Rob Pattinson: Platinum selling artist or critic’s punching bag?

This means it's basically a done deal!

Dear Rob,

When Moon & I read the headlines about your rumored “album” yesterday, we decided we MUST Break this rumor down:

The one where we break it down in a serious(ish) way

UC: Can we please role play a Rob Pattinson album. since that’s the rumor. Even Rolling STONE Posted about it, so it MUST be legit (4 out of 10 on the “Truth Scale” from Rob-Cop, I mean, Gossip-Cop)

Moon: an impeccable Pattinson insider tells Gossip Cop, “He is not.” Well thank you, impeccable Pattinson insider! How do I get to be one of THOSE? And from the comments”If he wanted to work on music, he would be there, not in LA. Wouldn’t he want to record at Abbey Road or the studio Marcus Foster, Johnny Flynn and Mumford and Sons use?” because they only have ONE studio in london and it is abbey road
UC: hahahahahhaha people are SO dumb

Reminds me of a Sad Keanu

Moon: can you imagine though? i mean really…. an album?
UC: NO!! [LTT-friend] Marah & I were discussing it & I think he wouldn’t do it
Moon: yea hasn’t he said in the past he wouldn’t?
UC: I forget. Wish I had the phone # of the impeccable Pattinson Insider. But, I mean… he HAS to know no one legit in the music world would take it seriously. I don’t think they would… at all I would LOVE to read that pitchfork review!!!
Moon: oh god! here’s the thing… he’s pretty decent. i mean as far as all these people who think they are musicians, he’s not terrible and it’s not gross pop-rock crap- like it’s thoughtful enough, but actors who want to be musicians hardly EVER work out like 99.99999% of the time they FAIL. Hard
Moon: i mean Keanu reeves, russell crow, Lieutenant Dan and the Lieutenant Dan band, Puck from Glee, Minnie Driver, Jenn love Hewitt,
UC: Puck from Glee!!!! Do you keep a running list?
Moon: i mean the free bins at amoeba are lined with cds from actors
UC: You forgot Sandy cohen!
Moon: if you START as a musician your odds are way better of becoming an actor… which leads to a lot of questions about acting but ya know

Better, Good, WORST

The one where we pick on Sam

UC: Marah made a good point… she doesn’t think he’s any better than most of the Brit pack…she thinks maybe a few of them are even better (definitely more refined as in– you can understand them) and while they have some success it’s not like…. really successful- i mean.. ask anyone outside of twilight and the public radio station in Philly that LOVES bobby long, no one knows of them
Moon: totally. i think Marcus is the best of them all
UC: yes- i agree. Bobby is 2nd.
Moon: pRobably followed by bobby and Rob and then sam in dead last
UC: Poor Sam. but it’s true!!!
Moon: And I’m sure tom is better than him
UC: I’d say that it’s Marcus, Bobby, Rob, Tom (who we don’t even know if he can carry a tune) Sam
Moon: exactly tom could just show up somewhere with a guitar and pRobably be better- now if Rob wanted to WRITE some songs like he’s done in the past- I’m ALL for it… and theres more money in that anyway. And he NEEDS money
UC: but WAIT didn’t he co-write all those songs before???
Moon: he did
UC: That’s what Marah & I were saying… so… we don’t know how much was actually his doing. Maybe it was more marcus/bobby/sam……doing the writing? (wait, not Sam!!!)
Moon: i think he should continue in that direction if he needs a musical outlet
UC: yes… co writing…..
UC: SIDENOTE: Do you think it’s weird that Rob has never mentioned Marcus Mumford? I mean.. they are london musician/celebrities…. there are like 4 of them…. I’m pretty sure they must hate each other. There’s NO other explanation. Maybe once they fought over Cho Chan

The one with UC’s “private time”

