Looking for some new fashion? New LTR shirts released today!

Dear LTRers,

We’re so HAPPY to announce that we have new fashion for you to wear proudly for the Breaking Dawn season! You can put your embarrassing out-of-date Eclipse, New Moon & Twilight fashion away & impress the crowds with these new babies:

Breaking Headboards: If they do it onscreen, does it mean it’s real?

Forget your college sports wear this Fall football season, it’s Robsten-time

And of course we’d never forget you Nonstens! Robsten isn’t real! Denying it since 2008

What’s the theme for this year’s Breaking Dawn craziness? Um, all of the above?! #BreakingHeadboards2011

And we’re REALLY hitting our theme home with yet another Breaking Headboards 2011 design

The Cullens Don't Come hereAnd my personal favorite from the 2011 Collection: The Cullen’s Don’t go to Tiffany’s

In case the newest designs are too couture for you, but you really want something new for this year’s events, might I suggest a few pieces from past collections that are destined to be classics in any girls (or mans or child’s) wardrobe?

Moantreal: Where the magic happens








Alpaca Farm: Those animals love jorts









And how about a little something to wear to the Pattinson Family Reunion?



With all these options we are certain you will be the most stylish fan at your midnight showing, hottest host at your premiere party with friends, best looking mom showing up to a PTA meeting mere hours before the movie releases or least-creepy looking Rob stalker in LA in a month!

Shop LTR Fashion now!

PS: Thanks to the ever amazing @Snowwhitedriftd for the AWESOME new designs!!!

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23 Responses to “Looking for some new fashion? New LTR shirts released today!”

  1. maggie says:

    I just ordered the hobo/dumpster shirt to wear to the premiere (if I get up the gumption to go). I’ll have to check out the new designs. Love this stuff. Also love the ORPD design. That one cracked me up once I figured it out.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I’m missing something…ORPD?

      • maggie says:

        It took me a while, but I think I got it: think O.C.D. (Obsessive Complusion Disorder) and then substitute R.P. – (you know, the initials of a certain hottie) for the C.

        Why don’t you come to LA for the premiere? I have a hotel room tenatively booked – you can stay with me while we’re not camping or whatever it is one does at this thing. If you would come, I know I would go. I’m so on the fence right now….

        • Oh sure, you’ll go if Nat goes! Sure know how to make a girl feel good. I too would love it if you come though, Nat!

          • maggie says:

            I’m just trying to entice her into coming to LA. (Yes, twss – coming where Rob will be!) Plus you’re all set with your experienced fairy Robmothercamping group, etc. while I’ll be lost 5 blocks away in la-la land not knowing what I’m doing!!!

          • Um, no. You and LB will be right there with me camping in my little tent! And then you guys can walk together to La La Land. And come back to me when you’re ready!!! You are part of my group, Fairy Robmother and all.

          • Natteringyeahrobber says:

            I want to go ladies, I do. But….too scary! Too much! I am the one hiding in the master bathroom at parties.

            Maggie and RFM — I love you both. I do. But I will be of no use to either of of I am holed up in a porta potty in the streets of Los Angeles.

            Dear Rob

            Talk me into this mess. Give me a sign.


        • Kaybvee says:

          Good luck with that! I’ve been trying to get Nat to go for months!

          And you should go, really you should…

          • Maggie says:

            Well, that sounds better, RFM. Do you have a tent for 3? Kayvee: have you done this before? Nat: I feel your pain. Rob: give us a sign!

          • My sis says her tent can sleep 3 but it’s pretty tight. I’m gonna look into it. I also heard Target has some cheap ones. Either way, we’ll make it work!

          • maggie says:

            OK. I think I may be starting to fall off my fence and over to the dark side. Now…..what do I tell the DH?????

            Next up: Did you hear the rumor about Grauman’s Chinese??

          • I did hear about Grauman’s and the convention. But I can’t take off any more time from work. Just tell your DH that you’re going camping, that’s what I told work!

  2. kristen's bestie says:

    Oh -wow! Forgot about the Alpaca resemblance thing!

    New designs are awesome! Hmmmmm I think I need a new LTR shirt to go with my LTT shirt!

  3. Oh the decisions!!! I do really like the denying Robsten one but not so sure that’s a good idea. At the premiere Rob would probably laugh, Kristen would probably roll her eyes (she does know the R/K labels) but the Krisbians would probably hunt me down. Much safer to get the Pattz Fam Reunion shirt. (yep, I still haven’t got that one yet)

    • maggie says:

      I love the denying Robsten one, but we’d probably get beaten up. I don’t want a black eye for the highly coveted picture I hope to get.

      (Wait…now I’m sounding like I’m going…)

    • roslynselene says:

      OH MY GOD, if you guys did buy it and wear it, you’d make my life (but it’d probably end yours). Lol

      Jk, I don’t think it’s worth risking your lives. O.o

    • The Old One says:

      Actually, couldn’t the “denying it” part be referring to Rob and Kristen themselves?

      Oh, heck, why not go ahead and start an all-out riot/war between the Robstens/Nonstens at the Breaking Dawn premiere? Just everyone get it out of their systems, in the most public place, in front of the charming duo themselves? THAT would be worth the price of the ticket!

  4. Kaybvee says:

    Maggie, no, have never done it before. Sharing an apartment nearby with some people for cheap and doing the camping thing (yikes)

    Look for me with the Team Jack contingent! I’ll be the really tall girl, probably shivering somewhere!

    Did you decide to go!?!?!? Just do it!

    • maggie says:

      Kaybvee: I just decided this weekend that I’m going. I’m scared to death. I’ll be the oldest (or one of the oldest) people there and you can look for me most likely cowering behind a bush. I have a cheap hotel room and will also be camping (yikes!)

      If you want to email me, my address is: golimom39@aol.com. Maybe we can share notes and plan to meet up.

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