The one where I play devil’s advocate with myself

Dear Rob,

I have to admit, I’m not the Rob-beard loving (and I’m not talking about you-know-who) one of the bunch. That role belongs to Moon (who do you think picked our header image up there?) So you showing up today, apparently on your way to a baseball game in Maryland, with a beard was not my cup o’tea.

So maybe it was because of starting off on THAT scratchy note that I found a few other things I wasn’t crazy about (besides the paparazzi clearly pissing off my main man):

1. Baltimore ORIOLES? really? I’m pretty sure they’re a baseball team & I know for SURE the Phillies are better. So either you’re going for the hipster-idea of “This sports team isn’t good so I’m going to pretend to like them,” or you got a free hat OR you found a hat in the trash. Oh.. the latter is obviously what happened so forget about the other two options.  Moving on..

2. Your beard. Not much else to say here except, despite the length, that does NOT look soft. It looks like a prickly porcupine & I know because Mr. Choice has been rockin’ a beard for 2ish years now. It’s NEVER soft until you let it grow more to “Homeless living under the bridge” length, which is different from “homeless and occasionally crashing in the church’s backyard” length or “homeless but getting at least 1.5-2 meals a day at SALVO” length. Believe me- there’s a difference. I know. I live in the ‘hood. I have a “backyard at the church” homeless AND a “under the broken down semi truck” homeless man on my block. You gotta look way more homeless in order for the beard to soften up.

3. Why wear a shirt at all if you’re going to wear one you can see through completely!? For the answer… enter #4:

4. Moobs? Really? Your arms look so thin- how did all the fat end up THERE?

5. Surprise, Surprise. You’re wearing a shirt with a hole in it! And we KNOW you’re not broke… sooooo laziness? Not just pulling hats out of the trash but also (still) pulling shirts from the dumpster? Sigh… no one can say money has changed you!

But then, as I looked harder at the picture… my thoughts sorta changed:

1. I’m still not sure if the Orioles are a baseball team, but maybe you’re just trying to be nice because they had a bad season & aren’t as good as the Phillies.*

2. Still nothing positive to say about the beard. See Moon for that

3. Your worn-in shirt looks so comfy & I want to cuddle up in it. You may be there, if you want. But I’d probably rather snuggle up in it alone. Looks like you might save me money on PJs. Or at least a new/old exercise shirt

4. Wait… are those… Pecs? Hmmm… not necessarily a good thing that we cant tell if they’re Moobs or Pecs… but…. they could be Pecs!

5. Still wearing holes in your clothes means all those millions you’re making at just there… WAITING for someone to spend them… and, well, I’m willing!

So two opinions on one look (but one opinion on the scratchy beard- shave it!)


*Look at me. Pretending to know/care/etc. about sports!

What do you think of Rob’s “look” as of late? Does the beard bother you? And WHY is he wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat? I KNOW someone out there knows!!!

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49 Responses to “The one where I play devil’s advocate with myself”

  1. toooldforthis says:

    My guess is that Rob has no idea the Baltimore Orioles is a baseball team. We know he’s an animal fan and has talked about supporting charities such as the World Wildlife Foundation.

    Kellan probably told him he’d be making an environmental statement by sporting the Orioles hat.

  2. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    All I’m thinking is: how long is it since we’ve seen him without the cap after CC and what kind of hair disaster is underneath? Overgrown uneven Cosmopolis hair scares me.

    On the other hand, I’m forever grateful to Rob for holes in his T shirts. Whenever there’s one in mine lately, I’m ok with it.
    I use to mend it or throw it away or never again wear it in public, now I just think of Rob and wear it as if it’s perfectly normal.

    Ps. Those better be pecks, not moobs, BD premiere is almost here, Rob better look great for that!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Dear Rob, we all know by now that you dress like a hobo, so the beard and the holey t-shirt don’t really work as a disguise anymore. May I suggest an Armani suit and Raybans instead, just to confuse the paps?
      (Oh, who am I kidding, we’ d know you that way too..)

  3. roslynselene says:

    So the beard is back. Didn’t someone last year write a letter to it? LAWL

    I kinda like his golden beard here but that’s the limit. Any longer than that is gonna be gross.

    And his shirt reminds me of one that I have. But see, I ALWAYS wear an undershirt underneath. Rob is just being his slutty self and doesn’t mind letting his moobs get a tan.

    • Bea says:

      My concern here is that facial hair seems to be contagious among guy friends… I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s decided TomStu’s is cool and is on his way to copying it. Bleh.

  4. As I mentioned to a couple friends, that shirt is just begging to be ripped off…with my bare hands. It looks like it could be done very easily!!!