Moon: I mean don’t get me wrong I’d LOVE LOVE to hear what album Rob would come out with. but i don’t want any one else, read: critics to hear it
UC: ME NEITHER. I’d just like it for my private time. I MEAN my alone time… no wait.. alone with my THOUGHTS.. or maybe my bath time soaks
Moon: with a copy of tiger beat
UC: Okay i can’t get out of this one.. it all sounds like I’d be touching myself to him.. and for once that’s not what I mean!
Moon: don’t try to front!!! anyway my point being is that i think he’s talented and what not and i’d love to hear it but critics would be merciless and NONE of us need that
UC: NONE. It just make us feel worse about being a Rob Fan

The one with songs about Rob’s fur-children

UC: okay so let’s say we figure out a way for all the critics to disappear & he releases an album… WHAT would it have on it? what types of songs? will they all make us cry? will we even be able to understand them???
Cuz even if we can’t (which is most likely the case) I bet there will be Videos of fans CRYING over the lyrics
“that’s.. justt soooo sooo *snifff* BEAUTIFUL” Sane person: “what did he say” Crazy Fan “I don’t know… but I KNOW it’s deep”
Moon: its about Robsten! duh!! since EVERYTHING is about Robsten
UC: and Bear? Will he write a love song to Bear? their love-dog?
Moon: It’s kinda like marcus’s song ‘i was broken’ is about Robsten. even though i’m sure it was written BEFORE all this mess. it’s like he’s a prophet!!
Moon: Yes. All the songs would be about Bear & Jella. Their fur-children. VOMIT
UC: hahahah
Moon: he will want it to be a rap album since he’s secret gangsta, but it will be sad bastard, british, neo americana sound

The one where Rob is REALLY literal

UC: i think Rob has a lot of material, so maybe he’s been writing lots of songs like “the loneliness of Fame”
“I hate the paparazzi” “I’m getting tired of Vampires”
Moon: Or “my hair looks stupid like this” He’s VERY Literal
UC: “I forget where i put my soap”
Moon: “plaid is the color of my feelings”
UC: “sometimes I wish I could sleep alone” That’s a B-side- unreleased. And we don’t know- is he talking about his furry friends? [and by that I mean the animals…not Kristen after not shaving for a few weeks]
Moon: “krisbians scare me”
UC: “Robsessed girls scare me”

"I'm sad that they made me into PaperDolls"

Moon: “everyone scares me”
UC: “My dad Dick” after a nice phone call home & he’s missing the rents. “Do they really like my mole?”
after he reads that one post on Robsessed & reconsiders his trip to the dermatologist to have it removed
He just says it how it is. No beating around the bush: “Taylor scares me” written when Taylor was eating a LOT of those meat patties
Moon: “I live in Airports”
UC: “I wish I could be like him” written after admiring Kellan’s confidence with fame
Moon: “Man love isn’t wrong” dedicated to his man pals
UC: “Bt Sometimes it even creeps me out” inspired by TomStu, always creeping behind him
“Why do I jump like that” written after his half=-naked self became a meme

Oh Rob.. while we’d love an album from you in some ways, hate it (and the critics) in others, I think keeping a little bit more of yourself locked away & hidden from all of us “Impeccable Pattinson Insiders” is probably a good idea! If you bare your soul in lyrical form, what would we have to write & speculate about on LTR!?


Okay what are your thoughts? Yay or neigh on the Rob-album idea? Defend your position! Stand your ground! Laugh when you remember how I made jumping-Rob Paperdolls!

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75 Responses to “Rob Pattinson: Platinum selling artist or critic’s punching bag?”

  1. @lizcheekydevil says:

    i’d love to hear a rob album as i really like his voice x

  2. Pam says:

    This was one of the cutest, entertaining, and TRUE “comentries” I’ve read lately. Loved it!

  3. How could you forget my good friend Lee MacDougall!!! He is better than Sam as well 😉 He also loved my LTR Brit Boys shirt, so he’s def a keeper!!

