These “Confessions” make me wonder, laugh and worry

Dear Rob,

Oh hey… long time no see. I heard you left your hidey hole to make your way to jolly old England this weekend, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. You see, as you probably don’t know cause you have a life and I sure hope you don’t troll sites when you’re bored, there are these two tumblr’s called Robsten Confessions and Nonnie (Nonsten) Confessions. Which, as the name would suggest is confessions from Robsten and Nonsten folks. Now I pretty much die laughing, nod my head a lot, or shake my head when I go there because I think 4 things…

1. These are REAL
2. These are NOT real and Robsten and Nonsten fans are now totally self aware and this blows my mind
3. Robsten fans are sabotaging Nonstens by sending in fake confessions. And vice versa. They do this shit to incite each other
4. These are HILARIOUS!

Rob, do you know your fans spend this much time on you and your relationship?

Robsten Confessions

I sometimes wonder if you guys even car or if you “plan” this stuff.

This makes me rethink the last (almost) three years of my life if this is “destiny.” Do you believe in destiny Rob or was this just what happened because your mom was a model agent who sent you on a Harry Potter audition call?

Wow, let me introduce you to a few things that register higher on my prayer list…

“Breath Me” will do that to you….


This would be one of the sabotage ones I was referring to…. because “less hobo-ish?” that’s pretty much a backhanded compliment, right?

What’s gonna happen when all this is over? I worry about stuff like this because they won’t be in the spotlight 24/7 like now and as much as we have loved and enjoyed Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Twilight, and we are thankful for how it helped a lot of us (us included) out of some terrible funks, it can be a crutch and I hope everyone remembers this is a happy moment in their life and moves on to do great things! (*wipes a tear*)


PLEASE GOD, if you love us, make this so!!!

Dear God I hope not because this just makes me wonder about how much of these “confessions” from both sides are really deep personal issues and ideas people are wrestling with and fans have just projected what they want onto you and Kristen, when no one knows you.

Case in point.
This makes me sad.

Nonsten Confessions

It wouldn’t be Twilight (or the story we all fell in love with) without Taylor or the love triangle he creates.

Do you ever feel the same way for Van Morrison, or your friends music, or even KOL just because you went to their concert?

Now that you mention it…. hmmmm…

Does it bug you that some of your fans (us included) sometimes think or wish you were gay?

They aren’t. Reading the books reminds me of this.

After all this how could you not be confused. What’s real, what’s not. Is it really “smoke and mirrors” like Kristen says or is it a real relationship? At the end of the day why do we care that much? And THAT is the most interesting question to me.

I just hope some day there’s a tell-all book or True Hollywood Story and we finally learn what really happened. And I hope it’s so boring. I truly do, I think our imaginations about your Rob, are way more powerful and interesting than the real thing. It’s probably part of the reason you like being an actor, you like telling stories… stories that are usually fiction.

These are my confessions,

All images from: Nonnie Confessions, Robsten Confessions

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95 Responses to “These “Confessions” make me wonder, laugh and worry”

  1. Edible art? says:

    The most horrific thing about this is that it could possibly affect the way someone feels about the Kings of Leon !!!!!!! I can’t compute !!! Love them guys (well apart from the alcoholism !!!) said it before I’ll say it again there’s some real sad weirdos out there ! Here it’s normal ….:-)

  2. Guitargirl says:

    I actually just sprayed my computer screen at the pic about Taylor and Rob having more chemistry than either had with Bella. LOL! This pic of Rob kissing Taylor, actually made me go phwoar (childish I know) as it looks so intimate. Apart from the first E&B Twilight kiss, the rest of the franchise liplocks leave me cold. Its like watching two iguanas kiss. Cold, and passionless. Shame really, as book Bella was gagging to trade in her V card, and that never translated to the movies at all. After seeing this pic I think BD would be better if they ditched Bella, and sent Edward on honeymoon with Jacob. Double the muscles for the headboard breaking scene. LOL!