    And the hat? Rob’s no Orioles fan. Last time he was in Toronto he was sporting (hehe) that hat and a Padres sweatshirt! Two different teams for the same sport is a Sports no-no.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      We all know that Rob is one of those lucky guys who got saved by booze from going into sports. He probably picks his t-shirts and baseball caps based o.n which designs he likes most, with no clue what team it promotes..and I love him for it. 🙂

    • Katycougar says:

      Great minds think alike. Yes when I saw that hole I thought……. just big enough to stick my foinger in and tear away. That boy could be shirtless in seconds.

      I do have an answer for the baseball teams. Both leagues are covered. The Orioles are American league and Padres are National. That said as a Brit I cannot see Rob liking baseball, but he does like what baseball provides……. the baseball cap that celebs get for free. I am thinking that he may have many more. I have seen him in the Dodger hat, but my favorite is the LB (Long Beach).

  5. Munkee says:

    I love the beard. Love it. Amen.

  6. Nelle says:

    No-no-no to the beard. It hides the pretty.

    Was he really in MD? So close to home.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      You know Rob can turn up anywhere, anytime, so you’d better keep a look out..there won’t be any Bat signal in the sky to warn us. (Or maybe the universal Dumpster sign?)

  7. michelle says:

    Im going to venture a guess and say that Rob isn’t on his way to a baseball game, but is, in fact, on his way to an audition for a low budget porno where he would be playing either a) a gay car mechanic or b) a down-on-his-luck Starbucks barista who has a lifelong dream of playing Tom Hank’s chatacter in an off-Broadway version of Castaway.

    • Maggie says:

      I love clean-shaven Rob. I love scruffy Rob. I love bearded Rob. Scruffy Rob is my favorite, but I’ve always been partial to beards. And when Rob is sporting (no pun intended re the hat situation) a beard, it means he’s off duty and trying, at least, to be living some semblance of a normal life. (Hence the clenched fist at the pond scum paps who found him).

      The shirt is odd and I’m pretty sure that’s a cigarette burn hole down below, but it’s Rob’s so, of course, it’s hot and sexy and will probably become the new plaid.

      I’m goin’ with pecs rather than moobs – just because I want to. I think there’s just a hint of teeny beer belly somewhere in there too.

      Rob, you’re gorgeous. If I had been in the vicinity, you could have unclenched your fist because I would have punched out the slime for you!!

  8. LatersBaby says:

    I have to put another vote in for a Phillie’s hat. Red looks good on him, and I don’t like cutesy characters, kills the vibe for me.
    Plus, I’m a Phillies girl, so ’nuff said.

  9. The Old One says:

    I clicked on that picture and magnified it, and wow, is that one ratty T-shirt! The neck and sleeves are frayed, too. OK, so maybe you could wear something like that for working around the house, and maybe he was getting ready to do some painting, to spruce the place up for his new furnishings from the other day. But this photo was supposedly taken when he was just leaving his agency on Wilshire Boulevard. Is this the kind of outfit you wear to meet with your agent and some producer bigwigs? Apparently so, Rob, and that’s why I love you even with your moobs.

  10. Maggie says:

    Where did my avi go????

  11. Maggie says:

    Testing to see if my avi returns.

  12. Maggie says:

    Now where did my prior post go? Oh jeez. Not having a good morning.

    To recap a long post I made that seems to have disappeared:

    Love the beard.
    Love the shirt.
    Rob is hot and sexy.
    Hate the paps.

  13. Sharon says:

    I’d rather see this Rob, the real Rob instead of the Rob who wore a mustard colored jacket to an awards show. That was just bad. This is comfy Rob. He seems a little pissed at the paps. I guess he thought he could shake ’em and his disguise didn’t work out. I love the beard (btw Rob, make sure to use a good conditioner on it. It’ll help keep it soft for your lady), love the hat, love the shirt, love the pecs. They can’t be moobs because Rob is not heavy or old enough for that to happen.

  14. Edible art? says:

    Definately pec’s. !! I was thinking looking at the other full-size shots he’s looking fit – not skinny, not flabby but firm …….urghhhh!! Also beard lover here ! However like the previous commentator I DO NOT want to think about what is under that hat there’s no way he would have had a haircut so it is some awful grown 80’s short one side long on the other disaster a la Phil Oakley from the human league debacle !!!

    • The Old One says:

      There have been no pictures of Rob, that I know of, without a hat since the end of Cosmopolis filming and Comic Con. I was hoping we would know for sure if he evened out the Human League look now that he’s back in Toronto, whether he was keeping the haircut for re-shoots or something. But no word yet–I’m standing by!

