Rob Pattinson gives us “just the tip”

Dear Rob,

Oh no. It’s that time of year (or every year and 1/2 ) again when there’s SO much to talk about I can’t pick just one thing. And then Moon had to go & have a baby (okay her BROTHER had the baby (err sister in law) but still… she’s now an Aunt. It’s basically her baby.) and so she’s distracted & I can’t even break down all the new stuff you’ve done & said with her! AHH! Good thing we’ll be reunited in 8 days! (Me and Moon. You & I will be reunited in 10 days. I’ll be in the back of your limo on the way to the premiere. Just you wait)

Anyway, there’s this rumor, and I can’t corroborate it, and it’s a twitter rumor and you know how true those usually are (always true) that you said something amazing on Jimmy Kimmel two nights ago. You said:

Just the Tip

We say “just the tip.” I’ve been saying “just the tip” since college when a friend admitted she didn’t lose her v-card to This guy but in fact probably lost it to THAT guy if “just the tip” counted. (I asked. It does. Also this does too, in case you’re wondering—>)

And so I got thinking about “just the tip.” and You… and this is what I thought of:


Just the tip of your nose


Just the tip of your tongue

Just the tip of your elbow

Just the tip of your knee

I love when you play “just the tip”

(sorry couldn’t bring myself to give you what you’re really waiting for, you Friday horn dogs! It’s like I’m playing “just the tip” with you all!)

So seriously.. Rob was looking hot as EVVVERRRR yesterday… what the!? He got rid of the goatee, right? Good boy. Reading LTR again, I see.

Oh and if anyone can confirm that Rob did, indeed, say “just the tip” I’d be forever grateful!

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28 Responses to “Rob Pattinson gives us “just the tip””

  1. onemoreorless says:

    Uhhh, we all haven´t seen the interview yet, but he could have talked about: Tip penetration (tech.), tip pressure (tech.), tip rake angle (tech.), tip relief (tech.)…well, that´s at least, what my dictionary says – but as he mentioned earlier, he doesn´t even know, how to use a washing machine, so I guess he isn´t really into this technical stuff. Anyway he´s hot from his tip to his toe (and of course the rest above).

  2. I can verify that Rob indeed DID say “just the tip.”

    I heard it with my own ears and saw HIM with my own eyes!!!!

    Yep, you read that right. I had my real Rob moment. At the Kimmel show. I was lucky enough to be waiting outside with Maggie and another friend who had tickets and a man and an extra one for me! Feel so lucky to have had this experience.

    Rob did say just the tip and it was even in the context of sex! But, he did NOT mean the tip of his “bigness”. I think (although it’s starting to be a blur) that he meant “it was the beginning.” but you should have heard the audience’s reaction. And seen Rob’s face! Priceless.
    (if you want to check out my encounter click here:

    • Nelle says:

      Lucky, lucky girl! Thanks so much for your report. Feel like I was almost there!

    • And for the record, Maggie does not turn into a stone statue. She turns into a hyperventilating mess! She grabbed my leg so hard screaming “There’s Dick and Clare! I see Dick and Clare!” It was kinda funny 🙂

      • maggie says:

        rfm: How’s that bruise doing??? Be happy I’m not a vampire. That knee squeeze I gave you would have had you in a cast and on crutches by now!

        Yes, I will also give testimony: I was there. I heard it. He said it. The audience went completely beserk. He got embarrassed. (I was afraid to look at Claire!). He also said a lot about thrusting, butt-modeling, his pants falling off, leashes on himwhile filming BD sex (yes your heard correctly) and many more inapproriate typical endearing completely unfiltered Robisms). If the whole interview makes it to TV, I’ll be shocked.

        Oh, and yes, I was grinning from ear to ear on my seat on Cloud 9 through it all. It was the best 20 minutes of my life!

    • s.kay says:

      Great description! Thanks! Yay!!! word vomit Rob! I’m so glad he hasn’t stopped doing that. LOL so genuine and hilarious instead of canned pre-thought out answers.

      Lucky, lucky girl!

    • GoWithIt says:

      Living the dream Robsfuturemate! And an interview in which he says “Just the tip”, “thrusting”, and “probing”. Wow.
      Actually the term probing creeps me out, even though I know it is a real term. Gently thrusting, thrusting slowly with just the tip…..
      I like when R and K (and directors) talk about what the fans like/want. Especially when it is right. Like leg hitching, and thrusting. Yes, we want that.

    • Awww, thanks you guys for reading and thumbs upping (is that a word, it is now) my encounter. So sweet of you all! I miss you all here and wish I had more time to come and comment. Hope you are all doing well!

      Oh, and I’ve succumb to temptation and joined the devil…I mean, Twitter. @robsfuturemate (creative names FTW!)

  3. Cazza says:

    He was referring to Titanic and Leo and Kate. I think it was something to do with the “just the tip” of the iceberg hitting the ship and bang, it sunk.

    It’s amazing how much damage “just the tip” can cause in real life…….

    p.s. my interest in Ron is moving up the Richter Scale once more after all these classic interviews.

  4. Onemoreorless says:

    When it comes to the Movie-Rating, you can´t thrust, Vampires. Trust me. Just the tip!

  5. Robsessedgirl says:

    ahhhhhhh i missed this! does anyone have a link? word vomit rob strikes again. and i’m not complaining!

  6. MariaCecilia says:

    Oooh, this looks good! I would take the tip of anything where Rob is involved! He has a wonderful knack of saying inappropriate stuff both intentionally and un-intentionally…and then bashfully look at the floor and drag his hand through his hair. My kind of boy!

  7. GoWithIt says:

    I’ve had several discussions and several points of view about if “just the tip” counts. General consensus was no, it doesn’t count. If someone asks you if you are a virgin, and you have to wonder, it didn’t count. My husband (when we had this discussion when we were younger) went as far as to say if there wasn’t a finish by either participant, it didn’t count. I can’t say I’d go that far. If you were filled to capacity, you are no longer a virgin. I do enjoy that by his standards I was a virgin when I met him though – how pure of me!

  8. GoWithIt says:

    This def. goes in the Rob could quit acting and just tour doing ____ category. Buy your tickets for the convention hall now. Rob will be talking about probing, glitter lube, sexual adventures that involve awkward hand positioning, being put on a leash, thrusting and who might like to see him thrusting, and for an encore he will discuss his views on “just the tip”.

  9. Kaybvee says:

    Wahoo! Can’t wait to see you and Maggie at Tent City-licious. Ack!

    And I REALLY want to see a Rob/Kimmel sometime!

  10. LadyN says:

    I’d accept just about ANY tip from him. Any…

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