  3. Funny says:

    You’re all so funny. You criticize tumblrs of people talking about what they feel about robsten, nonsten, whateverthefucksten and you have a blog dedicated to talk about Robert’s life everyday. Hypocrite much?

    When it’s about you is all about fun, but if it is about others “craziness”, it’s sick? Oh, Bite Me! LOL!

    I don’t think it’s normal to have a blog and write pathetics letters to an actor that you’ll never know, never will be friends with and don’t even know that you’re alive.

    Meh, don’t bother, I understand…

    PS: If we never have an official tell-all book, written by Robert or Kristen, I’m waiting for your version! I know it’ll be cool!!! I’d buy it! We know you’re good in selling p… nevermind. LMAOOOO!!!

  4. M says:

    Either confessions make me laugh, Robsten’s because no way in hell you could read that with a straight face! I swear I read a Robsten confession on tubmlr that said “I touch myself thinking about RK having sex”, really? Your life is sad!
    And I laught at nonsten’s because it’s so snarky but much more reliable. I swear Taybert Kiss was the cutest of all, maybe because Tay kiss Rob back and they are not afraid to show the luuurv.

  5. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Who is jella? Do I even want to know?

    • K’s cat. See? It’s all sooo interesting!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        But but…I don’t want to know the name of her cat or worse, her cat’s alter ego. I feel like I shouldn’t know this. If I offered this info at a normal-people dinner party, they would all assume I have gone off some very deep end. I should know the name of the neighbor’s cat, friend’s cats etc….but Twilight cast pet names? Maybe I shouldn’t know the name of Rob’s dog either. But I do. Just more info in my head that I must conceal (except here, my safe place).

        • So do you or don’t you want to know the name of my cat? And I think my cat has an alter-ego too. That’s when I call her Naughty Little Minx! So K is normal (or did the fans give the cat an alter-ego. cause that’s just wrong)

          PS- for the record this really is RFM and yes, I did call K normal. But I still call her K. See?

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Your cat’s name starts with an L, right? Rhymes with Fundon?

          • Techinically, it rhymes with Fundyn but I’ll give it to you. Or Mondyn, which is so cute when my niece says it! See? Your pet knowledge of people you never met is not just for Rob! It’s fine!

        • roslynselene says:

          I don’t want to know these things either. I don’t want know who Dean, Dick, Clair, Nick, Stephanie, or especially Bear and Patty are. I’m so ashamed and creeped the hell out that I know these things but I can promise you that I didn’t go out there looking for this info. LTR and other Rob related sites told me who these people and pets are. I didn’t even know who/what you guys were talking about when I first started reading these letters. Lol

          I’M NORMAL. I promise 🙂

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      OK, I googled. Jella is the alter-ego of Kristen’s cat. I’m not sure I want to know that but I cannot unknow that now.

      • Munkee says:

        Oh god. I need the Men in Black.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Or Eric from True Blood to glamour that info right out of my head. For him to get up all in my face, in my person, super close…and tell me that I never knew that information, that I’m a Jella-virgin again.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Wait, if Kristen’s CAT has an alter ego, I have to have one too! Wonder Woman? Miss Freud? Carrotface?

        Maybe we should have a contest and nominate the best Robsten and Nonsten alter egos?

    • LadyN says:

      that’s just weird.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I also know too much about Twilight and related stuff. I mean, why should I know the name of Rob’s dog? Kristen’s dad? Charlie’s favourite drink? Why should I think I can talk about Rob without expressly saying his last name? (Answer: because you all understand who I mean, silly.) I know full well Rob will never know me, never will be friends with me and I’m sure he doesn’t know I’m alive — unless he reads LTR for fun. Which he should.

      It’s all good though. I have come to terms with my Twi-obsession.

      I’m okay that half the time I think I need brain bleach to erase this extra information in my head, and the other half I think I need burly men with sharp syringes to cart me off and make me normal (i.e. non-Twi-obsessed) again.