  15. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Bearded Rob reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. The one I spent (wasted?) all of my 20s’s with. Bearded, loved baseball caps, usually wore black t-shirts with holes, starving artist type. I really think he could not see the holes in his clothes. I’d point them out for him and he’d always say things like “well, would you look at that.” As if his eyes did not register giant 2 inch holes in the direct middle of his shirt. It was some sort of psychological condition…not seeing holes when they were there. I am guessing Rob has that same disorder.

    But no matter. At this point in my relationship, I just don’t care. At this point, he can wear shirts inside out and shorts stained with cherry Slurpee, I just don’t care. I’m very casual about my Rob relationship that way. I wouldn’t let my kids or husband out like that, but Rob…fine. I’ll take him any way I can get him. I suppose that sounds desperate. I suppose no one here should quote me. My remaining standards: I don’t want him smelly and his skin should be clean(ish). No insects in his hair.

    He’s got me where he wants me. Again. On my knees and eager for anything.

  16. AussieECfan says:

    Have to say I’m not a fan of the full beard – Rob with scruff is HOT. Mountain man foliage + tired eyes, ratty clothes & mad-tuft hair….not so much. It actually makes me feel sorry for him – I just see a overstretched young man in need of cuddles instead of simply thinking he’s awesome cause he’s so comfortable in his Lifeline duds.

    P.S: Can’t help but wonder if the beard is Kristen’s ploy to attempt to keep some girls away…it’s like a natural-born defensive that facial hair!

    P.P.S: K, it’s ok if your man has bigger pecs/moobs than you…I feel your pain honey!

  17. Sarah says:

    Rob loves his O’s trucker hat!! I looked at Camden Yard last night and a few weeks ago for that hat. I am so glad he is supporting them whether he likes them or not. The beard? Not a huge fan, it will do in a pinch, but I absolutely love the scruff. I would take him in a holey shirt as well…..

  18. I've been Robbed says:

    He definitely needs a Phillies hat. He’s gotta be a Phillies fan- look he’s already say F-you by the worn clothes and scruffiness. That’s a Philly attitude all the way.

  19. Katycougar says:

    It does not matter to me.
    He can dress homeless, grunge, truck driver, or rock a suit; I will take them all. By the way; shirtless, briefs only, or just naked are even better. It’s Rob.

    I can truly say for Rob I don’t care what team is on his baseball cap. As long as it is on his head; it’s good. I want to pull that baseball cap off and run my fingers through his hair and see how long it has grown.

    Holey shirts were made to be torn off and that is the message he is sending me. Thin cheap ratty t-shirts were made for Rob. Look at it this way; he is wearing it for you.

    I may not be into beards, but for Rob I can make this exception. This one is begging me to touch it. Let me find out for myself if it is scratchy. I happen to think it might feel really nice. I would like to find out if it tickles on my bare skin.

    Yeah I am okay with this…………. He is just Rob……………………..

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Yes, he wore that shirt just to indulge our fantasies about tearing his shirt off. Well, not all fans. Just us here on LTR. Because other fans are lunatics and scary. We are a respectable shirt-hole-filling, nit-picking, lap-sitting, potato-sack providing bunch here.

      He looks so pissy. Can’t go anywhere. Grrr.. If I owned a secret island, I’d give it to him.

  20. OhRob says:

    Can somebody please tell me if this is Rob or not?
    Booby Long was performing @ ACL that very day, too, and Rob was in the States on Sept.16th. So, I’m wondering….
    Check out at 1:46

  21. Pattygirl says:

    Dear Rob,

    This is how I like you ; Hot and Bother! Love Me

  22. ooza says:

    If I get to actually see a current photo of Rob, I honestly don’t care what he looks like. #gimmegimmegimme

  23. beaspoon says:

    I have to agree with a pp…this picture just makes me feel sad. He looks so tired and annoyed. I have to assume the beard is an attempt at “disguising” himself since he’s so recognizable, but of course now he rocks the beard so much that it’s not much of a disguise at all. I DO like it though, Wouldn’t mind testing it’s softness against my thighs…gasp! What? No, I didn’t say that;-p

    The t-shirt, however…where does he find these things? Seriously. It does look soft…as in “it’s going to fall apart tomorrow” soft. Lol.

    I’m definitely going for pecs–I hate the word moobs! Plus he looks so skinny right now, it’s definitely not moobs!

    I’ll take Rob however I can get him–any pics of him are good pics in my opinion!

  24. Pattygirl says:

    this is how the hot , rich and famous people dress ie : Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckenberg except they are not hot like Rob.

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