LTR reader Elle wonders if she’s getting over Rob

Dear Rob,

I have a few things I need to get off my mind before this gets so far out of hand even your British accent and the way you say “fawt” (fart) can’t rescue me.

Oh really? You think you might be over, ME? (ignore my goatee)

Up until the last week or so, you’ve been missing, hiding, away from the public eye, taking walks with that one chick in the middle of the night where nobody can see you… whatever you’re nowhere to be seen; you get the point. And I knew this right? But I kept holding my breath in anticipation for the next LTR post. (Well not holding my breath, but definitely checking my phone every single morning at 6 am) And if one is waiting for me I get my fix and go about my day.

However, every so often (this is the hard part) I find myself thinking “is this guy REALLY that important that I actually spend more time stalking the web to find out anything about him longer than I take putting my kids to bed? Am I getting “over” him? Kind of like I got over my Michael Jackson obsession way back in the day. Is this obsession with this guy so far out of my element that I’m actually starting to be realistic?”

And Rob, I seriously start to get mad at myself because I start to think that I’ve just wasted 2 years of my life. Usually the light turns green at this point and I make the right to get on the highway and it’s just a “moment”. [I know what you’re thinking Rob, All of those thoughts at a stop light?] The worst part is I feel guilty for thinking that way. It’s borderline pathetic Rob.

Remind me again who you think you're getting over?

Then the rest of my day goes by with the usual routine. Read letter from LTR, go to YouTube and find out the last time you “fawted” (!), And that’s actually not far from the truth. I do laundry, clean (sometimes..well rarely) play Farmville, check out what the bitch I graduated with 20 years ago is making for dinner on Facebook, and make dinner.. you know, all the shit a housewife does.

Wow! I feel like a weight has been lifted. I said it. Sometimes I think you’re wasting my time Rob.  More importantly though,How do you feel about it?

What if you woke up tomorrow and we were all gone? What if every blog, every letter & every screaming tween plus your other fans (of more “normal” ages) stopped camping out a week before you get somewhere just to see your left cheek. What if every twitter ever tweeted about you came to a hault. What would happen if we all just kind of remembered you from that one Harry Potter movie, and the obsession just ended, like it never exsisted.

You? Getting over ME? Good luck with that...

Would this effect you Rob? Would you be relieved? Would you have turned down that one low budget movie that you hadn’t read anything about except for the character’s name called Edward? I know, I know if it wasn’t for the fans..yada yada. But I’m genuinely wondering if you would rewind the time and do it differently. Do you sometimes feel like we’re wasting our time on you? Do you care? Let me know, because I think it would close a lot of doors and give me some peace of mind if I knew that you either loved us or could give 2 shits about us. And by us I mean the “normal Robsessed people” not the really truly “screw loose Robsessed people”

That is all,


Great letter Elle! I liked how you asked Rob to answer like it is because, well, we’ll probably never know what he REALLY thinks. But that doesn’t have to stop us from speculating! Rob will always come off as being grateful for his fans & for the opportunities Twilight has brought him, I believe. But does he MEAN it? I think he probably does.. deep down, but I bet most days he forgets it. When people are screaming at him (out of love OR hate), photographers are hounding him, and before he remembers he’s a millionaire & he doesn’t have to be pissed off that the Good Will ran out of black t-shirts with a hole appropriate placed over the heart. He can BUY a designer version of that shirt. I bet he forgets. And then I bet there are those moments when he realizes all that Twilight has brought him, and he’s really grateful. Let’s say we get Rob drunk & get his REAL thoughts out of him? Who is in!?
Can you tell we’re loving the European twi tour pictures (minus the goatee- although it’s staring to look like a beard again- YAY!) Thanks Robsessed for always having the links!

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36 Responses to “LTR reader Elle wonders if she’s getting over Rob”

  1. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    I was over Rob once, it was a few weeks ago and it lasted two days. One photo of him smiling, seen randomly on some gossip site and I was into him again.
    Getting over Rob? Impossible!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Now that I’ve seen him smile I’m never going to get over him, never! Oh, I just know it. *sigh*

      Hope they’ll let me bring all my Rob-stuff with me to the old people’s home when that day comes – or I’ll make their lives hell! Hell, I tell you! *screeching and waving imaginary stick in the air*

  2. Cazza says:

    I gotta say, I sometimes do have hot or cold moments with him now. However, the hilarity that ensues, especially on twitter, following a sighting of him, does make me laugh and makes my tap hot again.