      Or maybe I’ll just indulge my harmless personal Twi-obsession, and relish the opportunity to talk with others here about it all. Maybe I’ll accept that this is how life rolls, and have another Pimm’s.

      I’ll take mine with fizzy lemonade, please. Two cubes of ice. A sprig of mint. Thanks SO much, you’re a dear.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        And would those burly men with sharp syringes look like the wolf pack by any chance? Or are you thinking more Kellan Lutz? Or maybe just Christoph Waltz. Because he’s the one I’d want to cart me off. He could catch me unaware, while I’m at my desk. Creep up on me while I’m working, from behind. Grab my arms, place some cuffs around my wrists, and whisper “come with me, Nat, or whatever your name really is…I need to fix you.”

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          And I should add that while he’s whispering, he’s also nibbling at the back of my neck. I’m pretty sure Christoph might be the right person to take the Twilight freak out of me.

          • ladyofthemeadow says:

            OMG Nat, I heart you so hard for that great picture!! I’d put it up as my wallpaper on my work computer but then I’d be out of the closet. I’ve printed it and put it inside my briefcase so I can sneak a peek when I need one.

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          Ooooh Nat, you know me too well. Yes I’d take a wolf pack member or Christoph Waltz with a sharp syringe. But if I had my druthers: Charlie, Cam, or Kellan, in that order.

          This could be the beginning of a really great day dream.

  6. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Also, just wanted to add that since I found Rob, I’ve been trying to look less hobo-ish myself. I mean, never know when I’ll run into him (most likely never), so I try to be prepared. Gone are the days of wearing the same pants 2 days in a row (lie – I still do this when I don’t feel like doing laundry, plus no one ever notices or cares) and digging through the conference room food trash for my lunch (another lie – I don’t look through the trash, though I am one of the pathetic underlings who scrapes together lunch from attorney leftovers).

    He seems to have the anti-hobo effect on almost everyone except TomStu. Somehow TomStu has resisted the urge to shave, drink decent beer and put on clean clothes. I wonder how he does this.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I am one of the pathetic underlings who gathers together some of the pens after a conference at a big hotel to take to my kid’s day care/school. It’s a Robin Hood thing. They need it more than the hotel needs it.

      Also, I do freecycle the bottles of water and juice after meetings to the admin staff at the office.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        My friend “freecycles” some of the office supplies at his work for his teacher wife. And sometimes my kid brings home projects he did at school and I notice it is on someone else’s company letterhead. Gotta love the state of the American public school system.

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          We’re just doing our bit to reduce space taken at the landfill, right?!

          And, re. work letterhead — I have done that too, but I have to cut off the logo etc. first. The possibilities for an imposter using our letterhead are quite mind-boggling.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      OMG maybe we should start a ladies club called “Reformed Hobos” or some such? I know I too look a lot better now than I did pre-Rob, but it’s funny how that works considering how he himself oscillates between dazzling and letting himself go.. He probably would love me just as much in my plaid shirt and Chucks!

  7. Thank you for reminding me why I stay away from those types of sites. I’m scared just reading your highlights!

  8. LadyN says:

    Well thank God you didn’t pick one of mine. phew.

    J/k, I would NEVER. LOLLLL I NEED to run see this site.

    But really. it’s sad, cuz seeing them makes me jealous too cuz I want a Rob. THey should clone Robs. Like a lot of them. Once for every lonely girl. And I can make him hold my bags when I go shopping and make me a sandwich… or a nuked hotpocket. But that’s the lonely-blues talking I guess. Sighhhhhh.

    I get it. I get the confessions. Its so sad but its true. It’s something you would never say outloud. Especially that one from Kings of Leon concert. omgz. Not to mention the band IS ruined by them. Shamelessly started to listen to them just because of that pic. SMHHHH.

    annnnnd there’s my confession. I will be lonely forever and not have a Rob.

    ps. Never thought i’d say this but, if they break up, the next gal will need to convince me LOADS to not find her and rip her eyes out of her sockets. >-|

    *gasp* oh my… who said that?! *looks around*

    • Don’t worry Lady N, you won’t want to rip MY eyes out. I’m very nice.