    And I agree, Rob album= freakin awesome
    critics= not so much

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Lee MacDougall came to play in SF the other week. But at 9 PM on a MONDAY night! Who the hell goes out on Monday at 9 (which would inevitably be more like 10 since musicians take forever to show up and warm up). Next time you see him, can you tell him that if he’s going to play on Monday, at least be at a reasonable hour, like 7 (or preferably a noon lunch show near my office – that would have been most convenient). I tweeted him requesting the same thing but he never got back to me (you’d think I’d be used to Brit boys never getting back to me, but it does sting a little when I get no response, each and every time).

      • The Old One says:

        I tweeted him too, to let him know that old people wanted to see his show but for some reason he ignored me. . . .

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          I was sure he would have responded to you. I guess he doesn’t care about old ladies attending his show. Probably holds shows at 9 p.m. on Monday just so old ladies don’t attend. I offered him meat aspic, too!! What kind of Brit says no to that?

      • JellyBeanRainbow says:

        Well, if you go out, you go out, no matter what day or time it is. I love going out during the week, it’s when the real partygoers come out, not just the people who think they are supposed to party just because it friday/saturday.

        But anyway, thumbs up for requesting lunchtime gig near your office. LOL

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          Look, I’m an old lady who likes convenience. I can’t do late night Monday shows with 2 kids and a public transportation system that does not run after midnight. Rob might be an exception to all logic when it comes to partying all night. Lee M. will have to put out some serious sex hair before I go see one of his “young babes only, please” shows.

          I’m old, but sex hair makes me young.

      • LOL Nat!!! Our show was a Thursday at 7, so totes do able. And if I was tweeting I’d be sure to ask him to have some earlier times. I’m sure he’d respond since he personally responded to my facebook comment. (yep, still holding on to that!)

  4. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Maybe he can play some small gigs (like Hugh Laurie did, at cafes and talk shows) and then put out more after he keeps hearing things like “this guy can actually play” from both critics, fans, and husbands of the Robsessed. Once he builds up a following, maybe he can go old-school and put out an album for those serious music people who still buy albums (like my husband). I’d buy an album too (as opposed to a few singles) if Rob was on the cover.

    • The Old One says:

      Small gigs? Not going to happen. No matter how bad he could be, he could sell out the Oakland Coliseum on just a rumor.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Well, not if small gigs were unannounced. That would be the key – I’d love for him to just start showing up at random pubs and cafes. Though I guess each pub and cafe would have to cut off their wi-fi access and jam everyone’s cell phone because once word got out that Rob was playing, there’d be a race to that location.

        OK, forget it. I guess random pub gigs are out, thanks to internet being everywhere.

        So Oakland Coliseum it is. I’d go, but I’d be worried there’d be some sort of stampede. Also, can you imagine the noise level of screamers? It would be deafening. Poor Rob. Guess the Coliseum is out too.

        Fine then. I guess my living room it is.

        • The Old One says:

          But you’ll invite me, right?

          He already thought of the living room thing–remember that Songs from a Room video? That worked OK, but maybe because it was polite English people and everyone had to have their cell phones off.

        • ladyofthemeadow says:

          Can you Skype me into your living room? Either that, or I’ll volunteer for any of the following roles at the Oakland Coliseum: security, dresser, food taster, water fetcher, hair messer-upper, foot rubber.

        • TeamSeth says:

          Oh man, blocking the wifi!!! How on earth will people check in for their foursquare?!!!!

      • TeamSeth says:

        It has to be very, VERY poorly advertised. For instance, KRS-One came to Orlando once, and it wasn’t know until 4 days before. The whole thing was thrown together and pulled off well, but there were only 500 people there, rather than 10,000 we expect Rob to attract.

        Very doable.

        OR we could just give him a performer name… something that has no connection to him or Twilight.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          So Eddie and the Leghitchers is probably out for a band name. I am really nice and don’t scream and I already have 2 guitars in my house (one out of tune adult guitar and one out of tune kid’s guitar). Kids aren’t bad on keyboards. 2 couches, just enough room for local LTR people. Rob: I promise that there will be no screaming (except my 3 year old), no cell phones permitted, no photography. You can play for dinner and drinks. We’ll all be nice and won’t touch your feet or shave your face unless requested. – Love, Us (and Meadowcomber, I think Rob will understand if I Skype you in).

