Rob Pattinson: Famewhore

Warning: Sarcasm full steam ahead. After a week of not knowing how to address ‘the video,’ this letter felt appropriate:

Dear Rob:

Stop being such a fame hog.

There, I said it. I laid down the oh so ugly truth. I mean the way you prance about just begging for the paparazzi to descend onto you is so transparent. Everyone knows that you only go grocery shopping with your buddy with the wedgie so your picture can be taken. I even heard that you have one of those corkboards with all of your Just Jared Jr. pictures tacked to them. (I just totally made this up because it made me lol) Too bad the days of Tiger Beat are long past us, you might have a nice 11 x 17 poster to hang with it. Your desperation for attention is so…reality tv star of you, and to be honest you’re embarrassing yourself.

Your latest yearning for your name to be published on questionable celebrity blog sites around the inter-webs is just plain pathetic. Your buddy Marcus Foster decided he was going to make the big plunge. The big “translation of music into visual poetry so you can now have your own VEVO channel” plunge with the help of another one of your mates. Now, any good friend aware of their own panty dropping abilities would act as an anonymous donor to the great cause of middle class British emotional plight and just front the money for the project. God knows you have enough. But no, Rob the fame whore in you was just begging and pleading to be released, so you did the next best thing and unleashed…ROBSTEN!

Now, there are more likes of the video than actual views on YouTube and the comments have quickly morphed from along the lines of “Who the f— is this dude?” to “OMG!!! LONG LIVE ROBSTEN!! TOTES ADORE THAT ROB WROTE THIS SONG FOR KRISTEN! MY OVARIES ARE EXPLODING!”

So, Rob I think you owe an apology to your friends Marcus and Sam. All they wanted to do was produce black and white art to make it look more melodramatic. Shame on you and your inner fame whore Rob. Maybe we should exile you to a deserted island with Kris Jenner (Kardashian) and see how long you survive without a camera in your face or some variation of your name plastered over the Internet?

xx itsaboutthewords

(You do know this was one giant piece of sarcasm, right? I don’t want any Rob fans coming to tar and feather me Boston Tea Party style.)

Check out the video and be a judge for yourself. But, I give you a challenge all LTR readers: Can you comment on the video without alluding to Rob?


Sadly, itsaboutthewords, I have a feeling if you didn’t mention it, then some WOULD have missed the sarcastic bit.. there’s always one these days! And I appreciated your subtle way of shaming us fans into NOT making everything about Rob. Cause, to be honest, when I learned Kristen was in a Marcus Foster video I immediately thought “aww.. Rob is helping a friend out & getting him some video views” (because apparently I’m suddenly into male chauvinism & don’t think Kristen can make decisions for herself) And the video has nothing to do with Rob. I repeat, the video has nothing to do with Rob! But that didn’t keep me from commenting along with all the ROBSTEN lovers on the video, about ROBSTEN (I can’t resist that opportunity, ever) What IS that? Are we so desperate to have anything of substance of Rob that we’ll take him when his friend is picking a wedgie, his girlfriend is in a music video or anything else that has little-or-nothing to do with him!? DISCUSS! xo, UC

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100 Responses to “Rob Pattinson: Famewhore”

  1. Katie S says:

    Hey now. I totally commented on this video via Twitter without alluding to Rob. I alluded to Jackson instead. Can I get a high five?

  2. Robfan06 says:

    *GAH* Love Marcus Foster…His voice is amazing.

    Kristen was the bonus.

  3. purplescool says:

    I have no clue what this video melodrama is all about…but I do have to comment on the photo at the top of today’s post – the one where Rob is sporting those horrid old man slipper sandals. My hubby (who is about 15 yrs. older than Rob) has a pair of those and I hate it when he wears them because they look like old man slippers. And in what climate is it simultaneously cool enough to be wearing a sweatshirt, yet hot enough for shorts and old man slipper sandals?

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      It’s a totally weird outfit, I agree, but I should mention that my teen son wears shorts and hoodies year round (and in Canada, folks – go figure!), and he wears those sandals on the swim deck. He’s not alone; this is the socially acceptable, informally prescribed dress code for him and his friends. My Inevitable Conclusion: Rob is trying to look like a teen aged cool Canadian swimmer (lol).

      I really, really hate the shorts though. They look like they’re made out of sweatshirt fabric. And red, of all weird colours?! They’re the worst part of that outfit.

