Blind Items and Europe are my favorite past time

I do Blind Items instead of crosswords or Suduko

Dear Rob,

I’ve been saying all week how much I loooooove European Rob (minus the goatee). You look great traipsing up and down red carpets in Paris (oh la la I miss it) and Brussels all relaxed like with a one Miss Ashley Greene. Now either the unpasteurized cheese in France has given you a new lease on life or the fizzy water and architecture are doing wonders for you or somethings up. You just have a certain ohhhh I don’t know je ne sais quoi about you this week.

But wouldn’t you know it whilst I was perusing this Blind Item I was sent I came across this little gem… and suddenly I got it…

Blind Item-
“I feel like Ted “Twilight” Casablanca with this one. Seriously, I am surprised he does not have Twilight tattooed on his chest. Anyway, back in the day when the franchise first started filming, this actor was hooking up with this actress who played his sister. Well, what was not known at the time by that actress was that he was also hooking up with another of his sisters who we will call sister #2. Sister #1 disappeared from the picture at some point, but despite everything that has gone on with our actor and another actress from the movie, he keeps going back to sister #2. Apparently they got noise complaints last night in a European hotel because they were so loud in bed.”

So wait, am I brother 1 and you're sister 2? Is this like Sisterwives?

YOWZZZAA! Now, you know as much as I do that we were all doing Twilight math in our heads as we read that one…Cullen brother in Europe… Kellan is off in Indonesia somewhere, Jacky is in LA doing whatever he does… sister #1 disappeared off the scene… sister #2 in Europe… brother involved with another actress from the movie… Brother and Sister #2 both in Europe… WELL WELL… HMMMMM Well yes, I think we have a winner here.

Yea, yea we all know this is a blind item and you have an epic-secret-maybe not- maybe so love affair with you know who but I’d just like to remind you to keep that ish bagged up cause the last thing either of you need to do is add a visit to the free clinic to your calendar. Monday: 10AM: Press junket Noon: Lunch with Agent 12:30PM Try to scratch under table clothe to not draw attention to downstairs “issues” 1PM press event with cast 2:30PM Phoner with Ryan Seacrest 3PM Penicillin shot at the Melrose Free Clinic 4PM Tea with director of next possible film 430PM Another nondiscript scratch opportunity 5PM Tape Conan. UM NO. I’m gonna go ahead and say we’re all adults here (god I hope so) so you can do whatever floats your boat but need I remind you of this handy chart and reminder of what could be… courtesy of everyone’s favorite Uni or High School health office…

Click to enlarge this and scare yourself

Oh look it's the Sexual Exposure Chart! The WHHAA??

Yes, the ol Sexual Exposure Chart! If we take into account just the numbers from the blind item we’re already getting into inkblot/blurrly little people catagory on this thing. Ok, all I’m saying is you could have (allegedly) slept with a Jonas Brother and Anna Lynne McCord and Rachel Even Wood. I’M JUST SAYING. Keep it safe, keep it simple and good on you.

And thus I’d like to bestow upon you my most favorite (and maybe) aptly name celeb couple: RASHLEY!

May you live long and prosper (in the gossip rags)

PS is it awkward for Ashley to stand next to that huge poster of Edward and Bella? Weird.

It’s a blind item! Have some fun! Truth or no truth, finally we’re getting some dirt. And what’s not to love about relaxed top button undone European Rob??? NOTHING! (minus the goatee)

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

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60 Responses to “Blind Items and Europe are my favorite past time”

  1. minuit passe says:

    I wasn’t too much into Paris & Brussels but wait till we see STOCHOLM because from the tweets I saw, might just be his best performance since early Twilight!
    Oh and did I mention I’m an idiot because the place where he had dinner on Saturday was like 5 minutes away from where I was having dinner? Yeah, go ahead and kick me out for the incompetence.
    Missed you!

    • Cazza says:

      MP been there before! He was 10 minutes from my house when partying in Houston with his boys last year. I’ve never recovered (well, OK, I have really)…..