          • ladyofthemeadow says:

            Yeah baby, I’m in via Skype. I’ll be one of the ‘safer’ guests, because I won’t be able to touch. Just look. You’ll have to vouch for the rest, could be unpredictable.

          • How local is local LTRer’s because I would so do a roadtrip for that! Mags and I could dust off the WTF-LTR mobile and drive on up!!

            And I have missed so much! Lady M got a new nickname?!

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Anyone semi-local (West Coast or whomever is willing to drive to my house) is welcome. And I’d be honored to have you and Maggie over, RFM! ALSO: GET A TWITTER account already, RFM (and other holdouts). I mean it.

          • Persuasive much, Nat? hehe. Here’s my twitter dilema…I have a dumb phone. Is it even worth it? Maybe when I upgrade my phone and get a smart one. I also think a Rob blogger should probably have a twitter. So I know when Rob’s shopping for our new furniture!

          • ladyofthemeadow says:

            I second that you, Rfm, should get a Twitter acct and join us tweeps! Nat’s referring to my alter-identity on Twitter.

  5. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Oh, and for the impeccable Rob insider. CathCoug, right? I’m sure she is more than willing to share what she knows (what she knows through a friend of a friend of Rob’s dentist’s best friend). She likes to gab, she has free time, she has a thing for Rob.

  6. kristen's bestie says:

    Actors who tried to become musicians but failed: Jada Pinkett Smith and Jared Leto (he failed right?)

    song to write:
    “I love my adidas sandals”

    • LatersBaby says:

      That made me think of Eddie Murphy’s, “My girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.”

      But that song made it big.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Yeah but we had to endure the singing of Jada Pinkett Smith’s. Ugh.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I’d say Jared Leto made it, 30STM is playing sold out big venues and winning music (ok, mostly MTV, but still) awards and topping the charts.
      He’s annoying, although pretty too look at, but oh-so-annoying as a musician.

  7. robsslave says:

    Love you girls always. Great post but comeon you are kidding about Sam right? He’s my favorite singer in the Brit pack. I always go to see him when he comes to Houston.

  8. lovethesefries says:

    Totes agree. The idea of an album by Rob, all produced and shiny just doesn’t sit well with me. I think what I like best about Rob’s music (from what we’ve heard) is that it’s so raw and organic, and is just him. Anything else would just feel too contrived, in my opinion. And I also like the fact that you can never understand what he’s saying, because I think that’s just what makes it so much about the experience. He’s just singing what he feels in the moment, and half the time I think it’s not even words. I seem to remember a quote from an interview from Michael Welch talking about Rob’s song-writing process and how he just kind of makes sounds as he goes that may or may not eventually turn into words. I feel like music, to Rob, is an ever-evolving process and it just would feel wrong to try to make it into something concrete like a studio album. For the record, I feel the same way about Bobby Long – his live performances are so much better than his EP, in my opinion.

    P.S. “I forget where I put my soap” – DIED! That’s a hit single, right there.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      “he just kind of makes sounds as he goes that may or may not eventually turn into words” – sort of like…uh…toddlers? 🙂

      Rob can make gurgling and mumbling sexy, though. To be honest, I don’t love mumbling, just as I don’t like scat singing (bing bong a diggedy dooo-ah). But I do love his voice and accompanying music, so as is the case with Ella Fitzgerald, I can learn to appreciate.

  9. Edible art? says:

    Agreed love to hear an album and would pray it’s amazing – he’d have to leave it 10 years tho’ to avoid the cashing in on Twilight accusations ! Perhaps a few duets or guest vocals on other people’s stuff might be nice ! Then they’d get accused of cashing in on Twilight hmmmmm keep on with the films I say !!!