      • sharon says:

        The worst thing about this outfit is…….Rob’s wearing it, as in Rob’s wearing cloths. Of. Any. Kind. I can’t wait for the nude scene in Bel Ami!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I lived in Southern California. Well, just north of Southern California, but not north enough to be considered Central California. For a while, my part of CA was trying to call itself The Gold Coast, to avoid being labeled Southern California. But I digress.

      I lived in a strange and wonderful place where all the men wore long shirts, sweatshirts, and those hideous Adidas sandals. They partied, they surfed, they pretty much ignored me (or maybe I avoided them, I can’t remember). It is true that there are places were men dress like that and it is normal(ish). Usually the same places women wear Uggs and short shorts.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        oops long shorts, not long shirts.

      • purplescool says:

        I get that this is “in” for teens – my own nephew is 12 and I’ve seen him in similar outfits – it just looks wierd to me – like you said – the Uggs with short shorts – what is that? Unless your a runway model, a lot of the fashion out there just doesn’t work….but that’s a discussion for a different blog altogether.

      • Katycougar says:

        Yes Nat same here in the VC. This is the look for our boys in California. He fits right in.
        Just another local………… He would fit in with the surfers except those white legs. Maybe the video gamers or just relaxing with the dudes drinking a beer while he tends the Barbeque.
        Like it loose you know……………Hubby calls these his easy acess shorts…………..LOL

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          KC – Oh yes, the VC, the “Gold Coast’s” friendly neighbor to the South. Land of lemons and avocados. The best avocado I’ve had in my life was from the VC. It was like no other, and I cannot imagine any avocado ever topping it. All of my old male housemates loved those damned Adidas sandals. I bet you can go to any frat house (or other all male house) and the entire entryway would be littered with those sandals. Well, those and the flip flops that have a beer bottle opener in the sole. Rob and easy access, yum.

          • Katycougar says:

            Don’t forget the strawberries year round. Glad you enjoyed the avacados.
            You know i believe California starts at the Canejo Grade and follows to the North.
            You have artichokes, food of the gods. Not to mention the finest wine and cheese in the world.

            You and I know Rob needs to get his Adidas wearing butt up here and live the good life.

    • chochang says:

      and what is up with the head-to-toe Adidas outfit? look closely and you’ll see the Adidas insignia on both the shorts and hoodie. does Rob secretly want to endorse the brand and he’s just putting it out there? was this the reason he declined the offer by Burberry? is this a silent homage to David Beckham? is it a silent protest against Nike? does Rob not want to ‘just do it’? or was the entire outfit a gift from his (not a fame whore–honest!) friend Sam? discuss.

  4. purplescool says:

    Okay, so I watched the video and not to be critical or anything (ok, maybe to be a little critical), I don’t get it. It was pretty boring just watching this guy sing, and the quick cuts of rural and urban landscapes didn’t match the slow pace of the music or help to “tell the story” of the song. Maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, but I prefer videos that actually relate to the song they’re made for.

  5. Amber says:

    I kinda like that guy in the video. I think I’ll start a blog and write about him.

  6. TheColdWoman says:

    At first, confusion – Robsten is in a music video? Huh? Watched the video – OHHHHhhhhh… Kristen is “acting” in the video. Standing. Looking at the camera. Angsty stare at 3:14. AND THEN from 3:30 to 3:33 the sad face, slightly furrowed brow, the eyes darting back and forth – that’s the “Wha- I don’t- You can’t- GarbleGarbleGarble” in the Twilight hospital bed and the New Moon “Edward-don’t-leave!”. And JUST as the camera cuts away at 3:33 the bottom lip starts coming in to be bitten! Signature KStew! Cut to the KStew School of Acting post. (I’ve been meaning to write a letter that.) See, I can not comment on the video without alluding to Rob! I just have to spew venom at KStew. Bring it Krisbians!!

  7. niahid says:

    Everything happens for a reason.

  8. lovethesefries says:

    Okay I haven’t commented in awhile, but I still lurk every now and then.