      But honestly, I decided Rob needs a rebound girl in b/t. I don’t think I can handle the pressure of being the “one who destroyed the Epic Magicness”. (any taker for rebound girl?)

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        I’ll do it! People can unleash all manner of hostility on me, it’s OK, I’m used to it (been working in law firms for 17 years now, plus I have a 3 year old). I can handle “what the F was Rob thinking…that hag…she’s married and OLD!! And OLD!” And then they would inevitably come here and cut and paste my postings and post them on their tumblr, along with any totally not flattering photos they can find of me. I can take one for the team guys. ROB??? What say you?

        • I knew someone here would be up for it!!

        • The Old One says:

          What an inspiring, selfless, martyr you are, Nat. Maybe we could start a little group of like-minded ladies, kind of like Mother Theresa’s, sacrificing our own happiness in order to serve others. Only in this case, we only wish to serve one particular person . . ..

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            I try to be selfless at every turn, especially when Rob is concerned. I look out for my LTR sisters and only want the best for everyone here.

      • LadyN says:

        yeahhhh…*thinking* you’re right! A rebound doesn’t sound so bad! You can still have a piece of that fine British ass for like, idk, a while and be on your way. Niceeeee.

        See? I knew i liked you for something! 😀

        Don’t worry, you can keep your eyes hun. 😉

  9. kristen's bestie says:

    I was going to thank you for not including the links, but then there they were. I would spend hours there reading the hilarity. The Robsten ones are truly creepy and the Nonsten ones are truly funny. Does this mean I am nonsten?

  10. Katiebird says:

    God, not this again… People REALLY spend their time thinking about this stuff??

    Moon, I am totally with you on wondering WHY?? For me, the second to last Nonsten “confession” has always been what I’ve thought from the beginning. But for some reason I feel compelled to weigh in on this post anyway.

    *heavy sigh*

    I want more than anything for Rob to be happy. That’s it. I have never cared about what Kristen wanted, other than wanting HER to realize how LUCKY she is to have him as a friend or lover, hopefully both. I still can’t help noticing that in her interviews/articles, she rarely acknowledges him. But Rob always has nice things to say about her and her acting abilities.

    One more thing, I’ve been avoiding the Montreal pic like the plague, because I just didn’t want to see it. Oh well….

  11. the worst part of it all is that they both stole OUR idea of “twilight secrets” (which we stole from post secret, of course) and ruined it for all time.

    post secret should sue all of us

    Okay going back to writing really serious letters to Rob on my blog dedicated to him that I Hope he reads!

  12. Denise says:

    Best part of the letter Why do WE care so much? I just want to comment on the second to last nonsten confession. I just cant understand people blameing Rob or Kristen b/c they need/want to know about the personal relationship of 2 complete strangers. (I don’t give a fuck if you are together or not just tell us.) WOW really.

    Blameing them b/c people have WAY to much time on their hands. I have to agree with Kristen on this one admiting it would do what exactly b/c people are going to believe what they want Nonstens will still say it’s p/r and robsteners will still think they are made for each other what would talking about it change.

    I personally believe he likes her b/c he’s being saying it since 2008 and I guess his actions prove it as well. I really think its’ just that simple.

    Now my confession I can’t wait till Nov 2012 so people will shut up about it (including me) and I will not feel the need to comment at work when I should be working. I also feel traped like I have to know the lateset news on Rob and I really dont’ want to want to know anymore. I guess I feel like I started this now I have to follow till the end.

    Back to being a lurker 1yr lurker fourth time commenting I’m just to serious to comment anyway back to work.

  13. dazzledtodeath says:

    “Since August 2009 I have been shutting love out of my life…” um, if you’re this invested in the dubious relationship of two celebrities, I somehow doubt love has been pounding down your door. Try and put 1/10 as much effort into an actual relationship (one involving you and another human being) and maybe then you’ll have to worry about shutting love out.

    p.s.-No one actually knows what they have or don’t have- if you’re trying to measure a real relationship against this I think you’re looking at a few more lonely years.