  10. Munkee says:

    You girls did it again. I laughed so hard.

    I felt badly, not liking Sam. Now I know I’m not alone. It’s just…..not good. At all.

  11. The Old One says:

    UC and Moon, remember that time you played a Rob song to your musician friends without telling them who it was, to see what they said about it? I seem to remember they didn’t think it was too bad. Maybe the critics wouldn’t be as mean as you think. And who listens to them anyway? We would just download the songs off the internet and avoid the music industry hype altogether. It would be like that “Friday It’s Friday” song!

  12. Kelli says:

    I just went to a Lee MacDougall concert last week and I really enjoyed it. He is very talented and a really nice guy. I would love an album from Rob, my husband who is a great singer in his own right really likes Rob’s voice and some of his friends that are true musicians think that Rob has great potential, because as they say he’s real, he can play guitar and piano…and he’s got a good voice very raw…

  13. LatersBaby says:

    Oh, I started to cut and paste my favorite lines from this breakdown, but it was no use–too many.
    I have this vision of an 80’s music video where Rob has his Sexy Beast hair and there is synthesized music. He’s talk-sining, looking directly in the camera with lights flashing in the background… yes, I think this is the concept for “plaid is the color of my feelings.” But it has a driving beat, very Hall and Oats “Maneater.”

    Don’t do it, Rob. I’ll have to go further in my closet. “Hey, what are you listening to on your iPod?”

    “Me, um… Adelle, yeah, it’s Adelle.”

    A less than impeccable outsider

  14. TheColdWoman says:

    “plaid is the color of my feelings” <— LOVE this!
    I don't think I could handle a whole album of Rob. Sorry. EP, yes. Full album, probably not. I do like the surprise of a song popping up unexpectedly here and there though – – like my Civil Wars Pandora station occasionally playing "Let Me Sign" – – I get excited every time! 🙂

  15. 40sumthin says:

    You ladies make me laugh…but I def have to say a big “NAY” on the Rob-album idea! As much as I LOVE him…his skills are best viewed while acting!

  16. itsaboutthewords says:

    So I know this is a Rob site but you did mention Marcus Mumford and since I’m apparently keen to take a misogynist view and correlate women only with their male love interests I ask…what is your view on the new Laura Marling album? I need someone influential to tell me what to think because i’m still undecided. Some tracks are good but others confuse me. Like Rob’s addidas.

  17. TeamSeth says:

    thna mmhot mmpockkkktt soommm delimmsh

    That’s how I imagine the Rob album to sound. Confusing and sad, though about happy topics, like transfatty foods and treasures found in Sturridge’s beard. I think that song will be called “Sunday Treats”. Unless he is going for the longwinded song titles… in which case it will be, “Sunday Treats in Sturridge’s Beard, aka TomStu Treats on Sundays. Say That Five Times Fast”

    On a different note, how bored is MTV?

    Also, why didn’t you guys go with my creepy crew stalking concept for LTT today? Not enough info? 😉 I seem to recall sending you guys Appreciation Day letters for obscure crew members of New Moon back 2 years ago. Could’ve worked!!! Just for one day! (crap, am now singing that Moulin Rouge version of the song)


  18. MariaCecilia says:

    I would love a Rob-bootleg to come out, you know where he was taped live in a club singing, old-school and completely unintelligible! *sigh*

    I honestly think he has the voice, the music skills and the soul to be a singer-songwriter to outdo the Brit pack and most of anything out there. Problem is, I don’t think “polished-and-produced” would sit well with him either, so I’d go with the “come record in my living room while I bring my friends and free beer”-idea. Only it has to be MY living room! 😉

  19. Katycougar says:

    Sorry Ladies it took me a little time to respond to this one. I have a good reason. I wanted an opinion of someone that I trust…… My Husband. He doesn’t have to like you to judge whether he likes your music. The proof of that to me is that he hates many a musician, but loves their music. Trust me if you met half of these guys you would agree.