    Anyways, I guess I’ve gotten way out of the loop, so maybe it’s already been discussed, but…I don’t get it? I like Marcus’ music, and I love this song, but I just don’t understand why she’s in the video. I’m not a Kristen hater, but it just seems weird to me. And I feel like if Marcus is trying to really be a serious musician and make it big, this is a step in the wrong direction, because it just cheapens it in my opinion. Who asks their best friend’s girlfriend (?) to be their love interest in their music video? And how does he expect to move on from being connected to Rob and Twilight when he does something like that? This doesn’t scream ROBSTEN!!!! to me, it feels like he hired one of his friends to shoot a video and they couldn’t find (or afford?) an unknown pretty girl to be in it, so they took what they could get. It’s just very strange to me. *waits for the thumbsdown*

    • GOOD questions: Clearly this was done for more views. And whatever. You gotta eat, I get it.
      But you’re RIGHT:
      “And how does he expect to move on from being connected to Rob and Twilight when he does something like that?”

      He can’t. Not with stuff like this. The reality is Kristen is connected with Twilight so using her will not let him “escape” that. It’s odd.. i wouldn’t expect that from Marcus…. The others, maybe.. But he always seemed like the one LEAST connected to Twi.

      also.. I actually expected this video to have MORE views. As of last night there were only 185,000….. that’s peanuts compared to other “Twi” videos. So either : it wasn’t as effective as they hoped OR.. no one really cares about Marcus Foster :/

      • lovethesefries says:

        You’re so right about Marcus being the one you’d least expect it from! The others seemed to have acknowledged it for what it was and took advantage of it to help propel their career. But Marcus always kinda did his own thing. Very very strange, indeed…

      • MrsKowski says:

        Thats because I haven’t watched it yet.

      • Wendy says:

        If he was going for views, he should have just gone for broke and put Rob in it…

    • usualnurse says:

      I agree completely. This feels like Marcus desperation to me.

      • LiLi says:

        is it weird that i thought it was one big “eff you, i will put whom i want in whatever video i want, haters be damned?”

        because that was my first thought. that it all came about while smokin’ some left handed ciggies and then when the light of day hit and the idea didn’t seem as good maybe there was a big ol’ “f*ck it….LET’S DO THIS.”

        i don’t know…that was just my initial reaction.

    • BellaStew says:

      “Who asks their best friend’s girlfriend (?) to be their love interest in their music video?” Hummm Many people?? As far as I know, friends frequently make guest appearances/cameos at their friends music videos, tv shows, albuns, I think It’s pretty common!

      “And how does he expect to move on from being connected to Rob and Twilight when he does something like that?”
      Does he expect that? Really? Can you show me the link to the interview where Marcus said that? (It’s an honest question, I don’t follow his carreer closely)

      “to me, it feels like he hired one of his friends to shoot a video and they couldn’t find (or afford?)”
      – yes, I agree! I think that he called kristen for two reasons: 1- low budget. I think she probably did it for free; 2- he needed the publicity. I don’t think he’s worried about cheapening his work! Some ppl will just find the video boring as did one girl here on the comments and this way he’ll be safe from this public…

      • lovethesefries says:

        Okay wow let’s take it down a notch. I’m not trying to hate on Marcus or anybody, I’m just voicing my confusion over her appearance in the video. And if you’ll look around, I’m not the only one with that sentiment. No I can’t show you a link where he said expects to not be linked to Twilight because I haven’t read/watched/listened to every Marcus Foster interview EVER, but I’m pretty sure if you want to be taken seriously as a musician, you’re not gonna want that around forever. Jussayin.

        • BellaStew says:

          And I’m not saying you’re hating on Marcus, don’t worry…

          Here on the comments someone said where the comment is from, and then I gave my opinion about it there! 🙂

    • Katycougar says:

      When you are right you get a Thumbs up. That is what you deserve in my book. That is my book of common scense.

      Yes i like Marcus but when I saw this I was taken back and thought it was better to listen than to view. Another girl…….someone that could express emotion and longing, and was pretty and unjaded. That is what we should see and don’t……….Too bad.

  9. natteringyeahrobber says:

    I don’t think Sam is picking a wedgie. I think he’s slyly stealing something out of Rob’s bag. Some embarrassing thing that he would not want to have been caught purchasing himself, like one of those lunchables pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I mean, if you look closely, you’ll see his hand is totally at the angle to be lifting something out of Rob’s bag. Also, can you imagine being that store clerk? “Cleanup in checkout stand 9, I just pissed myself!”

    Earlier I was telling Maggie and RFM (plus some other people?) that the best part of the video is the two bugs at 3:32. They are Robsten, people, LOOK CLOSELY. And by closely, I mean, expand your mind. Maybe have too much to drink. THE BUGS. ARE ROBSTEN.