    • MariaCecilia says:

      Yeah, don’t we all wish we were Alice and could predict where he’s going to have dinner next. Though I heard it was Café Opera in Stockholm, and that’s really the most obvious choice, so maybe I was just stupid to not camp there, nursing a Cosmopolitan through 48 hours…

      • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

        Next time he comes I am soooooo hanging out at Cafe Opra having maaaaany drinks – all night – until closing time! (ha!!)

  2. Cazza says:

    So, are we saying that our dearly beloved Ron is *gasp* a player?!!!! There is hope for us all yet…….


    • MariaCecilia says:

      Will he bring his Little Bo Peep costume out to “play”, do you think? After all, Halloween is coming up..

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        If there is a god. Yes. And if said God is a she. And if God is a she, she’s about to be brought to her knees.

  3. Edible art? says:

    OMG he’s done her too don’t know whether to be proud or horrified !!!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      It’s only to be expected: he’s irresistible to women, (the interviewer tonight testified to the fact that he even smells god: he looked bashful at that) and he’s lazy to boot, so of course he’s going to do the woman nearest at hand.

      Too bad security’s got his back, or he would have about 8 000 women of all ages swarming his hotel room tonight… 😉

  4. 40sumthin says:

    Nope…not liking man whore Rob! Would prefer if he was 1 of the good guys. Call me old-fashioned? Sure, maybe. That’s just my style.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      What if he’s both? The good guy who keeps it in the pants, and the player who just happens to end up in bed with this irresistible woman, and regrets it afterwards? Sounds like it could be in his Catholic genes, don’t you think?

      Besides, the sounds they heard from that hotel room was probably Rob beating Ashley at Angry bird, and getting upset girly squeaks out of her in her outrage..

  5. LatersBaby says:

    I heart Rashley. But not the goatee.

    May you continue to have fun with your grey shirt(s) Robert.

    Much love,

    • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

      I love Rashley (hope by god it’s true) or he’s been hitting some random Swedish girl, there really is a surplus of beautiful women here!He said it himself, Scandinavian fans are sexy – when did he ever say that about his fans?
      I noticed there’s been a slightly different energy about Rob this European tour – something is def up!Whatever it is would be fun to find out……..!

  6. maggie says:

    I’ve got my calculator out and I’m furiously imputing the numbers. Oh no! There seems to be smoke coming out of the keys! Rob’s sex life is too much. It’s too hot. It’s about to implode the universe!

    Love, love, loving European Rob. He just gets better and better…hotter and hotter. And for the first time in my entire life, I’m swooning over a goatee……..

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Rob’s sex life is probably the answer to global warming: it could keep us all warm for the next twenty years, and forget about solar fuel..

  7. maggie says:

    Oh swoon…..Check out the pictures coming out of Sweden. That boy….that boy…… Are you antigoatee-ites having any second thoughts?? And is that the sweater from Rome????

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      He looks so boyfriend-y there. Makes me just want to loop my arms through his and stroll along the Siene with him. But not with a baguette in my other arm, that would be a bit much. We would be on our way to dinner, but he would inform me at the last minute that he forgot to make reservations. I remind him that he’s Rob and probably doesn’t need them. “Well that would be rude then to displace other people wouldn’t it,” he’d respond. I’d have to agree. So we’d pick up Croissantpockets and a bottle of Malbec and dine in his hotel room and watch Eric Rohmer movies without subtitles and try to figure out what was going on.

      That is where that sweater and that photo takes me.

      • maggie says:


        you are not only totally hilarious (Croissantpockets?? lol!) and I can’t stop lol-ing over your convo with Cleverbot), but girfriend, can you ever paint the perfect picture: A stroll with a sweet, RomeRobSweater wearing, StockholmRob along the Seine which has it’s finis in his musty hotel room? Oh, sweet mother of all dreams and fantasies – be still my heart. I think I’m going to daydream about this for the rest of the day.

