Thank You Notes to Rob

Dear Rob,

You’ve kinda gone off the grid like over worked yuppy americans on a rain forest zip lining vacation that touts no cell reception. I gotta say I’m kinda excited for you… sad for all of us and this blog cause that means like NOTHING to write to you about but you’ve kinda done it. I mean sure we’ve all heard rumblings of you roaming around some haunts in Los Angeles like 5 minutes from my house, stop stalking me! If you want to come over, I’ll invite you.

So since you’re gone I thought we’d take a cue from Jimmy Fallon and write you some Thank You note’s to show you our appreciation whilst you’re gone…

Thank you for being an 24/7 source of all my inner most thoughts about Rob, dating, boys and anything even remotely related to him available to all single, eligible men, my age whom I know.

Thank you to the words Robsten, Nonsten and Don’t Give a Fucksten for testing my gag reflex on a daily basis.

Thank you Rob for keeping the thrift stores of America in business during this second session we have be enduring. You might take your wallet to Greece for a little vacay and help a Grecian brother out.

Thank you Rob for furthering the stereotypes that the English mumble, are charming and nice. Oh wait… you are…

Thank you Rob’s beard for appearing when things get boring around here so we can say how much we like it, then complain about how we don’t like it and then disappear when Rob get’s a job.

Thank you Edward for reminding us what Rob would look like if he wasn’t homeless and without showering facilities.

Thank you Rob’s lopsided toupee hairdo for reminding us, YES there are worse things that can happen to Rob’s head than shaving it.

Thank you Rob’s duffle bag for making it look like Rob’s auditioning for the next season of Dexter.

Thank you Rob for disappearing for the last week or so, instead of reading article after article and watching video after video of your beautiful english accent, I’ve been treated to Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene ad naseum. Come back now. Thanks.

So thank you, gracias, danke, asante sana and all that jazz

Have some thank you notes you need to submit to Rob? Email us! Or share them in the comment. But email us!

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9 Responses to “Thank You Notes to Rob”

  1. The Old One says:

    Thank you, Rob, for finally taking some time off and getting a little vacay. You’re gonna need all your energy when the insanity of BD promotion/interviews begins. We need you to be at your Interview Rob best!

  2. VC says:

    Thank you for your goofy faces and odd gestures. Thank you for your funny gait (you remind me of the colts I had the pleasure to watch as a child). And thanks for the clever comments alluding to quotes that most of your interviewers are too dim to understand.

    Sit down with your guitar and have a pint. You’ve more than earned it.

  3. maggie says:

    Thank you Rob for your sex stare, your razor sharp jawline, pouty mouth and soft voice. Thank you for your word vomit and adorkable ways. You give me a reason to smile and hyperventilate and to feel young at heart every day.

    Thank you Rob for taking this break. It’s been a horrible drought for us, your devoted following, and we’re barely crawling here in the desert, but I’m happy you pulled it off and hope you got some peace and quiet. Thank you in advance Rob for the rainstorm of you that is hopefully coming in a few short weeks!!

    Love you.

  4. enviro says:

    Thank you Rob for keeping your sanity and staying down to earth in the face of hard-to-imagine pressure and scrutiny. Thank you for submitting to the publicity that’s so hard for you to take; nothing like a drought to remind us how lovely it is to see interviews and other goodies like the ones we are expecting soon for BD I. They may be highlights of our lives, but they take it out of you — so thanks!! Every good wish.

  5. TheVenom says:

    Thanks Rob for still looking and acting like a regular person, even with your crazy fame. It’s endearing and part of your charm.

  6. kiki says:

    thank you rob for your sexiness and the way you portray your characters in your movies

  7. LadyN says:

    Thank you, Rob, for making every protagonist in every book I read have your face… with maybe a hotter bod… keeping your wonky nips though… and your neck and shoulders, i like those… though tanner… add in your crazy hair, that’s a must, and I’m in fiction heaven…

    woow… had to stop my thank you card just now cuz a show on Fit and health on cable is talking about surrogate penis’ as thumbs. Ummm…

    …what was i saying?

    sigh. wtvs, thanks Rob. You are the sunshine of my life.


  8. I've been Robbed says:

    Gives new meaning to thumbs up!

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