    Also, sorry I have to repeat myself RFM and Maggie, but I would have done the video in an edgier style. Video would start with a scene of me being all mopey at work, looking broken (as my spirit usually is at work, until I log on to LTR). Then Rob walks in the front door and I start ballet dancing at the sight of him. A twirling spectacle, file folders flying everywhere. Maybe I could knock over our COO as he walks by. And then Rob takes my hand and we dance all over my office (Rob in tights of course) and it ends with us kissing on the conference room table and and Rob winking at the camera. Sigh.

    • maggie says:

      Yes Nat, that is definitely the video I would have preferred. I love this song, I love his voice. I don’t get the video. Aside from the ROBSTEN bugs of love, nothing really makes sense. Trains whiz by, fast shots of clouds, sky, telephone wires. Weird closeups of Marcus’ face. K superimposed over Marcus staring and doing her usual shtick. (btw, not liking someone’s acting style doesn’t make a person a HATER). Also, I don’t see anything at all that’s ROBSTENY about this video. (Again, doesn’t mean I’m HATING anything or anyone or any real or non-real relationships that I and most of the rest of us really know nothing about.) You know it’s just possible that K might actually be friends all on her own with Marcus F. and TomStu by now and that her real or not real boyfriend Rob had nothing to do with all this because he may have been busy shooting an intense movie in Toronto at the time. (Again, not HATING. Almost sounds LIKING as I’m giving K some credit for having her own friends. – Jeez, something nice is being said about KStew on LTR – Alert the media!!).

      Sorry for the long rant. Just had to. And I also have to say this: if someone doesn’t get the humor of this site, maybe they should go blog elsewhere. I love you and get you UC and Moon. You’re the most hilarious, witty bloggers around.

      And about the ugly slippers: I like them because you get to see those gorgeous, long, lean toes.

      The end.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Hater. (heh heh).

        Sorry, Robsten bugs are at 3:27 in this video, which must be slightly different than the video posted the other week.

    • Katycougar says:

      I am glad we cleared that up. I will miss Wedgie Sam…. but. The Five finger Sam……….
      Is it wrong that I am jealous that he possibly has his hands in Rob’s bags?
      I have a vision of his pulling out a box of Goobers.
      Come on…….. you know we can all picture this.

      As for the bugs…… I think that is a very nice compliment. You always find something nice to say and I am grateful that you did find something good about this video.

      Move over Frances Lawrence……. I see an MTV Music Video award coming your way…………..

      You at work………. dancing……ballet……. Rob….. tights…..conference table……….. say no more……this is a WIN……WIN.

    • YES!!! You know the Britpack eats Uncrustables!!! Premade PB n J with no crust…it’s practically made for them!

      (and geez Nat, I can’t believe you are repeating all this nonsense about BUGS!!) hehe

  10. Roslynselene says:

    Dudes, too much SWSNBN this week. Once a week is fine but two times in a row…? What is this, a Krissessed site?! I KNEW you bitches were raging krisbians. You’re just hiding it under your real hate for Rob. /sarcasm obviously.

    • Katycougar says:

      Hey you are right. I think that may be the reason I have been seeking Happy hour with my Peeps. This could whither my very soul if SWSNBN makes an appearance again next week.
      Please I am begging all of you. Not on my knees……… just in a look at my face do you see the madness here kind of way.

  11. JodieO says:

    Earlier in the summer Marcus gave an interview in which he said that his American audiences only showed up because of his connection to Twilight and his UK audiences showed up for the music. He didn’t outright say that we suck, but it had just enough sting in it that it upset some of his fans. And as someone who has paid money to see HIM, and paid money for his CD, and was willing to pay more money for his new CD and as someone who constantly tried to pimp his MUSIC out to my friends, it kinda sucked. He claimed he was purposely not trying to cash in on the Twilight angle.

    To then turn around and cash in on the Twilight angle was just a double kick in the pants. And I’d have felt the same way if it had been Ashley or Anna, or Cougar Cathy. Well, maybe I would have liked it better if Cathy were in it.

    However, it’s my understanding that TomStu made this video and probably handled the casting (Wanted: Someone who can look forlorn and bite her lip.) so maybe we need to point our pitchforks at him? It’s ok, that beard should protect him through anything.

    • Cazza says:

      Well said JodieO!