  14. maggie says:

    I’ve been following this stuff on tumblr for the last few days. It’s hysterical. I LOL way too much – more fuel for the DH as I am sure he’s secretly planning on bringing the guys in the white coats for me, which, btw, should be any day now.

    I often get too worked up about robsten/nonsten and have to give myself long lectures. I have my theory which I’ll keep to myself – and it never seems to be refuted. In any event, I try to ignore that stuff as much as possible and instead try to just concentrate on perving on and studying the body parts of a boy who is younger than my daughter. I mean, really….we should at least try to maintain a semblance of normality, don’t you think?

  15. Jessi says:

    We care so much for the same reason we cared so much that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were together in real life. We want to see that love carried on when we leave the theater. We want to believe that the love Bella and Edward (Noah and Allie) shared really exists.

  16. blah_rk says:

    I came onto this link thinking it would share some valid points that both confession tumblrs are crazy. But all I see in the post is people calling the Robsten Confessions crazy, agreed, and then siding with the Nonsten Confessions, which I don’t agree with.

    The Robsten Confessions are way too invested, the Nonsten Confessions are all about hating on Kristen which is perhaps the reason this post doesn’t include those particular Confessions, which if you’ve lurked you’ll see the hate and if you cared, you’d post it.

    But then looking through the comments, not knowing what kind of site this was as I didn’t really look to see what kind of blog this would be about, people think the Nonstens are funny (they’re haters of Kristen and aren’t fans of Rob since they all threaten to stop watching his movies if they think, bingo, they’re actually together – cry a fucking river), and think the Robsten ones are crazy.

    So let me ask, why has this post been made if you’re so biased in the first place?

  17. Rob's Bitch says:

    I confess. I enlarged the picture of the ring…

  18. blah_rk says:

    I could have the wrong impression and if so let me know. But the comments to this post and how these haven’t been used:

    just makes it look an ignorant and biased post.

    • I hate Moon. She’s so ignorant and biased

    • Jules says:


      I love those! Thanks for sharing? Was that your desired effect? *snort*
      Now hurry, go find the robsten confessions about Rob’s penis in Kristen’s vagina. I want to laugh some more.

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        eww, you won’t be laughing believe me. Nauseous, yes. I guess she’s leading the charge of the Krisbian army to show what vile people Nonstens are. Take a look in your own backyard.

        • Blah_RK says:

          A Krisbian? LMAO.

          You just give people and especially me more proof you’re a Nonsten site. That is exactly what all Nonsten’s will say when they’re found out for what they are: a Nonsten. If you weren’t, like Robsessed a much polite community than you who aren’t delusional Nonsten’s, you’d correct me. But you and everyone else has proven by taking offense to my comments, you’re all Nonstens.

          How is saying in my first comment: I agree the Robsten Confessions are too invested into Rob and Kristen’s relationship – and that I think this post is a bit biased because the links I have shared aren’t used to make an effective point that the Nonsten tumblr is insane too, and also the reactions to the Nonsten Confessions is just amusement and pride at what they say; giving you nitwit the impression I’m a Krisbian?

          Humour me.

      • Blah_RK says:

        And you wonder why I have made the assumption that you are all Nonstens and biased. 🙂

        I said I agree that the Robsten Confessions are too invested into Rob and Kristen’s relationship. It was pointed out very clearly with the images shared.

        HOWEVER you are ALL biased because the Robsten Confession’s used, are so effective that I’m sure whoever posted this post in question, put some effort into proving the Robsten Confession Tumblr is insane. Yet she did not bother to share the links that I found and shared with you all which frankly show that the Nonsten Confession’s are insane also.

        It proves you are all Nonstens as you insult Kristen, just like the Nonsten’s. You find the Nonsten’s funny because you find insulting Kristen is funny too. You also feel so hurt by my comments because I’ve overall labelled you as Nonsten’s which you are.

