You’re a real person and people forget that

They're two dfferent people?! NO!

Dear Rob,

Today someone asked me if I would cry if I ever met “Edward Cullen.” Of course being a pro at answering the ” meeting Robert Pattinson” question, this one made me laugh. I answered, “Yea, I’ probably cry if I ever met Edward Cullen because we’d be in an alternate reality because Edward Cullen is a fictional character.” This earned a bunch of laughs. But really, REAL people still think YOU are Edward Cullen. For reals? It’s like asking if I wanted to meet Maverick from Top Gun and meaning Tom Cruise or Frodo and meaning Elijah Wood or Harry Potter and meaning… Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe cause he pretty much IS Harry Potter.

Hmm mmm

It makes me think of the few times I’ve seen you in person at various events and cringing when people yelled “EDWARD!” or “Where’s Jacob?” I mean they’ve got to be joking, right? You guys AREN’T these characters… are you?? Am I the only one with a (sorta) firm grip on reality? Is that you laughing because I’m writing this on a blog called Letters to Rob and who could have a firm grasp on reality if they’re doing THIS? Well, stop laughing. I have a firm grasp! That’s what she said. Ok, srsly, stop laughing.

It’s kinda like when friends have come to various Twilight premieres and as I tried to get a great view, they kinda hung around in the back and when I asked why they’re weren’t clamouring to get to the front they said “I just wanna see that he’s real… to make sure I haven’t made up the last year thinking about him.” They didn’t really need to be in the front yelling Edward or body checking security to get to you, they just wanted to see that you were a real person… so when people ask me if I would like to meet Edward Cullen I gotta say yea, because that would mean existing in some alternate universe of Stephenie Meyer’s brain and seeing the place I read about years ago (now) and seeing that Edward Cullen is indeed real. But would I cry if I ever met you, Rob? NO. Sorry, pal but I know you’re real and I’m fine with that.

With a firm grip,

Has anyone ever asked you something like this? I mean do people really think I’m a nut for EDWARD? I mean sorta but not like REALLY! Also, I think this means I’m officially way to far out of the Twilight closet.

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40 Responses to “You’re a real person and people forget that”

  1. LiLi says:

    would i ever want to meet edward? i mean, if we could alter reality and all….well….um…depends.

    book edward? no. i can’t take a man in a white sleeveless button down srsly.

    twilight edward…not only yes but hell yes.

    new moon edward….uh…nahsomuch. i can get my own werthers originals, thanks.

    eclipse eddie? maybe. if he toned down the creepy intense staring thing. geesh. lighten up ed…beller is alive and well.

    have to reserve judgement on the ol’ BD Ed until November. trying to stay spoiler free here people.

    i guess all in all, i would very much like to meet some fanfic edward. but only the gay ones.

  2. miapattinson says:

    i love him more as a real robert pattinson than as edward cullen

  3. Katiebird says:

    That question is one of the reasons why I decided to not go to Twilight movie premieres. Twilight fans are scary sometimes. Their reality is a little off. I guess I’m like the people in the back.

    Rob in person is better than any fan fic Edward. I think if I saw Rob in Edward makeup and costume, it would be very weird. Almost like an out of body experience.

  4. This is the perfect time for me do to what i love…pimp Maggies’ videos!! Here’s the premise…

    I saw Matthew Morrison aka Mr Shue from Glee in concert and he sang this song. It’s about the duality of being Mr. Shue. And of courseI thought, who else do we know that deals with this on a much grander scale Well, Rob of course! So I told Mags this would be a great video and she did an amazing job!

  5. Cazza says:

    It’s funny you should mention the friends in the back! I went to the WFE prem in New York. I ditched the over night line for wrist bands and ended up back in the bar. On the day, we stood at the back on foot stools and just watched. I just wanted to see him and that was all. Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn back meeting him face-to-face but I just wanted a glimpse.

    After WFE I was in two minds about LA Breaking Dawn, however, my two friends have persuaded me since they haven’t had their glimpse yet – all is fair in Ron and war. I do roll my eyes at the crazies but internally, I am squeeing like a teenage gal again. I just won’t be wearing a Twilight t-shirt…….


    • Kaybvee says:

      yeah! Look for me! trust me, I’m totally normal…really. I may be wearing a tshirt though…

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Yes, look for KBV – the one in the Hot Pocket suit, beer keg hat and holding hands with a Charlie Sheen real doll. LTR REPRESENTED.