      People can laugh all they want at the Twilight connection (and I do) but let’s be brutal here, without it, most people wouldn’t know who Bobby Long, Sam Bradley or Marcus Foster is. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you boys.


    • Amber says:

      I blame TomStu AND his gnarly beard.

    • BellaStew says:

      Maybe Marcus doesn’t think twihards suck. Maybe when he said that, he was trying (and failing) to sound humble? Like when Rob said that he was just a lucky guy? It doesn’t seem to me that Rob’s friends hate Kristen and twilight as much as some Rob’s fans do… As dissaponting as it may sound…

      • Blah_RK says:

        You’re probably one of the nicest commenters here.

        • BellaStew says:

          Thanks I’m on a good mood today! 🙂

          • marysway says:

            I don’t think that Rob’s fans hate Kristen……….I don’t. I just don’t like her. I don’t think she can act nor do I like how she treats her fans……….I’m sorry I’ve been around to much to buy that shy crap. To hate someone is to have some real emotion towards someone have invested emotions. Surly strangers would not loose sleep over either Rob or Kstew. Although I have seen and heard very harsh words against them both, I find it rather scary as none of us really KNOW these people. Everyone deserves to have there own personal opinions haters and lovers a like LOL. I actually feel very sorry for Rob when he starts dating someone (and sorry for whoever he dates), the KStew fans will go crazy on there butts and that is carrying it far. Having fun with these two and ETAL is one thing…………..which I do but scary bat-shit crazy fans are something different. We speculate but none of us really know who likes who and unless it’s told to us directly with words that could NOT go either way to keep the world guessing we don’t really know who is doing who. Just my 2cents.

          • Katycougar says:

            Oh Marysway I don’t think any of us could have said it better. I don’t hate her. I think of her more as a non-person. I see nothing to like and to me she has no redeeming qualities. She leaves a bad taste in my mouth like liver I have never learned to like it (my Mother used to tell me this would happen.) and have no desire too give any more attention to her.The crazies are frightening to say the least, no matter what name they use. I shy away from anything with sten in it these days.
            I love this site because we have fun with Rob. It is pure fantasy and that is okay. I think that is what we all want here, good fun. He is not just a beautiful man, but there is something more that draws you in. In many ways he seems selfless and I like as man that can laugh at himself. He has not let fame jade him.
            Thank you for your words and expressing them so well Marysway.You are a true LTR Goddess in my book.

          • BellaStew says:

            I am a fan of both. I was a fan of K’s first, only after watching the runaways, i decided to watch twilight and then read the books, and then became a rob fan and now a Robsten fan. If (IF) they broke up i’d be sad for them, as I do with any couple i like, celebrity or RL aquaintance. But would go on liking both. There’s even a couple of ppl I can picture them with… But for now I don’t even worry about that, they seem to really like each other and i believe they’s going to be together either for a long time or forever. So no worries about Krisbian hate on Rob (when) they break up for me…

    • I totes agree with the biting of the hand idea. Here’s a quote I love from Jackson Rathbone.

      “They come here a Twilight Fan and leave a Monkey Fan”

      Yes, I know many don’t care for the 100 Monkeys but he’s spot on with this one. I have been introduced to so much music through Twi and have loved almost everything it brings! Anyone related to the Twimadness needs to enjoy the fans that have become a big part of their “famous-ness.” I have many friends that were musicians and never had a huge following but were awesome. How much better is it to have more people buying your merch?!

  12. usualnurse says:

    I must confess that I suppose I am so desperate for Rob that even though he technically isnt in this video, he is everywhere in it for me. Marcus is Rob. Kristen is Rob. They are naturally linked to him. Rob not being in it is Robs way of teasing me :-), making me more desperate for him. I do have a desperation to “get a piece” of him in whatever way I can. So I suppose I cant comment on the video without commenting on Rob.

  13. Amber says:

    I don’t know why people say this is a Robsten video. Clearly, Ron is a cover for Marcus. Do you see how Marcus’ face fades into Stews? That’s true love right there.


  14. I’m a Lurker 🙂

    So the video was ok. As others have said, it looks like classic Kristen. If his goal is to distance himself from Twilight, this is the complete opposite of that and makes no sense. Maybe he’s decided to embrace it since he can’t get away from it but at this point it just makes him look bad.

    A bunch of people have tried to push Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, 100 Monkeys, etc. on me because of the Twi connection and I’ve always resisted it because what I have heard sucked in my opinion. I did however really enjoy the song.