        If neither of you had taken offense at my comments, you’d just be Rob fans. But you did take offense. You only take offense to things when you know they’re true.

        So what do we know? This site finds the Nonsten’s amusing, you find yourselves amusing (my oh my you have such huge egos like the Nonsten’s too), you’re biased. You take offense at polite comments giving a little advice as to me thinking it’s a bit biased.

        All you had to do, was reply back saying, “yeah I see where you’re coming from”, or say “I think the post is effective”, or not bother replying.

        But some of you have responded, taken offense to my comments because you know I’m right – it’s biased – you’re Nonsten’s. And if any Rob fan comes here, they’ll look at your responses to new commenters, and will realise how immature and hateful this website must be from this post and its responses.

        So well done, you’ve made certain people know now this is one of those Nonsten sites.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of links. As it has been established, I like to take one for the LTR team. I’ve reviewed all of the above and condensed into a single image. It just might be my worst manip yet.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Oh, the snark – I love the inventiveness and creativity that Rob and Kristen sets off in the world! Add the fan fiction produced and they probably did more for art on the planet than Shakespeare…

  19. blah_rk says:

    All in all though. The Robsten Confessions are way too invested in to Rob and Kristen’s relationship.

    The Nonsten Confessions that you’ve missed a lot of images that shows that revolting-not funny side: hope Rob’s violent and bashes Kristen with the popcorn MTV awards; says she has no boobs; says nobody not even Rob wants to look at her boobs or other parts of her body; calls her a lesbian; says he much better off with Adele – Reese – Emilie – Camilla – Nikki; prays that Rob actually hates Kristen; prays Bear can magically talk and call Kristen a bitch too; hopes Rob and Kristen breaks up; can read Rob’s mind ???? when he thinks how annoying Kristen is; can read Rob’s mind too during the BD sex scenes that were filmed saying how Kristen’s a man and how gross it was for Rob to film that etc.

    And you think that’s funny or irrelevant. If you make a good point of the Robsten Confessions being crazy, I’m sure the point could have been made that the Nonsten Confessions is crazy and maybe even crazier.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Rob with Adele? Awesome. Actually, I just might ship that if it were ever to occur. You gotta appreciate matchmaking possibilities, whether you are Robsten, Nonsten, or On-the-Summit-Liststen.

      I also like to think that Rob will steal Ernie from Bert. There has to be that slash out there somewhere. Also, Rob stealing Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall from Prince Charles. Serious score. So many possibilities, why blow them all on Nikki? Right?

    • Wendy says:

      “prays Bear can magically talk and call Kristen a bitch too”
      Is this real? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
      My laptop just fell off my bed because I was laughing so hard…

      I think if my dog could magically talk she might call me a bitch. I wouldn’t be offended. We all have our days…

      • Blah_RK says:

        From one of the links I posted there was one of Kristen walking Bear or as Nonstens have said, strangling Bear (if they-you’ve ever had a puppy you know they’re walking nightmares-they pull the other way if you don’t give them a pull the way you’re going). But in that picture they have Bear speaking.

        You’ve got to admit that’s sad to imagine Rob’s dog can talk and is on their side. That’s all they have, an imaginary talking dog on their side.

  20. dazzledtodeath says:

    I was wondering where all the Krisbians were..

    • I know! I expected to come back to see a slew of thumbs down but alas no. But I do like that people are actually stating their opinion that we are all Nonsten Crazies. It’s nice to see why they don’t agree instead of the Anon thumbs down.

      So hear, hear for commenting on a site you don’t agree with.

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        yep, we’re the crazy ones. But I’m not the one writing anonymous confessions about putting my life on hold while watching The Greatest Showmance on Earth unfold. Or any of the really creepy ones involving the confessee’s projected sexual fantasies..ick.