    We had lunch and I had him listen to Rob sing. He listened to “Let Me Sign,” “Never think,” and “I was Broken.” Yes I told him it was Rob. His first comment was, “That’s that Fanger………… Twilight Dude. Well he loses already because of who he is.” He mentioned that he gives him Creds for his work in Remember Me and Water For Elephants, but “his Twi-Fans will ruin him.”

    Anyway he listened. These are his thoughts.
    Liked it. I mentioned that a few people complained his words were slurred and unintelligible.

    He responded: “What the F**k……… there lies the problem and I hope that was not you saying that crap. Some little teenage twit with no music appreciation would say that shit. He is singing the blues. That comes from the heart. It is supposed to sound that way.”

    He suggested this from “Temple of the Dog.” The album was called “Mother Love Bone.” Please note that some of the best music that I have ever heard came from this and he knows it. I have this on my IPOD. “Hunger Strike” starts with a long haired Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder sings the next stanza.

    He also suggested that Rob could sing this. This was the song that we played at my Dad’s funeral. “Say Hello to Heaven.” I was surprised but he said that Rob has this kind of Vibe and could sing this. That is a true compliment to me considering my Love of Chris Cornell. I realize this was over 20 years ago, but it works for me.

    Chris Cornell’ Soundgarten, Eddie Vedder’s Pearl Jam, Nirvana and so many more. Grunge rock was really was blues from Seattle. We still do it here in Ventura, San Francisco and Seattle. I had to laugh. Rob has the grunge look down. He said Rob could never go big venue. We have places here like Nicholby’s and the Ventura Concert Theater that would be perfect. A lot of famous musicians have come here to introduce new songs before they put them on an album. I think this would be true all the way up the pacific coast.

    He also said, “Rob should do this because he loves his music and not for the money. Do it for fun and screw the fans. Maybe he could get a cult following.” He laughed. “I forget he has you girls on LTR for that.”

  20. Katycougar says:

    If Rob wants to record his music he certainly doesn’t need a studio. My husband has a soundproof room with a couple of computers and instruments. There are houses with sound studios in them that he could rent like most musicians do. That way they do not have to leave the studio. They can eat and sleep there and it is much cheaper than studio time.

    Yes he could be cooking a “hot pocket” and recording his next song at the same time.

    My husband and I agree on the fact that the Brits know their blues. Most rock Musicians play the blues in their down time anyway. I introduced my husband to my Dad’s favorite, Eric Clapton. My Dad loved the American blues artists like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and B.B. King

  21. Katycougar says:

    One last thing, I promise.
    I just wanted to post this by Chris Cornell. This was actually the first one my husband suggested, before he got to “Mother Love Bone.” This was his example of how a songs mood could be change by singing it in a different style. This was a bluesy version of “Billie Jean.”

    My husband said Rob needs to change his name if he ever wants to be taken seriously. Just for Music of course. I have to agree that it would help him. Just think of him with a different name, his grungy look, beard and maybe let his hair grow out to his shoulders. He could even perform on street corners.

    Maybe you ladies have some suggestions. I think this could be fun.

    Remember when Reece said her Rap name was “Keep it Reelz.” I think it only works for rappers.

    May I suggest these names for Rob the Rapper:

    Fanger ( I am showing my True Blood. Yes ladies if you laid Rob you could be a Fangbanger.)

    Back Door Man for the blues.

    Come on help me out here…………………..

  22. maggie says:

    Rob’s music is an acquired taste. I’ve never yet asked anyone to listen to it. It’s like a sort of abstract art. It’s raw, soulful, from the gut. Not everyone can appreciate it or make any sense of it. If you get it… just get it. At first I was a bit skeptical. Now I’m totally sold. There’s no better music to my ears than listening to that boy wail. I can’t picture him recording a long play album. His songs don’t seem to fit that genre to me.