    I’m definitely not 100% Ronsessed as I was say 1.5/2 years ago but I ain’t calling it quits on our boy yet. I just wish him the best of luck in his post Twilight career – the boy has “done good”.

    p.s. great letter Elle

  3. pukesten says:

    And Rob, I seriously start to get mad at myself because I start to think that I’ve just wasted 2 years of my life. Usually the light turns green at this point and I make the right to get on the highway and it’s just a “moment”. [I know what you’re thinking Rob, All of those thoughts at a stop light?] The worst part is I feel guilty for thinking that way. It’s borderline pathetic Rob.

    this paragraph is so scary cos it’s true… u know I’m really over rob cos I saw the pics from Paris with the awful goatee and I couldn’t understand what everyone was squeeing their pants over on twitter. Before the bit could’ve said done worn acted been anything but these days I find my self shrugging a kit thinking ya he’s hit but he’s not the be all end all to my day and hasn’t been for a long time. and I kinda miss that too

  4. Newtorob says:

    This is my first post and I just have to say that I only really discovered the beauty that is Rob this summer. What, you say? Was i living under a rock? Sort of – 4 kids under 9. The youngest was born in 2008 right when this really hit. I am FULLY into Rob and have loved this euro tour. Tomorrow will be the first time to see any Twilight movie in a theatre. I wish I could send some of my Rob-awe your way!

    • WHATTTTT? Just discovered!!!!! I’m so jealous… if you ever find time (4 kids under the age of 9.. you may laugh at me for asking) PLEASE write us a letter about your new feelings for Rob.. we’d all LOVE to hear from a ‘newbie” & reminisce about our new days (we take letters at welcome! xo

    • enviro says:

      Welcome and I am so jealous! I loved the newly robsessed phase. I miss it! Enjoy and feel free to write a letter, I ‘m sure we would all love it!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Welcome! With 4 kids under 9 you are fully qualified for some Rob Therapy! Please start a new folder system on your computer for sorting the pictures and saving particularly good posts. Oh, and you may want to get a plastic screen for your computer, like the one you have for cook books: there will be much drooling and spraying coffee out of your mouth while reading posts. (You have been warned.)

      • maggie says:

        And you’ll also need some anti-bacterial wipes for that plastic screen. There will be licking involved…………

  5. twmmy says:

    Just a very interesting thing… his Paris appearing made us… get over with Rob. Me too. I don’t know if I can get over with him really, but his goatee(he reminded me to an ugly man whom I knew) and his sentence about comparing LA and London, made me thinking. Is he as clever as we thought? Does he mind us, fans? Or he just make the job that ordered? And I went with the conclusion. he doesn’t mind us. He laughing at us. He is a little(?) liar with us wieving the past two or three year… And I don’t like that. So Rob, I’m done with you, and must say, it hurts like in a real falling out. It will take time for me to end with you. I hope, in this will help the never showed Bel Ami, and the won’t be showed Cosmopolis in this part of the world… And because I”m just not interested the two-part-one-year-far Breaking Dawn. As I undersand the film was made like the book – for Bella and Jacob. Anyway, I’ve never was interested in Bella’s point nor Jacob’s point. For me the whole saga was about Edward. And your performance of Edward. And that is why I not interested in BD.. I was more interested in BA and Cosmo, but as I said, we have no chance to see them in cinemas in my county, as we didn’t get WFE. And if you will live in the USA (don’t get me wrong girls), I think you will strugle for roles, because the american directors and producers – just see Hugh Grant’s ‘career in America’. I wish I would be wrong. So, by Rob. I think I will go to some fan-sites for a while, but now it will be far between them. And will come the time when I won’t think of you, you will be just al memory of an actor.

    • Sakes says:

      Honestly i dnt kno if its bcus of your iffy English that i misunderstood ur post, but ummm excuse r u serious? its one thing to say ur over rob, its another thing to shoot down his career, an say he laughing at his fans. i sincerely hope ur joking

  6. Kat says:

    who needs enemies when you have fans like these. Another great job LTR.

  7. enviro says:

    My robsession is definitely down to a dull roar at this point, but he can still make me smile. And that is fine! I hope, hope hope he continues growing as an actor and we have more to celebrate going forward. For now I know that no matter how hard I try to play it cool, I will fangirl all over myself when I see BD. Can’t wait!

  8. The Old One says:

    Elle, I’m going to quote you, if that’s all right, and put your question to Josh Horowitz to ask Rob in the upcoming MTV interview. He probably won’t choose it to ask, but it’s worth a shot, and maybe Rob will tell us himself whether we’ve wasted our time on him, or whether he wants us to continue obsessing.

    • twmmy says:

      I don’t think he ever understand us, and his answer will be, don’t waste our time, he doesn’t deserve it, couse he is a boring person. But i think every actor need fans. Without that … he can act for himself..

  9. maggie says:

    I think he appreciates us but would tell us to move on with our lives. I think the crazies make his life a nightmare and, although he’s grateful for the rest of us, he doesn’t get why we do it.

    As for me…..well, I just love the boy. It’s not as frenzied as it was for me when it first started about 2 years ago (what “love affair” keeps up the hotandheavy that long anyway?). But I will say this: I may think he doesn’t thrill me as much as he used to, but then I see a picture like the first one in this post, and I’m just a pile of mush all over again.

    • enviro says:

      Agree 100%. And really, how we he understand why we do it when we barely do? And yet I frequently think when looking at stuff involving him, how can you not love this guy? That’s kind of the bottom line for me.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      You’re probably right in one way: he can’t see what makes us love him and embarrass ourselves like this over him (he’s a bit like Edward that way?) – but I do think he is also secretly a little vain and kind of loves to be loved! (Although the paps and the screaming is admittedly enough to drive a man crazy.)