        I love when people get all righteous and demand to know why something was posted here. Just to rile you up, that’s why ;P

    • Katycougar says:

      Just lock your doors and we will all be safe. LOL

  21. Katycougar says:

    Okay I confess when I got this email this morning I almost lost my Cheerios. Then I began reading. Then the laughter started and pretty soon I had a crowd around my desk. You know I have a hard time suppressing my laughter sometimes. I am glad I waited until I saw a few comments to respond, because to be truthful some of them are hysterical.

    Anyway back to my office. I discovered something after not being able to hide this from some of my staff. Apparently the top picture has been analyzed by my crack staff (yes I believe they are on it) and the said picture does not appear to be SWSNBN body. Honestly I try not to go here but I too find myself being drawn in. Something about the height, butt and length of body compared to other photos. At this point I looked at my partners in crime who apparently have been watching too much Crime Scene Investigation shows; yeah CSI L.A. I decided they were taking this too serious. So we went for lunch and 4 double margaritas later we have the answer. Actually it was a few hours later after we sobered up enough to the office.

    Rob makes us do this. We are enlarging pictures, comparing moles and body structures. I know this is wrong and out of control, but My God we can’t stop ourselves. We start out perfectly normal and then some idiot on Twitter starts it. I am blaming Twitter because Rob wants me too.

    You know he reads this daily and he considers Moon and UC to be his source for information about himself. I think you ladies are helping Rob. Look at what else is out there…….. Hollywood Life, National Enquirer, Us Weekly……….. Well you can clearly see why he comes here.

    I thought to myself, what is Rob going to think when he reads this? He is going to do what I did and head to the bar and laugh his ass off. This is why I need to come here. This is why I love all of you…….. Well maybe not everybody…….. There are a few Robstens here that make me cringe, but otherwise it is all cool.

    Those of you making me cringe…………… have some fun with us. I have it on good authority that your ovaries can explode if you take us all too seriously.

  22. Pattygirl says:

    The bel ami stills are more hotter than this……

  23. lola says:

    both nonnie and robstene confessions creeep me out. Both sides are so damn invested on whether they are together or not. I hate how robsteners project on and on about their onetruelove. I hate how nonstens have to reimagine rob as a sort of pawn or slave to summit to rationalize him spending time with Kristen. God, everyone needs to back up for a second, remember rob is young but NOT 10, he can figure shit out for his own good without everyone’s input, he’s going to make dumb choices like we all did in our 20s, and including who he sleeps with. lol It’s no biggie either way for me, I just think he’s really pretty and I like staring at him. No emotional investment on who’s getting to see him naked necessary.

  24. lola says:

    and ps: robstens and nonstens are the flip side of the same coin. And interestingly enough, both groups really don’t focus on Robert so much as a Kristen. Robsteners live vicariously through her and worship her, see her as the molly ringwald they relate to to rob’s jake ryan. While Nonstens fixate on kristen, not rob, trying to figure out her sexuality, obsessing about her attitude problems and slip ups and body and how she’s ruining rob’s career.

    I don’t get this passion for kristen. Both nonnies and shippers give her way too much credit. lol

  25. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Anyone notice something odd happening with the thumbs up/down? Like, some posts yesterday had a few thumbs up, and now are zero and vice versa? Were all of yesterday’s ratings wiped clean (I swear I gave some people a thumbs up yesterday, but it is showing as zero today!!!).

  26. Annie says:

    UGGH his pants, why?!!!! why?!!! ? 🙁 this makes me think of a better name for the movie: Transformers…
    He get’s a ring, he turns into a 49 year old man. Costume designer-FIRED!

  27. Oh Moon I have missed you, I <3 a controversial LTR! You pose a very good question, "At the end of the day why do we care that much?" Well….