    So now, here’s a few song he might like to write:

    “Hot Pocket Heaven”
    “My Buddy Bear”
    “Norm’s Guitar Shop Hop”
    “A Heine is All I Need to Get By”
    “I’m Just a Tool, A Big, Hard Tool”

    • LatersBaby says:

      Please let him record, “Just a Tool, A Big, Hard Tool.”

    • Katycougar says:

      I am with LaterBaby on “I’m Just a Tool, A Big, Hard Tool.”
      Maggie I think this is a perfect start for Rob. Maybe by offering these suggestions it will influence him to write.
      He needs to start on these right away, especially that last one.
      Maybe you could throw him a few lines for the last one.
      May I suggest “Baby, Oh Baby………. I know you are a Fool for my Big Hard Tool.”

  23. tina says:

    the fact that someone actually said tha Lee was a better musician than Sam ,obviously doesnt know good music, i have seen sam over 5 times now and lee twice, trust me i wont be spending any more money on lee, Sam is one of the nicest and most personable people i have ever met, he has not let the fact of who his friends are go to his head, and actually enjoys meeting his fans. and just for the record, Sam DID co write “never think” with rob, and if you went and listened to sams version”too far gone” you might actually change your mind about him.

    • Uh, wow. Don’t be hating on my choice of music. We are entitled to our own personal music styles. Yes, I like Lee and I thought his music style was different than Sam but I did like it better. Regarding the letting things go to his head statement. Lee was very personable. He talked with us all, signed our CD’s and even took numerous pictures. He also personally responded to me on facebook, so I would say that he does enjoy meeting his fans. I’m not hating on Sam I just don’t prefer him. I’ve never seen him live so that may change my mind. But as far as his EP went, it was just okay for me.

  24. jarielynn says:

    🙁 I can’t believe you two are hating on Sam. I saw im play in Atlanta and I thought he was amazing. I love the way he sings, and I love the music he writes.
    I adore Rob, but honestly, I think Sam is a better singer. When I heard him sing Hold On, I was pretty impressed. I could actually understand the words. 😉 (love you rob!) Have you heard Sam play live? I really only thought of him as Rob’s friend until a friend took me to see him. I was completely won over. He is great.

  25. Rob's Bitch says:

    Wait…there are paper dolls????

  26. Pattygirl says:

    Pls Rob, I even invest in your music, yeah you don’t nd my money , but I still invest though and get investors

  27. Kelli says:

    Hey!!!! Robsfuturemate is this Nicole? I really like all of the boys voices…they are each different and truly each to his own. I have to say that because of twilight my world has been opened to new things, new bands, new friends and new movies…I just went to the L.A. premiere screening of Jackson Rathbones movie “Girlfriend” last night…this is something I never would have done before but b’cuz of Twilight I found what I really like. It was a great movie very, very touching, Jackson did a great job….my husband is an actor by night and a 5th grade teacher by day, he’s always had his friends and “thing” but now I feel like I do to…it has come late to me, I just turned 40 this year and at first felt a little crazy about this obsession of Twilight and especially of Robert but I have learned to embrace it….I for one would LOVE to have a Rob CD in my new music I love collection….

    • maggie says:

      Hi Kelly: Yep. That was rfm. And I am her friend that was sitting next to you at Hotel Cafe. I thought you were around 25, girl! Looking good!

      I’ll be in touch about BD soon. Still working on it on my end.


    • LOL Kelli! Thanks for outing me there! hehe, I thought about the name confusion after I wrote it. (no one else here see’s my other name, especially you Rob. just forget it)

  28. Twime says:

    True story—
    I played a bootleg mp3 of Rob’s performance (at some dive he was at in Hollyweird) … and I tell you.. he had my dog going really good. Yep, ole’ Bowser cut loose a long howl when he heard Rob singing. I think it was the song “I was broken”… Although I think Bowser liked “Stray Dog”.. better. In any case..

    It hurt my ears.. the howling and Rob’s singing.
    Stick to looking pretty Rob!

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