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Since Rob did nothing of importance (as always) this weekend, I dug into the far-reaches of the LTR vault (aka all the unposted letters in our email account tagged “LTR potential.” There are over 85!) to see if I could find anything interesting from ages past that I never posted. There were MANY! And so I thought it would be fun to see what we were thinking about awhile ago, in regards to Rob. Surprisingly (or not) it’s not much different…

March 24, 2010

Dear Rob,

One of the things I love best about you is your tightwad, hobo style. I love that you still bust out the same blue sweater from the Harry Potter days. I love that you wore a jacket with a ripped sleeve on national TV. I love that you’re not afraid to wear your beloved tshirts into rags (which then require emergency sewing skillz). However, I’m worried about your wardrobe and its apparent rapid depletion.

No one rocks an old ratty sweater that they wore to the 11th grade homecoming dance that they went to with that homely girl with braces where their mom took pictures like it was their wedding day, like you do...

The lovely LTR/LTT ladies have been keeping tabs on yours and Kristen’s shirt sharing habits over on the forum, and I’m starting to get a bit concerned. How many shirts do you own? Maybe five? Six tops? There has been photographic evidence of Kristen wearing at least three of your shirts, leaving you with a grand remaining total of three. Frankly, this BOTHERS me.

(here is a video showing proof of this Clothes-swapping which has over 100,000 views. Yes, you may feel very very ashamed)


When TomStu borrows one of your shirts, it’s not long before we see you wearing one of his. When you show up to an event in one of Sam’s (or was that Marcus’s sweaty red plaid shirt that you wore to the VMA’s?) sweaty button downs from the night before, eventually he’s going to show up wearing something of yours. It’s like a giant communal shirt bank that never varies in number. But what could Kristen possibly contribute to the bank? Is she going to swap her electric pink mesh-insert Runaways premier dress for your Stoli shirt? Dude. Seriously. She’s depleting the bank! Don’t be a victim!

You may have to mow over THAT girl to get to THAT shirt

Think of the repercussions. If she keeps “borrowing” your shirts at this rate, it won’t be long until the guys kick you out of the bank and you’re forced into prying the ducky sweater (obviously way too awesome to be a part of the shirt bank) out of TomStu’s cold, dead hands (because he’s not giving up THAT baby without a fight). Or worse yet, you’ll be forced to walk around shirtless…





Oh, hi, Rob. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE when you let Kristen borrow your shirts.


Was worried but now notsomuch,


P.S. If you ever show up in any pictures wearing the ducky sweater? You will automatically pass go, collect 100 dollars, and become my favorite person in the ENTIRE universe until the end of time.

Rob never borrowed that Duck sweater, did he? I can’t remember ever seeing it. And I’m PRETTY SURE we wouldn’t forget Rob wearing the BEST SWEATER of ALL TIME!!!! 

PPS: Caption on the first image above was from This funny Post from 2009!! We’ve been discussing Rob’s “Fashion” (or lack thereof!) for YEARS now!

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7 Responses to “Inside the LTR vault”

  1. Nelle says:

    TomStu is a cutie and the ducky sweater is the best!

    But where is Rob? Maybe resting up for the onslaught and total feeding frenzy that will be the Breaking Dawn lead up. It’s right around the corner. Will KStew be finished romping around the beach in Wales with horses to get back in time?

  2. robsslave says:

    I was just wondering where the duck sweater is? Who’s the keeper? Please Rob! Please show up with that sweater on. The fandom would freak.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Could that be the next OBE for the Robdom: KDS? “You have now been awarded the title Keeper of the Duck Sweater. Please rise.”

  3. Kaybvee says:

    Ok, I can’t stop staring at the blue sweater close up. Damn, but he looks really young there…
    Bad KB, bad!

    And yes, duck sweater-like pronto…

  4. MariaCecilia says:

    OMG I totally forgot about the Duck sweater! Ok, that’s a line I have to draw: if Rob turns up to our date in the Duck sweater, I will spill my drink on him quickly and make him take it off before anyone else sees it.

    I feel an Alice prediction coming on…three years from now, if Moon and UC are still posting, we will STILL be discussing Rob’s (lacking) sense of fashion on LTR. Some things won’t change, thankfully! And by then they will finally have manufactured the Rob paper doll, so we can all make our own outfits for him, and post the pictures…or just leave him in his naked glory and paper underwear?

    • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

      (pssst MC – did you see Robs coming to Stockholm???? That’s pretty exciting news…….)
      Yes Robs clothes – yet he manages to get on the list of best dressed and gets awards for looking that way……!!

  5. Sakes says:

    i love rob’s dont -care fashion sense. its as if the fact that he’s a major celebrity staked by the paps and in constantly in the media doesnt register to him. He’s just him. its so sexy<3

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