        You really should write fanfic.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        And I would be right there with you, bringing up room service of café au lait, apricot croissants and a copy of Francoise Sagan’s “Bonjour tristesse”, and then lounging on the bed making rude comments about Rohmer and the French and their view of women…

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:

      Yes, we are having second thoughts. It’s not goatee anymore, it’s growing out and we love it. We love the black sweater.

      We also love the slight possibility of Rob being a player and/or a manwhore.
      And Why are we talking in plural?

      Let the thumbs down begin!

  8. I mean. I WANT this to be true. Not b/c I’m nonsten (is that the appropriate use? or is “I’m not A nonsten?”) or Pro Rashley or anything. I just want Rob to DO something INTERESTING.

    And also. I mean, is this true?


    Whatever it is, it brings me a Cullen Smile. Which, we learned today on twitter (B/c I said it), is important on “Cullen Smile Fridays”

  9. Robsessedgirl says:


    I would MUCH rather have Rob be with someone who is classy and treats people(interviewers, fans, etc) well. i think we all know who i’m talking about. i’ll be jealous of whoever it is, but i’ve always loved ashley.

    and maybe deep down I’ve always hoped Rob would end up with tom.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      “Tom and Ashley, Tom and Ashley, you can’t have one without the other…”

    • Bea says:

      Take heart: my first thought was that the black sweater must have been borrowed from Tom.

    • caren says:

      yeah – ashley is REALLY classy. nude spreads for any magazine, answering everything with flat and obvious answers, dating joe jonas, can not name one book she have read, likes Incubus. very classy. very Rob-girlfriendy type to, no?
      I don´t find kristen that amazing, but I can NOT understand how you can dislike her so much that you would even prefer utterly boring roboashley. but maybe you are even … gulp … finding jackson and kellan attractive and interesting to? in that case you are a lost cause, so hate along.

  10. Edible art? says:

    Nah not true ! He wouldn’t get complaints about loud sex – Rob is English he does it discreetly, awkwardly and slightly apologetically like he’s imposing on you ! Lol

  11. natteringyeahrobber says:

    I just consulted Cleverbot.

    User: Who is Rob currently DTF with?
    Cleverbot: I am Rob.
    User: I knew it! So the rumors about Ashley, are they true?
    Cleverbot: Not the fog. But it’s freezing.
    User: What does fog have to do with Ashley?
    Cleverbot: Come sing with me!
    User: Great, how about my house, tonight at 6. Husband working late so be on time.
    Cleverbot: Wow! That’s huge!
    User: Yes, I’m hoping to see how huge in person!
    Cleverbot: Mars is cool.

    In summary: I have a date with Rob tonight.

    • TeamSeth says:

      Cleverbot never leads one astray, but sometimes you have to translate. This is my breaking it down:

      User: Who is Rob currently DTF with?
      Cleverbot: I am Rob.
      User: I knew it! So the rumors about Ashley, are they true?
      Cleverbot: Not the obvious one. But let’s just say despite the cold weather here, our nights are hot.
      User: What does fog have to do with Ashley?
      Cleverbot: Fog? I’m lost. But you should come divert yourself with me!
      User: Great, how about my house, tonight at 6. Husband working late so be on time.
      Cleverbot: Wow! That’s huge!
      User: Yes, I’m hoping to see how huge in person!
      Cleverbot: Trust me, I’m a god of war. Well-hung is a cute understatement.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        6:20. I’m getting the sinking feeling that Rob is standing me up again. Bastard.

        I did find a drink call the Fog Cutter. Rum and Brandy AND Gin. Plus a lot of sweet juice. If I don’t comment on Monday, you’ll know what happened to me.

  12. MariaCecilia says:

    I just came back from the Stockholm Twi event, and I need to gush a little, okay? I was lucky enough to stand right below the stage and get a good view of Ashley and Rob during their interview, and they are supercute up close.

