my 401K is shot (thanks economy) and can probably only get me through 9 months of retirement; and my career is hardly impressive (unless you like underpaying office jobs – but hey, at least I get to leave at 4 so I can see my kids before bedtime). BUT, I get your drift.

    Honestly, I think Rob has acknowledged his “mature fanbase” (heh heh, maturity is subjective). If anything, Rob has interviewed with non-teeny bop type publications, even when he was in the thick of Twilight filming. He seems to know we exist and want more than just a piece of his ass (piece of his mind is great too). I do have hope for Summit finally pulling their heads out of their asses though – the BD trailer wasn’t bad, but that’s probably something Condon had to fight for (for it not sucking, that is).

  25. Tigerkitten36 says:

    Wow. Where am I? LTR? Only 45 comments? Usually on a hate day it blows up over here.

    Remember, Rob said that he was going to give up on acting just before he got the part of Edward. While the twi movies have their limitations and there are many things that we dont like about them, they are also the reasons we DO like them. ( at least most of us)

    The power of Twi has or will allowed him to take on roles that he wants or he can bring to life has he now has the clout to pull movie goers ( Us!) into theaters.

    Any actor would be a fool to ignore the fanbase they have. I’m sure Rob doesnt want to be sitting at comic con in 10 years still being admired for his work as “Edward” when he is capable of so much more.

    As for Taylor, give him a break. He acted in many tv shows and few movies for two years BEFORE he landed the role as Jacob. Did you see him on SNL, some of it was pretty funny. folders are for papers, not for kissing.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I sort of get Taylor now. For the longest time, I thought he was boring, just a Disney teenage androidk. But I’ve heard him speak at awards shows and in interviews and he comes off as a geniunely nice guy. Well, not just nice, but also aware of who he is (and who he has become). He’s engaging. His smile is contagious. Sure, perhaps he’s not as self-deprecating or goofy as Rob, but he did let Rob kiss him and he isn’t afraid to parody and be parodied.

      • ladyofthemeadow says:

        I have respect for Taylor. He speaks well, he says the right things while sounding respectful and genuine, he appears to have fun, and he seems like the kind of guy you’d be happy to have your 18 year old daughter bring home. Even it it’s a result of massive amounts of coaching and media training, he’s still good at doing this part of his job. And no, I’m not just blinded by the tight t-shirts.

    • Sorry, I love your quote but I need to clarify. It’s “notebooks are for notes, not for kissing.”

      But your point was there nonetheless.

  26. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    I don’t see why people discount “Twilight” so much. I actually enjoyed the books quite a bit. But “Twilight”, the movie, is what had me going out and buying them. “Twilight”, the movie, is where I found out about Rob. And “Twilight”, the movie, was just pretty good on its own, in my opinion.

    • pukesten says:

      I really love the twilight film!!! cathy cougar made the pacific northwest and rob look stunning! the other two as I’m sure the next two will be were bleh. I liked the humour in the first one andvthe fact that it wasn’t franchise PR and money driven.

    • enviro says:

      If I could bring one movie to a desert island, it would be Twilight. Granted Eclipse was very good. But I would be just too sad thinking I’d never see that blue-lit Forks again, no pea coat, no longing . . . couldn’t live without it. I get why people say they don’t like it, but at the end of the day — the two of them just rock it. And I like the low key feel. In a million years I can’t imagine BD I&II dethroning it.

  27. pukesten says:

    major reply fail!!!
    that was @bunty
    seriously with all the shit I have to do don’t know why I wasted the ten mins typing that rant

  28. Kelli says:

    @bunty first off, Cathy H fancied Shiloh Fernandez as Edward and Steph M wanted Henry Cavill but he was too old by the time Twilight was ready to film, so really we have Kristen to thank for Robert being in Twilight and I am so thankful for that, I am thankful that Rob had a crush on Kristen from “Into The Wild”, which made him come do the audition in the first place. I have watched numerous interviews of Rob’s regarding Twilight and he always just seems to be having fun. True these are not Oscar worthy movies but I have loved them all and truly there are so many things wrong with Twilight that if I think about it it just makes me so mad, I personally think that Melissa is the culprit for all the wrong in the movies. I have faith that Bill & Stephenie will make BD a success. Anyway, I thought this was a pro-Rob site but I am beginning to question that…

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I def think it is a Pro-Rob site. I mean, I wouldn’t post here if it wasn’t. However, it’s not a “I love Rob no matter what he does or says” site, I gathered that the minute I found this place. I appreciate that. Love is too strong a term anyhow. Respect, lust, admire + like enough to sometimes rib at him is more like it.

      Oh, also, funniest Rob site, IMO. Why I keep coming back! 🙂

      • roslynselene says:

        Me too! And I hate defending Rob because, c’mon, it’s not that serious but this post was lacking on the funny (no offense). Or maybe UC forgot to edit in the sarcasm font for Bunty…?

        P.S. I don’t know why but I’m getting the feeling that ppl are more into Twilight than into Rob lately. Not that it’s a bad thing and I don’t blame anyone since Rob hasn’t been up to anything. But one thing is for sure, I miss the older LTR. 🙁

      • false. we hate rob. the past 2.5 years of my life have been ONE BIG JOKE

    • BrookeLockart says:

      Checked the About Us section and nowhere does it say “Pro-Rob.” I feel duped. There’s been a secret agenda ALL ALONG.