    • Look for me too! I’m doing my first premiere this time!! And I may where a Twi shirt or two whilst camping but I’m thinking an LTR shirt for the actual Rob encounter. Maybe Big In Japan?

      • Kaybvee says:

        Look for Team Jack! I need some LTR swag too.

      • maggie says:

        I might be there too. Still debating if I’m up for all the insanity. May be wearing a “That’s Normal” LTR shirt. I think that’s fitting for the occasion.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          I know how you feel. As it is, I’m not even sure I can handle Twilight Tuesday night at the local theater. I get pretty anxious in crowds – screaming crowds might put me over the edge.

          Then again, you’ve done the TCAs so you’ve been experienced (BTW, pretty sure Hendrix was singing about attending Twi premieres…pass it on).

          I know, I know you probably scream and cry
          That your little world won’t let you go
          But who in your measly little world
          Are you trying to prove that
          You’re made out of gold and can’t be sold

  6. natteringyeahrobber says:

    I could handle meeting Edward. Supernatural being with bloodlust, dark alley, creepy, whatever. Done. Meeting an immortal would be damn near irresistible. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had the opportunity to meet a non-human being who can climb trees and we could have fantastic sex and I wouldn’t get pregnant…oh wait, nevermind. Sex with Edward is definitely OUT. Unless he purchased the special vampire condoms that prevented his razor-teethed sperm from penetrating the surface.

    But Rob. Actually, I used to want to meet him. Truth be told, I probably still do. Somehow I think I have less a chance of ever chatting him up over drinks than I do with Edward. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Rob is just impossible, even though he’s real. Edward might be fictional but for some reason it seems like I will meet him one day (like…maybe 35 years from now, in my retirement home, when my meds haven’t been adjusted to the quite the correct levels).

  7. Kaybvee says:

    This LTR is timely since I had my first Rob dream last night. And it was Rob, not Edward. We were just sitting at a restaurant and he was next to me, just friendly-nothing romantic really. At one point he put his head on my shoulder(!) I threw my phone at my friend so she could take a pic of us and she was fumbling over my phone and then wallked into the kitchen with it-Ack! And then I was trying to get someone outside to take our pic and it was too dark. Rob was very gracious but I was frustrated/mad as hell.

    One of those frustration dreams, I think it’s stress about going to the premiere but I do want a pic with him. Autographs i can take or leave but i always want a celeb photo! Would be nice if it would happen…and if he would put his head on my shoulder. One can dream, right?

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Congrats on your Rob dream. I haven’t had one in almost a year now. If you are with me when you see Rob, do NOT give me the camera. It is certain to slip out of my hands or I’ll push the wrong button and eject your memory card or I’ll be so magnetically charged in his presence that I’ll pretty much kill the circuitry.

      REPEAT: do not give your camera to me.

      I really hope you get a photo with him. I think the key to ensuring this happens is to be with someone Rob wants to meet. You know, have bait. Then he’ll have to come over to meet you. Let’s see…who does Rob admire? I just googled that and Charlie Sheen. So then, all you have to do is hang out with Charlie Sheen and ROB. SHOULD. BE.RIGHT. OVER. I’m sure Charlie would be happy to take a good photo.

      Maybe if Charlie Sheen isn’t available for bait rental, you can just stand next to a standee of Charlie Sheen? Or maybe a standee of Van Morrison, Rob has stated he wants to meet Van Morrison as well.

    • Congrats Kaybvee! Any Robdream is a good dream, even a nightmare.
      Thoughts on picture taking: Do NOT give your camera to ROB!! I know, he takes fan pics all the time. But imagine, he covers the lens with his fingers, he cuts off his own head, he cuts you out of the picture completely, he turns off the camera and before he or you fix it Nick ushers him along.
      Now that’s a nightmare!

      • Kaybvee says:

        Oh yeah, I think I have been told this but while handing him my camera (slowly) I could touch his hand without Dean shouting “NO TOUCHING!”-probably still not worth it, I would die if I only got a pic of our foreheads or something… No look, really that is The Pretty, look at the top inch of his hair, isn’t it obvious?!?!?