      But I must beg to differ on one point: my marriage is still hotandheavy and swoon-romantic after a lot more than five years together, and keeps getting better, so I’m convinced that my extra-marital crush with Rob has the potential to wear on for a bit more. Maybe I’m like a swan that way: in for a lifelong love commitment? What? Okay, a bigamist swan then. 😉

    • kristensbestie says:

      Oh Maggie- you are so right. Pile of mush, I am.

  10. MariaCecilia says:

    Actually, Rob DOES think we’re wasting our time on him, or something to that effect. He said at the press conference on Friday in Sweden that the 9000 fans waiting for him that night probably were in for the biggest disappointment of their lives…

    But of course he was wrong! He’s just saying that typical British self-deprecating stuff because he knows we’ll love him even more and scream louder next time we see him, right? Because by now, (deep voice) we are like HEROIN to him…Rob? Ready for another fix?

  11. fayted17 says:

    Here comes the longest post I’ve ever made. (And it’s
    surprisingly sarcasm free *gasp*)

    I’ve never been obsessed with a guy (famous or not) before Rob. And even now, even though I spend a fair amount of time following his career and sightings of his whereabouts, I don’t think what I am is obsessed.

    Honestly, before I saw interviews with him, I really didn’t understand the appeal. Sure, he was good looking, and he has enviable bone structure, but he wasn’t what I would call unforgettable. And then he spoke; intelligently, humorously, earnestly, and self-deprecatingly. And something about him was so different than in his performances.
    If he could project even half of the spark and wit and charm that I saw there, into his acting he would be amazing. And maybe someday he will learn to do that, if he’s given the chance; and I think THAT’S what keeps me interested.

    There’s just something so inherently good, and likeable about him. He seems like he’d be a great friend, and sometimes it makes me kind of bummed that I’ll never get to hang out with him.

    If I’m wrong about everything and he’s secretly an ungrateful, man-whoring, douche-bag , who wishes we would all just fuck off, then he’s also a much better actor than anyone has ever given him credit for.

  12. Onemoreorless says:

    For the last 2 years and 7 month I successfully managed to ignore all this craziness about him. Never saw one of his movies, never understood, why people would call him handsome and a hottie. I barely saw a photo of him before. I was just not into the whole thing and lived this cosy German life of mine. And just as I thought, I can get away with it, it catched me out of nothing. I am newly robsessed. I’ve spent a couple of days DENYING, followed by weeks of AVOIDING and ended up ADMITTING (my husband and my 2 kids still don’t know about my mental state)?

    I wish could get over it already. I hope, it does not last years (although I am having a great time reading this blog and all your letters and comments here). I feel like a drug addict, forced to search the Internet for every ROB-stub I can get and I already know, that I am wasting my time. I can’t help it. How could I ever think, this guy is not hot?

    • you’re screwed! It lasts for years! believe me!!!

    • maggie says:

      I agree with UC: you are definitely screwed. You’ve come to the right place, tho. Almost everyone of us has been in your shoes. I could have written your exact letter a few years ago. I don’t know what it is about that boy. Something alien, or otherworldly. Women just are overcome and fall at his feet, totally addicted.

      In any event, know that you’re not alone.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      The real problem is, he’s not only hot, he’s got such a lovely, adorkable personality too. If he were only another hot guy I could successfully ignore him most of the time, along with Johnny Depp and the rest of them, but now I’ve got him under my skin. Help!

      (I guess that’s love, when you suddenly realise that this person you didn’t think was hot is actually the hottest person on the planet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yada yada..)

      • Onemoreorless says:

        You are so right. The hotness isn´t our biggest problem! It´s all the other sweet stuff, that comes with the Rob-package.
        So I am screwed, hmm?
        Coming from the place, where you guys want to find peace (the cosy place, where pictures of him look different, just ordinary…movies and interviews doesn´t exist and where you barely can spell his name right). This peace is trappy! It kicks you out without any warning. I know, what I am talking about. I can´t find the damn way back! We got married I didn´t say YES, neither did he! THat sounds like emotional hell (a sweet one though).

    • enviro says:

      Enjoy the head over heels robsessed phase and don’t think of it as wasted time. How many calorie- and alcohol-free, low-cost indulgences like this do you have? I honestly miss the days when I could log on to look at one site and look up an hour later and think, wow how did that happen! It won’t last forever but enjoy it while it lasts!

  13. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob —

    I’ll be over you until I see your sweet face again. Once that happens, I’ll be sucked back in…..

    Miss you — call me.


  14. Pattygirl says:

    Nope, he is like an addiction, never had an interest on an actor this long, mostly 3-4 mths max.

  15. Pattygirl says:

    Anyone who is over someone because of their how they look or “scruff” is one shallow person. Rob shows that he is more than a pretty face and above those hollywood studs who spent their time looking in the mirror on their steroid six pack body.

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