    I couldn’t take my eyes of Rob’s face, it’s so wonderfully mobile: eyes large one minute and scrunched up in laughter next, pouting, frowning, making faces, and then those lovely smiles, shy, then teasing, then grinning. He seems like a gentle, fun kind of guy and I envy Ashley that gets to hang out with him this week – though she seems very sweet too, so he’s probably lucky to get to go with her as well…I’ll go to bed and die happy now, I think. 🙂

    • The Old One says:

      I’ll probably never see him in person, so I love first-hand accounts. Jealous!

      Second-hand gossip, however, I don’t like so much.

    • maggie says:

      Oh, squee, squee and double, tripple squee! Thanks so much for sharing. You may need to strap yourself into your bed if you want to get any sleep tonight as I’m sure you’ll be floating up there on cloud 9 for days. Congrats, hon. You just lived out millions of women’s fondest dreams: seeing that gorgeous mug in action up close and personal.

      • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

        I was there too, had VIP ticket and stood on the red carpet. Rob was beautiful ofcourse and Ashley seems lika a very sweet, likable girl with the most amazing skin, very beautiful. Just before Rob left the stage he gave the most beautiful radiant smile that reached his eyes (I was so close to him I could see every detail in his face) – he really was “shiney”!An image that is forever etched in my mind! Other things I noticed – he had on a very tight suit (! – yum). The exact same hair colour as my husband (ha!), very, very pale complexion, big bushy eyebrows, he is not as tall as I thought he would be (I don’t think he is quite 1,85 cm tall, slightly shorter). Very tight security – there was so many security guards between the stage and fans. Dean looks much better live, he looks lika an old man in pictures, very young/nice/healthy looking man actually with a gorgeous smile. I am happy I went to the event, but I would have liked to bump into Rob at a Pub or somewhere else without all the hysterical fans! Rob seemed slightly bothered by that actually! But like MC – I can die happy now – I saw mr. sex on legs and his beautiful smile!

  13. TeamSeth says:

    I think I kind of dig the goatee, actually.

    I know.

    Yes, I know.

    Miracles do happen.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      WHA??? What has come over you?

      Have you gone to the dark side? Drinking at work? Been bitten by a vampire? There has to be a reason.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        TS drinking at work AND bitten by a vampire – that’s a lot of wishful thinking in one sentence methinks!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      I don’t think it’s an actual goatee as much as it is locally intensified scruff. And he kept touching and scratching it, which is kind of cute and makes my fingers itch to do the I’m fine with it too!

  14. Fel says:

    I like the goatee, actually. 🙂

  15. Simply Dazzled says:

    Hmmm… blind plus translation from French interview with M6 (so pinch of salt required!)

    “The next day, it’s in his hotel room that we met a not so awake Robert Pattinson. He had a short night, we won’t say more.”

    Who knows, working late, clubbing, drinking beer, or …?

    More imortantly Rob has looked absolutely delicious on this tour.


  16. Pattygirl says:

    I hate the goatee because I can’t see his beautiful face, like CH says during Twilight, she had to shape his eyebrows so she can see his eyes.

    Please the post about Rob and Ashley is from a troll from Ted blog, shame on you for posting it Moon. Teds blog is managed by Taylor PR on a daily basis period. They use everything in the book to tarnished his image i.e : hooking him with every costar/ girl he is seen/work with. Moon or UC maybe you shd get a photo with him and post it in every gossip blog, give them new material to work on.

    • dana says:

      lol, the BI isn’t from Ted’s. It’s from crazydaysandnights, which has its own legitimacy issues (what gossip site doesn’t?), but it is NOT from a fan.

  17. fayted17 says:

    Maybe it was Rob + Stockholm “free card” journalist’s girlfriend, cashing it in.

  18. Roslynselene says:

    Late to the ltr party but Rashley is the most amazing couple name ever. Sounds like an STD (but a cute one that doesn’t seem that threatening).

  19. […] Being a girl who might actually have and take 3 suitcases worth of clothes to Europe, Ashley Greene blackmailed Rob into taking home hers so she could go on a shopping spree and fill up 3 more suitcases. HIT IT! […]

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