  8. Kaybvee says:

    A standee at the premiere? I might get tackled by one or more enraged line ladies. I’m tall but they could take me down. Maybe one of those hand wave thingies with his picture on it? Hmm, this is an idea-could get his attention. Or one of those beer drinking hats with the hoses you can drink from. I could put a couple of Heinekens in it and offer him a sip! But then I will be like that candle hat lady at the Abduction premiere, blocking everyone’s view-oh Lordy. IF I see her, we will be having words.

    And the camera thing, I too will be sucked into the “Rob vortex” and forget I even have a camera (two cameras plus flip video I’m sure.) Taking apps now for my personal line photographer-non Rob fans ONLY may apply, as to avoid said vortex.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Yes. Beer Keg Hat!!!! That should do it. If anyone complains, just let them pump a glass.

      That, or you could dress up as this sexy little number. RAWR!


      • Kaybvee says:

        pfffffffffttttttttt!! “Hey KBV, didn’t you say you saw Rob at the BD premiere?” And I reply, “Well, yes indeedy I did! Here’s the pic!” “You were dressed as a Hot pocket?!?!?!?!?”

        YES I WAS-whatever works right? Ahh, the things we do for love.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          I dare you to wear the Hot Pocket outfit (with Heineken mini-keg on your head). Maybe dust yourself with Indian spices (since Rob loves Indian food) and also recruit Charlie Sheen to stand next to you. Also hold a boombox blasting Van Morrison (maybe Crazy Love?).

          That would have to work. I know it.

  9. Katycougar says:

    Trying to get deep on us this week ladies?

    Well I am jumping in Bitches and if you don’t like it thumbs down my ass.

    Now with that said…………………
    No and No…………………….

    The reality for me is I like my men warm and if they are hard it better be in the right places. I don’t want to have to wear a thermal blanket or have to carry pocket warmers to be around someone. I know this implies more than just meeting……………sorry.

    1. Whether he is Book Edward or Movie Edward he is hard like a marble statue. Edward is like the statue of David but just shaking his hand would be a turn-off. A hug could really hurt and I admit I am a hugger.

    2. Cold…………… honestly I like a little human…….or not so human warmth. Not sweaty but warm.

    3. Emotionless………. Yes back to the statue. I would think if he cracked a smile………… well he would literally crack a smile.

    4. Blood thirsty predator………….. I have been hiking in the woods and taken those classes about having no food (But I am the food), making noise, or not to keep them away. Shit I forget which it applies too……. Bear, Cougar…………. Crap I would die.

    5. Flail your arms and put them above your head so you appear larger…………. Fu*k cougar or bear………… I am screwed again.

    6. Run……….. Don’t run. Bear or Cougar……..Again I am confused. Either way they eat me. I know they can outrun me, or climb a tree. Yeah I will run to the river……………oh shit, they swim.

    Okay so this is my problem………. If I met Edward I would want to run…..or stay, Scream………… or remain mute, flail………….. Or be still, Be very hungry…… and fear he is too. Poor Edward………… I would be a shivering, screaming, mute, arm flailing, motionless, running psychotic mess. This could end badly.

    I will take Robert any day. The actor, the singer, the musician, the normal beer drinking, hot-pocket eating, Bear walking, giggling sweet guy. Any one will do; from near or far. I would gladly shake his hand hug if he would let me and invite him for a beer

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Sigh…I bet he giggles a lot after a beer or two. I’m a big fan of warm and cuddly.

      Also, we’ve never heard about Rob drinking wine, have we? I mean, usually Rob is spotted with beer or “clear beverages.” We really need to have a LTR wine tasting night with Rob. Or a LTR Rob tasting night with wine, I forget.

      • I’ll sign up for the latter, but no wine for me. I prefer those fruity girly drinks!

      • Katycougar says:

        Okay we already have a party with us 4. (That includes Rob.)

        I bet Nat and I can find a wine that you like. How about an Asti, or there is a really good Champagne from Korbel that is quite fruity. It is a Brut Rose.

        We can get some Hors de Vours………….. or is that Whores or Horrors………….whatever……..snacks. We are so sophisticated.

  10. Michelle says:

    Haven’t read comments yet…but I gotta say obviously Edward isn’t Rob and vice versa…come on people, so sad they scream Edward when they see him. No wonder Twilight irritates him. 😉

    But…alternate universe scenerio…heck yeah I’d cry if I met Edward…because then it’d be REAL that he likes Beller better than me. Dang that skinny biatch.

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