  15. lovebeingme says:

    Following certain peoples logic, this video is PROOF that MARSTEN is SO ONNNNN!!!

  16. beesue says:

    Well, I have been lurking around these parts since 2009 and only occasionally comment but had to tell you what I HEARD!
    It seems that Marcus DID NOT want Kristen in this video. So K jumped him, pulled his arm behind his back until he yelled “Uncle, Uncle” and he relented. I mean Kristen IS FIERCE!

  17. marysway says:

    Gawd…………..Not a fan of Kristen at all, but I’m older than most here and have kids who use to adore her until she was caught doing things they’d get in major trouble for but besides that she just can’t ACT. JMHO that I am entitled too. She is doing what she does do best in this, emo sad biting lip etc., She acts that way when she is doing a happy scene or well any scene. I love the idea of “MARSTEN, I can see a lot of fun with that. I love the britt pack and I just wished Marcus would have found someone different other than a twilight persona to be in this. If he does not want to be known for twilight then he should not have used a twilight cast member. Plus I have to agree with the others that stated this song does not go with his video at all. Sorry Kristen fans for my humble opinion………it’s just that “mine” and I own it. Not asking anyone else to own it with me. Just don’t bash me for it or fair game is in the works. LOL. Why Marcus Why?

    • Katycougar says:

      No apologies needed. No bashing allowed.

      Maybe I agree with you because we are mature. I have always felt i was a good judge of character. (Except my first husband….hey I was too young.)

      I am not a hater…….just someone that finds her rather boring, with no depth or range. This is my opinion and I stick to it.

      Rob is the best thing that came out of TMTSNBN and that is my opinion as well as the other 9,898,633 other people out there. (Please note that the figure I quote cannot be verified, but in my mind I believe it to be correct.)

  18. Katycougar says:

    FAMEWHORE- Yes, Rob is allowed. Whore it up Baby.

    ROB- We Love You.

    DESPERATE- Not Rob, but Marcus and SWSNBN.

    ROB- We miss you.

    MARCUS- Please, make another video. Claim you were not in your right mind, because you could not have been.

    ROB- We are so desperate to see you that we actually have mentioned SWSNBN, twice.

    BAD CHOICES- Obviously……. We all make mistakes. That is why there is a delete button. Marcus just press the Dam button.

    ROB- It’s only you baby.

    I think that sums it up. It is only Rob that matters here. The rest is just fluff.

    Good Times………..

  19. Michelle says:

    Wow. I haven’t checked in on this blog for a long while and I pick the day that it’s about wedgies… pick, get it? Heh heh.

  20. Rob's Bitch says:

    Marcus Foster is really pretty go… OMG a new fan photo of Rob in London!

    Oh, what was I saying…?

  21. Pattygirl says:

    Everyone who knows about Rob and twilight wd assume the same : Rob friend with his co star friend in the video, but I too have heard MF talk that he care less about Twilight and than he used KS? Thats hyprocite dear.

    Rod doesn’t use his friends, they benefit from him, Rob is a giver

  22. Luludee says:

    Wow. I haven’t commented on LTR in a really long time, but I felt compelled to say that I’m duly impressed with the musical stylings of Mr. Foster. I never bothered to look into any of the Britpack, so this is my first sampling. Again I say Wow. Well done, sir.

  23. Love Marcus’ music, don’t really care for the video whomever is in it. The style is bizarre and didn’t go with the song to me.

    YES! Made it through without mentioning Rob, SWNBN and the Bearded One. AH CRAP! So close 😉

  24. natalie_MKH says:

    Why no love for Sienna Miller?

  25. Katycougar says:

    Maggie you are such a giver…….
    ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥ ♪☺♥

  26. Katycougar says:

    I was just thinking that instead of watching this sad video, that maybe we all should watch these instead.

    Ladies maybe you have yours that you could post and that way we could get this video out of our head.

  27. LadyN says:

    Ok, she doesn’t help any. it just makes me think of Rob. There, I said it. Sue me.

    Maybe next time he should hire Emma stone or julia roberts for that part if he doens’t want fans to see if as a Ronsten thing (he prob does). I mean, we’ve heard Rob’s ‘I Was Broken’ on youtube a million plus times. Now her face is on the official video. Its pretty, very pretty and poetic, but its still there. Yes, thoughts of Robsten All. Over. It.

    They should make it the official Breaking Dawn song and be done with it.


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