      DAMN YOU, UC. *shakes angry fist* *cries into Rob pillow*

  29. sometimes i ask myself if some people comment before reading the entire letter…..

    Bunty (thanks for the letter girl- hope you’re holding up okay!) is CLEARLY a Rob-fan as evidenced by what she said IN the letter & the fact that she wrote one at all. I would be more than happy to show you letters from people who don’t like Rob. I have those too.

    And also I think her letter was funny. I laughed. I don’t post things that don’t make me laugh.

    I DO however, post things I know will bring controversy/conversation & differing opinions. Always have. Always will. Not gonna stop.

    I ESPECIALLY want to read Pukesten’s “100 reasons Robsten isn’t real” letter. However, I enjoy LIVING, so I think I’ll refrain from posting it :):)

    kisses & hugs & “we are the Rob” to you all

    • tigerkitten36 says:

      I want to read Pukesten’s “100 reasons Robsten isnt real” too or maybe the original un edited 250 reasons.

      Respect the Rob – nice and slow.

    • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

      Good grief…….pukestens letter on the Robstens would bring on the Apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it………(but she could send it privatly to the interested…….please….?)

  30. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    I love that gif… he’s so adorable.

  31. enviro says:

    Disagree with so much of this letter — while totally believing that you’re a big Rob fan and just have a different perspective –but I most forcefully disagree with the following:

    “It’s all because of Twilight”

    Nope. Have you seen “The Haunted Airman”? It’s a very bad movie. And great to watch because of Rob. You can’t take your eyes off him smoking and moping. After I saw that I thought, I need to stop lighting candles in Catherine Hardwicke’s honor. It was only a matter of time. He was going to quit, blah blah blah. He was not going to quit. When his folks said fine, it’s not working, it was so not what he wanted to hear — why? Because he was going to keep going. He was going to get found for whatever the next big thing was if not this and we’re only lucky Kristen picked him. I think he is by far the best — truer words never spoken!

    Anyway Bunty, all kinds of respect for you for posting, no worries about the reactions, folks just disagree!

  32. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    I’ve never seen Rob in an interview or appearance act as if he is unappreciative. In fact, he always seems so humble and I know I’ve heard him give Twilight credit for launching his career. Plus, I’ve not seen even one bad word about him from anyone who’s ever worked with him or met him. He’s just a good guy. Oh, and I think he’s a really good actor, too. His portrayal of Edward in the first film totally drew me in. I’d seen his picture before and didn’t look twice. As soon as I got home from the theater, I started blocking Robert Pattinson. After watching his interviews, I realized I loved him. Yep, took me about 2 minutes into one youtube video. Life hasn’t been the same since;)

  33. cyndibear says:

    Love the letter Bunty! Brilliant, funny, refreshing and brave. It’s healthy to challenge the consensus every now and again. It can be both reaffirming and liberating. Keep on keepin’ it real.

  34. Bunty says:

    Ladies and unicorns,

    I love him unconditionally which is WHY I can point the finger and smack his fabulous bottom on occasion.

    Acknowledging someone’s flaws and accepting them are the only way you get a gold all-access ticket to Robland in my book. Only seeing him as some kind of demi-god makes you a nutter and/or someone who hasn’t watched the dismal How To Be.

    I’m almost trolling now aren’t I? Blame it on the English sense of humour (or in my case – the apparent lack of one)

    Bunty xx
    (UC – thanks my lovely lady – much appreciated *sob* xx )

    • Kylie says:

      I loved How to Be, possibly the best of all Rob movies and think he was brilliant in it. He perfectly combined being funny and pathetic at the same time and I can’t think who else could have done that. I was not so sure about him in WFE which many loved. So i guess judging his performances is very subjective.

  35. Rob's Bitch says:

    It’s true that it’s ridiculous to idolize someone and never acknowledge their humaness (is that even a word?), but I think it’s subjective as to what constitutes a “flaw”.

    In this case, it appears many of us agree you’ve missed the mark. It’s only funny if everyone tends to agree with you on what his flaws are.

    And even though I wasn’t a fan of How To Be myself, insulting those who like it doesn’t exactly ingratiate anyone to your viewpoint!

  36. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    It’s totally fine to offer up constructive criticism. I just think Bunty skipped the constructive part. Plus, I just feel her criticisms were way off the mark. Rob’s definitely human- flaws included. I realize this… however, if I were to say what I felt constituted a flaw in him, or anyone else for that matter, I would do so kindly.

  37. kstwilighter says:

    “Life for most modern women is unrewarding, harsh and tedious and we visit Robland to help us get through the shit. We’re the ones keeping you in beer, granola bars and rescue dogs. Remember us with affection – don’t judge us.”

    Personally, I don’t think he does. He knows we’re buying up all his DVD’s (however bad they may be), downloading any music he may have out there. (hell-I’ve downloaded shit that I can’t even decipher because it was recorded in a noisy bar-what was I thinking!!!!????) He knows why he’s where he at because of US! Not the screaming 12 year olds!

    Anyhow, I do love this quote!

  38. Stella says:

    i know i am so late in this game…but the controversy cracks me up! your letter is hilarious bunty! thanks for the entertainment!

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