    I still must say that for me it's ALL ABOUT ROB & I don't give a CRAPSTEN!! 🙂

    lol xo MC

  28. roslynselene says:

    Oh god, I read one about how this one chick touches herself to the image of Robsten bumping uglies. This is my reaction face:

    Story time! I think I encountered a Robsten fan but I don’t know who it is… I just know she’s out there somewhere and somehow, it makes me feel uneasy. I’ve started my theories on who it could be. Lol But let me back up…

    So this morning, I’m sitting in the teacher’s lounge “chillin'” cause it’s hot as balls outside at 8 am. As I’m spinning myself on the office chair, my eye catches a pile of 4-5 rag mags which ALL have Robsten on the front cover. I was like 😯 , “Wuuuuut? Where am I?”. Then I make sure no one else is in the room and start reading one of the stories. The one I read was “reporting” (I use that word as loose as your grandma’s boobs) about Kristen throwing a private party just for Rob.

    I couldn’t contain my laughtears cause I SWEAR who ever wrote this article just googled “Rob Pattinson’s favorite food and music”. Supposedly Kristen made Rob spaghetti and Kobe meatballs with Heineken, and for bfast, a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, put on some Van Morrison records, and called room service for cheesecake like a true Golden Girl. I put it down, looked around the room, and had myself a good cry (not really). Funniest shit ever! But a terrible way to start a day of learning. It’s like eating candy breakfast.

  29. Blah_RK says:

    You people need to control your anger on here. All you really needed to do was answer this, “So let me ask, why has this post been made if you’re so biased in the first place?”

    If you felt it was not biased then you should have said so. If the person who created this post thought she’d been effective in pointing out the insanity in BOTH the Robsten and Nonsten Confession Tumblrs were effective enough. I’d have been okay with that. You wouldn’t have made yourselves look like Nonsten’s.

    But about the comment where I posted links where I thought they were more effective where Nonsten’s were very horrible, sad, shaming themselves for their stupidity:
    You took offense, and as I’ve said, taking offense means I’m right. It is biased and overall you’re Nonsten’s.

    Why don’t you declare openly you hate Kristen, that you do post on the Nonsten Confessions, you’re so damn proud of what the people post on there already. It would save yourselves a lot of pain. You’d be being true to yourselves.

    • as a writer on this so-called “nonsten site”* I can assure you I am not angry. I am only filled with laughter- at all of the images above. which is exactly what this post, and every post on this site, is supposed to do.

      *the only thing nonsten about this site is that we created the term nonsten, so long ago, in a more innocent age

      • Blah_RK says:

        Thanks for being respectful this time, or being serious at least.

        So all these posts that LettersToRob posts, are just for the humour. Nothing serious?

        Hmmm. Is there ever a time this site is serious? I’d like to see this site’s serious side, especially when new people come onto here. If you’re not calm and just laugh at what they say, that will drive new people away.

        Joking can sometimes interpret as rude or a nasty attitude, if you don’t mind me saying.

        Also if people are not being serious in response to this post/debate I suppose, if you were going to be serious for one minute in this post, what would you say then? Would it still be the Nonstens are funny or they are imbeciles?

        I don’t care what you think of the Robsten’s. I’m fine with that opinion, but it’s just the opinion that Nonsten’s are amusing when they’re actually immature, hateful, and nothing to be proud of or agree with. Especially since everyone Rob knows: his friends; his family; all his co-stars from another film; his dog (that says it all when they bring his pets into it) are all PR.

    • roslynselene says:

      Oh, Jesus Christ, honey, letitgooooooo. It’s not that serious. 😉 5 years (or less) from now, we’ll ALL be ashamed to know the terms Robsten and Nonsten. I’m already 1st and 2nd hand embarrassed…

  30. I’m working on explaining this relationship for you all. And the reason you feel you will never have one like it. It has to do with sexual rituals which Stephenie Meyer detailed for you so perfectly in Twilight. The fact that these two had to learn them, perform them, feel them has almost everything to do with it. And since the pill we have had 50 years now with sexual rituals breaking down into zero. For the first time in history no rituals in a culture. We need new ones to be invented. DeLillo is in Cosmopolis. I have a lot of blogs and write about Twilight and Rob and Kristen a lot with great pics.

    And BTW your pics are great.

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